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Rasamani Siddhar or otherwise known as Srivastav guruji was born and

brought up in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. In his youth siddhar was an atheist
and was a prominent member of a Dravidian party. In the beginning
atheism gave siddhar some basic answers for his ever enquiring mind. As
siddhar's mind started seeking the divine truth beyond man and life he was
disappointed by the principles of atheism for it only centered on man by
rejecting god and had no answers on life's profound mysteries.

Siddhar started wandering with thirst for real knowledge of the self and
often visited the nearby "Vellingiri" hills and started spending more time
with the tribes there. The forest, the trees, the animals became his friends
and relatives. It is here siddhar learnt about the secrets of the herbs
through some wandering saints of the Vellingiri hills and became the close
associate of Sithu Swamigal of Poondi.Siddhar's thirst for the divine grew
more and more and was literally living in the forests and hills and often
visited Kollimalai, Anamalai and Anuvavi Subramanya Malai.
One day siddhar unknowingly ventures into a forbidden place called "Seedai
Vanam". This place was full of mysteries that even the tribesmen fear to

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enter. It is believed that there are some vegetation in this area which will
wipe out the memory and consciousness once trodden upon and the person
will be lost in the maddening maze eventually becoming a prey to the
Siddhar trod upon something which widened his consciousness and
suddenly all his questions were answered and his awareness grew
boundless. Thoughts and questions vanished. The state of oneness with the
divine and the bliss made siddhar to sit there under a tree for days without
food or water forgetting everything worldly. He had a divine vision of
hundreds of siddhars wandering. They advised siddhar to return back to the
worldly life and in due course his duty will be revealed and will meet his
destined guru.
Later after many years siddhar met his guru know as Sudali Muthu Pillai
who was again a wandering maha siddhar in the Anaimalai hills. With his
guru's grace siddhar acquired the divine knowledge.
An old lady mysteriously confronted siddhar during one of his wanderings
near Karamadai and gave the final piece of knowledge to bind rasamani
otherwise called padarasam in Tamil or Mercury. It was destined that
siddhar has to benefit the mankind with this knowledge and impart it to
someone worthy later to continue the lineage.
Rasamani Siddhar lives in Chennai now and has wide followers. People from
different countries visit him for spiritual and material prosperity.

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