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Green Energy Technologies LLC, a leading supplier of municipal wind energy circuits,

announced their most recent proprietary wind technology at the WINDPOWER Conference
2009. The inimitable rooftop wind turbine, called the Wind Cube, is designed specifically for
on-site alternative electricity production by power consumers in metropolitan and suburban
areas. Measuring a mere 22 x 22 x 12 feet, the commercial wind turbines are intended to
fulfil a vast array of consumers energy needs; from industrial office buildings, to large-scale
retailers, utility customers in isolated areas, and even university campuses. The WindCube
unveils ground-breaking automation which utilizes the speed wind tunnel effect, branded in
physics as the Bernoulli Principle, to capture and amplify wind power to deliver more
kilowatt hours (kWh). It is available as single 60 kW or dual 120 kW systems and towermounted or rooftop models. The design works once wind is enveloped inside the Wind
Cube, where the flow grows more intense and initiates amplified speed to yield more green
energy. Due to this increased wind stimulation, the Wind Cube is capable of encapsulating
wind energy travelling as slow as 5 mph and while most wind industry engineers produce
energy through free-steam wind, this technology generates the same amount of power as a
traditional turbine with 50 ft. diameter blades. One Wind Cube is said to yield about 160,000
kWh annually at an average wind speed of 15 mph. It creates electrical energy by operating
its motor backwards using an impeller, which expels the need for a transmission box,
significantly lowering the cost of ownership since most problems arise due to the
transmission equipment failures in conventional wind turbines.
percent of the total installed cost for systems installed and utilized between now and the
year 2016. To boot, there are many states throughout the U.S. which provide some form of
incentives to make the renewable power switch. The cost is figured to be around $250,000$300,000 plus the cost of installation, and not to mention, federal and state incentives can
reduce the cost by as much as 70 to 80 percent. Now building owners anywhere can
consider being a part of the renewable energy picture, stated Mark L. Cironi, president and
founder of Green Energy Technologies, and with John W. Fedor, WindCube inventor. With
Wind Cube, its not necessary to have the wind of Kansas or Nebraska to become a
generator of wind power. In states with excellent renewable energy incentives, moderate
wind and high electric rates, the payback can be as little as three years. The revolutionary
design behind the Wind Cube points to additional advancements in future wind energy
science, as well as other forms of renewable sources. The initial outline may lead way to
more efficient and cost-saving implementations, which will help change the way some
individuals think about environmentally conscious practices and that is absolutely