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Read the notice below to answer c. A thief.

questions 1 to 3!
d. A king.
2. The notice is about ....
a. a man dressing in black and
One pirate by the name of Edward unarmed
b. seeking a robber and murderer
Also known as “Blackbeard”
c. striking features of Edward Teach
Appearance : Big, about 100 kg
d. a reward from Edward Teach
Tall, about 1,9 m
3. Which sentence is NOT TRUE
Usually dressed in black clothes and according to the notice?
a. The pirate’s name is Edward Teach.
Striking Features : A long black
beard, plaited and tied with coloured b. Besides a robber, the pirate ia also
ribbons. a murderer.

Sometimes fuses are hidden under his c. One who can catch him will get
hat and they burn and £1000.

give out smoke. d. If you can catch the pirate, you

must immediately kill him.
Reputation : Irritable and trigger-
happy Questions 4 to 6 are based on the
following text.
Bad Habit : Uses foul language all
the time. Budi loves animals. He often goes to
the bird market not far from his house.
His crime : Robbery on high seas He likes watching different kinds of
birds there.
At home his father keeps two birds.
Beware! This man is armed and Every day Budi helps him look after
dangerous. the birds. He cleans the cages and
REWARD – £1000 from the King’s feeds the birds every afternoon. He
treasury gives them special bird food. He
enjoys doing all this.
1. What is Edward Teach?
Budi has a pet, too. It is a cat. His
a. A sailor. name is Manis. He is three years old.
He eats meat, fish, or rice. He is really
b. A pirate. nice. He catches every mouse which
comes into the house. Budi likes Manis 7. a. omelet
very much.
b. cheese
4. What kind of pet does Budi keep?
c. cucumber
a. Animals.
d. soup
b. Birds.
8. a. pieces
c. A cat.
b. plates
d. A mouse.
c. loaves
5. Who likes feeding the birds?
d. bowls
a. Budi does.
9. Teacher : ... boys! You disturb the
b. Budi’s father does. students. They are having a test.

c. Budi and his father do. Students : Sorry, Madam.

d. Neither Budi nor his father does. a. Look at me

6. “... and feeds the birds every b. Be quiet

afternoon.” (par 2).
c. Sit here
The underlined words means ....
d. Open up
a. wash and clean
Read the text and answer questions
b. take and put 10 to 13!

c. give drink to After going the entire first half

without putting a shot on goal,
d. give food to Germany almost put one in the net
For questions 7 and 8, choose the two minutes in to the second half. It
suitable word to complete the came when a cornerkick form the left
dialogue! found the head of Jens Jeremies, but
Edmilson saved the day for Brazil,
Rosi : Do you usually have stopping the powerful header with a
breakfast before going to school? stab of his right foot.

Sita : Sure, I usually have rice, With the famed Brazilian “R’s”
an/a ...(7), and meat. And you? looking frustrated and Kahn looking
unbeatable, fortunes took a turn in
Rosi : I don’t eat rice for breakfast. favour of the South Americans.
Only two …(8) of toast, and a glass of Ronaldo won the ball from Dietmar
milk. Hamann in the German half and laid it
off for Rivaldo, who fired a shot from
25 metres right at Kahn. The b. How Ronaldo dribbled the football.
previously infallible keeper could not
hold onto the seemingly harmless c. The stadium where the German
shot, and the ball spilled out in front of team lost.
the goal for Ronaldo, who pounced to d. Ronaldo’s way to play football.
slot it into the net.
12. How did the Brazil team feel after
Ronaldo needed no mistake from the match?
Kahn on the next chance. Kleberson
started the sequence with a run down a. Disappointed.
the right side. he sent a pass into the
middle that b. Mournful.

seemed destined for Rivaldo, but he c. Excited.

dummied brilliantly, drawing a
d. Annoyed.
defender and letting the ball roll to
Ronaldo, who shot perfectly from the 13. “The previously infallible
edge of the area into the lower-right keeper ...” (paragraph 2)
corner of the net.
The underlined word means ....
Oliver Bierhoff almost pulled one
back for Germany with a powerful a. always strong
first-time shot from 15 metres, but
b. never wrong
Brazil goalkeeper Marcos stretched
well for the one-handed save. c. very skillful

And as time expired, Ronaldo could d. tough enough

be seen shedding tears at the joy of
his Cup glory. Read the text and answer questions
14 to 16!
Masjid Saka Tunggal lies in the south
10. The Brazil goal keeper is .... of the alley, which leads into the
Taman Sari PesanggrahanI (a rest-
a. Edmilson
house). This mosque is called Saka
b. Jeremies Tunggal because of its single pillar.
Unlike other Javanese traditional
c. Marcos building, the pillar of this mosque is
supported by a bar of stone called
d. Hamann
Umpak. It is interesting to know that
above umpak was once used in the
palace of the Mataram Kingdom in the
11. What does the text talk about? Islamic period or in the period of
Sultan Agung. This mosque is still in
a. The match between Brazil and use.
Masjid Agung (the grand mosque) lies a. ‘Masjid Saka Tunggal’ lies on the
on the western side of the North western side of the North Square.
Square. It is a place for praying, as
well as for holding rituals and other b. People can find ‘Masjid Agung’ in
religious ceremonies like the Garebeg the south of the alley.
and the Sekaten. Those two c. Masjid Saka Tunggal has more
ceremonies are held every year to than one pillar.
celebrate the Islamic Holy Days. This
mosque thus provides the Kraton d. ‘Sekaten’ is one of the religious
with the space for side religious ceremonies.
activities, and it was placed in front of
the palace or on the western of the 17. Joan : Hi, Moly. Will you come
North Square. This grand Mosque, with to my house?
its Javanese architecture, has a roof
Moly : I’m sorry, Joan but my
model which is called ‘tajug.’ Such a
mother won’t let me
model was especially used for
religious buildings. This traditional because my brother George has a ....
mosque with its architecture, thus
becomes the most interesting part of a. bad cold
the building.
b. headache
14. What is the text about?
c. high fever
a. Two interesting mosques.
d. stomachache
b. How mosques are built.
18. Irda : What do you think of
c. ‘Masjid Saka Tunggal.’ people living in the big city?

d. Well-known ‘Masjid Agung’. Shinta : Well, here the people are

very different from the villagers. They
15. Which of the these statements is are very busy to earn their living as
NOT TRUE? drivers, merchants, lawyers,
carpenters, or even beggars. They
a. ‘Tajug’ is a roof model.
become ... because they are very
b. ‘Umpak’ is a bar of stone. busy.

c. ‘Masjid Agung’ has Javanese Irda : Yes. You are right. The
architecture. people in the city mind their own
business. They sometimes do not
d. Rituals are never done in ‘Masjid know if one of their neighbors gets
Agung’. sick or passes away.

a. realistic

16. Which of the following statements b. pessimistic

is TRUE?
c. individualistic c. caused

d. sympathetic d. will cause

19. Rio : ..., George Foreman or 22. a. have been

Michael Moorer?
b. were
Agung : George Foreman of course.
He weights 114 kilogram and Michael c. are
Moorer weights 97,7 kilogram. d. will be
a. Which one is a boxer 23. a. keeping
b. Who is taller b. kept
c. Whose weight is 97,7 kg c. keep
d. Who is heavier d. keeps
20. Angga : Where are you going? Text for questions 24 to 29.
Zega : To the post office. Why? Mr/Mrs. Smith 10/4 Epping Road North
Angga : ... Ryde 2113

Zega : Sure! I will do it for you. N.S.W. Australia

a. Can you take me to the post Dear Mom and Dad,

office? I am writing to share my enjoyable
b. Would you post this letter, please? experience with you. I hope this letter
will find
c. Will you go to the post office?
you all well.
d. Would you like to answer the
letter? Yesterday Budi’s classmates and I
went to visit five tourist objects in
Questions 21 to 23, choose the correct Yogyakarta and its surrounding e.g.
option to complete the text! the Sultan Palace, Tamansari Water
Castle, Yogya Kembali Monument,
People have cut down the forest trees, Prambanan Temple, and Borobudur
which ... (21) flood every where in the Temple. We hired a mini bus. Budi, my
last rainy season. We ... (22) also lack closest friend in Yogya, acted as a tour
of water in last dry season. Please guide. We departed very early in the
obey the regulation to …(23) our morning and were back home at 6.15
forest for our future. p.m. So we spent the whole day.
21. a. causes All of the five objects are interesting
b. is causing but Borobudur and Prambanan
Temples are more interesting than the 26. “Borobudur and Prambanan
others. Borobudur is a Buddhist temples are more interesting than the
temple, while Prambanan is a Hindu others.”
one. A friend of mine said that these
two temples were really wonderful. This is the main idea of paragraph ....
After I saw them by myself, they are a. 1
even more wonderful than what I have
imagined. Of these two objects, b. 2
Borobudur is the most wonderful
object I have ever seen. It is much c. 3
bigger than Prambanan; it is one of
d. 4
the biggest temples in the world. No
wonder it is famous throughout the 27. Which of the following statements
world. Everyone there looked very is NOT TRUE according to the
amazed by this huge building. I am passage?
sure you will admire it, too. Make sure
you take your camera with you when a. Jane is an Australian girl.
you visit it next year.
b. Jane is in Yogya to study.
Well, I will write to you again next
c. Jane is inYogya to have a tour.
week to tell you more about the
temples mentioned above. Said that d. Jane is very amazed by
the two temples were really. Borobudur.

Love, 28. “We departed very early in the

The underlined word means ....
24. What did the letter tell us about?
a. left
a. Visiting tourist objects in Yogya.
b. reached
b. Various temples in Yogya.
c. took off
c. The famous Borobudur temple.
d. went on
d. Jane’s feeling during in Yogya.
29. Jane : When will you go back to
25. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Jane’s ....
a. family
Rudy : ... It depends on my study.
b. relatives
a. I’m sure
c. parents
b. I’m not certain
d. teachers
c. I absolutely believe
d. I don’t understand Rp 200.000,00” he said to the man.
“That’s double the normal price of the
30. A : Travelling by plane costs a lot, fare”.
... it?
“I haven’t got Rp 200.000”, replied
B : Yes, you’re right. the man. “I haven’t got any money at
a. isn’t all.” And then he started laughing.

b. doesn’t When the man laughed, the ticket

collector completely lost his temper.
c. is
31. Where did the story begin?
d. does
a. On the train.
Read the text and answer questions
31 to 34! b. In Jakarta.

A man was standing on the c. In Yogyakarta.

platform at Gambir station. He had an d. At Gambir station.
enormous suitcase with him. He
wanted to go to Yogyakarta but he 32. The man in the story did not have
didn’t want to buy a ticket- he was too a ticket because ....
mean, and he didn’t like spending
money. a. he lost it before getting on the
When the train arrived he got on and
sat down, putting the suitcase on the b. he would pay it on the train
seat opposite him. The train left c. the ticket collector was very kind
Jakarta and after about twenty
minutes the ticket collector came d. he was too mean to buy one
33. The ticket actualy was ... hundred
When he arrived at the man with the thousand rupiahs.
big suitcase, he said:
a. one
“Can I see your ticket please, sir?”
b. two
“I’m sorry”, replied the man. “I
haven’t got one. I seem to have lost c. three
it”. But of course the ticket collector
d. four
didn’t believe him.
34. “... the ticket collector completely
“I know your type. You’re just too
lost his temper”.
mean to buy a ticket. You’ll have to
pay The word ‘his’ refers to the ....

a. train passenger
b. ticket collector 38. Doni : How did you travel to
c. man
Santi : By “Argo Bromo” train. It’s a
d. station master very good train.
35. X : How do you go to school? It took me just nine hours.
Y : ... what about you? Doni : …
X : By bike because my school isn’t a. What train is it?
far from my house. How much do you
pay for the fare? b. What a fast train!

Y : It is cheap. It is only Rp 500,- c. How fast is the train?

a. By taxi d. How good the train is.

b. By bicycle 39. Gunawan : Where is Monica?

c. By bus Ardilla : She is flying to Singapore.

d. On foot Gunawan : ...

36. The flight GA 308 will depart at Ardilla : Five hours.

07.20. The underlined word means ....
a. How long does it take to go there?
a. land
b. What time will she arrive there?
b. leave
c. How far is it from here?
c. come
d. What does she want to visit?
d. arrive
40. Arrange the sentences to make a
37. Last Sunday I went to Surabaya story. It tells you about plants and
by a luxurious mean of transportation. animals!
It has reclining seats, a toilet, a
television and a VCD player. I sat at 1. We can help our government by
the front row, exactly behind the not only obeying the hunting and
driver. It is really a luxurious .... fishing laws but also growing new
plants to provide food and shelter for
a. train the wildlife. That may help them from
being extinct.
b. plane
2. Our world has more than
c. ship 1.500.000 kinds of plants and animals.
d. bus Unfortunately, we have lost a great
many of those species and we are
afraid that we shall lose many more if
we are not careful.

3. Some countries in Asia have built

national parks and wildlife reserves to
protect certain species.

4. We can find none or only a small

number of certain species of animals
because people have been killing
them and have been cutting down
their shelter. etc.

The arrangement is ....

a. 4 – 3 – 1 – 2

b. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3

c. 3 – 1 – 4 – 2

d. 2 – 4 – 3 – 1