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The Eagle Insider

Winter 2014-2015
A Publication by 4th and 5th graders at Broken Ground School

Summer Reading Challenge:

BGS reads for the most minutes in the state
of NH for the second year in a row
By Amora Uhlig
We know what the research
minutes read. Students
So, what did you do over
shows and I was looking
simply join the school
the summer? I read. Did you?
for a way to get students
team, choose their own
If you did, you might have
to read over the summer. I
books to read, and then
helped BGS in the summer
noticed on the Scholastic
log their reading minutes
reading challenge! Did you
website that they were
know that BGS won for the
challenging schools to
most minutes read in the state Q: What made you start
Read for the World Record
summer reading
of NH? Reading is AWEover the summer. I am
SOME. Thanks to Mrs. Dodalways up for a challenge
A: Research shows that
son, she set this up.
and I know BGS is too!
Q: What is the summer
children who do not read
So I signed us up!
in the summer can lose
reading challenge?
Q: Did any other staff
two to three months of
A: Read for the World Record
members help you?
reading development
is part of the Scholastic
A: The BGS staff always
while those who do read
Summer Reading
helps by encouraging
tend to gain a month of
Challenge, an interactive,
kids to read as much
reading proficiency.
web-based program
This is a quote from an
as possible during the
inviting kids to join their
article Richard Allington
summer. We all know
school team to help set
that reading as much as
a new summer reading
and Anne McGill-Franzen
possible is the best way
wrote found in The Phi
world record for most
Delta Kappan. Volume 85,
to get prepared for the
(Sept. 2003), pp. 68-75.
upcoming school year!
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The Eagle Insider


Current Events
BGS Holiday Dinner
By Elsie Anderson

Every year at BGS we do a

holiday dinner. The holiday
dinner is a big feast and celebration for the holiday season. There are traditions we
do every year. Last year, my
class made a wreath for Mrs.
Foss to show our appreciation.
I came up with some questions for Mrs. Foss so the third
graders know about traditions
for the holiday dinner. Mrs.
Foss is the main lunch lady.
She helps organize and cook
the holiday dinner. They start
cooking on a Monday and the
holiday dinner is on a Thursday. It takes four days to prepare the holiday dinner!
Q: What traditions do you do
every year for the holiday
A: A feast and crafts

Q: Whats on the menu this

A: turkey, stuffing, gravy,
potatoes, carrots, cranberry
sauce, and cookies
Q: How many people help
make the holiday dinner?
A: 2 people
Q: What kinds of crafts have
classes done in the past

A: hats, place mats, trees,

garland, wreaths
Q: How many people are
normally at the holiday
A: About 320
We really appreciate the
lunch ladies because they
make us a really nice holiday

Food Drive
at BGS
By Lilly Simpson Neely

The BGS food drive is

happening now. The food
drive is a program where
people can donate nonperishable goods for people
who dont have enough
money to pay for food.
BGS is one of the places
that participate in the food
drive. The entire Concord
school district also participates in the food drive.
Broken Ground School has
a history of collecting the
most food in the district.
The classroom that collects
the most food will earn a
cookie decorating party.
You can donate and give
your items to your classroom teacher. This is a great
time to show your love for
people in need.

Stop Bullying! BGS Takes a Stand

Caroline Quirk and Lilly Simpson-Neely
Have you ever seen anyone
getting bullied? Have you ever
been bullied? Have you ever
bullied someone else? October is anti-bullying month. On
October 22nd, BGS students
and staff all wore orange to
show we are all against bullying.

At the all-school meeting,

Mr. Finney, Mrs. Matava,
and Mrs. Finney read a book
called Stinky the Pumpkin.
The book showed us not to
judge a person according to
they way they look and dress.
BGS students and staff
worked together to make a

chain with orange paper links.

Each link represents one way
to prevent bullying. Each person wrote down a way to prevent bullying on a paper link.
Next time you see someone
getting bullied or you are being
bullied, you should report it to
an adult. Here are some ways

to help stop bullying: stand up

for yourself, stand up for other
people, and most of all be kind
to everyone!
Try to stop bullying!


The Eagle Insider

Kids In Action to Perform Seussical

By Fallyn Pepin

Hey kids, have you heard The performances will be A. You have to practice,
that this year March 19th, 20th, and 21st.
practice, practice! Sing
KIA is doing Mrs. Hamilton answered
for everyone you know
questions about the upcoming
and smile lots.
musical production.
Q. How many kids are going
Q. What are some tips on
to be in Seussical?
getting into KIA?
A. There are going to
be around 60 kids in
Q. How are you going to
make the background for
A. We havent decided for
sure but Mr.Hoefs would
like to make it out of

Q. How are you going to

choose the lead role?
A. We have KIA members
audition in front of each
other and several adults,
then we make decisions
on parts.
Q. What are you going to
do if you pick too many
A. We set a limit, so we
dont have too many
kids. Otherwise, there
wouldnt be enough room
on the stage!

Summer Reading Challenge, Cont. from page 1

Q: How many students
A: I dont know an exact
number but lots of
students participated and
helped us to be the top
school in New Hampshire!
Q: Where were most crazy
places people read?
A. The pictures were so
amazing! People read
on trampolines, playing
baseball, with Santa, on
vacation, floating in pools,
on airplanes - so many fun

Q: What was the total number

of minutes BGS read?
A: We read 329,388
Q: Did any staff members
turn in their paper?
A: Most teachers I know
look forward to reading
great books over the
summer. We got fantastic
pictures from Mrs.
Murray, Mrs. Wilke and
Mr. & Mrs. Finney for
our slide show! And Ms.
Warner sent in adorable
pictures of her pups
reading as well!

Q: How many years have you

been doing this?
A: BGS has always done
summer incentives to
keep kids reading over
the summer. This is
the second year Broken
Ground has done the
Scholastic Summer
Reading Challenge and the
second year we have been
the top school in our state!
Q: Which students read the
most at BGS?
A: We had 3 students at each
grade level who were
recognized at our first all

school meeting for being

the Top Readers at BGS.
They are:
Grade 3: Abdalla Faiad,
Bailey Carter & Anthony
Grade 4: Javier Gonzalez,
Lochan Sharma & Ben
Grade 5: Ivan Yen, Peyton
Trento, & Kriti Shrestha
Congratulations BGS on
winning the summer reading
challenge for the state of NH!

The Eagle Insider


BGS Community
Being a Broken
Ground Student

Coming to the USA

By Ayoob Ismael

Seven years ago, my family moved to Concord, NH from

There were five of us; my sister, my brother, me, and my
By Natalyn Brooke Azotea
mom and dad. We moved because of terrorists. In Iraq, we
Being a Broken Ground School student is amazing, so amaz- lived next to a market. We did not have a car. The buses were
ing and I wish every kid in the world could go here. There are free and my uncle had a truck so we rode in the back. When
many after school programs. Here are a few clubs you can do we moved to the United States, we came straight to Concord.
We came here because it is friendly and peaceful. In the United
after school at BGS.
States we have 3 cars and both of my parents have jobs.
newspaper club
chess club
art club
kids in action (KIA)
invention club
By Madison Barton, Katie Martel, and Peyton Trento
power hour
Broken Ground School has amazing teachers. They set class We all know Mrs. Matava
certain people?
goals and classes earn fun rewards. Broken Ground School as a fourth grade teacher at A: Yes, because it is always
(BGS) teachers make classes fun!
nerve racking.
BGS. But what you might not
know is that she has a degree Q: Were you ever in a play
in singing. I think we all want
to know more about her other/ A: Yes, I have been in plays!
singing life. We all love to Q: What was your favorite
sing so we decided to get the
By Elsie Anderson
inside scoop on her singing A: The Sound of Music, in
Dance Inspirations is a dance Q: How many kids are on the career. Enjoy.
which I was Maria.
studio behind Target and Home
comp team?
Q: What was the weirdest
Q: Why did you give up
Depot. They have ballet, tap, A: 15, and 7 on the pre comp
costume you ever had to
singing to become a
lyrical, etc. Mrs. Demers, from
BGS, is a dance teacher there. I Q: How many acts are
A: Because I found that
A: Ive worn a lot of weird
interviewed her about Dance Innormally at recitals?
being a teacher was so
A: 2
Q: Were you ever a lead part?
rewarding and every day
Q: How many teachers work Q: What is the best award
A: Yes, I was very lucky to
is something new and
at dance inspirations?
youve gotten at
get a lead.
A: 7
Q: Were you happy with your Q: Will your kids follow in
Q: What dances are there?
A: High score overall
your footsteps?
A: Tap for all ages, lyrical,
A: I hope so!
A: Absolutely!
ballet, jazz, hip hop,
Q: What is your favorite age Q: What was your favorite
Q: Will you help out in KIA?
inspired kids, tumbling,
to teach?
part of being a singer?
A: I would love to!
competition, and Zumba.
A: 5 or 11-12.
A: I have always loved being
We hope you learned someQ: How many dancers are
Q: What shows have you
thing new about Mrs. Matava.
on stage and performing!
normally in one class?
done in the past?
Q: Why did you want to
We had lots and lots of laughs
A: At least 3, but no more
A: Lifes a party just dance,
and giggles with her. And we
become a singer?
than ten.
secrets of grown-ups, and A: Singing has always made all know that she is a very lovQ: What dance is your
back to the future.
able person. We love her and
me very happy!
Q: Do you feel uncomfortable we look forward to (hopefully)
A: Tap.
hearing her sing!
when you sing in front of

Singing with Mrs. Matava

Dance Inspirations

The Eagle Insider


4th Grade Hawk Convention
By Grace Qiu and Alicia Raghurajan
On Tuesday October 21st, all the 4th graders from the
Concord School District went to Concord High School
for the Hawk Convention! The 4th graders were supposed to go to Carter Hill Farm but it was raining. We
sang 3 songs and played a game of H.A.W.K.S (how
accurately we know silhouettes). The best part about the
convention was that the Audubon Society brought in 2
LIVE birds of prey! They brought a Red Tail Hawk and
a Barred Owl. We learned that an owl cant actually turn
its head all the way around. We voted for the bird of the
year and when the votes were turned in, the bird of the
year was the astounding Barred Owl.

How to Tame Troubled Horses

By Meaghan McCabe
Calling all horseback riders!
This article will cover everything you need to know about
troubled horses. If the horse
likes food then try this: Make
a line of carrots or apples (or
anything your horse likes to
eat) and lead the trail out into
an enclosed space or area.

Dont forget to keep the stall

door open. If the horse follows the trail, then youre in
luck. Hand your horse a carrot or apple and slip the bridle
on properly, then take hold of
the reins. If your horse jumps
back before you can get the
bridle on, drop the bridle and

kick it away. Try to calm your

horse by rubbing its head gently and scratching behind its
ears. If the horse calms down,
try the bridle again. Repeat
these steps. If the horse is
still angry, keep this up until
you get the bridle on. Then
try putting on a saddle using

the same steps as the bridle.

Try to get on the horse. If you
successfully get on, lead your
horse into a slow trot. You can
advance, once your horse feels
These pictures will help you
identify a troubled horse.

The Eagle Insider


Creative Writing
The Element Chronicles: Part 2
By Callie Field-Benda and Ella Mulari
Last time in the Element
Chronicles, three sisters met
one day. They found out that
they had the powers of all the
Safire got kidnapped by

the Devil, the king of the

dark world. Safire was really scared. She was in a very
strong cell and she kept getting tortured. She hoped that
her sisters would come, but


By Lilly Simpson Neely and Liam Masner

Its Thanksgiving, lets have fun
And be thankful for everyone
From Indians to pilgrims, lets celebrate
With family and friends, we just cant wait!

12 Fat Turkeys
By Lilly Simpson Neely and Liam Masner
12 fat turkeys, yes we are
Up in a tree, up so far
When the farmer comes on Thanksgiving day
He wont find us, well run away.

when they came they could

not get Safire out, the bars
were too strong. They kept
trying and trying, but they just
couldnt get her out. After a
while they got caught trying

to help Safire escape. They

ended up in the jail cell too.
Stay tuned in for the next
Eagle Insider to find out what
happens to the element sisters.


By Callie Field-Benda
Books books,
Theyre so much fun to read,
So why dont you read one,
Its alright,
Itll be fun,
Just pick up a book,
And read it.

By Jasmine Wadleigh

Newspapers giggle when you turn the page.

Newspapers frown when you throw them away.
So put them in the recycling bin.
It will help our environment win!

White Christmas
By Callie Field-Benda

The snow glows white

But thats alright
Cause at least were going
To have a white
Christmas tonight


The Eagle Insider

A Fishing Trip
By John Melvin

Slowly the car comes to

a stop, Here we are boys,
were at the lake! dad exclaimed.
Yeah! Charlie and I
yelled. Dad gets out of the car
first and then opens the backseat door so Charlie and I can
get out. As we are getting out
of the car, dad is opening the
Cmon boys! We all need
to carry the fishing supplies
down to the lake.
OK! we say happily together. Dad empties the trunk
and says, Each of you have
to carry your fishing poles
and the bait. I will carry the
cooler and the tackle box and
my pole.
We walk down the path until
we get to the pier. We pick
our fishing spot and settle in.
I thought to myself, this is
going to be a great day.
Holding the container of
worms, I watch them wriggle
into one another. It looks like
moving spaghetti I think to
myself. I give the container
to my dad, he takes it from
me. I watch him remove the
top of the cover and he takes
out a worm. He sits the container down on the ground and
reaches for my pole. Dad then
grabs a hold of my hook and
gently puts the worm on it. I
feel bad for the worm.
I cant imagine what it must
feel like to have a sharp object
pushed through your body and
hang from the fishing line,
and then to be tossed into the
water so some fish will bite
you! Yikes! Im glad Im not
a worm!
Before I knew it dad yells,
All set boys! Cast your lines

out! I look at Charlie and he

looks back at me.
Do you want to cast off
first? Charlie asks.
Answering him I say, You
can go first because youre my
Charlie flashes a big smile
and says, Thanks Fletcher but
I am not sure how to do this.
Thats ok I will help you.
I reply. All you need to do is
bring your pole back behind
your head and swing it back
to the front and as you do that
you hold down the button to
release the line.
Charlie was listening intently to me and repeats what
I said to him and off his line
Great job! I say to Charlie
Now it is my turn. Out my
line goes.
Wow you are really good at
that! Charlie exclaimed.
Thanks, but I have been
fishing with my dad for a long
time which means I have had a
lot of practice. I laugh.
Here we all are sitting and
waiting for a bite. Time is
going by so slowly it seems. I
turn and look at my dad, Dad
what time is it?
It is quarter after he answers.
Well, it is going by slowly,
I think to myself. Weve only
been here for twenty minutes.
It feels like weve been here so
much longer than that. As we
were sitting there quietly, I felt
a little tug on my line. I begin
to share my good news when
all of a sudden Charlie yells,
I got a bite!
Me too! I cheer.
We wait a few minutes until
we know it is safe to start to

reel the fish in. We each start

reeling our lines in, watching
to see what is on the other end
of the line. We are so excited
to finally see a fish dangling at
the end of our poles.
Wow look at the size of
your fish Charlie! You caught
a large mouth bass! I say.
What kind of a fish do you
have Fletcher? Charlie asks
This is a crappie Charlie.
I answer
We both look at one another
and start laughing because
Charlie did not know there
was a real fish named crappie.
You learned something new
today! I tell him laughing.
My dad walks over to where
Charlie and I are standing to
see our recent catches. Nice
job boys. Charlie you will
have to throw your fish back
dad explains. The reason is
the fish is too small
Awwwww man! Charlie
What about my fish dad?
I ask.
Answering dad says, Yours
is pretty small too Fletcher,
Im afraid you will have to do
the same as Charlie and throw
it back.
Rats! I announce disappointedly.

Dont worry there will be

many more fishing days to
come. This is only the beginning of the season dad tells us.
Some days we will catch fish
and some days we wont, and
thats ok because the best part
is that we spent time together.
Youre right dad!! I
Dad looks at the time and
tells us, Well, I think we
should start packing up and
head back home.
Ok dad! I answer. I look
over at Charlie and I ask, Are
you ready to pack up?
Charlie looks disappointed
and asks, No not yet! Cant
we cast out one more time?
Maybe next time boys. We
have to start heading back
home. Charlie, I told your
mom we would not be too
late dad explains.
OK we say in unison.
We pick up all of our tackle
boxes, poles and the rest of the
worms. Dad carries the cooler
and his pole back to the car.
Once we have all of our
things back into the car, Charlie and I jump in the backseat
and dad gets behind the wheel,
starts up the car, puts it in
drive and away we go.
We were all chatting about
the day when I suddenly felt
so sleepy. I tell Charlie that I
am tired from the best fishing
day ever. Charlie looks over
at me and tells me he is tired
too. Our chatting becomes
farther and farther apart and
my eyes feel very heavy.

The Eagle Insider


TV/Book Reviews
50 Years of
Doctor Who
By Luci Morrissette
Have you ever
wondered how long
your two-hearted
friend has been
around? (Well, hes
about 1,200 years
old but thats not
it) Guess. Guess.
Ok, whatever. Ill tell you...50 years! Well, about 50 years but
its close enough. If you are a sci-fi lovin person then things
will fly for you. But if not, hang in there. Doctor Who is my
obsessive love. I will point out that there are very few people in
BGS that have even heard of who Doctor Who is. I think that I
know what youre thinking, Who is doctor who??. Honestly,
nobody knows who Doctor Who is. Hes a cute time travelling
time lord, the last of his kind. (Hes an alien.) He looks like a
normal human being, but be warned, he has two hearts literally.
Doctor Who is a television series about Doctor Who and his
adventures travelling through time.
If you want to watch it, Dr. Who is a scary television show.
I recommend that you watch the new ones (2005 and later).
If you know someone who watches Dr. Who, ask them what
they think about the doctor. I have a great suggestion: watch
it on Netflix. If you dont have Netflix then watch it on BBC
America. It comes on in the mornings.
The doctor has a time traveling police call box. It is bigger
on the inside than the outside. Each episode, he has a companion and they whisk off on a space and time adventure. They
are either fighting his enemies or saving aliens/people, or even
both! If you get scared easily and have fears of the dark, then I
recommend NOT to watch this frightful show. Certain people
will love and be obsessed with (obviously like me) Doctor who.
Hope you LOVED this review of Doctor Who!!! (-;

By Grace Qiu
Harry Potter is a boy but not a normal boy. Hes a wizard! His life goes on horribly for 11 years until he gets his
invitation to Hogwarts. Harry Potter is a famous boy in the
wizarding world, but he doesnt know what he did to become
famous. Follow Harry and his friends, Hermione and Ron, as
they try to defeat the fatal, scary, ugly, and dangerous Lord
Voldemort (he doesnt have a nose!!). When youre done
with the books, there are eight movies starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasly), and Emma
Watson (Herminoe Granger).


The Eagle Insider


What Should I Pack for Lunch?

By Lilly Simpson Neely and Liam Masner

Have you ever gone to pack your lunch and said, What Should I Pack?
Well here are some ways to stay healthy and still enjoy your lunch.
leftovers from the night before
home made hamburgers with homemade fries
fruit salad or salad
grilled cheese
make your own tacos
yogurt with fruit or nuts
cut up fruit
There are so many ways to pack a good lunch but just
remember that you can not heat up your food at school. Eating
a nutritious lunch will give you more energy for school!


The Eagle Insider



The Eagle Insider



The Eagle Insider

Happy New Year!!!

See you in the Spring!

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