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Media et al and that Illusive Commodity Called the “Truth”

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
Johann Wolfgang von
“I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
Thomas Jefferson

In Massachusetts, I saw “reported” that “a certain group of immigrants [of

whom, at the time, there had been quite few in the States] made up the
majority of our soldiers in Massachusetts’ Continental Army”. As a student of
history all my life, knowing the religious proscription of that particular ethnic
group about entering “foreign wars” at all, I decided to investigate.
Curiously, there existed a list of about 3,000 men who had collected what
pensions there were for having fought in the Continental Army. In those lists,
I was not able to find one single solitary member of the ethnicity I had heard
claim. The allegation was an (all-too-frequent) Media fabrication.
The propensity of many to join lists of anything they believe useful to their
cause is well known, without regard to the implausibility of the figures
involved, even if they are clearly absurd. This condition has worsened, now
that truth is being shredded by governments and Media alike. Not oddly,
knowing the makeup of the liars, the beneficiaries of the deceit are always
the same.
It is irrefutable fact that not all people have equal propensities. Some place
dignity and honor above all else in their acts. Others forsake those elements
and much more in search of Almighty Profit; the rest of us are somewhere in
between. Many studies on investing, work policy, or on philanthropy, attest
to those marked differences. Effects of interplay among various groups will
result in considerably less material benefit for those who keep Principle
ahead of Greed, but in a greater material profit to those who eschew what
once we called the standards of decency. Every Wall Street accounting of
Christian investment always shows that this slice of the market
underperforms all other investor groups. [The young trained by the Media
will not understand.]
Those who were raised in the old fashioned principled manner make the
least material gain of all sections of the population in every endeavor they
entertain. Though moral factors may more than offset this material deficit to
their advantage, it is a fact that the principled civic minded lose material
power every day of their lives, making them fall far behind in economic and
hence political, commercial, and any other kind of influence. In Circuit court,
I have seen a judge state: “Principle has nothing to do in a court of law”.
Indeed! Surely, this failing is a major factor in the abject decline of our
judicial system. Congress’ lack of action greatly affects these losses.

Having allowed capture of all segments of “information” sources by
Trotskyites, we must suffer the indignity of knowing almost nothing about
anything of value, despite our pathetic protests.
Patriotic voters should elect ethical, moral people as their representatives,
not rich bastards.
Some of us have gotten the whole issue of Homeland and Respectability
upside down, because those on whose money alone we depend for our
futures, have little respect for those qualities.
Correspondingly, neo-citizens brought up on garbage, prefer “fast nickels” to
the old USA dime.
There is no need to remind anyone, now that we have become a gambling
people, that all it takes is a minimal advantage of the “house” to win at any
game of “chance”. Calculations on the “house’s” considerable advantage are
well known – exceeding 99.9% over the long run.
It is up to a judicious government to deny the nation the poison of gambling.
When America prospered, no gambling was allowed, later introduced big
time by Meier Lansky and “Bugsy” Siegel – when the Colorado River began to
lose its legendary power because of dirty deals like Las Vegas and later Palm
Springs, when we thought ourselves mightier than Nature. Then, as now,
members of government were run like mechanized mice by vile syndicates,
but absent that evil extortion, the government must try to establish a more
level playing field. Justice, for now, should turn its attention to the deceptive
advertising that, like so many dogs salivating at Ivan Pavlov’s little bells,
literally guide the people to seek the “help” of the lottery in a hundred forms,
just as do the poorest of the Third World countries – to deliver them from
ever-slipping job markets, after the good paying jobs have left for penny-
wages abroad, from the always underrated inflation, and from the dropping
value of the dollar – no longer called “mighty”. Sickest of all is that it is the
government that advertises deceptively to a progressively less educated
public, for ever more “entertaining” gambling. This is an ideal setting for
[Today, the “mighty” Colorado ends in a marsh where it evaporates without
flowing out to sea.]
Sunday evenings, there is a CBS program called “Sixty Minutes” that has had
a large reception from the public because of its supposed true contents.
Many times it has been rated as the #1 program on television. On one of
those evenings, the show featured a man in New York City dressed in the
brown cassock of a Catholic Carmelite friar, who sold drugs to children in a
neighborhood. The man, whom the kids called “the bishop” (or some such
Church title – it has been many years) had been arrested for what he was
doing. It was a “true case”, as allegedly are all of Sixty Minutes’ programs.
It made quite a splash. The audience must have been suitably impressed –
and revolted - at the appearance of the Catholic priest being presented.

CBS – “discoverer” of Fidel Castro, glorifier of “Ché” Guevara, today’s owner
of SUR chain of TV stations in Latin America - the better to spread its
“truths”, a twisted ”guiding light” of confused youth with its MTV but not
especially more radical than a hundred other PC corporations - here made it
clear that the Christian priest was a villain. The program missed an important
symbol, though. On the wall, as Christian homes display It, there was an
image of Jesus on the Cross – except that it was hung upside down! I
suppose that the hatred for all things Christian of that particular producer
would not allow her or him not to take a final swipe at this despised enemy
and so they flashed a peak at an upside down Christ... but that was a big
propaganda mistake!
I called CBS and could not get past a receptionist; wrote twice to equal
effect. When next I went to NYC I made my peregrination to the appropriate
Police office to seek the truth, like Diogenes with his lamp. The man had
been indicted and sent away to Rykers’ Island to await trial on his evil
charge. The desk sergeant had been an old fashioned Irish cop who was
glad to tell me about what had bothered him as well - the “bishop” drug
dealer, which depiction he had not heard on the street. The man had not
been a priest at all. The charges did not indicate his religion, but did say he
was a citizen of Israel, a “sabra”, here to ply his trade anew. His priestly garb
was a sales tool, as CBS must have known. Can there be a doubt that this
depiction was one more attack on Christianity? Did this earn CBS any
money? No. It was gratuitous, like its habitual agenda, none of which makes
CBS’ owners one cent, but may cause them losses. TV & Hollywood persist in
showing these lies that damage our children. If we had any dignity left, none
of CBS’ sponsors would see 1¢ from any of us, ever. Unfortunately,
American dignity today has an extremely cheap price. [Of course, the above
is not at all an isolated case.]
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed; second it is violently opposed; and third, it is
accepted as self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer
Despite thousands of references to the contrary, it was the Nazi Dr. Joseph Goebbels who first said:
“When a monumental lie is told often enough; when that lie is of a truly unthinkable measure, impossible
to be believed, but is spread from a hundred sources simultaneously, it ultimately will be accepted fully,
completely, and unshakably, as dogma.” [not textual but the
exact idea]

Some lies we hear every day, repeated ad nauseam from thousands of

sources, can truly be far-fetched. However, the garbage fed us daily by
“news” and eternally approving commentary, supported by suitable
“examples” in other “news” and movies; seen or heard by dulled minds
(made so by years of not trying to make sense of any of it, spent “minding
their own business”- as if the business of the nation were not their own!), are
just such kinds of monumental lies.
The larger and more injudicious, the more believable. We have been trained
to accept garbage.

We think and we perform, on the basis of those swindles to the intelligence.
We blame others with being fanatical when they demonstrate good judgment
and see through the thin ruses and denounce them as the pure trash that
they are. Hopefully temporarily, we have suspended the power of our minds
to commit mental and national suicide, shooting ourselves on the foot time
and again. We emulate ridiculous “mentors” we have been forced to admire,
people like Freud,
Meade, or Kinsey - freaks and liars on their own, with flawed, often
degenerate insights into what they wrongly preached, due to the endless
display of misleading praise we have been fed.
In plainer language, our mental faculties have been dulled by nonstop lies,
inane garbage, and the sustained vilification of everything that was good,
decent, and practical in America. Now, promoting unethical, immoral, and
disloyal crap is a simple matter. We are as ready as pigs for the slaughter
(serfdom) and we cheer in Pig Heaven as we are being driven to the abattoir.

Disinformation as Education: The educational levels of

our children have been
systematically diminished by deliberate
substitution of trivial or immature subjects instead of the disciplines required
for continued, cogent growth of students; the mental capacities of the young
are directed to frivolous pastimes or worse – towards overly sexual attitudes
and senseless violence - rather than the pursuit of more serious matters
which must ripen upon entering adulthood. The core message of this
destructive plan is broadcast endlessly from a thousand sources shown in
ways that make it attractive to the victims of the ploy, who will feel as if they
were playing games rather than being indoctrinated, which in effect they are.
They are being methodically conditioned by extra sensory perception, into
robots: the careless, irresponsible, unfocused, dysfunctional young people
who make up a growing sector of our population. As these functions
coalesce, it becomes overly simple to keep an entire population in a state of
torpor, collectively unable to use their heads to arrive at any simple
solutions or think about the most basic of tasks. How can they know not to
vote for one of the NWO-built clones that periodically our public is presented
as the next “rescuer of Democracy” to be voted on for president and for the
other NWO surrogates?
Persistent escalation of the ploy gets ever easier by regenerating itself
among the destitute, (mentally or economically) thus forging a bond with
the proselytized, who become the ideal shock troops against any deviation
from the “system” by others more cultured or intelligent.
Those gifted with analytic minds who are able to see through the
impenetrable curtain of ruses will now be labeled as “fanatics” and
considered “the enemy” if they speak out against this obviously cannibalistic
Monopoly-Capitalism Communist Cartel that only exists to enslave the people
of the world and to line its own pockets with gold. Their automatic (though

negative rejoinders become the first line of defense against anyone who tries
to explain the lies, and to understanding what should be obvious to all clear
minds: The “system” is a swindle.
Very dense kids [God bless them, it is not their fault] may reply “That’s
stupid!” with conviction when what is being explained is beyond their
comprehension, today all the more that everyone in the nation, perhaps in
the world, has a demagoguery-given “right” to graduate from college.
Everywhere else, 2%, if that, make it through a university, but our kids must
shoot for the stars and hopefully get themselves a PhD – even if they will
never learn where London is located.
We have now with us at least two generations of young people with a
passion for frivolity, fun-living (including the use of alcohol and drugs, both
pharmacological and illicit), who believe that the family is no longer
important, that mothers – after they have fed us, clothed us, and tried to
educate us – have become undesirables, that women are not to be
respected, that the easiest way to resolve anything is by violence, and that a
credit card gives us what “we deserve” NOW!
The CCCP... oops!, that’s the former communist swindle, in Russian... Sorry!
The MCCC has seen fit to make everyone feel like a part of a system they will
never reach, a part of something they will never possess or enjoy, while their
country is being fattened for the slaughter – “to become a part” of this
greatest of all swindles, this fraud to decent families, wage earners, and
patriots that is the Monopoly-Capitalism Communist Cartel of cadres working
together temporarily until their complete “1984-style” dictatorship is firmly
in place. While this takeover process is being manipulated into its final coup
d’etat, the well sedated American public is bounced around, from one pitiful
job to a progressively worse one, getting relief from no end of the spectrum:
Filthy rich to terrorists with a government that acts solely for their benefit: an
MCCC committed to stealing a republic which once received direction from a
Christian Faith which now we have shoved aside in favor of service to the
“cause” – which stands only for International Greed.
If the above sounds unrealistic, perhaps you intelligent reader might try to
find out something about the evolution of the authoritarian monarchy of the
Romanovs, how it had been forced to end, with tsar Nicholas II abdicating on
March 2, 1917 in favor of a constitutional monarchy, with an elected
parliament (Duma) in place, though all of this under great pressure, from
lack of food for the people, and disorganization. There had been no
revolution – just continued unrest.
At that precise moment, not sooner, nor later, Trotsky arrived with the
twenty+ million in gold from the FED to steal the new government and
prostitute it into the worst butchery of all time
from which would spring the NWO. It was a difficult steal; it hung around

until 1991 and fell because any socialist system is so utterly dreadful as an
economic producer. By the greatest of “coincidences”, practically the same
remedy had been applied to Germany in 1919, then again, in 1933, in both
cases trying to obliterate it. Perhaps the Germans were too smart and had to
be eliminated. They saw through the ruse twice. Now, in America, the
planning has been done with greater care, as their overconfidence has
revealed now and then. It has not only been our last three stooges that have
proclaimed it, but many others, for the most part, non-Americans.
The censored Media has been careful not to comment on the arrogance that
had caused some cartel members to proclaim such as: “In 25 years, the
world’s court of Justice will be located in such and such a place”, for one.
Still, proof has been abundant and frequently expressed, and it
has marched apace with the setup the world first saw in Communism, though
this is a better concealed Plan. International Banks have taken their potshots
always. [Often, being cryptic is a crucial element of staying alive, but you all
are intelligent leaders...] But, “do not be afraid.”Jesus
We know from their statements and actions, that the Bush and Clinton
families have worked assiduously for the “cause”. Twenty years ago, Bush I
vehemently announced the Plan, though
its roots were planted very deeply and had been showered with gold, far, far
longer than that.
Many of our so-called people’s representatives – many senators,
congressmen-and-women, as well as other high officials in the government
and the judiciary – have been working for this many years, perhaps
unwittingly. They are being subsidized by their generous donors so that they
will be reelected again and again, perhaps to become lobbyists to these
same donors later, for what purpose? Many of you may have noticed –
perhaps the most perspicacious ones - that those who have not towed this
line have not remained long with you. For what other reason?
Corporations are not meant to have soul, multinational ones least of all;
foreign governments? Ha! They have spied on us, sold our secrets to our
enemies, kept their own... why would they have a soul? Yet, they finance
you? Such largesse! Should one smell a rodent here somewhere?
If all Americans could read – and understand it – a magazine few people see,
where everyone is afraid to advertise, “The American Conservative”, they
might read up a bit on the total control that the unelected (unconstitutional)
FED has over our lives and the help it has received by men we injudiciously
elected as presidents, mostly for lying so well: Woodrow Wilson and FDR
soon come to mind. TWW (first name, Thomas) for his original betrayal of the
American people and Del ano (I like that in Spanish) when he took us off the
domestic gold standard. He equally was responsible for beginning the
vaporization of our education. [Parts from Nelson Hultberg, 4/23.]

New World Child (Adapted into Clinton's & Academia's Plan "GOALS 2000")

"Every child of America entering (school) at the age of five is mentally ill
because he comes to school with certain allegiances: Allegiances toward
his founding fathers, toward his elected officials, toward his parents,
toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of his nation
as a separate entity. It’s up to you teachers to make all these children well
by creating international children of the future."
Chester Pierce
Department of Educational Psychology
Harvard University
Cited by Gary L. Tyler
Chester Pierce announced his infamous statement in a speech
at the 1973 Childhood International Education Seminar. (Children of the MCCC)

Elected members of government who believe in and have cooperated with the advancement of
the above plan, have perpetrated a Fraud vs. the American People. This conspiracy from whose
staunch supporters many of you draw election funds, has been many years in implementation.
Completion of this goal – of turning our children into atheistic robots with no values – would be
the final nail on the coffin of America’s institution and its essence: our final return to the jungle.

Because so many of our “leaders” [remember: an euphemism] may claim to have been fooled or
hoodwinked into promoting the above by some third person above them, by the time that Push
comes to Shove - the Nemesis’ arrival, the Nation’s comeuppance - it may do well to review it:

Obviously, you KNOW that the N. W. O. conspiracy does NOT believe:

1. In our Founders – and hence, in our ethical, moral Republic under God
2. In elected officials such as yourselves – for it desires a dictatorship run by a plutocracy,
evidently from abroad, by a better class of people than we are. [You, get ready for this!]
3. In Motherhood or Fatherhood – no wonder, then, that it attacks the mothers and women
in general and promotes fatherless children.
4. It has no use for God – apparently, for any God, despite the constant protestations to the
contrary of many of its proponents.
5. It has no use for, and explicitly opposes the existence of our United States of America,
because we are destined to be part of this world fiefdom that will keep us all in serfdom.

This is where we are going and where Bush, Cheney, and their Trotskyites
are taking us with
their bought-and-paid-for helpers in Congress (many of you) and of course,
those in the Media.
Imagine calling a Trotskyite communist assassin a Conservative,
even if an alleged “Neo” one!

Media/Hollywood: As the average American watches the "news",

he accepts what is

presented as "news" to be an objective, accurate
accounting of the day's events. Only the "cynic"
questions the anchorman's veracity. Yet rarely are the facts presented
without a twist, without a bias and a spin applied, and rarely do the American
people realize it. Small “red herrings” are introduced continuously, that have
nothing to do with what is being presented. A tiny example occurred today
(April 13) on Discovery Channel (part of the CBS’ “SUR” network for Latin
America) in the story of a man in Recife bitten by a shark, “right in front of
the Church”, which was nowhere to be seen. It was just a persistent tidbit: If
it is a bad omen, or a bad anything, it may be linked to a Christian or a
traditional American symbol, like the false upside down Christ of “60
Minutes”, p.16. A popular movie, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” ends
with much “comically” genuflected Eli Wallach (who is not Christian) standing
on a cemetery cross, with his neck in a noose. The holy (to some) Cross is
much in evidence in just one more anti-Christian movie with a depraved
theme, “The Graduate” where another non-Christian [No big deal; money
buys anyone today.] brandishes one as a weapon before shoving it into a
church’s door handles to escape there with someone else’s bride - daughter
of his married lover. “Mischievous” types such as Jerry Springer promote
Incest - nearly always by non-Christians, showing the huge chasm that lies
between Christianity and the “$$$ faith” of those who indoctrinate our youth.
[Many immoral TV “Christian” actors are not what they seem: Henry Dice
Clay only changed his name; egregious cases are legion.]
When they appear as beneficial, routinely, they will be tied somehow into a
current goal of our “free” Media: violence, tattoos, piercings, homosexuality,
or promiscuity. A naive reader should not jump to a silly notion for which
she/he has been programmed: calling the writer a “fanatic” or any epithet
created by the Media for robotic followers. He should invest some of his
time, as should a good citizen but not a lemming, to check out the statement
made and to follow the thread before reaching a conclusion, instead of a
false “truth”. Check out how many times she/ he ever has seen America’s
Founders’ tenets mentioned positively on screen? Watch for Anglo- Saxon
names depicting heroes (?) or see who “the judges” are. Use your head, but
If propaganda is to be convincing, it cannot be “one-way”. Real pros do
“ours” very skillfully .
This system that has been prostituting America as it had other countries
before their takeover,
seems to be a carefully planned affair where liberally applied “coincidences”
are used as fitting cogs in the machinery – because even one true
coincidence rarely happens in life. (Look it up.)

Bias: “There is almost no pure judgment. The Bias that every

person on this planet has

assimilated is the result of prior knowledge, social and moral
formation, personal observation and study. Conclusions are formed based
on information which has been filtered through the bias of one's mind.
Those minds which have been programmed to accept a series of beliefs
will respond to an event, fact or "trigger" in a predictable way. One
conditioned to abhor the presence of
insects, no matter how insignificant, will not be able to react impartially
or dispassionately about an issue regarding insects - even if these insects
are butterflies.”
“Others react in a similar, predictable manner when presented with their
"triggers". No matter how much factual, objective information is
presented, they react the way they have been trained to react, because
the trigger has become an ingrained concept, and at this point, is
immovable and unshakable. No other conclusions are possible. (Insects
are always bad, butterflies are insects, therefore butterflies are bad) Even
the person believing himself to be completely ethical, equitable and
unprejudiced will not be able to deliver an impartial analysis of facts. ---
A newborn almost immediately begins to
process data and form a thought pattern base for bias. This will be
reinforced throughout life so that conclusions reached will be transformed
as the new events of life add weight and import to the bias previously
developed. “Every event is automatically processed by the brain, and each
one's bias is ever so slightly different than the next, as no one has exactly
the same experiences.”
“The biases intensify as life continues. This process cannot be short-
circuited, circumvented, or forestalled. It is life itself.“
Dr. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, Nobel Prize, “Conditioned
Reflexes” originator
(1918 communist plans to fool the world were based
on Pavlovian theory)

It is not a coincidence that “our” (Un-)American Media is such a lover of all

things communist.
What should be - what must be - important is that if biases exist, that they
be fed, nurtured, and exploited for the good of the people, the majority of
the people in a country or place, from the tiniest hamlet to the largest
metropolis, for the Nation’s good; but who will define what this is?
What is good for the people must be determined by the people’s own ideas,
not those of others who may not spouse the same aims, tenets, and
aspirations as the people themselves – a clear majority of that people.
Unfortunately, in the case of today’s United States of America and of its
citizens (those who profess our American citizenship above all others), this
is not the case.
Spin: When Bias takes the form of a planned campaign, it
becomes what is called Spin.
In countries where there is explicit, recognizable censorship of
the news, it is employed for the benefit of a ruling power that does not want,

or cannot afford to have “news” unbecoming to that government dispersed
to its people. It might suggest that the style or form of government is
beneficial to the people of that country, but unless its people are considered
to be daft or incapable of knowing Right from Wrong (the “relativity” of this
absurdity is today being taught in our crazed “educational system”), there
never is an honest reason for this myth.
Countries that employ such base tactics are usually grouped into what we
call dictatorships.
It has happened that because one particular social or economic group may
control the Media in one nation, it may have a convergence of design with its
government, resulting in a privately controlled Spin on all news and
“information”, for the benefit of that government. Because it would be
extremely unusual for this Media control to be widespread and so, effective
over the
wide majority of the people (as happens to be the case in America today),
this control should be scrutinized closely. In history, mostly communist
groups have exercised this control, though always jointly with the
government. This has been a precursor to taking over the entire society.
Like Bias, “Spin” can be perceived easily or not at all. The concentration of
previously biased opinions formed, no matter how slight, lends fuel to
additional bias. The biases may build to form hubris, or they may build in a
positive way. Events and experiences may be shaped by our minds in such a
way that a bias will produce positive images. A perceived freedom fighter
defending his nation’s policies will usually reflect positively in our
consciences, because he is a man who stands up for what he believes. We
may not agree with his personal or government’s cause, but we will see he is
idealized, and we will think of him positively – even if destructive.
Thus, the wildest governmental ventures can be made to look as triumphs
instead of the losses for the nation or boondoggles that they really are - and
all of its opponents be made to look like fools or fanatics for opposing what
really has no value. (“War is peace”; “bad is good” – “1984”)
Communist-style spin in every case will grow until it envelops the entire
Media and destroys it:
• Years ago, “El Enano” of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, defied politics of the anti-
US, “laborite” PRI party in power 73 years by extortion of the people. PRI
owned 95% of paper supply (“PIPSA”) and controlled electricity. With standby
power, donated paper, and guts the newspaper printed up to 70,000
issues/day.•Our own paper supply is owned by our mainline press.• One
California newspaper, "Mercury", was not given paper for a long time; that
company was in the courts, of course, forever, fighting off lawyer after
lawyer.• Prior to their shutdown, Cuban papers battled their seizure but
“revolutionary” workers added “coletillas” (tails) to news and editorials
saying that workers did not agree with what was written. It was the Reds
saying it, not the soon-to-be-displaced workers.• In Canada the newspaper

business is openly controlled by a few magnates who rule it with an iron
hand. In 1999 they succeeded in passing a law, affirmed by Canada’s
Supreme Court stating: "Anyone who criticizes issues relating to Israel and
Jewish issues will be guilty of Slander, with no regard to whether what is
being said may be the truth." That truly is an odd definition of the
meaning of slander. • One of the Media moguls up North is one “Izzy”
Arendt-Arlen whose flag paper is the Montreal Gazette. Bill Marsden there,
with reporters and writers revealed on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.’s
radio’s “As It Happens”, that their editor at the Gazette had instructed them
never to report anything that might affect Israel negatively. Marsden and 54
reporters and writers went on strike to protest this censorship. It infuriated
Izzy. His son, David said that the reporters were ”childish” and “self-
righteous”. “Why don’t they have the courage of their convictions? Maybe
they should go out and for the first time in their lives, take a risk, put their
money where their mouth is, and start their own newspaper.” Before PC
ruled, that used to be called arrogance. Of course, if they could borrow a
few billion dollars without lots of collateral, as the “Raiders” are able to do
in our USA, they might do it. But, alas! that is not too simple to do in Canada,
just as it is not here. Just a few “notable” people can do that. They are just
“lucky”, I guess.•
• When 20+ years ago CBS went up for sale for $4 billion, the “Moral
Majority” tried to raise the money to purchase the network. It raised $1
billion pledges; then the Lowe’s family stepped in and bought it for $5 billion.
They paid an extra billion, they gloated on TV, “to keep it out of the hands of
the conservatives.”[Anyone who does not like PC corruption is a
“baad” guy.] •Today, CBS with Nickelodeon & MTV to “guide” the young,
SUR for all of South America, movie studios, and a great many things belong
to Sumner Redstone (not his real name). The reader might like to invest 5
minutes to look him up, his family, and associates, in Google, to see what
kind of people are guiding our children into misery. Surely, it is not too
much to ask a good citizen to give the time for their children’s future, rather
than lament their fate later when all does not go well with their upbringing,
even when attending the best private schools. • Step by step we will march
to the same drummer now that the last of impartial Media joined the PC
crowd (1/1/08), just when the present administration continues to deny our
(Bill of) Rights, one by one. •
Shall we doze on? • Three months ago, Ha’aretz in Jerusalem editorialized
about 7 Palestinians who were being tortured by Shin Bet in Israel. Not a
word was said in the US. • The 8 disguised Mossad agents Mexico caught on
9-11 at 9am, trying to blow up their Congress were shown all over the world
with much data & photos. They were turned over to our State Dept., freed,
and sent back to Israel, making Mexico unhappy. They were not shown here
or I am sure, in Canada. We do not even need a Supreme Court definition:
We have been trained. • In Weimar 75 years ago, a similar self-imposed
censorship existed in Germany, which brought well-known disaster to that

country • after 1918, the tsar’s watched media, became strict state
censorship with the creation of whatever slant the Reds desired to spread •
increasingly, each country that fell into the Soviet orbit, equally lost its flow
of news and information, into slavery. • our US ever more absolute, rigid,
constant censorship, and ever-tighter spin cycle, will take us there as

“Truths” of many Kinds: Increasingly, our PC society has

proven that it is simple to “prove” almost anything to
a naive and uncultured public, when only one official “truth” is told, without other
ways to check increasingly-controlled sources along with pseudo-data, or well-spun
euphemisms. Having lost our culture since FDR’s time, we cannot fight lies with
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So is an actual example by someone
who should know the truth – but perhaps is caught changing it a bit, as required by
our endless PC. Examples that follow, with minimal comment, should teach us
what today’s “truths” really mean and how “reliable” they really are
["During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"
[“Freedom means the right to say that two plus two equals four. Once this is
achieved, all else follows."
Quotes from George Orwell’s “1984”

Notable quotes from famous personalities of our PC trend: (Who cannot be

We are all familiar with ads on television such as one that particularly impacted me
when I saw it for the first time; it ran several days: • A distinguished-looking
gentleman appeared on the screen with a very sad air... He was going out of
business. He explained: “It is a sad day for King Jewelers after 70 years of serving
the public, when now we must close our doors... we are forced to run our largest
sale of all time. Our most valuable, exquisitely designed jewelry will have to be sold
for a fraction of its price. Everything must go... (etc.)” Two weeks later, a smiling
son of Mr. King, Scott, appeared with his child, to announce the “reopening” of King
Jewelers “larger and better than ever” with more gems of the highest quality for its
discerning customers...” (etc.) Neat! Today: “highly principled”. • Like shyster
advertising: “If you slip on a banana peel, make sure you do near a building with
deep pockets. We will get you moneeey!...
• Near a home we had purchased, one (Brooks) store from which we bought yard
furniture, East of US 1 in Pinecrest, Miami for years sported signs on its glass
windows: “Special Sale. Going Out of Business.” We had believed those
signs... years later, the signs remained on the windows. We have moved away
now, but perhaps the signs remain. For some people with a different life plan that
most Americans have, today this is a “legitimate” sales tactic and not a lie. Our
formation was different. But, beware:
• "Truth is an elusive thing, often found in dreams, which often has more to do with
the needs and the

reasons behind a proposition that with facts that may have actually occurred or
(This is part of his respected dreams’ analysis.) Sigmund Freud
– New York Times, 1907
• "There are things that deserve to be, whether or not they really happened at any
one time. Those
things should be considered to be truths even if they have not happened yet. One
day they may."
Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal
• "My old, emaciated father and I ran with the rest of the inmates as we left the
concentration camp to
go deeper into Germany, in the dead of night, with the ground almost frozen. As we
ran, the German guards would shoot on the spot anyone who lagged behind. I was
hurting from my mangled foot, trailing blood on the snow. My dad, with his many
ailments, was having a harder time than I. Guards pinched us with bayonets if we
fell behind. My friend (XX) had brought his little pet dog with him; he kept falling
behind.” -- “After 40 miles of running, scared, with torn shoes, pricked by German
bayonets, we came to some deserted buildings where the Germans took us to rest.
We laid on the floor but we had nothing to eat or drink. No one did. Our friend (ZZ)
took out his violin and played a very sad melody. I will never forget it. In a couple
of hours, I thought I was dead, but they woke us again and made us march many
miles more, my foot dragging on the snow, as I helped my father with his bad
heart...” ( etc.)
Elie Weisel, prize winning
Jewish writer who
has written extensively about
the "Holocaust"
From “Night”, Elie Wiesel, Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing, NY, January 1982
- ISBN: 0553272535
(Not textual, but approximate. My copy presently is on loan. See the book for
much more “detail”.)
Notes: The camp was Auschwitz. The Germans were blowing it up, for the Red
Army was approaching. All prisoners were freed. Given the option to await the Red
Army “rescue” (rapes, etc., orchestrated by Ilya Ehrenburg) or follow the Germans
going West, most chose to follow the Nazis. Weisel was a young man, recovering in
the hospital from a foot operation – told to stay in bed 2-3 weeks. His sickly father
was with him. German doctors offered to stay with the patients, but most would
rather leave. Hospital and facilities had been checked monthly by International Red
Cross, with news, food, and vitamins. The Germans were starving after 12 years of
a food, fuel, and medicine boycott imposed at the NYC Waldorf, 6/1/1933 by the
World Jewish Congress. Tip: marathons are 26 miles only, run by well-fed runners,
in good condition, never in the snow with broken feet. The family of Anna Frank
ran that night as well – Anna had died of typhus due to lack of medicine from the
1933 embargo along with 9.5 million victims. [For much historical detail, photos,
and data on this, see EBay, the Internet, and US Army records from once secret
data obtained by the Freedom of Information Act. World-known facts are readily

This scene was painted in the famous book with no apologies for being
offered as a true story, when in reality, to many, it appeared to have been
little more than a drunken sailor's tale.
• Issac Bashevis Singer was the best known Jewish writer, possibly of all
time. Singer said:
"Truth should be constructed from the realities of need and of desire rather than...
actual occurrences.
There are ideas and notions that have every right and every need to be truth – but
yet have not happened, or have not happened yet, because the weight of the
reasons behind them will make them happen someday. They are intelligent, well-
thought-of issues, which should be treated as truth."
In other words: "Going out of business
• From the so-called Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition:
Herzl, Theodor Founder, Zionism; Raised the possibility of securing Uganda
from the British
1860-1904 as a temporary Jewish homeland in the 6th Zionist
Congress (1897) but was
accused of treason for forsaking Zionism. He wrote "The
Jewish State","Old-
New Land", "Diaries", etc. He said that prior to Hebrew no other
dead language
had been resurrected, ever - its revival was inspired by the
Zionist motto:
"If you will it, it is no fantasy."
This seems an idealistic but revolutionary definition of “The Truth” already,
110+ years ago.
• In “Tough Jews”, Jewish writer Paul Breines confirms that in much of
Jewish literature after
1945, wishes become realities and the Freudian conception of the “dreams’
reality” becomes the “truth”, as Jews rush to accept their new status as
Israeli heroes. -- “Tough Jews”, Paul Breines, Basic Books, Inc., NY, 1990,
(Barnes and Noble) - ISBN 0465086365
Although according to psychologist Breines, quoted above, this trend
accelerated after 1945,
following “The Jewish War of Emancipation” this tendency is hardly new. In
70AD the Jews, real Semitic Jews at that time and not the Turkic Ashkenazim
of today, had claimed :
“The Romans had killed 16,000,000 Jewish children and four BILLION Jews, Six
million of those children were said by Jewish historian, general, and writer Josephus
to have been placed inside scrolled Torahs and set on fire, alive.” [At a time when
the entire population of the world was less than one tenth that.]
• A final revolt of the Jews against Rome took place AD 132-135, by Bar
Kohba. It is about that upheaval that the following description is found in

Talmud. (See Note below.) It is evocative of Josephus’ AD70 revolt account.
--- Taken from Talmud’s Midrash Rabbah, 1932 Soncino edition:
Calculations are those of Professor Arthur Butz of Northwestern University, who
estimated Bethar’s size to have been about 600 meters by 200 meters (12 city
blocks) This town has not been identified archaeologically, but it was some 16 km.
(10 miles) SW of Jerusalem. (Size was about 11 “football fields” {the US’ most exact
measurement} – football field dimensions of Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition.)
“In the year 132 AD the Romans slaughtered the Jews in the town of Bethar.” (The
Romans) killed every Jew in Bethar, in a number of 800,000,000... The blood of the
massacred Jews ran to the sea in a huge tidal wave that swept boulders in its path
and was so deep that it reached the nostrils of the Romans’ horses. The crimson
tide of Jewish blood ran over 35 miles (53 km.) to the sea, where it stained the
waters red four miles from the shore. The 800,000,000 Bethar Jews had 64,000,000
children attending schools operated by its 400 synagogues.”
“The Romans wrapped every child in his scroll [Torah scroll?] and burned all of
them... The bodies of the Jews were used to build a wall enclosing (emperor)
Hadrian’s vineyard, which was 18 miles square...
...the Jewish blood salvaged from the tidal wave was used as fertilizer for seven
years.” (End of quotes)
Notes on above:
1. Although a well known tract, data was copied from the Internet.
Interested scholars might
do well to check this statement in the Hebrew original. In fact, everyone
that can, should do so. In English, old, original texts should be checked, not
the modern, now “sanitized” ones.
2. Talmud is the 63 volume compendium of Jewish law, religion, and lore
that rules the lives of
observant Jews. All rabbis are trained by Talmud. Its writing began c.AD
300 - its last entry was made well into the XVI century – the Shulkhan
Arukh. Several years ago, the State of Israel convened 7,000 prominent
rabbis from around the world to review Babylonian Talmud (the more
accepted form of the two versions, the Jerusalem Talmud being older by 100-
200 years). They worked hard at their analysis many months: their
unanimous consensus found that every word was still exactly correct today
and in full force and effect. Not one comma was changed.
• NYC’s “Tikkun” Magazine, later quoted by the New York Times (both owned by Ochs-
used the figure of 6,000,000 Jewish dead in 1919 to describe the results of the Great War,
though later this was recanted – following protests by Hungary and Poland, the alleged “culprits”.

• Later still, October 31, 1919 Martin H. Glynn, "The Hebrew News" Claims that:
“6,000,000 Jews and
300,000 Jewish children are perishing, (this time in Bolshevik) Russia.” [See Yearly
Occurrences Section.]

• There is something about that 6,000,000 figure that the New York Times and similar
and TV find inspiring. Possibly it may be a type of Kabbalah numerology used to mean a great many
people, for Hebrew does not have a decimal counting system, only round figures in its letters.
Perhaps this number is sacred Kaballah numerology in the Zohar. Who can know? According to the
all-ruling Talmud, revealing the secrets of the Jewish religion is punishable by death.

• “Jewish ethics sometimes requires a ‘lie’, rabbi says” (Dr. Immanuel Jacobovitz, Britain’s chief
of the Supreme Rabbinic Court) – Miami Herald 3/16/84).
Remember: "... there are things that deserve to be true, whether or not they really
have happened at any one time... which must be considered as truths."
With US Media controlled by committed PC elements as owners and editors, how can we not expect
to see ideas, legends, and interpretations taken as real facts? Where do we draw the line? Really,
can we afford not to use one’s head today and forget to figure out Cui Bono about all that is said?

•• American patriot Benjamin Freedman pointed out in his Facts Are Facts:
“There is no ‘truth’ that is not factual.” Myths are not: they are merely
insults to our intelligence. It is factual truth, the only one that ever was, that
Jesus stated would make us free. Lying to ourselves and others is not Truth,
only Lies. The truths of Jesus’ Christian Faith remain unmovable and
unchanged. Others may see “the truth” differently. We are different. Our
ethics and morals are different, our faith is different, our manners are
different, the way we dressed and combed our hair were different – before
Hollywood taught our children to be “Jewish-like”... never the American way.

[“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our
passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. “ President John Adams, December, 1770 ]