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Project. Project. Make a Winclow Bor tn k4S Seale A fl aking flowers and plants in 1:48 scale you will need: is equivalent to painting tem nan ‘A small piece of balsa wood, about %"x "x 1" impressionist artist style. A good effect can be (about 6 x 6 x 30mm) achieved by using modeller’s flocks, scatters, Lightweight paper in a range of colours coloured sprinkles etc, but if you want to try Punches for the flowers and leaves something a little more detailed, here is a Green modeller’s ‘lump foliage’ or lichen About 8" of 32 gauge florist wire suggestion for making a window box (flower box) Fine tip glue applicator or cocktail sticks in 1:48 scale using punches and paper shapes for ae flower heads and leaves. It includes several sorts of Paints and a fine brush or micro tippens Darning needle, fine tweezers, sharp fine point flowers, which you could also make as individual scissors, eraser/foam pad, fine ball embossing tool plants, of course, to go either in pots or in your High tack glue miniature flower beds. | cutthe balsa wood tothe size. “Punch out the flower heads > Next punch out a variety of given above and if necessary, from coloured papers. | chose leaf shapes from green papers. lighly sand it. How smooth you shapes suitable for making | used a tiny twig punch, the make it depends on how white, purple and yellow top section of a larger twig, a weathered you want your box pansies and pink and white tiny heart punch, anda small to look. If you want it really begonias using a Martha flower punch that had smooth, | suggest you use a ‘Stewart corner punch, and individual petal shapes which harder wood, Stain or colour it yellow and orange marigolds would be suitable for with thin acrylic paint. using a tiny star punch. representing tiny leaves. 83 The 5-petal shapes for the pansies and the stars for the marigolds are 4/4" (mm) across, and the teeny 4-petal flowers for poppies are 7/6’ (2mm). The Martha Stewart border punch | used for the pansies and begonias comes as a punch around the page’ set with a border bunch. Itisn‘t cheap but is good value because it gives shapes that can be used in :48, [:24 and [:12 seales. The Sim ( — ) stars are also from a Martha Stewart border punch which gives stars in several izes, but there are lots of punches for stars available. For leaves, there are many punches for tiny heart shapes. If you don’t have a small enough twig you could cut the tip with the smallest leaves from a larger punch. There are also lots of border punches for tiny individual petal shapes. Cece oto Cesc Tease out a small amount of For pansies, using a micro pen modeller’s ‘lump foliage’ or fine tip paintbrush, make green foam product used for contrasting dots an 3 adjoining shrubs and trees - or lichen. petals, and a yellow or green Glue it to the central area of dot in the centre of each. When the box to form a support for dry, give the 3 dotted petals a the punched-out leaves. Leave concave shape by pressing with to dry thoroughly before a tiny ball embossing tool onto proceeding. an eraser/foam pad. Now you are ready to assemble the window box. First decide how you will position the flowers. | wanted the marigolds to grow from the thin leaves, the pansies from the rounder leaves and the begonias from the heart shaped leaves. Trim the marigold stems just a little, dip the ends in glue and insert through the leaves and the green base material into the balsa wood. Marigolds grow about 12" (30cm) tall, so they need to stand about %" (Smm) above the top of the box. Fix the other (lower-growing) flowers to the leaves with a dot of glue on their backs. “te ae ee ee oe For marigolds, cut florist wire into %" (10mm) lengths and dip one end into brown paint Allow to dry. Make a hole in the centre of each star then put a tiny dot of glue on the wire just under the brown tip. Slide a star up the wire till it sits just short of the end and allow to dry. Repeat with a second star, arranging it so the points alternate with the first. When the glue is dry trim the star tips carefully. Ineed to use ‘a magnifier to do this! It will give you a smaller flower head which is more closely to scale, and also it is typical of the marigold flower which doesn’t have pointed petals. For the pink and white begonias, just press the tiny 4-petal shapes with the fine embossing tool to curve them inwards and reduce their size.