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A Strange Courage
By Mica Pond
There once was a candle
in the corner of my room.
A dark corner,
with dust-mites and cobwebs.
I never once put flame to that wick,
for fear kept me away.
A fear of a dark and terrible place.
Many years passed,
and that candle never flickered,
never shed a drop of wax,
never rose to a higher temperature.
Until one day,
A stranger noticed the lonesome candle.
They pointed and questioned me
of its deteriorating existence.
Chastising the dark
for causing the candles solitude.
They cursed the fear
that overshadowed the light.
That stranger.
They ventured into the corner,
casting away all fear and darkness,
and lit the candle.
And since then,
the light has burned bright.

Madisyn. Music Review.

By Jamie
MADISYN: The band Madisyn is a fairly new band
who have been together for a little over 2 years
now and are definitely something different. They
say their genre in music would be Alternative/Indie.
I saw them once in concert and it was definitely one
of my favorite showsand I go to a lot of shows. If
you are looking for more music to listen to I strongly
suggest Madisyn. You can also follow them on
Twitter to find out more about their shows at:

By Magic Mailman

Putting People in Boxes. Opinion.

By Expecto
Short hair. Long hair. Is that really what it comes
down to? Barbies. Hot Wheels. Should that really
define you? Stop for a second. When you think of a
child with long hair and Barbies, do you think of a
male or a female? You probably said female. And
Hot Wheels and short hair probably make you think
of a male. Why? Its what youre taught. What
society teaches you.
From the time youre born and sometimes even
before then, youre put into a box. Thats what
society is best at, after all. Stuffing people in boxes
based on their gender, background, economic
class, and so many more things beginning before
you are even able to understand these things.
Dont dare to stray from your assigned box either.
If you even stick your head out in most places you
will immediately become the object of criticism,
mockery, and made and example of. Why is this?
Why are we so afraid of expression? Of our inner
selves? Of letting people be themselves? Imagine
all the things people could be, the places they could
go, the problems they could solve. If only they
werent afraid of expressing themselves. All
because of society, social norms and the boxes
theyve been shoved in. If only.



Struck by Lightning. Book

By Mica Pond
This book review is on the fantastic book:
Struck by Lightning by Chris Colfer. You
probably know him from Glee as Kurt Hummel.
He also writes books, and I have to say; he is
very good at it.
Struck by Lightning (SBL) is about a senior boy
named Carson Phillips. The book is written as
his journal. All he wants is to get away from all
of the losers in his home town and go to
Northwestern University to become a journalist.
To do this, Carson has to get a literary
magazine up and running. Unfortunately, this
involves submissions from his fellow
classmates, who absolutely hate Carson.
Sohe resorts to the oh-so-pleasant blackmail.
This book is filled with a lot of sarcasm, hilarious
situations, and mind-blowing surprises. Chris
shows what it is like to be a teenager with big
dreams and little room to fulfill them. I would
recommend this book to teenagers (14 and up)
because of some language and stuff. Struck by
Lightning is a 5 star book that I think you will
indeed enjoy.

258 pages
Going to be a movie
Took me 1 day to read

Fave Quotes.
of Mica Pond
Youre not weak. Your life is not defined by a letter
grade, a dress size, your sexuality or anything else.
You have every chance at happiness. You were not
meant to suffer. You are loved. Never, ever give up.
Chris Colfer
That which makes you different is what makes you
strong. Whether youre gay, straight, purple, orange,
dinosaur; I dont care. Darren Criss
Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes
sense. Stephen Chbosky

By Jamie
How can anybody put something so strong &
beautiful in a cage so small?
And try to say its something its not?

House of Anubis. Pop Culture.

By Magic Mailman
House of Anubis is a great show on Nick. It is
about a group of teens in a boarding school in
England. The house they live in is called Anubis
House; Anubis was the Egyptian god of the
afterlife and there are mysterious, magical relics
everywhere. But what mysteries are there to
unlock? Why has their friend Nina disappeared?
Can they trust the new girl or, even worse, the
new teacher who seems to be hiding
something? Will Amber break Alfies heart by
heading to New York for fashion school? If you
like mysteries, fun characters & want to learn
interesting things about ancient Egypt you
should give this show a try! It is on Thursdays at
8:00 pm on Nick and you can watch season 1 &
2 on YouTube.
Fave Quotes of Mica Pond (contd.)
Were all human, arent we? Every human life is
worth the same and worth saving. J.K. Rowling
There is no such thing as equality for some.
Equality must be for all. That is what freedom is. No
human being is born more or less important than any
other. How can we allow ourselves to forget that?
What simpler truth is there? David Leviathan



Bullying. Introspective.
By Requiem
Bullying has become a common topic and should
be a topic of concern. Bullying is a leading cause
for teen suicide, (also depression, self-harm, drug
and alcohol abuse & school shootings). I
sympathize with those who have been affected by
bullying. The following story is my perspective, in
the first person point of view, on how it might feel to
be bullied to the point of wanting to attempt suicide.
As I lay there in the emergency room while the
poison was being pumped out of me and the
gashes on my skin were being stitched together, I
flashed back to the painful moments that brought
me to the state I am in. The tears streaming down
my face, the sorrowful look in my eyes, laughs
were surrounding me, it felt like I was no longer in
the world, like I was just standing around invisible
watching every movement of those who
surrounded me. Could anyone hear me? Could
anyone see me? Did anybody notice the signs?
Maybe it was just that nobody even cared.
I used to be so full of life, so happy, with a high
self-esteem. Now all I ever do is sit alone in a dark
room crying my eyes out while staring into a
burning candle. I am under an attack. All I ever
see anymore is pure darkness. I dont know how I
ended up in this state Im in, and I dont know how
to get out. I feel immersed in my insecurities, and
unhappy with who I am. Do I feel this way about
who Ive becomeor who I once was? Regrets
from the past, anguish of the present day, and
fear of the future envelop me.
The cause of my overdose was bullying. Certain
individuals thought that they could overcome their
insecurities by exposing mine. I suppose I was the
victim because they believed I would be an easy
target. Right they were. The details of my
experience are too painful to want to recall, but
anyone who has been a victim of bullying can
easily relate.

I felt so alone that I became introverted. I isolated

myself from those who really loved and cared for
me. That was my biggest mistake. I never would
have been in this state if I did not isolate myself. I
feared if I opened myself up to loved ones that they
would reject me. In reality, because I isolated
myself, I became rejected and an easy target.
Bullying is a serious matter. When someone ends
up committing suicide, everyone is there. They feel
awful and they say they did not see the signs.
They talk about how amazing that person was, and
so on. But when someone tells you they are
suicidal, everything is different. Few really want to
help solve the problem and, as a matter of fact,
some of them act as if it is not a problem at all.
They say that it will just go away and that the
person wont do it. Some people find suicide to
bet the only option, and treating a problem like it
does not matter will not get you anywhere; the only
place it may get you is to a funeral. If someone
says they are suicidal, dont push them away,
instead be the person that keeps them here and
If you know someone who is being bullied, do
something about it. The end of bullying begins
with you. If you witness someone being bullied,
dont just stand there, stick up for them and report
it. Help the victim remember that they are not
alone. Dont let them isolate themselves. It will only
make things worse. Remind them that suicide is not
the only option because there is help.

The Bully Project

We will be showing
Bully the movie in the
near future. This is an
important movie for
anyone to see whether
you are a victim of
bullying or not. Please
watch for local
times/locations and plan
to see Bully.



Pop Culture. Bronies


By The Doctor

By Magic Mailman
Q. What do you do if your OTP breaks up?
A. You should go home, cry for about 10 hours
and then get a glass of milk and hope and dream
for them to get back together. Pour out all your
feels and, if they dont get back togetherlet them
be together in your .
If you have a question for Magic Mailman send an
email to:

Brony A name typically given to the male (and

sometimes female) viewers of the My Little Pony:
Friendship is Magic show/franchise. They typically
do not give into the hype that males arent allowed
to enjoy things that may be intended for females.
Did you know that? No? Well, now you do. Yes its
true. There are bronies. And they are very popular.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or MLP: FiM,
has become popular with people of all ages. It
started out as just fans liking the show, but quickly
turned into them practically worshipping it. Tumblrs,
websites & Twitter accounts sprang up dedicated
just to ponies. One of the most famous websites is
Equestria Daily (
Here you can get news about all things pony, find
crossovers and learn about the many background
ponies that are a part of the show.
One of the most popular background ponies is
Derpy Hooves. Named for her crazy eyes, Derpy
was spotted in the first episode of MLP: FiM. She
was what started the tradition of naming ponies
seen in the background of the show. Since then,
many more background ponies have been spotted
and namedbut only a few ever become popular.

Derpy Hooves
By Raichu
Derpy is BEST pony!

Another popular thing in the fandom is crossovers.

Crossover is the art of taking 2 shows, like MLP &
Dr. Who, and showing what they would look like if
they came together. The most well known
crossover is Dr. Whooves. He was a background
pony and was thought to resemble the 10 doctor
(David Tennant) from the British show Dr. Who.
Since then, his popularity has climbed to amazing
Along with all this, memes, pictures, and videos are
all over the Internet. You can hardly go to any
website without seeing them so keep your eyes
peeled for bronies!


1. to blend or come together
2. to cause to unite in one body or mass

She may be my 20 year old, caring, gentle,
youngest aunt, but she always ends up laying down
the law for those two.
We are not allowing one more person to sleep in
our room. Ezra stated.

A continuing story. Part I.

We need our privacy. Riley added.

By Mica Pond

Ezra placed his hands on his tiny hips. Connor, we

could deal with.


December 14

Riley followed suit. Ben, we could withstand.

Dear You,
So, my name is Tera.Tera Shaper, and I am 13
years old, on the verge of being 14.
I have 4 brothers, 3 cousins, 11 aunts and uncles,
3 adopted (dont ask) uncles, a grandma and a
grandpa, a foster brother (sort of), and (of course)
a mom and a dad.
You will know their names and stuff soon enough.
I just wanted to give you a frame of how messed
up my family is. We sort of live differently than you
do. For one thing, we all have the same birthday.
Not, like, we were all born on the same day. Just,
if you are going to be born, then you are on that
day. Technically, we arent even born, we just pop
into existence whenever our mom and dad want to
have a kidbut, lets not divulge in that topic.
Anyway, so we all add a year on on the same day:
New Years. Not your typical New years, with the
big ball drop thing. My New Yeas, which is only in
a couple of weeks. Also, when I will turn 14!!!

December 20

But we will NOT allow Mika and Jem to join the

circus car. They both almost screamed.
I was sitting in the living room in between my 12
year old brother, Ben, and my 13 year
oldfriend/boyfriend/complication, Jem, on the
Around here, arguments are never scarce.
December 30


Dear You,
I never have time to write, and when I do Im
always interrupted and have to put my notebook
You are probably confused right now and dont
understand my life. I dont understand it either, but
in time, we will both get there. To the point when
you know which way is up, and what it means to
understand the goings of life.

Dear You,

I dont want to lay this last burden on you. I dont

want to perturb your mind anymore, but Ive sort of
been holding something back.

(reliving a moment of yesterday)

A big something.

Riley: No

You know my family is unnatural, but

Ezra: No


Both: Definitely NOT.

We, like, have superpowers too.

Riley and Ezra are my 7 year old, connected at the

brain, demented, twin brothers.

December 31

Grace rolled her eyes. You two dont really have a

choice on this.


Dear You,
Happy New Years!



One Direction. Music Review.

By Fabina

1D Duck

One Direction, or 1D to fans, is a band of five

British boys. Four of the lads are from England
(Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik &
Liam Payne) and one is Irish (Niall Horan). They
sing pop music and got their start on a British
show called The X Factor. Some of their
popular songs are One Thing, Thats What
Makes You beautiful & Little Things. I think they
are the best band in the world because their
songs make you feel good about yourself and
send a message that you dont have to be
perfect to be beautiful. When they were on the
Ellen Show so many people wanted to see them
that they crashed the website! So they make a
lot of people really happy with their music.

By Fabina

Weeping Angel. Craft.

By Sushi & Fabina



Our Weeping Angel craft was found at:
You probably want to place a mirror opposite your
weeping angel and watch Dr. Who to find out why!

Hot Glue + Glue Gun
Craft Foam
Jointed Barbie doll
Wooden Dowels
Barbie base (or wooden circle)
Craft Glue
Sand/Stone Texturized Spray paint
1) Cut wings from craft foam (add details
with hot glue)
2) Glue dolls hands in front of face
3) Glue dowels to her back/ to the base so
she is standing
4) Glue wings on doll
5) Drape gauze for dress
6) Add hot glue to hair for texture
7) Prime the entire thing
8) Coat with texturized sand/stone
For full instructions visit the website listed under
our creepy Weeping Angel photo. (Dont blink!)



You will notice us using a lot of terms in our
writing & in our bios that may be unfamiliar. This
section gives definitions & uses for some of our
Feels Feelings; often brought on by very
extreme events in fandom (see next entry for
fandom def).

Nerdfighter - Coined by John Green it is a

community of people whose mantra is made of
awesome who fight to rid the world of negative
aspects referred to as worldsuck. There are 2
rules if you want to be a Nerdfighter.
1) Dont be mean.
2) DFTBA (Dont Forget To Be Awesome)

i.e. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green gave

me so many feels, I just dont have words.

FanFiction or FanFic or just FF; when someone

takes characters from a tv show, book or members
of a band and writes fictional stories about them.

Fandom A community of people who are very

involved (often to the point of obsession) with
shows or characters or bands.

i.e. My Little Dashie made me crythat has to be

the saddest MLP FanFic ever.

Popular Fandoms & what fans are called

Glee Gleeks
My Little Pony (MLP) Bronies
Dr. Who Whovians
Owl City Hoot Owls
Avatar Avatards
One Direction Directioners
Harry Potter Potter Heads
Hunger Games Tributes
Ship When you want 2 people or characters to
be together whether or not it is not possible. You
love this unrealistic relationship so much it causes
you pain and misery forcing you to scream MY
FEELS! while sliding out of your chair.
i.e. I ship Klaine (Kurt & Blaine from Glee) so

Brony people (male or female) who take pride in

watching the show My Little Pony: Friendship is

Brony A I started watching MLP: FiM!

Brony B So you are a brony!
*brohoof* (Brony high five)

This is a list of webites we recommend:
DeviantArt for fan art
EquestriaDaily for ALL things My Little Pony Community of Support
GoodReads Book reviews & Quotes
Tumblr EVERYTHING in Fandom & kitties

OTP One True Pairing. Your ultimate couple.

Inspirational People.

i.e. My OTP is Derpy & Dr. WhoovesMY


By Expecto

BrOTP People who you want to be extreme best

i.e. Amy & The Doctor are my BroTP. I am
exploding over them!
Exploding the overwhelming feeling caused by
either adorableness or surprise-ment that makes
you feel like your heart & emotions are exploding.

Darren Criss
Rebel Wilson
John Green
Hank Green
Chris Colfer
Evanna Lynch
Josh Hutcherson
J.K. Rowling



I Know What Love Is. Poetry.

Time Travel Explained. Dr. Who.

By Anon
My love for you is bountiful,
It is natural,
It is real.
It is the greatest feeling,
Dreams of you in my arms,
Fighting for you against the storm,
Looking into your eyes and feeling peace,
Feeling complete when Im with you,
Hearing your voice making my heart sing,
Always wanting to be with you,
Wanting to make you happy.
Trying not to cry when youre gone.
Weeping when youre sad,
Wishing I could be the best husband possible
Knowing that I have nothing without you.
I know what love is.
Love is being with you,
You and I together forever

Kit Kat Lasagna. Recipe.

By President Derpy

You need:
Marshmallow cream
2 bags mini-marshmallows
16 normal size Kit-Kats
1 large bag of M&Ms
Box of graham crackers
Disposable baking pan

1) Start with layer of graham crackers

2) Add layer of mini marshmallows
3) Add a layer of M&Ms
4) Repeat
5) Add a final layer of graham crackers
6) Top with marshmallow cream
7) Fix Kit-Kats into top layer of cream



The Fault In Our Stars. Book

By Expecto
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is one of
those books. The kind that makes you question
your very existence, while at the same time,
youre either laughing hysterically, sobbing like a
baby, or both. At least thats what it did to me. In
this book, you will follow Hazel Grace Lancaster;
a 16 year old, witty, stubborn girl. One thing
though, Hazel has stage 4 thyroid cancer. She
is only kept alive by a miracle drug and has to
constantly have oxygen at hand.
The day she met Augustus Waters, she had
been forced from her house by her mother to
interact and socialize. For Hazel, this means
attending a cancer support group. Augustus, to
Hazels absolute surprise, being he is a tall,
lanky hot boy, takes a sudden liking to her.
From that day Hazel and Augustus engage in a
quirky, sarcastic, utterly adorable relationship.
There are many ups and downs in this book, but
it is a must read for anyone. Just let me warn
you though, no matter your gender preference
you will be unable to stop yourself from falling in
love with Augustus.
I recommend this book to anyone over the age
of 13. John Green is one of my favorite authors
and no matter the genre youre usually
interested in, this is definitely something youll
want to read.

By Expecto
Theres nothing more badass than being
yourself. Darren Criss
My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into
constellations. John Green
What you dont understand, you can make
mean anything. Jay Asher

Quotes (contd.)
By Expecto
All the secrets of the world are contained in
books. Read at your own risk. Lemony
Its just that I dont want to be somebodys
crush. If somebody likes me, I want them to like
the real me, not what they think I am. And I dont
want them to carry it around inside. I want them
to show me, so I can feel it too.
Stephen Chbosky
We do not believe in ourselves until someone
reveals that deep inside us something is
valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust,
sacred to our touch. Once we believe in
ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder,
spontaneous delight or any experience that
reveals the human spirit. e.e. cummings

The Nice Kid. Short Story.

By Aaron Rice (guest contributor)
There once was a boy who had no friends. All
the kids would bully him and say mean things to
him. One day, the biggest bully in the school
walked up to him and said Give me your
money!but the boy learned 4 new words;
Bullying Is For Losersso he said those 4
words. The bully couldnt speak, he was super
shocked! The next day the bully said Im super
sorry for being mean. Bullying is for losersso
Im stopping.
If you would like your very own Bullying Is For
Losers bracelet to show that you stand up
against bullies please contact the Bookmobile &
Outreach Librarian, Libby Edwardson, at (606)
302-6035. We want to spread the word that we
are taking a stand against bullies!