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Causes of energy crises in Pakistan

1. Demand-Supply Gap
There is ever increasing gap in demand supply. There has been rapid growth in population and also
industrial development, but there hardly has been any development in power sector considering the
demand. Hence, the supply has decreased over time and lack of master planning has led to current
power shortage.
Example: Pakistan is facing a power shortage of

2. Low efficiency of installed capacity

Periodic maintenance and up gradation has been lacking in power sector. Hence, old installations are
now in very pathetic state. This leads to low-efficiency from those power plants and increase the
frequency of tripping.
Example: Lakhra PP, Guddu TPS, Jamshoro TPS

3. Sole reliance on fossil fuel power generation

Pakistan is solely relying on fossil fuel, hence when furnace oil (fuel) prices increase, it leaves the plants
to remain shut-down. This increase the demand-supply gap and is also non-utilization of installed
Example: Furnace oil price increase leave many plants to remain shut-down

4. Lack of renewable energy sources utilization

Pakistan has been lacking in exploiting the existing renewable sources, like solar, wind, dams etc.

5. Theft
Power theft is perhaps the biggest problem. It includes domestic, commercial & industrial customers
Example: Kunda System in rural areas, industrial/commercial theft

6. Transmission losses
Old transmission lines are less efficient and above all, far near utilization installations are also big
problem. Line losses add to the woes of power shortage.
Example: Distant installations lead to losses

Measures taken by GOP to overcome the

energy crises
1. Development of new power plants
Government of Pakistan (GOP) has taken several steps in this regard. More power plants are being
Example: Engro Powergen, BQPS II, Dams, Thar Coal Development

2. Overhauling of power plants

Most of the old power plants are now being overhauled. Proper Maintenance Management System is
being implemented to avoid breakdown of current installed capacity.
Example: E.g Lakhra PP, Guddu TPS, Jamshoro TPS

3. Diversification towards alternate sources

Pakistan government has been taking steps to encourage investment in alternate sources of power
Example: Dams, Renewable, Nuclear, Geothermal

4. Transition towards renewable energy sources

Pakistan has potential of renewable energy sources. Government has itself invested in it and also invited
foreign investments in the same. Following are the supporting examples of my statement
Example: Jhampir Wind, Foundation Wind, Bahawalpur Solar 100MW

5. Fixed rates for power areas in Karachi

Overall implementation of strict policy is required in this regard. Non-compliance should be dealt
accordingly, otherwise you may keep increasing the installations, if theft is being done, it will only lead
to loss to the company, hence power plant will remain shut-down.
Example: In Karachi, the K-Electric has taken steps to address this issue by giving temporary connections
to Kunda users.

6. Near utilization installation (small scale)

Transmission losses is also a major problem. Hence, to overcome it, near use installations be made.
Example: For Thar, its coal. For rural, its small IPPs

7. Short Term Solution

Rental power plants were brought to fill the demand gap

Government introduced day light working by changing working times
Encourage use of LEDs and renewable systems at domestic level