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The University of Texas at Dallas


Professor Sumit Majumdar, Office: (972) 883 4786,, SOM 3.433, Office
Hours: By appointment

Objectives of the Course:

· To understand the emerging dynamics of global competition

· To develop skills in identifying issues and formulate strategies for global business situations
· To understand how to manage global competitive organizations and improve performance.

There are six broad areas that are covered:

1. What is Globalization Today?

2. What is Global Strategy Today?
3. Understanding Global Industry and Environmental Analysis
4. Global Strategic Management
5. Global Strategic Organization
6. Global Strategic Capabilities and their Acquisition

Learning Methods:

This is both a concepts based and a case based class.

Concepts: From readings, lectures and discussion.

Group Case Analysis: Applying concepts to cases where key issues are identified and recommendations made.
Global Strategic Analysis: Understanding strategies for sustained global competitive advantage.

§ This is an integrative course that takes into account latest materials from the social sciences as
well as concepts from the classic writings in global strategy and management.

Please come prepared to participate in each class. Additional course materials can be found on the
WebCT site. Regularly consult the site for information about the course.

Reading Material:

§ The required book for this course is “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman, FSG,
2005. This book is available at the book store.
§ On the WebCT site you will find chapters from two other books that will be used for
this class. These are “The Competitive Advantage of Nations” by Michael Porter
and “The Multinational Mission” by C. K. Prahalad and Yves Doz.


Class participation: 20 points; Group analysis of cases: 60 pts ~ The cases are at the bookstore
Final exam case: 20 pts ~ The case will be handed out halfway during the term

Detailed Course Schedule

Serial Date Agenda Topic Details of Readings
Class 1 8 th January Introduction What is the class all about?

Class 2 22 nd January Concepts class What is global strategy Friedman ~ Chapter 1

today? and 2

Class 3 29 th January Case class Michelin cases

Class 4 5 th February Case class Michelin cases

Class 5 12 th February Concepts class The dynamics of global Porter (CAN) ~

competitive advantage Chapters 2 to 4

Class 6 19th February Case class Chocolate industry cases

Class 7 26 th February Case class Chocolate industry cases

Class 8 12 th March Concepts class G l o b a l s t r a t e g ic Prahalad and Doz ~

management Chapters 2 and 7

Class 9 19th March Case class Electrolux

Class 10 26 th March Concepts class Global resource acquisition Prahalad and Doz ~
Chapter 12; Friedman ~
Chapters 6 and 7

Class 11 2 nd April Case class Alza and Ciba Geigy Cases

Class 12 9 th April Case class Alza and Ciba Geigy Cases

Class 13 16th April Case class Alza and Ciba Geigy Cases

Class 14 23 rd April Case class TBA Final case presentation

30 th April Final case due