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You will need: * 12th scale domes - available from dolls’ house suppliers ora clear acrylic piece of packaging/tubing. For the larger version | used cheap disposable shot glasses from the pound shop/dollar store. + Paper clay or polymer clay if your domes do not have bases. The shot glass version will need a base. + Circular cutters about 3mm wider in circumference than your domes. + Avariety of items as suggested above. See photographs for ideas but let your imagination wander. The vases are large holed beads; the tree and snowflake were made from laser cut wooden shapes widely available at craft, shops or use punched stiff paper shapes. * Tacky glue and or super glue if you are steady handed. MM ‘ake two sizes of these 12th scale Victorian style domes for your house or table. This an ideal way to use some of those odd bits and bobs of large holed beads, shells, flowers, tiny figures etc. from your craft stash - | know you have one.... The smaller ones are ideal for a mantelpiece or display shelf; the larger ones are suitable for a grand table or entrance hall. ' “2 achat) Se, 5 . | gia hep with CT Che + Jewellery findings, brads, holeless beads for the tops if required, flat thumb tacks/drawing pins for vase bases. * Fine tweezers, paint and/or a glaze if necessary for clay bases. Make the base: + Roll your clay to about 3mm and cut circles to suit the size of your dome. Use the bottom of the dome to impress a groove in the clay. Bake according to directions (usually only a few minutes) or leave to dry if using paper clay ; this does take about 24 hours. Paint if you wish when cool/dry. Fill your dome: + Make your choice of display remembering to check for height and width. You don’t want the items squashed up against the dome. If necessary, enlarge the bead hole a little at the top and glue @ drawing pin/thumb tack into the bottom to stabilise a bead likely toroll. + Mylarge domes contain items made from 2 wooden die-cuts; 1 has been cut in half and the edges glued to a whole shape fora more 3 dimensional effect. + Glue your contents to the base. + Leave to dry - preferably overnight - before covering with your dome. Any moisture from the glue will cause condensation inside if you do not allow drying time. + To secure the dome apply a very line of glue into the indented circle. Take care not to get glue on the dome as it will smear the surface. + Apply a holeless bead to the top of dome or use a suitable shape of jewellery finding. This is especially effective for the shot glass version. SaflyCat ra Miniatures www. Text and photographs © Sally Watson 2014 compiled and formatted by Sally Watson ‘