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From the office of the Homicide/Cold Case Unit, Metro Nashville Police Department, Nashville, Tennessee: On March 24, 1976, The body of a female was recovered from the Harpeth River in Davidson County Tennessee. ‘To date, this victim has not been identified. ‘The following is a description, some of which was provided by persons that had met the vietim prior to her death; Female, Hispanic or Native American, around 5°2”, 125-130 pounds, appears to be in her 20°s but medical reports suggest she is 14-17 years old. Victim had long black hair, a small mole to the left of the left eye, two surgical scars on her lower abdomen, old scars on both arms that resemble cigarette burns. Victim’s teeth slightly irregular. Victim had in her pocket a picture of a 2-3 year old male with blonde hair. Victim was wearing a small leather bracelet on her right wrist, a necklace with a white dove. ‘was wearing blue jeans, brown leather belt, and white bra. No shirt/blouse found. ~ Loler Gauk ww eer cwer bhe w pelle dots, Several people that had met this person states she told them she was a runaway from. some institution in St. Paul Minn, Victim states she had been there because of alcoholism. Victim was reportedly traveling with a fw with blonde hair, similar age, also a runaway. At the time, this victim was reported as being an adult. [fanyone has a runaway/escapee/missing juvenile, Jan., Feb., or March of 1976 that fits this description, please contact Det. Hugh Coleman, Metro Nashville Police Department, Homicide/Cold Case Unit, 615-880-2928 or 615-862-7550. Please reference to complaint number: 76- / 47535. Thanks in advance... f o 7 SN5 Weare Wir. ar2 a eh. , = & Stag, | SL oe 1% "Sp ow =