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1.Who is not a classical prophet?

-Amos, Hesed, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, 2nd Isaiah

2.What is not a characteristic of a classical prophet?
-Nabi-caller-preaches,Nabi-called-serpent,poets,messengers,social critics, anticipators
*Predictors is answer
3.Prophetic oracles do not come in this form
-Judgment and hope oracles
4.What is not a sin attacked by a prophet?
-Worshipped other gods, oppress the poor
5.Pre-exilic prophets believe that God was...
-A god superior to other gods
6.Pre-exilic prophets believe Yahweh was a
-God superior to other gods
7.What is not a tension attributed to Yahweh by the Prophets?
-Good, evil, transcendent, immanent, creator, redeemer, wrathful, gracious
8.What is not a prophetic characterization of God?
-Holy, righteous, faithful
9.What is not a characteristic of early prophets?
-Stories/narratives, ecstacy, sons of prophets student/schools profession, music,
dancing, drugs, alcohol, dreams, speak to kings
10.What is not a characteristic of later classical prophets?
-Oracles, no miraculous, calm/rational, loners, vacation, reject dreams, spoke publicly,
ethical/is great
11.What prophet was the first to describe the Day of the Lord as the Day of Judgment?
12.What is not true of the Day of the Lord?
-Moves from judgment to hope, grander over the years, Polyvalente
13.What is not a characteristic of Amos?
-North Israel, social critic, judgment, day of the Lord, I am not prophet
14.What is not a characteristic of Hozea?
-Religious critic, calf creet vs Bethel & , northern Israel, Gomer(married)
15.Who is not a king served by Hozea?

-Ahaz, Hezekial
16.What is not a theme in Isaiah?
-Holiness of lord, David covenant (hope), Jerusalem, Temple, king will not fall, age of
peace (Remnant)-day of lord, Immanuel
17.Who is not equated with the Immanuel figure at some point?
-Immanuel=Assyrian armies, judgment oracle, Hezekial, future ideals Judean king,
Josiah, messianic figure, ideal king, Christians
18.What is not true of the Immanuel motif?
- Starts off as judgement oracle, Used by Isaiah several
times, Used extensively by post-exilic prophets, Means
God with us
19.What is not a division of the Book of Isaiah?
1-11 (First Isaiah), 40-55 (Second Isaiah), 56-66 (Third
20.What is not a role suggested for Isaiah before he became a prophet?
21.What covenant model was used for Deuteronomy reform?
-Sinai covenant, mosaic covenant
22.What is not a book in Deuteronomy history?
-622-609 Josiah, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 2nd Samuel, 2nd Kings
23.What is not a theme in Deuteronomy theology?
-Strong emphasis on covenant (Sinaltic/Mosaic), imperative to repent, obedience to law
(worship Yahweh exclusively/ oppression to the poor), social reform (seek to help slaves,
women, and the poor, oppressive of the poor), fear of God, obedience, retribution
24.What motif is found in the Deuteronomistic history that does not occur in the
25.What is not a reason for a symbolic oracle?
-Get attention of the covenants, increase power of oracle
26.What is not a symbolic oracle of Jeremiah?
Scroll to king (ch 1-19), property deed, linen cloth, clay pot, jokes of wood and iron
27.What is not a reason Baruch included the confessions of Jeremiah in the book?
-What a prophetic calling is about, what prayer is all about

28.What is not a hope image in Jeremiah?

-New covenant, property deed, return after 70 years
29.What is not a way in which the prophets sought immunity?

Call Narrative Denial

Messenger Formula

30.What law code did Deuteronomy build upon?

Law of Moses What the internet said
31.When 2nd Isaiah spoke about the return, he compared it to what two events?
-Exodus, creation
32.What is not a theme in 2nd Isaiah?
-Kingship of Yahweh/Monotheism, return to Jerusalem, nations will revere, suffering
servant, *cut heavy in wilderness
33.Who allowed the Jews to return home?
34.What image of divine action is found in the Creation, Exodus, and the Return?
-Cutting waters
35.Who is not a possible interpretation of the suffering servant in the servant hymns?
-Josiah, Jehoiachin, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moses, 2nd Isaiah or prophet himself, namless
prophet, nameless teacher
36.What is not a way of viewing the suffering servant among commentators?
-Individual, corp group, Jews in exile, righteous Jews, both groups and individual, *both
is answer
37.What is not a sign for Jews in exile?
38.In the priestly continental pattern, who did not receive a covenant?
-Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses JACOB did not recieve
39.What is not true about priestly theology?
Interest in Signs of Jewish Identity (Sabbath, Kosher,
Circumcision), See themselves as priest, Interest in
Cult/Temple, Tabernacle/Tent of Meeting Temple, Many
Covenants in History

40.What is not a message of peace continental structure?

-Many covenants, we can renew covenant, individual political state?, signs are important,
Gentiles keep them, due obedience serves world, Messiah is high priest
41.Who is not a god ridiculed by Genesis 1?
-Marduk, Tiamat
42.What Babylonian epic is pardigmed to Genesis 1?
43.What is true about the structure of Genesis 1?
-Light/Darkness, waters above/ waters below, waters below/land-plants, greater
light/lesser light-stars, birds, fish-tannerism, animals-man

Hymnic and can be outlined, 8 Creative Acts, The First

Act of the first half of the week matches the first act of
the second half of the week

44.What is not true about the theological message of Genesis 1?

-God only god on universe, man/woman equals, all people are equal, belief of
45.Who is not one of the three friends?
-Eliphaz, Zophar, Bildad
46.What is not a message about the Book of Job?
-Individual retribution is rejected, suffering doesnt define divine punishment sufferers
right to complain is offered, Jobs quest leads to revelation, Job never repented
47.What is not a reason for the existence of suffering according to the three friends?
-Job sinned, Job thought evil, children sinned, Job failed to do good, all people suffer
(original sin), defiance, suffering is an illusion, suffering is a test
NOT A REASON Sufferer suffers for other vicarious suffering
48.When God speaks to Job, God does not
-Tell Job why he suffered