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Cusco, Day Month 2014

Admissions Committee
Program of Studies
Unversity/ School
City, Country
Dear Admissions Coordinator,
It is a pleasure to write to you with the purpose of submitting an application for the [Program] at University. My
name is [Name] and I am a citizen from Peru. I currently [what you do] hold a Bachelor degree in [Area] received
from [Former University].
I am applying for the [Program] please explain personal and academic reasons.

I have chosen the [Program] at [University] as the program that will enhance my education from an interdisciplinary
focus. My commitment is to excel academically as well as to bring cultural diversity within the schools intimate yet
rich campus life. I am sure my experience while at [Program] will produce a meaningful impact in my life as well as
in the lives of those around me.
I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your consideration.

[Full Name]