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A Special Message from the NPC President


Indian Students Association, Tilak Welcome & Henna Artist

Rafael Javadov, Russian classical violinist


World Leaders at the National Press Club (photo gallery)

Myron Belkind, President, National Press Club, welcome

Welcome to the National Press Clubs International Cultural Evening!
The program highlights the Clubs immense cultural diversity and serves to
underscore what we have proudly called the international year at the National
Press Club, which began last January with the first ever international inaugural.
Because of the popularity of the inaugural and to meet many requests from
those who could not be present, we promised there would be another
opportunity to enjoy cultural performances from different regions around the
world and to taste international delicacies.
It also is a fitting occasion to honor His Excellency, Ebrahim Rasool, the
ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, as he concludes his assignment in
Washington, with a special NPC Presidents Award for a lifetime of
achievements. He has worked hard to strengthen ties with the National Press
Club, starting with his support and encouragement for the South African
Night honoring the Life, Legacy and Values of Nelson Mandela in 2012. He
also has had a profound impact on the Washington international community.
I want to express my deep appreciation to Jan Du Plain, the chair of the
International Cultural Evening, and her colleague, Tara Compton, the
production manager, for their hard efforts in planning and organizing this
evenings program. There are many others to thank, as listed in this program,
and whom I will recognize during the evening. Finally, my thanks to the NPC
members for their support throughout the year.
Myron Belkind, President, National Press Club

Ethio-American Eskista Group, Wollo and Goner

The Wong People Kung Fu Association, Lion Dance
DC Bachata Congress, Welcome to the Magic of Latin America
Aatef and Ahmed Elhadad, Traditional Wedding Song on The Tabla
Wuiping Yap, Rouge
Positive Vibrations Youth Steel Orchestra, Old Lady Walk a
Mile by Lord Kitchener arranged by Josanne Francis
GW Bhangra from the George Washington University,
Performing a Traditional Bhangra Dance
Jacques-Pierre Malan and Jerome Barry, Thula Baba and the
Children of Africa


ACCEPTANCE SPEECH, His Excellency Ebrahim Rasool, Ambassador
of the Republic of South Africa
CLOSING REMARKS, Jan Du Plain, Chair, NPC International Cultural
RECEPTION, International Delicacies and South African Wines
Entertainment by Positive Vibrations Youth Steel Orchestra



Myron Belkind, President, NPC
Jan Du Plain, Chair, NPC International Cultural Evening
Tara Compton, Production Manager, NPC International Cultural Evening
Allyson Cannon, Recruitment Manager, NPC
Susan Delbert, Executive Chef, NPC
William McCarren, Executive Director, NPC
Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa
Ambassador Neil Parsan, The Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Ambassador Mohammed Al-Hussaini, League of Arab States
Ambassador Lyushun Shen, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office
Rafael Javadov, Russian violinist
George Washington University Bhangra Group
George Washington University--Indian Students Association
Wuiping Yap, Asia Heritage Festival Foundation
Thomas Warth, Dr. Patrick Plonski, Asratie Teferra, Steve Pfeifer, Books for Africa
Mesfin Getaneh, Co-Founder and President, Young Ethiopian Professionals Network
The Wong People Kung Fu Association
Al Teich, NPC photographer
Simon Barber, Brand South Africa
D.C. Bachata Congress
Positive Vibrations Youth Steel Orchestra
Ethio-American Eskista Group
Jacques-Pierre Malan, Embassy Series
Jerome Barry, Embassy Series
Heidi Shoup, President and CEO, World Affairs Council DC
Tony Culley-Foster, Global Communications Chair, World Affairs Council DC
Photo Credit: Noel St. John

National Press Club

Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.