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MUSI 1306.

001 Understanding Music Spring 2005 Syllabus

Instructor: Mr.Winston Stone

Class Time: 9:30-10:45am, Tuesday and Thursday, Jonnson 2.604
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 9-9:30am, or by appointment. Jonnson 2.604
Materials: Text: Understanding Music, fourth edition, Jeremy Yudkin, Prentice Hall.
Accompanying 3-CD set.
Notebook and paper for in-class assignments, five (5) 3x5 cards for quizzes

Course Description
This course will introduce students to an overview of musical styles and content in the
European tradition. We will start with the music of the pre-Renaissance and end with
contemporary popular music. The focus of this class will be to listen to music with an
understanding of its evolution and development from a historical perspective.

Students will be required to come to class prepared to discuss reading and listening
assignments. The final grade will be evaluated from class participation, three exams,
five quizzes and the critiques of three performances, as follows:
Class Participation: 10%
Exams: 45%
Quizzes: 15%
Critiques: 30%

Attendance and Class Participation

Attendance is mandatory and roll is taken at each class. Only absences excused by email
prior to class will be considered. Reading assignments (from the text and handouts) and
listening assignments (from the required 3-CD set) will be discussed in class. Reading
and listening assignments are sequential and therefore must be completed before each
class. Also, there will be in-class written assignments. This syllabus is subject to change
at the instructor’s discretion.

Exams and Quizzes

There will be three scheduled exams, each worth 15% of the final grade. Exams and
quizzes will include written and aural content and will be derived from reading
assignments in the text, listening assignments, and class discussions. Quizzes will be
unannounced. There will be no make-up quizzes or exams without prior consent.
Students may request to do one extra credit assignment at the instructor’s discretion.

Students are required to critique three performances. Critique forms will be provided. The
first two critiques must be live classical concerts. The third critique may be a live concert
or recording of your choice. Free concerts are available throughout the year on campus as
well as at other off-campus venues.

Check the UTDallas Academic Calendar for Spring 2005 Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines.
MUSI 1306.001 Understanding Music Spring 2005 Syllabus
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Week 1 Jan. 11th Introduction, Syllabus and Course Overview, Elements of Music
Jan. 13th Read: Chapter 2 Fundamentals
Listen: Mozart 1, 32 Harris 1, 35
Week 2 Jan. 18th Read: Chapters 1, 3
Listen: Indonesian 1,2 African 1,5
Jan.20th Read: Chapter 4 Middle Ages
Listen: Perotinus 1,44 Machaut 1,46
Week3 Jan. 25th Read: Chapter 5 Renaissance
Listen: Desprez 1, 48 Palestrina 1, 49 Gabrieli 1, 53
Jan. 27th Read: Chapter 6 Baroque
Listen: Monteverdi 1,58 Purcell 1,61
Week 4 Feb. 1st Listen: Vivaldi 1,65 Handel 2,8
Feb. 3rd Listen Bach 2,1
Week 5 Feb. 8th *Exam #1*
Feb. 10th Read: Chapter 7 Classic
Listen: Haydn 2,12 also 2,17
Week 6 Feb.15th *Critique #1 is due.* Listen: Mozart 2, 20
Feb.17th Read: Notes on: Barber of Seville- DVD Part I (in class)
Week 7 Feb. 22nd Barber of Seville Part II
Feb.24th Read: Chapter 8 Beethoven Listen: Beethoven 2,28
Week 8 Mar. 1st Listen: Beethoven 2,30
Mar. 3rd Read: Chapter 9, pages 228- 267
Listen: Schubert 2,62 Chopin 3,1
Week 9 Mar. 15th Read: Chapter 9, pages 267-327
Listen: Schumann 3,4 Liszt 3,7 Verdi 3,11
Mar.17th Listen: Brahms 3,21 Puccini 3,21 Mahler 3,24
Week 10 Mar. 22nd *Exam #2*
Mar. 24th Read: Chapter 10, pages 329-357
Listen: Stravinsky 3,28 Schoenberg 3,31
Week 11 Mar. 29th Read: Chapter 10, pages 357-414
Listen: Webern 3,36 Ives 3,37 Copland 3,41 Boulez 3,45
Mar.31st *Critique #2 is due.*
Week 12 Apr. 5th Read: Chapter 11 Jazz
Listen: Bessie Smith 3,54 Charlie Parker 3,65
Apr.7th Listen: Ellington 3,60 Zwilich 3,50
Week 13 Apr. 12th Read: Chapter 12 Pop
Apr.14th *Critique #3 is due.* (optional presentations)
Week 14 Apr. 19th Listen: Selections from critiques
Apr.21st Review
Thursday Apr. 28th 8:00 am *Exam #3* (Final Exam)