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End of Q2 Reflections

End of quimester reflections may take many forms, as outlined below.

Regardless of which type of reflection you have chosen, the reflections
must be submitted to the CAS coordinator by the deadline detailed on the
year 12 instruction sheet. Whichever form of reflection you choose, you
should try to address the questions outlined on this form.
I have chosen to reflect on my CAS experience for quimester 2 by:

Completing this form

Making a scrapbook
Photo essay
Video/ DVD
Recorded group discussion
Notes from group discussion
What did you plan to do this quimester?
- Well I have focused on the areas of Action and Service for this
quimestrer. For my action I entered a gym in Paseo San Francisco called
Physique Wellness Club. In the beginning of the year I also subscribed
myself into a marshal art known as Jiu-Jitsu.
What did you do?
- To begin with I entered a marshal art known as Jiu-Jitsu, I also entered a
gym in of my local area. As for my service I participated in helping out a
rural nursery to the north of Quito, and also helped out in an Elderly
Mans home in Tumbaco Cumbaya. To finish this off I also went to
another elderly mans home in Valle de los Chillos to help.
What do you think about the activities you completed this quimester?
- I think that all of the activities helped me improve as a person and also
become a better individual who is more aware of my community and my
strengths and weaknesses; they have all in their own way helped me
become a better person.

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What feelings arose during the activities completed this quimester?

- The various feelings that arouse during this semester were those of selfaccomplishment, fulfillment and also commitment to personal goals,
which to me is one of the most important ones.
What were the outcomes of the activities you completed, for yourself?
- The personal outcomes that arouse form the activities that I have been
completing were the fact that now I have become more dedicated to my
activities and the things, which I need to fulfill. Another personal
outcome was the fact that the things, which involved community service,
helped me to become a better individual who is more consiouce of the
need of my community and with society at large.
What were the outcomes of the activities you completed, for others?
- Well to begin with the community service benefited the other members
of the community by helping them in the various needs that they had,
and also in team activities the outcome that they had for my fellow
companions was a stronger bond between us and the ability to work in
conjunction with one another with more ease.