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My Substitute

What if, things started to change as soon as the new substituted teacher comes
into the picture?
what kind of changes?
Short guess, like anyone could've predicted, a story which related to Taeny.
and when it is related to Taeny, it only leads to drama and sweet love scene.
But in this story, here's the twist, what are the posibilities of a student being in
a relationship with her student.
especially when she claims that she is straight herself?
would there be any posiblities for Taeyeon to go after her substitude teacher
who is elder than her by 3 years?

Nothing is impossible right? :) that's what i believe too.

but what does it takes, to make it a dream come true for Taeyeon to hit on a
There is no way she can hook up with her teacher, especially when the teacher
is religious.

yeah....impossible.....mission impossible.....


Taeyeon somehow has something to blackmail against her teacher.

something like.....catching her teacher coming out from the mart abruptly,
leaving so quickly when she accidentally bump into Taeyeon.

and taeyeon happens to pick up something odd...

something like....

a pregnancy kit?

is time for a brilliant Taeyeon to come up with something.

Making her teacher into becoming her personally slave?

as each chapter begins with an introduction~

Taeyeon tap her pen furiously on the table, she sighs out loudly, initiating that shes
Ugh~ Taeyeon groans, throwing the pen, sending it flew across the class to the front.
Some students in the front turn around, but Taeyeon gives them a glare, which made
them quickly look away.
Taeyeon~~ a girl in the school uniform, who has obviously shorten her skirt on
purpose, sits onto Taeyeons table, crossing her legs, what made you so grumpy today?
she ask as she chew her chewing gum.

Bom, off from my table now Taeyeon answers without any interest, as she roll her eyes
then finally looking at Park Bom, who smirks and uncross her legs right now, totally
giving a view for Taeyeon of what her underwear color is today.
grumpy~ but such a looker Park Bom start blowing bubble gum, but Taeyeon break it
by popping it. Taeyeon gives her an uninterested stare.

Taeyeon has been going to this all girl school for the last 5 years and it seriously bored
her to death at times, she doesnt has much friends as not much people would dare talk
to her, who would? If they ever insulted her, the headmistress might just expel them off
from this famous school, is not easy to get into this school as exam grades were always
on the par, 5 marks lower than before and youre getting detention, besides, the whole
point was, Taeyeons parents, The Kim Family, who owns Lotte World and all the Lotte

Mart in South Korea, happens to be the first and largest school donator for this school.
So no one, even the teacher would want to accidentally offence Taeyeon.

ah, Mr. Choi Park Bom greets as she jumps off from Taeyeons table, already making
her way to their Math Teacher, Mr. Choi Siwon. Hes one of the male school teacher that
gets lots and lots of attention, not just because he can teach but because of his looks too.

Given the permission to have a choice between wearing a skirt or pants, Taeyeon was
only seen in pants, she has this short haircut and yes, shes those cool quiet type of girl
who doesnt talk much or speaks more than 10 words, which made her so much cooler.
Not only Park Bom has try flirting with her, a few too, but none actually made her
interested. She only finds them boring and just flirting with her because of her

Hey, Taengoo Dara, Taeyeons classmate who sits beside her.

hey taeyeon answers shortly, not even making any effort to look at Dara.
Taeyeon had just missed the frown that was portrayed on Daras face, but even she does,
she doesnt give a single damn.

People are always looking at me, trying to get my attention, just because im rich, im
the heir of one of the richest Korean billionaire. They dont even care how bad my
attitude is, even when I really dont act that way, thats not me, I just pretend to be
bad, but look, they still comes to me like ants to the one and only sugar drops on the

floor. Seriously, if I am just the average person like everyone else, will I still get this
type of attention? I dont think so. Besides, why do I give a fuck about them, those
people are after my parents money. Not me. They dont really want to be my friends,
they just-

sucks Taeyeon mutters, picking her bag up, slinging it over one of her shoulders,
walking towards the exit of the classroom, she can hear murmurs from her classmate
but she decide to ignore it, but even before she can leaves the classroom.

Ms. Kim, is there anything I can help you? Mr. Choi frown in disappointment of how
Taeyeon is acting as a student, where there is no manners in her at all towards him.
Taeyeon has a smirk on her face now, looking back at her Math teacher, I dont feel
With a snort coming out from Taeyeon, she turns around, leaving, knowing, she has all
eyes on her as she walks out from the classroom.

Well, maybe what I said above was a little too much, not that I had totally ZERO
friends on my list, I do have some. Well, one in particular, shes great, well, she doesnt
comes from a wealthy family, but odd isnt it, how were like practically close best
buddies now.

hooiiiii, Yoongie
Taeyeon greets as she saw Yoona standing near the exit of the school main door, her
back leaning against the pillar, Yoona smiles as she saw Taeyeon.

They gave each other high fives, as Yoona reaches out to take Taeyeons school bag.
Taeyeon laughs, wrapping an arm around Yoonas neck, pulling the taller latter down
towards her height, making Yoona harder to walk, hyung??
or you prefer unnie? Yoona stuck her tongue out, balancing herself as they walk
towards the gate.
Taeyeon use her knuckles to rub hard against Yoonas forehead.
ahh ahh!! It hurts! Yoona pushes Taeyeon away, rubbing her own forehead now.
thats for teasing me
Yoona frowns, where are we going to go today?

Yoona looks at her watch, yah, its like 11am in the morning, club-bing?
Taeyeon rolls her eyes, I want to get some drink before heading home
What else can Yoona says or do than to obey Taeyeons request?
Taeyeon flick her collar up, messing her hair, loosen her school tie.
come on, go, my treat

sorry missy, we cant pay that much for a waitress, perhaps, you can try something
The man eyed dirtily at the well dress girl in front of him who has come for an interview.
He unconsciously licks his lips as his gaze passed the girls breast.
She caught him doing so and it made her feel uneasy to be in a club this early as there is
not much people in there yet. She looks around but only scares herself even more to find
a few men looking at her too and none helping.

gwenchana, im trying to look for a proper job anyway, thanks she bow and wanted to
leave abruptly. But the man grabs her wrist to stop her.
dont you want to see what I can offer? he smirks pervert-ly, might even make you
She breaks free from the grip, no as she was free from his grip, she was on heels,
running towards the exit as quickly as she can.


Taeyeon screamed at the person who just runs into her, being much stronger, it cause
the person to fall on the butt instead, when Taeyeon looks at that person, somehow, how
odd, the anger that was vent in her, gone, just like that.

m-mianhae the girl gets up, bowing a few times, getting back on her feet before
Taeyeon can even help her like she planned to in the mind, she then leaves even before
Taeyeon can say or ask for her name.

yah, you see that? Taeyeon ask, still looking at the girl who left.
yeap, you okay hyung? Yoona ask in worrisome.
no no, that girl-

Yoona now looks at where the girl has left, but she is no longer in sight, why hyung?
Want to find someone to beat her up?

Taeyeon shakes her head, I want to know her

How odd..i have never had this kind of feelings before.

huh? Yoona looks at Taeyeon.

How stupid. As if I can ever meet this girl ever again.

Taeyeon shakes her head, laughing in disappointment, come on

so, unnie did you get any job?

no Tiffany tiredly slams her working bag on the table, Ill try again tomorrow

you know, my school is needing a substitute teacher for a moment on the science
subject, while the teacher goes for 2 months maternity leave

no~ I dont think its a good idea, sunny, a teacher? Tiffany groans in tiredness as she
slums her body tiredly against the couch.

why not? You need lots of money so you can go college, being a substitute teacher isnt
that bad, it takes bout 4 to 5 hours per day and for the rest of the hours there, you can
find another part time job, wont that be better?

Tiffany eyes pop open, seems like her sister has actually given her a great idea, a bright
one too.
youre a genius Sunny ah! Tiffany snaps her fingers, smiling proudly.

of course, im your sister

wow, with your cert, we can definitely use some teacher like you as a substitute the
headmistress smiles, Tiffany gives an eye smile before bowing as a thank you.
two thousand dollars the headmistress offers.

Hmmmm~ two thousands, three hours per day job, 5 days per week, not that bad!
Besides, I can get another part time during the night, like the 24 hours mart or
something Tiffany.

Tiffany nods her head and offers her hand towards the headmistress, sounds good
enough for me
The headmistress shakes hands with Tiffany, let me bring you to your class then
thank you

class the headmistress taps the board a few times to get the attention, ms. Park, off
from Ms. Kims table please

Taeyeon look at Park Bom with a smirk, crossing her arms across her chest as Bom
jumps off from the table, still chewing her gum in her mouth, she walks back to her own

today, we have manage to find a new substitute teacher for your science subject the
headmistress announces. Taeyeon yawn as she starts playing with the ring around her
index finger now, looking at the headmistress with a boring expression, she then sleepily
place her chin onto the table.

lets welcome, Ms Hwang the headmistress offers the start of clapping, some of the
students stupidly followed along, which made Taeyeon rolled her eyes.

Tiffany steps into the classroom, with her well looking suit, with her black frame glasses
The students in the class is awe by their teachers beauty, but the only person who is
really stunned by the beauty, was the student all the way from the back, behind the

Who has her eyes widens, jaw drop opens wide, shes already sitting up straight. again

fated to bump into one another

Annyeong haseyo, im your new substitute teacher, Ms Hwang but you can call me Ms.
Tiffany bow once to the classroom, smiling, some student were already getting their note
book out, as if they are ready to study with Tiffany teaching on the other hand.
alright, Ill leave the class to you the headmistress then left the classroom.

alright, class, maybe we can start with the chapter where your previous teacher has stop
before she left?

youre so pretty, ms hwang! Are you a model before this? Dara ask cutely.

Taeyeon rolls her eyes.

Obviously not, shes a goddess.

Tiffany smiles shyly shaking her head, Taeyeon can only stare in amazement.
That is not just any smile, but a smile that shock Taeyeon a million times.

Thank you for your compliment, sweetie, but I am not Tiffany smiles continues.

how old are you? another student ask.

well, Im 23 Tiffany answers.

23? Shes 3 years elder than me?? Doesnt looks like it!

alright, lets start Tiffany picks up the chalk.

It was the first time, Taeyeon was up throughout the whole session of the class.
She would usually leave in the middle when the teacher made her feel bored.
Is not like what Tiffany taught has actually goes into Taeyeons brain, but Taeyeon enjoy
watching the girl talk as she teaches, how her heels would click when she walks back and
Taeyeon loves it most when Tiffany is looking at the book she has in her hand,
something pushing her glasses back up as it slip close to the tip of her nose.
Taeyeon continue watches her teacher small actions when other class was busy copying
the notes down.

I need to get her attention! Do something!

Taeyeon then have a light bulb light above her head.

She smirks, believing it will work for sure, but she just hope Tiffany wont hates her for
what is about to happen. Taeyeon pick her pen up and threw it all the way to the
blackboard, making a loud thud as it hits the board, initiating Tiffany to jumping up in

Tiffany drops the chalk onto the table, turning around to look at the class, who looks
back at Tiffany surprisingly, some head were turning to the back.
whothrew it? Tiffany ask suspecting-ly.
To much of the teacher surprise, she sees a hand raising high in the air from the back of
the class.
stand up Tiffany says firmly.
Taeyeon did.
and you are?
Kim Tae Yeon, I believe you heard of me
I dont Tiffany answers, earning a few snorts and laugh from the students, which made
Taeyeon kind of angry, meet me after class

Yes! Success!

sure taeyeon smirks before returning to seating down.

For Taeyeon who has been waiting for it to long to happen, it finally did.
The bell rings, time for a break.
Everyone pack up and left.
As soon as the class left just Tiffany herself and her student, Taeyeon.
Tiffany sat on the side of the desk, waiting for Taeyeon to come to her.
Little did she know, that midget was actually enjoying the posing from her standing
Taeyeon finally made it to Tiffany.

tell me, whats your reason of throwing that pen Tiffany crosses her arms.
Only making her chest even obvious in sight.
tell me, how can you not know me Taeyeon smirks, standing much more closer to

stay where you are ms Kim, oh, I do know who you are as the headmistress has warn
Tiffany stands up and it did, make Taeyeon took one step back.
but dont you dare lead yourself thinking that you can use such tone on me, I do not
give a damn of how rich you are Tiffany hisses.
For a moment, she has forgotten that shes a teacher, that is only because she cant stand
people who uses money power to scare people off.

Mmmmm~ impressive indeed.

so, what were you, urm, doingat the bar yesterday Taeyeon smirks.

Shit!!! it was her that I ran into???? God!! I cant afford to lose this job!! I cant afford to
waste anymore time to look for another job -Tiffany.

why would you care? Besides.. you have no proof at all Tiffany picks her books and
files up, carrying it in her arms, she stares at Taeyeon unkindly.

Taeyeon smirks but she is defeated when Tiffany says so, is true, she has no proof,
besides, she wont do anything with it, she just wants to know why Tiffany is in the club
yesterday, as a teacher, she shouldnt be. Taeyeon lets Tiffany walks pass her.

Tiffany stop, turning around to face Taeyeon.

just so you know, I am not like everyone else, Kim Tae Yeon with that, Tiffany turns
her heels around and left. Leaving a smiling wide, Taeyeon.

Indeed. You are not like anyone else I know. She sure is something.

yah, hyung
Yoona appears at the corner of the door, wanna go eat?
geee, youre always hungry Taeyeon walks to Yoona, hungry dinosaur

Tiffany has been adopted into Sunnys family ever since she was much younger.

She started working, is because shes trying to find some way to pay off her college fees
and she wouldnt want to burdens her family, that also explain the difference of surname
between Sunny and Tiffany.
Tiffany wanted to stay with her real family surname and as far as she know, her mum
passed away, while her dad left. Living with Sunny and her family was the happiest for
Tiffany count herself as being lucky, being adopted by a wonderful family.

As Tiffany walks into the teachers room, she looks around for a seat.
Just then, a teacher waves his hand at her, an action to tell her, he has a free seat for her.
She grabs her tray of food and heads towards him, they exchanges smiles when they sees
each other, Tiffany bows.
annyeong haseyo

annyeong his manly voice struck Tiffanys ears.

Tiffany sit across him, as she finally manage to look at him properly, realizing how good
looking he is. Where else, he on the other hand, finds Tiffany very attractive.
youre the new teacher right? To substitute for Hyo temporarily? he ask.
Tiffany smiles shyly and nods her head.
well, we teaches the same class, I teach math he continues.
Tiffany only can nods her head a few times, not knowing how to walk out from the circle
of her shyness.
how is it for you, first day, the hardest hes trying his best to make her feel

is all good Tiffany answers with a smile, but her smile only faded the moment she
remembers her interaction with one of her particular rude student, Taeyeon.
something wrong? Siwon ask, you dont look alright
things are fineuntil
until? he repeated her last sentence in order of hope she will continues.

But Tiffany shakes her head, she is not sure if she should tell it out.
It doesnt seems nice, it would seems like she cant handle a student.

She knows she can.

it wont help if you dont tell Siwon offers with a smile.

thank you, butI think I can still manage this on my own Tiffany smiles back, thank

well, just know that I am open for you, anytime

Tiffany looks at siwon.

I meani-I meanif you have any problem with the studentswell- you know.. Siwon
cough a few times awkwardly, blushing red.
Tiffany giggles, nodding her head.

To : Tiffany Unnie
From : Sunny
Unnie, please help me!!! Come to the bathroom!!! Please!!! Urgent

Tiffany stands up immediately after reading the text message she just received.

yes? Siwon looks at Tiffany.

I need to go first, nice talking to you- eryeah, bye Tiffany left.

Siwon smiles, watching the girl left in a panic rush.

Tiffany dashes her way to the bathroom which is the nearest to her, to her luck, she
found Sunny in it, sitting on the sink countertop.
what was it? Tiffany look at the rest of the open stalls, which shows that it was only the
two of them in the bathroom.
i..look, dont freak out, dont tell mum!
Tiffanys eyes widen, she glares at Sunnys abdomen right away, slowly shaking her head
in disbelief. But Sunny quickly shakes her head in defense, no no, before you lead
yourself too much, is not what you have in mind
Tiffany breaths out in reliefs.
im still not sure Sunny mutters.

YOU WHAT- Tiffany launch herself towards Sunny, grabbing both her shoulders,
SUNNY!! YOURE ONLY 17!!! For God sake!

is just once Sunny answers, or was it? she ask herself.

Tiffany smacks her own forehead with her palm, you cant be serious
I just havent have my period for the past 2 weeks, im just worried

have this happen before?

Sunny shakes her head, I was never this late

Tiffany sighs.

help me, unnieI only have you Sunny begs.


get me a pregnancy test.please, thats the only way to confirm it

Tiffany sighs, im a teacher and you expect me to get those stuffs for you??

Unnie, I am still underage-

good that you know Tiffany crosses her arms.

mmf~ unnie~~~~~unniiiieeeee yahhhhh~~~ Sunny starts her aegyo of pleading,

which really irritates Tiffany.

okay okay! Just stop, Ill go get it Tiffany sighs, see you at home

Sunny jumps off from the countertop, kissing Tiffany by the cheek, thank you
Tiffany sighs, shaking her head, as she watch Sunny leaves.

As soon as school is over, Tiffany put her big brown coat on with her shades on.
Readily to go to the nearest mart near her home.

Hyung~ wait up Yoona calls out loud.

Taeyeon turns around, stopping not far from Yoona, shrugs her shoulders as she shove
both hands into her pockets, Taeyeon give a smirk to the girls behind Yoona, some
Yoona rolls her eyes.
Tae Hyung Yoona smiles as she wraps an arm around Taeyeons shoulder.

I heard you got into trouble with the new teacher Yoona looks at Taeyeon.
The both decide to walk home.
Although Taeyeon is rich as hell, and her mum has even personally hired a chauffeur but
Taeyeon has never ever like it, she prefers walking.

Besides, the condominium shes living at, is not far from where her school is.

news sure travel fast Taeyeon rolls her eyes, but a smile escape her face when she
remembers Tiffany face in her mind.

Tiffany looks at the shelves and finally saw the section down the aisle where it stock
keep on the shelves, boxes of pregnancy test.

Odd as it sound, its her first time buying this.

She sigh as she looks at the dozen of brands from it and she doesnt has a clue which one
she should pick out among the shelves, after taking a few minutes, she finally decide to

grab the one with the pink box. Roughly studying the starter rules on the box, she nods
her head, decided to grab that one right away.

Just as she made her way, to pay for the item she has taken, her eyes widen.
The cashier only happens to be a guy, Tiffany can feel herself getting red.
Is so awkward!
shit~ Tiffany hiss under her breath.
She stood at the end of the line and waited in the queue and finally when it was her turn.
She lightly threw the box on the counter, quickly hanging her head low, pretending that
she was having a hard time searching for her purse in her handbag, but the reason shes
only doing so is because she doesnt want to see that guy.
Hearing the guy beeping the barcode, revealing the price after that, Tiffany gave a
twenty and quickly grab the plastic bag which kept what she bought in it, she dashes out
of the mart.
Tiffany takes her shade off, turning around to only see the cashier is not even looking at
her, only busying serving the customer after her. Tiffany sighs.
But as she turn around to walk, she didnt knew she would be banging hard against
No, not something, but someone.
Causing Tiffanys paper bag to fall to the ground.

ouch! Are you blind or- Ms. Hwang??

Tiffany eyes widens even shock and afraid, but her normal reaction was to look at who
call her.
She did.
And is her worst nightmare ever, as she sees Kim Tae Yeon, standing right in front of her
right now. Taeyeon has a hand rubbing against her own chest where Tiffany has bang
not long ago.

Before Tiffany can come back to reality, she realizes something is on the ground, that
she dropped not long ago, her eyes trail down to where it is, just as she bend towards it,
Taeyeon is already in a speed of grabbing the paper bag up immediately.

Give it back! Tiffany said in her loud voice.

Taeyeon ignores and block Tiffany by turning her back towards her as she search into
the paper bag.

hey!! Thats rude!! Tiffany yelled as she still tries to grab the paper bag back, worrying

Tiffany stopped moving the moment Taeyeon turn back around, thats when Tiffany
knew, her nightmare just started.

Taeyeon has the biggest smirk and shocking expression ever on her face as she held the
pregnancy test box in her hand.

Pregnant perhaps?
Tiffany snatches the box off from Taeyeons grip as she quickly throws it back into the
paper bag.
She only realize Taeyeon eyes were already trailing on her body, scanning around her
Taeyeon did.
She tilt her neck hard to the side, igniting a cracking sound coming from her neck.
Tiffany swear, one of the thing she hates most on her list would be Kim Tae Yeons
Tiffany stares at Taeyeon angrily, you should learn some manners?
and your boyfriend should learn how to get a condom Taeyeon smirks again before
crossing her arms across her chest.
watch what you are saying Tiffany glares at Taeyeon.

Im in deep shit Tiffany

oh, of course you would want me to do so Taeyeon smiles.

I mean like, imagine, what would happen, when words gets out about a teacher,
walking into a mart to get a pregnancy test Taeyeon smiles becomes even wider.

it wasnt even mine!

oh really? Taeyeon snorted, then whose??

is belong to my- Tiffany stops what shes about to slip out from her mouth.

No, this can cause trouble to Sunny! Shes still underage and mum would kill her! Dad
would be disappointed! Damn~ why of all people, this jerk?? Tiffany.


what do you want, Kim Tae Yeon? Tiffany still cant help but to stare at Taeyeon

Taeyeon pretend to think deep, letting her index finger to rub the bottom of her chin.
I am lacking in my science-

Ill let you pass for the next exam Tiffany was about to leave, she just wants to.
na-ah, not so easy, miss hwang Taeyeon steps in front of Tiffany to stop her from
leaving any further, besides~ I dont like cheating
then what do you want
I want you to teach me, personally Taeyeon smiles at her own brilliant idea.
Ill pay

I say, Ill pay, for you to teach me, Monday to Friday, $500
Taeyeon offers and Tiffany knew, something wasnt good behind all this great deals, but
she does need a part time job and money, this seems to be the best offer ever.

a week for $500 sounds-

a day, an hour, $500 not a week Taeyeon rolls her eyes.

While Tiffany widens her eyes, thats a lot
aha~ I dont care, come by my place tonight to teach me Taeyeon reach out and took
her wallet out from her bag, she then pulls out a card.

follow that address there, itll leads you to my place

Tiffany hesitantly snatch the card from Taeyeon, she looks at the address.
what the hell~


Shes staying at that expensive condominium right beside my cheap apartment! Damn!
Stupid coincidence!! Tiffany

nothing Tiffany ignores.

good, see you sharp by 7 Taeyeon then swings her bag at her back, walking away.
Tiffany watches as the spoiled cocky brat walks away, looking rather excited that she has
someone new to bully.

Taeyeon threw her bag across her bag as she switch her portable open,
She click on the tab in her private files, on a file named virus.
It was a link that leads her to a website on an anime video where she has been watching.

Taeyeon might be well known for her property or her naughtiness but then, everyone,
her classmate, her schoolmate, knew how smart she is.

I just find it fun to play a teacher out, what could be more fun than that??

Taeyeon then watches how the two anime starts making out passionately, her eyes glued
to the screen, she gulps down the lump in her throat, her heart throbbing impatiently,
cant wait to see what comes next but at the same time, shes afraid one of her maids
might walk in on her.

The male anime hand was leading its way into the girls uniform, he was rubbing
underneath inside her panty, she started moaning.

Gee~ I should stop.

Taeyeon reaches out for her mouse to click the X button, but the moment stop, when the
girl character of anime speaks, sensei~ not too ahnn~ hard Taeyeons hand retreat
back steadily.
She decided to continue watching.
She watches how the guy slower down his rubbing and how the girl was actually shutting
and opening her thighs while moaning, fasterrrrr, sensei
Soon, the underwear were off, Taeyeon gulps every now and then, when she saw how the
anime was actually leaking from her core, the guy started using his left hand to spread
her clit open, when he uses his right finger to twist and press on the nub, igniting the
anime moaning.
He then plunges two fingers into the girl, where she screamed-

Kim Tae Yeon?


Taeyeon knew she was caught red handed but she quickly pushes the laptop down all the
way to the side, making it fall off from her table. When she turn around, she only finds
her substituted teacher standing at her door, looking at her and then the laptop on the
The screen blank out and is most probably spoiled from the falling impact, but Taeyeon
would care less, since she hope her teacher didnt find out what shes watching.
dont you knock? Taeyeon spits, getting up from the chair, kicking her portable aside
as Tiffany watches.

Rich people, never knows how to appreciate things Tiffany.

I did Tiffany answers quietly as she steps in, Taeyeon walk over and closes the door.
go take a sit Taeyeon roughly points to the couch beside her big bed.

Tiffany did, as she was waiting for Taeyeon to make her way back to join her on the
couch, her eyes lingers around Taeyeons bedroom, which is far more bigger than her
living room in her apartment. Taeyeon pop a chewing gum into her mouth as she sits in
front of Tiffany, watching how her teacher was amaze with the size and beauty of her
room is.
Tiffany snapped out of it as her eyes happens to pass Taeyeon, who is once again
lets start
Tiffany unzip her bag as she brings some books out, putting them on the table.

She switch places of her crossing her legs, in a flash, Taeyeon caught something with her

White. FUCK IT! Stop thinking dirty!! Thats your teacher!!!

Taeyeon fake cough once.

Its exactly what the anime wore not long ago! SHIT SHIT SHIT!! stop it!

now look- Tiffany look at Taeyeon who isnt looking at her, neither responding towards
hello? Kim tae yeon?
focus Tiffany eyebrows knitted close together as she glares at Taeyeon, when she
finally got the attention from Taeyeon, she leaned forward towards the coffee table in
front of her, pointing at the open text book, Taeyeon watches how Tiffany two firm
breast pressed tightly against her thighs, how they were lightly pressed out sideways.
Taeyeon scratches her forehead hardly, rolling her eyes at how perverted her mind gets.
She leans forward but then sit back up straight right away as her mind is bothering her
too much.

Tiffany once again looks at Taeyeon, their eyes met.

Right away, the moaning anime was replaying in her head now, only that this time, the
character of anime slowly changes into Tiffanys face and in that replay, was Taeyeon,
teasing Tiffany.

Taeyeon stands up immediately, making the chair she was sitting on, fall backwards,
Taeyeon had both her hands on each side of her head, slightly pulling her hair.

Is she.a bipolar? Tiffany.

kim tae yeon.are you okay?

Taeyeon ignores Tiffany, taking a deep breath, finally regaining her consciousness.
She walks over and sit herself next to Tiffany.

what is it? Tiffany ask as she looks at Taeyeon.

I dont want you to be my personal teacher


I said, I dont want you to be my personal teacher Taeyeon repeated with annoyance.

But I need that kind of moneyand no part time job can give me that kind of an
amount! Ugh! Fine! Ill take this as bad luck~ Lady luck wasnt smiling on me this time,
besides, I dont think I can stand this brat for too long anyway Tiffany.

Tiffany nods her head, fine she reaches out and pack her books on the table.

But Taeyeon grab her wrist, but I do want something from you

Letter of Agreements.
They look at each other without a word the whole 1 minute.
what do you want then? Tiffany ask as she breaks the silence stare.

Taeyeon chewed her chewing gum a few times, before nodding her head to herself.
I want you to be my slave
Tiffanys eyes slowly opens widely as those words from Taeyeon mouth plays in her
YOURE A CRAZY BITCH! NO!! Tiffany yank her wrist free from Taeyeon, im your
teacher if you have forgotten!!
Taeyeon smirks, she continue chewing her gum annoyingly as she watch Tiffany packs
the book into her bag, dont forget about the deal
Tiffany stops packing, as she slowly turns her head to look at Taeyeon, what deal
aha, nice pretending Taeyeon crosses her arms as she spits the chewing gum into the
ashtray on the coffee table, positive or negative? Taeyeon looks at Tiffanys waist.

Tiffany brings her hand up, but Taeyeon was much quicker as she see Tiffany was about
to slap her across the face, she manage to grab Tiffany hand and stop her from doing
something stupid.
Tiffany yank her hand away again, continuing packing her books as she decide to leave

Im going to tell Taeyeon says with a blackmailing voice.

tell! Like someone is going to trust you Tiffany ignores as she zip her bag up, slinging
the handle on her shoulder as she gets up from the couch, away from Taeyeon.
no one trust you kim tae yeon, youre cocky, a troublemaker and a liar, no one is going
to trust you

youre forgetting, I am rich Taeyeon stood up, and I am more than ready to pay the
media or the newspaper, for a front page

Tiffany stopped from walking away.

No, this is going to ruin my career, my reputation, what are people going to think
about me, how are they going to look at me or even look down on my foster family.
*Tiffany hand tighten into a fist shape* I am going to kill her, I swear I will

Tiffany turns around.

Seeing something she hated a lot again, the smirk coming from Taeyeons face.
changes of mind?
cant you think of something else?

other than being my slave? Taeyeon thought for a moment but finally shakes her head,
disappointing Tiffanys hope, nope

Tiffany sighs loudly.

be my slave, for- Taeyeon did a peace sign like when she brought up two fingers in

t-two months!??! Tiffany stares, bewildered.

Taeyeon nod her head, smart
Kim Tae Yeon, have you ever learn how to respect your elders?
youre just 3 years elder than me, Ms. Hwang, stop making yourself sounds so old

Tiffany stares at Taeyeon in disbelief.

But she turns away, hey, I didnt know your answer yet Taeyeon shouts back.
do whatever you want Tiffany spits as she leaves the room, slamming the door shut
close loudly.

Taeyeon smirks as she leans back onto the couch, crossing her arms behind her head as
she lays onto it, resting, thinking of the things she would do to her substituted teacher.

Suddenly, Taeyeon gets up from her relaxing position, she gets out of her room and into
the study room, which is also her dads office.


As usual, Yoona is already outside of Taeyeons condominium, waiting for her, as they
always goes to school together.
hyung she greets with a smile, but receive a big slap on the back from Taeyeon,
you want to die?? Taeyeon turns her head up, looking up, my mum is home
is not like she can hea-
Taeyeon got distracted by someone who came out from the apartment gate.

Tiffany hasnt been able to sleep properly last night as she cant think of the
consequences of what Taeyeon is going to do to her, how it can actually ruin her life.
On the other hand, it was a news relief to her that Sunny wasnt pregnant, her period
came the night after she did the test. It was a happy ending for Sunny but a bad
beginning for Tiffany.
She doesnt want Sunny to feel guilty, so she didnt tell what happened, anyway, if it was
for Sunnys family to foster her, she wouldnt have such wonderful life.
But her wonderful life has finally met the disaster, Kim Tae Yeon.
She tiredly slings the handle of her bag on her shoulder as she walks quietly.
She sighs out a few times or so, whenever her mind thinks about how a student of hers,
can actually blackmailed her into being a slave.

Slave.that word sounds so bad already itself.what have I got myself into, man~
this is a nightmaretwo monthsitll be quick.yes, it will just pass like a wink of an
eye Tiffany.

Just as Tiffany look up, the nightmare of her day just begin as she watches how Taeyeon
walking towards her, early in the morning, with the biggest smirk ever on her face. But
she was more disappointed when she realize, Taeyeon would know where she stayed.

morning, ms hwang Taeyeon greets sweetly, which puzzled Tiffany a lot, wondering
wheres the cocky attitude she saw yesterday, hey, yoong, come meet my new-
Tiffany watch how Taeyeon mouthed the word slave with a big smile at the end.
substituted teacher Taeyeon says out loud proudly.
The tall girl, which is surprisingly taller than Tiffany herself too, smiles weakly, bowing
as a greet.
hi, Ms hwang. Im Yoon-Ah nimida Yoona bows again.

ms hwang, I want you to meet her, Yoona, my best pal Taeyeon smiles fake-ly.

Best pal? Yoona seems all nice and polite, how can she even be close friend to such
opposite people like Taeyeon? Uggh! Tiffany.

Tiffany just slowly nods her head a few times.

ah~ hold my bag Taeyeon hand her bag out right in front of Tiffany, even Yoona eyes
widens in surprise at Taeyeons action, my shoelace came off
aigoo, Tae, I can help you-
Taeyeon shakes her head as she moves her bag away before Yoona can grab it, she hands
it to Tiffany, Yoona watches in shock. Taeyeon tilt her head to one side, wondering why
Tiffany isnt doing anything, Tiffany watches how Taeyeon react and totally get it, she
slowly unwillingly, embarrassingly, took Taeyeons bag.

Taeyeon gives a smirk before squatting down, only that, Tiffany realizes, Taeyeon
shoelace were still tying up nicely.

She lied Tiffany

Taeyeon pretend to play with her shoelace, patted it and then getting up on her feet.
Taeyeon grabs her bag back from Tiffany, thank you, Ms. Hwang Taeyeon winks.
At that moment, Tiffany just wanted to slap that smirk off Taeyeons face, for being
disrespectful, but she needs to control herself as she is still a teacher in many of her
students eyes, Yoona who is there, included.

Tae, lets go Yoona looks at Tiffany nervously, still cant believe her eyes and ears,
witnessing what Taeyeon actually asked the teacher to do, or well be late
dae Taeyeon smirk as she carries the bag, oh yeah-

ms Hwang, this is for you Taeyeon pulls an envelope out from her pocket and hands it
to Tiffany, the assignment

come on, yoong Taeyeon hug Yoona with one arm, walking away, she turn her head
back to look at Tiffany, who is looking at the envelope and then their eyes met, Taeyeon

Tiffany watches as Taeyeon walks away, she then tear the envelope open, walking slowly
as she reads the words on the letter.

Dear, Tiffany Hwang or should I say, Ms. Hwang? Whichever you prefer.
I hope you did not easily forgotten our deal last night, in my house, my
Your promise to me *wink* You, Ms Hwang known as Tiffany Hwang, has
promised to be my slave for the two whole months. You will do whatever I
say, whatever I asked you to, without the right to protest. You will also go
out with me on the weekends, so I can make you do whatever I want.
Please sign below the deal, to end this seal as a proof, if you are thinking
about tearing this up, go ahead, because next thing before you know it,
this letter will be printed into hundreds and pass around the whole school.
Which might be fun as well?
You can take your choice.
Or, we can do this a nice way, you sign this up and pass it back to me.

Yours sincerely, Master Tae.

Fuck! I hate you!! *tiffany crunch the letter into a ball shape* what the fuck
have I got myself into!??! Damn it!! Hold your anger hwang..this brat, this short
brat might just dare to do whatever she said in the letter, it wouldnt be good if the
whole school knew about this. *tiffany carefully retrieve the letter back* just
two months, itll be quick, I promise, you can do it. Youve go too far to let this small
thing stops youbesides, all you have to face is after school, she cant do anything in
school. She too, wouldnt want to be thrown out of school at such age Tiffany.

Tiffany folds the letter nicely and slides it into her pocket.

why do you treat ms hwang that way? Yoona ask, wonderingly.
what is wrong with how I treat her? Taeyeon ask.
shes a teacher, our teacher

shes not a teacher yet if she havent steps into school Taeyeon snorts.
hyung~ I dont think this is a-
just chill Taeyeon patted Yoonas head, I know what Im doing

As they bid goodbye and Taeyeon enter her class, she once again, as usual, finds Park
Bom sitting on her table, she got a little annoyed at how Park Bom wouldnt stop flirting
with her.
Tiffany who is behind Taeyeon, ta- she said it too softly, sadly, Taeyeon did not hear
anything, not even knowing that her substitute teacher is right behind her, as she walks
towards her table.
Tiffany watches as Taeyeon walks over to her table, how she stood so near to Park Bom,
standing in between Park Boms open thighs, that fitted Taeyeon in between her.

IsKim Taeyeon a..lesbian?? *Tiffanys eyes widens* oh my god!! Ewwwwww!!!


Tiffany continue watches as Taeyeon now lean up so close towards Park Bom, who
wraps her arms around Taeyeons neck steadily.

Gosh!! This is a class for heaven sake!!! Tiffany.

get off my table Taeyeon hissed angrily into Park Boms ear.
Park Bom looks at Taeyeon, smiling seductively, sexy she did a kiss in the air, before
leaping off the table.

ms hwang? one of the student looks at her teacher who is not moving.
Tiffany looks away from the couple, she greets her student with a smile, hi, morning
The student cant help but to smile back at Ms Hwang beautiful smile.

After teaching, Tiffany cant wait to get out from the class, she dislike how Taeyeon
wouldnt take her eyes off her, everytime she turn around, Taeyeon would mouthed the
word slave and then smirking, but of course, when she did so, she make sure no
students were looking at them.
Finally, God answers to Tiffanys prayer, the school bell rings, end of class, Tiffany
quickly make her way out. But because she was trying so hard to leave quickly, she
didnt watch who shes about to bang into, which made her fall on her butt.
ooh Tiffany drop all her files on the ground.
Siwon chuckle in a sorry way as he pulls Tiffany back onto her feet, in a quick hand, he
pick up all the files she drops and hands it to her, watching Tiffany sweeping the dust of
her skirt.
sorry Siwon apologize.
is not your fault Tiffany takes the files back in her hands, I should be apologizing

With that, the two teacher leaves, totally ignoring how the students in Taeyeons class
stare with them with awe.
All, except for one, Taeyeon was quite disturb at what she saw.
hey, you want to go? Sunmi beside Taeyeon ask, Taeyeon move aside, er, no. Im not
in the mood for food
Taeyeon then walks away.

Taeyeon decide to go the bathroom, only to be delighted to see Tiffany in there too,
fizing her lipstick, most lightly. They looks at each other, but Tiffany seems annoyed.
Taeyeon walk to one of the stall that happens to be close door, she kick it open.
No one inside.
cant you be more gentle? Youre a girl Tiffany rolls her eyes, as she fix her hair a little.
Taeyeon shows her palm out, Tiffany stares at Taeyeon.
is not with me Tiffany answers bluntly, Taeyeon was about to erupt with anger as
Tiffany can see, but Ill return it to you later she quickly says.
Which made Taeyeon smile from frowning in anger, why not now?

theres some changes need to be amend on the letter itself

Taeyeon slowly becoming angry again, what is?
about hanging out on weekends

what is wrong with that? Taeyeon eyed Tiffany.

The toilet door opens, revealing three girls about to come in, Taeyeon immediately
points about them, get out she hisses, the three girls immediately scram out.
Kim Taeyeon, stop being rude and mean
shut up and back to the topic Taeyeon cross her arms.
I cant go out with you on Sunday, I have church on that day Tiffany explains.
oh I see, so religious Taeyeon tease.
dont make fun of my religion
fine, I see you after school then Taeyeon walks to the door.

you still need the money dont you? as far as I can see how your eyes sparks when I told
you the offers. Come by and teach me, Ms Hwang Taeyeon smiles naughtily and then

it started with a kiss

Taeyeon hears a few light knock on the door, she jumps up on her feet as she dash to the
door, only smiling when she welcomes Tiffany into her room.
on time
Tiffany can only see smirk from Taeyeon, maybe is because, she dislike her so much,
thats why.
shall we start without a delay, I dont want to stay here too long Tiffany already make
her way to the study table, Taeyeon shrug her shoulders, closing the door.
She sits herself next to Tiffany as she watches Tiffany pulling out books from her bag.
Is then, Tiffany pull her phone out, setting an hour on her stopwatch function from her
what are you doing? Taeyeon ask.
an hour with you, nothing more
gee~ bummer, am I so hateful? Taeyeon rolls her eyes.
Tiffany looks at Taeyeon in the eyes, her face going nearer to Taeyeon.
Taeyeon gulps in enthusiasm.

What the hell is she doing????

yes Tiffany hissed, glaring Taeyeon for a moment, before returning back to her
previous composure. Taeyeon sigh, but she fold her arms and leaned close to the table
As Tiffany starts teaching, Taeyeon cant help but to stare at how Tiffany lips would move
whenever she talks, sometimes, when her lips dries off, Tiffany would use her pink
muscle to wet it, which made Taeyeon stares even more. All of a sudden, Tiffany looks at
Who is day dreaming.
Kim Taeyeon
Taeyeon who is deep in her thoughts, didnt seems to hear it.
Kim Tae Yeon! Tiffany gently slap Taeyeon hands.
what wae!?!? Taeyeon snapped out to reality.
are you day dreaming when Im teaching?
no Taeyeon smirks, but she leans forward and pulls Tiffany face closer to her with her
Tiffany who is shock, stayed frozen, too shock to move that is.
dont call me by my full name, just Taeyeon will do~ orTae if you prefer Taeyeon
Tiffany pulls away when she finally get her senses back, she slaps Taeyeon fingers away.
what do you think you are doing? Dont over play me, learn to respect

Taeyeon rolls her eyes, totally ignoring what Tiffany just said, letter?
Tiffany rolls her eyes this time and reach out behind to search in her back, when she did.
Her short skirt tends to pulls up a little, revealing too much the skin of her thighs, that
Taeyeon fought hard not to reach out and touch it, that would be call molesting.
And molesting your teacher aint a bright idea at all.
here Tiffany finally found the folded paper.
Taeyeon took it and threw it aside.
dont you want to see it? Tiffany ask.
no need, I trust you Taeyeon smirks.

Tiffany continues to teach Taeyeon.

hey Tiff Taeyeon pulls her chair forward as she makes her way closer to Tiffany.
hey tiff? Tiffany repeated the words that Taeyeon just said, im your teacher, wheres
your respect again?
youre my slave, dont forget Taeyeon answers back sarcastically.
Tiffany shuts her mouth in defeat.
hey slave Taeyeon smirks as she said that.

Tiffany glares at Taeyeon.

Thats sexy~
what midget Tiffany snapped back in sarcasm.
m-midget??? The heck! No! Taeyeon grab Tiffany by her arm.
what! ow!! That hurts Taeyeon! Tiffany pushes Taeyeon away, but she can already see
Taeyeon smiling, what are you smiling about
you just called me Taeyeon Taeyeon smiles, idiotically.
you ARE taeyeon anyway, urgh~ lets just continue


Tiffany was so surprise when she see how close Taeyeon face was to hers, of course it is,
Taeyeon lips were stick to hers. Tiffany finally has the strength to push Taeyeon away.
Wiping her lips in disgust.
what the hell is that kim tae yeon!

if you didnt know, well, is call a kiss Taeyeon smile, happy just by the thoughts of it.

I know what is! But why are you doing it to me-

because I want to, slave, before I get a real girlfriend of my own, I need some practice,
seemingly, you came the right time

Tiffany stares at Taeyeon disbelievingly, jaw dropping open wide.

I am not a lesbian Tiffany manage to say at last.
bummer Taeyeon crosses her arms, like I care
what?? you cant do whatever you want Taeyeon! I am your teacher if you happens to
my slave you mean? As far as I remember, or were you the one forgetting?
I seriously hate you Tiffany pack up her books, keeping them back into her bag.

here Taeyeon throws into Tiffanys bag, a couple of cash tied up with a rubber band.
Tiffany zips her bag up, getting up, she saw how Taeyeon stares at her thighs.
Taeyeon looks up at Tiffany, stay, slave Taeyeon command.
shhhh~ Taeyeon hush Tiffany as she stands up too, now closing herself to Tiffany.
She touch Tiffanys face, letting her fingers brush tenderly at the side of Tiffany cheek.
Tiffany hand reach out, stopping Taeyeon from touching any further.

this is one of the lesson slave, dont you dare slap my hand away Taeyeon looks at
Tiffany now.
Tiffany bite her lips nervously, she knew she cant disobey Taeyeon in any way, so she let
her hand drop loosely to her side.
She watches how Taeyeon was looking at her, like a lion to its only meat.
Taeyeon goes closer towards Tiffany, their lips touch, but was break away right away as
Tiffanys phone rings, Tiffany look away, making that as a reason as she search for her
phone in her pocket, quieting it, my time is up she nervously, controlling her hand
from shaking too much, as she slide it back into her phone.
Taeyeon saw it all, how Tiffany is shaking, she smirks, okay, see you tomorrow, hwang.
Wait. Give me your phone?
Taeyeon just hand her palm out towards Tiffany, not wanting to explain any further.
Tiffany hesitantly puts her phone onto Taeyeon hand, as Taeyeon then uses Tiffanys
phone to give a miss call to her own phone, good, we can text each other now Taeyeon
smiles, returning Tiffanys phone back to her.
ugh Tiffany snatch her phone back and leaves.

Taeyeon, should you think about joining us for one of the meeting for Lotte World?
Mrs. Kim ask as she drinks her soup. Taeyeon shakes her head without thinking.
but youll be the heiress her mum explains further.
in the future that is Taeyeon slurps her soup loudly, dropping the spoon in the bowl
with a clunk, wiping her mouth with the cloth, as she then gets up.
honey, dont you want to wait for dessert? Mrs. Kim asked.
no, you both enjoy Taeyeon skip her way to her room.
After securely closing her door, she jumps to her bed, laying on her tummy, she grabs
her phone.

[hey ^^][tae]>[tiff]

Taeyeon then roll over and lays on her back, waiting patiently.

After 5 minutes have pass, the cheeky smile on her face was slowly replace with an angry
expression. Being angry and frustrated, Taeyeon start calling Tiffany.

you better pick up Taeyeon hiss.

As the line was near the end of ringing, Taeyeon is about to burst into anger of flames.
She hears a hello from the other end.

Tae : Tiffany!
Tiffany : ah? Taeyeon?

Wow, she sounded so soft spoken through the call.maybe we should call more
often.she always talks to me so rough in person!

Tae : why did you not reply my message??

Tiffany : ah? I was rushing out from the toilet when I heard someone
Tae : Toilet? What were you doing?
Tiffany : gee, how stupid, I was bathing.

She was bathingI seewowokay

Thats when images of Tiffany standing under the running shower, water dripping onto
her body, as Tiffany slowly reaches out for the bathing liquid, rubbing her-

Tiffany : Taeyeon? Are you still there??

Tae : er. Yeah.
Tiffany : what is it that you call.
Tae : just to hear your voice.
Tiffany : Thats pathetic, look, I need my sleep, see you tomorrow.
Tae : see you soon. night.

Tiffany ended the call right away.

Well, at least she said see me tomorrow.

Going to school nowadays had been delightful for Taeyeon, how she always manage to
come out from her condominium at the same time with Tiffany from the apartment,
how they was force to walk to school together, with Taeyeon being in the middle, in

between Tiffany and Yoona. Tiffany who on the other hand had no choice but to go
along, as she has no reason to ditch Taeyeon anyway, since they are heading to the same
For Taeyeon, school really is not the place she gets bored anymore, she just cant wait for
the time that Tiffany come around to her place to teach her.

Once again, Taeyeon boringly watches Tiffany mumbling into something that is related
to the science subject. Being too bored, Taeyeon let her hand rest on Tiffanys thigh.
Tiffany moves a little, showing signs to Taeyeon that shes uncomfortable.
But Taeyeon, as usual, ignores it as her eyes pretending to focus on the book in front of
Tiffany sigh, having no choice but continues to teach, she sigh as she thought that she
shouldnt have wear shorts today, but shell drop it in her mind as a note to herself. Not
to, in the future.
Taeyeon decide to do a little teasing, as her hand start to slowly rubs sensually against
Tiffanys thigh, taeyeon
stop it, please Tiffany pressed on the please at the end.
Taeyeon smirks, just let me
Tiffany squinted her eyes close for a moment, as she controls her emotion.
tell me Taeyeon gentle rubs slowly squeezes some part of Tiffanys thigh, does this do
the trick?

Taeyeon heard it, her eyes bright up in joy when she hears the small moan coming out
from Tiffany and it was like music in her ears, she smiles.
nothing. just wondering if my girlfriend in the future will like this or not when I do it to
ewwww Tiffany smack Taeyeons hand away, just as Taeyeon glares at Tiffany,
Tiffanys phone annoyingly rang, times up she smirk smartly.

tomorrow is Saturday, I need you to wait for me by the park nearby, at 12pm sharp that

Tiffany let out a disappointing sigh as she unwillingly nods her head.
wait Taeyeon stands up, she then grab hold the back of Tiffanys head, slowly using her
strength to push Tiffany from behind, so that their face was getting closer inch by inch.
Taeyeon! No! not again! Tiffany protested.
oh hell yes. Everytime we bid goodbye
With that Taeyeon pressed her lips against Tiffanys.
It was just a touch and Tiffany already pushes Taeyeon away, youre getting way ahead
with the deal
with my slave? I dont think so Taeyeon smirks, letting go of Tiffany.
Tiffany wipes her lips, I wonder if your family-
they wont be surprise, I told them already. They know I am into girls Think you can
blackmail me? Taeyeon jumps onto her bed, not so easy

good for you. but I am not Tiffany groans, she rolled her eyes, see you tomorrow
Tiffany mumbles.
Taeyeon smiles, see you soon

Taeyeon changes into her nice clean looking shirt, putting a pair of brown jeans on, she
check herself one last time before she leaves the house. Inside her heart, she cant wait to
go out with Tiffany. She doesnt care, is the day when Tiffany is just Tiffany Hwang, not
miss hwang, not her tutor, not her substitute teacher. Taeyeon nods her head, as she
smiles to her own thoughts.
Cant wait to see Tiffany any sooner. Taeyeon took a seat on one of the empty swings.
After waiting for what it seems like, an hour, but actually, it was just 10 minutes away.
Taeyeon stands up in anger, breathing loudly through her nostril.

She then sees the familiar face, Tiffany, walking to the park.
Taeyeon walks to Tiffany angrily, grabbing her by the shoulder.
oww Tiffany looks at Taeyeon.
Ive been waiting so long!
is only 11:30 for heaven sake, I came early Tiffany whines a little.
Taeyeon only lets go of Tiffany when she realize, it was she herself who came too early,
just because she was rather too excited for the date.
lets go then Taeyeon intertwine her fingers with Tiffanys but Tiffany pull away.
Tiffany shakes her head.
what? why cant I hold my slave? Taeyeon stares at Tiffany.
is not necessary
I dont care, were going on a date anyway
is not a date, it was a forced date. I do not have any willingness to-MMMMHFFFF!!
Tiffany pushes Taeyeon away, she look around, to only feel relief that the park is only
just the two of them, when Taeyeon stole a kiss from her.
stop kissing me!
your lips are so plump and attractive, youre blaming me? Taeyeon smirks.

The two take the train to go to the town, since it was weekend, usually, lots of people
taking the train to reach their destination without any jam, the train was literally
A man manage to jumps into the train before the door close, he accidentally pushes
Tiffany forward, towards Taeyeon, uh Tiffany tramples on her feet, as she steady
herself, accidentally stepping on Taeyeons shoe, sorry she quickly say when Taeyeon
looks at her. Taeyeon ignores her and looks away, as she cant stand some stench coming
from some people sweaty pits.
The man behind Tiffany started looking up and down of Tiffany thighs.
He lick his lips unconsciously.
He was so into the world of his own, as he totally didnt realize that someone is watching
every single move hes doing. The man slowly slip one of his hand into his front pocket,
started to rub his harden dick.
Tiffany look at Taeyeon, whose expression is dark already and she wonders why.
Taeyeon who is still watching how the man was rubbing his stick, is getting angrier.
The man bravely took a step forward towards Tiffany as his harden stick dry bump into
Tiffanys ass.
what th- Tiffany cant even finish her sentence, as Taeyeon quickly tightens an arm
around Tiffany, turning her around, so she is right behind her now, push up in the

corner. Tiffany almost fall as the train stop at a station, so she reaches out and grab hold
of Taeyeons shirt from behind.
The man and Taeyeon had an eye battle, as they stare at each other.
The man got a little insecure, scared, with Taeyeons intense stare.
The door of the train opens, Taeyeon brings her leg up and give one big sudden kick at
the man, sending the man flying out from the train, falling onto the ground outside.
Taeyeon shouts at the man, totally ignoring how the people in the train looking back and
forth at her and the man, who is shock, laying on the ground. Even Tiffany, herself is
shock, that Taeyeon would realize what the man did, shock that Taeyeon even dare to
make such a move.
The door of the train, slide close.
Some people were admiring Taeyeons bravery, some even claps for Taeyeon.
Taeyeon was breathing so angrily, that her chest is going up and down in a hard way.
Taeyeon then turns around, only to find Tiffany looking into her eyes, is one look she
has never seen before, from Tiffany.

what's all this

Tiffany and Taeyeon is still looking at each other, like they were in the world of their
Their stares only breaks apart, when the train comes to a sudden stop again.
This time, Taeyeon is the one who is stumbling around.
She almost fall, but she stop herself from falling, by pushing her hands at something, to
prevent herself from falling, one on the glass of the train behind Tiffany, the other one
on Tiffanys breast.
People were pushing in and out, making Taeyeon steps so much closer towards Tiffany,
that there is no space for either of them to move. Tiffany felt her face, reddens.
Her breathing becomes unstable, Taeyeon who realizes it, smirks.
kim tae yeon. Your hand Tiffany blush in embarrassment.
I know, but I can barely move now
It takes Taeyeon so hard, not to give that well fitted in her hand breast, a squeeze.
Soon, when the doors of the train were closing again, giving some space for the two,
Tiffany pushes Taeyeons hand away. She looks at how her shirt was crumple, where
Taeyeon hands had left not long ago, Tiffany glares at Taeyeon.
hey, is not my fault.. Taeyeon smirks, now both her hands, pressing up against the
glass behind Tiffany, trapping Tiffany in between. Tiffany snapped away from looking at
hey Taeyeon whispers.
Tiffany have no choice but to look at Taeyeon angrily, what

oooo, grumpy Taeyeon teases with a smile, kiss me

Passenger around them, looks at them, Tiffany covers her mouth, as she looks at them
shhhh~ not too loud Taeyeon chuckles.
Tiffany looks away.
hey Taeyeon whispers again, I said, kiss me Taeyeon whispers into Tiffanys ear.
no. not here-
slave~ Taeyeon purposely said it.
fine Tiffany grab Taeyeons head away from leaning beside her face, she turns it
around and kisses Taeyeon on the lips, pressing their lips so hard, much more hard than
how Taeyeon usually steal kisses, I hate you Tiffany said in between the kiss, getting a
smile from Taeyeon.
They pull apart finally.
A tear rolls down to Tiffanys cheek, Taeyeon got shock and stare at Tiffany eyes widen.
I hate you Tiffany sob but wipe her tears away, looking away from Taeyeon.
w-what Taeyeon saw some passenger looking at Taeyeon unkindly.
I said I hate you Tiffany hisses, staring at Taeyeon, her eyes red, youre torturing me

first you force me to sign the deal, and now, you steal my first kiss, you ruin it Tiffany
crosses her arms.
Taeyeon got embarrass and a little piss off, as some passenger was looking at her,
shaking their heads, fine then
Tiffany look at Taeyeon, just then, the train stops.
Taeyeon drops her arms loosely, rushing out from the train without Tiffany.
Tiffany who is shock, wanted to follows along, but too bad, the door slides close securely.

What the hell! First, she brings me out and then now what?? leaving me??? Fine!

Taeyeon walks away even before the train leaves, Tiffany can only watch in shock.

She does that on purpose, saying those awful words in the train in front of unknown
people, making people thinks I am a bad person when I just save her from being dry
hump by some pervert man! Whatever

Taeyeon halt for a cab to stop, as her day was ruin, she decide to go home.
Tiffany got off from the next station, she decide to take a walk at the houses around

Maybe.what I said was too much, Ive forgotten, she has just help me out in the
trainwellwhy should I care! What am I talking about!? Why do I have to feel sorry
now! She force me to kiss her! She forces our kiss! Our?? I dont even want to kiss her
anyway! Sheruins my life! Tiffany.

A car honk at Tiffany, making Tiffany jumps up in surprise, the car stops next to her, the
car window opens, hey siwon greeted.
Mr. Choi Tiffany bows a little as she smiles.
going somewhere?
Tiffany shakes her head.
well, come on in Siwon offers, Tiffany hesitated, Ill send you to anywhere you want to
Tiffany decide to take the offer anyway.
why are you here anyway Siwon signals the car as he made a corner.
Tiffany shrugs her shoulders, taking a walk? she lied, what about you
I stay here he smiles.
Tiffany nods her head.
is there anywhere that you want to go?
Tiffany tried thinking, but every time she tries, the moment what happens in the train,
just makes her pissed off, ruining her entire day. She shakes her head.

can you send me home? she ask nicely.

Siwon nods his head.

After much guiding from Tiffany, they finally reaches.

come, let me walk you home siwon offers as he switch the car to off.
Getting out from the car, he quickly makes his way to Tiffanys side.

Such a gentleman Tiffany.

Just then, Siwon sees someone familiar.

Taeyeon who was kicking small rocks with her feet, look up and saw one of her class

hey, mr choi she greets back, but she stop in her tracks as she sees who steps out from
the car.
Tiffany smiles as she gets off from the car, smiling towards siwon, but her eyes was
quickly caught with Taeyeons, they stare at one another.
Taeyeon is only slowly becoming angry and is easily seen by Tiffany.
thanks for the ride, Siwon Tiffany says, Ill see you in school on Monday
Siwon nods his head, yes then, good bye
Taeyeon angrily walks into the compound of the place, away from looking at Tiffany and
see you then Siwon gets back into his car, with Tiffany waving goodbye.
She only leaves when she can barely see Siwons car. But just as she walks in, she finds
Taeyeon was sort of waiting for her, with the arms cross, Taeyeon look piss.
Taeyeon walks to Tiffany, grabbing her wrist, she practically drags Tiffany towards her
Taeyeon- wait Tiffany cant stop herself cos although Taeyeon is much shorter than her
in height wise, but on strength wise, Taeyeon is not stoppable.
Just as they got in, near the many post box, Taeyeon roughly pushes Tiffany to slam
behind the post box. ouch Tiffany flinch a little in pain, rubbing her back, as she glares
at Taeyeon.
why were you in his car
because he saw me- wait Tiffany stares at Taeyeon angrily, remembering how she left
her in the train, why should I explain?
Taeyeon and Tiffany exchange glares, next thing, Taeyeon kiss Tiffany hard.

Tiffany is struggling but she did not pushes away Taeyeon as quick as Taeyeon predicts.
The lift beeps, announcing that its arrival.
Their kiss were stop, watches as the door opens, a lady who is obviously rich, as Tiffany
looks at.
From head to toe, no one can not know how rich this lady is.
mum Taeyeon speaks, Tiffanys eyes widens.
Mrs. Kim head tilted to the side, to have a look at the person behind Taeyeon.
whos this? she asked in a cold voice.
my tutor Taeyeon answers coolly, and were running late for my class
Taeyeon let her hand feels behind and grabs Tiffany the hand, pulling Tiffany into the
what, wait-
Taeyeon already press numerously on the closing button of the lift.
taeyeon, thats your mum, she wants to say somet-mmmmfhhh!!!
Tiffany was shut by Taeyeon, whose lips were once again on hers.
Tiffany didnt protest but neither did she kiss her back, she knew she cant do anything,
shell still get kiss anyway even if she push Taeyeon away, and that would just make
Taeyeon gets to kiss her twice, so she stayed quiet.

Shes enjoying it isnt it?? Shes not pushing me away!

Taeyeon groans when the lift beeps its arrival at the floor shes at.
She breaks the kiss, looking at Tiffany, but no nothing, no expression was portrays on
Tiffanys face. A girl with short sexy bob black haircut is looking at them with an odd
master taeyeon the girl greets when she finally realizes who it is.
hey, Nicole Taeyeon steps out from the lift, she turn around to look at Tiffany, have
fun in church tomorrow, bye
Tiffany who didnt know how to react or what to say, just nods her head quietly, her eyes
still not taking off the beautiful sexy looking maid, that stands beside Taeyeon, eyes not
taking off Taeyeon for even a second, even when she is being stared by Tiffany.
The lift of the door is about to close, until Taeyeon block it, putting her hand in between
the closing doors, making her and being hit at the same time by the doors, the doors of
the lift slide back open, Tiffany is shock, where else, she saw how worry Nicole acts.
master tae~
Taeyeon who doesnt seems to hear it, still has her eyes on Tiffany.
you never say that youll see me again
you always say it whenever we bid goodbye
Taeyeon rolls her eyes as she groans, seriously? Pabo
I really dont get it Tiffany replies.

The doors is about to close again, but Taeyeon step one of her feet out, to let the doors
hit her feet and opens again, see you tomorrow, that thing??
Tiffany rolls her eyes, finally getting what Taeyeon means, see you tomorrow
see you soon Taeyeon winks, she takes her feet away.
Tiffany see how Nicole grab hold of Taeyeons hand that were being clamp not long ago,
she see how Nicole rubs Taeyeons hand, are you okay, master tae? she gently blows
Taeyeon hand.
Taeyeon just smile, nodding her head as she walks away.

Kim Tae Yeon smiling? She smiles?? I never seen that before.oh god! What am I
thinking! Who cares! Tiffany

Tiffany pressed on the G button of the lift.

Say you're sorry!

Tiffany walks into the staff room and is only greeted by Siwon with a small red box.
what is it Tiffany smiles, following Siwon to an empty table.
youll see it for yourself Siwon smiles as he offers a seat to Tiffany.
When they both finally seated, Siwon pushes the red box towards Tiffany, for you
for me?
Siwon nods his head, giving his charming smile.

hyung Yoona nudge Taeyeon with her elbow, who is beside her, look
what? Taeyeon looks at Yoona.
Yoona then nod her head towards the side of their direction, Taeyeon look.
Through the open curtain big window, Taeyeon see what Yoona means.
Taeyeon saw that Tiffany is sitting with Siwon, both saying something, which Taeyeon
hadnt have a clue about it, they were smiling and even laughing.
Taeyeon watches how Tiffany would smile shyly at Siwon at times and Taeyeon has
never seen such gentle face of expression from Tiffany before. It boils the anger in her so

arent they a matching couple? Yoona smiles, not realizing how angry Taeyeon is
getting right now.
couple? Taeyeon looks at Yoona.
The both continue to peak at the two teacher, who were the only one in the staff room.
dont you think so too? The two were so into one another, that they barely realize
someone is watching them! Yoona giggles cutely.
This only made Taeyeon even more angry.

Tiffany slowly opens the box, only to reveal a beautiful looking cheese cake.
wow!! Tiffany smiles brightly, she then sees the Hello Kitty mini toy standing on top,
yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ kitty!!! Tiffany is already pulling the Hello Kitty out,
smiling happily.
you like Hello Kitty? Siwon ask, Tiffany who is really very happy, nods her head,
good Siwon looks at Tiffany, he finds himself smiling too.
Tiffany place the kitty on the table as she wanted to pull the mini forks out for herself
and Siwon.

hey, what are you two looking at? Bora ask, as she see how Yoona and Taeyeon has
been staring at something and even now, both are ignoring her, or not knowing her
The three students continue to watch how Tiffany and Siwon interacts.

One of the forks drop onto the floor, sorry, Ill get it
Tiffany is already leaning downwards, reaching out for the fork she dropped.

The three students eyes widens.

wow! Ms. Hwang is giving Mr. Choi a live blowjob Bora says jokingly.
This ticks Taeyeon off, she push Yoona aside as she launch herself towards Bora.
Both were throwing punches at each other, Taeyeon is punching Bora for saying such
While Bora is punching back in defense for herself.
yahhhh! Yoona screams.

Tiffany who happens to look out from the window, stood up immediately.
whats wrong? siwon looks at Tiffany.
Tiffany puts both forks onto the table, theres student fighting outside
With that, she leaves the staff room, quickly making her way towards the fighting scene.
Taeyeon is already sitting on top of Bora, punching the girl, while Bora is strangling
Taeyeon by the neck. Yoona tried pulling the two apart. But not much help as Taeyeon
would push her away.
hyung~ Yoona pleaded.

Some teachers manage to break them apart, pulling Taeyeon away, who is kicking her
legs, it takes two teachers to pull Taeyeon away finally, Taeyeon nose were oozing blood
out, while her lips were cut bleeding. Tiffany finally made it with Siwon beside her.
She looks at Taeyeon in disbelief, shaking her head slowly.
Taeyeon breaks herself free from the two teachers grip, it only triggers her anger again
when she sees Tiffany standing right next to Siwon, bothactually does look good
Siwon blocks Taeyeon from going any further, I believe you have something to say to
Taeyeon glares at Siwon, then to Tiffany who is crossing her arms, slowly nodding her
head in agreement, what

I believe you should apologize to Bora-sshi

what Taeyeon glares at them angrily, but because she doesnt want to gets herself into
trouble as her mum already warns her about ruining the reputation of her standards,
Taeyeon tries her very best to control herself properly, instead of throwing a punch right
into Siwons face, she unwillingly says, sorry she glares at Tiffany one last time, before
banging her shoulders against Siwons chest, leaving the scene.

okay, fight is over, everyone, back to what they are doing Siwon announces.
The two teachers smile at Siwon, and helps Bora to the infirmary.
shall we continue where we left, Tiffany? Siwon looks at Tiffany.
Tiffany nods her head, admiring Siwons way of handling the situation, even admiring
him even more that he is able to make Taeyeon apologize for her wrong. As she was
about to follow Siwon. Yoona step up and taps Tiffany shoulder, ah, yes?
Yoona bows a little, Sorry, Ms. Hwang, but I dont think Taeyeon is in any fault in this
Yoona-sshi, I know she is your best friend, but that is not the way to- Siwon was cut off
by Yoona who is shaking her head furiously.
no, Bora said something, which is disrespectful towards Ms. Hwang and Mr. Choi
Yoona explain.
what did she exactly said? Siwon ask.
Yoona shakes her head, but she pulls Tiffany further away from Siwon, and then
whispers into her ear closely, we have been sneaking a peak at you and Mr. Choi-
Tiffanys eyes widens, but she keep quiet, awaiting for Yoonas continuation.

when you drop something and picking it up, Bora is giving naughty remarks such as
you are giving blowjob Yoona felt herself embarrass as she said those words to her
Tiffany felt shock.
next thing before I knew it, Taeyeon push me aside and launch herself towards Bora
Yoona finishes her explanation, finally pulling herself away from Tiffany.
see, you cant blame Taeyeon for that isnt it
Tiffany bite her lips.

Ive misunderstood Taeyeon, I over judge the situation.-Tiffany

tiffany, whats wrong? What is it Siwon ask.

Tiffany shakes her head, Ill see you later as she leaves.
where are you going.? Siwon watches as Tiffany walking in fast pace to somewhere.
talk later Tiffany waves goodbye, Siwon waves back unknowingly.
thanks yoona Tiffany did a small head bow and left into the building.

Tiffany stops by the infirmary, but she only sees Bora and the nurse there.

Thats when Tiffany remembers, Taeyeon is injured too but none care or actually
brought her to the infirmary and they even made her apologize to Bora. Tiffany walks
into the infirmary.
Tiffany glares at Bora, but the nurse greets Tiffany, she quickly soften her expression,
looking at the nurse with a smile, can I have some cotton and plaster?
oh, are you injured Ms. Hwang? the nurse ask worriedly.
no Tiffany then turn her gaze towards Bora, but Taeyeon is
oh okay, sure the nurse pass what Tiffany requested.
thanks with that Tiffany quickly leaves, she knew exactly where she needs to head to,
the girls bathroom.

Indeed, her guesses were right, she smile as she sees Taeyeon sitting on the sink counter
top, legs crossed, a bundle of tissue in Taeyeons grip, with blood.
Taeyeon didnt realize Tiffanys presence.
She roughly rubs away her nose which was still oozing blood out.

Fuck! That girl can punch!!

Taeyeon throws the tissue away onto the floor, grumbling as she fails to stop her nose
from bleeding, she watches how the tissue fall onto the ground, the tissue that contains

her blood from her nose, thats when she sees a pair of high heels at the corner of her
She looks up, only to find Tiffany standing there, when Tiffany saw Taeyeon, she starts
walking to her, Taeyeon looks away.
here Tiffany shows her hand, which has the cotton and plaster sitting on her palm,
youll be needing the cotton I guess Tiffany tries to look at Taeyeon, but Taeyeon just
wouldnt let her.
Tiffany knew, she knew Taeyeon is mad.
taeyeon, yoona told me everyth-
Tiffany cant even finish what she wanted to say, just as Taeyeon jump off from the sink
She reaches out and grab a couple of tissues again, totally ignoring Tiffanys cotton.
Checking herself out in the mirror, she was disappointed to see a cut on her lips.
With that, she leaves the girls bathroom, not even talking or looking at Tiffany.

Why is she acting that rudely again!! Nevermind, Ill apologize to her later in the
evening during tutor time Tiffany.

Tiffany steps into the last period of the class, only surprise to see Park Bom sitting right
next to Taeyeons seat in the class, but Taeyeon is nowhere in sight.
er.wheres kim taeyeon? Tiffany ask as she walks into the class, wondering.
here Park Bom smiles happily, pointing below.
Tiffany wonders what Park Bom means.
Taeyeon is laying down on Boms lap, Ms Hwang, her nose wouldnt stop bleeding one
of the students explains.

What!! she cant do that!!! Shes in the class in the class. Tiffany.

As Tiffany walks around passing the new notes, she slows down her walking pace when
shes about to walk to where Park Bom is. Shes only in shock and perhaps, a little anger
too? As she see how Taeyeon was sleeping soundly, Park Bom has actually pulled her
skirt so high up, that anytime if Taeyeon turn her head to the side, she can literally sees
her underwear.

Bom, isnt that unnecessary for pulling your skirt that high up? Tiffany ask quietly.
oh? Taeyeon says my skirt is making her feel hot and uneasy, so I think shes feeling
better this way Park Bom answers happily, leaving Tiffany speechless at the answer.

I think i love you

Nicole opens the ringing door bell, greeting with her cute eye smile, hi, youre here to
teach master Tae again? Tiffany just nod her head, all she wanted to do now, is see how
is Taeyeon doing, master tae isnt feeling that well, so she hid herself in the room all
ah, jinja? Tiffany looks at Nicole.
Nicole nods her head sadly, she beam a pouts, im so worry

Youre not the only one Tiffany.

Ill be making some caramel tea for master then Nicole cheers all of a sudden, master
love it, Miss, would you want one?
Tiffany shakes her head, thanks she then heads towards to Taeyeons room.
She knock a few times, not getting any respond, she slowly twist the door knob open,
Taeyeon is sitting on the bed, looking at her phone.

Why the hell is she here! Oh yeah~ to teach me.hmph! from a person who actually
agrees with mr. choi! I am so not in the mood to study.

you can go back, I dont feel like getting tutor today Taeyeon mumbles in annoyance
without looking at Tiffany.
Tiffany closes the door, we said it in the deal, that Ill be teaching you an hour a day
well, I dont need you today

Stubborn midget Tiffany.

well, I need the money Tiffany lies, the truth is, she doesnt like the way Taeyeon is
treating her now, given all cold treatment. She knows its her fault, but, at least, if
Taeyeon wasnt this cold towards her, things would have been more easier for Tiffany to

fine, stay here for an hour then leave Taeyeon rolls her eyes.
Tiffany sits at the edge of Taeyeons bed, fine both playing a stubborn roles.
It was only 10 minutes, when Taeyeon finally peak at Tiffany, who is just sitting there,
go away Taeyeon lightly kick at Tiffany, but it made Tiffany hit the wooden bed post at
the end.
ouch~ Tiffanys waist felt hurt.
Taeyeon immediately gets up and went straight to Tiffanys side, im sorry, are you

Tiffany stops looking at her own waist, slowly looking at how worriedly Taeyeon looking
at her waist right now.

What is she doing to me..first she kick me, now she gets all worried? i..i just dont
know what to say.. Tiffany

Tiffanys eyes lingers upon the cut lips.

Taeyeon feels the stare, she doesnt needs sympathy, so Taeyeon back away.
Tiffany for the first time, pulled Taeyeon to a stop by the collar, stop it
Taeyeon can only freeze in her position, she really did stop anyway, and is because of
Tiffanys sudden moves.
stop moving away from me Tiffany blurts, easily, those words she blurted out, were
easily misunderstood by Taeyeon, who slowly has a smile creeps upon her face now.
is not what you are thinking Tiffany quickly explains.
how do you even know what Im thinking? Taeyeon smirks.
Tiffany gulps, i-
And she was ready, as she saw how Taeyeon was moving forward, literally crawling
closer to her.

She knew, Taeyeon was about to kiss her. For the first time, her body wasnt tense, like
how it normally does whenever Taeyeon would steal kisses, this time, she was ready.
Maybe it was because of how she is used to Taeyeon about to kiss her moment.
The moment Taeyeon pressed her lips upon Tiffanys, she pulls herself away.
fuck Taeyeon hissed, her fingers gently touching the part where its cut.
Tiffany felt bad, for agreeing on making Taeyeon apologize, when Taeyeon was just
protecting her image as a teacher, taeyeon~
yeah? Taeyeon was still hissing in pain as her fingers feel her cut lips.
Tiffany grab Taeyeon hand from stopping her from touching, stop touching ityour
fingers might be dirty and your injury might get infected

Wow.ive never seen this side of her caring.i it.i want to be
care by someone.

Truth is, Taeyeon has always been neglected by her parents since the both are always
busy going out for meetings or gatherings or party function ever since she was 8 till now.
Shes mostly home alone with the butler and maids at home, so she usually stuck herself
in the room till dinner time.

Tiffany finally come to her senses of how she is reacting, she lets go off Taeyeon and
stands up abruptly, her phone alarms her in time, of one hour has pass. Taeyeon grab
Tiffany by the wrist.

stay Taeyeon ask softly.

Seeing how Tiffany hesitated, Taeyeon stands up on the bed, which made her so much
taller than Tiffany, be my girlfriend Taeyeon whispers, shocking Tiffany.

I cant Tiffany finally replies.

you cant? Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, but not letting her arms around Tiffanys waist go.
Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, feeling sorry, I am not who you think I am.i am into boys
but I love you more than any guys could Taeyeon answers without hesitation.
taeyeon Tiffany shakes her head, I really parents.wouldnt be happy if
I love you more than my parents
This time, Tiffany pushes Taeyeon away, how could you say such thing? Taeyeon, your
parents give you life! You barely even know me, we barely know each other, and youre
already confessing? You just knew me for two weeks, and that is also as your teacher
that is
Tiffany stares at Taeyeon, bewildered and disbelievingly.
how can you say that you love me, when you dont know me at all

I can spend the rest of my life that I have, to know you

Tiffany slowly shakes her head, I cant, Taeyeon. Stop it, please dont make this hard for
what is so hard? Trying?
I dont have such feelings for you Tiffany explain, shes trying hard not to hurt

not even a little?


I dont know..i cant answer that Tiffany.


I dont want to lose her to any jerks, especially Mr.Choi..hes not the one for her!
Sorry tiff, I was trying to be nice, but youre making this hard. Well have to do this the
hard way then.

since youre my slave, I want you to be my trial girlfriend Taeyeon smirks.

trial girlfriend? Thats impossible!
Impossible? Read the letter again, if you wants to, you have no right to protest when I
want to do anything, youve signed the paper, tiff
Tiffany remembers every single words on the paper, true, the paper did stated what
Taeyeon said just now. Taeyeon knew she has trapped Tiffany when Tiffany stayed
quiet, not fighting back, come Taeyeon pulls Tiffany to her, hugging the girl.

Within seconds, Taeyeon pushes Tiffany onto her soft comfy bed, as she gets on top of
As for Tiffany, all this were new to her, she never has a boyfriend. Shes always been this
nerd in her class during the past, just studying, although a few boys had been dying to
date her.
She rejected without hesitation.
and I have the right to do whatever I want Taeyeon smirks, leaning closer down
towards Tiffany who is shutting her eye lids tightly close, a knock interrupted them.
Taeyeon gets off from Tiffany, walking to the door, opening the door.
master tae Nicole greets happily, walking in with a tray in her hands.
Taeyeon can only smile back sweetly, a smile that Tiffany has never seen before.
your favor- oh gosh!!! Master tae! What happened!?!? Nicole reaches out, slightly and
gently brushing her fingers at Taeyeons cut lips, is it painful master? Nicole was so
focus on brushing the cut lip, her tongue was slowly in sight.
Tiffany stares in shock and Taeyeon caught her reaction.
Taeyeon smirks, before slowly backing her head away, im fine, Nicole, thanks she
purposely lean up close, kissing Nicole by the cheeks.
Nicole is blushing furiously, where else, Tiffany is even more shock.
Ill go get the dinner ready, master Nicole blushes, leaving.

Taeyeon casually relaxing herself on the couch, blowing small air to the hot caramel tea.
Tiffany gets up and off from Taeyeons bed.

She treats her maid better than me! Fuck! Slave it isshes actually treating me as a
slave, as her trial for everything! For her future girlfriend! Slave.thats what I am for
her Tiffany.

I need to go Tiffany walks to the door.

ah~ dont forg-
night, Ill see you in school tomorrow
correction, well see each other tomorrow before going to school, see you soon, Tiffany
Taeyeon smiles as she sips a little from her cup.

You Are My First, too

Taeyeon waited for Tiffany, it had been a small routine for them.
This time, Yoona isnt there to join the two of them.
Tiffany walks to Taeyeon, wheres yoong?
she call in sick today Taeyeon answers coolly, where Tiffany just nod her head.
Then theres a honk from behind, shocking them both at the same time.
The two turn around, only Tiffany recognize the car and who it belongs to.
siwon? Taeyeon mutters along.
Siwon gets out from the car, ah~ just in time, come on in tiff. Let me fetch you to
but taeye- Taeyeon?? Tiffany watches as Taeyeon is already walking not far away,
away from her, somehow, it aches her to see Taeyeon acts that way, mianhae, Siwon
ah~ Ive promised Taeyeon to tell her about the notes on Science that she doesnt
Siwon mouthed oh but nodding his head, my lost, see you in school then
Siwon drives away.

Taeyeon watches as the car zooms off, she cuss under her breath, always leaving me

what? Tiffany playfully bumps shoulders with Taeyeon, scaring Taeyeon, who jump a
few inches away from Tiffany, staring at her disbelievingly, Taeyeon then look at the car
that left far away.
I thought-
thought what? I was in the car? Tiffany smirks, for the first time.
Taeyeon is stunned stupidly but looking very cutely, nodding her head in admitting.
pabo Tiffany bumps her shoulder again against Taeyeons, sticking her tongue out at
Taeyeon unconsciously smiles.

Shes so cute.i really dont want to lose her.

It wasnt long for Taeyeon to be bored off. Again.

tae, the exam is around the corner, you need to FOCUS Tiffany stares at Taeyeon who
is day dreaming, but her eyes once again lingers upon the scar on Taeyeons lip, which is
still visible.
huh????? Tiffany reply confusingly.
Taeyeon already grab Tiffany by the wrist, roughly swinging Tiffany towards the bed,
making Tiffany fall on her butt on the bed, Taeyeon was being impatient today, kissing
Tiffany ever so roughly, like her life depends on it.
mmmfff~ Tiffany tries to fight against the kiss, but it wasnt long when she felt
something wet slides in between her open lip, is not long for her to realize it was
Taeyeons tongue playing inside her mouth, Tiffany was pushing Taeyeon away, but her
hands were pressed up above her head, under Taeyeons grip.
Taeyeon breaks the kiss, is my first time too, so Taeyeon leans down again to kiss

Its her first time kissing someone? Like mei.have to..uhnnnnn.stop

her..mffffff Tiffany

It was long when Taeyeon was so into the French kiss they were sharing, her hands were
forgetting to hold up Tiffany hands up behind her. Having the chances now to push

Taeyeon away for Tiffany, she was only to find herself automatically wrapping both arms
around Taeyeons neck, pushing the girl kissing her even deeper.

tiffany~~~~ Taeyeon moans, as looks into Tiffanys eyes, lust is what she sees, I want
your tongue in my mouth~

mmmmf Tiffany lifts her head up as she obeys Taeyeons request this time, her tongue
going into Taeyeons mouth, at that moment, she has nothing in her mind, no reason to
object their kissing session, she just want that heating kiss to continue, she wants to feel
the tongue in her mouth roaming inside. It was the two of them first kiss and as for
Tiffany, she just want to explore herself more in the kissing session, what it feels like to
make out, she heard it so much from Sunny but she has never know what it feels like,
Taeyeon was her first and she hate to admit, Taeyeon always manage to make her knees
goes weak whenever she latches her lips against hers. For Taeyeon case, she wasnt
lying when she said it was her first time, it was her first time of French kissing with
someone, although she has been watching Japanese anime making out, she never knows
what is like to have tongue in her mouth or hers in someone and now, she knows.

Taeyeon smiles to herself at how Tiffany was obviously enjoying the kissing session.
Somehow, somewhere, some time, Taeyeon hands had life of its own, its already
rubbing its way on Tiffanys waist.

Tiffany let out a moan as she felt Taeyeon squeezes her waist at the side.
Tiffany breaks the kiss, her hand quickly stops Taeyeon, pulling Taeyeon hands out from
her shirt from the continuation of touching her even further. Taeyeon look at Tiffany,
slightly annoyed, for some reason, Tiffany is afraid whenever the dark brown orbs stares
angrily at her, she looks away, hiding the tears that was containing in her eyes now.
But Taeyeon can see, the girl underneath her right now is fighting for the tears to stay
inside so hard that her eyes becomes even more red every seconds that pass and it hurts
her heart.
Fany? Taeyeon voice came out softly.
Tiffany shakes her head slowly, biting her bottom lips, please..dont
And that hurts Taeyeon a lot, she lift Tiffany head to look at her, seeing how red and
watery those pretty eyes were, hurts Taeyeon even more than she thought it could.
Taeyeon leans down and kisses Tiffany on the lips before climbing off her, laying down
next to Tiffany on her folded arms behind her head, but we will she ended with a
smirk, as she starts imagining things. Tiffany freeze in her position, not knowing what to
say after hearing such things from Taeyeon. She quickly gets up, sitting on Taeyeons
bed, slowly looking at Taeyeon nervously. Taeyeon look back at Tiffany, smirking.

What does she mean we will no~ I will never lose my virginity to someone who
doesnt even loves me for real.i wont lose it to someone who isnt going to appreciate
me.i wont lose it to someone who calls me as her slave, I would never lose it to
someone who doesnt even respect me, especially, not losing it to someone who just
uses me for her own benefit of trial! NO WAY Tiffany.

tiff? Taeyeon touches Tiffany cheek from the side, Tiffany moves away, Taeyeon
what are you thinking about?
Tiffany shakes her head, getting up from Taeyeons bed, I have to go-
Taeyeon sits up quickly, pulling Tiffany into a tight hug, Tiffany stay un-move.
youll see me tomorrow? Taeyeon ask innocently.
Tiffany did not answer but Taeyeon felt Tiffany nodding her head, acknowledging her
answer to Taeyeons question.
good. See you soon Taeyeon lets go of Tiffany.

Tiffany gets onto her feet, leaving the room, closing the door, she leans her back against
Taeyeons door, she touch her own chest, feeling how fast her heart is beating.

Is so odd, shes always like this. she wants me to tell her that Ill see her again or see
her tomorrow just so she can reply me Ill see you soon..that weird midget.

ah, miss, leaving huh Nicole smiles as she walks with a tray of nicely cut fruits on it, in
a bowl.
Walking towards where Tiffany is, who just nods her head.

Tiffany watches Nicole from head to toe, how the maid dress up was totally
unnecessarily cute and sexy in some kind of way, like an anime jumping out from a well
drawn manga.
excuse me Nicole politely bows her head a little, Tiffany steps aside, allowing Nicole to
knock the door and enters the room, closing the door.

I should just go. Tiffany

ah nicole!

Tiffany hears a loud joyful voice squealing, which she recognize it belongs to Taeyeon.
Somehow, Tiffany feet didnt react much and made her stayed in that position.

What the..i should be goingwhat the hell am I still doing here?? Tiffany.

gosh~ I love you so much!

Taeyeon added, Tiffany felt herself boiling a little when she heard such remark.

So, shes been using me as a trial just so she can impress Nicole, the maid?
Perhaps.she has always wanted Nicole?? I mean who wouldnt want Nicole! Shes
hot, sexy, cute and caring and she can cook! No, I should be going, because.i dont
careyeah, I really dont Tiffany.

With that, Tiffany leaves.

Tiffany opens her mouth widely as she lets out a tired yawn.

you can catch flies with that huge mouth of yours you know Sunny teases as she walks
into the kitchen, looking at the clock on the kitchen wall, which shows that its already
pass 12, why are you not sleeping yet?

Tiffany use her red pen and points to the stack of papers in front of her,
markingahhhh~~ she yawns again, the papers
Sunny pulls out the carton of milk, drinking it immediately, she then lazily lays sideway
on the counter, watching Tiffany marking the papers, wait Sunny slams her palm on
one of the exam paper, her eyes slowly widens, oh my god!! Taeyeon Kim!!!
what~ why?? Tiffany look at Sunny, confuse.
you didnt tell me that you are teaching her class!! Sunny squeals in delight.
shhhh~ you might wake the rest up.what is it with Kim Taeyeon to you?
seriously? Sunny snorts and rolls her eyes, her hand still caressing Taeyeons exam

were talking about the riches girl in the school, not only that, she is one of the richest
girl in korea alsobesides of her property, lets talk about her good looks, although on
height wise, me and her has not much difference, but god~ who can ignore that small
dimple that appears whenever she smiles too hard! It was sooooooooooooooo cute!
There was once, before you joins our school, she was like this getting an award for a
drawing contest, she was called up to the stage, she gave an awkward smile, so many
people squeals like a fangirl at that moment, it was sooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Tiffany watches as how Sunny was looking so happy while explaining, telling her story
about Taeyeon to her.

shes rather cool, she dont talk much to others, so many girls flock around her all the
time, if she ever smiles to you, count yourself as the lucky one~ oh gosh~~~ Sunny
smiles cutely, like shes imagining she is looking at Taeyeon right now.

She must have not know the real kim tae yeon..if she does, she wont be thinking of
her this way Tiffany.

Tiffany just let out a sad chuckle, before continuing her marking of the papers, but
Sunny quickly snatches Taeyeons paper, yah, what are you doing?
Sunny brings the exam paper up to her nose as she sniffs it.
ewww! Soon kyu! Tiffany snatches the exam paper back.
yahhh~ let me see~ Sunny whines pleadingly.
no, if you want to see, ask her, since she stays right next to our apartment
Sunny eyes widens, looking at Tiffany, how did you know??

Shit! what was I thinking!! Tiffany.

I saw her walking home before, at the same time with me Tiffany lies.
Sunny let out another happy squeal again, clapping her hands happily.

Sunny nods her head, as she playfully place an index finger in front of her plump lips.
good! Ill wait for her tomorrow
butyou dont even know what time shell leave~
Ill get up early, wait for her
for her??
thats kim tae yeon, Fany unnie!! sunny smile and kisses Tiffany at the cheeks, love
you, good night!

Tiffany watches how happy Sunny looks like, skipping her way back to her room.

What does the girls sees in Kim Taeyeon that I doesnt? they just didnt know how cruel
this midget is how this midget is so - Tiffany.

Tiffany has just flip on the next page of Taeyeons exam paper, only to be surprise to see
Taeyeon had actually did some doodles on it, her name, Tiffany, was written all over the
exam paper on that one whole page, Tiffany touches the doodles that Taeyeon made, her
jaw drop opens in surprise, shock, but she quickly shakes her head.

Indeed, Sunny wasnt kidding about waiting for Taeyeon.

When Tiffany came out from her apartment, she saw Sunny sitting at the pillar edge,
swinging her legs which were dangling against the edge.
KIM TAE YEON she squeals as she leaps off from the pillar, landing on her feet with a
big impact, running towards the two seniors, who is looking at her shockingly.
But no matter what big attention she was getting, Taeyeon never fail to see something
her eyes were searching for, when their eyes met, Taeyeon smirks, surprisingly, Tiffany
returns a smile back.

Yahhhh! OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD!!! Youre living so close to me!!! Sunny cheers.

While Yoona tries to hide her laugh, but the latter was used to this kind of situation
No matter how many times this thing occurs, it is still funny at times, how girls would
charge at Taeyeon as if shes some kind of a celebrity or something. Taeyeon just nods
her head awkward, smiling awkwardly. Tiffany quickly squinted her eyes, to have a good
look at Taeyeon, wanting to see the dimple that Sunny had talk about last night, but
hi Taeyeon just return a short reply, which is enough to make Sunny squeals again.
can we go to school together????? Sunny ask pleadingly with so much aegyo.

Yoona is shaking her head, as she knows how much Taeyeon hated aegyo.
Taeyeon shrugs her shoulders as she slides her hands into her jeans pocket, I dont
think is possible~ she answers coldly.
Sunny begins to fake sobs loudly, which scares both Taeyeon and Yoona, even Tiffany
got prank as she rush over to Sunnys side, hugging her, maknae, are you alright?
maknae? Yoona looks at Tiffany then to Taeyeon.
Sunny hung her head low, rubbing her eyes with her fist, while the other hand pointed at
Taeyeon, u-unnie..taeyeon.
Tiffany glares at Taeyeon.
unnie? Taeyeon looks at Tiffany.
GOTCHA!! Sunny launch herself towards Taeyeons arm, holding her closely,
Taeyeons arm being pressed in between her breast, Fany unnie is my sister, Taeyeon
ah~ your class teacher
As much as Taeyeon wanted to push Sunny away, but she didnt, two reasons.
One, Sunny was clinging onto her so tightly, like if she ever lets go, she falls off from her
a tall building.
Secondly, she was Tiffanys sister and Tiffany is the very last person that she ever wants
to hurt.
uhhh~ come on Taeyeon unwillingly starts walking, with Sunny still walking with her,
arms linking.
Tiffany is stunned, to watch how Sunny reacts, so clinging to a girl she barely knew.

But she is a little disappointed that Taeyeon didnt reject, she didnt know why. But she
hope at least Taeyeon would treat her as nice as how she is treating her sister Sunny
now, or even the maid, Nicole, or Yoona, her pal.
Yoona follows closely behind Taeyeon, but she look around behind, Ms. Hwang, you
Taeyeon and Sunny both stops walking, Taeyeon turn around too, to look at Tiffany.
Ms hwang, I have something to ask you
ne Tiffany makes her way to Taeyeon other side which is unoccupied.
Yoona now, walking by Sunnys side, rolling her eyes times, seeing how Sunny was
holding onto Taeyeons arm tightly.

what is it? Tiffany ask Taeyeon as they walk again, together this time.

I forgot Taeyeon smiles.

Tiffany rolls her eyes, but her eyes widens the moment Taeyeon intertwined their fingers
together, walking hand in hand, Tiffany quickly shot a look at Taeyeons direction, who
has a big smile on her face, but she didnt look at Tiffany.
Taeyeon gives a gentle squeeze on Tiffany hand that she was holding before letting it go.
Tiffany still cant stop herself from looking at Taeyeon, wonderingly.

BYE BYE Taeyeon shouted, with that, she breaks free from Sunnys grip, running away
as fast as she could, COME ON YOONA!!!! WHAT ARE THOSE TWO LONG LEGS
FOR!? Taeyeon shouted back, Yoona is already smiling chasing after Taeyeon.

yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~ Kim Tae Yeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny screams back as she starts running too, trying to catch up too.
Tiffany can only watch and shakes her head.
She felt vibrations, she then pulls her phone out from her pocket.

[Your hand is the only thing that I ever wants to hold ;D][Tae]>[Tiff]

Unknowingly, a smile was place onto Tiffanys face itself.

Dork Tiffany.

Tiffany is done handing out all the marked exam papers to all the students in the class,
everyone has their paper, everyone except for one person.
And yes, youve guessed it.
Taeyeon is the only who is left without a paper, but only Taeyeon and Tiffany herself
knew why.

wheres your paper Tae? Dara ask, as she leans close to Taeyeon, shoulders to
Taeyeon shot her hand up in the air, high enough to catch Tiffanys attention.
yes? Tiffany arch one of her eyebrows up as she looks at Taeyeon.
Taeyeon open her arms widely, wheres mine, Ms Hwang
yours? Youll need to see me after class Tiffany ignores Taeyeons smirk as she
continue on with her class.

what happen? Dara ask worriedly.

Taeyeon smiles, shaking her head, maybe, I did badly
but you always score all high points on all papers, Tae
Taeyeon shrugs her shoulders, but she already cant wait for the after class, to meet

After all the student left for break session, seeing there is no one but only the two of
them in the class, Taeyeon decide is the right time, she stands up, making her way to
where the teachers table is at. Taeyeon place both her hands on the table as she leans
I miss you she says bluntly.
Tiffany eyes widens, who quickly look around, but only to feel relieve that no one, not
one soul is anywhere near them. She then shot an angry glare at Taeyeon.
mind what you were saying, ms kim.
I cant get you out of my mind the whole night, till I saw you again this morning, but I
started missing you again, the moment I ran away from your sister
Tiffany glares at Taeyeon, smacking her palm against the table.
im serious, miss kim, mind your words~

I am not cussing or cursing, I am just saying things that were on my mind and from my
heart, is that even wrong? And I am hell of serious when I said I miss you! Taeyeon
punch her fist against the table, which shock Tiffany, how angry Taeyeon quickly gets.
I bet if it was Mr.Choi who said those words, you wouldve been smiling happily! Isnt
Taeyeon spits, before leaving the classroom angrily.
Tiffany scratches the back of her head, puzzle with what Taeyeon just said.

Siwon? What is wrong with her?? Tiffany.

Tiffany then realize she hasnt done what is suppose to, she grabs the paper and chases
after Taeyeon, who is not far away, Kim Tae Yeon
Taeyeon stops in her tracks, but she didnt bother to turn around, as she mumbles
incoherently when she hears the sound of the heels against the cold floor.
your exam paper Tiffany hands out, I am surprise you never do any question that I
gave she frowns, disappointed. Taeyeon just looks at Tiffany. Not saying anything.
And honestly, it scares Tiffany a little.
cant you try doing it? Try answering it? Tiffany ask, half pleadingly.

How can she ever be so can a teacher be so cute! Oh yeah, shes only 23.

please? Tiffany smiles, she knows somehow, Taeyeon is soften by her pleads.
Ahhhhh~ Tiffany, there you are!

The two turn to their side, only to find Siwon, jogging to where they are.
Taeyeon frowns angrily, she walks away, leaving Tiffany.

UGH!!!! Taeyeon let out her loud frustration as she walk pass the metal bin, she gives
a big kick and then continuing walking.
Siwon manage to caught up to Tiffany side, whats with her?
Tiffany felt Taeyeon always changes her mood badly, whenever Siwon is around, I dont
okayyyy~ hey, Ive bought the cheese cake again Siwon smiles.
Tiffany couldnt help but smiles back, yes indeed, Siwon is really being all sweet.
can we eat together? Siwon ask cutely.

Yah, hyung Yoona bump shoulders lightly with Taeyeon, who cant stop groaning,
covering her face with both her hands, waeyo
Taeyeon just shakes her head, but she groans even louder, sighing even heavier.
hyung~ what is it
nothing Taeyeon finally looks up, away from covering her face.
hyungis been long since I last hear you sings
Taeyeon look at Yoona, so? Are you pressing on asking me to sing now?
Yoona smirks naughtily, smart
Yoona frowns, wae!
I dont need to reason with you
yah~ hyung~~ please. Yoona pleaded, half pouting, her doe eyes opening wider in
pleadingly way.
please. Dont use aegyo on me, you know how much I hate it Taeyeon gently shove
Yoona by the shoulder.
hyung ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yoona added more
Taeyeon have both her index fingers pressed against the hole of her ears, blocking.
But she still can hear Yoonas aegyo clearly, even if she has gone death.
With the face that Yoona is making now, Taeyeon needs to be blind also, to not see or
hear the annoying aegyo.

ARASO! Stop that in instant! Taeyeon finally gives in.

yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yoona did a few fist pump in the air victory.
Taeyeon face palmed.


shhh Taeyeon rolls her eyes, but she slowly gain the momentum, snapping her fingers
according to her own beat, she start with a slow hum.
Which gets a lot of attention from the students around them, who turns their heads
around, to look at Taeyeon.
Taeyeon keeps humming while she tries hard to think what to sing.
She seriously have no clue, whenever she uses her mind, Tiffany would come up in her
Interrupting her.


Taeyeon snaps her fingers loudly one last time as she starts.

oh~~~her eyes her eyes, makes the stars looks like theyre not shining

Taeyeon nods her head to the own beat of her snapping fingers.

her hair her hair, falls perfectly without her trying, shes so
beautiful..and I tell her everyday~~

Yoona was bobbing her head from side to side, smiling, loving Taeyeons voice.
The students around them, was actually slowly enjoying the song also, swaying their
body side by side, totally enjoying the music that Taeyeon is making.

Tiffany was taking a walk with Siwon, when she happens to catch a glimpse out of the
She stops in her tracks, to see why the students were swaying their body, like they were
enjoying something. Siwon looks at Tiffany, wonderingly, he walks next to her.

when I see your face..theres not a thing that I would change

Taeyeon singing with lots of passion.

cos you are amazing, amazing.Just the wayyou are~~~~ really are..

Taeyeon let out a sigh, she ended the song shortly.

Getting loud claps from every students around her, Yoona was whistling.
With that, Taeyeon let out, one very awkward smile, with the attention she is getting,
she gotten kind of shy.

Tiffany eyes glows the moment she sees the dimple smile that Sunny has been bragging

She wasnt lying..taeyeon does look Tiffany.

cute Tiffany accidentally blurted out.

what? Siwon who didnt manage to hear it properly but is sure Tiffany said something.
Tiffany sigh, thanking that Siwon didnt hear what she said, nothing.
the song really suits you siwon says out as they continue their walk.

the song, by Bruno Mars, Just The Way You seems like hes singing about you
Siwon answers, smilingly. He smile even happier seeing how Tiffany blushes at his
Tiffany realize the awkward atmosphere, nicely joke
no, I wasnt Siwon admits.
Tiffany looks at Siwon, yes, she has never been in a relationship before, but, shes not
that stupid not to know what confessions are like. But she pretended like she doesnt get
youre very pretty, Tiffany~~
Tiffany blushes even harder.
jinja Siwon looks around, I know I should be saying all these in a school, but.i
seriously..cant forget you
Siwon took a step forward, but Tiffany step back.

n-not now.siwon ah~ were in a school Tiffany doesnt even dare to look at
Siwon. She just hung her head low.
but tiffany, youre single right?
Tiffany slowly nods her head. Siwon smiles happily.
This time, he took another step forward again but Tiffany didnt step back like she did
not long ago.

Hes sweet, hes nice, he is a gentlemannot to mention, his looks are such good
genes.and we are both single! not wrong.right? Tiffany

Siwon, i-


The two teachers jumps in shock, like they were caught in the headlights.
Taeyeon was standing at the other end, staring at them.

im here to talk to you about my science exam paper

Tiffany nods her head, looking back at Siwon, feeling sorry to leave him hanging there.
Siwon, well talk later about it alright Tiffany smiles.
Siwon smiles, he was assure with Tiffanys smiles, slowly nodding his head.
Tiffany shows her eye smiles again before making her way to Taeyeon.
She did not realize, how disappointed Taeyeon is, witnessing the pretty smile she has
given to Siwon.

She has never smile that way to me before.nevershe loves him, isnt it.she has
feelings for him..she does.isnt it..she did say..shes only interested in boys only.

Taeyeon sighs out loudly.

yes, Taeyeon? Tiffany ask as she reach where Taeyeon is at.

Taeyeon starts walking, Tiffany follows closely.
nothing Taeyeon answers back.
Kim Taeyeon, stop playing with my patience Tiffany stops walking.

Taeyeon too, stop walking the moment she realize Tiffany stops.
Ill see you at my place right, tonight? Taeyeon looks at Tiffany.
It took Tiffany a few minutes before she finally nods her head.
good, see you later Taeyeon did a small salute, then walking away.

I seriously dont get it..why she can be so bipolar like at times Tiffany.

Tiffany sigh as she twist the doorknob, she knew, Taeyeon is going to do the trial again
with her.
And she just wonders, how long it is going to be, until it ends.
As soon as Tiffany steps in, she was shock, but Taeyeon covers Tiffany mouth, hugging
her immediately, using her leg to kick the door close.
I knew it she sighs out frustratingly.
Tiffany who is shock, but feeling how frustrated Taeyeon actually is, from the way she
sighs, she wonder why, what is Taeyeon.what happened?
I was going to lose you someday Taeyeon hugs Tiffany even tighter.
It was the first time, for Tiffany to hear such saddening defeated voice from the latter
who bullies her, who traps her with a deal, who treated her like a white rat for running
her own test.
Tiffany stay quiet, but she didnt budge to push Taeyeon away. She knows Taeyeon is
sad at the moment, she felt it, pushing Taeyeon away would just make things even worse
she believe.
So she just let Taeyeon be.

Taeyeon hugs Tiffany even tighter.

t-taeyeon.icantbreathe~ Tiffany gasps.
Finally Taeyeon let the hug go loose, she looks at Tiffany, but it didnt take long for her
to smash her lips against Tiffanys, for once again, Tiffany felt her own lips were melting
Taeyeon hot ones.

But Tiffany stay quiet, letting Taeyeon do all the kissing work, she stay quiet even when
Taeyeon tongue is in her mouth, frustrated, with the things she overheard, the
conversation between Tiffany and Siwon, Taeyeon carries Tiffany up, carrying her to her
bed, throwing Tiffany onto the bed.
With herself getting on top of Tiffany, Taeyeon continues the kiss.
Touching Tiffany here and there, squeezing her waist at the side.
Tiffany let out an involuntary moan, but it was so soft, that it was over taken by
Taeyeons lust of want groan, Taeyeon hand reaches Tiffanys breast.
tae!!! Tiffany break the kiss in protest, her hand grabbing Taeyeon by the wrist.
Taeyeon smacks her hand away, as she continue to grope Tiffanys left side breast wildly.
no protest, remember!! Taeyeon then kisses Tiffany again.
The kiss was getting rougher, Taeyeon at times would squeezes Tiffanys breast over and
over again, she slowly feels her own cheeks getting wet, she wonders why.
Taeyeon stops whatever that she was doing, she opens her eyes, to only see, Tiffany,

Im an a beast! What have I done!!! This shouldnt be this way!!! I didnt
want to treat her this way!!!! I love her. This is not the way of showing
wrong.what is going on with me!!!!

Taeyeon falls back on her butt, sitting at one corner of her bed, she felt bad. She felt
She made Tiffany cry.
Too deep in her thoughts, Taeyeon unknowingly falls on her back off from her bed,
landing on her back on the ground, she grunts in pain. Tiffany heard the loud thud, she
quickly gets up, wiping her tears away, getting off the bed, onto her knees, beside of
Taeyeon, helping Taeyeon sitting back up.

Im sorry Taeyeon hugs Tiffany right away, resting her head on Tiffanys chest, i..i
just really dont want to lose you

It is the first time for Tiffany to hear those words to her

She never knew, one day, she could be so important to someone..
Because all this time, her family are the people that are very important to her.
Right now, the feeling of being important to someone, really make her feels strange.
Strange how her heart is paining to see Taeyeon this way.
But she know she isnt what Taeyeon is
Shes faithful to her religion, to her family, to herself.
She cant.
Even if its to hurt Taeyeon.
She have to.

She can betray anyone, but not herself.

TaeyeonI cant.. Tiffany finally said.

I cant
It was long, since two hours ago of what happen, Taeyeon was left by Tiffany.
Still sitting at the same spot when she falls off from her bed.
Taeyeon was hurt, but not to the point where it applies on crying.
She didnt cry. Shes really hurt. But she dont know why.
Why arent the tears pouring out, like how her heart is bleeding inside now.

She said ittwice.

Tiffany ran out of the condominium, shaking her head, tears are still pouring out from
her eyes.
Someone walks to her, Tiffany? that gentle mature manly voice makes her trembles.
Tiffany runs to him, hugging him tightly immediately.
what happened, darling? Why did you run out from the condominium? he ask gently.
Tiffany shakes her head wildly as she cries even harder.
should we go to the park?
Tiffany still crying, manage to nods her head.

Taeyeon had ask Yoona to come over, she finally explain the whole story to Yoona.

Who is shock and havent finish going through the trauma she is in now..
Of what she just heard, hyung, youre serious? Youre blackmailing a teacher?
Taeyeon nods her head, but I really like Tiffany
Yoonas breath hitch the moment she hears the name, but shes our teacher, man~
shes only 23 Taeyeon reminds.
I know Yoona nods her head, I mean I get it, shes pretty
Taeyeon nods her head.
shes gorgeous Yoona added.
Taeyeon nods her head again.
she has a nice body
Taeyeon glares at Yoona who is continuing.
those firm ass. MMH!! Those are something
my hands are about to choke you, yoona Taeyeon warns.
Yoona gulps, kidding. But dudehow can you blackmail her? Thats not really a good
I just dont want to lose her

Yoona pats Taeyeons shoulder, but.she did.sort of rejected you right?

Taeyeon glares at Yoona with a death glare.

like..right? you said it yourself Yoona stares at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon looks away.
hyung, they say, if a thing belongs to you, they will always comes back to you, no matter
how far you threw it away, but if it doesnt, no matter how hard you are trying to keep it
with you, it will get away from you someday

Tiffany finally manage to stop crying, but her sobbing was uncontrollable.
dad, thanks her voice crack at the end, earning a chuckle from the man, daddy~~
she whines.
Mr. Lee kisses Tiffany on the crown of her head, anytime
Tiffang hugs her daddy even tighter as she relaxes herself in his embrace.

She always feels so secure in his arms.

honey, something is bothering you, I can see that. You want to tell me? he ask.

Where should I start? The part where Sunny thought shes pregnant? The part where I
bump into Taeyeon, thats how she caught me in a trap, with the pregnancy test kit as
the blackmailing item, or the part I was force to not only make out with her anytime
she likes but her grabbing one of boobs? How can I tell all this to my dad? I mean, I
know he loves me, hell support mebut this.i cant tell him. Tiffany.

Tiffany shakes her head.

cant tell? he ask again to be assure.
Tiffany shakes her head, mianhae
gwenchana he smiles as he sighs, tell me whenever you are ready okay?
Tiffany nods her head, she is able to smile, hows work dad? Tiffany finally looks at
I have been granted for a higher rank
Tiffany shows her eyes smile, smiling even brighter, thats a good news
and the salary is more than enough to support our family, your college fees included

ah, but daddy, I can try to save the money myself and-
He shakes his head, I love you as much as my own blood daughter, Tiffany.. this few
nights, I know how much you stay up late to mark those papers, look at your eyes bags
he touches Tiffanys below the eyes area, I thought I was losing my daughter to a panda
apppppppppppppa Tiffany whines like a kid, hugging her father even tighter, hiding
her laughter.
quit the school, just get ready for your college, its in a few months time right?
Tiffany nods her head, one more month and 12 days to be exact
quit he repeats again.
but dad, I cant just say quit and quitand leave..that is soirresponsibleIll just hand
in my resignation letter next morning

Just the right time I guess.i do not know how to ever face Taeyeon anymore after
what happened tonight..i just have no idea how to Tiffany.

good, I want you to take as much rest as you can before you starts with your new sem.
Tiffany slowly nod her head, agreeing to what her dad said.
shall we go home now?
appa, is my eyes swollen? Tiffany looks at her father, who checks her out with a
serious expression, he finally shakes her head.

dont worry, Ill cover you up, if omma ever questions you he jokes.
Tiffany hugs the man again, feeling lucky to have him, thank you

Tiffany didnt plan to actually sees Taeyeon, waiting for her, still. Even after what had
Taeyeon walks to Tiffany, handing her bag out towards her, take it
.what? Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, accidentally letting her water tumbler falls off from
her grip.
She bends down to pick it up, but was a little bit slower than Siwon who suddenly came
towards her, picking her bottle up faster than her. They look at each other, he smiles to

ah, Kim Tae Yeon, bullying my girlfriend again? Siwon jokes as he looks at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon can only glares in surprise.

huh? Tiffany looks at Siwon, even she too is surprise by what Siwon said.
a teacher is a human too, and we are not in school right nowso yes Siwon answers.
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany.
Before Taeyeon can ask anymore question, she was one arm hug from behind by her
best friend.
Tae, lets go, before we run late

no- i- Yahhhh~ yoona Taeyeon is already been drag off by Yoona, her eyes not leaving
Tiffanys until she was drag far away.

siwon Tiffany looks at siwon.

lets talk in my car Siwon offers, walking Tiffany to his car.
Tiffany wants to know whats the reason for him to say such things. She steps into the
car with Siwon.
Siwon check himself up in the rear mirror before starting the car.
you want to know why I say something like that to a student?
Tiffany nods her head, he giggles.
couldve read it all over your face Siwon smiles at Tiffany, that Taeyeon he shakes
his head, looking rather disappointed.
what is it with Taeyeon- Tiffany wonders.
do you know that she has a crush on you?

Tiffany eyes open in shock, but she hide her expression immediately, pretending to be
calm, she let out a fake insecure chuckle, youre kidding only right?

Siwon shakes his head, I was at her place yesterday, I heard about her getting 0 for her
science paper, it was weird, so I decide to go find her personally and ask her why, and
then, thats when I overheard her conversation with Yoona-sshi, it was about youI
heard it all myself, that she has a thing for you
Tiffany jaw drops open.
shocking right? I know siwon answers.
and.what else did you.heard? Tiffany ask, worriedly.
nothing. Mrs. Kim came home that moment, so I decide to talk to her instead
Tiffany just nod her head quietly.
arent you shock? But ah, a beauty like you, who wouldnt falls for? Siwon smiles.
Tiffany finds herself blush at the remark made by Siwon.
tiffanydo you think we-
siwon oppa, dont you think we are taking this too quick? Tiffany quickly said.
Siwon smiles sadly, im happy to hear you calling me oppabut
gwenchana, Ill wait for you he smiles back.

Hes so sweet!!!!! Tiffany.

did you hear it Yoona? He calls her as his girlfriend.. Taeyeon shakes her head

chill Yoona hugs Taeyeon a little, the school bell ring, acknowledging that the first
period is about to start, hey, Ill be back in my class first, see you later

Taeyeon nods her head sadly, not even looking at Yoona as she leaves.

Taeyeon ahhhh~ Park Bom jumps onto Taeyeons table, her thighs barely closing
tightly, as she purposely flash her panty to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon look back at her, uninterested.

why do you look so sad?

Taeyeon ignores her, but her eyes caught how Tiffany is looking at their direction as she
steps into the classroom, those werent just looks of how a teacher does, but maybe,

maybe, just a little bit flare of jealousy in it. Taeyeon flex her jaw, as she stood up,
pulling Park Bom into a kiss.

Her eyes look straight back at Tiffanys who is in shock.

Park Bom already has her tongue into Taeyeons open mouth.

Tiffany can see how Park Bom flicks her tongue in and out from Taeyeons mouth.

She was shock, maybe disgust a little, she didnt know what to do, definitely she didnt
want her student to see how stunned she looks like now. The only thing she did, was to
quickly get out off the classroom.

Taeyeon smirks as she pushes Park Bom away, wiping the unwanted amount of saliva
off her mouth, walking away, chasing after Tiffany. Park Bom was still amaze by the kiss.

Taeyeon just got out in time, to see Tiffany rushes into the nearest toilet. She follows.

Their eyes met, the moment Taeyeon step into the bathroom, Tiffany runs into the
nearest stall and slam it close even before Taeyeon can get any closer to her. Taeyeon
bangs her hands against the door hard, open up

go away

no! you open up!

no! for once taeyeon! Just for once! Cant you give me a little respect!?!?

Tiffany leans her head against the locked door, she then hears a loud bang from the door
not far from her. Thinking that Taeyeon left, Tiffany unlock the door, opening the door.

She didnt see it coming, when Taeyeon pull her out from the stall, smashing Tiffany
into her petite body, YAH!!! Tiffany was struggling hard, trying to break free.

But Taeyeon didnt even budge to move, not even loosen the hug.

stop fighting against yourself and why cant you listen yourself onceor
wouldnt have acted this way if you have no feelings for me, Tiffany Taeyeon whispers.

Tiffany shudders and trembles against those words that Taeyeon whispers into her ears.

Tiffany felt Taeyeon rested her chin on her shoulder now, hugging their body pressed
tightly against each other, Tiffany
Taeyeon felt Tiffany has stop struggling.
why are you doing this to me..taeyeon Tiffany was breaking again.

what did I ever do to make you treat me this way? Tiffany let out her sobs.

Taeyeon frowns, hearing such noise coming out from Tiffany and because she was the
reason behind it, she hates herself even more.

because I really love you, Tiffany

i cant accept it
I really cant Taeyeon..if you love me, youll respect me.

Taeyeon fight hard against herself from crying in front of Tiffany.

let me go, Taeyeon Tiffany says out softly.

alright, before this.are you.really in a relationship with him? Taeyeon ask although
she is hurt by just asking so.

Tiffany sighs, I wasnt

A smile was quickly place on Taeyeons face, then why he say so?
no idea Tiffany lied, she just didnt want to make Taeyeon feels embarrassed that
Siwon has know her feelings towards her. Taeyeon let out a sigh before letting Tiffany

thanks for the respect you are giving to me, this time Tiffany looks at Taeyeon
awkwardly, to be fair enough for are the first person I am letting you know,
that..ill be quitting this school soon, as a substitute teacher
Taeyeon stares at Tiffany, shock of what she heard, was it because of me??

Tiffany opens her mouth, wanting to deny it right away, she doesnt want Taeyeon to be
hurt, but she have no idea what she should reason Taeyeon with.
Taeyeon took a step back, no

This is too soon, I was expecting for her to leave me slowly, not right away, if shes
doing this to me, is just too cruel. No.i cant let you leave me so
something taeyeon! Think!!!

a deal is a deal, two months, remember? Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, forcing a smirk on
her face although it hurts her from inside.
Tiffany, I am serious, a deal is still a deal
how could you-

Their conversation was interrupted by the loud knock from the toilet door.
Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, as she walks over to the door and unlock it.
ms hwang, you are needed to take over Mr. Choi class one of the teacher informs.
he was admitted into the hospital for his sudden faint not long ago

Taeyeon has never seen such worried face from Tiffany, not even when she falls off from
the bed, landing on her back.

Which could cause serious injury! Who knows! She didnt even looks worried when I
was bleeding after the fight with Bora!!! Look at how she reacts when she heard this
news!! This is ridiculous.

Taeyeon has her back leans back against the cold metal of her school gate.
She looks at her watch a few times. Not long, she sees Tiffany walking out, worriedly in a
rush just like she has predicted.
youre going to visit him isnt it?
Tiffany rolls her eyes, as she ignores the question, walking pass Taeyeon right now.
hey, I am talking to you Taeyeon grab Tiffany by the shoulder.

we are still in the school compound Tiffany rolls her eyes, shaking Taeyeon hand away
from grabbing her as she continue to walk. Taeyeon wouldnt just give up on the spot,
she follow closely right next to Tiffany.
you still have to teach me, remember? Tutor me for an hour! Look at the time
look, Ill come by tomorrow, today Ill skip
no Taeyeon stares at Tiffany.
no? Tiffany looks at Taeyeon.
you needed money right??
right now, I rather not earn any Tiffany answers coldly.
Tiffany~ Taeyeon hold Tiffany to a stop, is he really that important?

He is my colleague, he tries to help me, hes after me, hes sweethell do the same if it
was me laying on the hospital bed right now, hell be there for me Tiffany.

Taeyeon studies the expression on Tiffanys face, she finally gets it without Tiffany
answering her. Tiffany stares at Taeyeon for another time, before turning around to
continue walking again.

No.i am not going to give up so easily. As long as she has 1% of feelings for me, I have
that 1% chances to be with her!

Im coming with you Taeyeon suddenly said.

are you serious?? Tiffany looks at Taeyeon disbelievingly, go home Taeyeon
no, Im coming with you Taeyeon smirks annoyingly.
fine. Whatever

Taeyeon cant tell how jealous she is feeling now, how Tiffany worriedly steps into the
hospital, walking over to the counter, asking for the room number under the name of
Choi Siwon.
But she tries her best to hide her expression and uneasy feelings, because she wouldnt
want Tiffany to have a reason to get rid of her.
Before Tiffany steps into the ward she stop, pushing Taeyeon lightly against the wall.
stay here
what? why?
Tiffany rolls her eyes, do you really want to pay him a visit? Tiffany mocks.
Taeyeon flex her jaw, rolling her eyes as Tiffany caught her intention.

thats right, just what I thought, so, just stay here

you wont be long right??? Taeyeon looking so cute as she ask Tiffany, is another first
time for her to see such cute reaction from Taeyeon, she was froze for a moment before
she finds her voice and herself again.
no Tiffany answers shortly, entering the ward quickly.

She..shes cutejust like what Sunny said before. UGH! Tiffany! SNAP OUT OF
IT!!! Tiffany

Tiffany slowly walks to Siwons patient bed.

hey~ she calls out softly as she sees him.
Siwon slowly opens his eyes, smiling so slowly when he sees who is standing right in
front of him.
heaven already?
what? Tiffany tilt her head to one side.

Taeyeon cant help but to peak at the situation, although she has no idea what
conversation they are having, but she saw a small smile appearing on both person face,
one is from Siwon and the other, Tiffany.

Im seeing Gods angel arent i? Siwons chuckles.

Making Tiffany giggles along, what happened to you, so sudden, you were alright in the
this Siwon finally pulls out a doll from underneath his pillow, a kitty toy, I was lining
up in front of the toy store last night, which has no shelter outside, it was a long queue,
sadly, it rain, but Ive waited in the line for an can I just leave right siwon
Tiffany eyes was in tears.

He did this..for me?? Tiffany.

pabo! Tiffany leans down to give a hug to Siwon.

He was smiling so happily.

Taeyeon who is watching, slams her back on the wall behind her, miserably.

She hugs him..after being with me so long.she never even hug me
ruined. She isinto him.

you get well soon alright?? I cant handle the class so many alone myself Tiffany jokes.
Siwon holds Tiffanys hand all of a sudden.
Taeyeon regretted for looking at them again as she witness that scene, Tiffany was
smiling shyly.

This is it..

thank you for coming, Tiffany Siwon smiles.

Tiffany slowly, awkwardly, pull her hand away, feeling rather shy but at the same time,
she wouldnt want Siwon to feel sad, just get well soon
and well sort things out together?

Tiffany just smile and pats his forehead, rest more, think less
Siwon just nods his head, even small gestures from Tiffany herself, is enough to make
him melt underneath her touch.
I need to go oppa Tiffany announces, remembering that Taeyeon is outside, waiting.
okay, take care
bye Tiffany smiles, giving a small wave of Goodbye.

When Tiffany walks out from the ward, she only finds Taeyeon looking above the ceiling,
more quiet than usual.
hey Tiffany calls out, getting a respond from Taeyeon, who leans away from the wall
and starts walking.

Odd..she didnt disturb me with her complains.-Tiffany

Tiffany not knowing how hurt Taeyeon is right now, just follows behind.
Out from the hospital already, down to the shop lots, to the empty streets.
Tiffany is feeling odd as time goes by, she wonders why, Taeyeon isnt even saying a
word, or even smirking at her, she assume Taeyeon wouldve complain about her seeing
Siwon, but strangely, Taeyeon didnt, as she continues walking in front of Tiffany, her
head hanging low.

Something is happening Tiffany.

yah Tiffany catch up with Taeyeon now, walking by her sides.

Taeyeon totally keeps quiet, not even looking at Tiffany.
boya~ Tiffany mutters, as she looks at Taeyeon who still keeping quiet.

mmmmmm~ Tiffany tries lighten the mood, is so weird to see this side of you, so
quiet. And I was just about to get use to your sarcasm she jokes, it made Taeyeon stops
walking, but her head still looking at the ground under their feet.

Tiffany started to frown a little as she too, follows Taeyeons gaze, looking down above
the ground. Wondering what is Taeyeon looking at. It wasnt long when Tiffany sees a
drop of water droplet or something, on the ground, then a few more dropping on the
black pavement, Tiffany looks up.

I think its going to rain we better- Tiffany was left unfinished as she hears a sobs from
a nose sucking sound-like, she quickly looks at where the sound came from, taeyeon?

Taeyeons body starting to shake uncontrollably, her hands both shove in her jacket
pockets, her head never once leave looking at the ground.

Those werent rain drops.those were..Taeyeons tears!!!!! Tiffany.

taeyeon. Tiffany has one hand reaching out to touch Taeyeon by the shoulders.
But before she could, Taeyeon has already sprang on her feet, running fast and away
from Tiffany.


but because she has previously fall before during her high school marathon, falling on
her knees and actually twisted one of her ankle badly, this actually made her not being
able to run fast.

[Taeyeon, stop! Please dont run away from me! Lets talk!][Tiff]>[Tae]

Tiffany still didnt get any reply from Taeyeon, even when she has taken her bath and all.
Already sitting on her bed, she is still worry about Taeyeon.
She cant go over to Taeyeons place now, as it is quite late, and what would her reason
Tiffany tries calling Taeyeon a few times, but no luck, as it was left unanswered.
Being so worried, she was slowly too tired to keep her eyes open, slowly drifting into

Tiffany woke up earlier than usual, she really wants to talk to Taeyeon about last night.

She wants to know why Taeyeon cried, she knew partly she could be the reason behind

But she wants to know whats the cause of it, what did she exactly did that cause
Taeyeon to be that way, she leaves her apartment, slowly taking her time to exit the gate.

Waiting for Taeyeon the usual place, but all she sees is Yoona, who was frowning,
kicking the small pebbles on the road side, slowly walking to the school direction.

yoona Tiffany calls after, running towards her.

ah ne? Yoona turns around, bowing as a respect, Morning, Ms Hwang

morning Tiffany tries to smile, but she cant hide her expression of looking for

ah, taeyeon has left earlier for school today Yoona answers.


she didnt even tell me, I went up and Nicole, her maid, told me Taeyeon has already
left to school early in the morning Yoona explain.

To be honest, Tiffany found herself slightly disappointed from the way Taeyeon is

Maybe perhaps is because she was used to the cruel Taeyeon she once know.

gwenchana Tiffany smiles, I was just wondering

Tiffany was about to leave the staff room, when someone from behind her covers her

Tiffany feels the hands that was covering her vision.

But she felt odd, why, her heart was wishing those hands belongs to Taeyeon for a
moment, her thoughts shakes her guess off her heart the moment she felt the rough big
hands against her eyes,

siwon oppa?

She heard a manly chuckle, as soon as those hands leaves her eyes, the person out of the
corner of her eyes, was Taeyeon, who saw everything. But because Siwon was standing
inside the staff room, he didnt know Taeyeon was there.

Shes going to make a drama shes going to find a reason to call me away from siwon
again, maybe with her paperworks this timewho knows! This midget always have all
kind of brilliant ways to get me- Tiffany.

Tiffany laughing to her own thoughts, thinking she knows Taeyeon well.

good guess, im back, happy?? he ask, still chuckling.

Tiffany watch how painful Taeyeon looks like as she turns away, walking away.

Why..why is my heart aching so much..i shouldnt be feeling this way Tiffany.

oh yes, siwon, talk later, I am late for a class Tiffany chased up close to Taeyeon.


Tiffany felt a rough hand covering over her mouth, dragging her backwards, into a room
somewhere. Taeyeon just in time turns around, she sees the familiar heels being drag
away, her eyes widens, knowing something isnt right.

Taeyeon runs quickly, dropping the bouquet of rose onto the floor as she believe in her
hunch, that something is going on in the class, she open the door, it clicks open.

Her eyes widens when she sees Tiffany being hostage by an unknown man, who is arm
chocking her from behind, Taeyeon opens her mouth about to-

shout and I will have her neck twist all the way!!! the man growls.

Taeyeon quickly shut her mouth, closing the door quickly.

what are you doing to Tiffany! Let her go!

worried?? the man chuckles, he steps out from the dark, Taeyeon can now clearly see
his face.

mr. ryo? Taeyeon recognize the man as one of the school garden.

Mr Ryo lets out a happy laugh, good, good~ you know me he has a knife against the
side of Tiffanys throat.

what are you doing to Ms Hwang.. Taeyeon ask worriedly as she took a step forward.

oh, so now is ms hwang? What happens to the oh I love her so much, yoong, I love
tiffany hwang so much huh???? Mr Ryo reenacts what he has accidentally over heard
over Yoona and her conversation in the bathroom.

Taeyeon gulps nervously, she was more worried about Tiffanys life than that idiot
spilling out stuffs that he heard, yeahI do love her.but what are you doing now..

oh I know your dirty secret, kim tae yeon, you wanted to get into her pants didnt you!
Mr Ryo smirks, you said it yourself, you want to make love to her

Taeyeon felt embarrass, but she just wants to save Tiffany. Thats all she care.

do it! Im granting you one of your wishes! Mr Ryo light steps forward.

but.i have lost my interest in her already Taeyeon lied.

Tiffany immediately looks at Taeyeon when she hears that.

She has..lost interest in me? I should be happy.. Tiffany.

who cares!
Taeyeon studies how pervert mr ryo is becoming.

do her, or I will do her and you watch

Tiffany eyes widens, looking at Taeyeon helplessly.
But what Tiffany didnt understand is, she dont get it why she felt more pain from those
words that came out from Taeyeons mouth instead of her about to get rape.

no wait!!! taeyeon smirks, Ill do her, Ill fuck her

Mr Ryo lick his lips, and I get to watch, girls on girls, such a fun

Taeyeon smirks, thanks mr ryo Taeyeon rubs both her palms, stepping closer to them.

Mr ryo strip Tiffany clothes off, pushing Tiffany towards Taeyeon.

Taeyeon hurriedly hugs Tiffany, for that moment, Tiffany thought she is save, save in
Taeyeons arm, she feels that way somehow in the panic situation.

Taeyeon pushes Tiffany onto the table, mr ryo, come closer, so you can see the details
even close up Taeyeon smirks.

Taeyeon thank god that the gardener was stupid enough to believe, as he came closer,
Taeyeon grab the knife that he has in his hands.


Taeyeon screams.
The moment tiffany got up, someone barge in, it was Siwon.

you idiot! Mr Ryo roars, pushing Taeyeon aside, slicing the knife pass Taeyeons abs.


Taeyeon kick Mr. Ryos hand hard, sending the knife flying off in the air, with another
swift kick at his face, he was left unconscious on the ground. ahhh Taeyeon touch her
abs which were slightly cut. But what hurts her even more is when she saw Tiffany
crying in Siwons arms.

Siwon has his coat taken off already, wrapping it against Tiffanys body.

Taeyeon walk pass them quietly.


Tiffany grab hold of Taeyeons wrist, breaking the hug from Siwon.

Taeyeon breaks away from Tiffanys grip, im fine, thanks

and she left.

It hurts her, it hurts Tiffany so much to see her walking away from her now.

Wheres the Taeyeon she use to know!?

Thats not the Taeyeon she once know!

Tiffany chase after Taeyeon, but only to stop by something on the ground, she bend
down to pick it up, the bouquet of rose.

Mr ryo was finally caught by the police, he was known as a porno addict, but Siwon is
still feeling uneasy after all, it just happened today, he forcefully wants to send Tiffany

Tiffany has no choice but to agree anyway, since its starting to rain so heavily.

On their way, Tiffany saw Taeyeon walking by the street slowly under the rain.

stop the car


thats taeyeon, stop the car

but is raining Tiffany~


Tiffany already unlock the car itself, Siwon manage to step on the brake pedal just in
time as Tiffany steps out from the car.


Tiffany runs to Taeyeons side under the rain, pulling her umbrella out, silly, youre all

Taeyeon remains quiet as she continues to walk, Tiffany have to stop the latter.

stop acting like the world has ended just because Ive rejected you

Taeyeon slowly looks at Tiffany, her eyes were red, so red like they were about to bleed

leave me alone

Taeyeon continues walking under the rain.

Tiffany chase up, sheltering the both of them with her umbrella,
Taeyeon, please

Taeyeon ignores Tiffanys pleading, she continued walking under the rain.

youre going to be sick

Tiffany follow up closely.

let me be, why do you care Taeyeon mumbles.

I care about you tae

Taeyeon stops in her tracks, she turn to look at Tiffany.

if this about the deal, forget it


Taeyeon pull out a wet soak piece of folded paper, showing it right in front of Tiffany,
you were worried that this will get out, it will ruin your future right? Here

Never has Tiffany imagine it before.

That it will happen, that Taeyeon would do it.

Taeyeon tears the paper right in front of Tiffanys eyes.

Throwing the shredded paper on to the wet ground.

Tiffany slowly shakes her head, taeyeon, a paper doesnt mean anything to me

it is to me, bye tiffany Taeyeon walks away.


Pleasegive me a chance to have time to think.. Tiffany

But Tiffany knew, she didnt want to lose anyone, especially Taeyeon that is.
Giving one last hope for herself and to Taeyeon also.
Tiffany shouted,

Taeyeon, Ill see you later alright???

Their conversation always ends with this kind of goodbye, remembering how Taeyeon
would always make her say so whenever she is about to leave.

Taeyeon stops in her tracks, her hands tightening into fist, she slowly turns around, even
in the rain, if it was hard for her to see Tiffany clearly, even if its hard for Tiffany to see
Taeyeon under the rain. Even through the loud noisy raindrops falling on them.

Bye, Tiffany

making up my mind - Tiffany

Taeyeon who has been having fever ever since last night, tiredly, feeling nausea, makes
her way back to her condo. She press on the door bell, letting it rings a few times.
Just in time, Nicole came to the door, master tae.MASTER!!!!
Taeyeon has already collapsed into Nicole, who readily grab her, steady her from falling
onto the ground. A few maids came out to come carry Taeyeon into the room.

[Taeyeon, please.i really think we should talk][Tiff]>[Tae]

First day pass.

[taeyeon, at least reply me for the last time][Tiff]>[Tae]

Second day pass like the first day

[KIM TAE YEON!!!!!][Tiff]>[Tae]

But it wasnt long before she sends the second message.

[please, taeyeon][Tiff]>[Tae]

Tiffany cant take it anymore, she leaves her house, walking her way to Taeyeons
condominium, ringing the door bell a few times but sadly, theres no respond, no one
came to her.
Tiffany tries calling Taeyeon on the phone, but still, no luck. She was about to leave until
she bumps into Yoona, ms hwang??
Tiffany smiles, I am no longer your teacher from your school, Yoona, just call me Tiff
ah~ dae Yoona smiles back awkwardly.
want to go for a drink by the caf nearby? Tiffany offers.

how is Taeyeon? Tiffany ask.

you havent seen her?
no Tiffany shakes her head sadly, not after the incident, besides, she has never
respond to my text messages

oh Yoona zip her milkshake, thats probably because she has change her number
what? Tiffany thought she has heard wrongly.
Taeyeon..change her number Yoona looks at Tiffany, confusingly, didnt you
Tiffany shakes her head, now clicking onto her contact of her phone, showing her screen
to Yoona.

ahhh~ no wonder, thats Taeyeon old number

She has change her number, even not telling me - Tiffany

unnie, are you alright? Yoona look at Tiffanys expression has become sadder.

Tiffany fight the pain in her, forcing a nod, faking an answer to Yoona.
Tiffany..taeyeon really loves you a lot, you know. Yoona suddenly said.

Tiffany was shy to hear that coming out from Yoona, but she wont deny, the moment she
heard Yoona stated how much that Taeyeon might loves her, her heart was beating
strangely again.
I shouldnt be telling you this, but Yoona gulps before continuing, Taeyeon has been
sick, fighting with the fever she had
Tiffany shot a worried look at Yoona.
but shes not dead yet- Yoona covers her mouth, no, from what I mean! Oh my god!
Sorry! Im just too nervous!! Yoona smacks her own forehead a few times, lookjust go
visit her
but as you can see, no one answer to me, when I ring the doorbell
thats cause most of the maids were fired by her mum, some family matters happened, I
am not aware if it, but I only know, Taeyeon doesnt allows her mum to fire Nicole
Yoona answers.

She does has a feeling for Nicole I guess Tiffany.

you should go.visit her Yoona assuring Tiffany again.

Tiffany had a lot of thinking when she was making her way to Taeyeons condominium.

What if she doesnt want to see me? What if I cause her to be more pain than what she
is going through now?? But.wait.i was the one who told her. That I was into
boysI was.i..was.until I get to know her.she changed my mind the day that I

fell into her arms, it was like daddys secure arms, I was able to put all my trust into
it knowing that I am securely safe in her arms. i. I dont know!!! Ugh! Tiffany

Tiffany finally reaches the floor of Taeyeons condo.

She rings the doorbell again, a part of her, was hoping to see Taeyeon again, but some
part of her was wishing no one would answer to the door, because she didnt know how
to face Taeyoen. She didnt know what to say if she sees Taeyeon again.

Oh god. I know how wrong this might be.but help me out please - Tiffany.

aigooo, youve forgotten to bring the keys with you isnt it~~

Their eyes met again, this time, after for the last two days of not seeing each other.
Tiffany was looking at Taeyeon, how pale and weak the girl looks like now.
No more smirk, the smirk that she weirdly misses a lot throughout the days.
go away~ Taeyeon wanted to shut the door.
But Tiffanys quick reaction was to push the door hard with both her hands, preventing
Taeyeon to close the door, NO but she pushes too hard that it actually cause Taeyeon
to stumble backwards, smashing her back on the wall behind her, slowly, weakly sliding
on her back, sitting on the ground, grumbling in defeat.
ohh, sorry tae Tiffany walks in, closing the door, kneeling besides Taeyeon, I dont
mean it
Taeyeon turn away to the side, totally not wanting to look at Tiffany.
I seriously dont need your sympathy Taeyeon mutters.
I am not feeling sorry for you Tiffany tries to explain but Taeyeon was being stubborn,
keeps throwing cold words at her.
go away then, I seriously dont need you
Tiffany was hurt, she stood up, fine her hand reaching out for the door.
go back to choi siwon
Tiffany heard Taeyeon mutters those words with full of jealousy, not anger, but jealousy.
Tiffany turn around to look at Taeyeon, who is still not looking at her, but Tiffany can
see clearly from the view, how angry Taeyeon looks like, how her lips were slightly
pouting. It was not just breath taking, because Taeyeon was looking so cute and dorky.

But is because, Tiffany found herself finally smiling again, after so many days of being
sad, no matter how her family or sunny or even siwon tries to cheer her, there was not a
smile coming from her heart truly. Although she might fake them at times. Just to bluff
them that she is fine when she is not.
But without Taeyeon doing anything, she found a smile that automatically plays on her

I dont even get it, why is she even here! Siwon is the one she wants, hes a
what she wanted.i dont need sympathy, just goleave me.just go-

Taeyeon was shock, the moment she felt something pressed against her head, she looks
Even Tiffany is shock at herself of what she did. Both of their eyes were widely opens.
iiIll go-

Taeyeon quickly yank Tiffany by the wrist, making Tiffany falls, sitting on her lap, their
eyes never leaving each other, never have they made such eye contact either after so
dont leave me Taeyeon hugs Tiffany right away.
For the first time, Tiffany hugs Taeyeon back, I am notso dont push me away
I wont Taeyeon whispers, smilingly, finally.
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, yes?
remember the deal?
Taeyeon nods her head.
can we just try continuing with the deal first..? until I am assure of my feelings.
what?? meaning you were sort of being force to be with me-
no tae.i just know I dont want to hurt you anymore.i just want to assure of some
like your feelings towards me? Taeyeon ask bluntly.
Tiffany slowly nods her head.
Taeyeon groans, trying to push Tiffany away, but Tiffany quickly hugs Taeyeon by the
neck, making Taeyeon has no way to stand up with Tiffany clinging her whole weight
onto her.
what now Taeyeon ask frustratingly.
tae! Stop being a jerk! Tiffany stares at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon look away, then you stop being a bitch to me, its hurting me
yah! Tiffany slap taeyeon across the chest, how could you say such thing!
Taeyeon ignores Tiffany.
at least I am willing to give it a try..
I dont want you as a slave, I want you to be my girlfriend
just give me time to adapt to it, kim tae yeon..alright? not slavebut a girlfriend in
deal.firstly..then well see where it leads us to Tiffany looks at pleadingly.
Taeyeon flex her jaw tightly, her jaws tense up again whenever she is mad.
Tiffany giggles and let her palm rubs against Taeyeons jaws, trying to soothe them
taetae araso?
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, it was the first time Tiffany calls her so cutely, and her heart
choose to believe Tiffany, fine Taeyeon smirks.
For the first time, Tiffany doesnt finds herself hating the smirk anymore, she finds it
sexily attractive, as crazy as it sound. Maybe is because she now, has feelings for
Taeyeon also.
trust me taetae Tiffany smiles, capturing Taeyeon in for a kiss.

Sheskissing me first..oh my god.

Oh god! I miss this!! Tiffany.

Taeyeon use her forehead to bump against Tiffanys, they smile into each other gaze.

what took you so long? Taeyeon teases.

timelike I said Tiffany looks away shyly.

hey Taeyeon lift Tiffany by the chin to look at her, placing a short kiss, I have all the
time you need

my trial girlfriend
Then they both look up at the door as they heard keys rustling from outside the door.
get up Taeyeon whispers, Tiffany did as she was told, quickly helping Taeyeon up too.
Taeyeon look at Tiffany, I miss you a lot, think you can stay? she ask cutely in a
pleading way with her eyes, Tiffany nods her head. Taeyeon smile, took Tiffany in her
hand, quickly quietly tip toeing to Taeyeons room. Taeyeon lock the door.
Tae, you know Ive quitted right? Tiffany ask as she sits on the couch.
Taeyeon shakes her head, wanted to say something, but she cough hard instead, after a
few times of coughing, she tap her chest a few times, no.when did you quit?
the day after the incident, Tae, are you-
Tiffany is interrupted by the knock on Taeyeons door, shhhh~ Taeyeon winks.
Switching her bedroom lights off, she then opens the door a little.
master tae Nicoles sweet voice echoes into Taeyeons room, how are you feeling?
Tiffany stayed quiet, but she watches how Nicole reaches out to feel Taeyeons forehead,
for her temperature, Tiffany felt herself scowling against it.
im finenicole, make me some porridge, Ill take a nap Taeyeon answers.
yes, master Nicole smiles back, Ill make your favorite drink alright?? she ask
sure, I love those Taeyeon chuckles.
rest well master

yes, thank you~ Taeyeon did a fake smooching sound, which made Tiffany quite
angry, but of course, Taeyeon has no idea of it.

Taeyeon close the door, finally pressing on the knob, locking it.
She makes her way to Tiffany, come to bed with me Taeyeon climbs into bed, waiting
for Tiffany, who didnt budge to move, yah~ I say come finally, Tiffany did.
She sits on the bed, in the dark, not even saying a word.
why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Taeyeon ask.
I heard that your mum fired most of the maids isnt it? Tiffany ask bluntly.
Taeyeon is confuse how did Tiffany know, but she cant care much because, somewhere
in her heart, she wants to reach out for Tiffany, longing to touch her, Taeyeon sits up
closely behind Tiffany, hugging her from the back, yeah.why Taeyeon starts kissing
Tiffany by the neck, lightly pushing her hair away that was getting in her way.
The moment Tiffany felt Taeyeon nibbles at her neck then constantly kissing down to
her collarbone, she finds her breathing becomes hard, keep
yeah taeyeon groans, having so much pleasure just feasting down Tiffanys milky neck,
I love that girl~ Taeyeon hands squeezing sides of Tiffany waist.
Tiffany elbow Taeyeon hard in the guts.

owww! Taeyeon hisses, breaking the make out session shes having, whats that for??
Tiffany stands up right away, you love her?? Fine! Go love her she crosses her arms.
Taeyeon chuckles at the situation.
whats so funny
you Taeyeon smirks in the dark, she reach out for the table lamp and switch it on, she
smiles even more when she sees a jealous Tiffany, youre so cute, awwwh Taeyeon gets
on to her knees, hugging Tiffany from the side, planting kisses over the same spot of
Tiffany cheek again and again, I like Nicole, shes been a great understanding maid of
mine.thats all, youre my girlfriend, that I want to do so many things with Taeyeon let
out a deep groan as she hugs Tiffany even tighter.
no no Taeyeon teases, she reach out and pulls Tiffanys hands away from crossing,
then she swiftly, cupped Tiffanys breast with one of her hand, giving it a gentle light
squeeze before Tiffany came to her senses after being shock, slapping her hand away.
Taeyeon giggles.
they seriously fitted so well Taeyeon giggles even more.
oh my god~ youre a pervert!
I am Taeyeon admits, laughing.
let me kiss you Taeyeon leans forward, kissing Tiffany right away.

Taeyeon was kissing her so deep, Tiffany shuts her eyes tight, enjoying the expertise
from Taeyeon, how she would suck her lips at times, Taeyeon gently, without Tiffany
realizing, leading her back onto the bed, Tiffany was straddling against Taeyeon this
Taeyeon tongue asking for an entrance, quickly she plays with Tiffanys tongue once she
was given the permission to enter, she was tonguing her deep throat, while her hand
unbuttons the button of Tiffanys tee, opening the shirt, Taeyeon smiles, breaking the
tae Tiffany looks away shyly.
shhhh~ Taeyeon lowers her head, using her tongue to lick the expose chest, then
Taeyeon immediately loves it, how her wet muscle, licking back and forth across the soft
.taeeeee it came out as a soft moan.
Taeyeon smirks, looking at Tiffany when she felt Tiffany was already slightly grinding
her hips against hers, unknowingly.
first time?
Tiffany nods her head.
yahhhhhhhhhh! Why would I lie???

Taeyeon pulls Tiffany skirt up, who immediately pulls it down from Taeyeon viewing her
you were grinding your pussy against my zipper when we make out
Tiffany blush furiously, ashamed maybe, because she has no idea she was doing so when
she was making out with Taeyeon, yah!
lets try something
no Tiffany watch how Taeyeons expression turns into a perverted one.
you want it, you need it without any further explanation, Taeyeon buck her hips up,
banging her zipper against Tiffanys sensitive wanting clothed core, Tiffany bite her
bottom lip immediately from the impact, Taeyeon smirks.

She needs a release

a deal is a deal right? I could really use a thing now Taeyeon suggests as she lays back
on her back, with two pillows behind her head.

w-what do you want..taeyeon? Tiffany ask hesitantly but anticipated.

This will be so much fun! Just relax and enjoy the free show youre getting~ youre a
genius kim tae yeon!! Wooohooo!!

Taeyeon smirks.
sit yourself on my zipper
tae~~~ Tiffany blushes.
do so Taeyeon command.
Tiffany did as what Taeyeon told her to. Feeling the zipper against her core, she felt
weird, sitting there, she wont even dare to make a move.
Taeyeon reaches out and pull Tiffanys skirt up, making sure her clothed core was
against her zipper, she smirks when she saw what she plans, good girl
now, slowly, rock your hips back and forth
you hear me
ah ah~ just do it, baby~ Taeyeon smirks.
Tiffany has her hands grab the hem of Taeyeons t-shirt. She slowly did what Taeyeon
Instantly, she felt weird, a weird feeling, some tingling sensation coming from below,
sending inside her tummy, twitching, somehow, that feeling makes her wants to go even
faster, and she did, rocking back and forth in a quicker pace, her breathing becomes

unsteady and all she wants to do now, is to.say Taeyeons name out. She got no idea
why, maybe perhaps because Taeyeon is there, ahhhh~ tae~~~
Taeyeon smiles becomes wider, yes, fany ah Taeyeon continue watching how Tiffanys
mouth was slowly opens agape as Tiffany rubs her clothed core against her zipper faster
and faster.
ahhhhh~hhhnnng~ Tiffany felt the muscle of her stomach and thighs are getting
weaker, she felt herself numb, falling to her sides, laying on the bed, breathlessly.
tiff Taeyeon gets up, laying at her side, touching her inner thighs.
tae Tiffany shakes her head, I am not..ready for that stage. She sort of pleaded.
Taeyeon look as far as she can below, she can see the zipper of her denim jeans has
darken on the certain spot that Tiffany has rub against, she smiles, but youre ready,
your body is that is
but tae.i heard itll hurts for all the first time.i cant tae.
first? You mean- oh my.youre still a.!?!? Taeyeon jaw drops open.
Tiffany shyly nods her head, is that not a good thing?
is an excellent thing fany ah!! That means I will be your first!! Taeyeon feels happy,
that her girlfriend is still clean from all dirty stuff, she couldnt believe it, such hot girl
can still be a virgin.
tae.are you a virgin?
Taeyeon lets out a big laugh, of course
Tiffany felt relief and glad at the same time, Taeyeon reaches out for the pillow, and
carry Tiffany head to lay on top of it, I just cant do it now.taemianh-

shhhh Taeyeon press her lips against Tiffanys, there is no need to apologize in
between two lovers they say

Tiffany snuggles closer into Taeyeons chest, smelling the fabric smell from Taeyeons
take a nap shall we? Im tired Taeyeon suggest.
but tae.
do you have any extraunderwear?
why would you- oh oh~ Taeyeon chuckles, totally getting what her girlfriend means
and why she needs one, I have a new one in the box inside the drawer, you can wear
those, is boxers
Tiffany jumps off from the bed, making her way to the drawer, pulling out a box, rushing
into the bathroom, Taeyeon smiles.

just how much cuter can this girl be?

Tiffany came out from the toilet just in her polo shirt and Taeyeons new boxer.
come here Taeyeon taps the empty space beside her bed, slowly Tiffany climbs onto
bed with Taeyeon, taking her sweet time to finally lay right beside Taeyeon.
Taeyeon back hug Tiffany tightly against her chest, what are you thinking Tiff?
Tiffany bite her bottom lips, she has never likes lying or getting lie, she decide to be out
She turns around to face Taeyeon, looking at each other in the eyes.

If she loves accept it isnt it.whatever that is on my mind. Tiffany.

why are you hesitating? Taeyeon touches Tiffany by the face, letting her fingers stroke
against Tiffanys soft cheeks, something bothering you?
Tiffany slowly nods her head, she felt love and her heart sink real deep the moment she
sees how Taeyeon looks at her, those genuine eyes, pleading to let her love her, to care
about her.
Tae, I- Tiffany shakes her head.
tiff, youre scaring me~ Taeyeon kisses Tiffany on the forehead.
Tiffany hugs Taeyeon right away, pressing her face close against Taeyeons shirt. She
then felt Taeyeon patting the back of her head, soothing her to calm down.
what is going on with me Tiffany mumbles.
Taeyeon frowns, she knew exactly what Tiffany meant, she knew exactly what is
bothering Tiffany in the mind now, Taeyeon opens her mouth, wanted to tell Tiffany,
that things will be alright if she just let her do her thing, she can just proof to Tiffany,
that shes the one she needs.
But Taeyeon was only left speechless, when she hears muffle of sobbing, constant ones.
what is wrong with me Tiffany crooks, her fist that was grabbing Taeyeons shirt,
Taeyeon was there, staying quiet, only patting the back of Tiffanys head gently, letting
the girl who is sobbing quietly, slowly drifting to sleep.

After staying in the same position for like the whole hour, Taeyeon very gently, softly,
pushing Tiffany to lay on her back, away from her. Taeyeon has her knees slowly
pressing against her own chest, as she sighs, laying on the bed post behind her, she
watches how Tiffany is quietly snoring right now, on her bed.

This is..what I wantedIve wanted her.but why.why do I feel.bad? guilty?

Taeyeon let out another sighs, she watch the pinkish red nose, even her eyelids were
pinkish already, Tiffany had cried so much, so much that her nose was clog, she needs to
start breathing through her mouth.

im sorry for being selfish Taeyeon quietly says.

Theres a few knocks that wakes Tiffany up, she quickly jolted awake, in the dark, on the
bed with Taeyeon sleeping next to her, Tiffany watches through the bottom gap of the
door, where someone paces back and forth.

She mustve lock her door..WAIT! no one knows im here!! Tiffany.

Tiffany grab her handbag on the couch, pulling her phone out, she press on screen,
igniting that its already 8pm. Tiffany smacks her forehead.

Pabo!! I usually leaves at 7! And what kind of reason can I give?? Ugh!! Tiffany.

The knocking continues again.

Tiffany taps Taeyeon shoulder a few times.
Taeyeon.wake up Tiffany whispers into Taeyeon ear, wake up, Tae Tae
Taeyeon groans and only wraps an arm around Tiffanys waist, Tiffany smile
unconsciously seeing how cute Taeyeon is, continuingly groaning in complain that she
was being bother to wake up.
tae~~~~ this time Tiffany gently shakes Taeyeon body.
Taeyeon let out a loud groan, now laying her head on Tiffany thighs, her nose nuzzle
against it, making Tiffany giggles quietly, tae.. i think Nicole is outside with your food
One last deep groan, Taeyeon finally sits up, her eyes still shut tight.

hey Tiffany touches Taeyeon, Ill go to the bathroom while you get your food, okay?
Taeyeon nods her head slowly, obediently, okay love she smiles in a dorky way.

Taeyeon waited until Tiffany got into the toilet, she then only walks to unlock the door,
indeed, Nicole is at the door.
master tae Nicole looks at Taeyeon bed hair, hiding her giggle.
whats so funny? Taeyeon looks at Nicole scratching the back of her hair, wae?
Nicole shakes her head, hiding her face from letting Taeyeon seeing her giggle.
Nicole then make her way to the coffee table, placing down the tray of food on it.
Master tae Nicole waves for Taeyeon to come over, Taeyeon did.
No one realize, Tiffany was actually watching through the open gap of the toilet door.
Nicole drags Taeyeon across the room, towards the bed, making Taeyeon sitting on the
you need your bandage change Nicole reminds, walking over to the closet, taking the
newly bandage and medicine out, walking towards Taeyeon, like always
Tiffany is watching in anger, as Taeyeon worriedly look over the toilet, she looks at
Nicole who is coming closer to her now, sitting on the side of her bed. Nicole then starts
unbuttoning Taeyeons shirt, Taeyeon gulps, she shrugs her body uncomfortably, are
you alright, Master Tae? Taeyeon nods her head.

let me do it myself
thats impossible, Master Tae
I canjinja..pleaseim really tired nowso. I need to rest
but master tae-
please Nicole Taeyeon looks over at the toilet worriedly, not wanting Tiffany to
misunderstand the situation, since Tiffany has always thought Taeyeon was always
liking Nicole.
wae Nicole blink her eyes innocently in front of Taeyeon.
i.urmI am really tired. Taeyeon lied.
Nicole gets up from the bed, okay, call me if you need me
Taeyeon nods her head, following Nicole to the door, I will, and thanks for the food
Nicole smiles, enjoy, Master Tae

Taeyeon securely locks the door after Nicole left, making her way to the toilet, even
before she can knock the door, Tiffany opens the door, barging into the room, looking all
euh? Taeyeon watches Tiffany.

How i know Nicole

Taeyeon scratch her forehead, confused why her trial girlfriend is acting that way.
But she kept quiet and follows Tiffany anyway to the couch.
fany wae? Taeyeon felt uneasy at Tiffanys quietness so suddenly.
why? Tiffany glares at Taeyeon, ugh. Im going home
no Taeyeon pulls Tiffany down sitting on her lap now, what is it, whats wrong??
nothing Tiffany struggles to get on her feet until Taeyeon strongly and protectively
wraps her arms around Tiffany waist. Tiffany sighs.

Is thishow it feels like? To be jealous?? JinjaI dont know.i really dont. its my
first time being in a relationship Tiffany.

youre going to tell me, what is that made you this way Taeyeon demands.

I dont know, tae~ Tiffany sighs, you mustve really been close with Nicole arent
Taeyeon lets out a snort, holding back her laughter.

Thats it, I am leaving- Tiffany felt annoyed, she was even more surprise at how
Taeyeon unwraps her arms, seems like she is allowing her to leave and that rages
Tiffanys anger even more, she huff as she got up, about to leave, but then.

for the record, youre my first girlfriend Taeyeon rolls her eyes, leaning down towards
the table in front of her to grab a spoonful of porridge as she feeds herself, not even
looking at Tiffany who is froze on her spot not far from her.

Tiffany clenches her teeth tightly, she does not know what to say in respond.

For sure, well, Taeyeon is pretty good looking despite the billionaire property that she
is going to have in the futurebuther being single all the time, when girls are
flocking around her, desperately wanting to make out with seems like its
impossible for her to be single.besides.she really has flawless skin and beautiful
features!! Tiffany.

and seriously, if you keep hiding what your mind is telling you about me when I have
no idea what it is.this is going to be hard for our relationship

Shyly, Tiffany makes her way back next to Taeyeon, looking at the girl, Taeyeon took
another bite from the spoon, before throwing it back into the bowl, turning around and
pulls Tiffany into a hug, giving her a big smooch on the forehead.

For the first time, Tiffany felt so love, other from her family, she never knew there could
be someone else than her family, who can love and care about her so much,
automatically, her own arms has life and mind of its own, snuggling around Taeyeon
slender waist, pulling themselves close together, leaving no gap in between them. It was
Tiffanys first time for doing all this lovey dovey things, she felt herself blushing
furiously, decided to hide it from Taeyeons view, Tiffany let her face rest into Taeyeon

Taeyeon giggles at the sight she is witnessing, thinking to herself how lucky she is right
now, having Tiffany to do that to her. Cant seems to help it, Taeyeon kiss Tiffany on the
head again.
Nicole is an orphanage ever since she was a kid, she was adopted by one family, which
was totally abusing her as I know, I remembered clearly the first time when I saw her.
Tiffany and Taeyeon look at each other right now, Tiffany is all ready to listen to the


Taeyeon, make sure you dont go too far, you know how your mum doesnt like you
coming home all sweaty one of her maid reminds her before Taeyeon can launch
towards the sandbox in the park.

Taeyeon rolls her eyes as she jumps into the sandbox, its another day of her parents not
being at home tonight, is not like theyll know. When they are home, I would probably
be in my bed, sleeping-

hi a cheerful sweet voice calls out, cutting off Taeyeons mumbling, Taeyeon look at a
girl who has big black beautiful eyes, looking back at her brown ones. She smiles and
taeyeon has never seen such sincere smile ever in her life, Taeyeon cant help but to smile
mind if I join? the girl ask.
Taeyeon nods her head, scooting over to a side, allowing the girl to join her.
hi the girl said again, which in the end, ended up laughing as she remembered she had
said that not long ago, Im Nicole
Nicole nods her head while she in her mind was finding all kind of ways to continue a
conversation with Taeyeon, Im 10 years old this year, you?
ahhhh Nicole nods her head again.
Ive never seen you here before Taeyeon finally speaking.
im new to here
which family?
the Lee family
ah? I didnt know that the Lee family has a daughter

All new tenants would always come up to Taeyeons condominium so they could pay
their respect to their mum, who owns the condominium they were living in and also the
apartment next to it..

they dont. they are my foster parents

I see
Nicole playfully pushes Taeyeon, making Taeyeon lays on her back onto the sand, why
are you being so shy! Nicole giggles loudly, her eyes becomes so much smaller
whenever she laughs or giggles and it was one smile that you can never ignore.
Taeyeon got up onto her knees, quickly trapping Nicole beneath her as she pushes
Nicole back, Taeyeon smirks as she watch Nicole continue laughing even harder when
she was finally defeated by Taeyeon.

No one has ever dare to walk up to Taeyeon, not even talk to her, dont even mention
about playing with her. No one ever does. Everyone is afraid if their kids might
accidentally hurts Taeyeon mentally or physically might causes a lot of problem to
themselves, as they know Mrs and Mr Kim has only one daughter and is very precious
enough to them than their properties.
So, the adults would normally warns their children not to play or bully Taeyeon.

Making Taeyeon feel all left out because whenever she steps into the park, mums will
find their kids and bring them home.

Taeyeon gets off from Nicole, sorry, did I hurt you?

Nicole slowly sits up and as she does, her skirt was lifted up a little, Taeyeon caught
something by her eyes, something really red, like bruises, as if it was a cane mark.
you didnt hurt me, dont worry Nicole smiles.


A sharp piercing bossy lady voice screams, the two kids look at the direction, only to see
a lady standing across the road, with both hands on each side of her hips, looking rather

Taeyeon recognize immediately, that it was Mrs. Lee.

well, Mrs. Lee is here, I need to go Nicole stands up, leaving Taeyeon looking at her
from the ground, hope to see you again, Taeyeon she smiles as she jump out from the
sandbox, running towards her foster mum.

It was a week since Taeyeon last saw Nicole, she waited for Nicole every single day for an
hour in the sandbox, but sadly, Nicole fails to turn up and Taeyeon is starting to wonder
Those marks she saw on Nicole thighs were killing her mind, it made her keeps
wondering what could be the cause behind those bruises on Nicole thighs.
Im telling you, mum, dad.I have an odd feeling about the Lee family Taeyeon says as
she swallows her rice.
honey, just because she didnt come to play with you, that doesnt mean the Lees are
weird her mum answers.
dad~ Taeyeon whines a little, looking at her dad, seeking help maybe.

Your mum might be right

Taeyeon sighs as she continue eating, not saying a word.
The whole dinner session was quiet as Taeyeon would no longer wants to talk anything
and her parents get it that shes pissed, soon as she finish, she put her bowl down and
walks straight into her room.

Something is going wrong, I am assure of it.those bruises on Nicole she

calls her foster mum Mrs Lee instead of mum or something more family
sensesomething is telling me, Nicole might not be happy

It sort of bothers Taeyeon a lot, that her only friend has been disappearing for a week, its
already pass 1am, the rain is pouring heavily outside, Taeyeon covers herself deeper into
the blanket, looking at the window at the heavy rain pouring down from the sky like cats
and dogs.

Thunder suddenly grumbles, making Taeyeon hid underneath her blanket.

She finally pulls her blanket away, getting her feet onto the cold floor tiles, making her
way to the window to pull the curtain close, but she stop instantly the moment she sees
the view of the play ground, someone, running into the park.

Gee~ which parents allows their kid to play at this hour and in a rainno, not right,
which parents is stupid enough to let their kids got out from the house in the middle of
the night

Taeyeon watches how that person eventually jumps in the sandbox. Her eyes widens.
Something is telling her, she needs to go and check it out.

No! this is crazy! At this hour?? Mum would kill me, dad would nag me all week long
and- wait a this hour, everyone is asleepyeah.nothing is going to
happen.yeah.i got a feeling its Nicolewhy sandbox out of all things in the park??

Taeyeon walks to her closet, pulling out her brown cloak as she wears it and then
sneakily, walks into the leaving room and grab a new extra set bunch of keys from the
drawer, slowly, tip toeing out from her house.

Stepping at the exit of her condominium, Taeyeon who cant even see properly of what is
ahead of her as the heavy rain is pouring strongly, Taeyeon pulls her hood on and ran as
quick as her feet could bring her.

In the park, Taeyeon could see the person she saw not long ago from her room window,
is still sitting in the sandbox, hugging knees, face hiding in between it. Taeyeon lick her
lips, taking one brave step forward, slowly towards nearing the sandbox, herself drench
wet from the rain although she has a cloak on.

The person did not realize Taeyeons presence, Taeyeon look at the sandbox which used
to be all sandy, now that the rain has caught trap inside, is turning the sand into muddy.
Taeyeon sneezes loudly, but it came out in a small sniff instead, but enough for the
person to look at Taeyeon.
Taeyeon realizes, Nicole is crying, she jumps into the sandbox, taking her cloak off,
covering it above their heads, Nicole~ what happened?
Nicole only shakes her head hardly.
did your Taeyeon shakes her head, shes determine to know the truth after waiting so
long, did mr and mrs lee urmmake you???? did they hit you!?
Nicole looks back at Taeyeon who, shock, but she cant help to only cries even badly,
hugging taeyeon immediately, I dont know what else I can me.. she
sobs out of control.
Taeyeon gulps, her mind was giving her an idea, an idea that her mum would kill her.
come with me, come with me to somewhere safe.

just come first okay? Being in the rain wont help
Nicole helplessly nods her head, following Taeyeon, their hands intertwined together.

you have to be quiet, okay? Taeyeon wait for Nicole to nod her head, listening to her.
She then unlocks her door, they rushes into Taeyeons room without any second of

Tae Nicole starts breaking into tears again, Taeyeon quickly runs to her closet and
pulls out a towel, running over to Nicole, wrapping it tightly to her wet body, Taeyeon
then gets up, running to her closet this time to only pull out a new set of pajamas for
what it seems like.
Taeyeon kneel next to Nicole, here, change to these
Nicole stops crying, looking at Taeyeon, sniffing loudly, but she did what Taeyeon said.
After changing, Nicole came out from the bathroom, already seeing Taeyeon sitting on
the big king size bed, Taeyeon tap the space beside her for Nicole to come. She did.
Taeyeon starts wiping Nicoles wet hair with the towel, Nicole eyes were swollen,
blinking and watching Taeyeon curiously, wae? Taeyeon realize.
Taeyeon, you do know that I am elder than you isnt it.but whyhow comeyoure so
much more dont look like any 8 year old
The young master Taeyeon stops drying Nicole hair, looking back with her big round
eyes, only then, slowly breaks into a small shy smile, a innocent kid type of smile.
I was being left alone a lot of times ever since I was 5, although my parents are still
alive, but they are rarely around meI needs to learn how to make decision on my own
of what I want even when I have maids around, so, that actually made me a more
mature person, I guess
Nicole reaches out, pinching Taeyeon cheeks, youre really cute you know
Taeyeon laughs quietly but didnt last long when she sees Nicole still is sad.
im scare taeyeon.
you dont need to be scare anymore


because you have me Taeyeon smiles, intertwined her fingers with Nicoles.


you really are more mature as an eight year old Tiffany says.
Taeyeon just nods her head, kissing Tiffany head one more time before she smell
Tiffanys hair shampoo, smiling.
but I think you only gets more immature as you grows up Tiffany starts breaking into
Making Taeyeon stares at her in disbelief, that is insulting
I was just kidding
I know you are
Tiffany winks, giving a quick peck to Taeyeon on the lips.
butyou were staring at her thighs! Tiffany slaps Taeyeon chest lightly.
I was 8! Hello~~ Taeyeon rolls her eyes.
8 Taeyeon repeats.

Tiffany hugs Taeyeon back again, liking the feeling they are having, seems like they
clicks, the moment she lays into Taeyeon, she felt so secure, like she can leave all her
worries behind. will say that you love me, right.someday?
Taeyeon stroke the back of Tiffanys hair gently, awaiting for an answer as she still
remember clearly that Tiffany is unsure of her own feelings for Taeyeon.
Tiffany on the other hand felt sorry and guilty towards Taeyeon for the first time.
But she can never lies to herself, so she just quietly nods her head, getting another soft
kiss planted on her head above again, her arms tighten against around Taeyeon waist.

okay, because I love you, Im giving you my time, Ill wait

Taeyeon let out a small sigh, kissing Tiffany one more time, her lips not leaving this
time, dont let me wait too long, tiffany.i love you too much

Guilt ? or Guilty
Unnie ah~ wake up!! Were leaving soon

Tiffany groggily wakes up by Sunnys loud voice, she has never missed any Sunday
church before.
Despite how late it was when she got home last night, thinking about it, made her smile.
Taeyeon and herself spent the night on the highest floor of Taeyeons condominium.
Laying their backs on the blanket on the ground, while she lays her head on Taeyeon
Looking at the stars above them.
How Taeyeon keep commented that Tiffany eyes shines more beautiful than the stars
above them does.

Last night, Tiffany gets to know the whole new side of Taeyeon, the sweet side of her.
And somehow, it made her wants to know more of Taeyeons new side.
Tiffany took a shower, change into her jeans and collar tee, shes all ready.

Tiffany follows along her family down to the compound area. Just in time, Sunny
pointed somewhere, which her family looks at while waiting for her dad to drive the car
to them.

Taeyeon! Sunny shouted.

Taeyeon not far from them only looks to the direction of where her name was shouted
Her eyes and Tiffanys were quickly met, smiles passes between them.
Sunny waves her hand hard at Taeyeon, trying so hard to get a wave back.

Taeyeon breaks the intense stare between her and Tiffany, she finally looks at Sunny and
gives a slightly small wave back in return. Sunny squeals in joy and actually jumping on
her feet.

Sunny, behave yourself Mrs. Lee looks at Sunny who is being too happy and over joy at
the moment, while Tiffany giggles silently at her sisters reaction.

A limo stops right in front of Taeyeon, a chauffeur got out from the car, opening the
back door for Taeyeon.

wow.shes friggin rich Sunny mumbles.

Taeyeon looks at Tiffanys family direction again, she gives a small smile, with a small
tiny wave goodbye before entering the limo as Tiffany and her family watches the car
drove off.
wowI would do anything to have a ride in that limo Sunny says.
Mrs. Lee shakes her head at her daughters remark, just in time, Mr. Lee stops the car by
their side, lets go
Sunny nudge Tiffany by the elbows, especially when Kim Tae Yeon is in the limo she
smirks and enter their car.

[you look pretty, not like is just today, you look sweet and clean

Tiffany cant help but to smile at the sweet message she receives from Taeyeon.

As Tiffany stood there in the church, something is running her mind.

As she looks at her family, who were talking to the other families over there, about how
proud they were of Tiffany who is getting into university pretty soon, they were praising
Tiffany like she was their real blooded daughter.

What if they knew.that I was in a relationship with a girl.would they still be

proud of me? Tiffany.

She is pretty indeed one of the lady stated.

Mr. Lee chuckles, thank you
Tiffany bows a little, feeling shy at the compliment.
if only our son have a pretty and smart girlfriend like Tiffany, it would be our blessing
the lady added, Tiffany can only smiles quietly.
ah, is your son here? Our Tiffany is very well single as well, so maybe Mrs. Lee
erupts into small giggles with the lady, making Tiffany blushing so hard.
well yes, our son is somewhere around here, he is mingling with another families I
guess a man says out, which Tiffany believe it was the lady husband, since they are
standing so close to one another.
oh, thats he a Christian by anyway? Mrs. Lee ask.
a very strong one too the lady added.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee smiles, nodding their head in admiration, is not easy to find a boy, to
go to church every Sunday nowadays

I can say the same to your daughter as well, such a faithful daughterwe must really
introduce her to our boy the lady added, looking around, finally raising the right side of
her arm up, waving to the crowds.

Soon, her son joins her, omma- his eyes and Tiffanys met, Tiffany~
Tiffany looks back at him with full of surprise, ahhh, Siwon oppa

Mrs. Choi and Mrs. Lee smiles to one another, like they were happy and surprise at the
same time.
you two met before? Mrs. Choi ask in a happy tone.
I used to be a substitute teacher in the same school of Siwon oppa as well Tiffany
substitute.? Siwon, is she the one you stated abouthow pretty her smile wasis
she? Mrs. Choi ask in delight, while Tiffany and Siwon both shy away.
ommaaaa Siwon looks away, his ears becoming red.
Mrs. Lee chuckles, dont tease them..why dont the both of you go have a walk in the
ne, omma Tiffany answers.

sohow are you lately? Its been a week that I havent see you Siwon ask, as they
walk into the park.
Ive been doing well, how about you?
The two of them stop at the park bench, sitting side by side.

the normal know how students can be Siwon smiles to Tiffany who is
looking at him, is your class going to start soonin the University
Tiffany nods her head.
Fany ahhh, are you.with Taeyeon?
Tiffany is shock that she is question that way, she stares at Siwon, who is awaiting for
her reply, Tiffany doesnt feels like lying to Siwon. She didnt know how to answer him.

sorry, I dont mean to be rude..but seeing how strong you are as a all
your family werei-


Both of them jumps up in shock from the sound coming behind them, as they turn
around, they only see Taeyeon walking towards them, Tiffany automatically stands up,
while Siwon is looking at her and then towards Taeyeon, he too, stood up.

Hi, Taeyeon, I dont remember seeing you here before-

I am here to get Tiffany Taeyeon answers without any shame, stopping right in front of
get me.? Tiffany dont remember having a date with Taeyeon today.
Mr. Choi Taeyeon turns her attention to Siwon instead, you are very strong as a
Christian, but I believe your religion doesnt encourage you to brainwash someone into
leaving the person they love isnt it

Taeyeon Tiffany stares at Taeyeon in disbelief of how sarcastic she is being now.

Siwon chuckles, shaking his head, no, they dont teach me that way as I as well, wasnt
brought up that way, but then, as a fellow Christian, I am having a responsibility to lead
someone I care a lot, to the correct road

Tiffany keeps looking back and forth from Taeyeon then to Siwon.
Mr. Choi, I belie-
Taeyeon, Ill meet you in the car Tiffany couldnt bear to let them continue debating
and in that, the reason is her.
Siwon flex his jaw a little, trying to hide his smirk, where he pretends to cough.
Taeyeon eyes flares in anger, but-

Please, Taeyeon? Tiffany gently let her hand brush again Taeyeons, Ill meet you in
the car, just give me a minute

After Taeyeon left, Siwon looks at Tiffany, sodoes that mean-

yes, Siwon oppaI am sort of with her Tiffany admits.
Tiffany, I care a lot about youI know how strong your believes are, in God
Tiffany shakes her head, indeed, she is still in a confuse state of mind.
Tiffany, you are confused yourselfdo not let your kindness be the reason why you are
stepping in the wrong pathyou should know what you really want, dont force yourself
due to someones pleadingbe strong for yourself-

Taeyeon suddenly steps out from her hidden place, which is behind the big tall bushes,
walking towards them, Mr. Siwon, I swear, I still give you my respect as the teacher in
my school or else, I wouldve give you a black eye, with your nose gushing out with blood
like waterfalls
Taeyeon stops Tiffany, lifting her palm up.
Stop brainwashing Tiffany, for heaven sake! I did not beg her to be with me Taeyeon
Nothing can disgrace Taeyeons ego and pride, enough with that she leaves.

Tiffany bows a little at Siwon before leaving to go after Taeyeon, but she stop the
moment she felt someone pull her by the wrist gently, of course, it was no one other
than Siwon.
He looks at her pleadingly, think for yourself, your future and then your family
Tiffany being soft hearted slowly nods her head.

Tiffany walks out of the building and sees a limo parking right outside of the church,
which somehow gets the attention of the passerby.

Taeyeon got out of the car, her face looking very pissed.
get in
Taeyeon, we didnt said there was any date todaybesides, my family is inside
do you want to get in or not?
I just need a yes or a no

Look at her! Shes basically all upset about what happened!! She is not in a mood to go
out on any date and my parents are inside, waiting for me. What reason can I give
them? Its supposed to be a family day.and she needs to learn how to cool down

Wowfine..she is hesitating.

a yes or no, Tiffany? Taeyeon is getting impatient.

Master Tae Nicole got out from the car, Tiffany is surprise to see Nicole being here
with Taeyeon.

no Tiffany finally answer, letting her jealousy gets to her.

fine Taeyeon gets back into the car, leaving Tiffany jaw drop open, she thought
Taeyeon would at least try to persuade her to follow her or something, but maybe is
because Nicole is around her, she doesnt need her, as that is what Tiffany thought.
bye Nicole bows to Tiffany, before getting into the car with Taeyeon.

Do i..i really love Taeyeon? Is it true that i.let my soft heart taking control.? But
i *sigh* - Tiffany.

date in Lotte World

[come out, I want to talk to you][Tae]>[Tiff]

Tiffany sighs, somehow, the way the message she received, tells her that Taeyeon is
gonna scream at her again, but she keep her calm as she was in the living room with her
whole family.

[cant we just text?][Tiff]>[Tae]

She pressed on the send button.

[some things are better left said face to face..and I am in the park

Tiffany rolls her eyes, seems like Taeyeon isnt taking no for an answer this time.
mummy, daddy, im going out for a little while she stands up from the sofa.
to where, Tiffis late already Mr. Lee looks at Tiffany.

er.a friend of mine, wants to meet me nearby here, to talk about the first class
Tiffany lies.
The moment her dad smiles to her, believing into her lies, her heart clenches, she felt
the guilt pang in her heart right away, it hurts her to see her parents believing into her
be careful her dad added as Tiffany walks to the door, taking her coat, putting it on.
She nods her head, not letting her dad to see her face, because if he did, hell see tears in
his daughter eyes.

When Tiffany reach the park, she sees Taeyeon sitting near the sandbox. Kicking the
sand with her legs, Tiffany rolls her eyes, remembering that was the spot where Taeyeon
gets to know Nicole. Tiffany drags her feet lazily, towards Taeyeon.
Taeyeon realize the presence, she stands up, patting her hands that were a little sandy
because she played with the sand not long ago, while waiting for Tiffany.

do you know how long I have waitedits cold Taeyeon stated.

sorry Tiffany answers, without a slight hint of being sorry for real, since it doesnt
makes sense. Is not like she did it on purpose.
what he saidis it exactly true? Taeyeon sighs.
Tiffany and Taeyeon looks at each other, both didnt know why, but the night was
making it as awkward as hell. Tiffany is afraid of Taeyeon somehow, unsure of what
taeyeon is going to do next.

you came to me, TiffanyI let you go

What does she means by saying so! Means I was the one begging for this
relationship?? Means she has no longer has feelings for me, but she is just being with
me now, just because I ask her to??? Tiffany.

Tiffany stares at Taeyeon in disbelief, soyoure saying that I was the one begging us to
be together now?

then are you with me just because of sympathy Taeyeon ask in return, throwing
question back at Tiffany.

do you no longer have feelings for me, kim tae yeon?

Taeyeon clench her jaws, she looks away, I let you go is not because I have lost my
feelings for you, is because Yoong once told me, if it belongs to me, no matter how much
I let it go, itll come back to meand you did, you came back to meI just want you to
belong to me, Tiffany. Was it that hard to give it a try?


Taeyeon shakes her head, but if you are being with me, just because of the word
sympathy, I dont think is fair for me, Tiffany

Tiffany stays quiet.

Taeyeon finally looks at Tiffany, give me one date with you..thats all im asking

and then what, you breaking up on me? Tiffany slowly looks at Taeyeon.
Who, thankfully, shakes her head, which Tiffany felt relief seeing it.

then you can make your decision, that you love me or not, for real Taeyeon answers.
Taeyeon nod her head to a direction, Tiffany got it, by walking together, back to their

Taeyeon stops right in front of the gate to Tiffanys apartment, tomorrow, 12pm.
okay tiffany answers softly, looking at Taeyeon.
Taeyeon looks at how Tiffany breathes and how cold air was coming out, since its almost
winter time. Tiffany cheeks were slightly tinted pink, her nose were red too. Taeyeon
unconsciously smiles, looking at how cute Tiffany look like now. Tiffany look at Taeyeon.
Taeyeon let her thumb reaches out and rubs it against Tiffanys cheek, is getting cold,
go up
Tiffany found herself shivers, not because of the weather, but because she felt shy at
Taeyeons gesture, she somehow, does feel love coming from taeyeon.
But Taeyeon on the other hand, thought Tiffany was feeling uneasy. So she retreat her
night Taeyeon lightly pushes Tiffany into the apartment lobby, closing the door, she
walks back to her condominium.

Night, Taeyeon.cant wait for our date tomorrow Tiffany.

It was exactly 12pm, when the two was in the car, while the driver is taking Taeyeon to
Lotte World. Both in awkward silence.
Taeyeon then look at the side, she scan how Tiffany is wearing for their date.
Tiffany is wearing a beautiful pink blouse with blue denim shorts, with black leggings.
Tiffany caught Taeyeon staring at her, mwo
yeuppo Taeyeon answers, Tiffany instantly becomes shy right away.
gomawo Tiffany smiles, her attention then caught on of how Taeyeon is wearing.
A yellow, tight skinny jeans, with a T-shirt saying I AM WHO I AM and then with a
brown furry boots on, somehow, Tiffany find Taeyeon looks literally good in anything
she wears.

Once they reach Lotte World, stepping out from the car, Taeyeon let her palm shows
toward Tiffany, acknowledging that she wants to hold hands with Tiffany.
Taeyeonisnt this, your parents companywhat if somehow familiar knows you?
Tiffany link her arms with Taeyeon, her body press up against Taeyeons arm.
better? Tiffany smiles, trying to calm Taeyeon from getting upset.
One thing for sure, Tiffany knows that taeyeon gets angry to easily.

The fact that Tiffany doesnt want people to think that she is with Taeyeon, to be
mistaken that she is after her property, she isnt. They stop at the skating ring.
Taeyeon look at how Tiffany eyes open wide, joy can be seen in her eyes, as she watch
skaters skating around in the ice skating ring.
want to play?
Tiffany frowns, shaking her head slowly.
why? I can see how much you want to play

Tiffany look at Taeyeon, admiring how Taeyeon understands her so well and quick.
idont know how toskate
neither do I Taeyeon shrugs her shoulders, pulling Tiffany to the entrance of the
skating ring already.

ah. Ms. Kim the guy behind the ticket entrance bows, is good to see you today
yes, Johntickets for two
Taeyeon help taking Tiffanys pair of skating shoes as well, they walk to a quiet corner,
Taeyeon ask Tiffany to seat on the chair, as Taeyeon bends down, untying the shoelace
of the skating shoes, Taeyeon then slowly take hold of Tiffanys feet and put the shoes
TaeI can do it
is your first time, let me
Tiffany watches how Taeyeon ties the shoelace for her, how Taeyeon eyes were focusing
and it does makes her wants to look at her even longer.
Tiff? Taeyeon snaps her fingers to get Tiffanys attention.
ne???? ready? Taeyeon held her hand out, offering it to Tiffany.

It took Tiffany the whole 10 minutes just to persuade her to walk into the skating ring,
Tiffany thought Taeyeon would burst into anger, as she knew how much Taeyeon hates
But surprisingly, Taeyeon not only didnt erupts like a volcano, but she keep her calm,
helping Tiffany all the way.

Tiffany took the first step into the skating ring, she slips, but thankfully, falls right into
Taeyeons arms, yahhhhh! she squeals in shock as she slips, earning a loud chuckle
from Taeyeon, who is shaking her head, laughing. Tiffany felt shy as some skaters look
at her.
I dont want to skate anymore
if you dont try, how would you know you cant? Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, I know you
can do it Taeyeon encourages.
Taeyeon take one step behind, leading Tiffany to step one step further ahead.
you know, if you dont try, you will never ever know Taeyeon winks.

Now she slowly skates a little faster now, while pulling Tiffany behind, nottoo fast,
Taeyeon turns back a little to look at Tiffany, she has a smile on her face now.
This time, Tiffany has the second chance to see the small dimple appearing at the side of
Taeyeons cheek and its really cute, causing Tiffany to smile back, only wanting to see it
one more time.

They skate to one corner, where theres a big igloo sitting there, and snow around it, a
few kids is playing there, Taeyeon pulls Tiffany to sit at the chairs there.
Tiffany is smiling as she looks around, when she looks back at Taeyeon, she once again
caught Taeyeon looking at her, who wants to pretend she didnt by looking away, I saw
you, Taeyeon
Tiffany giggles, seeing how Taeyeon blush, Tiffany cant help but to lean forwards and
pinches Taeyeons cheeks. Taeyeon look at Tiffany, who finally realize of her own
I love you, Tiffany Taeyeon gulps at what she suddenly said, she looks away.

it hurts me to hear what he said the other daythat you are only with me, because of
sympathyadding the truth that you said you are with me under the contract
Taeyeon sighs.

Tiffany sighs along.

you knowI wouldnt have go to your house the other day if I do not have feelings for
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany.
is because I realize, somewhere, in the corner of my heart, there was you, TaeyeonI
have to admit, I am confused by my thoughts and-
I want to take care of you, I want to be responsible for your happiness, I want to be the
one to make you smile or even cry because you are touchI want to be able to call you

It was the first time, Tiffany can feel sweetness in between them.
She felt touch at those words Taeyeon is saying, to her.
Not even realizing, their fingers are intertwining, Taeyeon was looking at Tiffany.
tiffany~ Taeyeon let her face goes nearer towards Tiffany, she just wants to kiss
Tiffany right now, Tiffany who realize of the situation, just stare at Taeyeon, once
Taeyeons face is near hers.
Their lips about to touch, Tiffany smack snows against Taeyeons face.
YAH Taeyeon quickly stands up, wiping her face, feeling the cold snowflakes on her
face, other kids were laughing at the situation, even Tiffany is laughing along.

When Taeyeon walks to Tiffany, she quickly stands up and ran away from the latter,
teasingly sticking her tongue out.
why you- Taeyeon charge towards Tiffany, but because she was focusing on Tiffany,
she forgot to bend her head, banging it hard against the pillar above, ouch she slips
and land on her back with a loud thud, other kids were shock with the fall, running away
because they were scare.
oh, Taeyeon~~ Tiffany shriek as she skates back clumsily to Taeyeon who is just laying
owwww Taeyeon groans, rubbing her red forehead constantly.
Tiffany slips and fall right on top of Taeyeon, it made Taeyeon groans even louder.

Tae.are you alright? Tiffany leans her chin slightly up against Taeyeons chest,
reaching out to touch Taeyeons injured forehead. Taeyeon continue to groans
continuously, but Tiffany smirks when she felt two arms wrapping around her waist
tightly now.
Taeyeon shakes her head with louder groans now, it hurts

Just how cute can this person ever be. Tiffany.

where does it hurts, Tae Tae..? Tiffany ask cutely, while Taeyeon points to her
Tiffany leans up, giving a small peck at where the red spot is, better
Taeyeon groans, nodding her head, hurtspain.
This time, Taeyeon points at her lips, her lips pouting upwards, asking Tiffany to grant
her a kiss.
Tiffany blush as she smiles, hitting Taeyeon on the chest, getting off Taeyeon.
Tiffany starts wiping the snow away from her gloves, Taeyeon groans one more time,
sitting up as well, looking at Tiffany. They look at each other.
pabo Tiffany say it to Taeyeon.
Tiffany.can ikiss you?

She.did she just ask me for a permissionshe has always just kiss me anytime
anywhere, as she likesnow asking mewhat does it this the real Taeyeon
that I didnt know - Tiffany.

Tiffany looks away, slowly nodding her head, her face blushing on whats about to
Taeyeon takes a deep breath, slowly leaning in.
Tiffany close her eyes, waiting for the kiss.


Tiffany opens her eyes, surprise that she was kiss in the cheek, instead of lips.
She turn around to look at Taeyeon, who smiles back at her happily.

This made Tiffany smiles back as well.

They had ice cream as their desert after their wonderful lunch.
Tiffany was still linking arms with Taeyeon when Taeyeon shows her around.
They stop by at a shoe store, which was decorated in a beautiful fancy kind of way.
Workers always greeted Taeyeon whenever she walks in, Tiffany has her eyes set on one
of the pink high heels, but as she flips the heels around to check below of the price, she
was shock by the amount she sees. A high heels like this, with four digits, aint something
she can afford.
Tiffany place the high heels back down on the shelves, Taeyeon has both hands shove in
her pockets as she joins Tiffany, bumping her shoulders from behind.
you like it?
Tiffany shakes her head.
you su-


A high pitch voice, slightly squealing from behind, greeting Taeyeon.

Taeyeon turns around only to smile gently when she sees who it is who calls after her.
Tiffany too, turn around to see who it is.
All she sees is a girl, in blonde hair from the growth of her hair to the tip of it.
Her teeth are straight and white pearl, her eyes is beautifully portraits with the eyeliners
around it. This blonde girl must be wealthy, from the way she dress, Tiffany believes so.

oh god~ Taeyeonnie she shrieks again, running towards Taeyeon, literally jumping at
Tiffany took a step back, watching unhappily at how the blonde who launch herself at
Taeyeon right now, with no choice, instead of letting the blonde smacks her body and
causing the two to fall, Taeyeon opens her arms widely to catch the girl in her arms, the
girl wraps her legs around Taeyeons waist.


aigoooo, you are getting heavier, Sica ahhhh Taeyeon whines cutely, her arms
wrapping around the blondes bottom.

no more trial
Siwon crossed the road, as he was making his way to where he saw Tiffany.
not realizing the car coming in his direction..


Screams were heard among the crowds.

Laying there on the road pavement, was Siwon, lifeless, blood oozing out from his
mouth and nose.
walkers and passer by thought he was dead.
some starts calling for an ambulance.

the rufless driver drove off quickly, stepping on the gas.

Taeyeon smirks, looking at the rear mirror, making sure that the body of Siwon aint

A smile appears on her face.

"now, no one will be bothering me and tiffany anymore, but most of all.........?"


The two seems to be like in the world of their own! Who is she!?!??! Why the heck is she
doing this to tae tae?? And that taeyeon! How can she just touch her butt when I am
standing here! Right beside her! Even when I am not with her, she better not touch any
girls! Ugh!! Does she even remember that I am still here??? Tiffany.

Indeed, Jessica was looking at Taeyeon deeply in the stare of orbs, when it seems like
the two has forgotten that there are people other than them in the store. Hearing an
uncomfortable cough, it finally made Taeyeon come back to her senses, she gently let
Jessica back to standing on her own.
oh, sorryI have forgotten to introduce you twowell, Tiffany, this is Jessica, a friend
of mine and also the store owner of this store
and a few more around here Jessica says out proudly, as she looks at Tiffany with a
annyeong haseyo Tiffany bows forcefully as she didnt feels like to.
and Sica, this is Tiffa-
dae dae dae daea friend of yours, no need to seldom come around
Taeyeonnie!! Jessica who is looking rather excited.

Tiffany cant help to hide her uncomfortable look, as she felt uncomfortable of how close
this girl is with Taeyeon right now.

well, once in awhile, I need to check the place taeyeon answers.

Tiffany straight away glares at Taeyeons direction.

Check up? Why didnt she be honest about shes on a date? Or was it because she
wasnt?? or could it be because she didnt want this Jessica person to know that she is
on a date?? Tiffany.

Ill let you two talk Tiffany bows and left the store.
Taeyeon smirks as she felt a sense of jealousy coming from Tiffany and Jessica sense
something odd.
its been long Jessica stated.
Taeyeon nods her head, well talk some other time
taeyeonnie~~~ Jessica frowns when she watch Taeyeon walk pass her, she pulls her
phone out from the handbag, dialing a number with her phone. She smiles slyly.

Taeyeon looks around, to finally find Tiffany standing near the balcony, looking over at
the middle ground, which is where the skating ring is at. Taeyeon coolly walks to Tiffany
and hugs her one arm around the waist, pulling Tiffany towards her, shock, Tiffany stare
at Taeyeon.
Taeyeon smirks.

Tiffany was feeling a little displeased at the moment, she moves away, making Taeyeon
lets go home, I need to tutor you on your math, remember?
Taeyeon sighs, just why cant I hold you when I wants to
fine, lets go Taeyeon turns around and walking towards the exit, you were never
mine anyway, I totally understand why you push me away Taeyeon mumbles in
Although is mumbling, Tiffany heard every single thing.
She follows quietly behind.

Taeyeon was a little upset with what is going on once again, so she can barely focus on
what Tiffany teaches her, while Tiffany is disappointed that Taeyeon never pay much
attention to her whenever she was teaching.
Fany, if there wasnt such deal..would you still go out with someone like me? taeyeon
suddenly ask, surprises Tiffany once again.

or youll go out with someone like Siwon Taeyeon frowns at the name she herself

Although Tiffany stayed quiet, but a lot is running her mind too, she too, think about all
the questions that were ask by Taeyeon right now. Keeping her calm, she remains quiet.
do you love me? Taeyeon ask, suddenly blocking Tiffanys mind from thinking.
They stayed quiet until someone knocks the door, entering the room.
Master Tae, Mrs. Kim is asking you to go out for second as you have a guest visiting
guest Taeyeon looks at Nicole.
Tiffany is already packing her bag up, picking her file up as well.
my time is up..well study again tomorrow Tiffany says out, Taeyeon just nod her head,
walking towards the exit, following Nicole.

Jessica uncross her legs as she stands up, smiling, when she sees Taeyeon and surprise
to see Tiffany behind Taeyeon as well, Taeyeonnie
Where else, Tiffany on the other hand, felt bother to see this girl again and from the way
she calls Taeyeon, makes her feel like pulling Taeyeon to kiss her so this girl would back
But Tiffany kept her calm, she remains a fake smile on her face.
how come shes here? Jessica ask.
Mrs. Kim joins Jessica, from the way Mrs. Kim is smiling, Tiffany is assure that Mrs.
Kim is very fond of Jessica, oh? She is Taeyeons tutor
jinjaTaeyeonnie, why do I see you hanging out with her today?
Mrs Kim looks at Taeyeon, shock. didnt tell me Ms. Hwang is a friend of yours
why is there a need, mum Taeyeon question with a cock of an eyebrow.

Mrs. Kim hide her anger with a smile, she can be seen, wasnt please with her daughter
attitude in front of the guests and their maid, Nicole.
anyway, come on, go get change, Jessica is here, bring her out for dinner Mrs. Kim
Pushing Jessica towards Taeyeon already, who is smiling shyly.

What is this? is her mum encouraging her to be with Jessicabut Taeyeon.didnt she
just said that she loves menowgoing on a date with another girlmaybeshe never
thinks much, since she thinks that I doesnt love her. Well I do! ENOUGH SAID

oh tae, I havent mark any of your exam papers yet Tiffany suddenly speaks.
Taeyeon look at Tiffany uncertainly.

Exam papers? Since when did I did one??

you said you need it by tonight isnt it? Tiffany looks at Taeyeon in the eyes, like she
was trying to hint her or something, Taeyeon focus as she studies hard on what Tiffany
is trying to tell her right now, through their eyes contacts.


well, I wouldnt mind if Ms. Hwang would like to stay here and mark your papers in the
room, but well, time is running late, Taeyeon, why not you bring Jessica out for the
dinner first and be home later to check on your papers Mrs. Kim smiles.

From hinting Taeyeon, Tiffany eyes flares up, shes glaring at Taeyeon right now.
It even made Taeyeon step back a little, its her first time seeing how fierce Tiffany is.
But somehow, Taeyeon is feeling happy to see such situation, it only proves that Tiffany
is jealousy and jealousy equals to love that she has for Taeyeon.

omma, I think I would prefer to watch my papers getting mark, beside, my exam is
coming up soon Taeyeon says all of these while looking at Tiffany with a smirk.

Taeyeonnie. Jessica was feeling rather upset and her voice is betraying her as well,
making it obvious.

aigoo, TaeyeonJessica is herewhy not-

mum, this exam is really important, its the one that decide which college I will be
attending next summer Taeyeon is determine to stay back with Tiffany, wanting to
tease the girl later on of her jealousy, all planned up in her mind.

Mrs. Kim sigh, but Taeyeons future is what she concern more.
alright, mianhae, Jessica.why not next time, like tomorrow?


Mrs. Kim, Taeyeon, Jessica and Nicole turns their direction towards the small voice that
comes from the same room with them, they all stares at Tiffany. Who she herself, is
shock as well.
I am sorry, but did you said something, Ms. Hwang? Mrs Kim ask.
Tiffany takes a deep breath, with all her guts and bravery in her, she finally wants to spill
it out.

I said.. Tiffany looks into Taeyeons direction now, no

Taeyeon is shock, but a smile ran across her face.

im sorry, not to be rudebut, who are you to control Taeyeon? Jessica ask in
Tiffany eyes by pass the angry looking Mrs. Kim then her eyes stops, the moment it met
with Jessicas glares, their gaze becomes more intense, who am i? Tiffany cocks her
eyebrows up.

Even she herself doesnt believe on what she is about to say, from her own mouth.

Taeyeon was rather excited and anticipated.

I am Kim Tae Yeons girlfriend

Taeyeon has a victory smile on her face, as though she has won a big lottery.]

As My Girlfriend, Day One


Mrs. Kim looks like she is about to faint anytime soon, Jessica is holding Mrs. Kim up
from behind, fanning her with her hand, that true?
Taeyeon smiles cutely, intertwining her fingers with Tiffanys.
Tiffany caught how Jessica was staring at their hands in disbelief.
well, mumyeahits been awhileI thought I could find the right time to tell you
about it
Tiffany leans herself against Taeyeon.
I guess I no need to, now Taeyeon smiles happily.

but Taeyeon-

come, lets go mark my papers Taeyeon looks at Tiffany with the cutest smile ever on
her face, Tiffany cant help but to fall in love with that dorky smile of hers, allowing
Taeyeon to drag her into her room.


Taeyeon ignores her mum calling after her, already getting into her room, locking her
Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, whats with the hehtaeyeon??

Taeyeon has a smile well, more like a perverted smirks on her face now, walking closer
and closer towards Tiffany, who is backing away from Taeyeon.
Taeyeon! Yahhh! Why arent you answering me! Tiffany gulps and wonders what she
has got herself into this time.
With every steps that Taeyeon took, Tiffany steps back.
Finally not able to move backwards any longer because she has reach Taeyeons bed.
Tiffany falls onto the bed, sitting on the bed, looking at Taeyeon with her innocent eyes.
Taeyeon takes her jacket off, throwing it on the floor. As she then hovers on top of
Trapping Tiffany underneath her.

what did you just said yourself, Fany~ Taeyeon smirks as she leans down, closer to

Tiffany blink her eyes a few times, only looking at the girl on top of her now, quietly.
Finally, cant take it any longer, Taeyeon leans downwards, kissing Tiffany slowly.
As Tiffany respond to the kiss, Taeyeon slide her tongue in between the gap of Tiffanys
Probing into Tiffanys mouth, it only made Taeyeon groans on high when Tiffany starts
sucking the tongue like she was sucking a lollipop. They groans into each other mouth.
Taeyeon ran her hands into underneath of Tiffanys blouse, touching her skin.
While Tiffany fingers were running in, tangling with Taeyeons hair.

Taeyeon lips left Tiffany, as it trails down to Tiffanys neck, sucking some part of
Tiffanys neck in a sloppy way, Tiffany was moaning a little, feeling the new feeling when
Taeyeon suck on the right spot, it made her feel mellow.
Because taeyeon wanted a better and comfortable position while sucking around
Tiffanys neck, she moves herself around, accidentally letting her knee brushing against
Tiffanys below.
Taeyeon and Tiffany froze and stops everything they are doing now.

sorry Taeyeon mumbles, I didnt did that on purpose

Tiffany leans up, letting her elbows behind her that were supporting her body up.
I know
what that asshole roy saidwasnt trueI love you..i dont want you to thought that I
want to be with you just so I can get into your pants Taeyeon explains.
Tiffany smiles.
you trust me dont you? Taeyeon ask hesitated.
if theres no trust in a relationship, it wouldnt work right? Tiffany ask back.
Taeyeon nods her head, looking at Tiffany.
I trust you.and TaeyeonI dont want to be your girlfriend in trial

It was Tiffanys first day of university, and Taeyeon has been pushy on driving her to her
University, so, she has to let Taeyeon do what she wants.
Taeyeon park her car at the side of the building, Taeyeon look at the building with an
impressive expression.
nice right? Tiffany smiles brightly.
you look beautiful Taeyeon smiles, uhhhh, it means.a lot of guy will look at
youand they will fall for your smile and beauty.and they are going to go after you
Tiffany already press her lips against Taeyeons.
shut up Tiffany murmurs those words when they kiss.
Taeyeon was already smiling.

After the small confession, and finally making it official of them as an item.
Tiffany has been more daring lately, she can be the one to hug Taeyeon first when they
take strolls down the park, or the one pulling Taeyeon into a kiss when they bid goodbye
at the end of the day of their date and all this moves has made Taeyeon believe, that
Tiffany has finally falling in love with her.

I need to go Tiffany breaks the kiss, she giggles as she sees a small stain of lipstick
right above of Taeyeons lips, she reaches out, wiping it off with her fingertips.

Ill pick you up at3 right?

Tiffany nods her head, yes

alright Taeyeon smiles, you have a nice day then
Tiffany smiles back, you too she gets off from the car.
Taeyeon unwinds down the car window, hey
Tiffany turns around, looking at Taeyeon.
try to stay away from the guys Taeyeon warns, making Tiffany burst into laughter.
She just nods her head to entertain Taeyeon silly attitude, waving goodbye, finally
stepping into the building she has been waiting to enter all the time.

Tiffany was looking around the beautiful building with amaze, her mouth was slightly
She felt a pain coming from her chest when someone throws a basketball at her chest,
making her drop all her books to the floor, opps! the guy jog his way towards where
Tiffany is.
He pick his ball up, sorry he apologize.
Tiffany shakes her head, showing that she is fine.
The guy smiles and jogs away, into a class, Jessica smacks a bundle of hundred dollar
bills on his palm, good job Taec Jessica smiles as she walks out from the classroom,
towards to Tiffany.

poor you Jessica kicks one of the text book to Tiffany, who is busy picking up all her
Tiffany is shock to see Jessica again, ever since the incident back in Taeyeons house, she
thought that would be the last time for them to meet again.

Jessica has her arms crossed across her chest.

Im telling youdoesnt matter, if Taeyeon is with you, or any other girlsI will try and
get her, no matter what Jessica smirks, leaving Tiffany stand there, shock and maybe
impress at how she opens up about her feelings.


Tiffany lift her head up a little as she watch how Taeyeon is making a small love bite
right above her breast. The car park hidden somewhere under the trees in the park, the
car mirror all fog up because of the cold night and perhaps, what is going on in the car is
heating up.

Now that Tiffany has start her class, she has stop teaching Taeyeon, besides, it would be
weird, to be Taeyeons tutor and girlfriend at the same time, although Taeyeon has
volunteer to pay for Tiffanys daily usage, Tiffany was very strong against it. She is only
with Taeyeon because she loves her not her money.

Yes, Taeyeon loves making love bites all around Tiffanys body.
But as much as is quite intimate, Taeyeon has never gone as far as seeing Tiffany naked.
Taeyeon know Tiffany isnt ready, but at times, when Taeyeon touch Tiffany on the right
part and spot, she finds herself defenseless right away, but all Taeyeon ever did was

taking her shirt off and thats as far as Taeyeon goes. She loves it that Taeyeon respect
her that much.

Taeyeon starts groaning, she loves it, she loves how she can have small part of Tiffanys
skin, being suck by her, making marks around her breast.


Taeyeon ignores as she still making her trademarks.

When Taeyeon stops what she is doing, helping Tiffany to sit up.
Tiffany check the red markings around the top of her breast, both side that is.
She looks at Taeyeon with a displease expression, Tae! I wont be able to wear any
singlet to the class for awhile now
duh! Taeyeon rolls her eyes, picking Tiffanys shirt up from the passenger seat, when
the two of them were at the back seat.
that was your evil plan? Tiffany tease.
hows class on the first day? Taeyeon watch Tiffany putting her shirt back on.
erit was okayTae

I dont know if I should tell you this Tiffany sweeps her hair out from shirt.
what is it

Jessica attends the same University with me

Taeyeon looks at Tiffany for awhile to study her expression, ..okay
Taeyeon, she loves you
Taeyeon snorted, is nothing newmy mum and her mum are like best friend
Taeyeonim your girlfriend okay
chillI dont have feelings for her
but she has
look, my mum was eager to get me, to get along with her, even when were just friends,
omma wanted more than that, ever since I came out, honestly that I am into girls, omma
introduces me to Jessica, she was hoping I would be in a relationship with her

Tiffany looks a little sad hearing this, because Mrs. Kim is looking at her, from the total
opposite way, as Mrs. Kim seems like she doesnt likes Taeyeon being with her, maybe is
perhaps because Tiffany is from a poor family.

because Jessicas family owns about..20 stores in Lotte World Taeyeon added.
so, thats why?
yeah taeyeon nods her head, hugging Tiffany, besides

Taeyeon let her thumb rubs Tiffanys bottom lips, I love you
Tiffany nods her head, kissing Taeyeons thumb that were rubbing her lips, nado
so, dont let it bothers you alright?
your parents doesnt love can I ignores that Tiffany sighs.
is just my mum, when my dad comes back from overseas, Ill introduce you to him
Taeyeon smiles.
you think your dad will like me Tiffany seems worried, Taeyeon squeezes Tiffanys
Taeyeon kisses Tiffany on the head, loves you or not, I dont care, I loves you too much
to even care

Talking About It
Taeyeon, I am telling you, for the best, stop dating her, she seems nice, but she is not
the one for you Mrs. Kim stated.

what makes you think she is not the one for me, omma? Taeyeon question back.

what makes you think she is the one?

I want her ommathats it Taeyeon throws her spoon back on the table, kicking the
chair off, as she storms off, im off to school

Taeyeon wears her coat as she decided to walk to school today, since Tiffanys dad has
offers to send her daughter to class today, she didnt need to send Tiffany today.
taengoo Yoona greets with a wide smile.
hey Taeyeon greeted her best friend with a high five, she has called Yoona this
morning as she didnt like walking to school alone.
you dont look happy..whats up
my mum again, shes being trying to talk me out from the relationship with Tiff
Taeyeon pressed hard on the word, again.
chillax Yoona hugs Taeyeon from the side, she really wanted to say something nice
about Mrs. Kim but nothing came up to her mind, you know your mum she finally
Taeyeon nudge Yoona in the guts with her elbow, but a smile appears on her face.
I cant even bring Tiff over to my place nowmy mum always makes Tiffany
what about going to her place? Yoona ask.
we.never talk about it before Taeyeon realize, she has never speak of me to her
parents beforeI dont think shes ready

dude, shes been in a relationship with you for almost a month now Yoona added.
Taeyeon just quietly listen.

just get her talking about it then, I mean, parents could be the reason of a couple
relationship not working out Yoona stated out sadly.

Taeyeon nods her head, agreeing.

Ill find some right time with Tiffany

Class is done for the day, Jessica was sitting there with her friends around the table,
drinking their juice. Just as they were chatting, Jessica eyes glares at a certain direction.
wae unnie Krystal ask as she turns to where her sister is looking at.

Tiffany was in her glasses, with book clamps against her chest tightly, making her way
out of the university. While Krystal is Jessicas real blooded sister, who happens to visit
her sister when her school is around there nearby.
who is she unnie?
Jessica stood up, holding the cup in her left hand, a bitch she mutters under her
Krystal watches confusingly as Jessica left their table, walking towards Tiffany.

HEY Jessica calls out loudly.

She then splashes the cup of juice in her hand towards Tiffanys direction.
Tiffany saw it coming, but it was too late to avoid, she squint her eyes close, ready for
the juice to strikes her. Jessica eyes widens.

It seems like she has close her eyes for long enough for the juice to splash on her and
weirdly, Tiffany didnt felt anything, so she slowly opens her eyes, afraid that Jessica is
tricking her or something and when she does, Tiffany can no longer sees Jessica in front
of her, instead, it was someone in a grey coat. Tiffany looks at the ground and she sees
juice dripping onto the ground.

.op-oppa. Tiffany suddenly realizes who it was even when his back is facing her.
Tiffany then look at Jessica who is in shock, staring back at the both of them.
Jessica glares at Tiffany and then Siwon one last time, before walking away angrily.
Siwon greets Tiffany with a smile, finally they look at each other face to face, Tiffany jaw
drop opens when she sees how much of the juice was on Siwons face and some even got
into his spiky hair, then now, dripping down to his shirt. Tiffany sigh, feeling sorry
towards Siwon.
They then make their way to an empty bench in the university park.

oppa mianhae Tiffany said as she uses a Kleenex and starts wiping Siwons face, while
he watches her closely in admiration.
youve been apologizing for the hundredth time, Fany ahhh
Tiffany sighs, tears were forming in her eyes again, she was getting sick and tired of how
Jessica is after her just because she is in a relationship with Taeyeon right now.
has she been bothering you all the time? Siwon ask in concern.

dae, Yoong.ill call you later tonightyeah, see you

Taeyeon slips the phone back into her pocket, as she walks into the University, looking
for her girlfriend. As she pass by, her eyes caught something, she stopped in her tracks,
not far from where she can look, she saw Tiffany and.
siwon Taeyeon mumble.

Tiffany hung her head low, as a tear slip out from her eye.
Siwon use his index finger to lift Tiffanys chin up, so that she can look at him.

has she been bothering you ever since? Who is she? Why didnt you tell your
oppa. Tiffany shakes her head, wiping her eyes, is nothing
that is not nothing Tiffany, thats like bullying
im finereally
Tiffany smiles again, shaking her worries off as she continues wiping the juice dry off
from Siwons hair.
He cant stand it any longer, he leans forward, wanting to kiss Tiffany.

Taeyeon was shock, stunned in her position as she watches how Siwon is leaning his face
closer to Tiffany, her fingers clench into a fist, she took a step forward, ready to launch
herself to where that two were, but she stop in her tracks, she cant stand it any longer.
And walks away.

Tiffany back her head as fast as she could, oppa, no she pleaded.
Siwon stopped, his cheek flustering in embarrassment when Tiffany rejected him.
He can see how she was leaning backwards, he sits back properly in his place, shaking
his head.
oppayou know im in a relationship

Taeyeon was walking around in the mall, her phone switched off. She knew Tiffany
would call her whenever she reaches home, asking for a meet like their usual doings.
Walking around in her own parents mall, she wants to just calm her mind of what she
has just witnessed not long ago.

Sothis is what happens behind my back all the time? All this time shes been seeing
him behind my back? Who knows even how many times they kisses every time when
they meet? Righthe is a guy anyway..and just a loser.

Taeyeon unnie?
That snapped Taeyeon out of her thoughts as she sees Kyrstal who is standing close to

Taeyeon force a smile on her face.

hey she greets back, its been a long time since we last met
yes, how are you? Krystal smile.
fine, you too I guess. How is school?
Krystal frowns right away, making Taeyeon laughs at the instant changes of expression
from Krystal, sucks
UnnieI dont know if I should be telling you this

Krystal shove both her hands into her jeans back pocket, I went to unnies university
today for a visit and I saw, I mean, I witnessed, how Jessica unnie was trying to pour
water at a girl who happens to study the same placeI just dont want anything to cause
Jessica unnie to be kicked out of the not easy to get in thereso, Jessica
unnie really listens to you well..somaybe you can try talking to her?

Could that girl be Tiffany.?

ne taeyeon answers, where is she


Taeyeon find herself standing outside of Junglace, the la brassiere shop that owns by
Jessicas mum, although she does wears bra, but seeing all those sexy lingerie hanging in
the store, makes Taeyeon feels awkward. Just then, Jessica was looking at the lingerie
hanging in the closet, she turns around and sees Taeyeon standing right outside of her
Running towards Taeyeon happily.
come here you Taeyeon drags Jessica by the wrist roughly, to a more quiet place, she
release Jessica when she sees that not much people is around them.
owww.taeyeonniethat hurt~ Jessica pouted.

why did you intend to splash Tiffany with your drinks today? Taeyeon looks at Jessica.

This it isa gamblewell, is just my guesswhether if its Tiffany or not. did you know-

so its true? Taeyeon questioned one last time.
why did you do that Sicawhat did Tiffany ever do to youfor you to treat her that
Taeyeon punches the wall behind Jessica as she launches her fist pass right by Jessicas
Taeyeon clench her jaw tightly, look, Tiffany meant a lot to me..if she ever come to me,
crying..i do things that even I myself, would be disbelief..

taeyeonnie. Jessica was on the verge of crying.

Now, I wouldnt want Krystal to get all the scolding or blames.

I was therein the university, if you were wondering with that, Taeyeon walks away.

Taeyeon was done walking alone in the park, as its about to get dark since its almost
Tiffany has been waiting since the last two hours, sitting at the lobby of Taeyeons

Tae Tae Tiffany get up onto her feet, giggles when she how Taeyeon stumble few steps
behind, shock to see her, I think your phone is turn off-
yeah, I did it
Immediately, Tiffany sense something isnt right, she walks to Taeyeons side, holding
her hand.
But it made Taeyeon flinch, pulling her hand away, Tiffanys eyes caught something.
Taeyeons knuckles were slightly bleeding.
Taeyour knucklesthey arebleeding Tiffany looks at Taeyeon worriedly.
lookim fine
Tae..lets go do something to stop the bleedi-
Taeyeon shakes her head, thanks tired..i need a rest she reaches out and
pressed on the lift button.

The lift opens, Taeyeon step in, Tiffany took a step forward, she wanted to know what is
going on but, go home, tiffyou should rest as well ask Taeyeon, as she press the close
button inside the lift.

What is going on with hershe dont even reply to my text till when I called her, I only
realize, her phone is still offwhy are her knuckles bleeding anyway.gosh! im here
worrying her and I think she barely knew! But Taeyeon seldom acts that, unless,
something happened.what is it-Tiffany.

Tiffany is done placing her books into her locker until someone slams it shut.
Of course, is no other than Jessica Jung, leaning at the locker beside hers.
nice way of telling Taeyeonnie what I didmakes me wonder if you even tell her that it
didnt get to you and instead, it hits some random life saver boy of yours Jessica crosses
her arms.
telling Taeyeon? Tiffany ask confusingly.
Jessica snorts in a sarcastic kind of way.

of course, you would want me to buy the whole lies of what Taeyeonnie said about her
coming here isnt itdo you think I would not realize if Taeyeonnie is around me? How
dumb do you think I am, Tiffany Hwang
.what? Tiffany gotten even more confuse.

Taeyeonwas here?? Tiffany.

look, whatever it isI am not going to give up on Taeyeonnie Jessica glares one last
time and about to leave.


Jessica stops and turn to around and look at Tiffany.

I am not letting you get to Taeyeon either

Tiffany rolls her eyes and leaves first before Jessica does.

Almost All About Tiffany (?)

Tiffany : you were in my University???
Taeyeon : ..
Tiffany : *sigh* can you pick me up after class?
Taeyeon : yeah.

Tiffany was half happy when she sees Taeyeons car parked outside of the gate but she
too, felt unhappy of what its about that made Taeyeon in such a bad mood. She walks to
the car, watching how Taeyeon was looking out of the window beside hers, not realizing
that Tiffany was already standing right outside the car.
Tiffany tilted her head a little, as she reach out to knock on the window, which gotten
Taeyeons attention, Taeyeon unlock the car and allows Tiffany to steps in.
Tiffany stops Taeyeon before she starts the engine. Tiffany reaches out and grab hold of
the hand that Taeyeon has her knuckles injured. Now that is no longer bleeding, it was
just mere cut on the knuckles. Tiffany let her thumbs stroke the knuckles gently.
does it hurt? What happened.what got you injured?

Taeyeon look at Tiffany who was watching over her knuckles worriedly, some part of her
heart hurts a lot, she just loves Tiffany too much and all she ever wants was to Tiffany to
love her back.
im fine

Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, I know youre notare you in my U yesterday, Tae?

Taeyeon blink her eyes a few times, wondering how did Tiffany knew and why Tiffany
look so calm.
Tiffany puts her palm at the side of Taeyeons cheek, were you?
It took Taeyeon 5 minutes to just at Tiffany and not saying anything, but at last, she
nodded her head.
then how come you didnt tell me.? You saw what Jessica did to me?
Taeyeon shakes her head, I saw you and him
Taeyeon leans her head at the headrest behind her.
me and him? Tiffany ask again to be clear of the situation, until Taeyeon nods her

yeah, you and him Taeyeon sighs, scratching the back of her head, messing her hair.

Tiffany place a hand on Taeyeons thigh, leaning slightly forward, even Taeyeon herself
is shock by the sudden movement, Taeyeon~ look at me and Taeyeon did, slowly.
I love you, silly. I dont want you to think too much of what you mightve seen,
sometimes, what you see isnt reality..isnt real..but uswe are

Seriously.this is serious this timeshe said she loves me! Shes saying all sweet stuff
to make me smileI believe hermy heart doesTiffany aint a liarshe doesnt even
like people lying and she is someone who doesnt betrays herself, she would never lies
to herselfhahahaha! Tiffany hwang says she loves me :D jinja!!

Taeyeon was snapped out of her thoughts the moment she receive a surprise smooch on
the cheek coming from Tiffany who is by her side, Taeyeon look at Tiffany surprisingly.
Tiffany could only shows her beautiful smile. A very tender smile.

what is running in your mind? Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, lovingly.

you. what you said Taeyeon answers.
Tiffany smiles shyly, lets go for dinner?

Jessica took her shades off as she was called to go to Mrs. Kim office on the top floor of
Lotte World, Headquarters. She stops at the front desk, outside of the office.
I have an appointment with Mrs. Kim Jessica tell the front desk outside, who check on
the computer for a moment, before nodding her head and guide Jessica in.
It was the first time Jessica walks into the office, she looks around, admiring the place.
Jessica stops abruptly as something caught her eyes.
On one of the corner of the desk, beside the computer, is a medium size picture in a
beautiful frame, what looks like it, was a family picture, is not that Jessica knows
anyone. But she can definitely recognize one of the girls in the picture.

er, Ms. Jung? the receptionist call out, looking at Jessica who has suddenly stop, right
Jessica take one last look at the picture, before walking to where the receptionist is at.
Thanks Jessica says to the receptionist and then enters the director office room.

Mrs. Kim Jessica greets cheerfully in a happy tone.

Mrs. Kim who is behind the desk, only smiles happily when she sees Jessica, giving a
respectful bow, she puts the file in her hands onto the desk, standing up, walking to
where her small longue were at, Jessica-sshiso beautiful today..beautiful as ever
Thank~ you! Jessica skips cutely to where Mrs. Kim is at.
I heard you wanted to see me, what is it?
aaaah~ about thatMrs. Kim, is about Taeyeonnie Jessica frowns, she scolded me
because of Tiffany.she seems like she is really serious about Tiffany

my daughter is never serious on anything Mrs. Kim snorts.

whatdo you mean? Jessica ask wonderingly.
my daughter always finds challenges interesting, Tiffany is like a challenge for her..

Mrs. Kim nods her head as she sips the wine, walking down to the sitting area as Jessica
follows behind quietly.

dont you know Taeyeon, shes always high in pursue, going against what I saysthats
my daughterwhen shes done with Tiffany, she will eventually throws that poor girl

Jessica tries to understand as much as she can from what Mrs. Kim means.
butMrs. Kim, Taeyeon really loves Tiffanylike really very serious about it
Taeyeon has never been serious on anything ever since she was bornthis kid loves
gamesTiffany is just one of the piece on her chess board Mrs. Kim smiles.
aahhh~ oh-

Wait! Should I tell? Jessica

yes, Sica?
nothingI just hope...things will be fine Jessica smiles uncomfortably.
you see that man out there? Mrs. Kim nods her head towards a direction, from the
glasses of the office, Jessica sees a man standing up, a man in his 40s perhaps.
Mr. Lee, father of Tiffany Hwang Mrs. Kim stated.

Jessicas eyes widens, thats the mans table, where she sees Tiffany picture in the
Tiffany is adoptedI would never ever want my daughter to be with or to even know
someone who is adopted Mrs. Kim glares at that man.

Their fingers intertwined together, Taeyeon walks Tiffany back to her apartment.
Ill see you tomorrow Taeyeon smiles, pulling Tiffany closer as she kisses Tiffany on
the forehead, but when they look at each other, Tiffany shakes her head, slightly
wae? Taeyeon ask, seeing the cute Tiffany who is using her other free hand to tug
Taeyeons sleeve, still pouting, shaking her head. er.want me to kiss you on the lips?
Tiffany giggles, I want to see you a little longer, you look so cute today
Taeyeon looks at herself, well, she has this light brown faded khakis on, with a white
polo tee.

I always look this cute Taeyeon smirks.

Tiffany pulls Taeyeon closer, can we spare some time on the roof?

Whenever they were making out, Taeyeon always sends chills down Tiffanys spine.
How they would have their tongues brushing in and out from each other mouths.
How Taeyeon would actually touches the right spot at the right moments, making
Tiffany melts under her touch all the time. Maybe it was because the only person she has
been making out, was Taeyeon. Taeyeon was her first love, first kiss. So Tiffany was a
virgin to every single thing.
Taeyeon slowly breaks their sloppy kiss with the sound of the saliva, plops.
I love you
Taeyeon squeezes Tiffanys waist a little, and I love you

Dirty Tricks
Yes, Mrs Kim? I heard you need to see me.

Mrs. Kim turns around with the chair from facing the view of Seoul City in her office
She smiles sweetly.
why not have a seat, Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee gives a respectful bow, as he then pulls the chair out from her other side of the
desk, sitting on it.
Yes, I have wanted to see you Mrs. Kim answers to his question.

This is regarding about your job

Dear me, Mrs. Kim, I have not did any mistake isnt it? Mr. Lee sounded a little
no no Mrs. Kim shakes her head, of course you didnt make any

Mr. Lee was a little worried because his whole family is depending on his job.
His job salary is great, enough to spare extra for Tiffanys University monthly fees,
Sunnys yearly school fees, his wifes household for every month and the rest was for his
two sons education fare. With his car rental and house payment, paying the side electric
and water billing, he still have a little left over with his salary. So he is very thankful of
having this job, its been 10years.

you have been working with us for about10 years?

yes, Mrs. Kim.. I am very lucky Mr. Lee bows again, thankful this time.
I can see how happy you are with your job
you have two daughters as far as I know..
ah, yes. One of them is still in high school while my other daughter is in University he
answers proudly.

very good. Mrs. Kim nods her head several times, are they doing good?
yes, good indeed, with the income I have, that is why I am thankful about this job..and I
hope to still continue on working hereifits possible

Mrs. Kim smiles slyly, of course, it can be possible..we need people like you for things
to happen for good
Of course, Mrs. Kim has her other meaning behind what she said, but Mr. lee thought it
was a praising from his bosss wife, thank you
that is why, we decide to raise your salary..for a better easier life..for you and your
family of courseespecially your daughter, who is in the Universityshe must
beneeding a lot of money
oh yesshe even works part time for it
poor girlbut then, with the raise..things will be easier, isnt it? Mrs Kim smile, patting
the back of Mr. Lees hands on her desk.
thank you so much mrs Kim, thank you Mr. Lee stands up and bows continuously with
the continuous thank you coming from his heart to Mrs Kim, who is obviously on a

how is the spaghetti, Jessica? Mrs. Kim wipes her mouth with the napkin.
Jessica nods her head softly, its delicious, Mrs. Kim
You should come by here more often from now onwards Mrs. Kim announces.
that is also only if Taeyeonnie dont mind Jessica look at Taeyeon shyly.
Taeyeon who keeps herself busy eating, trying to finish her food faster, shrugs her
Jessica smiles a little, while Mrs. Kim nods her head, thats final. You should
Dae, gomawo for inviting me Jessica replies.
Taeyeon, how is school?
Taeyeon shrugs her shoulders, still eating.
the exams are comingI hearddo you need any help? Jessica ask, smilingly.
nope Taeyeon is done with her food as it was clean up, she wipes her mouth, Tiff
could do that part
Jessica was slightly frowning in upset emotion, but Taeyeon stand up finally.
where are you going Taeyeon Mrs. Kim looks at her daughter.
to find my girlfriend and make out with her Taeyeon smirks and walks to the living
room, leaving her mum with Jessica at the table, shock at her remarks, she pick her coat
up and left.

They meet at their usual spot, the roof top.

Tae Tae Tiffany smiles, when Taeyeon finally jog up the final stairs in a quick pace.
Taeyeon immediately crushes her body against Tiffany, as she hugs her right away.
had urm..Spaghetti for your dinner?
Taeyeons eyes widen, how did youknow?
you had sauce at the corner of your lips, pabo Tiffany reaches her fingers out to wipe
the sauce stain off, smiling and shaking her head, feeling full?
is nice though
oh really? Tiffany giggles, knowing where its going.
wanna try? Taeyeon smirks, hugging Tiffany by the waist.
Awaiting for Tiffanys response, patiently.
When Tiffany finally nods her head shyly, Taeyeon pulls Tiffany closer, closing their gap
with their lips.

Jessica was a little upset throughout the dinner, but of course Mrs. Kim realize that.
darling, dont need to be sadthats typical of Taeyeonyou just need to learn how to
bear it when you both gets married
m-married??? Jessica is shock as she has never think to that point.
yes, dont you want to?
butisnt it illegal? Jessica ask.
Mrs. Kim laugh out loud, silly girl, we will go to place that allows the wedding happen
oh..but I dont think Taeyeonnie will-
will agree?
Jessica nods her head sadly.
she willdont worry, she willI have it in my plan, now dont you worry
Jessica looks at Mrs. Kim, wondering what Mrs. Kim is up to.

Mr. Kim is finally back from his business trip, he drop his suitcase on the couch, walking
into the small study area that was designed like a small mini library, Taeyeon was there
since the afternoon, studying.
oh, hey dad Taeyeon takes her glasses off, putting at the coffee table beside her, she
rubs her eyes slightly, you came back earlier
and youre studying Mr. Kim smiles in amazement.
that is sort of teasing in a insulting kind of way Taeyeon crosses her arms, but she was
Mr. Kim pats his daughters head a few times, nois good to see this side of youever
since your mums passing.
dad, mum passed ever since I was born..
Mr. Kim sigh, as he sat next to Taeyeon, ever since I remarried, I barely had time to
spend with you, im sorry
dont worry Taeyeon taps her dads thigh a few times, to assure him that she is fine.

Yes, this Mrs. Kim that is living with them, a person Taeyeon calls mum, has been the
second wife to Mr. Kim, Taeyeons real mother has passed on the moment she given

birth Taeyeon, due to the reason she lost too much blood on the giving birth operation
table. Mr. Kim thought it would be a good idea for someone to take of Taeyeon, like a
mother, not wanting Taeyeon to ever feel the feeling of having no mother, beside, he has
fall in love with this woman very much.
Besides, he felt happy that this wife he has remarried with, never was like any other step
mother in those drama, those evil kind of step mother that tortures their daughters.

maybe we should have seafood for dinner tonight Mr. Kim suggest, Ill cook!
Cool!! I miss the sweet and sour prawns you always use to make! Taeyeon gets excited.
Mr. Kim beams a smile, Ill make lots of that he points at Taeyeon, winked.

just let me go take a quite bath th-

can I invite someone over? Taeyeon ask.
who? Mr. Kim smirks.
ahhhhIll take that as a yes Taeyeon got up and quickly runs into her room.

Taeyeon : think you can come over tonight? For dinner.

Tiffany : your place?
Taeyeon : yes, my dad will be making them.
Tiffany : Taeyeonyou know I love you and how much I would love toTaeyeon : then just come and not let anything bothers you.
Tiffany : I just dont want anything to be ruin because of me
Taeyeon : how can *sigh* youre worrying about my mum?

Tiffany stayed quiet.

Taeyeon : I dont care, Tiff. I love you and I will introduce you to my dad
Tiffany : taeyeon
Taeyeon : come over, please..
Tiffany : ara

Taeyeon herself too, take a bath, while Mr. Kim was busy cooking.
Mrs. Kim in her room, getting herself ready also.
Doorbell were heard ringing, Taeyeon dashes herself towards the door, cant wait to
introduce to her to dad, the person she love most right now.



Taeyeon looks at the blonde who is standing at her door right now.
are you just going to stare? Jessica giggles, you look good Taeyeonnie
Taeyeon is no longer looking at Jessica, her eyes already wander off to somewhere
behind Jessica, as she turns around to see what Taeyeon is looking at. It was no one
other than, Tiffany.
In a pink singlet with pink matching shorts on, looking all sweet and cutesy.
excuse me Taeyeon steps out from the house, smiling, walking towards Tiffany,
holding her by the shoulders, both sides, Tiffany smiles back.
you are so.pretty Taeyeon stated out, breathless at the end of the sentence.
gomawo, you look not bad either
Taeyeon leans closer to kiss Tiffany on the forehead, an appropriate kiss.
But Tiffany was backing up a little, as she sees how Jessica was looking a little upset.
come onmy dad is cooking already

Tiffany sat right next to Taeyeon, while Jessica was at the opposite side of them, right
next to Mrs. Kim, who often stares at Tiffany one of a kind.
this is your friend that you were inviting, Taeyeon? Mr. Kim ask, remembering.
Taeyeon nods her head shyly.
Annyeong haseyo, Tiffany nimida Tiffany introduces herself, getting her butt up a little
as she takes a bow.
such pretty eyesmile Mr. Kim stated, making Tiffany and Taeyeon giggles.

want to know something, dear, Taeyeon was studying this afternoon when I came back
Mr. Kim tells Mrs. Kim, very proudly and he looks happy.
While Taeyeon and Tiffany exchanges glances.


your last exam is coming up, have you studied? Tiffany ask, looking at Taeyeon,
snuggling closer. Taeyeon shook her head. Immediately receiving a smack in the chest
from Tiffany.
why didnt you study!
I dont think I need to Taeyeon rolls her eyes.
I dont want you failing, Kim Tae Yeon
I wont
you better not Tiffany warns.
alright, finebut what do I get if I passed all my exams? Taeyeon smiles.
I dont knowwhat do you want?
Taeyeon think for awhile, she has everything she wants, like as in, if she wants
anything, shell just get it, buy it, but the best part, she wants Tiffany, and now she
does have Tiffany as her girlfriend, I dont know
come on.there is something that you really wantI believe
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, I wanted youand now youre mineso, really, I cant think
of anything else she admits. Their eyes not breaking the contact at the moment.
Literally staring at one another only.

Tiffany leans up and pecks Taeyeon on the lips, I love this sweet side of yours,
Taeyeon ahh
Taeyeon smiles shyly.
okaywhat about if you pass all your exam
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany.

Ill let you have my virginity


Jessica on the other side, sees and witness all the sly dirty smirk from Taeyeon, sending
it to Tiffany, who on the other hand was smiling shyly. When Tiffany realizes something
was making her uneasy, she turns to see Jessica, who quickly looks away.

studying Mrs. Kim was even impressed with what she heard.
I have a few broachers, from Australia, great college over there Mr. Kim stated.
college? Taeyeon repeat again.
in Australia? Jessica looks at Mr. Kim, even Tiffany was shock herself.
yes, the place is beautiful, the environment-
dad, not at this moment.lets not talk about college first? Taeyeon suggest.

ah, yes.lets start eating, the food is getting cold mrs. Kim agrees.

want some prawns? My dad made that, it was my favorite Taeyeon scoop up some
prawns and place it onto Tiffanys plate. Tiffany opens her mouth a little, wanting to say
something, but she didnt say anything as she watches how Taeyeon was eager to eat it.

While, Mr. Kim on the other side, caught Tiffanys weird reaction.
Tiffany hesitates on eating the prawns in front of her.
doesnt know how to eat one, Ms. Hwang? Mrs. Kim smirks.
Taeyeon stops eating and looks at Tiffany, wae, fany ahh?
or havent have one before Mrs. Kim smiles at Tiffany now.

perhaps, she didnt like eating prawns Jessica stated, Taeyeon look back and forth as
its weird for what is going on.
oh well, sadly, it was the total opposite, it was Taeyeons favorite Mrs. Kim smiles.
Tiffany, if you dont like it-
no no, I do, besides, Mr. Kim made it, of course, I must try it Tiffany stated, picking up
the prawns, starting to peel its shell off, she hesitantly pops the prawn into her mouth,
chewing it.
Mr. Kim looks at Tiffany for a moment, after that, continuing his dinner.

Taeyeon was seriously onto the prawns, gobbling down one after another.
Tiffany had her third one, and her body was literally starting to feel uneasy.

urm, sorry Tiffany suddenly stands up, everyone looking at her, my dad called me and
ask me about my whereabouts, I think I should get home soon
huh? Taeyeon search for the napkin to wipe her oily fingers.
sorry Tiffany quickly push the chair slightly back a little.
let me get my hands wash and Ill-
no, Taeyeon, is alright, I stay nearby, Ill just get home right away, sorry for ruining in
the middle of the dinner, but I really have to go Tiffany bows a little, wiping her hands
clean, thank you for inviting me she bows at Taeyeon, then to Mrs. Kim, thank you for
the wonderful dinner, Mr. Kim she bows to Mr. Kim and then left, even before Taeyeon
can stops her.

The rest continues eating.

ah Mr. Kim hits his forehead gently, I left my briefcase in the car, I need to go get it
you can get it tomorrow mrs. Kim suggest.
no~ its important, for tomorrows meeting, you guys continue. Ill be back

Tiffany sits at the empty bench in the park, looking at both her arms which were visible
with red spots on them, it start to itch as she scratches them wildly, the more she
scratches, the more red it becomes and it seems like it can bleed anytime.

Scratching will only make it goes worse

Tiffany look up to see who it is, she is shock.

m-mmm-mr. Kim Tiffany quickly stands up, bowing her head a little.
Mr. Kim walks to her, with a small smile, he stands beside her, if you dont mind, lets

Tiffany is being nervous for some reason.

First, he was the director for Lotte World and he also happens to own several places in
the famous industry.
Secondly, he is one of the powerful men in Korea.
Third, the last one, most importantly, he is Taeyeons father.
So, Tiffany wouldnt want anything to goes wrong.

They sit right next to each other.

Mr. Kim reaches into his pocket and pull out a tub looking stuff.
here Mr. Kim pass the tub thingy to Tiffany.
youre allergy to the prawns isnt it Mr. Kim looks at Tiffany, who nods her head.
how did you.
I saw everything, Ms. Hwang
sorry Tiffany hangs her head low, feeling embarrass, but she took the tub anyway,
putting the cream onto her itching spot.
no, dont be Mr. Kim looks at Tiffany, you did that because you heard it was
Taeyeons favorite and you didnt want to disappoint herso, you still eat it, even though
you are allergic towards iteven when you know what the outcomes are

Im impressed..
Im sorry.for the way I act

sorry? You are very considerate..i can see it, and bad in lying Mr. Kim added.
Tiffany hangs her head even lower, she somehow wish there is a hole in the park where
she can buries her head into.

Mr. Kim chuckles, your phone didnt even ring, when you give the reason to leave..and
silly enough, they all buy it
youre a smart man, Mr. Kim
Mr. Kim chuckles, Ill accept that, because if I dont, that only means the rest three were
pabo right? he joke, which were unexpected to Tiffany.

Tiffany spread the cream all over her arms, really feeling much more better.
no longer itching right? Mr. Kim ask.
ne, gomawo Mr. come you have this type of cream? May I ask
Jessica used to come to our place, she too has the same allergies

So, Jessica was known long with Taeyeons family. Tiffany

how long has it been between you and my daughter?

Tiffany is shock at what Mr. Kim just asked.

d-did taeyeon told you about us? Tiffany stammers.
no Mr. Kim shake his head, got you! hah! Means I was right!
yah!! Tiffany slap Mr. Kims arm, but she immediately froze in her position, realizing
what she did, hitting the director, MIANHAE!!!!!!

But on the inside, Tiffany was laughing at how Mr. Kim reacted.
It reminded her exactly of how Taeyeon would act.
GwenchanaMs. Hwang
then, Mr. Kim, how did you know?
it was easy
Mr. Kim looks at Tiffany, the way my daughter looks at you
Tiffany blushes.

do you know what you have gotten yourself into? Mr Kim looks at Tiffany.

Mrs. Kim, shes a nice lady, really, if you get along with her, but thenshe is very keen
on Jessica, so it will be hard for you, to be with Taeyeon..

what do you mean, Mr. Kim?

I cant tell you how to be strong, but if you and Taeyeon are for real, nothing will be

Tiffany smiles, I got it, Mr. Kim, thank you.

too much love

Fany ahhh~~
Taeyeon runs to Tiffanys side, why did you leave so quickly yesterdayI miss you
being in my roomits been a month already since you last step into my room
yah Tiffany holds Taeyeons arm, as they two steps into the shopping mall.
It was a Saturday, and both of them decide to just hang out in the mall and maybe catch
some movies later, its that all you care about?
no, how are your arms Taeyeon ask, knocking her head against Tiffanys.
how did you know Tiffany ask suspiciously.
your phone didnt even ring, when you lied about your dad calling
you are seriously bad in lying, hwang miyoung
Tiffany stops walking, looking at Taeyeon, more like glaring.
how did you know that name?!
I saw your identification card the other day Taeyeon chuckles.

urgh Tiffany swings Taeyeons arm away, storming away, Taeyeon quickly chase up

what do you mean why! You know why!

okay okay, I wasnt suppose to ransack your handbag, im sorry
Tiffany huff her bloated cheeks with air, puffing her cheeks. Making Taeyeon kissing
each sides of her cheeks, which made her smile shyly.
awww, dont be mad at me anymore Taeyeon pleaded.
promise not to be so naughty anymore?
wow, hey, look, Super Juniors latest single Taeyeon walks to the CD store.
yah, Kim Tae Yeon, stop changing the top- what.

Taeyeon got down on one knee, looking up at Tiffany.

Passerby was actually stopping to see what is going on.
what are you doing taeyeon, get up~~~~~~!!! Tiffany hiss.
Tiffany Hwang, would you please be my girlfriend for as long as I am breathing?
Taeyeon ask earnestly.

Oooh and Ahhhhs were heard from the crowds, some were giggling shyly, some were
watching Tiffany with the feeling of jealousy.

please accept this ring as a yes

say yes!!!

One of the crowds starts screaming, making the rest start cheering the same.
Tiffany looks around her and she sees people encouraging her by nodding their head,
supporting her to accept Taeyeon.
Finally, with teary eyes, Tiffany look back at Taeyeon, smiling, as she nods her head,
tears finally falls out from her eyes.

SHE ACCEPTED!!!! Taeyeon cheers loudly and everyone else starts clapping their
Whistling at them to, Taeyeon got up and put the ring around Tiffanys finger.
Slowly, the crowds left, Tiffany hugs Taeyeon.
youre a dork Tiffany stated.

shall we go Lotte World? Taeyeon ask as she stops her car at one of her traffic light.
Yes, although still being in her teens, she has legally got her car license earlier on.
up to you though, im cool with it Tiffany smiles, still remembering the sweet scene
Taeyeon made, whenever she looks at the ring around her middle finger. Taeyeon
caught how Tiffany was reacting, she too, was happy on the inside.
did this cost a lot, Taeyeon ahh? Tiffany bring her hand up, inspecting the ring under
the sun through the window, you know I wouldnt wan-
no worries. No one is going to thought you were with me because you are a gold digger
or somethingI wont let people sees you that way Taeyeon assures.

They stop behind the small jam made by the few cars ahead of them.
Tiffany was looking out of the window and suddenly.
heyI didnt know is right above Lotte World Tiffany suddenly stated.
hmmm? Taeyeon leans forward to her knees, trying to look up to see what Tiffany is
talking about.
see that grey building above Lotte World? Tiffany pointed out.
My dad works there, I remember he brought me there many years ago

I said, my dad works in that building Tiffany answers.

Suddenly, Taeyeon becomes quiet and Tiffany realizes the silence in between them, she
looks at Taeyeon curiously, whats the matter Taeyeon?
Taeyeon shook her head, nothing she fake a smile.

Taeyeon let out a sigh, as her mind has been bothered ever since the afternoon, till late
evening now, she has sent Tiffany home for a bath, because they planned to go out for
dinner later on.
Letting the pen in between her fingers keep twirling, Taeyeon seems really bothered to
the point her maid, notice.
Master Tae-
Nicolecome here, sit by me Taeyeon ask for and Nicole a comply.
Taeyeon press an index finger up on Nicoles lips, no one is here, you dont need to


Taeyeon, this absurd, you can never simply bring one child back and ask us to raise
her Mrs. Kim was sighing and rubbing her temples as she tries to soothe her anger
but shes in trouble mummy, if we dont save her, who else will the 8 year old child
frowns, not letting go of Nicoles hand who is sitting by her side all the while, ever since
last night, she was sort of save by little Tae.
someone. The child care or adoption-
NO for the first time, the young Taeyeon raise her voice to her parents, I am not
going to let anyone take Nicole away and no way I am seeing her leave my side
ABSURD!! What were you thinking?? Shes a lost puppy?? Mrs. Kim looks at her
daughter, bewildered, honey~ do something, dont just sit there and watchsay
something to your daughter
Mr. Kim sigh, Taeyeon, your mum is right-
Is alright, Taeyeon, Mr. and Mrs. Kim, Ive been bothering you all, all nightis time
for me to leave-
Taeyeon shakes her head continuously, youre not leaving
may I have a word with you, Taeng? Privately Mr. Kim stands up and leaves the
living room.

Taeyeon looks at her mum for a moment, before returning her tender gaze back at
Taeyeon tip toe on her toes and reach out to pats on Nicoles head, although she cant
reach to the top, stay here, Ill be right back..dont you dare leave me
Nicole can only nods her head.

Taeyeon steps into her father room, as he closes the door and lead Taeyeon to sit on his
TaeyeonNicole is not a pet
dad, im 8, I can differentiate a human and an animal
Im happy you can, then why
dad, she needs our help, arent youre the one who teaches me, dont only take,
remember to give when we are capable for it, lend a hand when we are able
to do so
Mr. Kim is slightly impressed with his 8 year old, who actually reminds him a lot
about Taeyeons real birth mother, who is also someone who cares a lot about someone
adopting needs procedure Mr Kim looks at Taeyeon.

it doesnt takes long, you can stay in a room all day long for a failed plan for your
company at times.. Why cant you take an hour of your time, to save someone and
make her happy?
taeyeonyou dont understand-
no, you adults are the one I dont get it.. Taeyeon jumps off from the bed, mum
wouldve agree with me, I know so
Mr. Kim look at his daughter who is looking disappointed.
if I were you, dad, I show the woman out there, whos the man of the house
Taeyeonthats your mum you are talking about
my real mum isnt that heartless and all talking about image and pride, I believe..
how would you know Mr. Kim question, feeling how cute her daughter can ever be.
because I inherit her attitude and personality Taeyeon answers and leaves the room.

Mr. Kim watch as the door closes, he took out his wallet from the back of his pants
Flipping his wallet open, theres a picture of a beautiful fair looking lady in it.
He sighs and never failed to smile whenever he sees his first wifes picture, which its
Taeyeons birth mother.
our daughter really inherited a lot about youlooking at her grow each day, makes
me misses you even more he sighs, strong and kind hearted, easily hurt but always,

stands up for people whom you believe forshe got all these from you, definitely he

Taeyeon has her calves dangling at the edge of the couch, everyone is waiting for Mr.
Kims decision. Taeyeon sat up straight when she sees her dad walking out from the
Ive think about it and decide to take Nicole into our family
yes taeyeon cheers but at the same time, what?! Mrs. Kim look at her husband as
though he has gone nuts.
honey, is perfectly finewe can afford to raise another child
that wasnt the point, what would people think about us?
.. Mr Kim sighs.
maybeyou can hire me to be Taeyeons maid? Would it sound better? Nicole
suddenly speaks. Which Taeyeon surprise and shock with the word MAID coming out
from Nicole.
why maid?? You can be my sist-
if you want a sister, I can give birth one to you, Taeyeon, someone who is blood
related to you
Taeyeon glares at Mrs. Kim direction, so, should I not call you mum, since you are not
in any way blood related to me? she ask innocently, which literally flares anger in
Mrs. Kim eyes.

Taeyeon gwenchanaI like the idea too Nicole hugs Taeyeon by the side.

Taeyeon throws all her story books onto the floor from the bed, to let out her
While Nicole quietly walk over and bend down to pick the books up.
stop it Taeyeon walks to Nicole, which is surprisingly, crying, wae..
im scare to see you act that way taeyeon~ it scares me Nicole sobs.
nodont cry Taeyeon kneels in front of Nicole, using her fingers to wipe those
trailing tears off from Nicoles cheek, sorry
how could you be sorry when you just saved my life~ Nicole hugs Taeyeon right
I want you to be my friend, my best friend, not a servant Taeyeon sighs.
doesnt matter Nicole breaks the hug, looking at Taeyeon, think of me as a secret spy
under disguise

I promise I will always be there for you Nicole Taeyeon swears.


I have a hunch that my mum is up to something taeyeon sighs out.

like what? Nicole tries her hard to study on Taeyeons expression.
Taeyeon shrugs her shoulders, I cant be sure about it yetand you know I dont like
pointing fingers
Nicole smiles, yes, I knowMaster Taeyeoncan I ask you something?
sure Taeyeon answers with a blank expression as her mind worries of something else.
are you reallyin a relationship with Ms. Hwang?
Taeyeon now looks at Nicole, why? You think is some fraud that I made up to give my
mum a heart attack? Taeyeon laughs out, of course its real..i love Tiffany Hwang a lot
more than she loves me
aa lot more than she loves you?
Taeyeon nods her head, the fact is, I do love her more..
doesnt ms Hwang loves you?
Taeyeon shrugs her shoulders, I know she has feelings for me, sometimes, she is just
unsure about it Taeyeon yawns.

why~ Nicole ask, but Taeyeon was only mumbling incoherently till she doze off on her
study table on her folded arms, Nicole looks at the tired looking Taeyeon.
Recently, Taeyeon has been waking up 5 hours earlier. Her school only starts at 10am,
but Tiffanys class in the University starts at 6am. Taeyeon would personally send
Tiffany off to class and come back home for a quick short while nap, as it would just only
causes more tiredness for herself.
Nicole beams a sorry smile when she hears light snores coming out from Taeyeon.
Seeing that is only the two of them at home, Nicole daringly, reaches out and touch
Taeyeons hair slowly, stroking it in her fingers.
how can someone be so unsure about their feelings towards someone who is so


Nicole, go get Taeyeon ready mr. Kim pointed out as Nicole nods her head and heads
to Taeyeons room, she knock a few times to acknowledge Taeyeon, who is inside that
she is about to come in, seeing that there is no response, Nicole slowly twist the door
click opens.

Nicole makes her way to the 17 year old Taeyeon, who is sleeping soundly in her bed.
Master Tae she whisper, but Taeyeon barely move.
Nicole sits on the bed, right by sleeping Taeyeon, Mas-
Nicole eyes widens, the moment Taeyeon moves a little and however place a hand on
her thigh, expose thighs, since she is wearing a skirt. But of course, Taeyeon is
unaware of the situation, seeing she is still snoring and had her mouth open a little.
Nicole giggles at the sight.
This time, her calling stirs Taeyeon a little, but not enough to wake the latter up, it
cause Taeyeon to brush her hand a little more on Nicoles thigh, which actually made
Nicole sighs a little at the touch.

This is wrong Nicole, snap out of it! Nicole.

But the heat that comes from the touch of Taeyeons hand, sends all kind of vibes to
Nicoles body, she looks at the sleeping latter, who is still not awake, Taeyeon really
has beautiful features to admire about. From how her eyes oddly shape, that look like
they were perfected to shaped that way, different from many others. Down to the
small cute while nose, and then it goes down to her lips. The fine thin top lips, thats
what made her smile pretty, it shows the top of her teeth in a row, whenever she smiles

Nicole lick her lips and lean down, slowly capturing those beautiful lips she has
longing for.

But she got back to her sense and clasp a hand over her mouth, disbelief of what she
has just did.
our first kiss


Groans were heard coming from Taeyeon, she was a little stirred.
But her eyes pop opens wide when she realizes that she has actually accidentally fallen
aish! she groans, looking over at the watch strap around her wrist.
Taeyeon smack her forehead as she was already late for 5 minutes, when she is suppose
to meet Tiffany in the park, Taeyeon gets up and close all her books, grabbing the brown
leather coat hanging behind her door, she gets out.
Taeyeon walks in a fast pace towards the exit, about to leave

going out? a voice ask, and it belongs to Mrs. Kim, who is sitting in the living room.
Taeyeon looks at her, trying to be nice, yes
with Tiffany?
But Jessica is coming over Mrs. Kim looks at Taeyeon, smiling.
Jessica? I didnt ask her to-
I didyou two should really hang out more often, rather than you hanging out with
look Taeyeon let her coat hangs around her arm, you invited Jessica over, you hang
out with her, I did not, besides, Tiffany is my girlfriend, I am suppose to hang out with
her more often, because I love her and I want to, but whatever that has got to do with
Jessica, is not my concern

With that, Taeyeon opens the door, sica.

Jessica was obviously forcing a smile on her face right now, but the sadness werent
easily hidden, given that is Jessica Jung, it was Taeyeons first time, seeing this side of
Jessica, the really sad looking Jessica.
hi, I was about to ring the doorb-
you were about to ring the doorbell and you decide to eavesdrop on the conversation,
well good
no tae- i-

now you know how I feels about you Taeyeon glares at Jessica, not even giving any
chances for Jessica to explain about the situation.

Kim Tae Yeon

The two look to their side, only to see Tiffany standing not far from them, staring at
them, but her expression looks displeased. Tiffany walks to Taeyeon.
she was indeed about to ring the doorbell
Jessica is shock to see, that Tiffany Hwang, the girl she used to bullied, is actually
helping her to explain to the angry Taeyeon who misunderstood her?

Why is she doing this.she couldve been mean, I mean, if I was her, I wouldve make
up stories and cause more hate from Taeyeon to the person who had always bullies
me.why is she. Jessica.

it doesnt matter Taeyeon steps out from the house, walking to where Tiffany is at,
when she was about to walk pass Tiffany, she grabs Tiffany by the wrist, dragging
Tiffany away.

are you alright, Jessica? Come on in.dont let that bothers you Mrs. Kim says out.

Taeyeon lightly punch the buttons of the lift for the door to close faster, with Tiffany
standing behind her, come on! she finds it rather annoying that the lift is sort of going
rather slow.
whats the matter with you, Taeyeon! Tiffany hates to see taeyeon throwing a fit.
But Taeyeon ignores her.
you know. You shouldnt do that to Jessicashe wasnt eavesdroppingfor whatever
you have said inside the houseshe looks so sadTaewhat did you say inside the
house? Is it about her?
Taeyeon continues ignoring Tiffany, just looking at the lift signs, that shows that it is
about to reach the ground floor.
here we are, lets go- Tiff???
Just as soon as the lift stops on its floor, the doors opens, Taeyeon about to grab
Tiffanys hand, she already steps out from the lift quicker than Taeyeon, but walking to
the direction where is leading back to her house. Taeyeon follow up close behind, where
are you going?

Tiffany is still stomping her way back to her house, ignoring Taeyeon totally.
hey Taeyeon steps in front of Tiffany and blocks her, im talking to you!
oh yeah? I was talking to you too not long ago! Tiffany snaps back.
Taeyeon let out an angry sigh, which made Tiffany even more angrier on the situation.
Tiffany shakes her head in disbelief, rolling her eyes as she steps aside, continuing to
stop it Taeyeon follows Tiffany by the side, I am not in the mood for argument right
now, kay
wow! Tiffany stops in her tracks, glaring at Taeyeon, am I the one who starts this
look, im really stress enough Taeyeon who doesnt let her egos down, glares back, you
dont need to be adding it more to me

What did she just say.? I was the one adding stress to her?!?! I was trying to help
her! I was trying to make her talk about it so she could reduce her stress!! Tiffany.

I was adding stress.?

look at how you acted! We were suppose to go for a dinner and look at where you are
heading to!!! Back to your home! Taeyeon voice echoing the compound area.


Right at Tiffanys apartment lobby, out came Choi Siwon.

Tiffany is shock seeing Siwon there because she didnt know why, she quickly looks at
Taeyeon, whose face were turning bright red, she seems to be really furious, even more
angry than ever.
Tiffany look at how Taeyeons fingers were all clenching tightly, balling up in a fist.
Siwon stayed at the lobby, while Taeyeon was glaring at him, slowly, her death glares
were penetrating at Tiffany, who is a little bit intimidated, dont blame her, even Siwon
is intimidated with the glare. A glare that looks like, Taeyeon would burst up anytime
and attacks anyone.

Shit!! this is going to add more problems! Why is he here anyway?? Tiffany.

Even before Tiffany could think of anything to say, Taeyeon turn herself around, walking
to the total opposite direction. Tiffany chase up behind Taeyeon, stopping the latter
from going any further by holding her wrist, she hope this would soften Taeyeons
boiling heart, but on how Taeyeon is staring at her angrily right now, she believe it
where are you.going? Tiffany ask softly.

Dont you dare cry you fool! Dont you dare! Not in front of her! And HIM! especially
not in front of him, you are tougher than you thought! Dont you dare shed a tear!!

like where? Tiffany gets a little worried, she was already frowning, she let her thumb
stroke on Taeyeons hand that she was holding now, what about our dinner?
Taeyeon stay quiet awhile, like shes thinking, im going home she said at last.
taeyeon.what about our-
stop it alright. Our dinner?? Really?? You were walking away not long ago, why acting
so nice now? Guilty!?
Tiffany slaps hardly onto Taeyeons chest, pushing Taeyeon backwards.
Taeyeon was shock to see Tiffany reacting this way, not when Siwon was around to
witness her being hit by Tiffany. Which she is certainly that he would be very happy
about it.

Guilty??? What were you thinking! What do you think of me!?!? Tiffany spits.
Weirdly, Taeyeon smiles, itsthe first time you hits me Taeyeon lick her lips.
Soon, Tiffany realizes what shes doing, breaking Taeyeons ego in front of another man,
which is something she should never have did, knowing Kim Tae Yeon, pride is very well
important to her.
And what Tiffany did was making the opposite happens.

Taeyeon shakes her head disbelievingly. She didnt say a word as she just leaves.

dont worry, she is just talking that way only because she wants me to be hurtshe
dont mean a single thing Mrs. Kim tells Jessica.
Jessica shakes her head, she really loves Tiffany, Mrs. Kim and I dont thinkI am in
anywhere near of a position to break those two
it will happenthe two of them will break
Jessica looks at Mrs. Kim, what do you mean?
the two of them will never last longI can assure you on that

Their conversation was cut short when they hear keys rustling at the door, when it
opens, in, came Taeyeon, slamming the door close.
back home early, something happened? Mrs. Kim ask curiously.
Taeyeon flex her jaws, she takes a deep breath so she wont be screaming at Mrs. Kim.
what are you planning?
what do you mean, what am I planning? Mrs. Kim beams a smile.
Jessica can only sits there and watch back and fro between Mrs. Kim and Taeyeon.

Taeyeon rolls her eyes, but just leaves the scene and enters her room.

I am going to make this Tiffany suffers Mrs. Kim hiss under her breath as Jessica look
at her.
Mrs. Kim, Taeyeon loves Tiffany a lotif you make Tiffany sufferit will only makes
Taeyeon suffers.
Mrs. Kim shakes her head, I will make Taeyeon be the one to make Tiffany suffer
Jessica gulps and stayed quiet.

Jessicawhy are you acting that you no longer loves Taeyeon anymore?
anniis just that..
just what? Tiffany seems nice just because she tries to explains to Taeyeon about the
situation not long ago? Dear, you are so..naivethat girl is just pretending to be nice

in front of Taeyeon, to score more pointsshe is acting, my dearI know all her
tacticsnow dont you worry about the relationship, let me help you
ne, gomawo Jessica hesitantly bows, but the moment she bows, she felt uneasy of the

Plan Coming Up and On Their Way

It was only Mrs. Kim and Taeyeon at the dining table, eating their dinner that was
prepared by Nicole, since Mr. Kim is once again off to another country to propose his
The situation was nothing but a quiet atmosphere, only clinks off fork and spoon were
I believe we have a little misunderstanding mrs. Kim breaks the ice.
Taeyeon remain quiet, eating her food out of her plate.
I only want best for you-
if you want what is best for me, stay away and out from what I am doing Taeyeon
Mrs. Kim stares at Taeyeon, but she calms herself down.
Tiffany is studying right?

Taeyeon continues ignoring at such boring question that she believe would lead to
and her father, Mr. supporting her fees, every monthright?

Taeyeon slowly looks at Mrs. Kim.

how would I know
oh, but I know. He does Mrs. Kim gives out a fake giggle, his job were supporting
his whole familyhe talked about itoh, he happens to work for Lotte World..
Taeyeon knew something is going to happenshe knew it
he tells me how he was afraid to lose the job becausethat would only make things goes
worse for his whole familytell me Taeyeondoes Tiffany loves studying so much?

Taeyeon bang her hands on the table throwing the fork and spoon across the table, but
shhhh, calm down my darling Taeng Mrs. Kim smiles at Taeyeon, what would
happenif I fire Mr. Lee for some good reason like, hes too old perhaps..
Taeyeon looks at Mrs. Kim in disbelief, dad wont let you do that
your dad will be in the states for 2 weeks..i am controlling over now Mrs. Kim
you better watch out taeyeon spat, letting her hand swing the glass across the table,
allowing it to fall onto the floor with a loud breaking sound.

Taeyeon locks her bedroom door.

She lets out a big sigh as she use both her hands to rub her face all over again and again.

Shes going to fire Mr. Lee and that would cause Tiffany to have to stop continuing her
studies, which mean, she will have to stop pursuing her dreams in the future. This
could ruin Tiffanys futurehow could there be someone so mean! How could my dad
married the wrong person..
I cant let matters like this bothers dadhes in a big projectbut Tiffany
If I tell Tiffany all this, it would only make her hard to pick, it was like a choice
between her family and her studies or mehow could I make her choose something like
that! Is not fair for her.why was siwon at her place anyway!?

Taeyeon pick her phone up and starts texting.

[why the hell is he at your house][Tae]>[Tiff]

Thats not the case right now..UGH!!! what did I ever do to deserve all these God!

[he is not at my house, he was teaching a student in another


While over at Tiffanys house.

Tiffany was sitting on her bed, her knees pressed up against her chest, she had been
crying the past hour, feeling hurt what has happened in between her and Taeyeon and
she wish she didnt had pushed Taeyeon.
All she wish is for her and Taeyeon to settle soon and be all lovey dovey again.
Is odd how she misses Taeyeon a lot more now.


Tiffany stares at her phone.

that was it? Thats all you can ever say kim?? Tiffany punches her pillow.

waeyo Sunny walks in with a towel hanging around her wet hair.

right sunny rolls her eyes and sat on Tiffanys lower bunk bed.
Sunny ah~ what ifI mean what ifyour boyfriend is angry at youwell, at something
you didnt do wrong..but then..maybe you are the cause of the happenings-
this is confusing, bottom line, you want to know how to cheer him back?
Tiffany nods her head.

express yourself..OMG! are you in relationship!?!

SHHHHHHHH Tiffany rolls her eyes.
with who!
just tell me what to do Tiffany ignores Sunny.
Sunny pouted cutely, but she knows Tiffany is as stubborn as she is.

well, to steady a relationship, first, make sure you have given your boyfriend, your first
I did
you did Sunny stares at Tiffany.
my first kiss was given
Sunny slides off from the bed and leans sideways on the floor, I meant sex you pabo
she got up and returns to the bed.
what!??!?! are you crazy!
I am not, but sex is pretty common nowadays in between teens

yes, but that doesnt means you can simply give it to anyone
yeah. I agree
sex was suppose to be a wonderful thing happens in between two very in love couple
Tiffany sighs.

for all these years of single life, havent you been horny before? Doesnt your boyfriend
makes you feel horny? At all?
ewwww Tiffany laughs awkwardly, pushing Sunny by the shoulders.

[are you still sending me to class tomorrow?][Tiff]>[Tae]

Taeyeon still cant stop rubbing her forehead, she feels like her head is about to explode
due to the reason of her finding ways to solve the matters. Taeyeon reads the text
message she received, she sigh, this is not the time she would think about other stuffs.
The point is, she doesnt want to lose Tiffany.


Tiffany hwang, why do I have to love you too much.look at what is happening to me
nowmy exams were the least of my concernI dont want to lose you.

Taeyeon lays her head against the pillow behind her, as she has one arm over to covers
her eyes, as tears escapes from her eyes.

Tiffany make her way to the car parking outside of the lobby, waiting for her.
morning, Tae she greets, trying to sound cheerful for Taeyeon, but it was
disappointing when Taeyeon just greeted her back with a nod. The whole journey was

quiet. And this has never happen before, they were always being so noisy or Taeyeon
singing in the car at times.
This time, it was just awkward silence.
Tiffany slowly holds the hand of Taeyeon which were controlling the gear, Taeyeon was
shock seeing how Tiffany acts.
I dont like the two of us are being this way
Taeyeon still remains silent, her mind is still bothered of what Mrs. Kim said last night.
It was quiet for the entire journey from then, no matter how much Tiffany tries to find a
conversation to talk with Taeyeon, all Taeyeon did for respond was nodding or shaking
her head.
When it already reaches Tiffany school, Taeyeon pulls the handbrake to a stop.

will you pick me up later? Tiffany eyes looks into Taeyeons, for a second, they only
looks at each other.

She is my everything.

I cant

Tiffany eyes now sparkles with tears clearly in her eyes, but she shook it off, replacing it
with a small smile, youre busy later.i guess, gwenchana
well see each other later on, I guess Tiffany cups Taeyeons face and lean in for a kiss,
a small deep kiss, I love you with that, she gets out from the car.

Taeyeon stomps her way angrily into Lotte World, waiting for the lift to arrive.

I need to do something about thisI have to

When the lift arrives at the ground floor, the door opens, only to reveal Jessica who is
They stare at each other.

Taeyeonnie~ Jessica steps out from the lift, standing right in front of Taeyeon now.

But Taeyeon could only stare at Jessica and not say a word.
Taeyeonniefor Tiffanys sake, just dont go against what Mrs Kim said. Jessica
and what? be with you?! Taeyeon glares at Jessica.
Mr. Lee will be fired-


Jessica face turn a little to the right side, but as she slowly looks back at Taeyeon in
disbelief of what just happened, she held her cheek, the part where it stings and she
believe, a handprint would be stain there too.

Tears slowly gathers up in Jessicas eyes.

But Taeyeon still look at her angrily and never seems to feel guilty for the slap she has
given to Jessica, Taeyeon steps forward towards Jessica, leaning her face closer.
I will not let.anyone.just hurt Tiffany, not even you or my mum
With that, Taeyeon steps into the lift, leaving Jessica crying there all alone.

Jessica still cant believe Taeyeon, the person she had fallen in love with, just slapped her
so heartlessly not long ago.

Ms. Kim- you need an appointment to-

Taeyeon stops and looks at the annoying receptionist who is blocking her way, do you
not know who I am? Taeyeon questioned her.

No, Ms. Kim, is just thatI cant just let you in without any acknowledge from Mrs.
move aside if you dont want trouble Taeyeon who can stand it anymore, pushes the
receptionist aside and barge into the director office.

Mrs. Kim jumps up a little from her seat, to see Taeyeon barging into her office.
Mrs. Kim, I already told- the receptionist who looks worry tries to explain.
its okay, you can go do your work Mrs. Kim smiles.
The receptionist bows a little as she leaves and closes the door.

I didnt know youll drop by for a visityou shouldve told me-

cut the crap, what do you want

what do you mean what I want, Taeyeon.

Taeyeon clench her jaw tightly, what do you want in order for you not to fire Mr. Lee
Mrs. Kim chuckles, you knew perfectly what I want

that poor girl Jessica, thought you didnt love her anymoreI want you to let her know,
you still does and will only married her in the future

so all this time, you and her came up with this plan??? To break me and Tiffany???

is it a yes or a no, Taeyeon? Mrs. Kim ask.

how could you be so heartless???

Taeyeon, this is all for your future.can you imagine what people will say if you are
with Tiffany?

I dont care how people will look at me




Taeyeon stayed quiet for a moment, only to let things goes through her mind, and no
matter what is in her mind, her mission was not to let Tiffany get hurt, thats all she can
ever think about.

..if..if I do as you say.will you leave Tiffany alone..? Taeyeon was holding the
tears in her eyes.


Taeyeon blink her eyes a few times, disbelief of what she is about to promise

For Tiffanys future.

Taeyeon nods her head slowly a few times, make sure you keep up with your promise

Mrs. Kim smiles at Taeyeon, nodding her head slowly too.

I Love You, three simple words.

Things hasnt been easy for the two of us, I knew I was wrong for pushing her away in
front of Siwon especially when we are arguing but these few days, she has been
quieter than she usually are, she doesnt jokes around anymore, does not tease me
but the hardest thing was
She didnt even kiss or hug me anymore.God.what are all these means? Is she
planning to break up on me or something?? PleaseiI love this personif loving
someone of your own sex is a big sin, then I am sorrysorry for being a hopelessly in
love person with Taeyeon. Tiffany.

Taeyeon had received call that Tiffany has skipped Sunday school and asked her to come
down to her apartment for a little while as she has a surprise for Taeyeon. It surprises
Taeyeon that Tiffany would actually skipped her Sunday church and it actually makes
her wonder what surprise has Tiffany prepared for her.

This few days hasnt been any easier for Taeyeon, as she has been thinking ways and
ways of breaking up with Tiffany in order Mrs. Kim would stop doing something that
could hurt Tiffany or her family, she thought treating Tiffany cold would make Tiffany
ask for the break up, that would just make everything easier and wouldnt hurt Tiffany,
but eventually, Tiffany not only did not say such thing, but she has never give up on
finding a conversation with Taeyeon whenever they meet up.

Its been almost a week for them not meeting, Taeyeon has used the reason of her having
exams as an excuse, right now, she cant find any to not meet Tiffany, because her exams
were over.
Taeyeon reluctantly change into a new clean shirt as she gets herself ready.
When Taeyeon walks out from her room, she was surprise to see Mrs. Kim standing

going somewhere? mrs. Kim ask.

is none of your business Taeyeon shove Mrs. Kim aside as she wants to walk pass.

dont forget about our deal, Taeyeon Mrs. Kim reminded.

Taeyeon stops walking, awaiting for what Mrs. Kim has to say.

if you take too long, im afraid, the letter of firing Mr. Lee would be sending to him,
faster than you breaking up with Tiffany

Taeyeon slide her body against the lift as she waited for the ride to reach the ground
floor, where she will meet Tiffany and do something out of her control and will.
She squatted in the corner of the lift, covering her face with her knees, she let out a sob.
When the lift beeps its arrival of ground floor, Taeyeon bring her face up, wiping the
tears off her eyes, she quickly stands up. She uses the sleeve of her shirt to wipe her eyes.

Once and for all

Taeyeon shakes her mind off, she didnt want to be weak anymore, she needs to be

As she walks out from the lobby, standing right outside her condominium compound,
was Tiffany, in a black mini skirt, with a white polo shirt. Tiffany was back facing her, so
she didnt know that Taeyeon was right behind her, looking at her.
Tiffany had a black leggings on underneath the mini skirt, on her right hand, she has
what looks like, a picnic basket in her grip, while the left hand was holding her phone.
Tiffany start stomping a little bit, like she was impatient, she look at her phone and then
brings it up to her ear.
Taeyeon phone rang, making Tiffany turns around at the familiar ringtone she has heard

Tiffany has her fringe tie up, above her head, with a small black ribbon. Looking really

With the sun above her, making her skin actually seems like it was glowing.
Taeyeon cant even help but to smile a little. Tiffany has her bright smile on back at

Tiffany greeted and bows a little, making herself even cuter than she ever needs.

Taeyeon just nod her head in return, Tiffany smile faded, but she quickly hid it from
Taeyeon, who sadly, saw it, Tiffany force herself to be cheerful.
Look at what I got!
Tiffany swings the picnic basket right in front of Taeyeon, smiling.

Taeyeon tilted her head a little, what is it?

something I preparedfor us! Tiffany step forward towards Taeyeon, linking her arm
with Taeyeons, I thought about us going for a picnicwe have never done that before
and I had always wished for one when I am in a relationship

Taeyeon stayed quiet.

I love can I break up with her?? This is crazy! And. She seems to love me a
lot more than I thought.. god.why do you need to test me this way. For whatever
sin I did in the past, punish me some other way.not by this way..

Tiffany tugs against taeyeons arm, which gets Taeyeons attention.

can we go jeju island?

Tiffany was all smiling again.

They arrive jeju island after an hour drive, Taeyeon and Tiffany steps out from the car.
And look at the beautiful view around them.
The hills were all covered by beautiful green grass.
Tiffany was literally skipping her way to find a beautiful spot somewhere under the tree.
Taeyeon hesitantly follows Tiffany, she squinted her eyes a little and then uses her hand
to block the sun from shining at her eyes, blocking her view from looking at her
beautiful girlfriend who is already sitting on the ground on top of the picnic blanket she
prepared in the basket.
Taeyeon sits on the opposite side from Tiffany so she can look at her.
Tiffany was taking out boxes and boxes of food that she had prepared.

can I help? Taeyeon ask.

Tiffany looks at Taeyeon and smiles, gwenchanajust sit thereit will be quick

Taeyeon nods her head, as she watches how Tiffany continuously bringing out more and
more boxes from the basket, like it was a magic show of how many boxes are in there.

just how many food did you made, Tiff? Taeyeon ask curiously.

Tiffany shrugs her shoulders, I dont know whats your favorite snack, so I made

that is skipped church?

Tiffany frowns and nods her head, Taeyeon felt guilty and Tiffany saw the expression,
she leans in and kisses Taeyeon on the cheek, gwenchanaI wanted this
But all her doings, were only making it harder for Taeyeon.

here Tiffany pulls out a good looking sandwich from one of the boxes, egg mayo

Taeyeon nods her head and take the offer, she took one bite and cough badly right away.

Taeyeon ahh! Wae!?!?!?

Tiffany quickly kneels on her knees at Taeyeons side, tapping Taeyeons back a few
times from choking.
Taeyeon cough one last time, before shaking her head, im cough fine


too much pepper Taeyeon looks at the half bitten sandwich, which was obviously too
much pepper in sight, Tiffany reaches into the basket and pull out a bottle.

here, drink some Tiffany pour it into a paper cup.

When Taeyeon took a sip, her eyes widen, she took some time to actually swallow her
lemon juice, which is all sour as Tiffany has forgotten to add some sugar in.

is the juice not tasty? Tiffany sees how Taeyeon expression was.
Taeyeon shakes her head, anniya, the drink is good

liar Tiffany pours some into a cup for herself, she turns around to spit all the lemon
juice out that contains in her mouth, sugar~~~

Taeyeon look at Tiffany who slums her butt back onto the ground, looking all so

I am such a failure, and to thought I was the one who comes up with all thistrying to
make it perfectbut I was ruining it with the food already
Taeyeon shakes her head and reaches out to hugs Tiffany, anniyadont think of it that

Taeyeon I miss your hug Tiffany hugs back, I miss you

Taeyeon frowns upon hearing such remarks from Tiffany.

youll do great in the future Taeyeon sighs.

I promise to practice my cook Tiffany giggles, totally misinterpret what Taeyeon

meaning was.

After eating some food that could be tolerate, Taeyeon lays her back onto the blanket,
with the sun shining on her face, while Tiffany was busy packing the boxes back into the
im done Tiffany blows air out, as she looks over at Taeyeon, who has one arm drape
over her eyes, covering it from the sun, she believes Taeyeon has fallen asleep as she
didnt get a respond from the latter.

Tiffany crawls her way to where Taeyeon is, she studies the girl features.
Tiffany reaches out to pull Taeyeons arm away from covering herself. Just as Taeyeon
felt someone moving her arms away, which she believe, Tiffany did it. She opens her
To her surprise, the sun is longer shining at her way, as it was block away.
Taeyeons eyes widens.
Tiffany was kissing her on the lips, just pressing the lips both together.
After awhile, Taeyeon responded the kiss, by kissing back, but Tiffany pulls away, she
was smiling so cutely and shyly, but her eyes never left Taeyeons.
I heard from siwon that you pass all your exam Tiffany says.
Taeyeon stays quiet to see what it means.
you remember our promise? Tiffany was blushing.

Promise.? Boya.promise.YIKES!!!

Taeyeon who is shock, sits up quickly, but too quick for Tiffany to realize that is, making
their forehead knocks each other, Tiffany held on hers, whining a little.

Of courseI do remember itno no way I am going to have sex with her.i mean, I
want itbut I am not going to take her virginity away and leave her in the endI
cantthat would just hurt her even more.i cant be that selfish

Tiffany was blushing furiously when they looks at each other.

we made that promise-

I know, Tiffbut not now

Shedoesnt want sex? This is something wrongthe Taeyeon I knowwants so much

from meis not that I am stating it out that shes a pervert, well, she isbutwhy do I
feel like shes being different already? She no longer seems like she loves me anymore
- Tiffany.

Taeyeondo you still love me?

I love you forever Tiff Taeyeon sighs, she was again, fighting hard against those tears
in her eyes. But her answer made Tiffany smiles gladly.

I know many things has happened this few daysbut I hope, it will never break us
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany.

do you have anything that you want to tell me? Tae


jinja? Tiffany holds Taeyeons hand, nothing to share?

yeah, no Taeyeon fake a small smile on her face, for Tiffany to buy her lies.

Tiffany smiled and leans in to kiss Taeyeon on the lips.

Jessica Jung
Taeyeon had her 8th martini shot, but still, she wasnt drunk, drunk enough to wash out
all her worries. She still didnt get the idea on how to break up with Tiffany. Everytime
when she wanted to, Tiffany would be all cute or sweet or kissing her. Like Tiffany knew
something and would find something to not let Taeyeon say it.

Alone in the noisy club, Taeyeon ordered another shot.

While waiting for her drinks to be serve, Taeyeon turn her stool around to look at the
dancing crowds, Taeyeon squinted her eyes to have a better look when she finally sees
two guys dragging a girl into the dance floor, squeezing the girl in between them, as they
were touching her, Taeyeon came to realize, the girl was Jessica Jung.

There is no way Jessica would dance in between those two dumb boys and the way
Jessica was allowing the two guys rubbing their crotch behind and in front of her, her
facial expression was expressionless, she was just closing her eyes, swaying her body to
the music.

sucks isnt it
Taeyeon turns back around to the waiter which just serve her order, eh?
The waiter nod his head at Jessicas direction, that girl is gonna get it hard tonight
eh? Taeyeon doesnt get it.
that two boys over there, are well known for taking advantages the waiter added.
poor girls drinks were always drug by the two boys, numerous girls
how come no cops go after the two boys then Taeyeon look at the waiter.
this is a club, friend the waiter winks and left because another guy orders a drink,
shouting at the end of the bar.

Taeyeon turns around to see the two boys already rubbing their hands on Jessica
expose waist.
Taeyeon rolls her eyes, as she picks her shot up, gulping all down in one shot.

Taeyeon flex her jaw, shaking her head, cant believe on what shes about to do.

One of the boys leans down and start kissing Jessicas neck furiously, until someone taps
his shoulder, he look over at the pretty girl who is looking at him.
why hey~ wanna join?
Next thing before he knew it, he taste alcohol on his lips and all over his face were wet.
The girl was quicker on the move, smacking the glass against his forehead, blood were
coming out from the guys cut on the forehead and the girls palm.
before I call the cops, leave she warns and send death glares at them before pulling the
drugged girl off from the two boys.

Taeyeon drags Jessica into the nearest bathroom, she pulls Jessica to the sink.
Jessica wobbly follows behind Taeyeon, letting her being drag.
Taeyeon let the water flows, as she scoops the water up in her palm and then splashes it
against Jessicas face, it wasnt until the 5th big splash, Jessica finally pushes Taeyeon
away, coughing and gasping that some water went down into her nostril.

you idiot, you were drugged by the two boys!

T-Taeyeonnie?? Jessica rubs her eyes, is thatyou??? really you
Jessica reaches out, wanting to hold Taeyeons face, but Taeyeon smack both Jessicas
hands away before she could touch her.
I will never love you
Jessica looks at Taeyeon helplessly before kneeling onto the ground hopelessly.
Taeyeon glares at the situation, before deciding to leave.
Ive begged your mum
Taeyeon stops in her tracks, hearing the drunk Jessica speaks behind her.

do you think I will buy into your lies? Taeyeon question Jessica with a sarcastic laugh,
while Jessica was letting the tears in her eyes flows out.

Jessica shakes her head, tears flowing out even more when she did that.
I went to her office the other day, the day that.that you slapped me

It made Jessica cries even more, seeing how Taeyeon was even sorry about the slap.
It hurts her even deeper than she thought it would.

I went to her, to ask her to stop all the plansshe had been telling meabout breaking
you and Tiffany..

Taeyeon let out a sarcastic self chuckles, asked her to stop? Jessica Jung, how
stupid do you think I am?? To buy all your acts right nowyou know what, I shouldve
just let the guys rape you, youre not even worth to be save Taeyeon spat and left

Taeyeon decided to break something off to Mrs. Kim, just as she enters the lift, she was
being push all the way back into the lift as many people enters, Taeyeon sighs, hating the
crowded feeling, but not far, in front of her was Mrs. Kim personal assistant and the

you knowI heard short loud scream coming from the pretty blondeI
think something happened in the room

yahhh, shhh~ dont speak in the public the receptionist answer.

why? No worries. No one is from our office. Beside.. no one knows who
were talking about

The receptionist chuckles, continue on.. what happened?

I am not sure, but the blonde came running out, crying

Although the two were whispering, but is loud and clear enough for Taeyeon to hear.

The blonde?? Could they be talking about Jessica??

Jessica had her dark shade on, to hide her swollen eyes away from others to see.
Wanting to quickly make it to her car.
She was shock as someone she didnt expect was standing at her car and accidentally
drops all her project papers onto the ground.
Taeyeon quickly jogs over to help her pick up the papers, before being blown away by
the wind.

Taeyeon was watching closely and carefully, until something caught her eyes, she grabs
hold of Jessicas wrist, seeing an obvious red swelling mark on the skin of her hand.
how did you get that?
Jessica pulls her wrist away, tears once again falling out from her eyes.
Taeyeon reaches out and shook her by the shoulders, tell me!! How did you get

Jessica shakes her head, tears pouring out like waterfall from her eyes.
did my mum did this to you?
Taeyeons voice was so tender and gently, it was the first time for Jessica to see this side
of Taeyeon, Jessica falls into Taeyeon, hugging Taeyeon, crying her heart out.
Jessica has never show Taeyeon this side of hers either, she has always been the tough
one in front of Taeyeon, well Jessica is always the tough person. But seeing Jessica this
way now, Taeyeon believe something mustve happened. Taeyeon slowly pulls away
from the hug.
Looking at Jessica, did my mum do this to you, sica?
Jessica nods her head, Taeyeon sighs.

Why am I causing so much problems to so many people around me!?!? This is too

Taeyeon reaches out and wipes the stain on Jessicas cheeks, from the tears.


Jessicas eyes widens, Taeyeon turn around, only to see Tiffany standing behind them,
looking at them confusedly. Taeyeon slowly stands up, helping Jessica along the way.
Tiffany was watching the two hands of Taeyeon had around Jessicas shoulders.
Tiffany, I can explain- Taeyeon stops Jessica, by standing in front of her, blocking her
away from Tiffany.
Tiffany looks at the two of them, even more confuse at the situation, but her heart is
telling her not to believe what is simply made up in her mind, she wants to hear the
explanation from Taeyeon herself.
Taeyeon looks at Jessica, Ill see you tonight she turns back to Tiffany who looks at her
curiously now, obviously hearing what Taeyeon had said to Jessica, come. Let me send
you home

Tiffany stayed quiet in the car, she wants Taeyeon to be the one in explaining of the
whole situation just now, instead of her questioning her. But Tiffany was disappointed
that things didnt goes her way in the thoughts, Taeyeon was quiet, and she didnt seems
to care to explain.

dont you have anything to say?

I dont Taeyeon answers coolly, unless, you have something to ask
Tiffany furrows her eyebrows, you dont? what was that Kim Tae Yeon, back there
if I tell you it was nothing, would you believe me? Taeyeon looks at Tiffany for awhile,
since it was red light. Tiffany crosses her arms, Taeyeon snort, just as I thought
just as you thought? Tiffany looks at Taeyeon in disbelief.

Thats itmake her angry, make her be the one to call itin that way, she would hurt

Taeyeon! I always explain myself whenever something happen like if you see me with
siwon or something. Why were you with Jessica? I thought you hated her!
Taeyeon smirks, before starts driving again, since it is change to green light already.
Tiffany was feeling even more frustrated when she see how Taeyeon is mocking her.
what about siwon? I hate him, but you still let him meet up with you-
Taeyeon, you hate him that doesnt means I have to hate him either alright? Besides, all
he ever did was just falling in love with me, is not his fault, why are we even arguing
about him, when he was the cause of our argument now!?
the same reason why I was with Jessica not long ago

Tiffany looks at Taeyeon.

she has tried to hurt me before in the past.siwon didnt hurt you didnt he?
well, I have forgiven hershe only did that because she loves me a lotall this
whileshe has no one but me in her heart
Taeyeon.what is that suppose to mean?
do you really love me, Tiffany?
are you seriously asking me such question?
if I have never prepared such deal in the first place, would you have be with me till now,

KIM TAE YEON! Its been a month when I tell you that I want to be your girlfriend, are
you questioning me with insecurities of your doubt about me, right now?? Tiffany raise
her voice.
She felt like Taeyeon has betrayed her love, betrayed the trust they were suppose to
They stop at another traffic light, this time, Tiffany unlock the car and got off from the
Taeyeon was shock of course, but she decide this is the best for its way.

On the other hand, Tiffany was shock that Taeyeon just drove away, like nothing
happen. She thought Taeyeon would at least park at the side, and persuade her to get
back into the car.
Tiffany was curious and confuse of why Taeyeon was suddenly acting that way, there is
no reason Taeyeon would be that way suddenly for no reason.

There must be a reasonwhy she is hurting me this way..and to stand on Jessicas

sidesomething must've happenedsomething surely did that cause taeyeon to
change so abruptly - Tiffany.


Taeyeon drags Jessica into her room, locking the door.

now tell me what you were about to tell me
no one is here, but usbe honest to me Sica

ithe other day, I went to Mrs. Kim office to stop her from all her plansshe wanted to
fire Mr. Lee so Tiffany would not be able to attend the U anymore with the insufficient
income of her family, she also decide to warn the big companies on not to hire Tiffany if
she ever goes to them..
this woman is evil Taeyeon sighs.

so I told herIll step out from such game, fromforcing you to be with me
Taeyeon looks at Jessica.
and she. Jessica starts sobbing, and shetook a cigarette and burn it at my skin,
asking me to wake up, stop being so nave about things Jessicas voice trembles.
Taeyeon was shock of what happened to Jessica, and for her to even lay her hand on her
the same day, all of these mustve been very hard for Jessica.

I believe in karma, Taeyeon.that is why, I dont want to be a part of itI also wouldnt
want to force you to be with me, when your heart is obviously with Tiffany Jessica
hangs her head low, away from looking at Taeyeon and Taeyeon looking at her, as she
sobs, im sorry Taeyeon

Taeyeon decide to believe Jessica, her instinct tells her to, she believes sobecause
nothing can explain the mark on Jessicas hand. Jessica has did all this, because she

loves Taeyeon. She really loves Taeyeon a lot and would only let all this happened to her,
and loving one person was never wrong. Besides, Jessica had apologize for her doings.

Taeyeon hugs Jessica, sorrybut-

I know Jessica nods her head, I know you love Tiffany
Taeyeon smiles shyly, you will find your true love someday, someone who loves you
backI am not worth for all the things you had done Jessicabecause of me, you did all
those bad thingsI was the bad one after all
Jessica shakes her head, no one is wrong to ever fall in loveI shouldnt be here-
no.will you help me, one last time?
Jessica looks at Taeyeon.


Tiffanys mind is bothering her a lot, she was pacing back and forth in her room, biting
her lips.
She has give and renews all kind of reasons of why Taeyeon was suddenly acting that
And she knows, if she doesnt finds out soon, things might lead to a bad end.
Tiffany for sure, knew she doesnt want that.

It didnt took her long enough as she was already standing right outside of Taeyeons
condominium, she decided to open up with Taeyeon about it and hope Taeyeon would
be honest with what is going on, as Tiffany rings the doorbell, she was nervous as hell.
Tiffany was only to be greeted by Nicole, ahh, good evening Ms. Hwang, looking for
master Tae? Tiffany nods her head in reply. Nicole allows Tiffany to come in. when she
did, she sees Mrs. Kim sitting in the living room, alone. Mrs. Kim looks at Tiffany, a little
annoyed and bother for what it seems like, at how her expressions were.

Good evening Mrs. Kim Tiffany bows a little, but only to get a annoyed sigh from Mrs.
Kim who looks away and continue watching her drama series on the tv, Tiffany shakes
her head at the rude lady, but she ignores it, since that wasnt the reason why she came.

Tiffany follows Nicole to Taeyeons room.

Nicole reaches out to knock on the door, just as the door click open, Taeyeons eyes pop
in between the gap of the small opening, ne?
Master Tae, Ms. Hwang is here, for a visit
oh Taeyeon opens the door a little, they look at each other, Tiffany then steps in
when Taeyeon steps aside, thanks Nicole Taeyeon closes the door.

Something caught Tiffanys eyes, a black blouse laying in the corner of the room.
Taeyeonis there something going on that you were hiding from me?
Taeyeon looks around nervously, ern-no she stutters.
no Tiffany looks at Taeyeon suspiciously, wondering why Taeyeon is stuttering.

then why are you stuttering?

are you doubting about our trust? Taeyeon question back, knowing how much Tiffany
is sensitive about the issue of trusting in a relationship. Tiffany quickly shakes her head.
something seems to be bothering you, ever since our last argument and it seems like
you are hiding the feelings to yourselfwhy cant you open up and share it with me,
no Taeyeon walks over to the couch and sit herself on it.
Taeyou have become a different person

this is me, Tiffany Taeyeon rolls her eyes.

the Taeyeon I know loves me a lotand would keep hugging me whenever we are both

Taeyeon stays quiet.

your mum tells people around in her company that you loves playing around, my dad
ask me about it since he thought we were just friendsyou arenot playing with my love
isnt it?

Taeyeon stays quiet, not even looking at Tiffany.

Taeyeo- Tiffany was interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door, about to open and
to thought it was only the two of them in the room.

Taeyeonnie, your shampoo- oh~ Tiffany~~~

Tiffany eyes widens, as it then quickly shot right back at Taeyeon, questioningly.

dae, Sica? Taeyeon ask casually, walking to Jessica, who seems to be hiding her body
behind the door, my shampoo is in the small closet on the right
t-thanks Jessica and Tiffany look at each other one last time, before she closes the

can you explain what is that.??? Tiffany looks at Taeyeon disbelievingly.

Taeyeon coolly walks to her bed, where Tiffany realize, the blanket were crumple.
do I need to explain much more further? Taeyeon looks at Tiffany with a smirk.
I dont understand-
my mum knows me best, I am a player.
Tiffany shakes her head.

Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, smiling, im done playing with you, Tiffany hwang

Tiffany is shock what came out from Taeyeon mouth herself, saying all these
unbelievable words to her right now. Without another word, Tiffany ran out from the
Jessica steps out from the bathroom, looking at how Taeyeon was crying silently.
She walks over to Taeyeon, hugging taeyeon.

thank you Taeyeon whispers.

what happened

Jessica and Taeyeon pulls apart, looking at Mrs. Kim.

youve got what you wanted

Tiffany cant stop herself from crying badly, she cant seems to calm down.

I cant believe first love was a hoax after all.and to think I was falling in love
with a girlI fell in love with the wrong person! My heart hurts!!!!! It hurts!!!! God,
help me, I know my wrongplease help and forgive me!! Please!!! Tiffany

Tiffany keep repeating to wipe her tears away, but it didnt help as she cries even more.
Her top shirt was even drench wet with her tears.

I cant go home this way mum and dad would be worried sick of me I need to let my
stress out Taeyeon has betrayed my heart, my love and me.out of all people, why
must she be the one to hurt me?! Why her out of all people..why must I fall in love
with a liar!!!!!!!! Tiffany

Tiffany halt a cab to stop, deciding where to go, at this hour.

Ringing the doorbell, as she just follows the address that was given to her.

Just as the door opens, she pushes herself into the house, against the person who was
about to greet her, but unexpectedly, they both falls onto the ground. With Tiffany being
on top.
what happened, Tiff-
Tiffany leans down, kissing him nonstop as her hands find its way, unbuttoning her top.
tiff- he was confused of the situation, why was she being so rough and also, why was
she kissing him, straddling on top of him. He pushes her up a little, shock to see that her
shirt was open, her bra was revealing for him to see, he looks at Tiffany, who was crying
whats going on.? He slowly gets up, allowing Tiffany to sit on his lap.
what happened to you? he ask as he let his fingers wipes her tears.
She was shaking her head, crying her heart out, she..she cheated on me. Tiffany
cries even more, remembering what she witness in the room of Taeyeon not long ago,
how Jessica actually was in the bathroom, which she believe, the black blouse belongs to
no one but Jessicas because Taeyeon doesnt wear blouse.
who did? he was surprise to see the situation, but cant help but to notice how Tiffany
was trying to take her shirt off, he stops her from going any further.
Tiffany shake Siwons hands away, taking her shirt off.
Tiff~ what are you need to calm down

Siwon was shock to hear what came out from Tiffany. wanted me right?? You still dont you!??!

Siwon looks at Tiffany confusingly, but manage to nod his head.
take me
He didnt believe, Tiffany wouldve offered herself to him.

Taeyeon gets ready for class, only to find Yoona already waiting for her.
hey~~ are you okay? You seems like you have cried!
wae!! Are my eyes that obvious????
Yoona nods her head, Taeyeon sighs, she thought it couldve been hidden with make up.
She cried last night till the morning today. She never expect it would be so swollen.
dude.are you okay? Yoona ask worriedly.
I hope I will-

Taeyeon looks at the familiar looking car, parking into the compound.
It was Siwons, Taeyeon recognize, but she was disappointed when Tiffany got out from
the passenger side, with a big oversized jacket around her, Tiffany was slightly bending
over her body, walking weirdly like shes in pain. Siwon who got out from the car quickly
walks over to Tiffanys side, wrapping one arm around Tiffany to steady her from

Taeyeon- Yoona sighs when she sees Taeyeon is making her way towards the two

Taeyeon and Tiffany looks at each other.

Kim Tae Yeon, you should be on your way to school-

this doesnt regards you, siwon Taeyeon replied, her eyes not taking off Tiffanys.
Siwon was taken back when he was being call by the name by one of his students.

stay away from me Tiffany hiss at Taeyeon.

you look hurt, why are you-
like you care Tiffany snapped back at Taeyeon, go back to Jessica
Taeyeon stares at Tiffany, but she didnt says anything.
I am glad.i didnt give my virginity to you
Even Yoona and Siwon is now looking at Tiffany.

you nothing but a liar, two faced I cant believe I had actually trusted you, what is
worst and shameful, is that I have fell in love with the wrong person, but I guess God has
sympathy on me, HE has actually let me see the truth before its too lateits over
Tiffany starts walking away, but very slowly, so Siwon quickly went over to help her
when she almost trip over herself, Taeyeon grab hold of Tiffanys arm.
why are you hurt Taeyeon snarls angrily.
first time will hurt, like you said before Tiffany answers back, annoyed and let herself
leans against Siwon, who holds her, helps her into the lobby.

Taeyeon was angry and disappointed, shock and surprisedmix feelings.

Yoona was hugging Taeyeon from the side, hyung~~~~
she.she slept with himbecause I hurt her yoong. Taeyeon shakes her head.
Taeyeon kneels down, crying, she is hurt. She has never felt this hurt before.

They meet up in a restaurant. Mrs. Kim was enjoying the beautiful meal she ordered,
while Taeyeon was looking pale than ever, her lips were dried off, her eyes were swollen
is never good to be sad at spilled waterTaeyeon ahhh
Taeyeon was just staring blankly into space.
you will get used to it sooner Taeyeon

sorry im late

Jessica joins them, but she startle a little to see how Taeyeon looks like now.
Taeyeonnieare you alright???
Taeyeon looks at Jessica, her lips curl a little for a quick smile, but it disappear as
quickly as it appears, nodding her head. Jessica sighs.

glad you two are on a path right now Mrs. Kim suddenly said, smiling proudly, and I
am keeping with my promises, Taeyeon~ dont you worry

Jessica cant stop looking over at Taeyeon, she seems like a walking zombie.

now, if you both can excuse me, Ill be at the ladies, Jessica, I want you to order your
sure, Mrs. Kim Jessica nods her head, taking the menu in her hands.
Mrs. Kim left and Jessica looks at Taeyeon worriedly.

Taeyeoncan I get you something? A drink? Soup? Salad- Jessica stops talking when
Taeyeon shakes her head, Taeyeon, you cant act this wayyou cant continue living this
she slept with him, sica
Jessica tries to understand what Taeyeon is talking about.
who did sleep with who, Taeyeonnie..
Taeyeon was shaking her head now, her turn to cry like crazy, her nose, lips and eyes all
t-tiffany Taeyeon finds it hard to even say the name right now.
she gave him her virginity

she slept with him on the night she left my room.

Jessica reaches out to hold Taeyeons hand that were on the table, trying to calm her,
but she feels so sorry for what had happened, everything happened was so unfair for
Taeyeon. Because nothing happened in between the two of them, they were only acting
like it does, just to make Tiffany misunderstand.

oh, stop crying already taeyeon ahh~ Mrs Kim returns to the table.
Taeyeon sobs, using the napkin to wipe her tears.
mumim continuing my studies in Australialike what dad said Taeyeon suddenly
so sudden?
Taeyeon looks at mrs. Kim, it would be good, to make me forget about Tiffany to take
my mind off her

Whatever that can involves Tiffany getting out of Taeyeons mind, Mrs. Kim would agree
to it.
She nods her head, when are you leaving dear?
2 more days Taeyeon answers.

Taeyeon hugs Jessica, who is almost crying.

dont cry Taeyeon hush Jessica, I promise, all this will be quick
you are so crazy Taeyeonnie Jessica sighs.
if theres anything going on, remember to email me about italright?
ne, I promise
take good care of yourself Taeyeon rubs her palm against the back of Jessicas head.
you too

Mrs. Kim was playing dirty tricks, she had even warn Jessica about revealing what
Because if Jessica does, Mrs. Kim promise she will kick her parents out from Lotte
World. Taeyeon was still in disbelief of how evil could a person ever be.
But things become quiet.

Jessica still cant forget about Taeyeon, she has to admit, she loves the girl even more
after what happened, she loves her because partly she admires her.
Jessica looks into the mirror, coming out from the stall behind her, was Tiffany.
Which the two didnt expect to see each other after all the happenings.
Tiffany ignores Jessica and pretended like they ever know each other as she walks
calmly to the sink at the other end, far from Jessica, washing her hands.

As Tiffany was about to leave, about to walk pass Jessica, she was block.
Tiffany glares at Jessica, I dont want to talk to you
me neither, but I cant stand it, to see you acting and living so well
youve got what you want, so leave me alone
oh I will when I am done talking to you Jessica looks at Tiffany.
I dont feel like talking to you. ever Tiffany walks away.

even if this is about Taeyeon?

Tiffany looks at Jessica, even if its about her, there is nothing to do with me
are you that stupid, to believe whatever she said?
yes. I was stupid. Once. And thats all
are you so nave of what she said, about you are her game??
I believe what my eyes sees Tiffany snap back.

then you need to get your eyes check up Jessica steps closer to Tiffany, do you know
how much you have hurt her!

this is stupid. Im leaving



what are you up to now? Is this another scam just so I can fall into the trap?


all I know is that I have given my love to the wrong person



I rather give sex to some random dude than that terrible taeyeon-

Jessica reaches out and slaps Tiffany across the face.

you are in no stand to say Taeyeon that way! You are nothing but a cheap bitch,
sleeping around when your girlfriend is behind doing all the things that hurt her just so
she could protect you! you are not even worth for half of what Taeyeon did for you!!

.what are you talking about

if you knew Taeyeon wellyou should knowif you were a part of her gamewhy
didnt she have sex with you, the moment you allows her to? Do you know that,
whatever Taeyeon wants, shell gets it anyway, despite in what situation, but for
youshe didnt force it outI thought you were smart enough to know, but looks like I
was wrong Jessica walks to the door, about to leave Tiffany confuse, she loves you,

What is she talking about..what is going on!!! Tiffany.

Jessica Tiffany calls out as she got out from the bathroom, only to see Jessica not far
away, stopping, turns around to look at Tiffany, who is walking to her, what is going
I am in no position to tell you anything..
then what? I should ask Taeyeon-

even if you decide to ask Taeyeon, you cant

what do you mean I cant?

taeyeon isnt in korea anymore

A broken promise by you

Tiffany sat in the coffee shop, watching out from the coffee shop.


take me oppa, you want me. Didnt you

Tiffany only reaches out towards Siwons pants button, but he stop her, as she looks at
him, but cant really see his face, since her eyes were blurred by the tears that were
constantly pouring out from her eyes.
I do want you Tiffanybut is this what you want?
Nothing is on Tiffanys mind right now, she felt lost, she felt her own heart no longer
knows how to beat, she feels like dying upon coming to realize what has happened.
What kills her most, was that, she still loves Taeyeon, despite what had happened.

Tiffany drops her hands loosely at her sides, oppa..ive gone lost this
time..if she would just call me right now.and tell me all she said not long ago were
just lies, even if they werent, Id go back to her.oppa.i love taeyeon a lot.and I still
does.i want her back oppa.oppa!! ask her come back to me! Please!!!

Tiffany started crying again, as Siwon hugs her tighter, trying to calm her, but he
stayed quiet to let Tiffany let all her frustration out.

oppa.please.tell her to come back to me.come back to my side

Siwon pats the back of Tiffanys head, but he didnt say a thing.

oppa.if I ever did anything wrong to apologize.why must she treat me
this way?! Oppa.what she saidwere lies isnt it!! Tell mewhat I seen was all just
a nightmare, all will not be true.i will wake up from this right!? Then
everything will be back in its placeI will not lose her.

Tiffany continues crying until she has fallen asleep, in the sitting position.
Siwon sighs when he still hears how Tiffany was crying in her sleep, mumbling that
she wants Taeyeon back.

Next morning when Tiffany woke up, she had a hard time having to keep her eyes open
due to her swollen eyelids, but she manage to push herself away from what she
She has been sitting face forward at Siwon, who was sleeping with a wall behind
against his back.
Tiffany felt all numb from her neck to her feet. Her body was all sore.
Siwon blink a few times to finally wake up, he smile to her.
feeling better?
oppahave we beensleeping, like thisthe whole night?
Siwon nods his head.
mianhae, oppa

I promiseI will help you, no matter whatnow. Or in the future


Tiffany shakes her head, remembering how desperate she sounded like, the night she
lost Taeyeon, she literally begged Siwon to ask Taeyeon to come back to her side.

sorry im late Yoona bows as she pulls a vacant chair in front of Tiffany, occupying it.

its okay, sorryto have suddenly call you out

is alright Yoona smiles, I believe, its about Taeyeon?

Tiffany nods her head, is Taeyeonno longer in Korea?

When Yoona was about to answer, deep inside of Tiffanys heart, she was praying that
what Jessica told her, about Taeyeon left, was just lies. Lies to make her go find Taeyeon
and find out whats really going on, but sadly, Yoona nods her head.

dae unnieTaeyeon left, a week ago

to where and why?

she said she will continues her studies in Aus, but Yoona look around, she
didntbecauseone of my cousin lives in Australia and I gave my cousin the address
taeyeon gave me, but no one occupied the house there

what! then where is she?

Yoona shrugs her shoulders, no idea, but no worries, taeyeon is fine, she still emails me
and Jessica

oh~ Tiffany looks disappointed upon hearing Jessicas name.

dont misunderstand about that, unnie. Nothing is going on with Jessica and Taeyeon
Yoona you dont know much but-

they acted that way only because they want you to buy the liesthe real lies

Tiffany eyebrows furrows in confusion.

Taeyeon wanted you to believe like she was cheating on you, like she was just playing
you out

what are the reasons?

I cant tell you the whole reason, because Taeyeon would be the only one who really
knows what is going on. But taeyeon, she really loves youeven whenwhen Yoona
hesitated on continuing.

when what, Yoona Tiffany urges.

when you have sex with Mr. Choi.Taeyeon still loves youshe doesnt care if you have
given your first to him, because she loves you, she is not after your body, she is only after
youI have never seen such serious side from her.even after knowing her so longI
have never seen her so heartbroken beforeshe cries from night till morning and
continuously. From what I know, the Taeyeon I know, would never cry..she lose weight,
lose her appetite, she.lost herself when you left.
Tiffany was on the edge of crying.

when..when is she coming back?

no idea unnie

And that was it, the last time Tiffany spoke to any friends of Taeyeons.
Its been 5 months, since she last talk about Taeyeon.
Although, every single day in her mind, she has been thinking about Taeyeon.
All day, every single minute.

How she wished, she could turn back the time, and find out the truth from Taeyeon.
Demand nothing but the truth.

Jessica receives a call, she rushes to find Tiffany, pulling Tiffany by the wrist.

yah! Stop it! What are you doing!

you want to know why Taeyeon did all this isnt it?? Just follow me

Tiffany breaks free from Jessica.

this 5 months hadnt been easy for meit still doesntI was only on my way of
recovery..iIll let what is fated to happenI dont want to force my way through it to
find out things anymore my heart cant accept so much things anymoreso,
yeahdont talk to me about Taeyeon or her stuff anymoreif you want tolet Taeyeon
herself, come tell me with that Tiffany walks away.

Jessica shakes her head as she headed off to Lotte World.

Walking into the meeting board room, Jessica saw her parents sitting at one side, she
joins them.
what is going on?
But her parents shake their hands. Her eyes wanders off to the other side of the room,
only to find a man, bowing a little as a gesture of greeting, smiling to her, she can
recognize that it was Tiffanys father, she smiles back in return of the greet.

Hello everyone, afternoonsorry for the abrupt sudden meeting Mrs. Kim announces
as she walks into the meeting room, making herself to the end of the table, sitting on the
big chair.
Everyone else bow to her as a greeting. Mrs. Kim smiles and waves her hand a little to
ask them to sit, when they did, she leans forward at the table, I just received a call from
Mr. kim, that he would be coming back only two months later as he was still on his
project to enhance chances of making much more profit for Kims Corporate. So, I will
be taking over the director position at the moment, till he is back
The rest of the employees nods their head.
oh and yes, Mr. Lee
Now everyone looks at Mr. Lee.
youre fired

Whisper were heard in the room now, wondering why he was suddenly announce to be
fired in front of so many people, Jessica looks back at Mrs. Kim confusingly, but Mrs.
Kim avoid any eyes contact with her.

w-what did I do?? mr. Lee ask, in a pleading sort of voice.

nothing mrs. Kim answer.
youre firing him for no reason? Mr. Jung ask suddenly.
I feel like he was no use for the company Mrs. Kim smiles with her reply.

but you promised Taeyeon not to fire Mr. Lee

Now everyone looks at Jessica, Mrs. Kim glares at Jessica.

I do not know what you are talking about Jessica.Taeyeon? she is studying in
Australia right now, doing wellsince when is there such promise?

Jessica shakes her head in disbelief, you promised to not fire Mr. Lee, if Taeyeon breaks
up with Tiffany, even when they were both deeply in love

Tiffany??? My daughter tiffany?? Mr. lee was surprised.

I believe you are making a mistake Jessica

I wasnt, Mrs. Kim. How could you lies to your own daughter?? How could you, as a
parent, break promises? How was this fair of you firing someone who has never did
anything wrong?

his daughter was a slut, to seduce my daughter, just so they can get all the wealth we
have, I was only protecting my daughter

my daughter would never seduce anyone mr Lee answered, I believe it was a mis-

it wasnt a misunderstanding, Mr. Lee and yes we are talking about your daughter. But
no, she did not seduce anyone, but yes, she has fallen in love with Taeyeonthey are
both fairly in love with one anotheruntil you Jessica pointed at Mrs. Kim with all her
guts, you force to break them apart, torn their hearts, despite how much it hurts them.
Taeyeon was Mr. Kims only daughter, if he was to know what you are doing to his
daughter behind his back, just think of what he would do to you

Mrs. Kim claps her hands suddenly, such bravery you got there, Ms. Jung dont forget
about the 20 shops your parents own here, anytime to be taken back and your parents to
be kick out by me because of your disrespectful tone right now. What about you, who
has fallen in love with Taeyeon and I was just trying to help you this is the way of
yours to return your gratitude?

gratitude? I wont let anyone hurt Taeyeon anymore

fine, be it then. Mr Jung and Mr Lee, you both are fired, meeting is over

Mrs. Kim signals her personal assistant to opens the door for her to leave.
The assistant nods her head and opens the two doors, but step back abruptly.

who says its over

Jessica and Mrs. Kim was the one who is the one most surprise to see this person.
Taeyeon steps into the meeting room, Jessica was so shock to see taeyeon, here right
Taeyeon walks to where Mrs. Kim is at, sit down everyone

Taeyeon pulls out her black leather gloves out and threw it on the table, sorry if some of
you didnt know who I am, I have not properly introduces myself, I believe Taeyeon
smiles to Mrs. Kim before returning to look at every employees in the room. She slowly
takes her black sunglasses off, indeed, it was Taeyeon, the Taeyeon that Jessica once
knew.. not the weak one.
Im taeyeon, Kim Taeyeon, daughter to Mr. Kim, owner of Kims Corporate Taeyeon
introduces proudly.

Jessica smiles.

no one is getting fired Taeyeon added.

sorry, Taeyeon, I know you havent been in Korea for a long time, so you didnt know
about your father not returning to the company yet and has ask me to take over-
ah, I know all that crap taeyeon walks to the windows to look at Seoul, indeed, I
wasnt in Koreabut neither I am in Australia..on the so called studying

if there was anyone to be fired right now, it would be you Taeyeon glare at mrs. Kim.

how dare you, being so disrespectful-

why cant i? as the heir and director of Lotte World Taeyeon smirks.

what? what are you talking about?? This is a liehow can your father let you, a kid. To
take over this big company on your own

Taeyeon giggles in sarcasm, she reaches into her briefcase and pulls out a thick
document papers. Throwing it, landing it right in front of mrs. Kim.
read that, lady

Taeyeon walks to the white board, let me tell you what happen in this 5 months time..i
have been in the united states with my father, your boss, Director Kim, learning how to
be a good boss, learning about business, why? So that today can come soon, I was
trained personally by my dad, until he finally trust that I was ready, he gave me the
green ticket

no way-

call him if you dont believe so, or save your time, read the documents, he has his
lawyer written to meI will be the director temporarily until he is back Taeyeon added.

NO! Mrs. Kim slams her hands onto the table.

no? taeyeon looks at her, you know..if only you have kept your promise, this wouldnt
have happenedbut im glad dad is not blinded with all the things you didI wouldnt
had have the need to force myself to tell him all the things you digger

Everyone now looks at Taeyeon and mrs. Kim.

Guess what taeyeon smiles, you are fired she winks.

Taeyeon looks at the view from her new office, getting a knock on the door.
She allows the person in, Taeyeon smiles.
knew you wouldve come

of course Jessica smiles, cant believe you are finally back, after 5 months

yesit was 5 months already isnt it. Taeyeon nods her head.

you look cool, and healthy

you look pretty

Jessica rolls her eyes.

so, is it true, that you.all these while, looked for your dad and learned about

yah! You think I was lying about it??

Jessica laughs out loud, just thatyou have never gotten so serious about
things change

true is Tiffany?

normaldont you want to go look for her? I mean, explain to her the truth, now that
finally, things are revealheres your chanceto explain to- Jessica looks at taeyeon
who was shaking her head, why~ dont you love her anymore?

I still do Taeyeon smiles, but

you mind that she has slept with him?

nothats not about ittoo much things has happened because of me..and beside, I
have a company to run right nowI shouldfocus on what I should

Jessica nods her head.

what if you two bumps into one another?

Ill probably still greets her like a friendif she doesnt slap me Taeyeon laughs.

Jose, Taeyeons assistant walks in, he used to be Mr. Kims assistant, but he followed
Taeyeon back to Korea so he could assist her if she ever needs help.

do you want to go check around, Ms. Kim?

Taeyeon looks at Jessica, coffee on me next time

sure Jessica giggles, go get busy Ms. Kim she mocks.

Jose teaches Taeyeon a lot along the way, shops after shops.
Explaining to her in details about it, just then, not far from her, someone who looks like
Tiffany pass by, not far away from her.
Taeyeons heart itches, joseIll be back! with that, she rushes to the direction where
she seen that familiar figure.

Taeyeon was running around, looking around, searching around like a mad person.

Where is she.? It must be her! It should be!! Where is she..just.just let me see her

Taeyeon sighs, giving up at last, she is done looking around and running around like a
mad person, Taeyeon walks to the Merry-Go-Round. She sighs out loud, slamming both
her hands on the gold rail that was circling around the Merry-Go-Round.

When Taeyeon looks up, she saw it with her eyes, finally. She didnt make any mistake.

Tiffany was right in front of her, well, not right now, she disappear from Taeyeons sight.

Tiffany was on the horse ride, going round and round. Taeyeon starts running around.
Chasing up.

Fa-Fany ah!!!!!!

Tiffany blinks her eyes a few times, to snap herself out from zoning out.
She looks around, hearing her name being called out. Out of the crowds.
Her eyes caught someone running around, and that someone was someone she didnt
expect to see.

Taeyeon she whisper out.

When the ride has come to its stop, Tiffany was frozen on her spot, she was still in
disbelief, that she has just saw Taeyeon.the Taeyeon she once love. The Taeyeon that
has left her alone for 5 months and not even having the guts to tell her what is going on.

er, miss- the guy calls out, but when he saw Taeyeon, who is walking to where he is,
shaking her head, he nods his head and walks away.

This is itI am about to meet her, face to face.after 5 whole

girlfriend what am I to say to her? Just a hello?? No! come on! Brain!!! Think!!!

hey~ Taeyeon was finally standing right next to Tiffany, who is on the horse.

Tiffany slowly looks at Taeyeons way, she slap Taeyeon.

dont just hey me when you left 5 months Tiffany is already crying.

i.deserve that Taeyeon hung her head low, nodding her head slowly.
Tiffany gets off from the ride.


Tiffany didnt even have time to respond or reply, as Taeyeon already hug her from the
This time, Tiffany felt it again, her heart was lost.
Lost because of Taeyeon, her emotions were gone. She dont know how she should feel.

just awhile Taeyeon whispers into her ears.

By then, the Merry-Go-Round starts moving again, trapping the two of them in the ride.

I did wrong when I left youI did wrong when I lies to youI did wrong when we first
met, I shouldnt have left you with the impression of mebeing so badI am not that
kind of a personnothing happened in between me and Jessica or even other girlsall
this time, my heart only have you

what happened to us, taeyeon


The ride this time ended quicker than taeyeon thought, Tiffany pulls taeyeons hands
away from hugging her waist, she looks at Taeyeon, they were both crying.

you cant just come back after 5 months and think that everything will falls back in

Tiffany steps out from the ride.

Away from Taeyeon.


Your Love For Me, Too Deep

After dinner, Tiffany took her time, bathing.
She cried in the shower, hoping that it would help to soothe her eyes from getting all
But she was surprise to find her dad, sitting at her bed.
hey daddy
come here, Tiffany
yes? Tiffany sits right next to her dad.

tell me is not truethat you had been in a relationship with TaeyeonMr. Kims
Tiffany looks at her father, didnt know why, but her voice was lost.
Ill take that as a yes.or else, it wouldnt have made any sense of what she did for me
what did she do for you, daddy?
you didnt know?
Tiffany shakes her head.

Mrs. Kim planned to fired mejust so I cant afford to supply our familyand you not
able to attend the Universitybut taeyeonshemade some promise of deal with Mrs.
Kim, in order for her not to fire meand for 5 months, that kid herself has went to the
states, to learn from her dad about business, even when she is not interested in it, just so
she could take over Mrs. Kim placeI was fired this afternoon

Tiffanys jaw drop open.

butTaeyeon appeared at the right time, to stop the situationand so, I was hired

Tiffany just silently nods her head.

tell me, honey~ what is it about with you and Taeyeon

I love her daddyand if I knew earlierI wouldnt have let her do soeven if it meant
for me to stop Universitythis 5 months was hard for menot to have her around know she wont beis hard.sorry, daddyI love youbut.i dont know what
happened to me, but I was deeply in love with this girl.i know I shouldnt have.but I
cant control it

Tiffany finished her class, when she sees Jessica, they can only exchange awkward
Tiffany decide to go to the park and chill, a place where students seldom goes since it
was break time, most of them would be in the cafeteria.. she pick a place under the tree.
Tiffany jumps up a little, she is shock to see Taeyeon standing beside the bench she is
mind if I join?
Tiffany took awhile to finally shakes her head, Taeyeon sit next to Tiffany.
about yesterday-
lets not talk about itwhy dont you start by explaining? Tiffany cuts Taeyeon off.

Taeyeon finds all her courage, to finally look at Tiffany.

Finally telling Tiffany nothing but the truth about the whole happenings, of course,
Tiffany is shock at the evil plan that was came up by Mrs. Kim. But most part of hers,
was hurt with how Taeyeon is hiding all of these from her and lead her into believing
that she was cheating her.
why didnt you tell me the truth and we couldve settle it out together

there is no way I could taeyeon sighs, if I was to tell you, it was only a choice of
making you to choose in between your studies and your family or meif you was to
choose your family, I would be selfishly hurt, because I want you, but.if you chooses
methat would makes me feel guiltybecause I know how much loves your family.
and you selfishly decide an answer to the question that was supposed to be answer by
tiffany, I still love you, and I hope-
no taeyeon.we cant just pretend all this never happenedbesideI already give
myto siwon
Taeyeon was hurt again hearing the situation, idont mind Tiff.youre not with him
isnt it??
taeyeon, you dont mind that I had sex with a man?

Taeyeon was stuck at words, of course she didnt like the fact that Tiffany has lost her
virginity to some guys, especially when it was Siwon.. Tiffany sighs out loudly. Bells were
heard ringing.
i..have to go back to science labnice seeing you back Taeyeon, all the best Tiffany
are you leaving me again?? Taeyeon stares at Tiffany.
no. is you left me Tiffany picks her book up and left.

A siren was heard, the students gets up from their seat, all rushing out.
Fire alarm was set out loud, warning the student, when Tiffany and her classmate
ushered out, hurriedly to a safe place, they walk pass the other science lab which were
on fire.
Screams were heard now, as they quickly push each other to walk faster.
Tiffany was being push by the crowded students. Everyone was rushing to leave.

excuse me

A small voice was heard, everyone was walking at one direction, only one, one person
was pushing through, from their opposite direction. Tiffanys eyes widens, to see a
worried looking Taeyeon who just walk pass her. Tiffany reaches out, wanting to pull
Taeyeon to a stop, but the students behind were pushing harder, making Tiffany not
able to reach for Taeyeon.
Tiffany tries turning around, to see where Taeyeon is, but only gotten more worried
when she sees Taeyeon standing right in front of the entrance of the burning lab.
TAEYEON! Tiffany shouted, by it was too noisy for Taeyeon to hear on the other side,
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too late, Taeyeon has jump into the burning lab, she mustve thought
Tiffany was inside.

Tiffany was fighting against the student, to go the opposite direction, where the science
lab were, students were scolding and yelling at her, but she ignores it, she must reach
Taeyeon before-


All the students bend downwards, covering their head with their hand over it, Tiffany
was shock.
The glass of the science lab was shatters.
NO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tiffany shouted, wailing hard.

Students were pulling Tiffany out, Tiffany was screaming and wailing, kicking her legs,
she wanted to run back, she wants to see Taeyeon. But the students were not allowing
her to do so.
Jessica on the other side hears the screaming and looks at the direction, she rushes to
Tiffanys side, what is wrong
she wants to go back in one of the students tells Jessica.
PLEASEEEEEEEEE Tiffany was on her knees, while her arms were held back by the
students securely, PLEASEEEEEEEEE
Jessica kneels next to Tiffany, tiffany.whats wrong
please!!!! Tiffany was wailing in tears badly, Taeyeon is in there!!!! She was in the lab
when it explodes!!!!
Jessica felt like she cant breathe the moment she hears it from Tiffany, she falls even
It didnt take long for Jessica to only fainted on the spot.

The fireman finally came out with a girl in his arms, as he carries her to the ambulance,
Tiffany gets onto her feet, rushing to where the ambulance were at, she climbs in, im
her girlfriend!!
The fireman allows Tiffany to gets into the ambulance, with Taeyeon.
Who is laying unconsciously on the ward bed.
Taeyeons face were all covered black, the sleeve of her shirt was dirtily torn apart.
Tiffany allows her tears to silent pours out, tiffany saw the scar on Taeyeons abs
She remembers every single thing that happened for her..
Tiffany held onto taeyeons hand, I still love you, dont leave me again.i wont be able
to accept it, if you do it again

What happened was when Taeyeon jump in, coughing and choke by the smoke, she was
still trying to find Tiffany, but to her relief, no one is in the lab when she calls out for her
name, no one answered. As Taeyeon was turned around, about to leave, she heard
something, but as she turn around, all she can see a table flying towards her, didnt
knew what to do, her left arm came up to block herself from getting hit, but sadly, the

table still send Taeyeon smash up against the wall and then before Taeyeon knew it, she
heard a loud explosion and that was it.

Her life still depending on the machine, laying what it seems like just nothing but a shell
of a body, Taeyeon, has been unconscious for 5 days already and Tiffany had never once
left Taeyeon and as for Jessica, she still does visit Taeyeon at times, worrying about her
friend too.
how is she today? Jessica ask as she hands a cup of coffee to Tiffany.
thanks.. Tiffany frowns a little, still the same
Jessica walk over and pats Taeyeons forehead, Taeyeonnie~ wake up, are you going to
make us wait forever? Jessica looks at the quiet, stiff looking Taeyeon who didnt

Jessica beams an apologetic smile at Tiffany, I have some things to run in Junglace, Ill
come visit her again tomorrow

Tiffany bows her head a little, thanks for coming

yea, you take care

Watching over Taeyeon, made Tiffany fell asleep due to her tiredness. Until she felt
someone tap her shoulder, taeyeon!? she opens her eyes, but was only disappointed to
see Taeyeon is still in the same position for the past few days.

Hello Mr. Kim who is now standing beside of Tiffany now, you seems to be really
Tiffany shakes her head, I am still fine Tiffany stands up to offer her chair beside
Taeyeons bed for Mr. Kim.
Gwenchana Mr. Kim pats Tiffanys shoulder, why not we go to the cafeteria at the
hospitals ground floor, I believe Taeyeon would be fine for a 30 minutes without you
Mr. Kim wink.
Tiffany can only nods her head and follows Mr. Kim.

give me two mushroom soups and two cup of latte Mr. kim orders and hands back the
menu to the waiter who take down the order and left. Tiffany yawns, but she bows in
shyness when Mr. Kim is looking at her.

how long have you not been getting a proper sleep? Mr. Kim ask.

Tiffany shrugs her shoulders, didnt take note

Mr. Kim chuckles but shakes his head, Taeyeon wouldnt be happy if she sees what is
going on.
I was the cause of thi-

no, you can never blame yourself, you never did asked Taeyeon to go back into the lab
to look for you, you didnt asked Taeyeon to fall in love with can you even say
all this happens because of you? Taeyeon loves you and she did all this on her ownshe
shouldve know the consequences. Let me tell you something


Mr. Kim, someone is here for you Mr. Kims assistant announces with a smile.
well, let them in, Jose mr. Kim nods his head.
yes sir Mr. Jose allows the person in.


Mr. Kim stares at the girl, his daughter, standing in his office in America.
Taeyeon? Mr. Kim stands up behind his desk.
appa, you need to help me Taeyeon is kneeling on her knees, please
Taeyeon mr. Kim rushes towards Taeyeons side, carrying Taeyeon up on her knees
but Taeyeon shook her head, what happened.why are you here? Taeyeon
appaI need your help
It was the first time for Mr. kim to see his daughter so helpless, crying in front of him,
the last time she sees Taeyeon cries was the day of his wifes death anniversary.
what could cause my daughter to cry

Taeyeon told Mr. Kim the whole truth of how her stepmother was blackmailing her
behind his back and she is also not shy to admit of her devoted love towards Tiffany.

Taeyeon get up from her seat and kneel down once again in front of Mr. Kim.
appa, pleaseI am more than ready to learn business, how to be ready to be your

Taeyeon, you do know, business isnt just fun and games

yes, I knowappabut I am more than ready. I am ready to take commitment


I have never seen my daughter so serious before, you should know, she was born
wealthy, have everything she needs without the bother to earn it, with a click from her
fingers, shell just get it. But never have I thought about my daughter, going on her
knees, for something she couldve been dominate over with. She has told me about the
deal she made between you and herhow she was being the dominant one over you with
the deal in her hands, but you know why she tore it in the end?

Tiffany slowly shakes her head.

is because she has really fallen in love with you. Instead of keeping the love because of a
deal, she tore the plan, in hope, you would love her back not because you are being

here you go the waiter place their orders on the table.

thank you Mr. Kim thank the waiter, he push the soup towards Tiffany, have some
you must be thinking, what kind of father I am, that I look like I was encouraging my
daughter to be in a relationship with a girlwell, I dont mind, if it can makes my
daughter happy

Tiffany walks back into the ward, Taeyeon was still in the same state.
She sits on the bed, beside Taeyeon, having Taeyeons hand in hers, while the other was
touching Taeyeons forehead to her face, Taeyeon

A tear slide down across Tiffanys face, shes hurt, she wants Taeyeon.

this 5 months has proven so much to meI was wondering, why did you lied to mea
part of me, was believing that you will never ever cheat on meor elseyou wouldve
slept with me when I offered myself to youwhen I allows you to take my virginity, you
didnt. because you were up in your planif you didnt care about me, if you didnt love
me for real and was just playing me, you wouldve do it when I say so..but you didntI
am in love with you

Tiffany leans down to kiss Taeyeon on the cheek, she stays there, leaning her face
against the side of Taeyeons. Feeling Taeyeons breath tickling her ear.

this is just one of our obstacle, well have many more in the futurebut I am here with


Tiffany feels hand twitching in hers, she leans up, her eyes widens when she sees
Taeyeon eyebrows were moving, she seems uncomfortable, Taeyeon groans a little.

Tiffany is waiting patiently, tears were flowing constantly, she was praying hard.
Till then, Taeyeons eyes slowly flutters open, a smile was on Tiffanys face, appearing
slowly at the same time Taeyeon fully opens her eyes.

hi Taeyeons cheeky voice crook as she stammers to greet, it made Tiffany smile, for
the first time after all these days, after the pass 5months. Taeyeon reaches out to wipe
Tiffanys tears away.

hi Tiffany greeted back with a giggle.

I heard everythingyou mean itright?

Tiffany nods her head and leans forward towards Taeyeon, allowing the latter to hug
Taeyeon cough a few times.

are you alright? Tiffany has her head leans on Taeyeons chest, listening to the beat of
her heart.

yes, when you are here Taeyeon let her hand plays with Tiffanys hair, running her
fingers through it.

hey, get in bed with me Taeyeon command and Tiffany did, snuggling against taeyeon.

Their face right by each other, looking deep into each other eyes.

look at one pregnancy kit can actually lead us to Taeyeon grins.


Taeyeon nods her head, i-

why did you go back into the lab! You silly! You couldve get killed! Why do you have to
keep being so selfish!!! Have you think about the consequences!!! What if you died!??!
Have you think about me??? What should I do without you!??! Taeyeon, youre a jerk!
Youre a selfish person who just care about someone else and not yourself!! Taeyeon immmmm~

Taeyeon leans forward and kisses Tiffany on the lips, shhhh~ im alive isnt it?

what if-

I dont want to lose you anymore Tiffthis time, I promise

Tiffany silently nods her head, but she suddenly touch her own lips.

wae? Taeyeon looks at her.

your lips are over dried, Ill get you some wat- Tiffany was pulled back by Taeyeon on
the arm, wae?

I want younot water Taeyeon smirks.

yah! Were in a hospital Tiffanys cheek turns bright pink.

so? Taeyeon lift her head up a little, looking around and the door in front of them, I
doubt anyone would walk in
yahhh~ cant we wait-

Taeyeon is already shaking her head, 5 months tiffIve wait too long



Taeyeon whines, slightly pouting her lips, Tiffany look at the crack lips, they were so
dried that they look like they were about to bleed anytime soon.

Tiffany rolls her eyes, as she slips her hair at the back of her ear, leaning close to
When she stick her tongue out, licking the dry lips against her tongue, salivating it as
much as she can, her tongue stroking back and forth, making sure she can salivated the
whole lips.
Taeyeon suddenly opens her mouth, moving her head lower, so Tiffanys tongue slips
into her mouth.

yah! Tiffany slaps Taeyeons chest for being cheeky.

Taeyeon was squirming in pain.

mianhae mianhae mianhae!!! Tiffany was rubbing her palms against where she

what was that for Taeyeon groans, I just miss you and us!

Taeyeon stop whining when she felt Tiffany kissed her on the forehead, then only
leaning forehead against another, looking at each other tenderly.

Taeyeon..i really want you Tiffany sighs, I want to feel you

Taeyeon eyes were about to pop out from her sockets. Taeyeon gasps.
I mean it. Tiffany sighs, letting her breath tickles the upper lips of Taeyeon who is
under her.

The two plops on the bed, giggling crazily at each other, with Taeyeon on top of Tiffany,
her hands were busying touching and molesting Tiffanys body already. It was a night
after a company annual dinner and Tiffany was looking hotter than ever, attending the
dinner as Taeyeons partner, with a beautiful dress that over compliment her beauty and
Taeyeon was rather proud that night, that she has a beautiful partner, who is not only
her partner for that night, but partner for her life.

youre so pretty

Tiffany pressed her fingers against Taeyeons lips, you too

and tonight, youre gonna be mine
Tiffany nods her head, she was rather shy.
They start making out until Taeyeon breaks it all of a sudden, im going to make you
scream my name taeyeon smirks, jumping off from bed, running to her closet.
Tiffany frowns and groans for Taeyeon sudden stop.
Ill be back taeyeon hides something behind her and rushes off to the bathroom.
Tiffany smirks, she knew what Taeyeon had behind her back, Tiffany got up and start
taking out candles from the cupboard close by that she had prepared early this morning.

Yes, ever since Mrs. Kim was kick out from the condominium, Tiffany had been over at
Taeyeons place more frequently, at times, she would just stay there. Tiffanys parents
and family has acknowledge about her relationship with the new director of Kims

Tiffany walks over to the power lights and turn it down to the dim light motion.
When Taeyeon steps out from the bathroom in her bathrobe, she is surprise to see the
atmosphere in her room has change.
The lights were dimmer than it usually is, candles were lit around the bed, the bed! With
Tiffany, sitting in the middle, bed cover up by rose petals.

wahhh Taeyeon looks around.

come here Tiffany waves, giggling.

when did you plan this? Taeyeon ask as she walks to Tiffany, climbing onto bed with

Tiffany shrugs her shoulders, I did it for the first time

first is the picnic and now this, my girlfriend is into romance isnt it..

wont it be better if its more romantic? Tiffany smiles. Taeyeon nods her head.

our first Tiffany smiles, pulling Taeyeon along as she lays her back on the bed, with
Taeyeon being on top of her.

Our first? Wellmy firstshe has*sigh* its all my fault, if I hadnt been so
stupidshe wouldnt have*sigh* not that I mindbut that meansSiwon has
seen.what should only be my eyes only!

Taeyeon? What is on your mind? You seems bothered Tiffany look at the space out
Taeyeon on top of her.

anniya Taeyeon reach out to untie her robe, revealing the strap on below them,
attached around her waist.

Taeyeon.kiss me Tiffany sighs out.

Taeyeon obeys and did what Tiffany asked her to.

Pieces of clothes were slowly leaving off Tiffanys body, Taeyeon was running her hands
all over Tiffanys body, for a second, she got up, to have a full naked view of Tiffanys.

Taeyeon let her hands run down from the perfected shaped breast, down to the hem of
the panties, something that was covering the treasure behind it. Something that Taeyeon
wished, somehow, she was the first one to open the treasure box first, but because of her
own stupidity, someone has unlock it first before she does. Taeyeon tries to shake it off
her mind about Siwon.

Tiffany was breathing slowly, her eyes never left Taeyeons.

When Taeyeon looks at her, she nods her head, in giving permission to Taeyeon to go

But seeing how taeyeon was hesitating at that moment, Tiffany sit up, taking off
Taeyeons robe, and then reaching out behind to unclasp the bra latch, Taeyeon and
Tiffany never once left their eyes looking at each other, Tiffany leans forward and nibs
the nipple that were expose in front of her face, Taeyeon moans from the pleasure she is
getting from Tiffanys mouth.

Each time when Taeyeon moans, it would send tingles down Tiffanys body, earning
herself to become wetter below and she has never felt that way before, although it does
feels weird, but is pleasuring her to feels that way, it makes her wants more. The feeling
off her pre cum oozing out from her sex, was making her feel good.

fany ah Taeyeon moans out eventually, feeling how her nipples were hardening.

When Taeyeon opens her eyes, Tiffany below her, was slightly biting her nipple, smiling
to her at the same time. Taeyeon moans even more. This can actually makes Taeyeon
even more active than she was before.

Fany ah~~~~ Taeyeon slowly pushes Tiffany back down onto the bed.

Tiffanys name were heard echoing in Taeyeons room right now, as Taeyeon had one
hand pressing against the bed, to steady her body up, while the other right behind of
Tiffanys head, against the wall behind, just with Tiffany playing with her boobs right
now, was enough to make her sex to squirts like crazy.

Taeyeon arches her back forward, when she felt Tiffany using her tongue totickle her
sensitive nipples.

Tae.i need you too Tiffany sighs, her own hand was already on its on way, rubbing
her clits.

Taeyeon momentarily stops awhile to regain her breath.

ohhh~ youre so good Tae

Taeyeon look at Tiffany underneath her, who had her eyes close tight, moaning and

Taeyeon looks below them in between, seeing how Tiffany was already circling her own
clit, her thumb at times tapping her sensitive nub.

yousilly girl Taeyeon smirks, pulling Tiffanys fingers away, Ill do that

Taeyeon replace her own fingers now, rubbing up and down of Tiffanys clit.

As she spread them, she let her tongue out to dap the nub a few times, making Tiffany
jerks her hips uncontrollably. Taeyeon smirks as she sees Tiffanys hole was already
leaking like mad constantly.

Taeyeon got onto her knees, letting the tip of the head of dildo right in front of Tiffanys
leaking hole, she use the tip to slide a little bit in and out at the moment, she then use
her finger to scoop the pre cum up and lubricate the dildo.

Taeyeon then suddenly pushes in all the way, thinking it would hit the g-spot right away.

Instead, Tiffany was screaming..not screaming in the pleasure kind of way, but rather in
pain and suffering, her hands grabbing the sheets tightly, she was squirming on bed in

FUCK! Taeyeon saw below, the dildo still in Tiffanys sex, blood was oozing out.

Taeyeon hurriedly pulls the dildo out, Tiffany was having tears streaming down the
corner of her eyes, Taeyeon reach out to her night stand and grab the Kleenex, wiping
Tiffanys sex, blood was still oozing out.

tae~ Tiffany sobs.

im sorry baby, did I go too hard?? This was the medium size of dildo that I gotI didnt
knowI thought you were stretchioh my god, sorry Taeyeon was crawling to
Tiffany, touching Tiffanys face.

you thought I was what?? Tiffany finally opens her eyes, looking at Taeyeon.

I thought I want to pleasure you more thanyour first time wasi

this is my first time, tae


this is my first

you mean

Tiffany nods her head, yes

but I thought-
I didnt.i lied to you about thatI thought you did it with JessicasoI pretend that I
did it with Siwon, to get back to you Tiffany touches Taeyeons face.

SHIT! and I penetrate into you so hard! I am- oh my god! Tiffim so sorry!! Taeyeon
frowns. feelinga little bit alright now Tiffany wipes the sweat off Taeyeons
forehead, justgo slow first alright Tiffany chuckles.

Few minutes later, Taeyeon was laying on her back, watching Tiffany bouncing up and
down herself, riding the stick inside her, taeyeon smirks. This side of Tiffany was all new
to her.
How the girl beg to be bang hard, how Tiffany was cumming constantly and yet, still at
Taeyeon watches how Tiffany was going faster, her hand pressing on Taeyeons abs.
Now, Tiffany was slowing down her pace and each time, she does, she lets the dildo
deeper into her, Taeyeon knew she was neared. Tiffany was clawing Taeyeon when she
cum for the 8th time.
Taeyeon tilt her head up a little when Tiffany stop bouncing, she watches how the cum
were covering the dildo stick, Taeyeon grins. She reaches out and fondles Tiffanys


Tiffany rolls her eyes at the statement that Taeyeon gives. Tiffany herself doesnt even
know what has gotten into her, she has never know her sex drive was this strong, all she
did was wanting Taeyeon to ride her on and on, for tonight. She didnt know why, she is
even surprise of the few acts she did with taeyeon during their intimate session, things
she didnt know she knows it all the while. Tiffanys fingers felt something against her

She looks at what it was, only to realize, it was a scar on Taeyeons abs.

mian Tiffany frowns cutely at Taeyeon.

youre so cute

Tiffany pulls herself out from the stick as she situated her sex in front of the scar below.
She then lowers herself down, hearing some squishy sound being made when her sex
was touch against the scar, Tiffany starts rubbing her sex around taeyeons abs.
Taeyeon groans at the sight, how turn on she is once again, she watch how Tiffany
rotates her hips, spreading her cums around her abs.

The two of them got under covers, Tiffany was yanking the strap on off Taeyeon,
throwing it across the room, she then let their sexes press against each other, Taeyeons
sex against her lover, she already groans at the imagination in her mind. Tiffany was
already humping and rubbing against her, creating a friction and another orgasm
starting them.

The two was moaning out loud, when they have the final rubs, cumming together,
Taeyeon was squealing in her high pitch tone. Their forehead leans against one another,
their limbs tangle together, they smiled at each other breathlessly.


Tiffany was breathing hard, smiling when she heard taeyeon was sort of moaning and
calling her name at the same time, when she opens her eyes, it was only stare back by
the other beautiful brown orbs in front of hers.

marry me?

Their sweaty body, hugs closer together, their lips pressing together.
Tiffany sighs, taking a deep breath after the whole session.

will you marry me?

Tiffany kisses Taeyeon.

I do

Ending, not quite



Tiffany looks at Taeyeon who is using rubbing their fingers together, I love you
Taeyeon looks at Tiffany, smiling before she plant a kiss on Tiffanys forehead, me too

you know I said yes, into marrying you right

Tiffany gets up as she now leans her chin on top of Taeyeons naked chest, Taeyeon nods
her head, Tiffany peck right above Taeyeons chest, can we wait till I finish my studies
Taeyeon clenches her jaws uncomfortably.
it doesnt mean anything, TaeI just want to focus on finishing my studies first Tiffany
Taeyeon shift her gaze up upon the ceiling above them instead, okay
Tiffany pouted, knowing that Taeyeon is unhappy somehow, Tae.

Tiffany leads Taeyeons hand to underneath the comforter, rubbing Taeyeons knuckles
against her sex, Tiffany lets a moan escapes, dont be mad~

Taeyeon eyes widens, staring at Tiffany.

I will marry you Tiffany reassures Taeyeon once again, not giving up.
Taeyeon arches one of her eyebrows up, before climbing on top of Tiffany, smirking.

Taeyeon looks at the files clutters on her desk, she rubs her temples furiously.
Just then, theres a knock heard from her door, she replied.
Jose steps in.
someone is here to see you, Ms. Kim Jose replies.
Taeyeon was half expecting it was Tiffany, but then, is someone she misses too.
Mr. Kim steps into the office.

appa Taeyeon stands up immediately, stepping away from her desk, as she jumps into
her dads arms, bogoshipoyo~~~~

They shared their story to one another.

Until another knock interrupts them, Jose walks in again, you are needed in the office,
go ahead appa, Ill see you back at home
Mr. Kim smiles, yes, ask Tiffany along
Taeyeon winks, pointing at her dad, sure thing

Mr. Kim walks into his own office, he stop the moment he sees who is in there.
why are you here? he asked.

His wife stands up, before bowing to him, is been long since you last came back to
Practically, they are still husband and wife, since they havent divorce yet.
Mr. Kim steps into his office, only to find another young man beside his wife.
Mr. Kim and the young man exchanges eyes contact, before he abruptly stands up,

who is he? Mr. Kim ask.

Tiffany pay the cab the amount she was charge, getting off, she looks up at the building
her girlfriend owns, she smiles, cant wait to see her girlfriend soon. Tiffany hugs the
tumbler close to her chest as she starts walking.

Not before she knows it, shes being hit hard from another person, sending her straight
sitting onto the ground, ouch~
Tiffany looks at the person who clashes into her, he looks back at her.
He suddenly gag up laughing, chuckling, his eyes, turning into crimson moonlight
Is just like her eyesmile, she didnt know a guy could have it too.
He offers his long well shaped arm forward, offering to help Tiffany to get up.
Tiffany took it and stood back up on her feet, she smiles back at him.

sorry he looks at Tiffany, my bad

gwenchana Tiffany smiles back.
He has a wild haircut, both of his side, were shaved bald, leaving the middle one spike
He has a pierce earring on the left side of his ear, a tattoo around the neck.
If it wasnt for his beautiful eyesmile, he wouldve look like some kind of gangster.
He bows one last time, as he then take his leave.

Tiffany knocks on the door, when she finally gets her acknowledgement, she steps into
the CEO office, smiling at her girlfriend. Taeyeon quickly gets up onto her feet. Walking
to Tiffany.
Tiffany didnt get to reply as Taeyeon already has pressed her lips on hers, holding her
by the shoulders, hi love Taeyeon greets again as they pulls apart.
This is what Tiffany loves Taeyeon about, she can be ultimately sweet.
I brought this
Tiffany shows the tumbler that she has been carrying with.
Taeyeon tilted her head to one side.
I made you some soup Tiffany smiles, answering to Taeyeons question in the mind.
Taeyeon hugs Tiffany around the shoulders, just what I need
Tiffany pouts cutely at Taeyeon, I thought you need me??
The two lovers walk to the sofa, sitting together, yeahI miss you
Tiffany smiles.
on my bed. Naked
Tiffany smile fades away as she launches a light punch in Taeyeons gut, earning a cute
giggle coming from Taeyeon, kiss me

Taeyeon jutted her lips, Tiffany then kisses Taeyeon.

what do you mean Taeyang is my son?? Dont tell me such rubbish Mr. Kim stated
with anger roaring in his voice.

go for a DNA check up then, why would I name him Taeyang anyway? Remember when
you tell me how much you wanted a son when youre with me, but your first wife only
manage to gives birth a daughter

Taeyeon is my pride and joy Mr. Kim stated.

I know she is Mrs. Kim answers, but you cant deny, that is your son, go for a DNA
check up if you have too

why does he only appears after all these mess?? What are you up to???

I had him even before your wife died, when you had an affair with me! Our first night,
we made TaeyangI found out after a month you left me when you found out that your
wife is pregnant. I runs to the state, to give birth Taeyang, caring him all alone in the
U.S, when you find me back again, when your wife died during the birth of Taeyeon, I
didnt tell you because I was afraid! I was afraid that you would suspect me of having
another child with another man..because..

because what

because I love you too much mrs. Kim started crying.

Tiffany grasp the bed sheet underneath her, tightly. Crumpling it with her hands.
taeeeee, pleasseeee Uhnnn~~~~ Tiffany arches her back.
Taeyeon smirks as sweats drip off her forehead, falling it onto Tiffanys naked chest.

Continuing to bang Tiffany in and out, mercilessly.

Tiffany no longer can control her hips and legs anymore, she felt her stomach going
crazy on the inside, with a few more thrust coming from the strap on from Taeyeon, she
felt herself releasing her cums, again.

Taeyeon pulls the strap on off herself, she naughtily pokes the tip at Tiffanys sore

Making the girl squeals breathlessly. Tiffany clad her thighs close tightly from Taeyeon
Taeyeon climbs up next to Tiffany, laying on her back as she too, trying to regain her
Suddenly, Tiffany slaps Taeyeon on the chest, I told you not too hard! I am going to
walk weirdly you babo! Tiffany hissed.
Taeyeon only chuckles, pulling Tiffany to be on top of her, do you think I still have time
to remember to go slow when I am fucking you?

Tiffany glares at Taeyeon, she pulls away, she hates it whenever Taeyeon uses bad
She doesnt like it and she had told Taeyeon about it and Taeyeon had promise not to
use it.
sorry, it slipped Taeyeon apologize.
Tiffany snaps away from Taeyeons gaze, pulling the white thin blanket up to wrap
herself as she gets up, showing that she is pissed off.
oh come on! Taeyeon complaint, jumping off from the bed, blocking Tiffany from
leaving any further, are we really getting on this again? I told you, it was an accident, I
am trying to control myself from cussing!

youre a business person right now, Taeyeon, also a director for Lotte World, how can
you gain respect from your workers if you were to not respect yourself whenever you
accidentally cuss when you speaks? Tiffany crosses her arms.

Taeyeon sighs, you know I dont cuss, besides, I was really fucking you just now she
smirks as she let her hand tugs again the top of the blanket, as if she was trying to pull it
off Tiffany.
glad you enjoyed Tiffany answers with full of sarcasm, slapping Taeyeons hand away.
Taeyeon watches how Tiffany is gathering her clothes up from the floor, igniting that she
is going home soon, not wanting to stay any longer with Taeyeon.
sorry,Tiffany Kim, I promise not to be rough with words anymore Taeyeon apologize
Tiffany stop momentarily from picking her clothes up from the ground, what did you
just called me.?

Tiffany Kim Taeyeon pulls Tiffany closer to her, sounds good isnt it? she ask as she
starts nibbling the crook of Tiffanys neck, knowing that is her softest spot.
Hearing Tiffany moans made Taeyeon smirk against her make out session.
not again, taeeee~~ Tiffany moans, her hands no longer holding the blanket around
her body, as she wraps her arms around Taeyeons neck. Whenever it comes to sex with
Taeyeon, Tiffany at times want to control it, not wanting to let Taeyeon have it her way
whenever, wherever, but sadly, Taeyeon studies her soft spots so well, that whenever she
attacks it, taking advantages of it, it makes Tiffany goes all soft, giving herself in, even if
its unwillingly.
Nah Taeyeon smirks, pulling away as she then pushes Tiffany roughly back on the bed,
climbing herself on top of Tiffany.

taeim still in pain Tiffany pouts cutely, she wants it, but at the same time, she is
afraid of the pain she needs to bear after that.

sorry for being rough, now, im going to be nice Taeyeon smiles charmingly.

how nice? Tiffany smiles with the pout this time.

I shall rape you with my tongue Taeyeon winks at her smarty remarks as she then goes
down lower, earning a smile and then soft moan from Tiffany when she gets to where
they both wants.