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If I dont see a smile on her face when shes in New York with everyone

No one will be happy India

I will be very angry at the UN Secretary General and UN Security Council

Rashi can bring anyone she likes

Largest support network she wants
Shes the daughter of the world community
The crimes involve social and family networks
Therefore everyone suitable for travel to New York

She doesnt make decisions I wouldnt make so you know they will be measurable ethical and moral

Everyone will get holiday for as long as this case has gone on to multiple destinations after New York

All securities for their assets compensation for work loss job security compensation

Once the matter is settled rewards for all officials decided

Foreign officials promoted to UN therefore having the same benefits as them costs of travel etc
including that of their families

The United Nations the nations of the world are now responsible for India in its entirety

For the sanctity of the people of India and the world community

Guys can you bring my family soon

My mom is driving me nuts

If she sees her entire family

It will calm her down

She keeps asking me to be productive with my time

She doesnt understand the crimes

This Youth UN Secretary General Self Appointed has a lot of work to do

I have to strategically plan how to bring down the Government of India without alerting the public in an
unhealthy manner and maybe Thailand

See I told you the Chief Justice of Canada would give me her hammer and say to me you devishly
handsome man YOU DECIDE

UN Security Council will state Rishi India is your responsibility

I will say

Thats it Give me some real responsibility

Lets work on Russia China Give me them as well

Meaning I solved histories largest crime largest corruption largest terrorism international terrorism case
with zero return contact by phone and electronic communication email and fax to my entire countries
authorities in 467 days

I challenged Indian Federal Government and firmly proved everything correct

Canada loves me :)

Meaning you know I dont get any replies and Canadian authorities never received anything by email and
fax and anything else was fraudulent that you received

Meaning you were planning to assort passports and travel requirements on your own to bring everyone
to UN Headquarters New York

You already knew Federal Government of India persecution of my entire family

You already knew constitutional crisis of India

I did think of those possibilities for a while

But I didnt say them because these people have me completely hacked

So you could continue investigation

But at this point Im satisfied with everything I have provided

Meaning you dont fly my entire family to New York that which includes Rashi

Meaning you dont fly someone to Toronto to come to my house to see me


So I keep messaging everything I get and what I have been communicated

Therefore public figure from delhi to public figure mumbai

Public figure delhi to public figure new york
Public figure mumbai to public figure France

The complete set

Therefore you tell them by camera to go arrest them

Meaning you know even the Supreme Court of India has not contacted anyone in Canada to come see
me and you know my Canadian identity you know my innocence you know Im at home and Canadian
Authorities have never been contacted in 467 days

But you were testing out the integrity of the state

You have to put them on camera nationally and internationally because the crimes are national and

Therefore confirming from both ends on being able to control electronic transmissions and phone calls

Additional to physical travel from within your offices nationally in India to arrest them

That becomes a bit more difficult because Chennai will impersonate Mumbai and mixture of cities and

Therefore continuous video conference from public figures to public figures and that being continuous
necessary on secured lines

Because in moving them all the perpetrators stop committing those crimes and it becomes more
difficult to determine who committed them and what immunities

Furthermore you have to put these individuals on camera nationally and internationally

Thats why I gave you pictures

Additional to public figures

Because they will have false people like servants come on the phone

If I was an international law enforcement authority

I would test out the integrity of the state or states

Than based on that I would make decisions

Because it requires planning

Additionally you knew all of Indian Government its defence forces internal security never contacted my
entire family

If I was an international law enforcement authority

I would not move them but quietly keep them monitored for safety from a distance

Until all determinations have been made

Than quietly diplomatically take them out of the country before exercising full force of action

Which only means one of two things

You have an aim meaning you are looking for something specific

and or

You are building enough evidence for conviction

Because no law enforcement authority wants to arrest and not be able to convict on beyond a
reasonable doubt

World authorities already know Im at home

Ashleys phone just went off

Meaning you were already able to reach Canadian authorities

You called someone you knew

Because Ashley lives in Hamilton I think

And her whatsapp photo just disappeared

It cant be coincidence

Meaning you already know the full nature of the situation

I told you the Chief Justice of India cannot even argue with fact

You have my brothers voice

Since theres so much

Arrest the fake brothers

Charge sheets the immunities that go with it


Charge sheet the immunities that go with it

Arrest the fake mothers

You have my videos and moms videos therefore you have our voices

You even know what my street in mississauga looks like my bedroom likes like and my house looks like


Arrest the fake father or fathers nationally or internationally in every city



Charge sheet the immunities that go with it



I gave you Arjun Kapoors voice with my mother

Voice match


Charge sheet the immunities that go with it

Its not even theory its fact that that will come on international news

Voice match Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Robert Vadra

Print on paper

Hacked networks means if you call Canadian authorities it will trace to Canada and go to bangkok
Thailand Mumbai Delhi Coimbatore

Calls within Delhi to individuals will go to the perpetrators within Delhi

Meaning all networks are completely compromised in terms of communication

Meaning the only way to arrest someone is to physically send someone from your officer

Because these perpetrators on having distributed this software for over a year

Will not even leave their homes as has been communicated

So forget about trying to contact Canadian authorities

Your calls within Delhi itself will fail

World Authorities dont know a single person in 3.5 million people in all of Toronto

Thats how much you cooperate

You lay out instructions on how to prove they control the modes of communication

The Worlds most powerful authorities have not afforded a single planet ticket to Toronto

You can get angry at me all you want for saying I would like the Chief Justice of Canada to inflict penalty
on the acting authorities that have exercised such recklessness

It doesnt take away from a neutral decision and fact

I wish to formally declare state sponsored terrorism by India

The Supreme Court of India failed

You know UN Secretary General

On the basis of being able to hack networks

Rashis own immediate family having been communicated to commit those crimes

Her own brother to have tag teamed with Arjun Kapoor in January 2013

Threats to social networks of taking communication to individuals

Networks being hacked thereby controlling all modes of communication from them

Protection racketeering of federal government

The communication confirmed

That I am Rashis guardian

Someone has communicated on her behalf and she wishes to come to Canada

Im surprised no one can tell a girl lying by phone

On you having sent no one to Canada to see me You just believe whatever you hear over the phone
Having given you my video and voices

A document Ive researched to describe the crimes they commit of stealing phone and electronic

My entire family is not even out of India additionally

Even on a temporary basis

How do you even remotely call that justice