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A Market Leader with Heart

The search for optimum human health is the main driver at Getz
Pharma. In its effort to foster well being in the communities it serves,
Getz Pharma enhances the quality of life through research and
development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and health care products.
Getz Pharma establishes its brand image through a robust and agile
marketing and sales presence in South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast
Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. IMS rates Getz Pharma
as the fastest-growing company in the regions it markets its products.
The fact that our products are well accepted and their demand is
growing in these countries is because of the confidence imposed in
their quality by the medical community and patients, globally.
World-Class and cGMP-Compliant Manufacturing
We manufacture high quality branded generics that are leaders in their
class, at our cGMP-compliant facility in Pakistan. Licensors, molecule
owners and inventors from around the world avail our toll
manufacturing and/or licensing services.
Our Corporate Heritage
Getz Pharma is a member of the Getz Group of Companies. Getz
Brothers & Co. Inc. has operations in 23 countries, primarily in Asia
and Australia. Getz Brothers International distributes consumer
products, pharmaceutical products and medical devices in these
Business Partnerships
Getz Pharma puts a premium on developing associations with
companies that are committed with passion and ethics in one or more
of the following areas: contract research, contract development;
manufacturing; marketing; or distributing pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and health care products.
Human Resource Development and Corporate Culture
The key to ensure quality of the products and maintain our market
leadership is to develop the quality of our people. One of Getz
Pharma's key objectives is to ensure that its employees as one of the
best companies to work for in every country in which we operate rate
Getz Pharma. Respect for people, respect for our business associates

and customers, a focus on safe technology, teamwork and

transparency are the core values upon which we build our corporate
culture. We aspire to stay agile, year after year, by creating a visiondriven organization that continuously strives to empower its people. As
a result, our people have very high energy levels and they set very
high goals for themselves for which they feel fulfilled and are
Socially Conscious Company
Good corporate citizenship is top-of-mind at Getz Pharma. We engage
in disease prevention initiatives, and conduct free screening camps for
Diabetes, Hepatitis, and other life-threatening diseases. This way we
maintain an unwavering focus on the well being of every community in
every region in which we operate.
Smooth Governmental Interface
Getz Pharma has a highly skilled, effective and successful regulatory
team in every market that we operate in. Our regulatory team ensures
early product registrations in our markets.
Research & Development
Getz Pharma has robust new product development. A highly qualified
and trained team of scientists, pharmacists, chemists and engineers in
our Research & Development and operational departments are working
not only to develop new products but also to have a continuous
improvement in quality at a dedicated high-tech R&D site. The
products developed by this team conform over their shelf life to
internationally accepted standards of quality, purity, efficacy and
Brand Leader in Eleven Molecules
Getz Pharma is brand leader in eleven molecules in the areas of
Hepatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiovascular and Diabetes, Pulmonary
ENT & Chest, Rheumatology, and Infectious Diseases.
Mission, Values And Guiding Principles

Getz Pharma's mission is to develop, produce and market safe,

effective and quality medicines and health care products that will
improve the health and quality of life of men, women and children.
Getz Pharma pledges to provide the highest quality manufacturing of
health care products.
Respect for people: Our principals, employees and suppliers are the
basis of our quality and service. As each shares responsibility for Getz
Pharma's reputation as a quality manufacturer and marketer, so each
deserves to be treated with fairness and dignity.
Respect for our business associates and clients: Getz Pharma
seeks long-term and transparent relationships with its business
partners, and enters into all transactions with integrity and trust.
Focus on safe technology: Getz Pharma selects technology that
adds real value to its products and services and that does not harm
the environment.
To achieve our mission, we:
Recruit the best-qualified professionals and promote on the basis of
objective performance appraisals of each individual's ability and
willingness to take additional responsibility.
Foster the individual and professional development of our employees
by providing them continuous training of the best quality available.
Management Team
The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the management of the
business and is assisted by the Executive Committee in the key
responsibility areas of Human Resource Enablement, Strategic
Planning & Development, Marketing & Sales, International Business
and Business Development, Manufacturing & Plant Operations, Quality
Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Finance, Information
Technology and Supply Chain.
In the implementation of corporate strategies, the Executive
Committee depends on the Corporate Executive Council to streamline
operations and ensure internal controls at all levels of Information
Technology, Supply Chain, Finance, Engineering, Quality Assurance &
Quality Control, HR Operations, and Manufacturing.


Good Corporate Citizenship
Getz Pharma's culture involves sharing success with the community at
large. Within the purview of health care, we have pursued
philanthropic and non-commercial ventures and contributed towards
social consciousness, collaborating with Civil Society Organizations
Lending a Hand - Prevention Initiatives
Developing effective drugs to combat disease and restore health is our
goal. Educating the public on disease prevention is our responsibility.

Hepatitis C Screening Camps

- 200 camps conducted
- 11,000 patients screened free of charge
Public Awareness Programs on Prevention of Hepatitis
- 500 Programs
Diabetes Diagnosis Program
- 50,000 patients screened in 2005
Free Blood Sugar Tests
- 300,000 patients
Lipid Profile Tests
- 50,000 patients
Bone Mass Density Screening Camps
- 1,000 patients

Encouraging Learning - Scientific Initiatives

Our investment in scientific initiatives supports continuing education,
sharing knowledge, and forging new connections through:

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Panels

RTDs (Research and Technological Development)

Funding epidemiological studies and clinical trials at leading

academic institutes


Getz Pharma was initially set up in 1995 by Getz Brothers & Co. Inc.
Getz Brothers & Co. distributes agricultural, biomedical,
pharmaceutical, and technical products and consumer goods in more
than 23 countries in Asia and has a presence in these markets for the
past 89 years.
Getz Brothers & Co. employs more than 5,000 people worldwide,
having been founded in 1852 by a Prussian immigrant Joseph Getz and
his three brothers in Lower Lake, California. By the 1870s Getz
Brothers were marketing medicines, food products, and consumer
goods to customers in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Calcutta, and Madras.
At the time of its inception and formation in 1995, Getz Pharma
employed 45 people, and had a small revenue base with no
international operations. Today Getz Pharma employs over 3,500
highly qualified people and has operations in South Asia, Central Asia,
South-East Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. In most of
these countries Getz Pharma has a direct presence and is rated as the
fastest growing pharmaceutical company.
Research & Development

At Getz Pharma, our new product development program generally

includes pre-formulation studies, excipient compatibility studies,
analytical methods development and validation, formulation
development and optimization, formal stability studies, and
manufacturing process development according to ICH Guidelines. At
Getz Pharma, we also have a quality program dedicated to continuous
improvement of product quality of running products at a dedicated
high-tech R&D site.
These laboratory-scale batches are subjected to stability as per the
ICH norms. The complete documentation of the laboratory data is
presented in a format compliant with European standards or in an
FDA-compliant mode, depending on the targeted markets.

Getz Pharma also has research capabilities specializing in the design,

testing and evaluation of health care products for life sciences
companies worldwide. Our technology development team consists of
scientists drawn from some of the best research organizations.
Through a combination of state-of-the art analytical instrumentation,
infrastructure meeting global development standards, and world-class
expertise and level of scientific excellence, we ensure that our clients
receive true added value to their R&D projects, completed in the
speediest and most cost-effective manner without compromising data
At Getz Pharma, we understand that a sound infrastructure meeting
global standards is an essential part of achieving our deliverables. Our
laboratories are well-equipped to handle:

Tablets, immediate release

Tablets, controlled or sustained-release including MUPs
Tablets, enteric coated
Capsules, hard gelatin or HPMC, filled with powder, granules,
mini tablets or pellets
Capsules, controlled or sustained-release
Oral liquids and suspensions
Ocular drops, nasal sprays and inhalations
Semi-solid dosage forms
Injectable dosage forms including lyophilized products
An ICH-compliant stability management program for testing

Business Partnerships

Getz Pharma puts a premium on developing collaborations with likeminded companies with values and business strategies similar to Getz
Pharma's for the eradication of disease.
Molecule Holders, Licensors and Distributors with relationships in
Europe, South America, North America, Japan, China and other large
markets can access vast untapped markets in South Asia, Central Asia,
Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa that comprise
our regions of operation.

Our business partners receive end-to-end solutions for their

We ensure:

Regulatory management and registration of pharmaceutical

products with the respective FDAs and Ministries of Health
A creative and dynamic marketing team in each country of
A highly passionate and proactive sales team in each country of
Healthy financials, efficient supply chain and information systems
Effective and robust distribution

Who we are
Getz Pharma manufactures and markets pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and health care products. Most of the brands that we
market are brand leaders in the countries where we operate.
What we do
We develop, formulate and manufacture world-class branded generics,
develop drug dossiers, manage registration of pharmaceutical
products, engage in contract research and development, B2B
partnerships, and offer marketing, sales and distribution in our regions
of operation.
Why we are best in class
Giving our partners the results they seek takes agility, passion and a
spirit of continuous improvement. We are known to excel in every
aspect of our operations that range from
Manufacturing to Marketing; Systems to Sales; Quality
Control to Corporate Social Responsibility.
We offer:

Regulatory compliance, and compliance to world-class GMP and

Experience in bio-equivalence (B/E) studies at FDA-validated
laboratories as well as B/E in several Asian countries.
An experienced regulatory affairs team in every country of
Systems to monitor daily/weekly/monthly sales and a field force
reporting system.

Rapid growth in several regional markets, with our brands as

market leaders.

Making the world a better place

Our numbers show we are a dynamic company that delivers results to
its business partners. The thought remains that we are in the noble
profession of restoring health and saving lives. A humbling thought
that motivates us, and is the basis of everything we do. If people
breathe easier, sing louder and live longer, then we gain the priceless
satisfaction of playing our part in making the world a better place.
Compare Getz Pharma's annual growth with that of the total
pharmaceutical market in our regions of operation and it becomes
evident that we are best in class.
Marketing & Sales

Guiding Principles
Getz Pharma's marketing philosophy is to offer quality products that
are bioequivalent to the leader, at prices that are affordable to a
diverse cross-section of the community, with a focus on scientific
information dissemination. Being socially responsible and adding value
to the medical community is an integral part of our philosophy.
Ensuring Outcomes
Getz Pharma marketing strategies are an ideal mix of public awareness
campaigns, disease awareness and prevention campaigns, scientific
promotion, and customer relationship management.
Expanding Overseas
In the international market, Getz Pharma's objective is to achieve a
position of leadership in every molecule within three years of launch in
every market. Future plans lay a strong emphasis on showing the flag
in new geographical areas with special regard to countries in the Asia
Pacific, Central Asia, the African Markets and the Middle East.
Brand Leader
We are brand leaders in most of the therapeutic segments in each
country in which we operate.

Fastest Growth
Getz Pharma has been rated by the IMS as the fastest-growing
pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri
Lanka. In several markets where we have entered recently, we are
likely to be rated as the fastest-growing company by the end of 2009.
Technical Operations
Manufacturing & Quality Assurance
Getz Pharma is a world-class producer of branded generic
pharmaceutical products. Getz Pharma produces specialty products at
its state-of-the-art formulation plant. These include solid and liquid
oral dosage forms (tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions and dry
powder), and injections (sterile liquid vials, sterile liquid ampoules,
sterile dry powders and sterile lyophilized powders).
A highly qualified and trained team of scientists, pharmacists, chemists
and engineers work in our Research & Development and Operations
departments, developing new products in an environment that
celebrates continuous improvement in quality.
Our manufacturing site has the latest analytical instruments. We
monitor quality assurance through quality systems that ensure the
consistent quality of our products.
Our facilities comply with cGMP and WHO standards, and have
consistently scored high with the regulatory compliance.
The fact that our products are well accepted and their demand is
growing globally reflects the confidence in their quality by the medical
community of doctors and patients.
Regulatory Affairs
Our diversified and extensive experience allows us to submit highquality dossiers and get the application right the first time. As a result,
our products are registered in more than 30 countries.
Getz Pharma has an experienced regulatory affairs team in each of the
regions where we operate to ensure quick approvals of new products
from the respective FDA/Ministry of Health of each country. Our teams
are qualified to handle all the scientific disciplines required for the
successful registration of new products in different territories.

Good Storage Practices (GSP) at Getz Pharma:

Getz Pharma has a world-class, state-of-the-art, automated, high-rise,
temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouse. This warehouse
meets WHO and U.S. FDA guidelines for Good Storage Practices (GSP).
This warehouse optimizes space utilization in a covered area of
800,000 cubic feet and is equipped with two VNA (Very Narrow Aisle)
Tri Lateral Stackers with computerized and automated guidance
systems that control speed based on the load height and steering
angle to travel within the aisles.
The warehouse has temperature monitoring and proper validated
logging system with 24-hour, round-the-clock backup generators to
ensure the maintenance of the required storage conditions. The facility
is also equipped with beam detectors and a water sprinkler system for
fire fighting.
Storage for Cold Chain Products
Temperature-sensitive products need extra vigilance for maintenance
of storage conditions. The U.S. FDA and WHO have stringent
specifications for the design and construction of storage space for cold
chain products. Catering to this critical aspect, Getz Pharma's
warehouse also houses cold storage space for temperature-sensitive
Getz Pharma's Cold Storage space is 2624 cubic feet where
temperature is maintained at 2 C - 8 C. This Cold Storage facility is
equipped with a temperature chart recorder, digital thermometer,
backup generator and hooters to ensure the requisite vigilance.
Calibrated devices are set on the temperature between 2 C - 8 C and
in the unlikely event of the temperature trend goes out of the specified
limits, an alarm sets off and sends the signals to the maintenance
engineers who are equipped to rectify the system within minutes. This
system is operational and functional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Q. 1. After going through the case of Getz Pharma what do you
understand regarding the success factors of Getz Pharma, Please list
down 1 to 10 success factors?
Q. 2. What is the most important factor for the phenomenal success of
Getz Pharma in Pakistan & overseas markets and why & how it is
contributed in the success?

Q. 3. How Getz Pharma is different in Sales & Marketing strategies as

compared to its local and international competitors in Pakistan?
Q. 4. You have been appointed as a Director Marketing and Sales in the
main rival company of Getz Pharma and CEO asked you to beat Getz
pharma in three years time period and gave you absolute authority in
order to take any possible and strategic decision. Assume Getz Pharma
is Rs. 7Billion and your Company is Rs. 4 Billion right now?