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Marco Fiorone

Rugby is considered to be one of the most popular team

sports in the whole world.
The ball is oval in shape and two teams try to score
more points than the other team.
In spite of being a full body contact sport, is one of the
most fair games we can play.
In PE class we are going to play touch rugby, a type of
school rugby in which body contact is not allowed.

Rugby union is played by two teams of 15 players

Although the aim of the gane is very simple, there are many laws
which can make it hard for the new viewer to know what's
The aim: two teams trying to score more points than the other
Players can run, kick, pass the ball, but passing forwards is not
Rugby union is a contact sport, so players can tackle an
opponent in order to get the ball. However in touch rugby
tackling is not allowed.
We are going to learn how to enjoy this game.

-William Web Ellis, a clergyman, is

considered to be the inventor of this
-The legend says that the clergyman was
playing football when he picked up the
football ball and started to run to the
opposite line and made a touch with
the ball on the floor,originating the
distinctive skill of the rugby game.
- He rejected the old football rules and
with his action invented a new way to
play this sport that became very
popular in Great Britain and in a few
time in the whole world.
- Actually, the Rugby World Cup Trophy is
named ”William Web Ellis trophy”, in
honor to his inventor.

As we said before, two teams of 15 players try to score more points than
the other team.
Players can run with the ball, kick it and pass it, but passing forwards is
not allowed.
In Rugby, you can tackle an opponent in order to get the ball.
There is a referee and two judges , who decide how the rules should be
There are several ways to score points. The principals are:
A TRY: five points are added for touching the ball down in your
opponentś goal area.
A CONVERSION: two points are added for a successfull kick through
the goal posts (after a try we have the possibility to win a conversion)
A GOAL KICK: three points are awarded for a penalty kick through the

A game of rugby has two periods of 40 minutes each, between the two
half there is an interval of 10 min.
Kick off: the game stars with a kick from the middle of the half way line.
Tackling: A tackle is allowed only below the shoulders.
Line out: A way of restarting play after the ball has been knocked or
kicked out of the play past the touch line.
Scrummaging: 8 players from each team can take part. The strongest
players join a scrum. It is considered to be one of the hardest areas
of the game to the referee.
Sin Bin: It is a punishment, a yellow card showed to a player by the

The pitch sized 110 mts and 70

wide. The main areas are:
Dead ball line and try line: you can
only score a try between teh
dead ball line and the try line.
22 m line: It is the place to restart
play when the ball has gone
over a teamś dead ball line. The
player must do a drop kick to
restart the game.
Half way line: The place to kick off
from: Start play.

In the game of rugby the ball
must be passed backwards.
The ball is thrown towards a
teammate at waist height to
make it easy for him to catch
it. Usually the ball is passed
to the nearest teammate but
sometimes longer passes are
made to speed up the play or
to find a gap in the opponent
´s defence.

Tackling is the only way of
legally bringing down your
opponent when your
opponent is running with the
ball in his hands
The tackler’s head must go
behind the opponent’s body, as
you see on the picture.

There are three types of kicks in
rugby union.
The place kick is when the ball is
kicked from the ground.
It is used to kick conversions after
a try has been scored. The punt
kick is when the ball is kicked
out of the player’s hands. It is
used after a penalty is given.
The drop kick is when the ball is
kicked just as it bounces on the
ground. This is used to score a
drop goal.

It is the rugby we play at school.The main differences are:

School Rugby Rules

- In order to take the ball from another place/team you must pull
out the rip and shout TAG!

- To score a goal the player must cross the line and put the ball on
the ground.

- The ball can be pass in line, backwards or forwards, only in rugby

class .

- You (as a player ) can run with the ball and there is no limit.

- It´s totally forbidden to hit the oponent.


In 2003 England became the first

northern hemisphere side to win
the Rugby World Cup with a
breathtaking drop goal just 26
seconds from the end of a thrilling
World Cup final in Sydney against
Australia. Johnny Wilkinson’s last
gasp effort was all that separated the
sides after 100 minutes of rugby and
a dramatic extra-time finale.