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Philippines is a great place where some of are historical sites were collosal magnificent,we were rich

on biodiversity specially on water but as time passed by some of it were lost ,damaged and
destroyed by natural forces. History is were we come from or its the key to our identity,its the
culmination of the what happened from the beginning of development of life affecting
cultures,tradition, climate ,environment and those colonizers. So we want to treasure all historical
features,artifacts and informations, so we restore them and we presserved and housed it in the
national museum to maintain its body ,figure ,stability and identity. The national museum of the
Philippines right now based on what I see they are repainting not only the faade but the entire
building into white maybe its because of its being old. When I enter the the main entrance a big
lobby where heading and the reception and I did flattered and say wow this is amazing from the
scale of the columns to the human its really big and design seen from columns and ceiling were
really intricate. I first saw the el asesinato del gobernador Bustamante and the spolarium they are
really humongous in size ,I may dont know the story behind those pictures but they are superb. And
we head to the right wing were the gallery or the Luis I. Ablaza Hall is , I saw different sculptures of
or images of more like saints like la Nina Maria ,Mater Ambilis and etc. and did saw a mega structure
portraying a altar of a church and the design was really magnificent carved from wood ,very intricate
you can even see those tiny curves and you can see how time decays the structures its really rusty.
And then we go to the next gallery ,we found cluster of sculptures our heros and heroins and other
who contributes and some images of Filipinos ilustres . I did saw Nicanor Reyes there and I was really
flattered that we FEU had this kind of founder who is a hero and many of them. And we go to the
higher floor ,there a lot of exhibit rooms but we prefer to choose some of them for time saving. We
found a lot of images of abstract paintings and how lines and color were develop and come up into
an idea of different artist like vicente Manansala and others. And next we go to the next building
which is the Museum of the Filipino People ,but before we got there we did across the large street
which is the Finance Road and it was raining hard and we were wet we did dry up ourselves and then
continue. Upon entering the lobby we saw a dramatic stairs and an entrance coming from left wing
and right wing ,we decided to walk first into left wing there is no rooms that are filled up of artifacts
but offices but there is an ifugao house in the central courtyard its not the lucky day for us because it
was raining the place were wet and little bit of muddy area so we decided first to travel from highest
to the lowest so we begun to find elevators before we enter were shocked because it was a scenic
elevator we were stun by the beautiful environment of the courtyard it was like a peace deep down
to your soul so we got selfies on the elevator ,we first go to the fifth floor but were shocked because
of no ones is in there we accidentally land in the fifth floor which is a restricted area we found a
humongous artifacts bones of dinausaur its really amazing but we were frightened because of
someone will caught us so we transfer to the 4th floor we found several images and pictures of
different materials used in everyday life such as bayongs and bilao, foods, plants ,vegetables
,preserved animals ,birds and some corals and starfishes in an aquarium .I observed there are some
foreigner and they are really looking to the details Im so happy theyre fond of seeing our historical
cultures and tradition .Those pictures provides very detailed informations .and I also observed on
the material which they used were really unbelievable because they were able to formulate ideas on
how they can mitigate the cause of environment to their everyday life. At the hallway there images
and topics regarding human impacts to our environment, how weather ,climates , climate changes
and global warming affects ,pollutions on air ,water ,and land .They post some paper with art or
some coloring pen in the hallway so anyone can write or draw some relief factors for conserving our
planet ,I planned to draw but theres nothing left papers to draw so I got selfy with the color pencil

.At the next room there you can see the ancient accessories such as necklace such as
tangkila/akbiland ficum and ginuttu w/c is an ornamental shells use in occasions and also dialect that
used in their time such as baybayin at katutubong pamamaraan ng pagsulat ng mga Pilipino. When I
encountered this I remember my makabayan subjects in high school and elem. But I dont remember
how to use this nor to write. And next room is were you can find clothes they wore and how they
wove it, there are some wooden mechanism to weeve clothes. I saw the Barot Saya made up of
sinamay abaca w embroidery and beads.and then the Kaban Ng Lahi there I found some ancient pots
and urns use for some coffins and they buried it inside the cave.And next was the trading routes w/
is the kalakalang Galleon ng espanya and kalakalang Pangkapuluan ,Philippines is an island
surrounded by seas and rivers and because of the site what they did is to take advantage this sea
and rivers can be a trading link or routes for exchanging goods and other materials and this has
played an important role in the history because of this we did learn other culture and traditions and
it introduce religions. Here you can see the boats use in exporting goods.and then we walked in a
hallway full of mortar canyons and cathedrals layouts and then we go to the the Philippines of the
Filipinos here you can see Philippine historic pottery here you can see earthenwares as well as whole
pleces have been recovered and introduce the naval architecture and also the coins or
salapi//moneda(comes from San Diego) na pinapatunayan na pandaigdigan. Also the plates that
uses in dining like the Hapag Ng Almirante and then we stop there and planned to go home .thats