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May 6, 1888 Rizal left San Francisco for Oakland, nine miles across San Francisco
Bay, by ferry boat.
Oakland a major West Coast Port City in the U.S. state of California.
Reno, Nevada glamourized by American high-pressure propaganda as The Biggest
Little City in the World.
*Rizals diary recounts his travel observation as follows:
Monday, May 7 at Reno, Nevada.
-Wide desserts without plants nor trees. Unpopulated. Lonely place. Bare mountains.
Sands. A big extension of white land, like chalk.
Tuesday, May 8 at Utah State, Ogden, Denver and Provo.
-Utah State is the 13th largest and 33rd most populous and the 10th-least-densely
populated of the 50 United States.
-One strange observation that Rizal noted in Utah State is that the ones who waited on
restaurant tables are women.
-Ogden claims to be the oldest settlement in Utah because of the founding in 1845 of a
small picket enclosure, Fort Buenaventura.
-Denver is the largest city and capital of the state of Colorado.
- Provo is the third largest-city in the U.S. state of Utah. Located about 43 miles 69(km)
south of Salt Lake City.
Wednesday, May 9 at Colorado.
- It was the 38th state in the USA. It became a state on August 1, 1876. It is the 8th
biggest state in the USA.
- Colorado has more trees than the three states he passed over.
Thursday, May 10 at Nebraska, Omaha and Illinois.
-Omaha is the big city. The biggest since he left San Francisco.
-The train passed over the Missouri bridge for 2 and minutes; the train goes slowly.
Friday, May 11 at Chicago.
-What he observed in Chicago is that every cigar store has an Indian figure and always
Saturday, May 12 at Canada.

-known as the English territory.

-it is a country in North America consisting of ten provinces and three territories.
-The second largest country in the world.
-The official language of Canada are English and French.
Sunday, May 13 at Albany.
-is the state capital of New York. Located on the banks of Hudson River.
-This day is the end of his grand transcontinental trip.
May 13, 1888 Rizal reached New York.
*He was awed and inspired by the memorial to George Washington.
May 16, 1888 He left New York for Liverpool.
City of Rome the second largest ship in the world according to Rizal.
*Rizal had good and bad impression of the United States.
* The good impressions were:
1. The material progress of the country as shown in the great cities, huge farms,
flourishing industries, and busy factories.
2. The drive and energy of the American people.
3. The natural beauty of the land.
4. The high standard of living.
5. The opportunities for better life offered to poor immigrants.
*One bad impression Rizal had of America was:
1. The lack of racial equality.
*According to Rizal America is the land par excellence of freedom but only for the