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Rosy Edwards

t: 07712 632703


About me

Though my career has been varied, writing and violence

has remained a constant. I have worked in PR, teaching,
psychotherapy and cage fighting to increase my
knowledge, skill set and to improve my right hook. My
first book, Confessions of a Tinderella, due for publication
(Penguin Radom House) in May 2015; in the meantime,
my search for opportunities in journalism and punching
renowned editors in the face continues.






136a Abbeville Road,


Birkbeck, University of London
Oct 04 July 07

Durham University
Oct 04 July 07

2:2 BA Hons, Politics

Cranbrook School
Sep 02 July 04
A levels

English Literature (A); Politics (A); History (A)

MSc Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and

Counselling with children and adolescent

Professional History
Professional face-puncher
As of just now
Strong, bold and not beyond hitting someone in the face
Specialise in keeping the recently jet-lagged awake

May 14 present
Commissioned by Penguin Random House to write Confessions of a
Tinderella, a non-fiction account of my experience of dating on Tinder
Writing independently to deadline and to word limits

Rosy Edwards

t: 07712 632703

Effectively using editorial feedback to hone and improve drafts

Wrote a successful blog from 2010 2014 that led to book commission:

Literacy Teacher
Platanos Academy
Jan May 14
Worked as Literacy specialist, devising and teaching a creative, innovative
Literacy syllabus tailored to the needs of low ability pupils
Tasked with creating school-wide Literacy assessment that informed English
teaching throughout the school; specific focus on spelling and grammar
Asked to share lesson plans with colleagues as examples of best practice

Kidney Transplant
Nov 13 Jan 14

July Oct 14

Responsible for organising a bespoke charity event

Wrote press releases for publication and online content for the website
Responded to all email and various social media inquiries as the voice of
the charity
Oversaw online social media program and contributed to on-going strategy

Student/Trainee Counsellor
Birkbeck, University of London
Oct 11 July 14

Provided counselling to children (aged 4 14) with a varying range of

issues and circumstance
Wrote and presented session notes to senior colleagues and provided
assessment and recommendations for on-going treatment
Undertook independent research and used critical skills to produce a
10,000 word dissertation
Studied a wide range of psychoanalytic literature that exposed me to new
ideas about interpersonal relationships, empathetic thinking and

Rosy Edwards

t: 07712 632703

SEN Teaching Assistant

John Scurr Primary School
Apr 10 June 13

Worked 1-1 with a statemented child

Developed and delivered tailored literacy and numeracy lessons
Worked with a range of agencies to devise and implement on-going
education plan
Used initiative to work independently whilst providing support and clear
feedback to colleagues

English Teacher
Harris Academy, Bermondsey
Sep 09 Jan 10

English teacher as part of the Teach First Scheme

Taught a range of language, literature and poetry with an emphasis on
improving grammar
Independently created original schemes of work designed to spark pupils
passion for English and delivered clear, engaging lessons

Recurrence of kidney failure

Aug 08 July 09

Junior Account Executive

Braben PR
July 07 Aug 08

Wrote press releases for publication

Collated and wrote the daily media round-up that was sent company wide
Regularly liaised with journalists in a friendly, professional manner
Showed excellent organisational skills when tracking and filing press
coverage for clients
Worked happily and efficiently as part of a team, undertaking office admin
to support colleagues and maintain high level of service for clients

- Writing
- Thumping
- Glamour

- Punching
- Knocking
- Jet-lag

- Hitting
- Faces
- Magzines

- Bashing
- Editors
- Baking


Marigold Atkey
Literary agent
David Higham Associates
t: 07812 00156

Stephanie Allen
Management consultant
Visiting fellow, UAE Leadership development