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Are you applying for passport for a minor?

(Below 15 years)
Please furnish
1. A declaration from parents / Legal guardians affirming the particulars furnished in the
application about the Minor Child not inclusion of the Minor in the either of Parent's
passport etc. as per speciment in Annexure 'H'
2.Two copies Birth Certificate/School Certificate for proof of date of birth (Birth
Certificate is a must for those born on or after
3.Two copies of Ration Card etc. or parents' passport copy for proof of stay
4. Attach passport copies if both parents hold passports including ECNR/ECR page:
Mother's passport should be in
married name or should have husband's name entered in her passport or father's passport
should have wife's name
5.If both parents/one parent do not hold passport, furnish declaration (format available in
6.If either of the parents is staying abroad, furnish a consent letter in the form of an
affidavit attested by Indian Embassy
concerned (format available in website - please see "Minor Affidavit if parent(s)
7. In case the parent is a divorcee, furnish an attested copy of Court order giving custody
of the child.
8. Fee applicable - Rs.600/- only.

How to apply for a passport for minor(s) in India

It is better to apply for the passport of your kid as early as you can. Many times it
happens that you are asked to move to other country at a very short notice. Moreover, in
some cases, a number of foreign Diplomatic Missions are refusing to grant visas if
minor's name is included in the parents' passport. So, it is better you get your kids
passport made as early as possible.

Most of the formalities are the same like adults. You need to fill a fresh application form
and attach the proofs with the form. Before you apply for a passport of your kid, ensure
the following:

You must have seven identical black and white photographs of your kid which
will be pasted on the boxes provided in the form. Read carefully before pasting
the photos as at some boxes you have to paste unsigned photos only.
If the child can not put her/his signature, then you have to take the thumb
Besides proofs of residence and DOB, you have to attach a DD for a prescribed
amount, payable to the regional passport office or its designated center.
Two self-attested copies of the parents passport are required to attach with the
minors application form. If neither of the parents has a passport, then you have to
produce an affidavit from both the parents. (Follow the specimen given at
Annexure 'D' of the passport form).
If any of the parents has a passport then, you need to attach the photocopy of the
same and for the other one, produce affidavit. The specimen is given in the end of
the form.
To get an ECNR (emigration check not required) endorsement on the passport of
a kid, either of the parents needs to present two self-attested photocopies of first
four pages and last four pages of passport.
If the parents are not the legal guardians of a child, then they must produce an
affidavit by the legal guardian.
However, an affidavit is needed if they parents are separated but not formally
divorced or a single parent.
If the parents of a child are residing outside India, then a sworn affidavit, duly
attested by an Indian embassy/consulate is required at the time of submitting the
To issue a passport for a minor, it is required to get the consent or signature of the
parents. If only one of the parents is available then he/she can sign the form and
attach the sworn affidavit. The specimen of the affidavit should be based on the
specimen provided in the form itself.

Besides, there will be police verification and other formalities before you get your childs
passport in your hand.
Fill the form at and submit the it at your nearest passport office. You
will have to take the thumb impressions of the baby wherever signatures are required.
You and your wife need to sign the Annexure H avaialable on the passport website (as
mentioned above). Attach the birth certificate, your passport and your wife's passport.
These are the formalities to be done for normal passport which will take about 1-2
For tatkal you will have to provide some NOCs which you can find at the passport
I did the same for my baby last week.

Ratna one interesting case, almost like ur case; observe this:

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Applying passport for infant
Hi all,
Iam Indian working in singapore. I want to apply passport for my baby.
1. My wife's family name was not changed to mine after marriage in her passport.Does
this create any problem while applying passport for my baby?

2. Currently my wife is staying with their parents in adress xxx which is different from
the my address( yyy ) in passport and wife's address ( zzz ) in her passport. Now , how
can i apply passport from my baby from address xxx ?
>> xxx - karnataka,india , yyy - andhrapradesh,india , zzz andhrapradesh,india
Please advise