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The Mystery of the Shemitah:

I admit, I'm a skeptical person by nature and I started this book wondering how the author would deal with the subject of the
Shemitah. For those who might be a little hesitant as well, I hope to offer you some reassurances regarding the Biblical basis for
the Shemitah, but first a brief summary of the book.
The Mystery of the Shemitah is basically a book about the Biblical Sabbath and Jubilee cycles and how they relate to socioeconomic cycles in the context of a Biblical message of repentance. The author, Jonathan Cahn makes a pretty detailed case for
his theory that financial and economic events of today may be influenced by these two ancient Biblical cycles. Like ripples in a
pond or echoes in a canyon, one can't help but wonder if the 7 year Sabbath cycle and the 50 year Jubilee cycle still effect
history today. Another way of looking at it is the famous quote by Mark Twain: "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme".
Admittedly the author sticks to a more secular aspect of the Biblical cycles as they relate to America and world financial markets,
but let me tell you why I think his underlying premise has some merit. Using 7 year Sabbath cycles as Mr. Cahn describes, and
going back in Biblical time the Sabbath cycles do indeed mark important events:
*Yeshua (Jesus) was born on a Sabbath year
*Nehemiah and Ezra read the law in a Sabbath year
*Ezra when up to Jerusalem in a Sabbath year
*The 2nd Temple foundation was laid in a Sabbath year
*The 70 years captivity spoken about by Jeremiah ended in a Sabbath year
*The 1st Temple was destroyed in a Sabbath year
*Kind David died in a Sabbath year
*The Exodus took place in a Sabbath year
If you extend the same Sabbath cycles even further back in time (to Adam) using a reasonable rendering of the Old Testament
chronology you find that:
*Joseph's 7 years of plenty & 7 years of famine fell during the Sabbath cycles
*Yahweh's covenant with Abram fell on a Sabbath year
*Enoch's birth and the year he was taken to "heaven" both fell on a Sabbath year
In my opinion the facts above show that Mr. Cahn's underlying premise has merit. Now, since this is intended to be a balanced
book review I would like to give a few points where I find myself in respectful disagreement or in some way felt the book was
1. Mr. Cahn did not provide a Scriptural basis for his Sabbath and Jubilee cycles calculations. I think a premise so central to the
book should be explained so that the reader can come to a reasonable understanding of the author's perspective. For instance
his Sabbath year is one year different than my understanding of the chronology. It would be helpful to see how he arrived at his
chronological basis so I could correct my own understanding if the facts make that necessary.
2. In my opinion Mr. Cahn misses a great opportunity to connect the Sabbath and Jubilee cycles to Yeshua, the true "spirit of
On a more positive note I really appreciated Mr. Cahn explaining how the Jubilee and Sabbath cycles are synchronized. Using
his explanation of a synchronized Jubilee and Sabbath cycle brings new understanding to the chronology of the Scripture.
Matthew 1 shows that Yeshua was the 41st generation from Abraham. Using Mr. Cahn's premise regarding the cycles being
synchronized we find there are 41 Jubilee cycles between Abraham and Yeshua. Going even further back in time we find there
were 41 Jubilee cycles from Adam to Abraham. Those of us alive today just happen to be living in the 41st Jubilee cycle from
Yeshua. (41+41+41)
Mr. Cahn talked about the 70 years the land of Israel enjoyed it's Sabbath's during the 2nd temple captivity period. Amazingly
those 70 years began in the 70th Jubilee.
As a final example of the beautiful symbolism inherent in such a premise we find a comparison in the Bible about the Messiah's

return and "birth pangs". The typical human pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Yeshua was seen of his disciples for 40 days before his
ascension. Jerusalem was destroyed 40 years later. Today we are living in the 40th Jubilee cycle from the destruction of
Jerusalem. (40 days > 40 yrs. > 40 Jubilees)
In summary, I think Mr. Cahn's book brings much needed attention to the wonderful subject of the Biblical Sabbath and Jubilee
cycles. Even though I don't agree with all of his conclusions, I wholeheartedly agree with his message of repentance.
The Ninevites were given 40 days to repent and they repented from the king on down. Israel, during Yeshua's day, was given the
"sign of Jonah" as a warning to repent. When they did not Jerusalem was destroyed 40 years later. Since that destruction it has
been 40 Jubilees. Which example will todays generation follow?
(TITLE OF REVIEW) The Mystery of the Shemitah - What You Need To Know
The Mystery of the Shemitah, Jonathan Cahns second book, following his massive bestseller, The Harbinger, is so unique and
its claims and revelations so radical that its hard to know where to begin. I was among a few hundred people given an advance
look at the book and so have sought to put together the most important facts for a reader to know.
The first thing to note, for those who have already read The Harbinger, is that the format is different. The Harbinger brings forth
non-fiction revelations through a narrative. But in The Mystery of the Shemitah, Jonathan Cahn brings forth the revelations
straight out in a non-fiction format.
The second thing is the title. The word Shemitah refers to Sabbath year observed in ancient Israel, when all working of the land
ceased, the land rested. This took place every seventh year. On the last day of that year, all debts were wiped away, all credit
was nullified, the financial accounts of the nation were, in effect, wiped clean.
Later on, in Israels history, as the nation turned away from God, the Shemitah became a sign and manifestation of judgment,
the kingdoms destruction in 586 B.C. and its exile in Babylon were timed to the years of the Shemitah.
Most people had never heard of the shemitah before The Harbinger came out. One of its fourteen mysteries was that of the
Shemitah. That was the beginning of the mystery. If you have not read The Harbinger, its essential to read to understanding
where we are and where were headed. And yet even this will not quite prepare you for what is in the new book. As the
overwhelming amount of information is entirely new, and by new, I mean it has never appeared anywhere before.
The books subtitle is The 3000 Year Old Mystery That Holds The Secret of Americas Future, The Worlds Future And Your
Future. This begs the question What possibly could an observance or law from ancient Israel have anything to do with
America, the world, or the reader? This is where the claims take on stunning proportions. In a section entitled The Key of
Cataclysms, the author, Jonathan Cahn, puts forth the proposition that this ancient mystery actually lies behind the rise and fall
of the stock market, the booms and collapses of the American and world economy, and the greatest collapses and crashes in
Wall Street and world history.
The proposition would sound outrageous except that Cahn demonstrates the reality of it by going through the greatest financial
and economic collapses of modern times. The correspondence of these collapses to the year of the Shemitah is stunning. The
number of crashes which match up with this ancient phenomenon is quite amazing. Even the connection to the specific time of
the year when, according to the ancient mystery, financial accounts were wiped clean shows up eerily in the history of Wall
Street collapses. In fact, financial analysts have long been mystified by the clustering of collapses and crashes in autumn,
specifically the month of October. It turns out, this is the very time, ordained in the Bible for financial nullification and collapse.
Whether one has money invested in the stock market or not, the ramifications of this phenomenon are colossal.
But it gets even more eerie and stunning as Cahn takes the reader into the post-9/11 world. In the week following 9/11, and
caused by it, came the greatest stock market point crash in Wall Street history. When did it take place? On the exact precise Day
of Nullification ordained in the law of the Shemitah. That would mean that even 9/11 had to be part of the ancient mystery as
Years later came the Great Recession which peaked in the greatest stock market point collapse in world history, surpassing the
crash of 2001. When did that crash take place? On the same exact Hebrew day, the day ordained from ancient times to wipe
away the financial accounts of a nation, the Day of Nullification.
According to the ancient mystery, this phenomenon takes place at seven year intervals. These two greatest crashes in Wall
Street history, up to their days, not only each took place on the same biblical day, but each took place, according to the mystery,
seven years apart, seven years down to the day, the hours, even the second. I will hold off on the ramifications that this holds for
the future, even concerning the upcoming Shemitah. But these too are dealt with in the book.

But the mystery doesnt stop there, but gets progressively bigger. In a section entitled The Mystery of the Towers, Cahn opens
up another mystery that links the rise of powers, nations, to the rising of towers Even the fall of nations to the fall of towers. I
wont fill in the dots or spoil it, except to say that part of the mystery converges on 9/11. And this too is linked to the Shemitah as
Cahn reveals that in Hebrew, the word can also mean, the shaking, the fall, and the collapse.
And the mystery doesn't stop there as well, but continues to increase in size and scope. In a section called The Rise and Fall of
Nations, Cahn opens up the connection between the ancient mystery and some of the most pivotal events of modern times
how the ancient Shemitah pinpoints the rise of America as a superpower, the fall of empires, two world wars, the rise of the
Third Reich, the Soviet Union, the Cold War, the fall of Vietnam, to the day America was attacked on its own shores. etc. The
scale and scope of the mystery goes far beyond the economic or financial realms, and even determines the political realm, the
military realm even ushering in the atomic age. The mystery also reveals a warning concerning the fall of America, and the end
of the American age.
One cannot read the book without wondering about what the future holds, in view of the coming Shemitah, and the time beyond
that. To address this is a section called That Which Lies Ahead. In it, Cahn deals with what the phenomenon means for the
future of the economic and financial realms, America, and the world. He points to several factors converging into what one can
only take as a strong warning of a coming calamity, to affect America and the world. At the end of this section the mystery is
taken to its ultimate level.
This section includes specific dates concerning the future. At the same time, Cahn is cautious in the area of date-setting. In
contrast to the observance of the Shemitah, the phenomenon of the Shemitah is not a routine calendar event that must show up
on a regular schedule. Rather, given the right circumstances, its mystery manifests and often does so in epic and worldchanging proportions. Given this caution, Cahn presents several specific scenarios as to what could happen and then a
prophetic warning concerning what he believes will happen regardless of the time table.
And yet this is still not the end. As if there was too much to put into one book, the Epilogue contains two more mysteries. Both
focus entirely on the future. One, called Black Suns and Red Moons takes a very different turn with regard to the ancient
mystery and what would seem to be unrelated phenomena and yet the connections are striking and intriguing with regard to
what may be coming in future days.
The other, entitled, The Mystery of the Seventh Shemitah reveals a mystery unlike any of the others contained in the book,
focused on events in the Middle East, spanning thousands of years, and which may also bear heaven ramifications concerning
the future.
As stated at the outset, The Mystery of the Shemitah is so unique and its revelations and claims so radical that its hard to know
where to begin. But ending is a different matter. If the claims and revelations are radical, the evidence confirming those claims
and revelations are just as stunning. Quite frankly, I found what was revealed in this book to be incredibly stunning, mindblowing, staggering in magnitude, and, at times, awesome to the point where at times I had (and have) no words to describe it.
From the very first reviews, from those who have received advanced copies, The Mystery of the Shemitah has already been
called stunning, one of the most important books of our lifetime, and the most amazing thing I have ever read. I have to
agree, and with one other comment made concerning it it truly is one book you cant afford NOT to read.

The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future, the World's Future, and
Your Future by Jonathan Cahn is an extraordinary book which must be in the hands of every conscientious living person on the
face of this earth. In order to understand its significance, one must first know what a Shemitah is.
When the Jews settled in the Promised Land, the observance of the seven-year cycles was started. Every cycle would culminate
in a Sabbatical year, and this is known as "Shemitah." It literally means "to release." The year following the destruction of the
second Holy Temple was the first year of the seven-year Sabbatical cycle. According to the Jewish calendar, beginning with
Creation, this was year 3829, 68-69 CE in the secular calendar. By counting sevens from that year, it is calculated that the next
Shemitah year will be the year 5775 after Creation, which in our calendar runs from September 25, 2014 through September 13,
Bestselling author and President of Hope of the World Ministries and Senior Pastor and Messianic Rabbi of the Jerusalem
Center/Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey, Jonathan Cahn brings out in this path-breaking book the deep mysteries and rich
revelations of God's word as only he can. Basing his arguments on the Scripture and also in the light of recent and past worldshaking events, he opines that the Shemitah holds the key to what lies ahead for the world and for you.
Certainly there would be many skeptical readers. It is not important whether you believe it or not. What is important is the crux of
his argument which everyone must read before coming to any conclusion. This book containing twenty-five well-organized

chapters divided into seven distinct parts will reveal to you whether the author is a charlatan or if he indeed is a man who
explores deep into hidden meanings and find an answer for today's common people. In any case, you will find the book an
enlightening, informative and enriching experience.
I am generally very critical of books like these. In this case, however, it seems Cahn may have actually proven the significance of
the Shemitah.
Cahn had mentioned the Shemitah in The Harbinger and expands on it here. The word's significance comes from the Hebrew in
Deuteronomy 15:1-2. It appears four times in that passage and means grant a release. It is from the Hebrew shamat, to
release or to remit. The land was to lie fallow during the year and on the last day of that year, Elul 29, all debts were to be
released. Cahn shows how Israel's failure to keep that cycle of Shemitah years resulted in their 70 year captivity.
So what does that have to do with America? Cahn says it is a prophetic sign. He applies it to America because, like Israel, it is a
civilization established on the Word of God, dedicated to His purposes, and consecrated to His glory from its very inception.
(56) While this principle could be manifested in any country, Cahn notes that America does have the largest national economy
and it is going through the same kind of apostasy that Israel did.
Cahn presents quit a case, going through the Shemitah years of the last century and comparing those years to American and
international events. Economic events like the top four stock market crashes happened in Shemitah years. He presents statistics
and it does seem major economic events are statistically related to the Shemitah year.
Cahn reminds readers that in the last two Shemitah cycles, ending in 2001 and 2008, there were significant events with great
economic ramifications. So, the next year to watch is September 24, 2015 to September 13, 2015 (Jewish religious year). The
Shemitah year, year 5775, begins at sundown on September 24. That sundown is also the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets
and a blood moon will occur that evening. One must pay attention to the entire year, however, as economic events in the past
were often at the end of the Shemitah year. The last day of the Shemitah year is the day when debts are to be released and has,
in the past, been significant.
He makes more of the two solar eclipses during that year than the blood moons. He notes that the first one is on March 20.
Sunset of that day marks the beginning of the Jewish civil year and the exact midpoint of the Shemitah year. The second eclipse
is September 13, the last day of the Shemitah year, frequently with great significance.
Cahn is quick to point out that he is not about date setting. His is a call to repentance and return to God. He argues that God
warns before He judges. The warnings have been made. (Those warnings were in The Harbinger, which Cahn reviews in this
book.) The nation has been shaken. Judgment is next. It will involve some form of collapse, will humble America, and will call
the nation back to God. Whether we see judgment as a nation or not, Cahn also reminds us that each of us will have to stand
before God and be judged. Now is the time of salvation.
So does Cahn make his point? I was impressed with his statistical correlation of major economic events to the Shemitah year. I
am not convinced America is like Israel in its founding and consecration to God. But America is certainly the greatest economic
power right now (until China supersedes it in a year or two). I personally don't like all the hype and buildup in the book. It could
have been fifty pages shorter without it. Time will certainly tell if there is something to Cahn's ideas.
Cahn does not say a major event has to happen during this Shemitah year. A cycle has been passed over in the past and that
may happen again. Regardless of when it comes, Cahn believes a great shaking is coming to America involving financial and
economic collapse, leading to repentance.
I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.