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Debugging Techniques in SAP


As we already know ABAP Debug tool is the most efficient toll for all our ABAP programmers . Here I would like to
share few things about debugging what I know and which are going to be useful while debugging. By using below
techniques we can debug more efficiently the source code.Please find the below points.

1) How to Debug from CRM to ECC?

We already know by doing many ways we can trigger debug mode in SAP system , like by selecting BP in application
tool bar or by entering /h or /hs in command tool bar or by entering keyword with our user name break idadmin.But if
we want to trigger from CRM server to ECC server or vicee versa we have to follow below method.
As both system different the only one way to connect is RFC user with this user name name only different SAP
system's will communicate.So first of all we have to identify RFC user name in ECC and then we have to change in
debugger user name with RFC user name.Please find the below screen shots for more details.

we can collect RFC user name from transaction code SM59 and then we have to replace that user name in USER

Note : After debugging we have to replace our user name other wise from ECC side with our user name BP won't

2) How to debug form SAP CRM Web UI in different ways?

A) Consider a situation we have logged on Web UI with end user credentials but that particular person doesn't have
SAP GUI credentials by that time if we want to debug then we have to change name in the following path Utilities>Settings->ABAP Editor -> ABAP Debugging -> User .Please find the above screen shot for details
B) If we want to debug from Web UI then we have to keep Secession Break Point and this is going to be validate for
next 2 hours and we can keep maximum 32 secession break points .

3) How to reprocess the same code in debugging mode ?

Consider we are in debugging mode and we have run one condition but we want to run same condition again with out
executing the total transaction code.For this we have keep our cursor in the line where exactly we want to run the
same code again and need to select Debugger tab in menu bar then have to press go to statement or else we have to
pressSHIFT+F12 short cut key .

we have to keep our cursor from where exactly we want to run the code again and need to click on Go to statement.

then we can re debug the code one more time .

4) To Identify Flow stack and to know Global Variable's Memory.
A)To Identify the the Below :- When we are debugging in CRM , we have to know flow or Screen Stack of debugging
,that means after current executing method/FM which FM/method is going to triggered to next or which FM/Method
trigger earlier . This total flow is available at New Debugger tool in DESKTOP2 .Please find the attached screen shot
for more details.

B) To Know Global Variable Memory Details.

Consider we are creating a SalesOrder In ECC and we want to validate to order details before saving data in master
tables .By that time we have to Global tab in SAP NEW ABAP Debug tool.Generally the names of internal tables will
like this CVBAP,CVBAK.
Please guide me with your suggestions.....