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In the commencement of 1995, God established the St. Johns Wort Montessori
far from the minds of its proprietors. They were then blissfully working with their Godgiven skills and talents in their own fields of endeavors. But birth of the idea was
envisioned by a couple of individuals. One, engaged in legal matters, Atty. Rosel
Ramos and others, Mr. Norberto L. Girado in business. During the conception period,
God is believed to have been in control of circumstances surrounding the lives of these
two men and the people around them which included Mrs. Rosalie M. Girado, the
Problems cropped up. But in September 1995, after nine months of hard struggle
and labor, St. Johns Wort Montessori School was born through its incorporation with
the Securities and Exchange Commission.
A year had passed and SJWMS was growing up and its parents, the two men
mentioned earlier, decided that it must be presented to the public. Hence, the building
was constructed sometime in September 1996 in the city of Pasig. Our dear directress
became its consultant.
Things went on smoothly but tough trials and suppressing barricades have
passed through until such a time in November 1996. God shook the lives of the
administration and even the teachers who committed to become a part of the schools
mission. God worked in mysterious and in most unexpected ways. He placed trials to
the people whom He chose for the great and noble duty of teaching to touch and
change lives.
The twin or other branch of SJWM Pasig was about to be born and on January
28, 1997, SJWMS Antipolo was delivered to the public of Antipolo and its neighboring
towns. In its fifth month, it is ready to stand up to offer the parents and students its
mission of service, education and dedication to produce good, God-fearing law-abiding
citizens of our country for the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ!
As a part of the history, it is just but proper to mention names of people who were
at the rallying point when SJWM was being nurtured as an infant. They were Tchr. Beth

Opea, Tchr. Jun Guzman, Tchr. Cherry Lauron, Tchr. Rene Opea, Gerardo Girardo,
Renato Magadia, Rowena Claud, Bernadette Gregorio, Vic Batingcon, Lita Apelo,
Arlene Caldito, Nilo Dalawampo, and Alvin Sanglay.
With this, as an addendum, we would like you to know that our directress broke
her own record, that of gaining confidence of the parents of the 487 students at its first
year of operation. The number of enrollees now is 900.
Now, the SJWM was also considered as an International School. This school
proved that difference in language or nation is not a hindrance in education.
The history of St. Johns Wort Montessori School of Antipolo, in a capsule, is
jam-packed of memorable events. Tears were shed but God changed them to joy.
Hurting words were heard nevertheless the LORD will avenge. Human energies now
are inexperienced but He will turn to triumphs.