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Syllabus – M. Saba DANC 3332 501 Intermediate Modern Dance Monday/Wednesday 5:00-6:15

Office Hours – Monday 2:15-3:15pm, Tuesday 1:00-1:45pm, and by appointment

Office – JO4.906

Phone – 972-883-2083

Email –

Grade Value


Class participation and attendance


Performance attendance and written critiques


Skills and Vocabulary


Final Project

Course Requirements

Attendance and Participation


will be 3 points off starting at 100 for each class missed. Please be on time, a ½ point will be deducted from your daily participation points for each late arrival and an additional ½ point for each 15 minutes thereafter.

You will be considered late if you arrive after the warm up has begun. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late please check with the instructor for permission to participate in the class. If you arrive after roll has been taken

it is our responsibility to remind the instructor you attended class. Failure to do so could result in an absence

recorded and applied for that day. Classes can be made up, please speak to the instructor for various options.

You will be given 2 absences that will not count against your grade, any thereafter


total of 4 excused absences may be made up with the instructor’s approval. Students making up absences


other approved dance classes must turn in documentation that is dated and signed by the instructor teaching

the class. Participation is graded by learning material given, effort, preparedness for class (including proper attire),

proper etiquette, and your own personal growth. Each class has a value of 3 points that are awarded daily by fulfilling the preceding requirements

Critiques You are required to see two live dance productions approved by the instructor and write a critique fo each. Critiques are due on March 1 and April 24. Critiques are a based on your own opinions and must be writ your own words. Critiques must include detailed descriptions of no more than 2 dance pieces in the performan you do not choose the first or last piece of the program to describe, you must include a brief summary of those pieces also. Three points will be deducted for the omission each. When writing your critique consider these points:

1. Did it tell a story, show a particular emotion, make you feel a certain way and describe if any of these apply.

2. Did the choreography go with the music? How?

3. Did you like it? What made you like or dislike it?

4. What was the movement like? What did the dancers do through movement to help you come to the conclusi

from the previous questions?

5. How did the sets, costuming, and lighting affect the piece?

Write the critique assuming I did not see the dance and would understand what it was about from your descript

A check mark means you have fulfilled requirements and averages as 95%. Except

Grading for Critiques

paper will be awarded a higher percentage. Papers on average will be no more than two pages typewritten or t handwritten. Handwritten papers must be printed and doubled spaced and typewritten papers must be double s There will be five points counted off if not handwritten as such. An automatic 3 points will be deducted if the crit late. 5 points will be deducted for each week the critique is late.


Skills and Vocabulary

intermediate level. Students will be expected to know and execute frequently used vocabulary and movements

assignments may be given if necessary.

Students will be expected to know the class warm up and execute it at an

Final Project

piece and execute it at a performance level.

The final project will be choreography set on the class. You will be expected to know your p

Extra Credit Extra credit may be received by attending other dance performances. You may receive 5 points by just turning and program or 10 if accompanied by a critique. The credit will be added to the final total of points accrued for t course at the end of the semester, not a specific category. The grade of A+ will be awarded through work on re assignments only. The highest grade that can be achieved through extra credit is an A.

General Class Etiquette and Attire

(water only), no sitting down during class, no talking while dancing or during demonstrations of exercises.


Acceptable attire would be tights, leotards, bike shorts, crop tops, sweat pants and sweat shorts, T-shirts, leggin sweatshirts. If you have a question about any other clothing, please check with the instructor first. Points may deducted from your daily grade for inappropriate attire.

Minimum jewelry, hair away from face, no chewing gum, closed lid

You are required to wear dance or work out clothes. Loose fitting street clothes are not appropriate.

Topics for Individual Class Meetings


Review Syllabus


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class




Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class




Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class




Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Technique Class


Master Class/4:15-6:15


Final Critique Due


Master Class/5:00-6:15


Technique Class


video/1 st critique due


Spring Break

***All dates and assignments are subject to change at the instructors discretion***

I will send all electronic correspondence only to a student’s UTD email address and require that all official electronic correspondence between a student and me be transmitted from the students’ UTD email account. UT Dallas furnishes each student a FREE Network ID (netid) linked to an email account. To activate or maintain a UTD computer account and/or to set email forwarding options, go to NOTE: The UTD Department of Information Resources provides a method for students to forward their UTD email to other personal or business email accounts.

The drop dates for the current Full Term Session are as follows:

Last day to drop a class without a “W”


January 25

Undergraduates WP or WF withdraw period begins……………………


February 13

Undergraduates last day to withdraw with WP/WF………………………Thurs., March 16

Graduates last day to withdraw from a course with an automatic “W”…

Fri., March 24

The following are excerpts of policies and procedures from the University Catalog. For a complete list b
















Rules, Regulations, and Statutory Requirements

A. Student

The University of Texas System and The University of Texas at Dallas have rules and regulations for the orderly and efficient conduct of their business. It is the responsibility of each student and each student organization to be knowledgeable about the rules and regulations which govern student conduct and activities. General information on student conduct and discipline is contained in the U.T. Dallas publication, A to Z Guide, which is provided to all registered students each academic year.

Academic Dishonesty

The faculty expects from its students a high level of responsibility and academic honesty. Because the value academic degree depends upon the absolute integrity of the work done by the student for that degree, it is impe that a student demonstrate a high standard of individual honor in his or her scholastic work. Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, statements, acts or omissions related to applications for enrollment or the award of a degree, and/or the submission as one’s own work of material that is not one’s own. general rule, scholastic dishonesty involves one of the following acts: cheating, plagiarism, collusion and/or falsi academic records. Students suspected of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary proceedings.




Incomplete Grade (X)

A grade of Incomplete may be given, at the discretion of the instructor of record for a

course, when a student has completed at least 70% of the required course material but cannot complete all requirements by the end of the semester. An incomplete

course grade (grade of X) must be completed within the time period specified by the instructor, not to exceed eight weeks from the first day of the subsequent long semester. Upon completion of the required work, the symbol X may be converted into

a letter grade (A through F) by the instructor. If the grade of Incomplete is not

removed by the end of the specified period, it will automatically be changed to F. Extension beyond the specified limit can be made only with the permission of the instructor and the student’s ADU (or the Undergraduate Dean in the case of students

without declared majors). A student may not re-enroll in a course in which a grade of

X remains.

Students may obtain a petition/documentation form for an Incomplete in the office of the student’s ADU. The form is to be submitted to the instructor from whom the Incomplete is sought. Students should be aware that an Incomplete is only appropriate for work unavoidably missed at semester’s end. Students should contact their school office for school policies on Incompletes. If a significant fraction of a semester is missed with cause, see the section on “Withdrawing from and Adding Courses”.

An instructor assigning an Incomplete must submit the petition/documentation form containing a description of the work required to complete the course to the ADU of the school offering the course. Upon approval, a copy of the petition will be forwarded to the student’s ADU to be retained with the student’s academic record. The instructor alone will be responsible for determining whether the requirements for completion are met and for assigning the grade in the course.

However, if the instructor who has signed the Incomplete is no longer associated with U.T. Dallas and the work is completed within the time allowed before the Incomplete lapses to an F, the Associate Dean of the instructor’s college may assign a committee of appropriate faculty to evaluate the material and/or obtain any other information which may be required to assign the grade in the course.

Disability Services

Disability Services provides accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students are urged to make their needs known to Disability Services as soon as they are admitted to the university. The Office of Disability Services is located in the Student Union, (972) 883-2070.