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Proposed Position

: Mechanical and Civil Engineering

2. Name of Firm

3. Name of Expert

: A.M. Tris Hardiyanto

4. Date of Birth

: January 08, 1963

5. Education

: M.Phil. Environmental Science, University of

Indonesia, Indonesia, September 2004

Nationality: Indonesia

BA Environmental Economy, University of

Indonesia, Indonesia, December 1999
BA Civil Engineering, Institute Science and
Technology National, 1993
Diploma in Mechanical , Polytechnic University of
Indonesia, Indonesia, January 1988
6. Membership of Professional

: Member, Association of Sanitation and Environmental Engineering Indonesia

(IATPI), 2002
Member, Construction Services Development Board Indonesia
(ATAKI), 2012

7. Other Training

: Sanitation Construction and Environmental , IATPI, Indonesia, February

2012, duration: 21 days
Civil Engineering: Structure Planning and Construction, Institute Science
Technology National, Indonesia, June 1992 to November 1992, duration: 6
Purchasing Course in Indonesia-Asia Matsushita Electric(S) Pte. Ltd, Sept to
Oct 1991, duration 5 days
Microsoft Project Program AutoCAD & All Windows applications, Santa
Lucia ,Indonesia, Feb to April 1996, duration: 90 days
Management Project Implementation, Public Works Department, Indonesia
January to January 1998, duration: 14 days
Wastewater Treatment Process & Design, Glowtec Environmental
Engineering Pte. Ltd, Singapore, May to July 1995, duration: 90 days
EIA Certification, University of Indonesia, Indonesia, August 2004, duration:
90 days

8. Countries of Work Experience : China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam

9. Languages:

Bahasa (Mother Tongue)




10. Employment Record

Available to Mottmac Donald Indonesia A/S for the assignment
Position held

: 2012 to date
: Mottmac Donald Indonesia
: Mechanical and Civil Engineer

Position held

: 2009 to 2012
: Mitra Lingkungan Dutaconsult (DHV Group)
: Expert Group Manager,


: 2007 to 2009
: Enviro Solution & Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Position held

: Civil Engineer and Environmental Specialist

Position held

: 2004 to 2006
: Glowtec Environmental Engineering Pte. Ltd.
: Mechanical and Cicil Engineer

Position held

: 1994 to 2004
: PT. Sarana Adiniagatama
: Wastewater Project Manager

Position held

: 1988 to 1994
: Independent Consultant
: Mechanical and Civil Engineering

11. Detailed Tasks

i) Check
Contractors work
norms and
material/ day
work schedules;
ii) Review and
confirm the unit
prices submitted
by the
Compare the
prices with those
mentioned in
contracts and
drawings and
construction in
order to include
them on monthly
or periodic
iii) Review and
certify unit prices
and rates in
Statement for
iv) Advise
Contractor on
matters relating
to the issue of
the Partial
Certificates of
Completion and
hand over of
work by stages in
due consultation
with the Client;
v) Monitor and
matters related to

12. Work Undertaken that best illustrates Capability to Handle the Task Assigned
Name of assignment or project: Balikpapan Sanitation Sector Project Feasibility Study
Year: July/ 2012 Feb/ 2013 (8 months)
Location: Balikpapan Indonesia
Client: World Bank
Main project features:
Assist Balikpapan in implementing its City Sanitation Strategy and Sanitation
Project Memorandum.
Review the existing physical works at Margasari and the available existing
documentation for all three sites
Complete socio-economic surveys
to determine the peoples ability and
willingness to participate in the schemes in each area
Deliver feasibility studies for off-site sanitation projects in Margasari, Perusda and
Position held: Co-Team Leader Sanitation Balikpapan Project (MottMac Donald
Activities Performed: Responsible for Site Coordination, Responsible for collection of all
data from field survey,sosec survey,technical discussion with local Government Authority
including setting and wastewater Support and technical issue for Expansion of Sanitation
Network and Waste Water Treatment in Margasari, Perusda and Somber Small Industry
Estate Areas
Name of assignment or project: 50 km Ngawi Kertosono Toll Road DED, East Java
Year : December/ 2012 May/ 2013 (Present) (5 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: Thiees Company
Main project features: The Project involves preparation of the detailed engineering
design and tender document for the Ngawi Kertosono Toll Road of 50 km in East Java,
Position held: Environmental Engineer (Mottmac Donald Indonesia)
Activities Performed: Responsible for preparation of the Environmental Management
Plan (EMP) for fieldwork (Topography, geotechnical, quarry survey, water and hydrology)
and mitigation outline for fieldwork. Support to design, procurement and tender document
preparation, including BOQ preparation, of the 50 km drainage/culvert system, hydrology
analysis, water balance, rainfall-runoff analysis and design according to flood event
Name of assignment or project: Umbulan Bulk Water Supply
Year: August/ 2011 October/ 2012 (10 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: International Financial Corporation (IFC)
Main project features: The Project included Identification of technical and financial inputs
for preparation of the tender document and support to tendering. Works included 107 kms
water pipeline supply, Intake,Water treatment,offtake and 6 nos. pumping station (total
Capacity: 240 m3/min).
Position held: Mechanical and Civil Engineer ,Mottmac Donald Indonesia
Activities Performed: Responsible for collection of all data from field survey, including
Local Water Company Support and technical issue for supporting investment tender

unit prices, price

escalation and
other financial
vi) Propose
solutions in order
to reduce
vii) Checking and
the quantities of
claims, change
orders and
viii) Responding and
questions and
queries from the
authorities during
the course of the
ix) Preparation of
various project

document, value engineering and preparation data for calculation of CAPEX and OPEX
Name of assignment or project: Tender Preparation for Lampung Bulk Water Supply,
Public Private Partership (PPP), Lampung,
Year: March/ 2011 June/ 2012 (10 months)
Location: lampung,Indonesia
Client: Ithocu Corporation
Main project features: The Assignment included Tender Document preparation for
Lampung Bulk Water Supply Project conducted through PPP.
Position held: Quantity Engineer (Mottmac Donald Indonesia)
Activities Performed: Responsible for review of existing source data, technical data,
survey data, and financial data for preparing tender proposal in accordance with the terms
of reference of PPP projects. Prepared proposal for solutions to reduce and/or minimize
construction costs, and for efficient fund utilization and contract packaging. Prepared
implementation cost estimates
Name of assignment or project: Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) of Losari
Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Makasar
Year: July/ 2010 January/ 2011 (7 months)
Location: Makasar, Indonesia
Client: IndII
Main project features: The Project covered EIA for the Municipal WWTP (Capacity:
10000 m3/day) in Losari, Makasar, Indonesia.
Position held: Expert Wastewater Treatment & Sanitation ( MLD-Subsidiary DHV Group)
Activities Performed: Responsible for review of Detail Engineering Design preparation of
effluent assessment, proposal for alternative and cost effective options for design
and construction of Municipal WWTP (10000 m 3/day), and development of program
monitoring and environmental evaluation plan.
Name of assignment or project: Evaluation of Infrastructure Enhancement Grant for
Solid Waste and Sanitation for 8 Towns
Year: November/ 2009 June/ 2010 (7 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: IndII
Main project features: The Project, through financing of the Australian Government,
supported the Government of Indonesia (GoI) by providing Infrastructure Enhancement
Grants (IEGs) with a view to help Local Government for accelerating sanitation programs,
and investing in wastewater treatment and Sanitation
Position held: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Expert (MLD-Subsidiary DHV Group)
Activities Performed: Responsible for identification of sanitation program components,
analysis and verification of the proposed grant funded and matching funds, assessment
of works progress and utilization of funds in lined with the budgeted activities, proposal
for reducing construction costs and handling of price escalation and other financial matters
related to project implementation.
Name of assignment or project: Pre-Feasibility Study of The Umbulan Water Supply for
Sidoarjo Surabaya And Adjacent Town (Utilization Spring Water Produce 240 m 3/min)
Year: May/ 2009 November/ 2009 (6 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: PT. Amerta Bumi Capital
Main project features: The objective of a pre-feasibility study was to establish the
relevance of investing in the preparation of a Feasibility Study for the proposed Umbulan
Water Supply Project, including 103 km pipe and pump stations (240 m3/min).
Position held: Team Leader ( MLD Subsidiary DHV Group)
Activities Performed: Responsible for verification of the relevance of the proposed water
supply investment project by addressing the existing problems in technical, economic,
social and environmental terms. Carried out details of value engineering, technical
specification and BOQ documents for all physical works and supplies. Undertook
preparation of detailed plan for implementation of project activities, including
indicators for project objectives and results, required resources, project timing /
phasing, and estimated costs.
Name of assignment or project: Review and Evaluation Water Sanitation Program Small
Towns Phase I
Year: February/ 2009 May/ 2009 (4 months)
Location: Vietnam
Client: WSP Finland

Main project features: The objective of the Assignment was to conduct review and
evaluation of the Water and Sanitation Program (Phase I) and, based on that, to provide
recommendations for Phase II implementation.
Position held: Independent Consultant
Activities Performed: Responsible for review of all project data and conducting of site
visit, evaluation of program achievement and preparation of recommendation report to
achieve cost and time effectiveness of investments in Phase II Program for 8 Province
and 39 Small Town.
Name of assignment or project: Infrastructure for Tsunami Recovery Management
Program, Banda Aceh
Year: January/ 2007 January/ 2009 (24 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: UNDP
Main project features: The Project objective was to provide support for implementation of
infrastructure reconstruction, incl. housing, water & sanitation, in tsunami-affected
Position held: Civil Engineer / Senior Consultant (Enviro Solution Pte.Ltd)
Activities Performed: Responsible for checking the contractor's schedule, including
checking the price on the bill by the construction in the field, confirmation and issuing
of MC (Monthly Payment Certificate). Participated in the tender review process for the
proposed price bidders and check of all of contractor documents in the project
sanitation and solid waste water in 9 districts of Aceh province. Checking and
recommendation of quantities of Contractors claims, change orders and variations.
Prepared and submitted proposals to reduce construction costs and improve aid
effectiveness. Checking and monitoring of unit prices. Advise on issues related to
project completion certificate and handover.
Name of assignment or project: Emergency Rehabilitation of Drainage System of Banda
Aceh sub project Banda Aceh Flood Control Project (Krueng Doy, Krueng Daroy, Krueng
Neng, and Lueng Paga), Banda Aceh
Year: April/ 2006 July/ 2006 (4 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: Muslim Aid & World Bank / Task Force of Flood Control Nanggroe Aceh
Darussalam Province Bureau of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
Main project features: The main project features included 120 km urban drainage
culvert system and river rehabilitation and reconstruction.
Position held: Project Engineer / Quantity Engineer
Activities Performed: To develop and implement an M&E system for the Project.
Implementation and tracked using the projects key development indicators. In addition,
physical implementation progress base on schedule and BoQ , financial indicators, and
system performance and measured to determine the effectiveness o f the interventions in
preventing flooding in the project area. Including Monitoring capacity of pumps used to
move storm water from the land area into the drainage channels.
Name of assignment or project: Due Diligence, Environmental Monitoring and
Construction Support
Year: December/ 2005 December/ 2006 (8 months)
Location: Singapore
Client: Various Company
Main project features: The project comprised various environmental water, wastewater
and drainage projects, with advice and support given across the project cycle.
Position held: Environmental Engineer ( Glowtec Environmental Engineering Pte.Ltd)
Activities Performed: Responsible for design of effective project operations and design
and implementation of Environmental Monitoring Plans (EMPs) and environmental due
diligence and auditing. Reviewed construction work activities in accordance with the
schedule, use of cost, quality and equipment used in the project. Reported on the
monitoring results of construction work prior to submission to client/handover process.
Name of assignment or project: Construction of 2 nos. Water Treatment Plants (WTPs),
Year: January/ 2005 December/ 2005 (12 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: PT Damai Indah Golf, Kapuk / PT United Can
Main project features: The Project to construct a 480 m3/day WTP and a 960 m3/day
WTP, followed EPC/Turnkey method of procurement.

Position held: Site Project Manager PT.Sarana Adiniagatama

Activities Performed: Responsible for overall implementation with regard to checking of
Contractors work norms and material/work schedules, value engineering,
procurement, review and verification of unit prices, contract management, claims
handling and advising of quantity and cost of implementation and progress, and
management of the WTP construction project (incl. Design, Civil, M&E and Testing and
Commisioning for Ultra Filtration system treatment). Prepared handover certificates.
Name of assignment or project: Medco Ethanol Lampung
Year: June/ 2004 January/ 2005 (7 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: Medco Ethanol Lampung
Main project features: The assignment involved pre-feasibility study for the
establishment of infrastructure for Ethanol Factory, incl. engineering, procurement and
construction of a wastewater treatment plant.
Position held: WWTP Project Manager Medco Ethanol
Activities Performed: Responsible for conducting of pre-feasibility study for the Medco
Ethanol Lampung, with detail engineering design and quantity surveying/engineering of
a lagoon system WWTP with capacity of 40,000 m3/day and night.
Name of assignment or project: Construction and Project Engineering of WWTP
Year: February/ 1995 June/ 2004 (112 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: Various Companies
Main project features: The main features of the various assignments included
infrastructure development, engineering, procurement (incl. quantity engineering) and
construction supervision of industrial and urban WWTPs and associated works,
include transmission and pumping works (mechanical, electrical and civil):
Dec 2003 Jun 2004: Bitung N.Sulawesi WWTP, Capacity 600 m3/day and night
Jan 2003 Sep 2003: Semarang WWTP, Capacity 750 m3/day and night
Mar 2001 Dec 2002: Makmur WWTP, Capacity 800 m3/day and night
Sep 2000 Feb 2001: Bogor WWTP, Capacity 200 m3/day and night
Apr 1999 Aug 2000: Sukabumi WWTP, Capacity 1,500 m3/day and night
Oct 1996 Jan 1999: Batam WWTP, Capacity 10,500 m3/day and night
Feb 1995 Aug 1996: Cikampek WWTP, Capacity 5,400 m3/day and night
Position held: Site Project Manager PT.Sarana Adinagatama
Activities Performed: Responsible for conducting and supervising overall project
activities including detailed engineering and process design, tender document
preparation, incl BOQ, procurement, construction supervision, incl. installation of the
mechanical and electrical equipment, contract management, claims handling,
commissioning and handover . Monitored unit prices and schedule of works of the
Name of assignment or project: Manufacturing Production, Project Management &
Year: December/ 1988 November/ 1994 (72 months)
Location: Indonesia
Client: Various
Main project features: Assignments involved engineering of manufacturing processes
and project management.
Position held: Product Engineer / Engineering Manager
Activities Performed: Responsible for monitoring of the processes of projects to
ensure timely delivery of the works and outputs. Maintained and ensured quality
standards and cost effectiveness. Supervised quantity engineering, incl. quantity
and cost estimation. Executed project management activities. Supported mechanical
design of Plants.

14. Certification:

I, AM.Tris Hardiyanto, declare that:


the information provided in this CV is accurate and hereby authorise Dry Bulk
Terminal Company to make whatever inquiries it may consider reasonable and necessary to
undertake in the course of the Tender assessment in relation to the information I have
provided in this CV or any other matter which may relate to my suitability for the position
for which I have been nominated;


I am available to participate in the Project in the role in which I have been nominated in the
Tender for the period or periods indicated in the Tender;
I am a person of good fame and character; and
I have not been convicted of an offence of, or relating to, bribery of a public official, nor am
I subject to any proceedings which could lead to such a conviction.


I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.

Signature of expert / authorized representative of the firm 1
Full name of authorized representative:


A.M. Tris Hardiyanto, Mechanical and Civil Engineer

1 This CV can be signed by an authorized representative of the Consultant provided that if the Consultants proposal is ranked first, a copy of
the CV signed by the expert and/or specialist must be submitted to the Client prior to the commencement of contract negotiations.