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June 1992 Sarah McClendon interview George HW Bush in the Oval Office:

Sarah McClendon said: George Bush what will the American People do if they ever find out the truth
about Iran Contra and Iraq Gate?
George Bush replied: Sarah if the People ever find out the truth we will be chased down the streets and

Warrant issued by Denver US Attorney Michael Norton September 18, 1991 and US Judge Shermin
Arrested September 16, 1992 and illegally held for 10 months.
Sent to Springfield, Missouri Siberia USA to be mentally evaluated to stand trial because Stew Webb
refuse to accept a plea bargain of $100 fine and a misdemeanor and 5 years probation for reportedly
making Harassing Terrorist Death Threats to Leonard Millman, Elaine Millman and Kerre Millman, Stew
Webbs ex wife and ex in-laws.
Judge Richard Matsch assigned to case after recusal by Stew Webb of Judge Shermin Finesilver.
Released from Prison July 20 1992 on $50,000 signature Bond pending hearing to dismiss charges after
Springfield, Missouri Psychologist and Psychiatrist testified nothing was the matter with Stew Webb and
that she found it very unusual that he was sent to be evacuated with no evidence of wrong doing except
a newspaper article that appeared after Stew Webb had been arrested September 1992. The Rag
Westword Newspaper in Denver was done by Patty Calhoon who hangs out at WineKoops a known
Lesbian bar in Denver on Friday nights during happy hour. One of West Word Newspaper owners was
Denver US Judge Sherman Finesilver.

Charge dismissed with prejudice August 20, 1993.

The below evidence of the Phone calls that got an illegal warrant issued you be the Judge:
This is only 2-3 minutes of a 1 hour taped recording conversation between Stew Webb and Kerre
Millman in September 1991 five years later when Stew Webb found the location of his missing
Daughter. Kerre Millman admits to trying to Kill Amanda Webb their 28 day old Daughter August 10,
1984. Kerre Millman Webb agreed on August 10, 1984 with Carrolton, Texas Police and Texas Child
Welfare Present in order to keep from being arrested on charges of assault and battery on Stew Webb
and attempted murder of Amanda Webb that she Kerre Millman would undergo Psychiatric Evaluation
within seven days done by the State of Texas, the next day Kerre Millman Webb disappeared and signed
Divorce papers and escaped Justice by fleeing Justice to her parents in Denver, Colorado were Leonard
Millma and Elaine Millman told Texas Sheriffs and Texas Child Welfare that Kerre Millman was not there
when in fact she was. Stew Webb received Divorce papers 6 days later and 2 week later Stew Webb was
in a Divorce hearing were Dallas County Sheriffs were there to arrest Kerre Millman Webb on Mental

Disturbance Warrant number 84-2107-MI State of Texas vs. Kerre Sue Webb (Millman) for
attempted murder upon her infant Daughter Amanda Melia Webb age 28 days old, August 10,
1994. Dallas Divorce Judge Linda Thomas told Dallas Sheriffs the warrant was dropped and her
Court was taking over all proceeding in the case. Stew Webb found out later the warrant was
active for six months and Judge Linda Thomas lied to Dallas County Sheriffs to let Kerre
Millman Webb escape Justice. Judge Linda Thomas took a loan from Leonard Millman of
$75,000 for Judge Linda Thomas Appellant Court election that year 1994 which as of 2005
Judge Linda Thomas had not paid back the loan (Bribe). May 1995 Stew Webbs attorney Frank
Shore called Stew Webb into his office were Shore informed Stew Webb his was withdrawing
from his Divorce case because his life and his wife and childrens lifes had been threatened by
Leonard Millman who Frank Shore said that your ex-father in law is a major Mob Don and I am
not going to die over you and you will spend Millions of Dollars you do not have in order to coparent your Daughter. July 20, 1995 a Termination of Parental Right against Stew Webb under a
default Judgment (Not Notified) had occurred when a trial date was set for September 1995.
Stew Webbs 30 day appeal time had expired without his knowledge. These called occurred
August and September 1991 after Stew Webb found the location and a silent number on Kerre
Millman. The 1 hour conversation will be released soon on in a an article
titled Kerre Millman Denvers Illuminati Princess Manipulator liar and attempted murderer
Stew Webb Grand Jury Demand against Kerre Millman for Attempted Murder
Phone calls placed to Leonard Millman by Stew Webb August 1991 after attempted murder of
Stew Webb 2 tires were blown out going 65 mph after a car just passed Stew Webb holes the
size of a fist were in the sidewalls of the tires. TrillionAug1991.wav
Former Denver US Attorney Bribe paid by Leonard Millman laundered through M&L Business
Machines Company in an investor account to issue a warrant and illegally prosecute Stew Webb.

Denver US Judge Sherman Finsilver who issued an illegal warrant for Stew Webb September 18,
1991 for Millmans had been a family friend since childhood of Elaine Millman.

Elaine Millman
Elaine Ruth Millman, a proud Westsider, passed away Sept. 24, 2014, in Denver. Rabbi Steven Foster and Cantor
Regina Heit officiated at the Sept. 28 service at Temple Emanuel. Interment followed at Emanuel Cemetery. Feldman
Mortuary made the arrangements.

Elaine was a bright star in life, now resting high in Heaven, shining on us all and illuminating the way, the family
Elaine Charvick grew up in a warm and loving home on Denvers West Side. She was nicknamed Charcoal (Charkie)
by fellow Westsider Sherman Finesilver due to her dark complexion. The nickname stuck with her for life.

Just four when her father died, Elaine and her mother lived with her Grandma and Grandpa Hoffberg above the
familys grocery. Always passionate about music and dance, she taught dance to a group of West Side girls.

Charkie graduated from East High and attended CU. She then worked as a secretary at Albert Ross Refrigeration.
She met Leonard Millman, a vibrant and ambitious young man from Chicago, and they went on six unsuccessful
dates. Number seven was always her lucky number.
Elaine married Len in 1950 and they had four children.
Charkie was involved in committees, performed charity work and made fabulous dinners for her family. She delighted
friends with original lyrics she composed for special occasions and lifted their hearts and spirits with laughter.
Elaine and Len played tennis, golf and cards, traveled the world together and socialized with their large group of
friends. Mr. Millman predeceased his wife.
A top-notch bridge and pan player, Charkie did crossword puzzles every day to keep her mind active.
Elaine is survived by her children Lisa Gilliam, Kerre Millman and Scott (Suzy) Millman; brother Alan Butch (Deb)
Karsh; seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
She was predeceased by her daughter Laure Millman.
Contributions may be made to the charity of choice.