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100 Top Resources for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is a highly technical pursuit that sits at the nexus of software and hardware development.
Electrical engineers can design components and electronic systems for industrial machinery and consumer
gadgets, and will often work in collaboration with manufacturers and designers to bring new electronic devices to
market. There is also a huge hobbyist community of amateurs and professionals who advocate do-it-yourself
electronics projects as a great way to learn about the inner workings of many of the household machines that
people use every day. Electrical engineering can be quite technically challenging and requires a great deal of
mathematics and physics knowledge, but the financial and personal rewards for succeeding in this field are great.

General Electronics
Every piece of technology that runs on electricity, from the monster machines that clean the water for entire
cities, to the ever-thinner cell phones in pockets today, required the expertise of an electrical engineer to make.
This job offers unique opportunities to participate in the design and manufacture of the devices people use most
frequently in their daily lives.

1. Electronics Blog

Electronics Blog is meant to spread the word on electronics and technology. The blog explains practices in hopes that
young hobbyists and professionals will learn more about the industry.

2. Electronics Weekly

Electronics Weekly provides tons of electronic news, research, design, production, company information and more for
the electronics professional. Readers can even search for jobs on this site.

3. OpenElectrical Blog

The OpenElectrical Blog discusses engineering education, training and infrastructure. The site is a great tool for
students, industry practitioners, and teachers.

4. UltimationEE

UltimationEE is an electronic students blog. Information on current projects, product reviews and life as an electronic
student are included in the blog.

5. EleBlog

EleBlog is a personal blog about the engineering industry. Anyone working in the industry would find lots of useful
information here.

6. Jimmie P Rodgers .com

Jimmie P. is a personal blog that discusses open source hardware kits, how to make them and other
electronics topics. The blogger throws a lot of personal information into his blogs, even talking about his electronic
color code tattoo, which will entertain the readers.

7. is written by journalists who cover the industry. They identify new trends and discuss the
polices and reports of the energy industry.

8. Bandwidth Banter

Bandwidth Banter helps companies measure, analyze and test electronic devices to ensure reliability, compatibility,
and performance. Engineers in almost any field can use this site to help solve their technological problems.

9. Sparky U Online

Sparky U Online is a personal blog in hopes of helping readers solve their technical problems. Electricians all over the
world can find helpful tips and videos to help them problem solve.

10. Mike Holts Forum

Mike Holts Forum is strictly an online forum. Users must register in order to post, but electrical engineers can browse
the electrical topics.

11. 3D Electrical Services

3D Electrical Services is a company based in the Portland, Massachusetts area. On their blog, they share common
troubleshooting tips and information on electrical projects for homeowners and electricians.

12. Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics is a company that produces electronic design automation software. Their blog helps electrical
engineers conquer problems by trying new products and solutions.

13. WorldTech Forum

WorldTech Forum covers all electronic topics such as information technology, aeronautics, mission technology, space,
technology and the history of electronics. Electrical engineers will find the blog informative and entertaining.

14. One Per Cent

One Per Cent includes news, interesting stories, videos and blogs about science. Any electrical engineer interested in
scientific discovery would be fascinated with this site.

15. Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor is the online magazine for electrical contractors. Electrical contractors working in the field will
find information on codes, standards, safety, lighting, systems, products and more.

16. Pezzelectrics Blog

Electrician Blog is a business blog focuses on electrical engineering. Electrical engineers can find tips and ideas on
home, business and construction electrical engineering.

17. Electrical Engineering Forum-Topix

Electrical Engineering Forum-Topix is a forum and message board for electrical engineers. Readers can view and post
questions, comments and answers related to electrical engineering .

18. iDigi Device Cloud

iDigi Device Cloud is a company that produced a cloud-connected medical device. Electronic engineers in the medical
field will find the information they need to bring this technology to their company.

19. Contractor Talk

Contractor Talk is an electrical engineering forum. Contractors can view posts and can register to ask questions or
comment on electrical engineering topics .

20. Blue Sky Electrical

Blue Sky Electrical has electrical engineering topics for the typical homeowner or licensed contractor. Readers will
find tips about electrical engineering , safety and more.

21. Zentech Blog

Zentech Blog discusses topics on electronics contract manufacturing. Electrical engineers will find hundreds of
discussions on assembly, design, manufacturing, products and more.

22. has blogs on every type of engineering topic. Electrical engineers will be informed, entertained and
inspired by this site.

23. Gadget Venue

Gadget Venue discusses technology topics such as cameras, video players, computers and mp3 players. Engineers who
like to play or work with gadgets will find the latest news and information on this technology here.

24. ElectroPages

Gadget Venue discusses technology topics such as cameras, video players, computers and mp3 players. Engineers
who like to play or work with gadgets will find the latest news and information on this technology here.

25. My Energy

My Energy is an application for home energy use tracking that lets people monitor their consumption of electricity and
pinpoint ways to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

Electrical engineers have the difficult task of not only building the brains of any machine, but making sure it can
communicate with other machines and with people so that the machine can be integrated into the already
existing system for which it was designed.

1. Engineering Expert Witness Blog

Engineering Expert Witness Blog focuses on engineering-related topics. Electrical engineers will find information on
technical problems and their solutions through a variety of approaches.

2. Engineering Exchange

Engineering Exchange is a self-identified global educational networking community for engineers, and the articles
posted by forum-members there range widely, from technical descriptions of how to design 3D models, to energy
saving tips for small businesses.

3. EE Times

EE Times is an online magazine for electrical engineers and gadget enthusiasts alike. The posts run the full gamut
from reviews of the latest smartphones to in-depth analysis of business opportunities for electrical engineers and
product designers working in the medical industry. This site has some great easy reads but doesnt shy away from
technical jargon for those who can process it.

4. Electrical Engineering Resource

Electrical Engineering Resource is exactly what it sounds like, a massive, curated repository of white papers, industry
news, research, and other information resources for professional electrical engineers. The site offers subscriptions via
RSS or email so you can automatically stay current on electrical engineering issues.

5. Patent and Engineering Law with Joe Barich

Patent and Engineering Law with Joe Barich is the web repository of resources relating to a university course on these
subjects. The comprehensive collection of links, notes, and other info about patents as related to engineering and
technology can be useful for anyone hoping to maintain intellectual property rights to an electronic invention they

6., powered by Blog Nation, covers a variety of topics and issues. The sites do not exclusively
feature electrical engineering topics. Some focus more on chemical or mechanical engineering, or even environmental
engineering, but anyone with an analytic mindset and an interest in engineering will find something great in this

7. iMechanica

iMechanica is a self-proclaimed web of mechanics and mechanicians that features meetups for those with
mechanical engineering mindsets, and highly technical articles on the physics concepts that influence mechanical and
electrical engineering projects.

8. IEEE Spectrums Automaton Blog

The IEEE Spectrum blog features videos, articles and news on robots, robot kits, humanoids, mechatronics, artificial
intelligence, automation, and more. The blog is fascinating and anyone interested in the mechanics of robots and the
like would enjoy it.

9. Stilwell Baker

Stilwell Baker blog talks about electronic devices, systems, and controls. Business owners would find the site useful as
Stilwell can help companies develop new electronic products and re-design existing products.

10. ASME

ASME is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This site is a newsletter which gives different views on
engineering trends and breakthroughs. Readers can get a better understanding of todays technology and tomorrows

11. Vision Systems Design

Vision Systems Design gives readers unique, in-depth and unbiased technical information about the machine design
and image processing systems. Engineering and design professionals would benefit from this site to see real examples
of system designs and integration projects.

12. the

The brings information to help hobbyists and students learn about testing equipment and procedures
and circuit design. The video blog includes equipment reviews, testing procedures, circuit design tutorials, teardowns,
and more.

13. Electronics Engineering Video Blog

Electronics Engineering Video Blog is a personal video blog that shares personal experiences of working in the
electronics design industry for over 20 years. Electronic engineers, hackers and hobbyists will be entertained with
every single video blog here.

14. Chris Gammells Analog Life

Chris Gammells Analog Life is a personal blog to help its readers understand electronics and its industry better. His
personal work is showcased, allowing him to teach to those that are new to the industry and continue conversations
with those who are familiar.

15. Screaming Circuits

Screaming Circuits solves electronic assembly problems for its customers. In their blog, readers can find tutorials,
white paper documents, and information on other electronic devices.

16. the Engineer

The Engineer is the online version of the UK engineering technology magazine. The site features news, information on
products, and events for the engineering technology field.

17. Solid Works

The Solid Works Company sells 3D software tools that let businesses simulate, create, manage and publish their data.
Their site includes information on their products, and newsletters with expert technical advice, CAD tips, and special
invitations to industry events.

18. Electrical Engineering Stacke Exchange

Electrical Engineering Stacke Exchange is a question and answer website made for electronics and electrical
engineering students, professionals, and enthusiasts. Engineers who have a question can come here to get the answer.

19. EEWeb Electrical Engineering Community

EEWeb focuses on the needs of engineers, with job and business listings, as well as news. Forums, resources, and
tools, every engineer would find a lot of useful information here.

20. Thought Clusters

Thought Clusters is a personal blog about software development, programming and project management. Engineers
with little to many years of experience will find the blog interesting.

21. MightyOhm

MightyOhm is a personal blog about electrical projects. Engineers interested in microcontrollers, Arduino, embedded
Linux, circuits, and DIY projects would find the blog fascinating.

22. INE

INE is a site dedicated to help engineers become experts. Candidates looking to become certified in CCIE, CCNP, and
CCNA will find a lot of useful information here.

23. is a collection of engineering blogs. All with engineer-related content, some of the blogs link back
to other web pages and some are right on this site.

24. Open IT Strategies

Open IT Strategies is a personal blog focused on open-ness as an IT, proprietary strategies, and business models.
Engineers can also find topics such as strategy, accountability, and economic policy in businesses.

25. Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

Wireless Sensor Networks Blog is a personal blog about wireless sensor networks. Engineers will also find
information on new products, conferences, books and job listings.

26. Engineering Ethics Blog

Engineering Ethics Blog is a personal blog focused on current news. Engineers will find the ethical angle in the blogs

27. Ian

Ian is a video blog on engineering projects. Seasoned engineers or those just starting out will find the
videos quite helpful when planning a project.

28. Keiths Electronics Blog

Keiths Electronics Blog is a personal blog about electronics. Electrical engineers will find the posts both entertaining
and educational.

29. Ambivalent Engineer

Ambivalent Engineer is a personal engineering blog. Engineers will find humor, information and lots of opinions in
the posts.

30. Control Engineering

Control Engineering provides engineers with research information. Engineers can find new products, media library,
industry news, and events all at this site .

31. Bot Thoughts

Bot Thoughts is an engineering blog which covers many topics. Engineers interested in robotics, mechanics,
electronics, engineering and programming will be intrigued by all the information available here.

32. Curious Cat

Curious Cat blog focuses on science and engineering. Engineers will find technology, innovation, education, research,
gadgets, health care, economics and scientific inquiries here.

33. RF Cafe

RF Caf is a jammed packed site. Engineering information here includes wireless, cellular, radar, analog, satellite and

34. GIGaom/Earth2Tech

GIGaom/Earth2Tech brings business and technology together. Corporate engineers will find tons of information here
about how to use technology to their advantage at their company.

Electronics Design and Components

An important part of making electronics and machinery that people can use is the designing of components, and
the compilation of those parts into a user-friendly whole. The axis of great design and easy utility is where many
of todays high profile electronics companies set themselves apart from the competition.

1. PCs Electronic Components Blog

PCs Electronic Components Blog is a personal blog which helps its readers distinguish and buy quality electronic
components from around the world. Anyone interested in electronics design and components will find this blog

2. Watt Circuit Blog

Watt Circuit has in-depth reviews of electronics equipment and components, including technical and detailed graphs
of data that the writers gather while testing oscilloscopes and other machinery.

3. Soltec Electronics

Soltec Electronics provides hard to find electronic components for its aerospace, commercial, and military clients. The
blog is specific to its company and products, giving helpful information to anyone in those industries.

4. Optomec

Optomec provides additive manufacturing solutions for all types of products in the electronics, energy, and aeronautics
industries. Their cutting edge processes should be of interest to anyone with an engineering mindset.

5. Electronic Design

Electronic Design is a great place for electronic design engineers to come for ideas, solutions, and new technology
information. With news, products and engineering essentials right at your fingertips, any engineer would be hard
pressed not to find something useful here.

6. NewElectronics

NewElectronics site is the online magazine for the electronic design engineers. The site keeps engineers up-to-date
with technology news, product information and features from around the world.

7. Electronic Product Design

Electronic Product Design is the online magazine for electronic designers. Whether you are interested in automotive,
computer, medical, industrial, military or security design, this site has it all.

8. GoEngineer

GoEngineer focuses on design, engineering and manufacturing. Companies can find help and real world experience
from the posts and information posted on the site.

9. Paul Johnstons Blog

Paul Johnstons Blog focuses on solutions, products and support for engineers. Topics covered include electrical
system, cabling and wiring design, system integration, wiring electrical analysis, harness engineering and service

10. Classic Connectors

NACCI creates new, revolutionary designs of electrical connectors for the power utility industry that are innovative,
better, cost-effective, faster and/or safer. Our designs and products are purchased by electrical power utilities in what
the industry refers to as transmission and distribution of electrical power.

DIY Electronics
From circuit-bending toys to building entire keyboards, headphone amplifiers, and motherboards, there are
schematics, instructions, and components available for people of any skill level who want to learn a little electrical
engineering by doing a project on their spare time.

1. Arduino

The Arduino blog focuses on the Arduino products and technologies. Anyone interested in creating interactive objects
or environments would be thrilled to read the blogs on this site.

2. Circuit Lab

Circuit Lab blog talks about designing, analyzing, sharing and building circuits. Any engineer, student or computer
hobbyist would find useful information here.

3. Circuit Specialists Blog

The Circuit Specialists blog discusses products, tools, and information having to do with electronic components,
equipment, and accessories. The blog features a variety of computer information and topics .

4. Circuits.IO Blog

Circuits.IO Blog is all about electronics design. Posts are packed full of information and images to help the average
person buy, design and manufacture electronics.

5. Electronics The King of Hobbies

This blog, written by an electronics hobbyist and GNU/Linux programmer from India, focuses on challenging
electronics projects that can still be accomplished at home. His projects range from a touch-screen based computer
trackpad to mini, walking robots built with a minimal number of chips and moving parts.

6. Joes Hobby Electronics

Joes Hobby Electronics is written by a retro computer lover who uses his expertise in both hardware and software
engineering to get deep into the guts of his computers.

7. is a personal blog that teaches its readers how to build electronic circuits. The writer
keeps it simple and teaches practical skills.

8. Circuit

Circuit discusses circuit design but has a strong focus on analog/RF CMOS circuit design. Individuals
who do not know a lot about computers would have trouble with this site, as there is a lot of code talk.

9. Adafruit Industries Blog

Adafruit Industries Blog is a great online tool for learning electronics and getting information on the best designed
products for computer makers of all ages and skill levels. The site includes forums, tutorials, chat, and video posting.

10. Hacked Gadgets Forum

Hacked Gadgets Forum gives readers information about all sorts of computer gadgets. Visitors will find details of
cool, interesting and strange projects and products here.

11. Youritronics

Youritronics is a personal blog about different computer projects and equipment. The do-it-yourselfer would enjoy the
blog to learn about different products to use to build a computer .

12. ermicroblog

Ermicroblog is a personal blog about the electronic knowledge hes learned from experimenting over the years with
computers. The blog focuses on the microcontroller, a tiny computer that works silently inside things and is
everywhere today.

13. Sparkfun Electronics

Sparkfun Electronics sells bits and pieces to make your electronic inventions come together. They also offer classes
and tutorials to educate readers on electronics.

14. Make: Electronics

Make: Electronics is a magazine that is brought online here for makers to connect with each other and talk about
products to help them create their technology. The blog covers topics such electronics, science, craft, art & design,
workshop and more.

15. blog brings ideas and news from around the world for electronics hobbyists. Every electronics
enthusiast will find fresh content about the entire field of electronics.

16. Dr. Monks DIY Electronics Blog

Dr. Monks DIY Electronics Blog is a personal blog bringing readers ideas and information on electronic construction,
projects, reviews and how tos. Every electronic enthusiast will find tons of useful information on this blog.

17. CircuitSage

CircuitSage discusses circuit and system design. The site also has job listings, forums, classified and business listings.

18. Circuit Projects

Readers can learn about every type of circuit project at this site. With news, events, job listings and more, the viewer
can find everything they need.

19. Build Circuit

Build Circuit is a great website for amateurs, students, and trained engineers. The site publishes projects and tutorials
related to basic electronics.

20. Nuts and Volts

Nuts and Volts is the online magazine about electronics. With video podcasts, a store to purchase products and more,
the electronic hobbyist will find everything they need here.

21. Hack a Day

Hack a Day is a great site for the do-it-yourselfer. With a store to purchase product and online forums, the electronic
hobbyist will have no trouble getting questions answered here.

22. Basement Hobbies

Basement Hobbies is a personal blog related to arcade machines, electronics, and video games. The electronic
hobbyist will find the personal stories, recommendations and product reviews useful.

Robots often appear in science fiction as humanoid friends or foes made entirely of machinery. In reality, most
robots exist in factories and production lines and look nothing like humans. Robots are intensely complex pieces
of machinery capable of performing routine tasks at thousands of times the speed that a human can. All sizes
and shapes of robots have been invented for every type of task, and there are always more being built, all with
the help of electronic engineers.

1. GoRobotics

GoRobotics has everything the robotics beginners need to start their projects. With a section titled How to build a
Robot along with forums and social networking page, those fascinated with robots will find everything here they

2. Robotics and The Law

Robotics and The Law is a blog that follows the research and programming about robotics at Stanford Law School.
The correlation between robotics and the law is a topic that engineers would find interesting.

3. Trossen Robotics Blog

Trossen Robotics Blog dicusses projects, products and contests for robot building. Associated with the online store,
builders can purchase products and kits directly through the site.

4. 3D Robotics UAV Technology

3D Robotics sells electronic parts and instructions for building unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for both hobby and
business purposes. The company also sells fully assembled and ready to fly UAVs with various sizes, ranges, and
other capabilities. They keep a blog about their progress as a company, with updates about jobs and other info that
could be interested to electronic engineers with a penchant for robotics.

5. The Robotics Institute

As a part of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, The Robotics Institute is all about
robotics research. In addition to research, the site covers news, media, education, and events in robotics.

6. DARPA Robotics Challenge

The DARPA Robotics Challenge is an engineering contest held by the Department of Defense with the purpose of
developing new designs for robots that can perform complex tasks in environments that may be hostile to humans,
such as in military actions or disaster areas.

7. I Heart Robotics

I Heart Robotics is a personal blog written by someone who just loves robotics. The writer discuss their projects, what
products they use, and what to do and what not to do when it comes to robotics.

8. Everything-Robotic by The Robot Report

The Robot Report tracks the business of robotics and provides links to companies and educational websites relating to
robot designing and manufacturing. Frank Tobe, the sites keeper, also blogs at Everything-Robotic, where he reflects
more on both the technical and cultural facets of our increasingly robot-friendly society.

9. Lets Make Robots

Lets Make Robots is a blog made up of multiple members of the community. People who like to make robots post
their ideas, projects and discuss robotics with each other.

10. FIRST Robotics

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is a non-profit organization that designs
innovative robots for kids. They have teams and events in hopes of inspiring kids to be interested in technology and
science in the future.

11. Robotics Online

Robotics Online includes blogs written by insiders at Robotic Industry Association. The blogs provide information to
help business leaders and engineers apply and justify robotics and flexible automation in their company.

12. National Instruments

National Instruments includes tools to help teach robotic design. Viewers will find research, teaching tools, and
information on autonomous vehicles and fixed-base robots.

13. has robotic education, resources, information and events. Anyone interested in learning more
about robots will find loads of information here.