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Under CBCS
(With effect from the Academic Year 2013-14)
Micro Economic Theory forms the basic theoretical foundation of the core subject. The concepts,
theories and diagrammatical representations are the most important theoretical tools that aid the
student to understand grasp the subject. This subject should be taught in depth.
Unit-1: introduction and Basic Concepts
Basic Economic Problem Choice and Scarcity Micro and Macro Analysis Inductive and Deductive
methods of Analysis Positive vs. Normative Economics Static and Dynamic Analysis Partial vs.
General Equilibrium Analysis.
Unit-II: Demand Analysis
Theories of Demand Demand and Supply Equilibrium Elasticity of Demand Price, Cross and Income
Elasticity of Demand Measurement of Elasticity of Demand Recent developments in Demand analysis
Houthukkar and Taylor, Nerloves Stock adjustment principle.
Unit III: Hicksian Analysis and Recent Development in Demand Analysis
Indifference Curve (Income and substitution effects, Slutsky theorem) Revealed preference Theory
Revision of Demand theory by Hicks Cobweb Theorem.
Unit-IV: Theory of Production and Costs
Production Function The Law of variable proportions returns to scale, Isoquant Lease cost
combination and producers Equilibrium Cobb Douglas and CES production functions Traditional
and Modern theories of Costs Cost output relation.
Unit-V: Price and output determination
Marginal analysis short run and long run equilibrium of firm and industry Monopoly Price
discrimination Monopoly control and regulation Monopolistic competition general approach and
Chamberlin approach selling costs product diferentation Oligopoly Collusive & Non Collusive.
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