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The Secret Key to Manifestation

---- not in the secret

Nathan Romano

Please take your time to read this, it is my personal view on the Law of
It is something that I have not heard or read anywhere else, it is my very own
view, and I think that you will find it at least interesting. I have had comments
and a lot of "so that is how it is done!" or "I knew there was something I was
doing wrong" and many others from readers.
I hope it benefits you at least in some way.
What is the Law of Attraction, and why should you care?
The Law of Attraction (or LOA) is a universal law that tells the following:
"Your thoughts become things"
This is in fact very much true, your present life is a direct reflection of the
thoughts you held in your mind in the past.
The important things to know about the Law of Attraction is that it is working
100% of the time for 100% of the people (yes, including you).
This means that if you are not living right now the life you imagine is best for
you, then you are applying the LOA incorrectly.

There are 2 ways to look at the LOA, the Classic way, which can be seen on
"The Secret", and in the new way, which is what you will learn here.
Important things we will cover that you must know ---1. What is your mind?
2. How does your mind think

3. Things your mind cannot do

4. The number 1 priority to your mind
5. The stupid beast
6. How to make the stupid beast work for you
7. The benefit of your own universe

What is your mind?

Your mind is the expression I will use to talk about your subconscious.
Lets make a few things clear:
Your conscious is only between 5% to 10% of your mind, the rest of it is what
is known as your subconscious.
Your subconscious is the most powerful thing you own, and the most
dangerous one (for you) also.
If you know how to work it properly, it will do things for you and help you
achieve your goals and dreams.
If you do not work it properly, it will fight you on any thing you want to achieve
- including being happy.
Your subconscious has no personal preference for what is happening on the
"outside" (more on this later) it only cares how you are dealing with things
(problems and situations).
If you are dealing with them incorrectly, your mind will "quit" on you, and you
will lead a miserable life where everything is a struggle and there is little or no
hope at all.
On the other hand, if you show your mind that you can deal with things
correctly, it will work for you and it will help you get the things you want.
That is the basic principle of the Law of Attraction said in the simplest of the

We will continue further into this, so read on...

How does your mind think, and why is it such a big thing?
Your mind (your subconscious) has a separate thought process than you do
on your conscious.
Quite simply, it is recording absolutely everything it "sees" (more on this later)
and counts everything that it can group.
It is working independently of anything else you do consciously, and it is on 24
hours a day.
Your mind does not actually think, it is far from being smart, it is more like a
huge beast with a very limited capability for reason.
You can think of it as a Frankenstein that listens to what you say, and then it
goes to his information repository to see if what you are telling it is in
accordance to what it knows and believes; If what you say does accord with
his records, then it will support you.
But on the other hand, if the evidence shows that you are laying, it will not
only reject your idea or proposal, it will fight you to prove you wrong.
This is extremely important to understand, and this is why I will give an
You tell your mind that you are going to (or would like to) get your dream job
for the dream pay, and that you have applied to it...
Your mind then goes to the information repository (memory) and looks for
evidence of you being unsuccessful (any time you have failed in the past), or
anytime anyone called you stupid, or loser, or an idiot (including the times you
have called yourself such names because of mistakes you have made or
missed appointments, etc...).

It then goes to look for evidence supporting you being successful.

And then it compares the numbers, what ever number is greater would be the
guide towards the beasts reaction.
Most likely, you have added too many failures and negative evidence during
your life time, and unfortunately not enough positive evidence for your mind to
support you.
So it decides to go against you and it will do everything in its power to stop
you from getting that job.
Are you finding this interesting?
Read on....

The things your mind can and cannot do, the weak spot that you
can use to succeed.
This is a short list, but a very important one, this will make everything tie in the
end, so pay close attention.
1. Your mind cannot differentiate between what you imagine, what you
remember, or what you are actually experiencing with your senses.
This is huge and very important! this means that to your mind everything that
happens on your conscious, everything you are paying attention to, even if it
is only a memory or something that you are imagining - is absolutely real and
is happening in the now! This is how your mind sees it.
2. Your mind cannot distinguish between sizes:
By this I mean that to your mind it is the exact same thing if you can manage
to tie your own shoe, than if you win the 100 million jackpot. It cannot tell the

It also means that it cannot tell the difference between small failures and huge
3. Your mind cannot tell time:
to your mind it is all happening in the now, there is no past, there is no future.
If you remember something from the past - your mind is living it now. If you
are imagining something from the future - your mind is living it now also.
This is a very important thing for the classical law of attraction, because you
will attract what you think about the most, even if those are just memories
from the past.
4. Your mind cannot know when something is good or something is bad, it can
find "failure" with ease because of all the feelings that it has attached to it, but
it wont recognize a success unless you actually tell it that you have had a
I hope you can see the importance of this point, your mind has been counting
all your failures so far... but it has probably not counted many successes since
you have not actually told it that that is what they were.
5. Your mind cannot differentiate between what is actually happening to you or
to others, it will take all that it sees or experiences as your own.
We will continue with the next step... so read on.

Your minds number 1 priority and how you can take advantage of
With all that being said, we now are going to start talking about the important
I hope that you have been understanding everything so far, if you haven't go
back and read it again until you have understood all the concepts.

Your mind has a number 1 priority:

To survive!
This is the reason why it will go against you if what you propose goes against
what it knows.
Let me explain.
You mind cannot tell the difference between what you imagine and what is
actually going-on on the physical universe.
And (some physics facts) it has been proven scientifically that you cannot
touch anything. This is explained by pointing out that you are made of atoms,
and everything else is made of atoms.
All those atoms have electrons surrounding them, and all of the electrons are
The electrons behave just like magnets do, when you try to join 2 magnets
from the same negative polarity you will see that they repel each-other; The
same thin happens with electrons.
So going back to our initial hypothesis:
A. Your mind cannot differentiate between what is imagined than what is "real"
B. You cannot touch anything.
This means that everything that you perceive, you cannot actually prove that it
It also means, that then the only thing that you can prove exists, is your own
To your own mind, the only thing that exists is itself and its beliefs.
The number 1 priority plays a great role here.
In order to survive your mind needs to demonstrate to itself that everything it

believes is real, and as such it is obligated to find evidence of it in any way it

So if the leading belief is that you are a loser (or stupid or an idiot, etc...), your
mind will find evidence of that and you will experience more and more
situations where the end result will be you being a loser.
Your mind cannot help it, it must survive and that is the core belief it holds, so
it must prove it by finding evidence of it in the physical universe.
I hope you are getting all this...
Keep reading....

More on Your mind AKA the stupid beast.

So, as you can see, your mind does behave like a stupid beast, it only takes
into consideration the things it "knows to be true"
Those things (as I mentioned before) are your beliefs.
Those beliefs are:
Everything you have heard, seen, thought of or imagined.
Including the things that people tell you about themselves, their problems,
their situations.
It also includes everything you have ever seen on TV or heard on the radio;
This means that every single bit of news you have watched, every movie,
every TV show - your mind has been recording each one of those things... but
it has saved them as your very own experiences.
That sure builds the list of failures don't you think?
Every time you have seen something horrible on the news, you mind has

recorded it as if it has happened to you, and added it to the negative count.

The stupid beast then takes all that information into consideration.
When you come to it and tell it:
"I want a new car"
It will go and look for the positive evidence and for the negative evidence and
it will decide according to that, and the decision is:
"should I listen to what he says because he is telling me the truth? or should I
beat him up because he is telling me a lie and wants to kill me?
I know it sounds harsh, but it is a stupid beast after all with the only purpose in
mind of surviving.
And as you can probably imagine there is more than enough negative
evidence against you to keep you from achieving anything ever, at least in this
But there is a work around, and here is where it starts to get interesting.

How to make your Mind work for you?

AKA How to convince the beast to do the hard work?
On the other hand, if the beast were to find that what you told it was actually
Meaning - that there is more positive evidence than negative evidence to
support your claim, Then it would have no reason to go against you.
But not only that, you have made it aware of a new belief, an empowering
belief, and the beast MUST go out and look for evidence of it in order to
There is no way around it, this is happening to everyone on the planet on a

24/7 basis.
Either your mind is working for you, or against you.
So in order to make your mind work for you (and by the way - it would be
completely effortless on your part), you must show it evidence of this
empowering belief.
The classical approach has been to repeat affirmations hundreds or
thousands of times with the hope of making a change.
Another has been to create vision boards which also works.
One more technique is the visualization of your desire or goal as already
being yours.
But to be honest, these techniques take time and not so many people have
been able to get any amazing results with them.
And the reason is that they are trying to find evidence of things that they
themselves have a hard time believing in the physical universe.
This is why most people have a hard time experiencing actual manifestations
of their desires.
Continue reading to discover the Best kept secret about the law of attraction...

The Ultimate Answer - Your Own Universe

Well, as you can see finding evidence in a tainted universe is difficult, and it
takes a lot of time and effort, and to some is extremely stressful.
So how can we make things work faster and better for us?
Well, I mentioned that the mind cannot differentiate between what is "real"

and what you imagine.

So why not imagine a new universe.
A brand new one where there is absolutely no evidence of anything
Then you could literally send the beast to look for the information there, and it
will only find the positive information that you put there...
So it will start working FOR you instead of against you...
But not only that, it will have to find evidence for your new belief in order to
survive, and it will have to do it fast.
And since it cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined - it
must find evidence for it in BOTH.
This is how you can make your manifestations appear faster in the
physical universe!
That is the key to the law of attraction!
All the big Masters and Gurus have known and used this (their imagination) in
order to become big Masters and Gurus and manifest the things they want.
But they never knew they were doing that, they naturally assume that
everyone knows how to do that and that everyone is doing it naturally just like
they do.
And this is where they all have been wrong...
Now you know what is needed in order to succeed.
It is up to you to take the next step into actually creating the reality you
imagine is best.