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Part 1
Few things about manifestation before I shell out very powerful
guranteed methods for manifestation.
1. Desire orginates from contrast.
2. Contrast we experience ourselves or hear or see people
near us experiencing.
3. Spiritual Siants who say its wrong to have desires do not realize that the
desire not to have any desire is the mother of any desire
4. Visualization creates morphic fields in the universe. Morphic
fields can be assumed as a web of constantly animated screens which
change as we change visualization. The way we look at the morphic fields, the
same way they change if the primary key is correct and
consistent although the formation starts on the subatomic level from
the first visualization.
5. Visualizations have a primary key as emotions also affirmations
have the primary key as emotions , otherwise they work with less power
or no power.
6. We are all one. On a subatomic level we are all one means electrons and
neutorns. Some are denser forms of energy , some are
lighter density energy forms and some are a mix of both but we all are energy.
7. We have 4 faculties : These are all learned faculties
a) Emotional , Intellectual, Physical , Mental
When we have not learnt , we have a spiritual self means unprogrammed self, so
thats why people when they are finished with physical and materuialistic
desires, they want to run to spiritual self ,means unlearn whatever wromg they
have learnt.
8. with every word and every picture we have attached emotions and when we
think of any one , we are lead to another.
9. There is a vast availabilty of zero energy points in the universe which we
call abundance, they are non polar till we dont use them to create, but when we
use them to create, they become diamagnetic
means good and bad , positive and negative.

10. They are like north pole and south pole , and we also have something like
north pole and south pole as in when youy manifest a happy relationship, on the
other polar is an unhappy relationship and you have created both. Now you have
to be careful when you delibrately manifest, cos if you are not aware of the
rules of the game , as you do in ur normal day life (where you create by
default) , you experience both.
11. It is nowhere written that you have to suffer to live.
12. You can chose to live a fulfilling life but requires understanding and
13. when you think about an elephant , it searches your picture databse and
brings up the image of an elephant as last stored or as last modified or saved.
Then it brings about emotions and reflexes as
last saved. The other polarity of this is no elephant and no emotions cos with
this situattion there can be no opposite cos its simple learnt set with no
major complications.
14. Think about an apple, tv , girlfriend wotever and an image will
come up , now when you give attention to it ,you are a magnet for remaining in
that polarity or negative poiliryt whichever u give attention to. Now when you
try not to think about an elephant and apple, the wrod brings the up the same
process so the image does not go easily if you keep trying not to think about
an elephant cos to not to think about an elephant, you have to think about an
elephant first.
remember this...this will be useful in next lessons
15. What you resist persists and then builds up more strongly on it cos it
seraches the databse more and more and more and more emotions and there you are
having more of what you dont want to have.
this is part 1 , anyone has any questions pse mail then I will go to part 2.
remmber its guranteed manifetsation but the actual process
requires discpiline and understanding the concepts well, so pse
ask any doubts if you have.

Manifestation Lessons Part2

Now let us see how belief system in a period of time leads us to
experience negative poles of any manifestation.
A belief system is nothing but your opinion about any event, person
last modified and saved in your subconcious. This belief system has
a set of pictures (mental or real with or without audio/video) and a set of emotions linked
with it. These emotions create your reality and
are responsible for creating internal setpoints for anything and everything like
relationships, money etc.
Your internal set points are called internal representations and are
manifesting by default and create your outer reality.
Now lets take an example to make things clear
You have a relationship with A , a brand new relationship and
you have very nice feelings about the person and relationship both.
Remember that you have 2 file racks one for relationships and a subset
of whom you are having the relationship with in your mind. Now as time
passes and you develop problems in this relationship , you modify
your file for your opinions by negative self talk, negative thinking and contstantly
upgrade your files.
Now in the first place you are all responsible for whatever is happening in your life and
to a great extent the people who have influence on you and are responsible for building
up your belief system when you were young.
So you attracted this relationship and had pure files, means pure vibrations and you had a
nice relationship (reality is an extrenal expression of internal representations) and you
created a magnet
with 2 poles north and south.
Now assuming that you acted as south pole (without relationship) so
you have a bar magnet in front of you with north in front of you and
the relationship is hunky dory. Now you keep saving and modifying this
relationship file and soon you have a mixture of north and south polarity in your files ,
the moment one becomes dominant, FLIP
and the bar magnets becomes south pole and you start having problems.
Now if you have very strict rights and wrongs you can keep the south pole in front of you
for a lonf time and finally might not want to keep the relationship. Imagine in your lives
how many times it has happened.

But there are people who have flexible belief systems and learn to moderate between
north and sounth and use south pole as a learning experience cos remember , your desire
has manifested out of contrast
so if you dont have south poles how will you know that you want north.
(That is a different thing some people learn from other people's
experience of south pole and keep handling situations so that north remains in front of
them for longer times and south comes in so that
they can learn and flip over to north)
Hope I have not confused too much.
a) To attract anything in your life , you must have a pure vibration , means pure intent.
Let us name this X.
b) Law of Gravity will get you more of what you have magnetism is
pulling things towards you remember.
C) Pure Vibration (Intent=X) and Lack is L
d) Most of the time when you manifest you use words like " I want"
I want is actually a feeling of lack and till it does not manifest, you keep having lack always say I will be happy when I have that and when you get that now you creat
lack for other things, so most of the time lack does not manifest and instead you will not
get result thinking that lack does not work.
When you intent something and say or feel I want that lets say a red ferrari you look at
someone who has a red ferrari and say I want, now your intent is a a pure vibration X Feeling of lack L
So Resultant Force of Manifestation = X-L
and the force reduces
Is there any way that we guys can manifest without lack
and that is to appreciate what you want so there is no lack, cos
generally when you seea thing you want , you want it but do not appreciate it cos you feel
its not with you right now and its with someone when you are jealous of others ,
you will always never manifest or attarct what they have.
So appreciate whatever you see and you will feel a more powerful magnet.
Now lets see why gratitude is so important (Lets say Gratitude =G)

Firstly expressing gratitude for what we already have reduces out force of lack i.e L and
soon if we practice grattiude as a matter of daily practice, then the power of Lack (L)
diminshes .
Now when we express grattude for someting which we are atracting well
before we have it , means we express gratitude to universe for even
others having it , we add a positive resultant to our force of
Resultant force of Attraction = X + G= Pure Intent (Minus Lack)= Gratitude.
WAIT GUYS some of you may get overwhelmed just by reading this, so hold on cos you
are still not ready for manifestation. Before I leave , let me explain what is Karma about
which you have heard so much...
If you get angry at someone and shout at someone, you just chose to become a victim
your self cos its like a vicious loop , now circumstances made you angry and your angry
will bring in more circumstances like wait on for the next lesson..I too have my
emotional ups and downs but there is a way to make our Karma good..its not about past
like , its about this life and every moment you are creating your karma by what you do
now rather what you feel about what you do now.