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Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, MP, PC

Parliament Buildings
London W 1

20 December 1917

Dear Prime Minister,

It is of my intention, British Ambassador Sir George Buchanan, to

inform you the events regarding the November Revolution.

Vladmir Lenin, the rising, acclaimed revolutionist, and his communist

followers, the Bolsheviks, managed to remove the previous provisional
government. Subsequently, Russia became the worlds first country to have
a communist-ran government. It is no surprise, however, that the events
leading to such a spectacle actually occurred. The people were already
mesmerised by Lenin as his promise of peace, land, and bread was exactly
Russia desired. Soldiers longed the idea of coming home, while the
citizens who were devastatingly living in poverty yearned food and land to
grow crops. In contrast, the provisional government refused to give land.
It is perplexing that although Lenin arrested members of the provisional
government, there was no such bloodshed that many expected.


Lenin promised peace, land, and bread. Regarding land, the policies of
the Soviet Union pledged to take private property such as factories,
farmland, banks, railroads, etc. from capitalists. It was a pervasive
issue that citizens were frustrated that they were being treated as
peasants, owing money to the landlord. Such meagre assets is exactly what
people of Russia needed. In theory, this could lead to a new, prospective
nation of Russia. However, such a nave idea of war communism could result
in an economic disaster. On a behalf of Britain, I recommend to you, Prime
Minister Llyod George, to not support Russia. Communism is a new idea, and
should be proceeded with caution.
There are problems that can be anticipated with Lenin and his new
policies. Because he overtook the provisional government and abruptly
introduced his idea of communism, it will be difficult for the people to
adjust to a different ideology. Additionally, his stark division of the
class levels may foreshadow complications and perhaps protests, as there
is no middle classes. Furthermore, although the idea of owning land is an
acceptable idea, farmers may only yield food for their own, rather than
distributing. They will contribute nothing to the economy.
I suggest Britain should remain idle and watch from afar. Because of
the rising power of the Whites Guards, members of the anti-communism
movement, we are able to witness the foreseeable future. If Britain were
to support the Whites, but fail, Russia will essentially be the enemy of
our nation. However if the opposite were to occur, communism would be
abolished and Soviet Russia will revert back to capitalism. Because Great
Britain will need time to recover from the ongoing war, I suggest we
manage our internal affairs before helping external conflicts. It is of my
understanding that we have an alliance with Russia, however Russias
revolutions are beyond our grasp. Conclusively, I am inclined to say that
Russia will revert back to capitalism. The abrupt and stark change in
policies will consequently regress the core ideology of capitalism to
Soviet Russias antecedent outlook of society, capitalism.

Respectfully Submitted by,

George Buchanan, KVCO, VC, MM

H.M. Ambassador to Russia