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Cee em eo ean Cem rae s ee ca ir, Gos By AIM Member Thread 7 beads onto the wire . Twist wire together to make a circle. You will need:- 12 inches of 34 gauge beading wire Petite glass beads Small bugle beads %"- %" inch wide lace Thread 5 bugle beads onto the Cut a two scallop length from your lace. Cut double thickness of wire. off the straight edge (footside). Project...Project...Proje Project...Project...Project...Project...Project, Rend wire at top of handle at a Twist spare wire back along top of |Add S mare seeds heads and right angle and the same length mask (this helps to strengthen the _twist these into circle. Feed the remainder of the wire back down through the handle. Snip the excess off. as the lace scallops, bend the mask) ire up at 90° and thread on another 4 seed beads add a Sth end bead and thread wire back through the 4 seed beads. Add the picot edging cut from Glue lace scallops onto wire at top of another piece of lace to finish off the mask, folding the raw edge over the wire. top of your mask. Pictures and text © Janet Harmsworth 2014 Formatted by Janet Harmsworth Facebook: