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Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 7:38 PM

Subject: Thoughts-XVII [Kurdistan]
We are published!
*in the National Review, a premier publication]
Because some of you have a limit of four e-mail receipts within a 24-hour period, remitting this followup was delayed until after 7 p.m.; it recounts what had been transmitted this-a.m., amplifying on events
that occurred during the day, and providing corroborative hyperlinks that other authors have composed.
We still, uniquely, have advocated NATO-intervention, a comprehensive action-item that transcends
focus on any subset-issue. Noting documentation of gassing of Kurds in Koban, it remains curious that
no one has confronted BHO with the simple query as to when he will intervene against a humanitarian
crisis that has been based, in part, on the use of chemical weapons. [Witnesses Described Jihadist
Horror in Koban, as ISIS Justified Enslaving Yazidis; one item of Good News was unearthed, as Kurds
Retook Strategic Hill from Islamic State in Koban.] Overall, the Kurds have been STABBED IN THE BACK
for, as Kurds head to the front lines to fight the Islamic State, they face a Turkish government attacking
them from the rear [also, vide infra].
Provided as well are the references for our NRO article [amplifying other comments]:
Tomb of Sulaiman Shah: Will Turkey now invade Syria? by Dr. Can Erimtan
Turkey Vows to Protect Suleiman Shah Tomb against ISIS by Mary Chastain
Should Turkey be asked to Leave NATO? by Jerry Gordon
Turkey's Parliament votes in favor of military action to fight Islamic State by JC Finley
Turkey Subjugates the Kurds because it Shares Isis' Ideological Bed By Uzay Bulut
Saddam Hussein's Old Party Is Behind a Lot of the Chaos in Iraq by Jeremy Bender
Kurdistan by Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D.

[Note both text and follow-up commentary.]
OCTOBER 14, 2014 4:00 AM
NATO Must Help the Kurds Now
The Kurdistan National Assembly makes an impassioned plea to America and the world.
By Sherkoh Abbas & Robert B. Sklaroff

Kurds are valiantly defending themselves from annihilation in Koban while America and Turkey busy
themselves declaring what the other party should do. Ultimately, America must understand Turkish
motives in order to implement a clear policy. America must stop following from behind and start
leading the free world against the burgeoning threat of Islamo-Nazis.
As the Islamic State (IS) continues to launch barbaric attacks in Koban and elsewhere Turkish
tanks remain idle, just over the horizon. Turkey, a member of NATO, has the worlds sixth-largest
military, but it hasnt stirred to stop the carnage because the Islamic State has not yet desecrated
the tomb of Suleyman Shah, located in Syria. In August 2013, Turkeys president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
singled out the tombs site for special commendation, declaring that it along with surrounding land
was Turkish territory. Thus, the lives of hundreds of thousands of Kurds are a lesser priority than
protecting a monument to a man who drowned while trying to cross the Euphrates River in 1236;
Erdogan cited article 9 of an agreement signed with France on October 20, 1921, to honor the memory
of the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.
Some observers fear that Erdogan reached a compromise with the Islamic State on September 20 this
year when he swapped 180 jihadists in return for the release of 49 Turkish consulate staff captured in
Turkeys consulate in Mosul, Iraq. Yet he delayed implementation of a motion passed by Turkeys
parliament that authorized deployment of Turkish armed forces into Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic
State, and that allowed foreign forces to conduct anti-IS operations from Turkey. Why? Because
he equated the Islamic State with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), with which he had supposedly
reached a rapprochement.
Much of the conflict between Washington and Ankara has focused on whether to establish a buffer zone
between Turkey and Syria and, if so, how it might be policed; Erdogan wants the Unites States to
establish a no-fly zone, claiming that the two nations have a shared interest in defeating the Baathist
regime led by Bashar al-Assad; Obama, however, wants to minimize direct American involvement. Much
of the territory that would be in the buffer zone now is home to Kurds. Allowing Turkey to assert
hegemony over this region would jump-start a radical demographic shift, eliminating the spirit of
Kurdish nationalism in western Kurdistan and undermining efforts to ensure non-Islamist influence
within any future Syrian government. Creating a Turkish belt above the Iranian belt (linking Tehran


to Lebanon) would essentially supplant Kurds from land theyve inhabited for millennia. Kurds would
justifiably oppose establishment of settlements by Turkish Turkmen that, along with those built by Arab
Baathists, would infiltrate this region with peoples who predictably would harbor fealty to Ankara or
Thats why America and the international community must not place the fate of the Kurdish people in
the hands of the Turkish government, which has stood by passively as the Islamic State has slaughtered
Kurds. All three parties America, Turkey, and Kurdistan share enmity against Assad (and, assuredly,
the feeling is mutual) along with his supporters in Tehran and Moscow. Its only reasonable to predict
that Baathists in Syria would exhibit the same level of anti-Kurdish racism as Saddam Hussein displayed
in Iraq (particularly given that his former followers now populate the leadership of the Islamic State).
But Assads overthrow must not be followed by the creation of a puppet government controlled by
Erdogan instead of the ayatollahs.
America must honor its unique history of protecting the human rights of oppressed people worldwide.
Journalists bravely covering this multi-party conflict have exposed the degrading, immoral, and
brutal treatment of Kurds by the Islamic State, but they have not reported adequately on the deaths of
wounded Kurds who, escaping to the Turkish border, were refused entry by Turkish security forces (the
army and the gendarmerie). These are tough days for Kurds and other religious and national minorities
who live among them people from all over Syria. They face genocide, with no end in sight and, thus
far, no help on the way.
Kurds are not trying to parlay sympathy for their plight fearing slaughter to manipulate American
foreign policy, although Kurds feel they were robbed of a homeland after World War I, as multiple
ironclad agreements were abrogated. But this is hardly the time to relitigate prior betrayals, because it is
essential to create a real buffer zone immediately to protect Kurds from a Holocaust, a Shoah against
Kurds and other peoples.
Unfortunately, given that Russia can veto any U.N. Security Council provision deemed to undermine
Assad, it is unlikely that the U.N. will act to protect the Kurds. Its therefore preferable that NATO play a
larger role in this conflict, the same way that it worked with Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also,
few people recognize the ongoing danger of arming the Free Syrian Army its leadership has professed
views that are unequivocally anti-Kurd and anti-Israel.
The Kurdistan National Council of Syria therefore calls upon NATO to establish a joint force with the
Pesh Merga (which, by the way, translates as those who confront death). Functioning as temporary
protectors against a common existential threat, this force would also serve to undermine Irans ability to
influence the Kurds and the Yazidis. Rather, the population could be shielded from Islamism through the
shared efforts of NATO, the Kurds, and Syrian militias that the Kurds can vet so as to preclude providing
arms to Islamic terrorists. Their mission would be, initially, to protect the population and, subsequently,
to facilitate the return of refugees from neighboring countries, particularly Turkey. Ultimately, this entity
could provide the catalyst for the creation of a democratic and pluralistic Syrian government that would
accommodate the civil rights of all indigenous people.
Kurds simply want to be empowered to choose their own destiny and to live in freedom with others
who share their desire to create security and stability. Kurds can protect themselves via the Pesh Merga
in South Kurdistan and by severing the corrupt belts envisioned by Iran and Turkey. In conjunction
with this initiative, all Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq will need to cooperate closely. As much as we


envision an independent Kurdistan with Erbil as its capital, we must focus now on reaching consensus
about what is happening to Erbils west. At a time when common enemies confront us, we need unity
among the Kurdish militia and between the Kurdish community and the myriad moderate members of
the Syrian Free Army. To stop the carnage in Syria, NATO must intervene.
Sherkoh Abbas is a human-rights activist, a leader of the Kurdish Dorkian tribe, and a founding
member of Center for Democracy in the Middle East. He served as president of the Kurdish-American
Committee for Democracy in Syria and is currently the chairman of the Kurdistan National Assembly of
Syria. Robert B. Sklaroff is a physician-activist and supporter of Kurdish self-determination. This article
constitutes the policy of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, conveyed to America and the world on
behalf of the Kurdistan National Council of Syria.

[These are comments, provided by myself, amplifying information conveyed in the op-ed]
We emphasize the pivotal nature of our assertion that "few people recognize the ongoing danger of
arming the Free Syrian Army its leadership has professed views that are unequivocally anti-Kurd and
This hyperlink contains a quotation from the head of the FSA [which Obama is depending upon to
provide feet-on-the-ground] which is unequivocally both anti-Kurd and anti-Israel.
Dr. Abbas met him, General Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir al-Noeimi, as is documented in the pictorial; prior to the
Syrian Civil War, Noeimi served as a career officer in the Syrian Army where he was Brigadier General.
"A Coup in the Supreme Military Council?". Carnegie Endowment. 17 January 2014.
Retrieved 17 January 2014.
Dr. Abbas also provided the translation of his Arabic assertion, in which he claimed Kurds were Zionists,
terrorists, or undeserving of "rights."
Thus Obama is BOTH avoiding the urgent need to avoid an ongoing humanitarian crisis by NOT helping
the Kurds, but he is also AGAIN arming people who openly espouse political stances that are at-variance
with American policy.
Specifically, America should not aid/abet people whose basic political philosophy is almost
indistinguishable from that of those who are considered to be the enemy.
{Our concerns regarding the quasi-Islamist leadership of the FSA have been corroborated *"Obamas ISIS
strategy enters Chernobyl phase"].


We are grateful to NRO that this 1098-word piece was published virtually intact, based upon our
lengthier submission; elaborative observations that readers may wish to appreciate are as follows:
1. ['graph #1] We noted that neither America nor Turkey is actually acting forthrightly, without
fingerpointing at each other. This observation is dramatized both by America's double-error [vide supra]
when eschewing Kurds and helping the FSA, and by Turkey having reneged on its alleged-pledge
[announced by Rice on Sunday] to allow its soil to be used to attack the Islamic State [rescinded on
Monday] assuming it had ever truly been made.
2. ['graph #2] It is ironic that remaining quiescent "just over the horizon" is a behavior-pattern currently
practiced both by Turkey and America, despite Obama's rationalization for total Iraqi withdrawal having
included the assertion that, by remaining "just over the horizon," America could reassert a military
intervention should the need subsequently arise.
3. ['graph #3] We noted that the swap of known Islamists for the consulate staff and their family
members antedated Erdoan's current inaction when faced with an impending massacre in Koban;
although Biden's comments were subsequently self-declared as impolitic, it must be appreciated that
Turkey [and Qatar] underwrote the Islamic State.
The Jerusalem Post reported one Islamic State member said Turkey, a member of NATO, provided funds
for the terrorist group.
4. ['graph #4] The demand by Turkey that America impose a no-fly zone could suffice would create a
direct confrontation with the Russian-supplied air-defense employed by Damascus [which would have to
be KO'ed]; this would also arouse Tehran [which has vowed to visit retribution on Israel, as was
suggested by the sudden initiation of bombing of northern Israel by Hizbollah]. These dominoes would
be falling on the eve of the midterms, an eventuality Obama obviously wouldn't wish to transpire, for
this phenomenon would dramatize the abject failure of both his foreign policy and the paradigms that
have animated it.
5. ['graph #5] Although some claim al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are rivals, the key-point to which
Obama's acolytes seem to exhibit willful-blindness is the fact that they are all "fingers connected to the
same hand" that promotes worldwide Jihad [including, for example, Nigeria's Boko Haram]. Similarly,
Obama's prior support for the Muslim Brotherhood [particularly reflected in his evolving policies
regarding Egyptian leadership] reflects his consistent gutting of prior opposition [to whatever degree
possible] to those aggressively seeking a worldwide Caliphate.
6. ['graph #6] It may be recalled that Obama was stirred, respectively, after public opinion erupted
following publicity of the Azidis' plight and of the double-beheadings of Americans; thus, it is necessary
to enhance pressure upon Obama and his Dem-party allies during these three weeks prior to the
midterms, for it seems circumstances are undermining his classic "run-out-the-clock" modus operandi.
7. ['graph #7] We emphasized that Kurds do not harbor the intent to leverage loyalties of other
countries by playing-upon "sympathy"; rather, we perceive Turks as being engaged in this sordid level of
self-serving discourse. The Kurds seek self-determination in an unfriendly, volatile neighborhood, but


American support is urgently needed; Kurds have consistently espoused Western values despite ongoing
pressures to acquiesce to the wills of larger countries that are both contiguous to Kurdistan [Turkey,
Iran, Syria] and more distant [Saudi Arabia and Qatar].
8. ['graph #8] we EMPHASIZE we have documented the claim that the head of the FSA harbors
fundamental political views that are ANTITHETICAL to those that Americans assume Obama would
support overseas; for details, note the information [provided here, under "guest"] that includes a
posting directly from the general who runs the FSA.
To conclude, we now note the use of chemical warfare against the Kurds by the Islamic State in
Koban..., documented by gruesome photos....
...and that the THREAT of such barbarism had allegedly prompted Obama to draw his infamous [and
indubitably "crossed" and "double-crossed"] "red-line" that would prompt American involvement.
THEREFORE, America MUST advocate calling an URGENT meeting of NATO "allies" [noting that none of
those dozens that had supposedly been accrued by Obama have stepped-up-to-the-plate].
NATO must intervene SOLELY on behalf of America's ONLY trustworthy ally in the region, the Kurds;
other cogent decisions would devolve easily from making this fundamental intervention.
A few questions for our Kurdish friends:
What types of weaponry are most urgently needed by the Peshmerga?
Haven't the Kurds been cooperating with the Iraqi (mainly Shia) security forces?
Do the Kurds have the ability to call in air strikes?
Isn't the FSA more interested in removing Assad than fighting ISIS?
What would Turkey do if the U.S. threatened to support a Kurdish state made from parts of Iraq and
I reply based upon information gleaned from conversations with Sherkoh.
The Kurds need heavy weaponry that is delivered directly, rather than via Baghdad; light-arms can't
compete long-term with tanks, and RPG's are in short-supply throughout Kurdistan.
The Kurds have consistently complied with American pleas that Erbil cooperate with Baghdad, but
Baghdad hasn't reciprocated [withholding arms, etc.].
The Kurds would be eager to serve as America's boots-on-the-ground, and have demonstrated that they
merit being viewed exclusively as having the capacity to fulfill that role [supplemented by people/groups
that the Kurds know and, thus, could effectively "vet"].
The Kurds fear the loyalties and motives of the FSA, as is reflected in much of what has been conveyed
in this article and elsewhere.


The Kurds had hoped that a rapprochement of Turkey with the PKK [which would now disavow intent to
undermine eastern Turkey in this regard] would have allowed Turkey to support Kurdish selfdetermination being manifest in Iraq and Syria; this is why it is so disheartening that Turkey's desire to
supplant Assad seems to be the priority over honoring support for non-threatening Kurds.
THESE VIEWS have NOT been reviewed by Dr. Abbas prior to being uploaded, but they reflect
observations that are "owned" by myself, but that are consistent with issues discussed with him, during
the past six-plus years.
How can the U.S. provide heavy weaponry to the Kurds (I assume you want antitank missiles, tanks,
artillery) without the cooperation of Iraq or Turkey? We need a port.
Are there any airfields controlled by the Kurds that can support large cargo jets, bombers, and fighters?
Erbil...from which such matriel could be trans-shipped overland.
Another individual wrote:
Big "guns" are needed to 1. Raise money to buy needed weapons 2. Bring attention to the plight of the
Kurds 3. Shine a light on the inaction of Barack Obama and his operatives 4. Organize a peaceful
(national) rally call to action.
Buying weaponry (from Israel?) seems to be the most crucial and immediate need of the Kurds.
Fundraising is essential and celebrity is needed to get the attention of good people who have not yet
been engaged (and unfortunately do not have the time or wherewithal to search out articles about The

The Disturbing new photos were obtained by the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA).
They show bodies and burns of ethnic Kurds, gassed by the Islamic States army.
It may be using chemical weapons seized from Saddam Husseins old arsenals.
They were slaughtered with mustard gas or some kind of blistering agent.
This occurred in the besieged Koban region of Syria, in July.


This is Obama's Koban Crossroads, three weeks pre-midterms, noting that BHO consistently has
disregarded the advice of his military experts on the ISIS threat; furthermore, he seems to have written
off the Kurdish-Syrian town of Koban, which may soon be overrun by ISIS. Such behavior is c/w the
dominance of ideology over reality [e.g., Hagel said Climate Change Could Increase Terrorism]. Thus,
BHO Has a Kiss-and-Tell Problem for, in the excitement to trumpet the coalition against the Islamic
State, the U.S. is outing partners before they're ready to go steady, such as Turkey; this conflict
persisted today, after Kerry tried/failed to clean up the mess of Rices assertion. Amazingly, Press
secretary Josh Earnest said Obama's strategy against ISIS is succeeding.
NRO articles related to Kurdistan support our perspective [Andrew Stuttaford - Helping
the Kurds, a Bit, Time to Help Syrias Kurds, The Case for a Unified Kurdistan, Andrew L.
Peek - How Obamas Non-Strategy Doomed Koban, Charles Krauthammer - Obama:
The Fall, NRO Staff - Krauthammer's Take: Obama 'A Man in Denial, On the Verge of
Delusion', and Hello, Kurdistan]. More generic NRO articles related to the Islamic State
support our perspective [Mona Charen - The Other Huge Obama Disaster of the Week,
Jim Geraghty - No One Could Have Predicted ThisExcept Tom Clancy Did, Daniel Pipes Islamisms Likely Doom, and Andrew C. McCarthy - Was the Khorasan Group Plotting
an Imminent Attack?].
An event today amplified our concern with Turkeys motives [Turkish President Declared Lawrence of
Arabia a Bigger Enemy than ISIS; in a stunning speech, Erdogan railed against Western spies and
journalists and seemed to endorse the ISIS plan to redraw the regions borders]. This claim is c/w the
assertion by the GERMAN DEPUTY SPEAKER that TURKEY MUST END SUPPORT OF ISIS; it is also c/w the
view of Krauthammer that Turkeys Reluctance to Fight ISIS is Tied to Obama Being 'Not Serious' About
Mission. Finally, as a New Jihadi Plan to Capture Baghdad emerged, a SECRET GUERRILLA GROUP
BHOs allies seem to be starting to begin to initiate efforts to rev-up plans to get-up-tospeedsomeday [British Battalion to Train Syrian Rebels and British Army Training
Kurdish Fighters in Desperate Attempt to Halt ISIS]. Also, a NIGERIAN MILITARY RAID LED

The necessity to educate the public regarding Kurdistan continues, despite enhanced public awareness
during recent days; BHO continues to withhold urgently-needed military support. Dr. Sherkoh Abbas [of
the Kurdish National Assembly of Syria] participated in a panel-discussion with Steve Malzberg [listen to
parts 1 and 2] and his concerns have been published in a Magazine-format; a few hours ago, he provided
the Kurdish point of view on the battle for Koban on Fox-News-Channel. It is also desirable to recap
major articles we have co-written during the past half-decade:


The Road to Iran Runs through Kurdistan - And Starts in Syria [4/15/2008]
The Kurds can lead a reborn Syria, at peace with all of her neighbors [8/30/2013]
America Must Recognize Kurdistan, published by the Jewish Policy Center [4/1/2014]
Arm Kurdistan to Defeat the Islamic State...ASAP! [9/23/2014]
Kurds [update]
Syrian Kurds Fight ISIL, Assad, With Little Help from United States
The Kurds Seek Israeli Assistance in the Struggle for Koban

The military leader of the Free Syrian Army [being supported (financed, armed and trained) by the US
and Saudi Arabia] accused Kurds of being terrorists instead of viewing the Islamic State as terrorists.
Therefore, not only is BHO withholding vital support to people who are imminently to be slaughtered,
but he is also placing America behind opponents of the only pro-American fighting-force in the region.

Sherkoh provides translation of his quotation:

PYD/YPG are terrorists; we work only with honorable Kurds. In our eyes, we have three
types of Kurds: 1)Israel and Zionist Kurds; 2)PKK/YPG terrorists, and 3)Kurds who
are first Muslim and Second Syrian who deserve no rights, period.
Sherkoh provides this commentary:


Thus, General Abdulellah Albashir, in charge of FSA, accused the Kurdish PYD of being
terrorists; he said he will work only with those whom he considers to be honorable
Kurds, without specifying which Kurds would meet his criteria. If he is not willing to
accept Israel or Jews, for sure he will not accept the Kurds. Why does US trust these
When Sherkoh met him in D.C., he found him chauvinistic and fascistic, asserting the Kurds have no
right to ask for anything beyond citizenship.

We are pictured with a Local Syrian Arab opposition leader in D.C.

Therefore, enhanced publicity is needed ASAP, for BHO is BOTH withholding help from the Kurds AND
helping the Free Syrian Army that is infested with anti-American/anti-Israel Islamists.


Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 9:47 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XIX [Corbett, anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism, Ebola, Midterms]
An effort has been made to compile groups of Blast e-mails in packets < 2 megs; the first such upload
encompassing the initial Thoughts *I-XVII] can be searched for key-words. After having covered
selected domestic, PA, and international issues, extensive info is provided by Jim Geraghty [focused on
BHO] and Charlie Shipp [focused on Rush].
In miscellaneous domestic news, Ferguson Protests Organized by Left-Wing Groups
[although it seems the part-time, non-sequestered grand-jury wont issue a report until
after the midterms] and Chicago Violence, as usual, killed two and wounded Eight.
MSNBC is Falling Behind CNN in Ratings Race and, thus, MSNBC is Looking to Cancel the
Ronan Farrow Show [which was initiated less than a year ago, notwithstanding his being
the son of actress Mia Farrow and either filmmaker Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra].
Regarding discourse on PoliticsPA, in the process of discussing the gubernatorial debate, I covered
fracking [refuted were claims regarding Bromides and radium], education-funding [refuted were claims
regarding budgetary manipulation and cut-backs], ethics [demonstrating Corbett has been squeakyclean, notwithstanding tangential allegations to the contrary+, and taxes *showing the Dems havent
provided numbers to corroborate their claims+. I also noted, The major issue is the power of unions to
stop Corbett from achieving pension-reform [as well as state-store privatization and paycheckprotection+; this arose in myriad fashions throughout, eschewed by Wolf and emphasized by Corbett.
Also, in the process of discussing and polling, I covered AG-Holders two scandals *deceit regarding Fast
& Furious about which AG-Holder lied and James Rosen whose wiretapping affidavit was signed by AGHolder], while decrying the typical-Dem ploy of having claimed racism had motivated attacks on AGHolder [and BHO, by extension+. Im awaiting the latest reaction by DD as multiple contradictions have
been elucidated. {Also, it was advised that an open-letter-to-patrick-henderson be scrutinized.}
Regarding Ebola *as OReilly just devoted two segments again to the topic+, the CDC boss
laid-out new steps to counter Ebola exposure; yet Officials Haven't Tested Whether
Coughing/Sneezing Can Spread Ebola and some feel Ebola is 'Primed' to Go Airborne.
Clearly, CDC Protocols Leave Health Care Workers Vulnerable to Ebola and it seems
foolhardy to plan to dispatch teams to community hospitals that may have such patients
when it is possible to ask that they instead be grouped in tertiary centers. Even MSNBCs
Chris Matthews said the US Gov't Ebola Response 'Reminds' Him of ObamaCare Rollout.
Regarding Anti-Zionism, after the UK Parliament Voted to Recognize State of Palestine in Non-Binding,
Anti-Israel Supporters' Motion, Israel Said UK Palestine Vote Undermined Peace Prospects; during the
debate, Sir Richard Ottaway MP abandoned his long-standing commitment to the State of Israel, and
claimed that, due to a few months of frustration amongst years of support for the country, he wouldn't
be voting against the recognition of a Palestinian state. Also, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen Launched an AntiSemitic Attack at 'Jewish Lobby' and, when this Tory MP was Accused of Anti-Semitism, Blamed U.S.
Politicians for 'Jewish Lobby' Smear. Illustrating the atmospherics [and ignorance] surrounding these


Finally, the question was raised as to whether the Westminster Parliament Vote on the Palestine State
Resolution was a Hollow Victory.
Anti-Semitism persists globally [Imam Calls Jews 'Pigs and Apes' in Danish Mosque Rant]
and in America [Mob swarmed kosher deli in Brooklyn...Vandals screamed anti-Semitic
slurs, Swastikas were drawn outside YALE dorm, and Swastika was chemically burned on
lawn in Ohio].
Here are views of Richard Baehr [not online]; he decried the fact that Iran is slipping from the news
*which quoted a Tweet that was reminiscent of Reagans famous query during his debate with Carter
regarding whether the electorate feels better-off in 80 when compared with 76: "Are we more likely
to be beheaded [the the Islamic State] or be infected [by Ebola] than we were 6 years ago??"]
He claimed one of the nastiest pieces of work on the left is a man with no humility but
lots of scorn for those who do not share his views, former Enron advisor Paul Krugman.
Three times I forced Krugman to issue corrections on just one of his columns ten
years back on how Bush allegedly stole the 2000 election in Florida. As usual, Krugman
did not know what he was talking about, but gave ground very grudgingly when faced
with the facts until he finally capitulated (perhaps under pressure from the paper's
ombudsman, who detested him). There are facts in the world and there are opinions.
For Krugman they are one and the same. Princeton University has become
a better place since he decamped at CCNY. Now both that university and the New York
Times can pay him for recycling his bile in columns and articles and blogs. One good
thing however- the Krugman genes appear not to have been passed on to any children.
Scientists now will have to work harder to find the gene for obnoxiousness. Two other
views on the great man were provided by Cliff Asness and Bret Stephens.
In conjunction with this observation, he reprinted his 2004 article
detailing what happened in Florida in 2000, prompting me to send him
an e-mail [to which he rapidly replied] explaining why I concluded,
legally, that the butterfly-ballots in Miami should have been counted
and, thus, why Gore should have been elected; private renditions are
available, upon request.
He also cited Ed Lasky on how Obama's jayvee team treats Americans as if they were all
children. A recent report evaluated the language Obama uses in speeches and press
conferences and fundraisers. Overall, the vocabulary was aimed lower than for any
other President who has been studied for this. But of course, the problem can't be
Obama, since he is supposedly so brilliant. So it must mean the Administration thinks
Americans are idiots.
He noted that Camille Paglia unloaded on Obama and the Democrats
and that a professor at Fordham College who challenged the BDS
movement was accused of violating Title 9 rules.
Finally, he praised a new institute in Jerusalem that has been awarded $2.2 million to
help Christians and Jews study Jewish texts.


Regarding miscellaneous foreign-policy concerns, the Kremlin Seeks to Silence Prominent Human Rights
Group by Having Them 'Liquidated'; also, the Bosnia-Herzegovina President said Time is now for US to
engage with my country and Catalonia Canceled Independence Vote.
Here is a sampling of recent NROs generic articles:
Thomas Sowell - The Lefts Central Delusion
Jonah Goldberg - Culture Wars All the Way Down
Dennis Prager - Its All about the Party
Jonah Goldberg - So What Was The Point of Obamacare Again?
Thomas Sowell - Obama and the Art of Phoniness
George Will - When Obama Goes Rogue
Victor Davis Hanson - Obamas Ideal Revolution
BHO is increasingly being slammed [Disapproval of Obama in San Diego Poll Reflects National Mood] and
HuffPo's Perennial Obama cheerleader, Howard Fineman, Reluctantly Slammed 'Confused' Obama after
having released a comprehensive breakdown of his disappointments with his shining star, calling him
ineffective, confused, and bumbling; he had once glossed over Obamas troubles in implementing
Obamacare by comparing him to both Superman and Sisyphus. Dems are also increasingly being
slammed [Jon Stewart Slams Dems for Fundraising Hypocrisy and Email Barrages], as R-policies appear
to be preferred [Voters Trust GOP More on Immigration; 12-Pt Swing after Breitbart Texas Report on
Warehoused Illegals and Dems Have Lost the Edge on Economy and Foreign Policy]; compounding this
problem are BHOs actions towards Illegals *Obama Allowing Illegals to Go Home Then Get Right Back
Into the US] and his proclivity to $-raise privately [ABC News: President Obama Has Been to Zero
Campaign Events This Cycle].
VOTERS, 'WHO IS STANDING UP AND LEADING?' and, surprisingly, Karl Rove's
Crossroads is 'Unlikely' to Play in 2016 GOP Pres. Primary; the eternal search for an
establishment-GOP candidate appears to be hanging [Jeb Bush: GOP Must Work with
Dems on Amnesty if Republicans Control Congress and Ann Romney: Mitt and I Are
'Done' with the Presidency]. Surprisingly, Perry is Traveling Europe During Texas Ebola
The real clear politics update of the 2014 midterm senate races just flipped New Hampshire to toss-up
status [from lean-Dem], probably because the latest poll shows Brown ahead by 1%; desperation may
be setting-in as a result [NH Sen. Shaheen Ad: Scott Brown 'Forces' Women to View Photos of Unborn
Babies before Abortion]. In general, Hotline's Senate Race Rankings suggest Republicans are on the Brink
of flipping the chamber; more specifically, surprisingly, the weak opinion of Conservative judge Posner
[whom I met @ a Federalist Foundation event in Philly, a few years ago] regarding Voter ID Relied on
New York Times Articles [reflecting ongoing strife].
Healthy trends are reflected in state-by-state updates: Arkansas [Cotton Ad Highlighted
ISIS Ahead of Debate and Cotton Hammered Pryor as Obama 'Rubber Stamp' and Pryor
Defended Vote for Obamacare, Attacked Iraq Vet's 'Ambition' and Mark Pryor Accused
Iraq War Vet Tom Cotton of Feeling 'Entitled' to Arkansas Senate Seat], Kentucky [Dems
pull ads in Kentucky and Grimes Again Refused to Say If She Voted for Obama in 2008


claimed Col. Rob Maness Must Win Senate Race against Cassidy and Landrieu], Michigan
[In Attempt to Disprove Story Showing He Fabricated Military Record, Gary Peters Gave
Documents to Daily Beast Proving He Lied, North Carolina [New Poll Finds Tillis, Hagan
Tied 40 percent to 40 Percent and The Hagans' 'Whites Only' Country Club Problem and
Hagan Agrees: GOP Using Voter ID Laws to 'Screw' Black Voters and GOP Hammers
Hagan over Recent Controversies], and South Dakota [SOUTH DAKOTA INDEPENDENT:
South Dakota Republican on Immigration and Democrat Investment in South Dakota: An
Expensive Publicity Gambit?].
Regarding other races, again, the Dems appear desperate both on the gubernatorial level [ANDREA
regarding the House [Democrats 'Bail' on Vulnerable House Candidates in Virginia and Colorado].

Morning Jolt - . . . with Jim Geraghty

October 14, 2014
Oh Look, the Official Statements about Ebola Are Subtly Shifting
We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control, because even a single
infection is unacceptable, Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, said in a news conference.
Frieden did not detail precisely how the extensive, government-issued safety protocols
in place at many facilities might need to change or in what ways hospitals need to ramp
up training for front-line doctors or nurses . . .


Officials have said [nurse Nina] Pham wore protective gear, including a gown, gloves, a
mask and a face shield, while caring for Duncan on multiple occasions. But Ebola can
easily infect those who come into contact with the bodily fluids of Ebola patients, and
the smallest slip in putting on or taking off protective gear can open the door to the
We need to consider the possibility that there could be additional cases, particularly
among the health-care workers who cared for *Duncan+ when he was so ill, Frieden
said. We would not be surprised if we did see additional cases.
Hey, remember when our government was all gung-ho, assuring us they were going to stop it in its
tracks? Heres the same guy, nine days ago:
Health officials stressed that they are confident they can control this situation and keep
the virus from spreading in the U.S.
"We're stopping it in its tracks in this country," Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention, declared during a news conference Tuesday
See if you can spot the unnerving detail in our new airport screening policy:
JFK airport is the first U.S. airport to begin screenings for Ebola. Washington Dulles
International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Chicago OHare International
Airport and Hartsfield -- Jackson Atlanta International Airport will begin screenings this
Those five airports account for 94% of all the 150 travelers who on average arrive daily
from those most affected countries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention. Over the past 12 months, JFK received about half the passengers from those
countries entering into the U.S., according to the CDC.
So what about that other six percent? Are we just hoping that no one in that remaining six percent has
Ebola? Sure, its just nine people a day, but thats 45 people a week, about 180 a month . . . And before
someone says, Oh, what are the odds of someone with Ebola getting on a plane and coming to the
United States?, remember, this already happened.
Does this mean rethinking the U.S. troops in the hot zone over there?
Small numbers of highly-trained U.S. troops wearing full-body protective gear have been
testing the blood of potential Ebola victims without coming into direct contact with
them, the head of the U.S. Africa Command said Tuesday.
Army Gen. David Rodriguez initially said at a Tuesday Pentagon briefing that teams of
three or four personnel working at mobile test labs were likely to have direct contact
with Ebola victims. However, he later issued a correction to conform to White House
and Pentagon policy directives against direct contacts by U.S. troops.


"I want to clarify my remarks," Rodriguez said in a statement. "U.S. military personnel
working in the labs are not interacting with patients, only samples."
In last nights Senate debate here in Virginia:
Amid news that a health care worker in Dallas had become infected with the disease,
both candidates agreed that President Barack Obama has been too slow to deal with the
Ebola crisis.
[Sen. Mark] Warner said it may be time to consider restrictions on flights as some
European nations have done, particularly with a nation like Liberia, where Ebola has
spread so widely.
*GOP Senate candidate Ed+ Gillespie said its too late to merely consider stopping flights
from West Africa where there is an Ebola outbreak. Its time to impose a flight ban in
that regard and thats what this administration should do.
The Gender Gap and the Marriage Gap
Leave it to Ramesh to write a column picking up every aspect of the much-discussed gender gap in
American politics and to come to the fascinating conclusion that Republicans dont need to worry about
it that much -- at least, not as much as they need to think about appealing to the changing American
electorate as a whole.
Polling has for many years consistently found that women are more supportive than
men of social-welfare spending, economic regulation, and gun control, and less
supportive of military action. In August, for example, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll
found that the gender gap on raising the minimum wage was in the double digits, with
women more supportive. These issues provide an alternative explanation of why the
gender gap opened up around 1980: The parties became more divided on size-ofgovernment questions then, too.
The political difference between the sexes is small but persistent and pervasive. Some
subgroups of women generally fall on the conservative side of policy questions but are
generally less conservative than the equivalent subgroups of men. Romney won 53
percent of married women and 56 percent of white women, for example, but 60
percent of married men and 62 percent of white men.
Whether they are winning or losing, male or female, pro-life or pro-choice, Republican
candidates win a larger percentage of male than female votes
The Colorado Senate race between Udall and Gardner, where contraception has
become one of the top issues, could be the most important one this fall. It will be a test
of whether the Republican Party can compete in states that went twice for Obama.
(Most of the competitive Senate races this year are in states that reliably vote for
Republican presidential candidates.) Its rising Hispanic population makes it an important
sign about the future, too. And if Republicans win there after renewed Democratic


accusations that they are waging a war on women, perhaps they will be a little less
spooked by the gender gap and more focused on doing what it takes to build their
baseline level of support among men and women alike.
Elsewhere, friend of NRO Ellen Carmichael lays out a bit about Gardners approach:
Instead of responding to Udalls incessant fear-mongering by twisting himself into a
rhetorical pretzel, Gardner simply dismisses this ludicrous mischaracterization,
shrugging off these accusations for the wild blather they are. He then reinforces a
reform he, along with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, champions: permitting the sale of
contraception over the counter without a prescription. Udall, Colorados heralded Rosie
Riveter mysteriously opposes this proposal . . .
As Udall and his allies hammer Gardner for views he doesnt actually hold, the
Republican congressman ties the liberal senator to a flailing president and his unpopular
policies. While Udall carries on about fallopian tubes, Gardner champions fracking.
While Udall drags on about abortion, Gardner dismantles Obamacare. While Udall
breathlessly advocates for intrauterine devices as though he, himself, is implanted with
one, Gardner talks about defeating ISIS.
Many have noted that the GOP does pretty well among married women, but they lose
big among unmarried women. Analysts have suggested that unmarried women, facing
more economic insecurity, are more likely to want to have government programs to
help them. More Americans getting married (and staying married, and hopefully being
happily married!) would be good for the GOP, but also indisputably good for the country
-- particularly its children.
Is there a way to encourage people to get married and stay married without sounding
like a jerk? Everyone seems to recognize the benefits of marriage -- generally -- and a
large portion of those who arent married would like to be happily married someday.
But obviously, its not like you can just go to the Apple Store and pick up the iSpouse,
programming it to all of your personal preferences.
[CUT TO: Apple headquarters, where CEO Tim Cook reads this and says, Ive just got a terrific idea!+
Ross Douthat, back in January:
I think you can see this kind of soft, consensus-driven pressure at work in the decline of
teen pregnancies over the last two decades (whether the cautionary stories aired on 16
and Pregnant has played a recent role or not); I think you can see it, as well, in the way
that elite culture subtly disfavors out-of-wedlock childbearing and divorce (especially
divorce while the kids are young) among the college-educated upper class. In neither
case are people who violate these soft norms being ruthlessly excluded from society or
deliberately punished by policymakers. But in both cases theres a gentler kind of stigma
at work, one that mixes sympathy with disapproval, a promise of tolerance with a
warning of negative life consequences, and that seems to have had some real effect on
peoples choices without requiring vicious ostracism or abuse.


What keeps people in relationships from getting married? The fear of divorce? One partners fear of
commitment? Both partners fear of commitment? This 2011 interview with a professor focusing on
African-American families suggesting economic factors factor-in greatly.
Are there really masses of happy couples out there, otherwise ready to tie the knot, but holding back
because of economic insecurity?
Its fascinating to think that American society might have the need to promote marriage since, at first
glance, our popular culture seems to do it already. We have an entire entertainment industry turning
out one romantic comedy and romantic drama after another celebrating true love.
But Id submit theres a catch: a lot of romantic movies and shows end with weddings. Because some
screenwriters and directors deem married life boring, they arent as interested in telling romantic stories
about married people. Thus, young people perceive marriage as the end of their loving lives, instead of
the continuance of it or even improvement of it.)
Obama Administration to Insurance Companies: Shut Up and Obey
Hey, remember Obamacare?
Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, writes in USA Today that the
Obama administration is putting the squeeze on health-insurance companies, trying to get them to
remain quiet about any problems that arise in the second open-enrollment period:
The second Obamacare open enrollment is scheduled to begin on November 15th and
end on February 15th. Instead of learning critical lessons from the mistakes of the first
open enrollment fiasco, the Obama administration appears to be trying to silence
potential critics.
Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the administration sent an email to the insurance
companies participating in Obamacare telling them to keep their mouths shut about the testing of the
new health law's enrollment system saying, that unlike last year, they would require "all testers (the
insurance companies) to acknowledge the confidentiality of this process" before they would be allowed
to participate. The administration reminded insurers that their confidentiality agreement with the
Obama administration means that insurance executives "will not use, disclose, post to a public forum, or
in any way share Test Data with any person or entity, included but not limited to media." This includes
any "results of this testing exercise and any information describing or otherwise relating to the
performance or functionality" of the Obamacare enrollment and eligibility system.
A year ago when the Obamacare enrollment system crashed and shut out millions of people trying to
sign up for health insurance the only credible information we had came from the insurers who were
participating in the program.
But hey, what are the odds of something going wrong with Obamacare, right?
ADDENDA: The makers of mess up; they ask for more money. The U.S. Secret Service
messes up; their director asks for more money. The Centers for Disease Control mess up, and they ask
for more money.


Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Tuesday, 10/14/14

Opening: Will the Regime call us Ebola-phobic?
Seg#1: Too many people dont know what they are doing
Leftists cannot accept criticism, and when they are in power, criticism will not be tolerated. Same with
Global Warming. Refugees will march all over the globe to escape Global Warming, and The Regime will
need to come up with measures with your money. It will be a crowd control operation from DoD.
Its ridiculous, and Chuck Hagel goes out and delivers speeches. Im not kidding you, as they ramp up to
fight results of Climate Change, their primary concern.
Lets review: 1. Ebola is not a threat and wont come to America; 2. ISIS is not a threat and just the
Junior Varsity team. 3. Global Warming is the greatest threat. We live in a rapidly changing world,
dictated by social media. Obama has a lot of solutions for problems we dont have: war on women, and
no solutions for the real problems that we do have.
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife donate $25million to fight Ebola. ((Reading: It could infect one million or
more if not addressed. We believe our grant will help CDC to prevent this outcome.)) My problem with
this is there arent any experts in the CDChave they come up with the serum? No, but a private
company has, from a tobacco plant.
The CDC has a budget of billions. Why not donate to the private company?
FoxNews Gretchen Carlson interviewed ((Clip: Our own research shows Ebola enters from the airway to
lungs. Im not saying it is happening, but we can say it could happen.)) It was just yesterday they
walked this back: they just dont know.
CNN Jake Tapper interviewed ((Clip-professor: It is adding confusion. Mandatory quarantine, each has
its own authority. We have to stop flights. There was no process when I came back.)) Nobody knows
what they are doing.
>>> The CNN guy wanted the quarantine on the NBC reporterette.
Segment#2: Incompetence on the march
Did you hear about Susan Rice? H.R. pointed it out yesterday. She went on all five Sunday shows and
lied, carrying the water for The Regime. It was not the obscure video, seen by nobody. Then she stuck
to the story and helped keep Obama in office. She is back on Sunday Slay the Nation and says Turkey
willingly granted us bases to attack ISIS, and Turkey immediately denied it.
>>> Who do we believe here? Its incompetence on the march.
Turkey bombed twice another ally of ours, the Kurds (who are fighting ISIS.)
Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Indigenous Peoples Day"


The city of Seattle celebrated their first Indigenous Peoples Day. And of course the day before that,
the Seahawks lost to the Cowboys. The mayor made the holiday official. Meanwhile, the rest of the
country, except the fringe liberals among us, celebrated Columbus Day.
National Reviews Tim Cavanaugh satirically notes that behind Indigenous Peoples Day is the same
white male power structure theory that sabotaged the Susan B. Anthony dollar by making it
indistinguishable from a quarter. And the same liberal white male power structure that picked the
shortest month of the year, February, for Black History Month. What and insult.
Cavanaugh says that a generic day is a deliberately empty gesture by liberals, honoring all so-called
indigenous people, instead of an individual. Martin Luther King Day has a resonance that Black
People Day would not, he points out.
Mayor Ed Murray told the Seattle Times that the new Indigenous Peoples Day will add new
significance to the date without replacing the Columbus Day tradition. The reality is, liberals have been
after Christopher Columbus scalp for years. They blame him, and European settlers, for spreading
illnesses that wiped out native people. Libs believe disease-ridden Europe should have quarantined itself
from America! They blame Columbus for genocide, homicide, patricide, racist-cide, homophobia-cide,
and every other -cide you can think of.
But, Columbus Day is still a federal holiday. And will continue to be, unless liberals mount a full-fledged
national campaign to dislodge it. And dont think they wont try.
National Review: Indigenous Peoples Day Is Offensive to Indigenous People
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"Do you have a feeling, get the idea, folks, that the experts in wherever -- whatever field -- have no idea
what they're doing? Is your confidence shaken? I don't think you're alone."
"Liberals are never to blame for anything. Somebody always has to be the scapegoat. Somebody's
always going to take the hit. Not them. Not their plans. Not their ideology. Not their agenda. Not their
policy. Somebody else is going to take the fall for everything they screw up, yes."
"Rush Revere's horse Liberty is demanding we get him as many likes we can at his Facebook page -- to
which we said, 'Whoa, buddy. It's on YOU to get likes.'"
"I thought Ebola was hard to get. A lot of people told us it was going to be real hard to get this disease.
Remember that? Now this nurse has come down with it."
"I apologize for getting to the phone calls so late today. But there was a lot on the plate, a lot on the
agenda. I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise."
"It's clear that the United Nations is clueless. It's clear that the World Health Organization, which is part
of the United Nations, is clueless. They're run by a bunch of leftists."


"I don't think anybody involved with Ebola knows what they're doing. I don't care if it's the WHO or the
Centers for Disease Control, I don't think anybody knows what they're doing. I don't think we have any
"All the increased funding the CDC got, something like 6% of it went to dealing with things like Ebola.
The rest went to community outreach and so forth. Every federal agency has been turned into
community organizing, registering of Democrat voters, passing out money to disadvantaged people to
buy votes."
"ISIS is pretty much spreading at will wherever it wants to go. Our policy, according to the UK Telegraph
yesterday, is an outright failure."
"Here we have the Democrat Party running an ad 'Republican Cuts Kill,' complete with pictures of dying
or dead Ebola victims. It's no different than the ad against Paul Ryan and his budget pushing grandma in
the wheelchair over the cliff. "
"Sometimes I do parody and satire, but I'm really serious when I tell you that the mindset of many
liberals is just their presence alone means the difference. Their presence alone, you don't have to do
anything but show up, means change. Obama's presence was going to cause terrorists to not be mean
and Obama's presence was going to make the world love us. Obama's presence was going to stop global
warming and the way it happens is the inherent decency, the inherent goodness and the arrival on the
scene of this person has so much influence over mere mortals that everybody begins to behave. The evil
stop doing evil things. Bad people stop doing bad things, and we all start to get along. And soon we'll be
in utopia. That is not an exaggeration."
"Obama believes the world is governed by the aggressive use of speeches and words. And of course the
world doesn't function that way at all."
"The NBC cameraman came down with Ebola. They put a voluntary quarantine. She said the quarantines
are for the little people and I want some soup. She went to her favorite soup place. That's resulted in
the whole unit being quarantined."
"You know, ladies and gentlemen, I spend a lot of time reading things written by leftists. I have for a long
time, and this is how I know who they are. It's how I know what they believe, because they tell us. Now,
oftentimes they camouflage it. But if you have a large enough base of knowledge about them you know
when they're camouflaging and masking themselves. It's not hard."
Rush Most Popular segments:

Obama Tells West Africans They Can't Get Ebola on a Bus, While His CDC Director Advises Against

Quick Hits Page

Ronald Brownstein: If Obama's Not Popular, Then Popularity Isn't Possible

Thoughts on the New Apple Products

Alison Lundergan Grimes Sounds Like Mark McGwire

Microsoft CEO Steps in It, Says Women Shouldn't Ask for a Raise

Securing the Border Solves Many Problems


Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 6:19 AM

Subject: Thoughts-XX [Midterms-and-Kurdistan]
I cant resistthe real clear politics 2014 senate map now shows both a 45-45 split and ALL 10 of the
toss-up races with the GOP candidate ahead in the most recent poll. It seems that the answer to my
prior query *How LOW can Obama go?+ is increasingly NOT in-limbo, for not only are the Dems/BHO
sinking, but also they are reaching campaign lows *e.g., Wendy Davis]. {Double-pun was intended.}
These forces are at-play nationwide; the most recent articles focus on Arkansas [Mark
Pryors Dumb, Job-Killing Legislation], Colorado [John Fund Braced for Voter Fraud in
Colorado, Im Braced for a Win], Kentucky [LEFT BLASTS ALISON GRIMES FOR
Kentucky and Community Organizers Building Ground Game to Overcome Grimes'
Gaffes and Despite the Campaign E-Mails, the DSCC has Left Allison Grimes Behind in
Kentucky], Louisiana [Mary Landrieu: I Oppose Obama's Planned Executive Amnesty],
Dem Chair to College-Aged Voters: You Don't Matter], and North Carolina [HAGAN
COMPANY POCKETED STIMULUS CASH and More Stimulus Problems for Kay Hagan].
Although Year #6 is said to be a nemesis for the incumbent party, in contrast with BHOs absence from
the campaign-trail, in 2006, Bush Couldn't Keep Up with Requests to Campaign with GOP; BHO is also on
the defensive regarding delays in naming an attorney general and revealing ObamaDontCare
Enrollment [Until After The Election]. Thats why it has been suggested that Dems are Receiving a
Political Standing 8-Count as Dems are Down To Blaming Pollsters; overnight, the WSJ/NBC News Poll
confirmed Republicans Hold Advantage as Midterms Near. Nate Silvers theme is The Clock Is Ticking *In
general, this dynamic helps the GOP because it holds leads in enough states to be the overall favorites in
the race for Senate control. If the election were held today instead of in three weeks, the FiveThirtyEight
model would have Republicans as about 2-to-1 favorites to win the Senate instead of 60 percent. So
the GOPs win probability will gradually increase each day unless Democrats start catching up.+.
,Meanwhile, MSNBCs Al Sharpton Repeats Whatever a Conservative Said In the Form of a Question.}
REPORT; thus, again, this Sandusky issue has legs although it isnt affecting Corbett.
It seems the stench of the October Surprise may be anti-BHO/Dem, as the CDC Director is under attack
for having changed his narrative ['It's Hard to Stop Ebola,' But No 'Large Outbreak' in US] and even
Hillary is piling-on [Ebola 'Is Not Going to Stay Confined']; illustrating the increasing fear among the
electorate is the frenzied media reaction to the fact that NBCs Chief Medical Correspondent Ditched
Ebola Quarantine for A Bowla Soup. After it was revealed by a NURSES UNION that DUNCAN was NOT
Resources into Dallas' would occur...a fortnight After the First Ebola Case in US; now, a Second Texas
Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola. {Does anyone believe a Progressive Dark Money Group that
Blamed GOP for Ebola Deaths?}


On the culture-war front, the Log Cabin Republicans held their monthly phoneconference last month and, in PA, the Chapters status will be the #1 topic-of-discussion
when I meet with Rep. Vereb on Friday [just after adjournment]; recall he is not only the
Secretary of the GOP-Caucus, but he also is the Chair of the MontCo GOP. {Also, it
matters little that the Supreme Court Blocked Part of Texas's Abortion Safety Law, for
this was merely a stand-in-place action while legal wheels turn.Regarding POTUS-16, as previously discussed, the GOP-Establishment is flailing for an advocate, as it is
increasingly obvious that We Must Move on from Mitt and no other [pro-Amnesty] leader has emerged.
Meanwhile, Clintons War on Women [revealed on the Friday data-dump of papers from the 90s+
counterpoints the current divisiveness of the Dems *who cant find a meme that resonates+, for it has
never been better to be an American woman; women who are young, single and childless earn 8
percent more than men in 147 out of 150 major American cities, and rape and abuse are down
dramatically over the last two decades.

Lest we forget, Islamic State Jihadists Lined Streets of Koban with 'Hundreds' of Severed Heads and
Gouged Eyes; reports from inside Koban, the Syrian border town considered a potential watershed
capture for the terrorist group the Islamic State, are ever more dire as American-led airstrikes appear to
have done little to stop the massacre of Kurds in this gateway town to Turkey. Meanwhile, the fact that
Susan Rice lied again hasnt been rectified; Turkey continues to Deny Her Claim that Agreement had
been Reached on Turkeys involvement in the Fight against the Islamic State; thats why Lindsay Graham
said the WH is populated by the 'Only People' Who Think the anti-Islamic State Strategy Is Working and
why KRAUTHAMMER simply advised that SUSAN RICE 'SHOULDN'T GO ON TELEVISION.' Meanwhile, it
seems the Iraqi Army Worse Than Previously Thought in the face of the Islamic States Recent Military
Gains and 334 Saudis Returned to Terror After Failed Jihadi Rehab, two ominous signs as the Islamic
State Called for Murder of Civilians and Disbelievers in the U.S. (and Among Our Allies). Even
perennially-outrageous, quasi-lib Geraldo Rivera tweeted Koban is the real Benghazi, the besieged
fortress where president really can & must save heroic defenders. ,Remember, weve issued an APB to
ID a celebrity who might champion our cause, as BHO continues to resist helping the Kurds and BHO
continues to arm Islamists [while covering for others, such as Erdoan, who are also Islamists].
Recalling proof that BHOs support for the Free Syrian Army is foolhardy, it is remarkable
that the NY-Times has just cited a CIA Study of Covert Aid that Fueled Skepticism About
Helping Syrian Rebels. Again reflecting the dangers of appeasement, it has again been
shown that Anti-Semitism infests New PA Schoolbooks used in UNRWA schools: 20012014.


pamela gellers recent articles encompass these concerns:

o The Battle for Baghdad has Begun
o Cue the Clowns: Spread hummus, not hate campaign against AFDI ads of truth
o Turkey Helping Islamic State, Bombed, Gassed Kurdish Fighters
o Obama is Training Islamic State Jihad Terrorists
o Islamic State Worried Media Will Cover Up its Jihad Terror Attacks as Random Killings
Workplace Violence
o Feds warn of ISIS-inspired attacks on police, government officials, media
o Qatar Awareness Campaign: Brookings Institution and Qatar The Money, Power and Influence
Behind Global Terror @stopqatarnow
o Yes, There is Worse Than Eric Holder Meet Tom Perez
o UK: Jihadist on Trial for Terror Plot to Assassinate Tony Blair, Bomb Synagogues because Oh
you the believers, fight those of the infidel who are near to you. Why do you not fight in Allahs
cause for those oppressed men, women and children
o Islamic State: Slain hostage was no innocent he was a Jew
o Nothing Has Changed After Investigation Exposes Islamic Plot to Take over British Public Schools
o American Shot Dead, Another Wounded In Attack In Saudi Capital Riyadh
o UK: Rotherham child sex abuse files go missing from council archive
o Watch VIDEO: Pamela Geller at the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley
o Turkeys Erdogan says Lawrence of Arabia bigger enemy than Islamic State, seems to endorse
Islamic State plan to redraw regions borders
Although Vox's Max Fisher [a lib] Found Muslim Support for Killing Apostates 'Disturbing,' he singled-out
Bill Maher as "The leading voice of American bigotry against Muslims." Fisher's most recent effort to
combat media stereotypes [headlined, "The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent,
in one tweet"] uses a classic straw-man argument, for Fisher never identified anyone who had made
that claim [probably because no one has actually said that]. Perhaps it is becoming increasingly obvious
to the low-information voter that the radical religious view that has manifested itself in al Qaeda and
the Islamic State is how Islam is understood and practiced on the Arabian Peninsula and throughout the

[these guys take no prisoners]


Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 10:33 PM

Subject: Thoughts-XX [Kurdistan-and-Midterms]
The structure of this Blast e-mail is again intended to allow the reader to skim, but also to be exposed
to info not otherwise emphasized; after emphasizing the ongoing strife facing the Kurds, BHOs overall
approach to the Middle East is detailed [encompassing why he disses Israel]. Then, of course, the
political landscape is covered from differing perspectives; Ebola is noted to be an emerging force.
Finally, reprinted are excerpts from the Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty and Notes composed by
Heritage Action that focus on ObamaDontCare and Taxation.
Martin Dempsey and his military counterparts agree that the Islamic State has 'tactical momentum' and
is dangerously effective in its propaganda war; suggested interventions include from Dershowitz [Target
Mosques That Store Weapons] and from other experts [expand America's Military because it is Too
Small for Obama's New War on Terror]. As detailed earlier, Kurds have been gassed, creating a sense of
Dj vu when recalling Chemical Attacks Against Kurds in Halabja, Iraq [1988] and in Koban, Syria
[2014]. Sherkoh is scrambling to muster support for his countrymen and I spoke with the lobbyist who
wrote the WSJ-piece two days ago [and who represents the FSA, having just returned from Iraq]. Also,
illustrative of how Turkey is acting-out is the fact that Danish Journalist Lars Hedegaards Attempted
Assassin was Released by Turkey.
In reaction, perhaps, to intense pressure, U.S.-led forces have dramatically increased
airstrikes against Islamic State militants in the predominantly Kurdish Syrian town of
Koban (Ayn al-Arab), near the Turkish border. On Monday and Tuesday coalition forces
carried out an estimated 21 strikes in the area. The White House said there is evidence
the efforts were succeeding, though they were constrained by lack of ground forces.
Witnesses in Koban reported the strikes seem to have helped push Islamic State
fighters back to a degree, though they are believed to control about half the town.
Obama met with military leaders from 22 countries on Tuesday outside Washington,
where he noted "important successes" though predicted a "long-term campaign" to
counter Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. He particularly expressed concerns over
the situation in Koban and Iraq's Anbar province. On Tuesday, a suicide bomber killed
24 people in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, including a Shiite Member of Parliament,
Ahmed al-Khafaji; the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, implying it was
targeting Khafaji.
This is a succinct summary of BHOs Middle East Foreign Policy; read it and weep.
Michael Doran, former Princeton Professor, and official in the Bush Administration, and
now with Brookings gave a talk for CAMERA in Chicago last night. Doran is outstanding,
and offers insights rarely heard in public, even if murmured privately by some people.
He basically argues that Obama's has made Iran Americas' most important ally now in
the Middle East, since they have the ability to fight in both Syria and Iraq against Sunni
radical groups, so we do not have to. The Obama approach reflects a consensus view


among the foreign policy establishment that began with the Baker Hamilton Iraq study
group in 2006. Outreach to Iran and Syria, pressure on and separation from Israel,
abandon Iraq, and surge in Afghanistan. Obama did the last briefly and has now given up
there as well. He wants out of the business of having to use a military. As for Iranian
nukes, this Administration is fine with a containment approach. They have bought into
Walt-Mearsheimer balance of power realism. Iran will help achieve Sunni-Shiite balance
of power. Iranian nukes balance Israel's.
Doran's articles recall a glaring inconsistency. Before our feint at hitting Syria with cruise
missile air strikes after they crossed Obama's red lines on use of chemical weapons,
Obama said he wanted Congressional approval before authorizing them. He then
summoned AIPAC to do the work, on an uphill, hopeless venture to get that approval,
until the Russian deal seemed to resolve that issue. Now Obama is doing exactly the
same thing in Iraq as was considered with Syria-targeted air strikes. But the
Administration shows no interest in Congressional resolutions. Why do some air strikes
require approval, but others not? The major takeaway from the Doran articles is that
Obama has switched sides. He really is working with our enemies (and Israel's), and has
abandoned America's traditional allies. All of you out there who voted for this guy twice,
or defended him or shilled for him, I hope you are very proud. {References: America's
real ally in Iraq: Iran and Obama has no real intention to prevent an Iranian nuclear
Despite the best efforts of those promoting the BDS movement, Israel is not Ostracized; also, it seems
more people are seeking Forgiveness for having Voted for Our Current President. This is a summary of
the Daily Alert selection of articles; its difficult to ID anything allowing surcease *except the last ones+:
U.S.-Led Coalition Targeting Islamic State Is Beset by Strategic Differences
ISIS Used Chemical Weapons on Kurds
U.S. Intensifies Airstrikes on Islamic State in Koban
The Secret Casualties of Iraq's Abandoned Chemical Weapons
The Broader Nature of the Conflict in Iraq and Syria
ISIS Boasts about Conquering the Vatican and Rome
Defense Minister Ya'alon: Syrian Rebels Adjacent to Golan Border Are Moderates
Which Palestine Do Europeans Recognize?
Israel: The Road to Peace Does Not Pass through the UN, the House of Commons, or Stockholm
Nasrallah: Border Attack on Israel Was Revenge for Slain Hizbullah Operative
Recruiting and Building Rockets, Hamas Determined to Retain Gaza Grip
How the Donors Saved Hamas
Building Supplies Flow into Gaza from Israel
Israeli Soldier Wounded by Explosive Device near Rachel's Tomb
Oil Prices Fall Sharply
Oil Prices Could Fall Below $80
Druse to Head Israeli Hospital


Support Allies, Not Terrorists

By Shoshana Bryen
October 15, 2014 at 4:00 am
Kerry's international party should be trying to aid the Kurdsour friends and the mortal enemy of the
Islamic Stateinstead of trying to lavish more international funds on Hamas and Fatah, two sides of a
movement dedicated to destruction. {Read entire article, for it is replete with key-info.}

Can anyone spare some change for the Kurds?

This is Richard Vigueries Action-Agenda:
Obama's Lies
The Republican Party leadership's inexplicable refusal to recognize and embrace the common
sense concept that border security is national security, especially in the face of the deadly Ebola
and Enterovirus 68 epidemics, shows that new leadership in the GOP is necessary and that Ted
Cruz is one of the few people on the national scene capable of providing it.
No Blank Checks for Obama's War
Recent surveys showing the North Carolina Senate race tightening is great news for
conservatives hoping to wrest control of the Senate from the Democrats and shows the shift in
Thom Tillis' campaign toward issues that matter is resonating with real voters.
The Daily Caller compiled an alphabetized list of reasons why Dems feel everything-is-about-race-andyoure-a-racist; that criterion notwithstanding, it seems the Supreme Court left its mark on midterms,
despite the fact that its actions are less about broad voting rights principles. Although the focus has
been on the Senate, House Dems are in retreat, shifting cash from blue-chip recruits to prop up
teetering incumbents. Nate Silver concluded The Polls Might Be Skewed Against either party, as Trouble
Looms for Obama and Dems with Election Day 2014 Approaching. Regarding the Senatorial Race, Cotton


and Pryor got rough in last debate; regarding Dem-panic, Latino groups are training their fire on their
closest ally: the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.
You can look-up any US or State incumbent or candidate, see his/her views and voting
record, and review sources of campaign funds that may reflect to which people, PACs,
or corporate sector contributors they may feel indebted.
The Florida gubernatorial race is tied; Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic challenger and former Gov. Charlie
Crist both have the support of 44% of likely voters, while Libertarian Adrian Wyllie pulls a significant
share (9%) of the vote. With the race so close, Wyllie's support sets the stage for a potential Libertarian
spoiler. Also [although this is viewed fortunately as a long-shot], Jeb Bush said his Wife Would Back a
Presidential Run. Overall, U.S. Voters Give GOP Edge vs. Dems on Handling Top Issues on a scattergram
c/o Gallop.
[c/o the Republican Jewish Coalition]
* In Kansas, troubling clues about the agenda of "independent" candidate Greg Orman
continue to trickle out:
Kansas Senate hopeful Greg Orman insists that he is not beholden to
the Democratic Party, but a major Democratic donor is hosting a
fundraiser for his campaign to unseat Republican incumbent Sen. Pat
Jonathan Soros, son of billionaire Democratic donor George Soros, will
host a New York City fundraiser this week for Orman, who is running as
an independent candidate...
* Cory Gardner has a 4-point lead in the Colorado Senate race, according to CNN
Politics and was just endorsed by the editorial board of the Denver Post. His latest ad,
Fix It, illustrates what's resonating with voters in that race. In it, Gardner says his
opponent's partisanship has kept us from "fixing Obama's failures... When something is
broken, I'll fix it."
* In North Carolina, Republican Thom Tillis has pulled even with Democrat Kay Hagan,


who used her substantial financial advantage to run vicious attacks on Tillis early in the
race. Now Tillis is gaining ground by reminding voters of Hagan's support for Obama and
Harry Reid.
* In Alaska, Republican challenger Dan Sullivan holds a 6-point lead over Democrat
incumbent Mark Begich in the most recent CNN poll. Sullivan even leads Begich by five
points in Anchorage, the city where Begich served two terms as mayor.
* The respected Rothenberg Political Report has moved the Arkansas race from the
Toss-Up to the Lean Republican column. Republican Tom Cotton holds a stable singledigit lead in most current polls. The challenger now has a clear advantage, says
* New Hampshire voters are coming to appreciate Republican Scott Brown. He was
down by 13 points in March, but is now only 2 points away from the incumbent,
Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. Boston Herald political commentator Jennifer C. Braceras
explains why Brown is the best choice:
In this election cycle, Republicans need as many GOP senators as possible. President
Obama rightly notes that his agenda is at stake in these mid-term elections. A vote for
Shaheen is a vote for Obama's failed policies. And that's a bad deal, wherever you live.
* Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Bruce Braley are neck and neck in the pivotal
Iowa Senate race, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.
Some feel Ebola is 2014 October surprise, but an ABC Poll found that a Majority Want Ebola Travel
Restrictions *but BHO doesnt+; this suggests that the sudden burst of expressed-leadership wont work.
Indeed, the Second Hospitalized Ebola Patient Flew on an Airplane Hours Before Showing Symptoms,
reflecting again governmental slip-ups and, indeed, OFFICIALS KNEW TX EBOLA PATIENT FLEW, BUT
DIDNT TELL MEDIA. Overall, now recognizing that Ebola Spreads Through Droplets in the Air, the CDC
has said it missed opportunities to contain Ebola.
After the Keystone pipelines rise to the top of D.C.s energy agenda, it has been
shrinking and the oil industry has moved on. CNN Canceled 'Crossfire,' Again, and it was
verified that Mobile-Phone flashlights can be hacked.

Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty

October 15, 2014

Second Health-Care Worker in Dallas Contracts Ebola

A second person involved in the care of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has
contracted the disease, the Texas Department of State Health Services said in a
statement early Wednesday.


The health-care worker, who wasn't identified, reported a fever Tuesday and was
immediately isolated at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.
The statement said a preliminary Ebola test was conducted late Tuesday at a state
public health lab in Austin.
A test to confirm the result will be conducted at the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention in Atlanta.
Expect to hear a LOT about stopping flights and more intense screenings at airports in the final few
weeks of the midterm campaigns.
The Coming Attempt to Persuade You that You Really Like Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is already making a preemptive strike against any critical media coverage in the coming
Hillary Clinton, eyeing a second presidential bid and constantly at the center of intense
press coverage, lamented Tuesday that modern media scrutiny has made it more
difficult to be a leader today.
We have created very difficult hurdles for people who want to serve, who believe they
can lead, to do be able to do so. And the media has intensified that, the former
secretary of state said at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, sponsored by the
tech company Salesforce.
Clinton said she had watched Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt family, noting
that reporters kept hidden Franklin Delano Roosevelts handicap. Roosevelt was
diagnosed with polio at age 39 in 1921 and was largely confined to a wheelchair as
Instead of, in a democracy, doing what we should to be doing, which is giving people
information so they can be decision makers, Clinton said reporters today are only
interested in the best angle, quickest hit, the biggest embarrassment.
@Drawandstrike offers a series of Tweets, preparing us for the two years of the media build*ing+ Hillary
up into the Awesome Special Champion You Can Trust With Ever-Growing Government Power.
Every presidential campaign tries to build a heroic narrative around the life story of their candidate.
Sometimes the material is there think John McCain enduring the years of torture as a POW in
Vietnam, and not coming out embittered or enraged or broken with despair. Sometimes the campaign
has to stretch. I tried to lay out a heroic narrative for Mitt Romney back in August 2012; I think his
campaign really didnt try particularly hard in this area, other than some portions of his convention
speech. (He was a young barefoot street-brawling vigilante who later in life gave away his inheritance,
physically grabbed state officials who tried to skip out on hearings after accidents, and rescued
drowning people on his jet ski. Hes Ward Cleaver crossed with Bruce Wayne.)
The media tends to do this in a rather ham-handed way. Sometimes it comes in cookie-cutter this
Democrat in a red state smashes all the stereotypes profiles. Sometimes it comes in increasingly heavyhanded attempts to persuade you that the offspring of the Chosen Messiah Candidate is particularly
special and admirable:


That particular cover story in Fast Company tried to dance around its obvious mission of glamorizing a
young woman whose adult life consists mostly of stepping through doors opened by her parents power
and meandering through the highest levels of high society without actually doing much.
Over on NRO this morning, I look at the intensely depressed national mood and point out that the
country could use someone with a bit of a heroic shine these days.
Have the Comedy World and Pop Culture Moved On from Saturday Night Live?
Christian Toto compiles 5 Reasons Saturday Night Live No Longer Matters. He hits this obvious point:
In the 1990s Phil Hartmans Bill Clinton was reason enough to tune in every week. The same
held true for Dana Carveys President Bush. Will Ferrells take on Dubya proved equally
memorable, its cutting humor served up with boyish charm. That bipartisan tradition
evaporated when President Barack Obama came into office. At first, Fred Armisen offered up a
tentative Obama portrait, a sheepish attempt to keep politics in the mix. Later, Jay Pharoah
delivered a more nuanced impression, but the writers refused to play along. Like the rest of the
comedy world, SNL made the decision to protect, not tweak, the presidents image. Audiences
took notice. They no longer consider the show the signature source for political humor.
Lest this be construed as predictable conservative whining, Mollie Hemingway watched the season
opener so the rest of us wouldnt have to, and she summarizes the shows current thinking of what
constitutes political humor:
The Weekend Update crew joined with Kenan Thompson to give Obama a pep talk. A
pep talk. Not an are-you-freaking-kidding-me-you-are-a-bad-president evisceration. But
a pep talk. A pep talk that and again, Im totally serious here went after President
George W. Bush, who left office so long ago that it was from an era when comedy shows
knew how to make fun of presidents.
My husband and I looked at each other with confusion and disgust as the Weekend
Update crowd told President Obama to cheer up and that things would get better. There
were lines like, Benghazi used to be a huge deal, now its just John McCains safe
word, and suggestions that he go on the road with the real first family, Beyonce and
Jay-Z. Jost said that Bush had wrecked the economy, bombed every country with sand


and that all he had to do was paint one ok picture of a dog to get back in the countrys
good graces. Ha ha! All so funny and fresh!
But on a broader point, it feels like Saturday Night Live doesnt do nearly as much topical comedy as
during the late 80searly 90s golden years. A lot of it feels like cast members saying Look, Ive created
this annoying character whos so annoying hes hilarious! The show always had a mix of news or
current-events based humor and evergreen sketches and comedy, but it seems strange to have a live
television show and not make the material seem very fresh. Or has the instantaneous snarking on
Twitter pre-mocked every news event by Saturday night?
To prepare for a coming trip to Portland, Ive been watching the IFC sketch comedy series Portlandia. It
has more funny concepts than genuinely funny sketches. For example, two store owners are convinced
that putting a bird on something automatically makes it art and promptly put it on every object
imaginable. All is well until an actual bird gets into the store, and the pair freak out and panic,
accidentally smashing all their merchandise as they desperately try to get the bird out of the store. You
can see it as a bit of poking at armchair environmentalists who dont actually like nature.
The recurring Feminist Bookstore sketch depicts two feminist bookstore owners who are so
determined to strike out at any perceived slight or expression of patriarchy that they chase every
customer out of the store. Ive mentioned the recycling gone amok sketch, where Portland residents are
reminded to sort their trash into increasingly-more-specific recycling bins. This isnt a conservative show,
but it does mock, with affection, the green, crunchy, oh-so-precious Portland lifestyle.
This little anecdote about comedy-writer Jack Handley explains what were dealing with when it comes
to a show like Portlandia:
Maria Semple, a writer for S.N.L. and Arrested Development and the author of the
novel Whered You Go, Bernadette, spent a long time on the phone with me trying to
explain what it is about Handeys comedy that makes him different from almost anyone
else writing comedy today. In the rewrite room, she finally said, we used to say, It
smells like a joke. Thats the scourge of comedy these days. It smells like a joke, but
theres no actual joke there. Im not the comedy police, but you watch a movie, and
everyones laughing, and then you shake it out and you realize, Theres no joke there!
But in Handeys novel, she said, I dont think four lines go by without a killer joke.
These are real jokes, man. They dont just smell like jokes.

Call Notes for 10/14 & Tax Extenders Brief

By Matthew Lauer [Sentinel Coordinator, Heritage Action for America]

We continue analysis of upcoming lame duck issues: Internet Sales Tax, Obamacare, and tax extenders.
Lame Duck: In its September session, Congress voted to pass a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the
government through December 11, 2014 (319108 in the House; 7822 in the Senate). As the bill only
extended funding for two months, it requires a post-election lame duck session during which defeated
politicians can attempt to address any number of liberal agenda items. Conservatives must be on guard
during this session, as there is already a loud cry from both parties to clear the deck and pass bad


legislation either while liberal votes are still available or to avoid the need to address politically
controversial issues in the new year.
Obamacare: A recent Politico article begins, "Deep down, Republicans who know health care know the
truth: Obamacare isnt about to be repealed." This is the meme being propelled by the Establishment DC
bubble. The bad news about Obamacare continues to avalanche on top of the American people, and
with more conservatives in the Senate, there will be an opportunity to reignite the repeal fight.
If Republicans continue to pass the buck and focus on fighting only small ball elements of the health
insurance takeover, the prophecy will be self-fulfilled and Obamacare will stay put. If a new Congress
resolves to use the budgeting process (also known as reconciliation) to halt further implementation,
however, the President and the country at large will once again be forced to debate the merits of the
disastrous law. We cannot let those who do not want to fight convince us that the fight cannot be won.
Full repeal is not only possible, it is the only way out.
Tax Extenders: The tax extenders package is a group of more than 50 tax policies that require periodic
reauthorization. Instead of setting permanent tax policies that provide taxpayers long-term certainty,
Congress prefers the tradition of short-term extensions. These extenders last expired at the end of the
2013 tax year (though they are largely considered to still be in effect, since they are often extended
retroactively). With the looming lame duck session facing serious pressure from the tax lobbyists on KStreet, Congress is likely to try to jam this package through during this window.
Some provisions in the current Senate version of the extenders (S. 2260) are worthy in their own right
and should be made permanent, while most are problematic in that they show favoritism or are simply
not conducive to economic growth. These types of extenders should be allowed to expire and be
replaced with policies that every American and business can benefit from. Congress should stop
artificially sunsetting a few pro-growth tax provisions in order to preserve an annual vehicle for K-Street
to shower campaign contributions on lawmakers and for lobbyists to attach their own priorities.
Tax Extenders Package
Background: The tax extenders package is a group of more than 50 tax policies that require periodic
reauthorization. Instead of setting permanent tax policies that provide taxpayers long-term certainty,
Congress prefers the tradition of short-term extensions. These extenders last expired at the end of the
2013 tax year (though they are largely considered to still be in effect, since they are often extended
retroactively). With the looming lame duck session after the November elections facing serious
pressure from the tax lobbyists on K-Street, Congress is likely to try to jam this package through during
this window.
Some of the provisions in the current Senate version of the extenders (S. 2260) are worthy in their own
right and should be made permanent, while most are problematic in that they show favoritism or are
simply not conducive to economic growth. These types of extenders should be allowed to expire and be
replaced with policies that every American and business can benefit from. Congress should stop
artificially sunsetting a few pro-growth tax provisions in order to preserve an annual vehicle for K-Street
to shower campaign contributions on lawmakers and for lobbyists to attach their own priorities.
Bonus Depreciation. This provision moves the tax code toward the proper, neutral treatment of business
investments. Allowing businesses to deduct 100 percent of the cost of capital expenditures in the first


year (sometimes referred to as expensing) is a key pillar of a neutral, consumption-based tax code.
Bonus depreciation moves the tax code half way there, allowing business to deduct 50% of expenses in
the first year. This is a worthy policy that does not favor one type or size of business over another, and
should be extended permanently.
Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC). The wind PTC amounts to little more than corporate welfare for a
narrow segment of the energy industry. The government favoritism distorts consumer investments and
energy prices alike, while transferring wealth from states that dont use wind technology to those that
do. As Heritage Foundations Katie Tubb explains:
The wind industry complains that lapses in the PTC disrupt investments, and theyre
right. So why not permanently end the PTC? That would free up $12 billion for Congress
to make pro-growth changes to the tax code. And not only does this provide the
certainty the industry so desires; it also protects taxpayers and helps inform energy
investments with what makes most sense for consumers rather than for politicians.
Energy Market and Renewable Resources. There are at least 10 provisions in this package that boast
special rules and crony exceptions for private actors in the renewable energy market. These include, but
are not limited to, tax credits for energy efficient homes, efficient commercial building deductions,
credits for nonbusiness energy property, incentives for alternative fuel usage, and special allowances for
biofuel production. These policies are designed to artificially tilt the market in the direction of specific
renewable sources and reward certain taxpayers for behaving how the government would like them to.
If the practices and technologies these provisions encourage are truly good for consumers, there will be
a market for them, and they need not be forced on the public through manipulation of the tax code.
Cronyism. Even arguably decent policies are narrowly administered to the benefit of certain industries.
This cherry-picking goes to benefit politically-connected industries at the expense of all taxpayers who
would otherwise benefit from broad, comprehensive tax reform. The extenders package, for example,
would allow shorter depreciation schedules for NASCAR, the horseracing industry, railroad track
maintenance, mass transit and certain film and television productions. Lawmakers whose districts cater
to these interests have fought to embed these provisions in the extenders package.
Congress should pursue fundamental tax reform that moves all businesss capital expenditures closer to
full expensing without picking winners and losers among certain well-connected industries.
Call to Action: The Senates tax extendersand indeed the entire process surrounding the extension of
expiring tax provisionsis an egregious example of Washington using its powers to prop up well
connected interests and ensure its own continued relevance. Rather than jam a new package through
when the American people have already elected a new body of representatives, the next Congress
should seek to make permanent the worthy provisions that are being distorted by the attachment of
unworthy ones. Bad tax policy should be allowed to expire for good and be replaced with reforms to our
tax code that are truly broad-based and pro-growth.


Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 6:46 AM

Subject: Thoughts - XXI [E-Cigs, Ebola, Iraqi-WMD, Kurdistan, Turkey, Illegals, Midterms, PA]
This months issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings contained two articles about tobacco cessation
[research and editorial] that provoked me to compose a letter that has now been co-authored by the
worlds expert in invoking vapes to reduce overall health risks dramatically, noting that Bill Godshall
has worked this issue since the 1980s (aggressively and single-handedly); the references include a link
to one compilation of his efforts, and we testified in Philly a few months ago [in vain] against the
proposal that e-cigs be treated, essentially, as if they were made of combustible tobacco.
The attachment contains a lot of information about Turkey [also, vide infra], along with
a lengthy article that articulates the precise forces-at-play; it also contains todays prcis
of events in the Middle East c/o Foreign Policy *and the reader is advised to register].
[It shows how Muslim countries have seemingly chosen-up-sides, illustrating the
dominance of the larger civil war being fought throughout the Arab World and again
undermining BHOs paradigm that the primary regional tension exists between all of
them and Israel.] And a spate of Ebola-related hyperlinks is provided; finally, excerpted
are todays summary of Rush and an essay by Jim Geraghty.
The explosion of Ebola-related articles tells the story of governmental incompetence [enhancing the
clamor for Thomas R. Frieden to Resign From the CDC after his disastrous testimony because, inter alia,
he said U.S. Needs to Rethink Ebola Infection Controls] and, now, justification for imposing a travel-ban
[Alarm after vomiting passenger died on flight from Nigeria to JFK, particularly after AFRICANS claimed
APPROPRIATE' TO APPOINT POINT PERSON ON VIRUS]; politically, Dems must not be permitted [1]to
generalize these failures *and thereby attempt to shift some blame onto Rs, or *2+to blame the spread
of Ebola on budget cuts. Let BHO defend the revelation by Customs that Over 2000 Entering USA from
West Africa Without Screening; while Ingraham wondered whether Americans Have to Die Before
Admin Does Its Job, MSNBC bizarrely claimed that Backlash Aimed at Federal Gov't over Ebola is 'a Racial
Stew.' {The CDC doled-out $25 million in bonuses while blaming cuts for Ebola outbreak and
CONDOMS, FAT LESBIANS, AND TEXTING DRUNKS.} Ron Johnson claimed there is a 'Real and present
danger' of Islamic State bringing Ebola to U.S. [justifying imposition of Martial Law?].
Richard *@nowiknowmyabcs via Twitter+ added listed CDC to his list of three-letter
federal agencies or departments that are complicit in furthering the radical agenda of
this "four-letter" administration [IRS, DOJ, DOD, DOE, CIA, NSA, DHS, DEA, ICE, INS, HHS,
OMB, EPA, SBA]; BHO has politicized even the most apolitical entities. [They said it
couldnt be done, but I would add USA to denote the US Army that delayed the
Bergdahl-report+, and the JCS to denote the wholesale replacement of top-military
comprising the Joint Chiefs *of+ Staff.
Gabriel Malor (at Ace of Spades) and others recognized that The NYT Lied About the Origins of the Iraq
War; after highlighting the suffering of American troops who were exposed to WMD during the Iraq


War, it was compelled to avoid undermining the conventional liberal narrative *There were no WMD in
Iraq and Bush lied and people died and blood for oil, oh my!the Times+ by creating a fiction *The
United States had gone to war declaring it must destroy an active weapons of mass destruction
program+. Rather, the major speech delivered by Bush-43 during the run-up to war was his ultimatum
speech on March 17, 2003 (providing Hussein one last chance to alter course, two days prior to
Shock/Awe) during which he restated concerns related to [1]old weapons, [2]the demonstrated
ambition to develop new ones as soon as our backs were turned, and [3]the possibility that Hussein
could pass them to terrorists with anti-Western aims. {Not stated herein but constituting half of Powells
UN speech was citation of Saddams public support for worldwide terrorism when he recalled, for
example, that he paid $25K to every family of a suicide/homicide-bomber.}
I have a personal take to relate on yesterdays revelation in the NY Times that Saddam
Hussein Had Large Quantities of WMDs, particularly noting they are now IN TERRITORY
CONTROLLED BY ISLAMIC STATE. This information was noted transiently in the news in
April of 2004, the day before I joined a day-trip to D.C. (led by the Republican Jewish
Coalition); we went to the Old EOB *Executive Office Building+ and listened both to
Carl Rove (who detailed the targets of suasion) and to Dan Senor (chief spokesperson
for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq). After the event, I cornered Senor briefly
(and reminded him of this chat when he came to Philly prior to the vote in 08, again c/o
the RJC) to inquire as to why they werent touting the fact that WMDs had been found;
he scoffed at this idea, dismissively stating that they were old and nonfunctional. {This
issue is also cited in Jim Geraghtys essay in the attachment.} The bottom-line is that, for
whatever reason, Bush-43 suppressed awareness of the existence of WMDs in Iraq
(antithetical to his interests!); again, this illustrates his fatal-flaw, communication.
As concerted efforts continue to seek NATO support for the Kurds, TURKEYS EROGAN EMERGED AS A
VILLAIN IN THIS FIGHT, reflecting his Islamist leanings [and prior funding proclivities]. Attached is a
compilation elucidating how NATO-member Turkey has declared itself to be acting against both the
Kurds *bombing them+ and Americas stated interests *supporting the Islamic State+; one article has
been provided in its entirety because it carefully elucidates baseline data.
Good News must be noted, albeit after hundreds were beheaded:
Kurdish Female Soldier Gained Internet Fame for Allegedly Killing More than 100 ISIS Jihadis
ISIS Retreats From Besieged Syrian City
ISIS Retreating in Koban, Says Kurdish Official - Time
IS 'retreating' -
ISIS Loses Ground in Koban
Kurds say air strikes push Islamic State back from Koban
Isis pulls back as allies turn tide in battle for Koban
ISIS Retreating from Koban, Says Kurdish Official
Islamic State 'retreating' in key Syria town of Koban
This may be ascribed to American involvement:
US Names Syria-Iraq Campaign 'Inherent Resolve'
U.S. Steps Up Koban Bombing to Back Kurds Fighting ISIS
US-led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilizes Turkey
American drones flying out of Turkey


Problems persist, however, regionally:

The Islamic State is Islamic
UK students rejected motion to support Kurdish fighters
WASH POST: On edge of Baghdad, Islamic State's advances stoke fears [todays lede+
Khamenei Blames United States, 'Wicked' Britain, for Creating Islamic State
Islamic State Beheads Own Jihadis Accused of Spying and Stealing
ISIS Militants Killed Two Iraqi Journalists in Past Four Days
Problems persist, however, globally:
Egypt Bombing Libyan Islamists in Benghazi
Yemen: Civil War Continues Between Islamist Sects in Failed-State
Tunisia Shuts Down Ansar Al-Shariah Media Arm
Malaysian Police Arrest 13 over Islamic State 'Links'
The overall assessment is, therefore, negative:
DOD Spokesman on Islamic State War: 'I'm Not Going to Qualify' Who is winning or Losing
U.S. Army Said it Faces Huge Equipment, Training Risks with Budget Cuts
War by Algebra (as is now being done by BHO) Defies the True Nature of War, which usually is
total war between nation-states driven by incompatible political ideologies (supported by the
mobilization of industrial-age economies) , as was the case during WWII, where violence rose to
the belligerents objectives; thats why, Americans are confused, for BHO is not portraying
efforts as a manifestation of a great national struggle.
Islamic State Commander Key Figure Behind Recent Military Gains
Meanwhile, Iran Arms Palestinians for New Holy War with Israel
{Also, note China Military Buildup Shifted Balance of Power in Asia in Beijings Favor}
Regarding the Midterms, little has changed, recognizing that MILLION ALREADY VOTED IN MIDTERMS,
despite the fact that the ELECTION is 3 WEEKS AWAY; skimming real-clear-politics again reveals a 45-45
stand-off that yields the most recent polling as pro-GOP in 9/10 stats (with Georgia narrowly flipped, but
probably destined for a run-off which the R would win). Its now so bad for BHO that the WH Won't
Punish Dems for Running against Unpopular Obama as they Flee the Leaky Ship Obama; also, it probably
wont matter that the Arkansas High Court Struck-Down Voter ID Law. {Know, also, that Ted Cruz and
Houston pastors rallied as sermon subpoena outcry intensified, and that the NAVY BOOTED BIDEN'S
In Iowa, perhaps because Bruce Braley Skipped Key Hearings on Mental Health Care for
Veterans, Veterans Issues are Hurting him. In Kansas, because Dems Are in Trouble,
They Called Marc Elias. In Louisiana, the Tea Party Candidate Offered Three Positive Ads
and Asked Supporters to Vote for Which One to Air (and the TEA PARTY'S MANESS
Campaigns on Veterans Issues. In NH, Shaheen Retreated, Removing 'War on Women'
Ad against Scott Brown from Airwaves. In South Dakota, Republicans say Senate race is
turning around.
While slashing 8% of its workforce (even as some of its top anchors rake in millions of
dollars), CNN canceled "Unguarded" hosted by Rachel Nichols because it was a ratings
disaster; Nichols hurt herself when she said (Piers Morgan's show) NASCAR may turn off


"mainstream" Americans by allowing the National Rifle Association (NRA) to sponsor a

race in Texas, implying that supporting the Second Amendment was not
"mainstream. Also, 'SANJAY GUPTA MD was DUMPED (DURING EBOLA CRISIS) along
with "CNN Money" and "Crossfire." Also, on CNN, former-presser JAY CARNEY said
In PA, Anti-Mumia bill passed the House and Pro-Gun Bill Passed the Senate, while Sen. Scott Wagner
saw a victory in paycheck protection proposals defeat; Republicans who voted with the Dems were
from MontCo [John Rafferty, Bob Mensch and Stewart Greenleaf]; DelCo [Edwin Erickson]; Bucks County
[Robert Tomlinson]; and Lehigh County [Pat Browne]. Sen. Rafferty said he was willing to work with
Wagner in the future in stopping or hindering "all the influences that permeate throughout this Capitol"
from lobbyists to organizations who try to drive the agenda, but not on this school-related bill because
he felt the Wagner amendment would hurt the chances of the bill getting through the House and to
Gov. Tom Corbett's desk for enactment. {Also, after it was revealed that PA JUSTICE McCaffrey is only
Justice LINKED TO 200+ PORN EMAILS and Chief Justice Castille attacked him, Justice McCaffery
Responded and Slammed Castille.}
In Philly, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News will shut-down their
websites by December; also, PHILLY ELECTIONS BOSS claimed it doesnt matter that he
didnt vote. Recalling glories past, watch Allen Iverson practice the lost-art of Hustle.
Yesterday, Rush expressed the concern that myriad anti-BHO stories are being upstaged by Ebola,
prominently ObamaDontCare and Amnesty; regarding the latter, Staggering Immigration Poll Numbers
are Driving Even Dems to Denounce Amnesty. This may be why NUMBERS-USA LAUNCHED A NEW AD
CAMPAIGN STRESSING IMMIGRATION'S NEGATIVE IMPACT ON AMERICAN JOBS, and it may be welladvised to disseminate word that a Leaked DHS Document revealed 167,000 Convicted Criminal Aliens
are At-Large In US.
Finally, Thursday-Friday represent the final Jewish *High+ Holidays: Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah;
some feel Shemini Atzeret could be invoked to honor Bar Kochba and Simchat Torah is Popular because,
inter alia, adults can celebrate youth gobbling-up apples dipped in honey.



Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 10:13 AM

Subject: Thoughts - XXII [Ebola-Midterms-Kurdistan]
Before yall escape for a weekend without the ability to watch the Iggles *know that I prompted a friend
to buy a Jason Peters *#71+ jersey+, note these corroborative hyperlinks/articles plus a few new
wrinkles; for example, BHO is inching towards appointing an Ebola-Czar and imposing a Travel-Ban. Yet,
plus a change, plus c'est la mme chose *The more things change, the more they stay the same+, as
evidenced by the berating of Israel by the UNs Moon and BHOs Kerry. *Appended are more lengthy
presentations. First is the Daily Situation Report c/o *lib+ Foreign Policy Second is another RushEcho Third is an essay by a Concerned Republican.+
2016 -- Ted Cruz Quit Screwing With the GOP. Ted Cruz blazed onto the national scene as the skunk at
the GOP's picnic in 2013, launching a historic filibuster, pushing for a government shutdown, and raising
millions of dollars for outside conservative groups that attacked his fellow Republican senators. But with
the 2016 presidential season on the horizon, the Texas firebrand has subtly changed his tune over the
last six months. Instead of agitating against his fellow Republicans, he is now reserving his fire
exclusively for Democrats.
White House Took Drop-Everything Approach to Respond to Public Health Crisis. Obama may appoint
Ebola czar and Obama signaled he is open to a travel ban but doubts it would do more to protect
Americans. House Speaker Boehner said a travel ban is something "the president should absolutely
consider." Support builds for travel ban. Ebola gaffes fuel warnings that the countrys quarantine
regulations are woefully outdated and badly need revising. Ebola protocols: 'Learning on the fly' - The
countrys response to the deadly virus wasnt supposed to go this way. The Washington Post: CDCs
director faces an outbreak of criticism; CDC under fire for Ebola missteps
Ebola and Wall Street stock slide deepen '14 gloom for Dems
Ebola crisis is escalating just as people begin early voting in key states
COULTER: We'll Tell You How Dangerous Ebola Is after the Election
The Media Research Council has warned that, as we approach a crucial mid-term election, the liberal
media have heightened their efforts to sway the election using familiar tactics from their progressive
playbook. They shill for their favorite candidates, suppress the truth about the left's failed policies, and
smear conservative candidates they oppose. Here are some of the latest examples:
MSNBC's Chris Matthews speculated whether the Republican senatorial candidate Thom Tillis
from North Carolina engaged in sexism when he aggressively debated his Democratic opponent.
Evoking the vile war on women smear, Matthews lectured, "Talking down to your female
opponent may not be the best strategy."
Incumbent Colorado Senator Mark Udall made this cringe-inducing comment during a debate in
Colorado: "Steve Sotloff and James Foley would tell us, don't be impulsive. Horrible and
barbarous as those executions were, don't be impulsive." None of the big three networksABC,
CBS, and NBCbothered to report on this insensitive and callous invocation of the two dead
journalists killed at the hands of ISIS terrorists.
Mary Landrieu, the incumbent senator from Louisiana, is under fire for taxpayer-funded flights,
but not a single network has considered her potential abuse of taxpayer dollars worth reporting.


Handicapping the battle for the Senate by noting the parties spending choices
Late Surge of Money Buoys Republicans in Races That Will Decide Control of Senate - In seven races
[Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan and North Carolina], Republicans held more
cash in six of them, with a net advantage of about $7 million; at the same time, Dems had booked more
advertising from Sept. 29 through Election Day in at least five of those races, with the biggest
advantages in North Carolina and Iowa.
KARL ROVE wrote, "The Republican Election Hand Got Better: The GOP is gaining ground with
fundraising, ad buys, undecided voters and independents. In the Real Clear Politics average of polls,
Republican challengers lead in eight of the 11 most-contested races, with nine improving their numbers
or margins since Sept. 1. Republicans also lead and have improved their numbers or margins in all three
vulnerable GOP seats: Kansas, Kentucky and Georgia. Surprises are possible in the remaining 19 days
before the election, but there are a dwindling numbers of cards in the deck, and Republicans appear to
have the better hand." [This last point was mirrored by Nate Silver.]
DSCC deputy executive director Matt Canter wrote, "GA has become center stage, noting that the latest
poll shows Nunn up three and knocking at the door of 50% with 48% of the vote. The NRSC has now
dumped nearly $6 million into the state. In Alaska, where polls show us tied [?], Democrats are
undergoing an unprecedented effort to mobilize Native voters through the early vote. There were 82
early vote locations in Alaska in 2012, mostly in urban areas. There are 208 early vote locations this year,
including 161 in rural areas in or near Native villages." In Iowa, we've already seen signs of success in the
early vote numbers. In all, over 26,000 voters have already cast ballots as of [Tue.] who did not vote in
2010. Of those, 50% are registered Democrats, 28% are unaffiliated, and just 22% are registered
Republicans. Our models indicate these non-traditional midterm voters break toward Bruce Braley by a
more than 2:1 margin. "In Colorado, the entire state goes to all mail-in voting this year. Huge advantage
for Dems. Only two Republicans have ever won statewide in all mail-in voting states. Oregon and
Washington state were competitive swing states not that long ago, until they went to all mail-in voting."
In Iowa, retiring Iowa senator Harkin sits on millions. In Kentucky, Hillary campaigned for Grimes. In
Louisiana, Polls show Bill Cassidy as the favorite if he and Landrieu advance to a December runoff
election and the race has been Fact-checked. In North Carolina, Kay Hagans focus on education could
help drive up turnout among women. In the House, a top Democratic House candidate, Gwen Graham,
said she would not vote for Pelosi; it is possible that there will be a wave for House Republicans. For the
AG-race, Democrats target an immigration warrior in Kansas.
The Kurds are holding-on, as paralysis afflicts western powers, allowing the Islamic Republic of Iran and
its venomous proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, to grow ever stronger and usher in new horrors:
Israel and Embattled Kurdistan
Syrian Kurds Gained Importance in Campaign against ISIS
Air campaign against the Islamic State is just getting off the ground
Turkey Lost UN Security Council Seat in Huge Upset
Increased U.S.-led airstrikes slowed an advance by Islamic State militants on the predominantly Kurdish
Syrian town of Koban (Ayn al-Arab), near the Turkish border. According to a Kurdish commander,
Islamic State fighters have been pushed out of all but two eastern areas of the town. However, the


United States warned that the situation in Koban "remains tenuous." The United States held direct
talks for the first time with the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) last weekend ahead of the
intensified campaign of airstrikes in Koban. PYD officials have attributed the success of their forces to
coordination with the U.S.-led coalition. Since Islamic State militants launched an offensive on the area a
month ago, more than 662 people have been killed, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory
for Human Rights. The estimate includes 374 Islamic State militants, 268 Kurdish forces, and 20 civilians.
The US holds its first direct talks with the PYD. "The United States held direct talks with the Kurdish
Democratic Union Party (PYD) for the first time over the weekend, US State Department spokesperson
said on Thursday.We have for some time had conversations through intermediaries with the PYD. We
have engaged over the course of just last weekend with the PYD,' Jen Psaki told reporters. The PYD is the
dominant Kurdish party in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) led by Salih Muslim. Psaki said that the talks
between the US government and PYD had taken place outside the region without providing further
details. PYD's armed wing, the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) has been locked in a fierce battle with
Islamic State (IS) militants in Koban for a month.
Israel is holding-on, despite BHO/Kerry:
Muslim Thugs on the Temple Mount
U.S. Refused to Help Locate a Missing IDF Soldier
Israel's Legal Wars
Palestinians Bogged Down in Policy Contradictions
Abbas Derides Hamas Talk of "Victory" in War Against Israel
Kerry says that the absence of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal causes 'humiliation' and drives
recruitment for the Islamic State. "US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday called for a resumption
of the Israel-Palestinian peace process, saying the talks were vital in the fight against extremism. 'It is
imperative that we find a way to get back to the negotiations,' Kerry said at a State Department
ceremony marking the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. Kerry has just returned from a tour of Europe and
Egypt, where on Sunday he attended a conference on the reconstruction of Gaza, and where he told
Israel and the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table.

Kerry blames Israel for the Islamic State

Clueless about real situation in region
By Dr. Aaron Lerner
IMRA 17 October 2014
Here's the latest argument by Mr. Kerry for why those damn Israelis are to blame for ISIL - and that
Israel had better damn listen to the master's voice and agree to divide Jerusalem, withdraw from the
West Bank and leave the Jewish State's security to a piece of paper.
"As I went around and met with people in the course of our discussions about the ISIL coalition, the
truth is we there wasnt a leader I met with in the region who didnt raise with me spontaneously the
need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of recruitment and
of street anger and agitation that they felt and I see a lot of heads nodding they had to respond to.
And people need to understand the connection of that. And it has something to do with humiliation and
denial and absence of dignity, and Eid celebrates the opposite of all of that."


Yes the Arab leaders talk the talk" when they meet with Mr. Kerry.
So while they "talk the talk" when they see Mr. Kerry they actually don't consider the Palestinians to be
a priority.
Ask the Palestinians. They will tell you that the Arab world leaders don't really give a damn about them.
They are very well aware that there are other priorities.
And - that's right - the top security people from the countries represented by many of the Arab leaders
WITH ISRAEL in the common struggle against this threat to the region and the world.
As for what motivates support for ISIL - if Mr. Kerry's advisors are actually telling him that the plight of
the Palestinians is a major motivation then he better seek the advice of some people who actually speak
Arabic. There are all kinds of reasons for the support for ISIS - frustration over economic conditions and
corruption (ISIS robs banks and then murders, expels and confiscates the belongings of local "infidels"
and others - so it has money, housing and food to distribute etc. - and it thus is able to provide an
improved life for the remaining population) and hatred for the West (that's the USA - not because the
USA supports Israel but because the USA represents western values). Israel is far from the top of the
Moving on to the open secret: the absolute last thing most of these Arab leaders actually want in the
region today is a sovereign Palestinian state.
Yes, they may "talk the talk" but, unlike Mr. Kerry, these Arab leaders don't think that pigs can fly.
Unlike Mr. Kerry they very realistically realize and recognize that a sovereign Palestinian state today in
the West Bank could readily become a major source of regional unrest and terror.
So it comes down to this: will Mr. Kerry ever come to grips with reality or are we going to have to count
the days - hoping that the democratic process in the United States will ultimately bring in leadership that
operates on the basis of reality rather than fanciful dreams.
Additional IMRA-Articles Issued During This Past Week
Thursday, October 16, 2014
1. Excerpts: Russia 'will not' share ISIS intel with U.S. Jumpstarting
2. (Airport simulation Friday)PM Netanyahu Holds Additional Consultation
3. UN: Dual use material for repairing 80,000 Gaza homes subject to spot check of "small proportion"
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
1. Long loyal to the Assad regime, some Druze in Israel's Golan Heights are changing their tune


2. Iranian official: Goal is world with no US, Israel, Wahhabism and the Islamic State of Iraq and the
Levant (ISIL)
3. Blast rocks Egypt's gas pipeline to Jordan
4. [Video]Chani and her band (in its 'light configuration') rocking out
5. Recruiting and building rockets, Hamas determined to retain Gaza grip
6. Hamas official: Reject linking Gaza reconstruction and regional security
7. Gabi Siboni: Considering a New Strategic Course (Palestinians not even mentioned)
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
1. [With video]UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Visits Location of de-Commissioned Terror
2. Weekly Commentary: Work permits for destroyed missiles
3. Jordan will act promptly against Israeli violations - minister
4. Iranian Embassy rebukes Turkish media for distortion of Iranian official's remarks (that concerned for
Israel's security)
5. Hamas: Shin Bet will exploit expected facilities to recruit new agents
6. Lebanon freezes decision on Iranian military aid: sources
7. Shipment of US Apache helicopters to arrive in Egypt soon: Air force
8. Hamas Official: Israel, Hamas to discuss prisoner exchange
9. IDF Spokesperson Announcement - Transfer of Building Supplies to the Gaza Strip for Rehabilitation &
Export from Gaza
10. Embassy of Israel (London): premature recognition of Palestine
11. Statement by President Reuven Rivlin following the arson attack on the mosque in the Palestinian
town of Aqraba
Monday, October 13, 2014
1. The Navy Successfully Tested an Upgraded "Barak" Missile System
2. Excerpts: P M Cameron to abstain in UK vote on Palestine. Turkey denies giving US access to air base.
Palestinian extremists instigate violence. Jumblat Slams Anti-IS Coalition. Israel-Palestinian cooperation
re Ebola October 13, 2014
3. PA PM: Only half of Cairo pledges to be spent on Gaza reconstruction
4. PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Start of his Meeting with UN Secretary
5. Jihad: Stop depositing Gaza construction money in Israels accounts
6. Official PLO news agency indicates backtracking on Joseph's Tomb
7. Egypt to receive $5bn in loans from UAE and Saudi Arabia after return of Qatari deposits
8. Egypt deports 68 Palestinian migrants back to Gaza
Sunday, October 12, 2014
1. Kerry Cairo remarks: Assume that PA might prevent rocket firing but NO DEMILITARIZATION
2. High level conference in Cairo: USD 5.4 billion to Palestine (Norwegian FM: success contingent on


lifting occupation)
3. PM Netanyahu Convenes Additional Discussion on the Spread of the Ebola
4. Ashes of World War I's Jewish Legion commander Brought to Israel
5. The Significance of the First Hizbullah Attack against Israeli Forces
6. IDF Chief: 'We Won' Gaza War - but Experts Question Claim
7. Four Egyptians behind Islamic States takfirist ideology [to find religious justification
for its bloody attempts to forge a new caliphate,+
8. Officials: PA not taking control over Gaza crossings
9. PMW: PA leaders: Our weapons are for future wars with Israel
10. Excerpts: US warns ISIS reprisal attacks October 11, 2014
Saturday, October 11, 2014
1. Former head of IDF international law department: Israels Legal Wars
2. (Shocking) Essay: Gaza Tunnel Threat More Severe Than Thought
3. Daily Lists Details of Iran's Arms Aid to Lebanon: missiles, tanks, artillery
4. Egypt will not let go of Gaza, at least for strategic reasons
5. Scoop: Israel guarantees to never again bomb Gaza Strip
6. (Recording) Yossi Beilin: PA must give deadline to Hamas to disarm,
7. Israel Hayom: Pollard's release date changed back to November 2015


Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 10:39 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XXIII
[Coke, Corbett, Mumia, Guns, Ebola, Midterms, Jewish-Lib Media, Kurdistan, TEA Party Patriots,
This Blast e-mail contains terse-hyperlinks and attachments that encompass a summary of the
comments of Rush plus essays by Jim Geraghty, Jonah Goldberg. Points herein serve to corroborate
points previously made regarding domestic policy [particularly Ebola] and foreign policy [particularly
Husseins WMD+. It is first necessary to alert all fellow Coke-addicts that it is necessary to run FOUR
miles to burn off the 210 calories [more than a 10th of the daily recommended intake for a woman] in
just one [500 ml.] bottle of coke, explaining the call for exercise data to be printed on packaging instead
of calories; this is why I switched to cherry-flavored diet-coke, concocted via a Soda-Stream [hawked,
please recall, by Scarlett Johansson over objections by England-based BDS-activists, noting that they are
made in Judea/Samaria].
A NEW GUBERNATORIAL POLL showed a narrower race [WOLF 49.1% CORBETT 42.2%];
my comment ,As anticipated, the race is tightening; people are, perhaps, beginning to
recognize [1]Wolfs evasiveness, *2+Wolfs plan to hike taxes dramatically, and *3+
Wolfs resemblance (policy-wise) to Obama.- was left unchallenged, while I requested
that people attacking Corbett to, please, document their assertions (alas, to no avail).
Updating PornGate, Justice Eakin Claimed Justice McCaffery Threatened Him over His
Own Emails. Updating AG-Kane, Guzzardi noted the Attorney General's web site has
been "updated" by having deleted both the Search function and the Pennsylvania
Turnpike Pay to Play Grand Jury Presentment; he lamented the fact that charges were
dropped against former Senator Mellow, while two other defendants pleaded guilty and
got ARD.
On Tuesday @ noon, Governor Corbett will sign Rep. Mike Verebs
House Bill 2533 into law. The bill is the re-victimization act which is a
further protection for our victims. While Mumia was the inspiration for
this bill, it really is about all of our victims. The signing will take place in
the very spot Officer Faulkner was shot and killed at 13th and Locust. If
you are in the city come by; this is our chance to show all crime victims
that we care about them. A very special guest will be joining us,
Maureen Faulkner!
Regarding gun-control, one recalls the definition of a conservative *a lib who was
mugged+ when noting that a Pennsylvania Dem. who used a gun to defend himself
(Rep. Flynn) said, 'I don't feel safe walking the streets in Harrisburg'; the Police said Rep.
Flynn 'acted like a hero' and 4 have been charged in shootout with PA pols. On the
national level, AG-Holder's Top Deputy Resigned amid Revelation Fast and Furious Guns
Used in Phoenix Crime, a development top congressional Republicans say Obama sought
to cover-up. Again, entries on BHOs Scandal-Sheet continue to accumulate.


GOP blasted Obama Ebola czar pick; he has No Medical/Health Background, is an Incompetent Political
Hack, and was primarily responsible for stimulus expenditures *a.k.a. wasteful spending+. The
database expands regarding how BHO has [again] politicized this issue:
Doctors without Borders Lost 9 to Ebola
Caribbean, South American Countries Close Borders to Combat Ebola
30 nations have already imposed travel bans
NOONAN: Administration's Ebola evasions reveal disdain for Americans
Soldiers Get Just 4 Hours of Virus Training
CDC tells NYC to get ready
Feds ask labs to plan for producing Ebola drug
Hospital worker in quarantine -- on cruise ship!
Airline now tracking 800 people
TX Restricts Movements of Hospital Workers
Controversy over 'self-monitoring'
'Prepping' goes mainstream
DHS Opens Door to New Immigrants from Haiti, Extends Special Protections for
Honduran, Nicaraguan Immigrants
Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart Sparred Over 'White Privilege'
A few updates regarding the Midterms are of-interest, regarding Kentucky [New Poll Shows Grimes Hurt
by Recent Gaffes as McConnell Leads by 8 in Kentucky] and North Carolina [Hagan Reversed Position On
Ebola Travel Ban, Now Against and Hagan Flip Flops Again, Issues Third Position On Ebola Travel Ban].
Curiously, the New York Governor's Race Polarized over Common Core Standards.
Keneseth Israel Candidates' Forum Offered a Glimpse into Races in a fashion that is alltoo-typical of the liberal media; it championed Brendan Boyle and mentioned Dee
Adcock as an afterthought, despite the fact that they differed on the Keystone-XL [BB
against with DA for]. At this point, although I spoke directly to the Exponent reporter,
Ive given up trying to reform these exemplars of all that is incorrect about the Jewish
communal organizations. The current issue, for example, constitutes a lamentation that
the GOP may win the Senate; just like ideological Dems, they are truly incorrigible.
Although the UN Rights Chief, the World Underestimated 'Twin Plagues' Of Ebola and the Islamic State.
Noting how profoundly the world has ignored Koban, The Death of Responsibility to Protect, is
lamentable; it was an international norm proposed by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan [following the
genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and the mass murders in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica a year later] that
was predicated on the idea that the international community would assume an obligation to
intervene, militarily if necessary, to prevent or halt mass atrocities. In any case, in Koban, an Islamic
State Jihadist 'Begged' Kurds to Kill Him, Even When Taken to Kurdish Mosque; this is reminiscent of a


scene in Godfather-II when Al Pacino predicts Batistas fall to Castro when a revolutionary uses a
grenade to kill both himself and a Cuban policeman. These people are dangerousand dedicated;
fortunately, Syrian Kurds are seeking unity in face of the Islamic State threat. Also, attacks in Baghdad
Killed at Least 50 People.
On Wednesday, masked Muslims attacked visitors on the Temple Mount in what could
have become a massacre. Hordes of young men surged out the mosques (in which they
had slept overnight to surprise the Jews) and fought a pitched battle with police forces,
throwing rocks, firebombs, fireworks, metal pipes and concrete slabs that had been
stockpiled in advance. They started fires at the mosque entrances for smoke cover.
Police had to drive the rioters back into the mosques and lock them inside in order to
prevent a mass-casualty incident. This is organized thuggery, designed to turn the
Temple Mount into the hottest battleground between Israel and the Arab world, and to
undermine Israel's control of the holy city. {I feel they should be deported to Gaza.}
Jerusalem light rail line was crippled by rock throwing.
Ari Yashar wrote that Governmental sources report that US Secretary of State John
Kerry is behind the European boycott threats on Israeli products and companies
operating in Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The EU published
its guidelines last July, boycotting Israeli companies operating over the 1949 Armistice
lines. Kerry is making sure the threats stay in check, and it is feared that they will be
intensified if/when any future peace-talks were to fail.
Other international news that has been upstaged relates to Iran [Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said
on Monday a nuclear deal with the West was bound to happen and he believed it could be achieved by a
November 24 deadline], Russia [Iran and Russia Held Joint Naval Exercise], Venezuela [VENEZUELA and
NEW ZEALAND WIN UN SEATS BUT TURKEY REBUFFED], Turkey [In Humiliation, Turkey Loses Security
Council Seat over Syria Policy] and Cambodia [CAMBODIAN KHMER ROUGE GENOCIDE TRIBUNAL

I provided a copy of the key-policies of Tea Party Patriots [with specific reference to core and non-core
components thereof] to a lib-friend, who provided this reaction [noting the lack of specificity therein]:
Armed with a pepperoni pizza, I girded myself to read the TEA Party materials. My
disagreements/criticisms are so many, I can only name the largest issues.


I will intersperse comments herein, assuredly sparking reactions; it will be necessary to

evoke allegedly-problematic quotes, because it is not easy to react to sweeping
Healthcare reform: Easy to criticize and put out some "nice" words about the free
market. But, with zero thought as to what the free market would bring forth, who
knows if it would do any of the things the TEA party purports to support. There is no
provision for oversight; thus, no way to even set standards by which the free market
much comply.
Unstated, perhaps, but it is felt state-level regulation should suffice.
I am fairly confident the competitive marketplace can come up with low-cost barebones plans that will leave people without money in the lurch if they get really sick. But,
what about a plan with meaningful coverage that does not exclude on the basis of preexisting conditions? Without a push toward encouraging people to get coverage, those
plans will continue to be expensive. I'm sorry if you don't want to pay for maternity
care. I don't want PSA screenings. Most people think they don't need mental health
coverage, that is, until someone in their family has a major depressive episode or
experiences post-traumatic stress disorder after being a cop. Coverage for services a
particular individual didn't need existed in market-driven plans pre-Obamacare.
It is difficult to discern a focused criticism of the desire to stop relying
on community-rating, a one size fits all approach to healthcare
Immigration: I'm sorry, I do not perceive La Raza as anti-American. It's comments like
that which will always leave the perception that this is simply about bigotry - whether it
is, or isn't. Just dumb.
It is anti-American to advocate open-borders, thereby destroying
American Exceptionalism by remaining outside the fabric of society; it is
also anti-American to ignore the prospect of terrorists to enter the US
when the borders are overtly maintained in this fashion.
Second Amendment: They say they won't advocate for any particular position. Yet,
they'll oppose ANY efforts to revoke the right - that's taking a position because one must
determine what constitutes revoking the right. Be genuine.
They feel gun-rights are inherent in overall advocacy for rule-of-law.
Social issues: Again, double-speak. They say they will not weigh in on social issues. Yet,
they will if "our core values are being compromised to Washington's actions on these
matters." Great way to oppose abortion, for example - just against it because it's an
expenditure. Great way to oppose poverty-related programs - it's another federal
expenditure. (You probably would say it's not a social issue but I believe it is.). The list
goes on and on. Using fiscal issues to dictate spending priorities is taking a position on
many social policy-related issues.


You are reading into the document what it overtly eschews.

But failed also to mention the desire to repeal the federal income tax. If you promote
adhering to the Constitution, why prioritize amending it? Seems like a credibility issue to
me. Why should I feel compelled to conform to a dated and literal interpretation of a
document that the party itself wishes to change?
The Constitution includes an amendment process; honoring this
approach is preferable to empowering activist judges by claiming it is
a living document *as justification for unilateral actions+.
And the effort does not take positions that might "fix" (assuming it is broken) the tax
code. Rather, it starts with the most radical of approaches. Taking things to extremes
seems to be the mode of action. Not very viable except to stir the pot - does not lead to
problem solving. You would probably argue that's OK because you don't want the
government to really work on resolving problems except in a very narrow sphere.
You fail to specify what is extreme; we want LIMITED government to
work, not bloated big-government.
Just as libs paint a picture of the outcome of the programs it supports which may be
overly optimistic, the TEA party fails to really discuss what a world without an income
tax looks like. The money to fix problems (e.g., highway repairs) must come from
somewhere. If it's not federal income taxes, it will be state or sales taxes. Be honest.
Spending cuts will take a very long time to implement. Money must come in from
somewhere. Reforming the tax code would at least let things happen gradually. Pushing
for a repeal without a viable alternative will not.
It could be supplanted by a Fair or a Flat Tax.

you gotta have a sensa hughma


Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 6:21 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XXIV [BHO's anti-Semitism, Midterms, Ebola, Corbett, Tea Party Patriots]
Just when it seemed The Two-State Solution is Dead, along came John Kerry Blaming the Jews for the
failure of peace talks and, thus, the growth of the Islamic State; Pamela Geller wrote the vile
demagoguery coming out of the Obama administration is the stuff of the KKK or al-Qaeda *its vicious,
anti-Semitic and supremacist] and Arlene Kushner wrote it was not only daft and outrageous [it was
dead wrong and dangerous]. {At a MENSA meeting yesterday, an expert who edits the web-page of the
Middle East Forum seemed to agree with me that the American priority must be to help the Kurds.}
A friend feels libs might be reached via music {Face of the New Democracy; Won't Get
Fooled Again; and California Uber Alles [interpreted]}; he also noted efforts to reexamine Hannah Arendt's "Banality of Evil" [WSJ Review of Eichmann Before Jerusalem
and JRB Review of Eichmann Before Jerusalem].
Regarding the MIDTERMS, predictable predictions have been made by DNC chief, Rep. WassermanSchultz *'Were going to hold the Senate,' for the president isnt on the ballotcontradicting BHO+ and
the RNC head, Reince Priebus *GOP will absolutely win Senateciting reproducible data+; Ted Cruz feels
the GOP will 'likely' take Senate, leaving it wide open when pressed on his future. Articles by
disinterested analysts were consistently positive to the GOP [Latest Polling Tilts Redder, Senate
Fundraising Totals Are A Bad Sign For Democrats, and Democratic Hopes Dim in Kentucky].
Evidence of desperation has emerged, in particular, in a piece in The Hill [which is
supposedly bipartisan] which [1]praises Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and other Dems for
opposing governmental spying *defeat would leave a void in the Senate and on the
powerful Intelligence Committee, civil liberties and anti-secrecy advocates fear+, but
[2]doesnt cite the fact that the force behind such concerns is BHO *not the GOP+.
Brutal honesty is buried therein: The Denver Post which endorsed
Udall in 2008 said the senator is not perceived as a leader in
Washington and threw its support behind Gardner. While the
newspaper said it would be remiss not to credit Udall for his work
against spying activities, Gardner hasn't been oblivious to this issue,
either, it claimed, noting his support of a House bill to rein in the NSA.
Evidence of its imbalance permeates the article *Critics of the governments spy
agencies are worried that Colorados hotly contested Senate race could end the public
career of one of their best allies in Congress+ and it even uses one-sided lingo *Part of
the problem for Udall is that the focus of his efforts are just not a top issue for most
Americans+ while exclusively quoting libs *Part of the difficulty with an issue like
privacy is that the harms can feel very intangible and they dont necessarily have the
same obvious direct effect as pocketbook issues, said Elizabeth Goitein, co-director of
the Brennan Center for Justices liberty and national security program.+.


The update of the 2014 senate map continues to report that this 45-45 race
includes 10 toss-up states in which the most-recent polling universally continues to reflect GOP leads
[except for Georgia, where the Libertarian votes would presumably flip to the GOP in a run-off], and one
wonders how soon some of these races will be reclassified as Lean-GOP:
Sullivan 3+
Cotton 3+
Gardner 6+
GA: Nunn 1+
Ernst 4+
Roberts 2+
KY: McConnell 8+
Cassidy 9+
Brown 1+
Tillis 1+
This may explain why the NYT-SUNDAY published a Confidential memo from Obama pollster predicting
'crushing Dem losses' if blacks not engaged in election; it also may explain why Dems put prayers in
ground game and why Streisand is Pleading for $ ['We're Running Out of Time and Money']. Amazingly,
the customary weapons harbored by Dems arent working *Obama's standing with women hurts
Senate Dems and 'Clinton Democrats' [Both Bill and Hillary Clinton] are falling flat in South].
Other events reflect issues-trends that have been captured in prior Blast e-mails: the
SCOTUS will allow Texas to enforce its new voter ID law, Homelessness Exploded
Under Obama, and Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the Pope aims to be more accepting
and, thus, there will likely be changes in how the church views same-sex couples and
marriage [again justifying efforts to rev-up the Log Cabin Republicans in PA]. Finally,
again illustrating why gun control affects law-abiding people while doing little to
inconvenience law-breakers is the revelation that a stolen gun was used in the botched
robbery of PA lawmakers outside Capitol; to a counter-argument *There was absolutely
no gun control at play, for leaving a gun in a car was certainly not a secure way to store
a weapon+, the obvious dynamic was ignored *Illegal gun by perps vs. legal gun by
good-guysas usual+.
If Ebola was to be the October Surprise, it was made-to-order to help the GOP, for it dramatizes the
dire consequences when BHO prioritizes ideology over reality; for example, a lib [NYTS JONATHAN
RUNNING COMPETENT GOVT. The man is incorrigible; just after the NYT reported that a 'Seething'
Obama Has Been Let Down by CDC, Obama Golfed For 4 Hours, 40 Minutes On Saturday, and Then Held


Nighttime Ebola MeetingWhich New Ebola Czar Skipped *as he had the one on Friday+. As Dallas judge
Clay Jenkins announced the Duncan family quarantine will be lifted by days end, Nurses union head
confessed nurses overwhelmingly said we werent ready for Ebola.
The issue has become politicized when one notes what is said by the GOP. Cruz said the
'Biggest mistake' in the response to the Ebola public health crisis was letting flights
continue, because the administration was focused on politics; CRUZ also said DOCTORS
Rep. Tim Murphy said Ebola misinformation could lead to panic and Sen. Roy Blunt said
Ebola fears are based on a long list of government failures, having proven incapable of
dealing with other crises.
NIH official [Dr. Anthony Fauci] called Ron Klain an "excellent manager,"
continued to oppose a travel-ban because of the ability of officials to
track people easily, track people, and claimed budget-cuts were not to
blame for lack Ebola vaccine (disagreeing with NIH head [Dr. Francis
The issue has become politicized when one notes what is said by the Dems. DNC head
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz accused Rand Paul of politicizing Ebola, claiming Paul, who's
a doctor, "should know better." {Even Alan Grayson Called for Ebola Travel Ban in July,
although Obama 'Inexplicably' Ignored Request.}
Bill ONeill provides this commentary [consolidated]:
The purpose of a military is to kill people and destroy things. The use of the military is to
invade a country, to occupy a country. Killing people is anti-humanitarian. A military is
therefore anti-humanitarian, which is the purpose of the military. President Obama
failed to follow the Constitutional use of the American Military.
President Kennedy organized The Peace Corps, the purpose of which is to help people,
not kill them like the military does. President Obama ordered the Peace Corps to
evacuate from Liberia in July. The two infected Americans [Kent Brantly and Nancy
Writebol+ were put in intensive care in Monrovias isolation center, prior to being
evacuated to Emory University Hospital; they were treated with an experimental drug,
Zmapp, and cured.
Is there probably no reason to panic about Ebola, except when the credibility of the
information in the news is problematic. The media is used for propaganda by all
governments, so the information is always biased and therefore not always trustworthy.
Thats why people are pretty much on their own when it comes to finding out what's
going on. Thats also why the Drudge Report became immensely popular *because of its
questioning nature] and why the Internet and Social Media are great tools for freedom
[which explains why they are opposed so much by government].
Blogging on Politics-PA became heated and personal, as was revealed by an attack on my input [and, of
course, by my rejoinder]:


Robbie says:
October 18, 2014 at 1:59 pm
Stick to medicine, because you clearly know nothing about politics.
You support no winners. You backed Guzzardi for Governor against Corbett, and
Guzzardi didnt even make the ballot. On that, you thought he would make the ballot.
Wrong. It shows Guzzardi is a terrible lawyer who doesnt know how to follow simple
directions in law. It shows you know nothing about the law or politics, even though it
doesnt stop you from pretending you know everything.
You claim to be a doctor, but would you compare one patients records with another
patients records when diagnosing or trying to assess a change in medical condition? Of
course not (if you did, no medical liability insurance carrier would insure you). That is
what you are doing with polls. You cant compare Magellan Strategies poll with a
Quinnipiac poll, or a Franklin and Marshall poll, or even a YouGov/CBS/NY Times poll.
Different polling organizations have different methodologies, conduct the surveys
differently, ask different questions, and present in a different order.
By the way, Magellan Strategies has only conservative organizations (including Keystone
Report) for clients, including Americans for Prosperity (the Koch brothers 501(c)(4)).
That is hardly an unbiased poll. That is cheerleading, not objective analysis. What makes
anybody think their polls have value? Nobody thinks that except those who want to
believe the results.
You like to talk about trends, so lets look at them. The margin in the YouGov/CBS/NY
Times polls has not changed at all since its survey began in June/July. Whether or not
you believe the numbers (and no pollster, Republican, Democrat or Independent, uses
that methodology or thinks it is viable except them), there has been a margin change of
exactly 0% in 3-4 months. That trend is what we call stagnation.
The Magellan polls have moved only within the margin of error. We who are
professionals and have conducted polls before will tell you that is not a trend. That is
just movement within the margin of error. Even the most pro-Corbett poll (Magellan)
and the poll using an outlier methodology (YouGov/CBS/NY Times) show no trend
except a big loss for Corbett. Every other poll has the lead at a large double digit margin.
Nobody thinks it is winnable for Corbett (except Corbett dreaming he can keep his job).
If anybody who mattered did think that, the conservative groups and those who matter
would be pouring huge resources into the race (that happened in 2012, and the
Democrats still had a clean sweep of all 5 statewide elections they have stayed out this
Please tell us one example of a candidate who has come back to win an election in a big
state or city when he was trailing in every poll by a margin this large with barely 2 weeks
left (by the way, Obama and Rendell are still more popular than Corbett in every poll).


Also, despite what the Corbett sycophants like Charlie Gerow like to say, Corbett never
trailed in any public poll for Governor 2010, Attorney General 2008, or Attorney General
2004 (his only 3 other campaigns) he was the favorite in every race, start to finish.
Sklaroff, I hope for the sake of your patients that you are much better as a doctor than
you are as a lawyer or political pundit. I dont try to practice medicine just because I
have read articles on health an medicine and spoken with many doctors. Accept your
limits and stop acting like you know a lot about the law and politics just because you
read Politics PA, a few other blogs and believe things must to be the way you believe.
On November 4, you will be wrong again when Corbett loses by double digits.
@ Robbie:
WOW. All I did was to leave the Internet to attend a lecture on the Middle East @ a
MENSA meeting and then go out to dinner/movie *"The Judge"+and this entry
First of all, my prediction was merely that the race would narrow, and it has.
Second, my concerns regarding Corbetts re-electability [expressed herein during the
past two years, based primarily on Sandusky] prompted me to nudge for Cawley to
displace him [as I said to him, and to others, repeatedly].
Third, in conjunction with that viewpoint, I told everyone my view [starting in
December, including to Guzzardi] that his potential candidacy could potentially spark
discussion *@ the PA Society meeting+ along the lines Id articulated.
Fourth, when that failed to materialize, I helped him get onto the ballot and, despite
attacks by DD, I correctly vetted his signatures.
Fifth, I concurred with Commonwealth Court but suspect the Supremes may have
harbored problematic motivations when overturning, inasmuch as 1]The signatures
were validated [100+ in at least 2/4 challenged counties, although all 4 were ultimately
OK]; and 2]Guzzardi had filed his fisc-report with the DoS and it immediately was
available to the world [via the Internet], so the law was outmoded (behaviorally
superseded) because its intent had been satisfied (and he was not told to file anything
anywhere else when his filing was accepted by the DoS).
Therefore, thus-far, I have provided sufficient clarification to undermine your historical
These analytic-points are c/w those Ive articulated:
Magellan said that over the course of the three polls it has conducted
for the Keystone Report, Mr. Corbetts showing has improved


somewhat as he has begun to consolidate his GOP base. In July, he had

the support of 64 percent of GOP voters. In the latest findings, he had
73 percent among Republicans. The statement also said that the
proportion of voters with a negative view of first-time candidate Wolf
had also crept up.
The pollster said the biggest difference between its finding and those
of most other recent public surveys is that the weighting of its results
assumes a lower relative turnout among Democrats compared with
Republicans, an assumption that Magellan said better reflects the
pattern of recent non-presidential voting years in Pennsylvania.
Ive also argued that Corbett should tie Wolf to BHO *as is occurring nationally+, an
effort that could yield enhanced GOP-turnout.
Of COURSE Im rooting for Corbett, if for no other reason than AG-Kane flubbed her
Sandusky-attack and hes $-responsible; Ive been a GOP-Committeeman [for two
decades-plus!] and feel BHO has methodically been destroying America.
If you choose, you may wish to react to this prognostication [plus the flipping-Senate],
based primarily upon multiple-readings and chats with political-leaders.
Ill close by addressing your ad-hominem attack *"would you compare one patients
records with another patients records when diagnosing or trying to assess a change in
medical condition? Of course not (if you did, no medical liability insurance carrier would
insure you)."]
You are incorrect, for the whole concept of basing clinical decision-making on the data
culled into articles published in the professional literature ["evidence-based medicine"]
underlies the optimal approach to patient-care.
Finally, you raised the issue of whether political comebacks can transpire, and I would
point to last years gubernatorial race in Virginia, which was thisclose @ the end, with
many pundits feeling Cuccinelli would have won had the election be held a week later.
I know youd probably react with a cudda/shudda level of scorn *particularly when it is
recalled that his national-$ had been cut+, but this illustrates why it aint over til its
I am not wont to talk the talk without walking the talk and, thus, I have manifest my
angst about BHO [and his Dem-apologists+ rather than merely lamenting whats aired on
Would you care to defend whats happening on the national/international stage, c/o
this Alinskyite?


Inasmuch as DD has consciously demurred rather than attempting to defend his
assertions [having subsequently blogged without returning to this prior page], perhaps
you might wish to try to shore-up his credibility [in this instance, defending AG-Holder].
The previously-detailed attack by a friend against the Tea Party Patriots was amplified and rebutted:
For example, if the movement believed in a flat tax as an option, why not actively
advocate for that rather than a repeal of the federal government's ability to tax? It's all
grandstanding and neither helpful nor plausible. If you believe in the "rule of law," why
stand up only for the 2nd Amendment but not an amendment that deals with the right to
tax? And where does it say that the states should actively regulate the insurance
industry and what those regulations should be? You are superimposing your own
views. This platform lacks specificity and, frankly, that makes it extreme and frightening.
Rather than providing real solutions, all it asserts is the intent to spend less money.
*I replied+ Repealing the graduated income tax would necessitate
imposition of a substitute, such as a flat or a fair tax. Also, because
the Constitution allows for an amendment process, one can
simultaneously advocate for compliance with existing law and for
amendment thereof.
Here is another example of discriminatory policies promulgated by the insurance
industry when it is not tightly regulated. I know someone who has had to carry a private
disability policy since the '90s which costs more than 225/month because that industry

-benefits have been used. Thus, there

must be a requirement to accept people with such pre-existing conditions.
*I replied+ Other resources illustrate how the TEA Party Movement has
articulated a set of proposals that could supplant ObamaCare]; also,
would you now have the federal government assume control over the
Disability Insurance industry?
A friend reacted to the following assertion: Just as libs paint a picture of the outcome
of the programs it supports which may be overly optimistic, the TEA party fails to really
discuss what a world without an income tax looks like. The money to fix problems (e.g.,
highway repairs) must come from somewhere. If it's not federal income taxes, it will be
state or sales taxes. Be honest. Spending cuts will take a very long time to implement.
Money must come in from somewhere. Reforming the tax code would at least let things
happen gradually. Pushing for a repeal without a viable alternative will not.
Income taxes to the Federal Government are not the only source of
money for government.


Government spends too much to do too much to us and for us.

Eliminating the Income tax by repealing the Amendment which itself
violates the per-capitation restriction in the Constitution is an attempt
to control government over-spending.
There are numerous ideas to pay to build and repair roads, schools,
government buildings, forts, magazines and dockyards without an
income tax.
The snide comment to be honest is childish. Tell her to Grow up.
Spending cuts can be immediate. The rapacious PA Public Pension
Payments can be cancelled by rescinding the fraudulent contract. (Fraud
invalidates a contract.) Alternately, negotiate a new contract. Forcing
taxpayers to pay too much money to government workers is a freedom
violation on its face. Government contracts are too often about the use
of force; the avoidance of choice and are only slightly different forms of
holdup and theft by force, i.e., armed robbery.
A viable alternative to overspending is an immediate stop to the
excessive spending.
Liberals are some of the most stubborn and intolerant of people, who
for many inexplicable reasons adore Marx, Lenin and John Dewey
without realizing Communism is a dog whistle for thugs and dictators
like Stalin, Mao and Fidel.


Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 2:24 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XXV
[Compilation, Kurdistan, Temple Mount, Klinghoffer, Guns, Amnesty, Ebola, Midterms, Judge-McCaffrey]
{Because Sherkoh and I will again be published [this time, in The Hill], will distribute this
info and then provide the text of what has been accepted [for tomorrow] and then will
supplement it with hyperlinks that havent yet been mined completely.}
This Blast e-mail contains both information gleaned from the Internet and contributions from others;
it also provides a compilation of all prior news meta-analyses. It addresses international affairs [focused
on Kurdistan], national affairs [focused on the midterms], and statewide affairs [focused on Corbett].
{Also, know that a STUDY linked Drinking Sweetened [not diet] soda with Premature Aging, Disease, and
Early Death, but also know that use of a Soda Stream for myriad diet-sodas [e.g., Cherry-Coke] is OK; in
addition, it seems Nicolas Cage Does Not Want You to See His New Movie, an unprecedented posture,
and I concur with Rex Reed that in The Judge, Duvall and Downey Are Unforgettable as a Complex
Father-Son Pair.}
The backlog of Blast e-mails composed since Memorial Day, 2013 has been compiled
in three sets: Anti-BHO e-mails [I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV]
remitted during the first half-year *focused on BHOs Scandal-Sheet and the effort to
defund ObamaDontCare (spotlighting Cruz)+, and Action-Items e-mails [I, II, III, IV, V,
XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX and XXX] remitted since December [focused initially on Guzzardi
and morphed into focus on myriad other issues related to BHOs overall efforts
domestic and globalto destroy American Exceptionalism]. Also, the first set of
Thoughts *I-XVII] was uploaded and, as soon as the size of the currently-accumulating
file hits 2 megs, it will be uploaded, as well; anyone who is a glutton-for-punishment
may request a copy of any document [composed in Microsoft WORD]. {Graphics and
topical-levity have been invoked sparingly, with visuals that match topics covered.}
Topics covered addressed Foreign Policy [Kurdistan, Israel, Ukraine],
*ObamaDontCare, E-Cigs, Ebola], Education [Common Core, Holocaust
mandate in PA], Culture Wars [Gun-Laws, Gay-Marriage, Abortion],
BHOs Scandal-Sheet [BenghaziGate, IRS, NSA], Big Government
[Income-Redistribution, Illegals, Constitution]. {These topic-triads are
not comprehensive, but constitute the major concerns scrutinized.}
They have been provided without risking spamming *including the finis pledge to
become a bit less comprehensive]; they can be searched for key-words. More than
3700-pages have been composed thus far [1051 + 2485 + 175], and the reader is invited
to ID any internal contradiction *for there arent any!+, inasmuch as the secondary-goal
has been consensus-development.


Battles continue to rage in Kurdistan and in other regions in Iraq/Syria; Col. Oliver North suspects the
former may have been promulgated as a distraction while Baghdad has become targeted [per last
nights interview by Greta on FNC] but, regardless, the Kurds remain in dire-straits; for example,
although Turkey is Allowing Iraqi Kurds To Join Fight Against ISIS In Koban, it is blocking delivery of
sorely-needed heavy arms because it opposes US arms transfers to Kurds who, it claims, are terrorists.
There has been some CONFUSION, manifest when US Humanitarian Aid is given to the Islamic State [?];
Churches in Mosul have been destroyed by the Islamic State, Car Bombings Killed 16 People in Karbala,
Militants launched 15 near-simultaneous attacks, and New Islamic State Atrocities abounded [Chemical
Attacks, Hacking Limbs, Beheading Boy with Down Syndrome]. Beggars cant be choosers, but it seems
anti-climactic that a US-Led Strike Killed 8 in ISIS-Held Syria Town; even Colin Powell's former Chief Of
Staff [Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, who harshly criticized Bush-43 and his team+ has opined on How To
'Knock [the Islamic State] The Heck Out.' Finally, disinformation has been generated [An independent
Kurdistan? Be careful what you wish for] that is replete with deceit [such as suggesting such an entity
would be communist, absent any rationale for making such an absurd claim]. {A must-read is this
analysis of two Chemical Weapons Revelations in the Middle East.}
Summaries of the Past Two Days, c/o Foreign Policy
Along with continued coalition airstrikes, the U.S. military has airdropped supplies to
Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State militants in the Syrian town of Koban (Ayn alArab). Three U.S. transport planes dropped 27 bundles of supplies, provided by Iraqi
Kurdish authorities, including ammunition, small arms, and medical supplies. The move
has come amid intensified fighting in the town, near the border with Turkey. According
to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Islamic State militants fired
44 mortars at Kurdish controlled areas of the town on Saturday. On Monday, in a shift,
Turkey said it would allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross the Syrian border to reinforce
Kurdish forces defending Koban. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey was
facilitating the passage of Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga forces across its territory into Syria.
As fresh clashes broke out in the town of Koban (Ayn al-Arab) Monday, Britain
announced it was authorizing spy planes and armed drones to conduct surveillance
missions over Syria. British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said the aircraft would fly
over Syria to "gather intelligence as part of our efforts to protect our national security."
He noted, however, that the aircraft would not fire weapons and that armed operations
in Syria would require "further permission." The British parliament approved conducting
airstrikes in Iraq in September. Islamic State militants launched several attacks against
Kurdish forces in northern Iraq Monday, including a truck bombing near the Mosul Dam
and clashes close to the town of Qarah Tapah. Additionally, leaders from the Yazidi
minority reported Islamic State militants have seized two villages in an advance on
Mount Sinjar. An assault by the militant group in August forced an estimated 40,000
Yazidis to flee the area. Meanwhile, as attention has focused on Islamic State advances
in Iraq and Syria, opposition activists and monitoring groups, including the Organization
for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, claim the Syrian government has increased its
use of chemical weapons, particularly since August.
Battles continue to rage in Israel, both physical and philosophical; this includes the battle for control of
the Temple Mount with Palestinian President Abbas Calling Jews Visiting Temple Mount 'Herd of Cattle';
worriment that Hamas is already Rebuilding Gaza Terror Tunnels; absurd elaboration by WaPos Richard


Cohen On His Claim That Israel Was A Mistake; and a huffington-post article (by an 18-year-old Israeli,
US Department of State International Exchange alumnus, public diplomacy and peace activist) allegedly
presenting Israel's True Face but actually reflecting the typical lib-philosophy favoring a 2-state
solution, absent recognition that the Palestinian Arabs resolutely reject this approach. [I still feel rioters
should be dispatched to Gaza.]
In other international news, NYT: Obama Wants Iran Deal that Avoids Congress (raising
concern that his plan is to swap a real-deal for transient support against the Islamic
State), Dutch battled a surge of desperate, violent Muslim refugees (infesting Europe),
Australia Reversed Hijab Ban (reflecting another manifestation of politically-correct
behavior), and Philippine Islamists Freed Two German Hostages (reflecting the global
nature of this struggle). {Also know that North and South Korea Exchanged Gunfire
Along Border.}
Battles continue to rage in America regarding The Death of Klinghoffer which opened yesterday at the
Metropolitan Opera amidst Pro-Israel Protesters, some of whom Disrupted what they viewed as an AntiSemitic Met Opera; the aforementioned piece [printed twice by the NY-Times] referred to this work as a
masterpiece.*and observed that+ while the terrorists do sing and poetize in a mode similar to that of
the other characters, they dont come across exactly as humanized, or even as human. Not surprisingly,
Major Jewish donors stood by the Met [Michael Bloomberg, L.P., The Annenberg Foundation, The
Neubauer Family Foundation, and Toll Brothers Foundation], while others considered its being
performed as a Betrayal; the NY-Daily News was also highly critical [The right chorus to hear].
The latest on gun-law concerns is that AG-Holder feels Failure to Pass Gun Control Is
My Biggest Failure; meanwhile, an Armed Citizen Took Keys Out Of Getaway Car prior
to Shooting and And Killing Armed Bank Robber and Two were Killed and Nine were
Wounded in Chicago weekend Violence and a Mexican Community Activist was Gunned
Down During Radio Show.
That BHO continues to trash America motivates continue dissemination of information that may not
otherwise have been noticed; this applies to his plan to grant executive-amnesty to Hispanics [Obama
Admin Quietly Prepares 'Surge' Of New Immigrant IDs, Up to 34 MILLION green cards and work permits,
Obama Admin: We May Need 'Surge' Of Millions Of Immigrant Ids 'For Any Number Of Reasons'; and
House Judiciary Committee Demands Briefing on New Immigrant ID 'Surge'], to Haitians [Obama to
Allow 100,000 Haitians into America Without a Visa; DHS Opens Door to New Immigrants from Haiti,
Extends Special Protections For Honduran, Nicaraguan Immigrants; and Grassley: DHS' New Haitian
Immigrant Program 'Irresponsible Overreach of the Executive Branch's Authority'], and to West Africans
[Senate Judiciary Republicans to Obama: Stop Issuing Visas to Ebola-Stricken Countries Now; and
Customs: Over 2,000 Entering USA from West Africa without Screening]. He is delaying these efforts
until after all elections (including run-offs, if necessary) lest there be a backlash; indeed, it has been
asserted by Jeff Sessions that Obama's Immigration Policies Hammer Black Workers preferentially.
Cost to Taxpayers for Federal Bureaucrats Paid to Not Work: $775 Million.
Dems in danger over Ebola, as per a POLITICO survey for any number of reasons [Obama Repeats: You
Can't Get Ebola on Bus -- Day After Bus Quarantined; The CDC was slow to understand the depth of the
Ebola crisis; CDC Revised Ebola Protocol; and EBOLA CZAR WON'T ATTEND HOUSE HEARING]. As a result,
even as the WHO declared Nigeria's Ebola Outbreak to be Officially Over, Liberal/Dem critics were


unforgiving [Andrea Mitchell: When Is the Ebola Czar Going to Start Working?; Liberal Al Hunt said the
choice of Ron Klain for Ebola czar is a bad choice that will not stop the Democrats' political problems on
this issue; and Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) called on Obama to impose a temporary travel ban on non-U.S.
citizens from countries in West Africa that have been affected by the Ebola virus, urging the
administration to take action "immediately."]. One lib attempted to mount a defense [Janet Napolitano
said Congressional Hearing On Ebola Was Shameful'+ and, of course, a CNN Host Grilled Cruz About
Ebola And GOP Opposition To Surgeon General. Thats why its the Ebola incompetence, stupid; Theres
no Ebola panic, but the publics measured judgment of Obamas bungling. After an Obama
administration health official explained why U.S. protocols on Ebola failed [they originally were intended
for African field hospitals], the White House came under another round of attacks for its refusal to
restrict travel from nations suffering epidemic outbreaks. Obama did show he could cave to publicpressure for he had, for close to a fortnight, resisted calls for an Ebola czar *insisting the CDC should
lead the administrations response+ and, as recently as Wednesday, prompted his top spokesman to
stress that the White House was doing fine without designating one high-level official to focus solely on
the issue. {Also, Rubio filed a bill that would temporarily ban visas for people from Liberia, Guinea and
Sierra Leone.}
Jim Geraghty noted that Ebola is prompting Reality to Intrude Upon Dems Party Loyalty
The Washington Post notices the obvious:
Democrats are beginning to sound more like Republicans when they talk about Ebola.
And Republicans are moving into overdrive with their criticism of the government's
handling of the deadly virus.
The sharpened rhetoric, strategists say, suggests Democrats fear
President Obama's response to Ebola in the United States could become
a political liability in the midterm election and Republicans see an
opportunity to tie increasing concerns about the disease to the public's
broader worries about Obama's leadership.
Here comes a golden quote:
"This is feeding into the Republican narrative that Democrats don't
know how to govern and government is too large," said Jim Manley, a
former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.).
Democrats, Manley said, "are desperate to try to demonstrate that they
have tough ideas to respond to the crisis."
You know, it may not just be a narrative. It may be whats actually happening. Run
down the list of problems Ebola, the Islamic State, the kids coming over the border,
vets dying while waiting for care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Obamacare,
the persistent economic gloom, Russia on the move and its not that unreasonable
for people to conclude that Democrats dont know how to govern, that the government
is too large and lethargic in its response to problems.
Picking up a few paragraphs later:


Even Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii), a liberal Democrat who is not in any
danger of losing reelection, called on Obama to "immediately suspend
commercial flights from the West African nations into the United States,
as well as suspend visas for their passport holders, until we can ensure
that our health facilities are adequately prepared."
When a Democrat, in no particular danger of losing her seat, publicly opposes Obama, it
means this is what she really thinks; she thinks allowing flights from the West African
nations increases the risk of another Ebola patient from there ending up in the United
States. JFK said, Sometimes party loyalty asks too much. If your party asking you to
tolerate a possibility that raises the risk of Americans dying from having their internal
organs liquefied, its probably asking too much.
Regarding the midterms, recent events continue to favor the GOP [Supreme Court Decision Upholding
Photo ID Has Far Reaching Implications; Tea Party Launched Minority Outreach Effort; Dems Desperately
Seeking Women and Dems Losing Mid-Term War for Women], while a Politico Poll revealed 64% of
voters in the most competitive 2014 elections say it feels as if events in the United States are out of
control and expressed mounting alarm about terrorism, anxiety about Ebola and harsh skepticism of
both political parties only three weeks before the Nov. 4 midterms.
When Obama made a rare campaign trail appearance, people left early; in response, a
Bitter Obama said, regarding the GOP, If I Said Apple Pie Is Great, They'd Say No.
Heres Politicos follow-up:
HERE'S A FREE SOUNDBITE FOR YOUR AD -- Signed, President Barack
Obama: "Make no mistake: Democrats running from President Barack
Obama aren't actually all that distant from him. That's the message that
Obama himself delivered Monday, speaking on Rev. Al Sharpton's radio
show ... 'The bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with
me ... They have supported my agenda in Congress ... This isn't about
my feelings being hurt. These are folks who are strong allies and
supporters of me.'" Edward-Isaac Dovere:
Adding up -- This comes on the heels, of course, of this line from the
president: "I am not on the ballot this fall ... But make no mistake: These
policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them." I asked La. GOP
candidate Bill Cassidy if Obama was giving the GOP gifts with comments
like these. His answer: "The president put it well. His agenda, his
policies, every single one of them, is on the ballot ... he crystallized [it],
but people already understood it."
Additional signs of Dem-Desperation: the Dems published a handout essentially
claiming that If You Vote Republican, The Confederacy Wins (Or Something LIke That);
Elizabeth Warren said, "The Republicans rigged the game"; Justice Department Expert
Witness said Blacks 'Less Sophisticated Voters'; Wendy Davis Suggested Abbott Opposes
His Own Interracial Marriage [as Many of her supporters seemed resigned to Davis
losing because she revealed she is a Truly Horrible Person].


Specific Senate races also seem to be leaning towards the GOP [GAWKER HIT PIECE ON REPUBLICAN
CANDIDATE PROVEN FALSE, in COLORADO and Dem Sen. Udall Joked About Being Brain Dead in Super
Awkward Interview; Mark Begich Running Out of Gas in Alaska; New Poll Showed Grimes Hurt by Recent
Gaffes as McConnell Leads by 8 in Kentucky and, in Kentucky, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell leads
Alison Lundergan Grimes, 44-43, while, by a margin of 47 percent to 42 percent, Kentuckians would
prefer Republicans take over the U.S. Senate; Tillis was all confidence in North Carolina; and Georgia
Senate Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn released a statement on Friday altering her position on the
current Ebola crisis. Nunn originally said she would defer to "the CDC and other scientists and public
health practitioners" on how the administration should respond. However, after members of Congress
had grilled CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden on Thursday at a hearing, she changed her stance and called
for "temporary" travel restrictions for everyone except military and aid workers]. On the other hand,
concern was raised that the GOP could lose Georgia and/or South Dakota.
One article wondered whether the National Republican Congressional Committee was
ignoring young, smart, handsome, savvy, and quick with a sharp sound bite, Dan
Bongino, presumably everything the Republican Party purports to look for in a
candidate. Even with the most creative drawing of the district lines, the District is only a
D+4, meaning that it leans Democrat but can be won by a Republican in an election
cycle that favors the GOP, such as this one; mobilized voters in the highly conservative
western Maryland part of the district could overwhelm the disenchanted and
demoralized Dems in the D.C. suburban part of the District. Bongino has nationalized
the election, having both Senator Rand Paul and Mike Lee into the District to rally the
base, along with other conservative superstars like Col. Allen West. On the fundraising
front, Bongino continues to raise more money than his Democrat incumbent opponent,
another touchstone for legitimacy. Perhaps this lack of enthusiasm is because he is a
constitutional conservative who has a libertarian streak.
In the world of polling, The Daily Beast posited that Nate Silver is Afraid of Sam Wang because the latter
predicts the Dems will hold the Senate although, in the text, it noted he has articulated specific pollingbased rationales, as well. Also, the Alan Grayson's Divorce Drama Continued after his Wife Said He Is A
Slumlord; [fortunately,] neither Abortion nor gay marriage never became a midterm issue . {Also, note
that Hillary Raised Record $2.1M At Katzenberg Fundraiser.}
Watch This Slam Dunk by Committee Chairman Reince Priebus [per Jim Geraghty]
Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a really tough job in spinning these upcoming midterms
as a vote of confidence in Dems and Obama. Shes not the least bit convincing when she
does that job, but that doesnt mean the job isnt difficult. Heres how it went Sunday:
Were going to hold the Senate because over the next couple of weeks
and leading up to even today [sic], the one issue voters are going to ask
themselves, Chris, is Who has my back? Wasserman Schultz, head of
the Democratic National Committee, told Fox News Sunday host Chris
Watch Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebuss response:


You guys are losing everywhere, and the president hasnt had
anybodys back. He hasnt even had your back, Priebus said, in an
apparent reference to reports that Obama and the Democrats have
soured on Wasserman Schultzs leadership of the DNC.
That report:
Obama and Wasserman Schultz have rarely even talked since 2011.
They dont meet about strategy or messaging. They dont talk much on
the phone. Instead, the DNC chairwoman stakes out the president of
the United States at the end of photo lines at events and fundraisers.
You need another picture, Debbie? Obama tends to say, according to
people whove been there for the encounters.
Regarding the PA-gubernatorial race, Reader Poll conducted by PoliticsPA found that Corbett Won the
Third Gubernatorial Debate. Also, after PA Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery was justifiably
Suspended, I wrote the following in response to a comment that was adverse to this action: You have
again demonstrated how out-of-touch you are, perhaps motivated (like BHO) by ideology more than
practicality; inasmuch as NO ONE will credibly adopt your reaction to Castilles emergency effort to
protect justice (based upon McCaffrey's own statements, inter alia), it is notable that the dissenting
opinion in this case was composed by a fellow-Dem.Todd never confirmed that the absence of a
criminal conviction precluded this action, and it cannot be claimed that it was based solely on whatever
Castille did; therefore, the Board acted on all available evidence expeditiously as is its responsibility,
thereby triggering mechanisms that will honor all the rights and privileges of the individual who was
In follow-up of a discussion regarding myriad electoral issues *including Guzzardis effort
to be on the gubernatorial ballot], I wrote:
You have destroyed your credibility on multiple levels, for you have not matched my
level of documentation [discounting your wild assertions] with any of your own; for
example, you conjure the theory that another judge would have ruled differently when
analyzing Guzzardis signatures and you fail to rectify your prior claim that Id written
that ALL had been OK.
As I have painstakingly explained, I pulled an all-nighter after the Corbett filing had
been IDed and, based solely on publicly-available data, had vetted the four challenged
counties; of course, some were classified as requiring more analysis [such as
husband/wife handwriting-linkage so, therefore, your incorrect claim was disproven
You also claim that even Guzzardi considered his effort unserious when, in actuality, he
traveled all over the Commonwealth [and was interviewed by the media] as he
explained his rationale; your elitism is evinced when you persist in adopting a dismissive
attitude wheneven nowpeople write on PoliticsPA that they plan to vote for him
[for whatever reason(s)].


You also adhere to the claim that Bob is a racist, dropping the charge that Im a racist
as well, recalling that you had initially claimed EVERYONE challenging your viewpoint
was a racist; this cannot be viewed merely as a gratuitous bow to present-companyexcluded-thinking, because you still havent quoted anything he wrote as justifying his
being subject to your [dog-whistle] racism claim.
Another classic approach you adopted was to claim that you dont want to defend AGHolder because the relevant page is no longer on the PoliticsPA front-page; to the
contrary, once you click on the Governor entries, you will find it still appears on the
front-page and, therefore, this effort to procrastinate [classically Obama-esque+ fails.
Presumably, the Magellan analysis took into account your newly-introduced criterion
related to the potential for Stack to drive Philly turnout [as if anything were needed in
addition to what can be anticipated]; thus, you have failed to dispute my claim that it
represents a legitimate dataset.
I do not dispute my right-wing conservative leanings, just as you undoubtedly would
accept the appellation of being a left-wing liberal; nevertheless, there is no doubt that
BHO/Wolf share comparable socialist stances [starting with avid support for public
unions, ending with fervent desire to destroy fracking+, and you cant invoke entities
that call themselves socialist because, these days, those organizations are thinly-veiled
communist entities.
THEREFORE, you can choose either to conjure a rejoinder *documented with
specificity] to this reformulation of your entry, or you can [perhaps wisely] choose to
stop digging and acknowledge that you cannot support your assertions!
In case you forgot, this is the URL to the page where you have yet to back-up your
rudimentary defense of AG-Holder [regarding Fast & Furious and the James Rosen
Affidavit] is again provided:
Addendum: I break-up the URLs because their presence otherwise has caused delayed
uploading on this website.
Here is another political commentary:
Morning Jolt - . . . with Jim Geraghty
October 21, 2014
NRSC to Senate Democrats: Just Try to Defend Picking Klain for Ebola Czar!
This morning the National Republican Senatorial Committee is hitting this years crop of
vulnerable Democrat incumbents for meekly acquiescing to President Obama naming
Ron Klain as Andy McCarthy summarizes, a sharp-elbowed Democratic political
operative with no medical expertise as the Ebola czar.
Heres the Mark Begich version:


Unfortunately, Mark Begich (D-AK) not only refuses to hold the Obama
Administration accountable for the slow response to Ebola entering our
borders, but it appears that he has taken his marching orders from the White
House on a serious matter of public health. Instead, Begich's Washington allies
have resorted to spreading false and debunked claims, blaming others for the
Administration's failures. President Obama's choice of Ron Klain as Ebola Czar is
indefensible, yet Mark Begich once again refuses to hold the White House
"It is absurd that President Obama believes that a partisan lobbyist with zero
medical experience should lead the national response to the Ebola epidemic, but
Mark Begich is nowhere to be found," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook
Hougesen. "Mark Begich apparently believes that a partisan Washington
lobbyist like Ron Klain is an appropriate choice for this position, which speaks to
j g

decisions even on matters of public health and safety."

Will this make a big difference in the coming midterm elections? If nothing else, we may
get some amusing moments of watching these Democratic senators trying to explain
why Ron Klain is such a terrific guy for this job.
We know Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas greets questions about Ebola with a lengthy
uhhhhhhhhh, and Senator Mark Udall of Colorado is having a tough enough time with
any questions as is these days.
Another Uncharismatic, Underachieving Partisan Democrat Coasts to Reelection
I know what you want to hear. You want to hear that Republican Monica Wehby has a
shot at winning Oregons Senate race. Shes trailing most polls by 10 to 20 points, so . . .
sorry, no good news here.
You may ask, Whats wrong with Oregonians? Maybe a fair question is, Whats wrong
with Oregon Republicans?
A pediatric neurosurgeon and mother of four, she appealed to
moderate Republicans fed up with Obamacare and big government. But
polls now put Wehby behind by 10 to 15 percentage points. A poll
released last week showed only 52 percent of Republicans plan to vote
for Wehby, while 22 percent said they're still undecided.
The talk of a potential GOP upset here in Oregon earlier in the year wasnt just hype;
incumbent Democratic senator Jeff Merkley has genuinely blah numbers for a guy
asking for another term. The percentage of Oregon voters who approve of the job hes
doing is usually in the low 40s, and the percentage who disapprove is in the mid-30s. He
has mind-bogglingly low name ID for an incumbent U.S. Senator; as noted yesterday,
Senator Merkley was recognized by 46 percent as his partys candidate. Its as if hes
been in the Witness Protection Program.


Merkley is not a whirling dervish of raw political charisma, nor an unstoppable voteaccumulating machine. In 2008, Barack Obama received 1,037,291 votes in Oregon
56.7 percent of the vote. That year, in his first statewide bid, Merkley won 864,392
votes, or 48.9 percent of the vote 3.4 percent more than the incumbent Republican
Senator he beat, Gordon Smith. He underperformed the margin projected in most of the
final polls.
Back in July, George Will wrote a column that made Republicans hearts skip a beat,
declaring, Senator Tom Coburn is retiring, but another doctor may be coming, straight
from the operating room to her first elected office.
The editorial board of the Oregonian, the states largest newspaper, chose to not
endorse a candidate this year. They concluded Merkley was a shameless partisan hack,
and then detailed the personal scandals in Wehbys past years that made them deem
her unworthy of support:
The collapse of Wehby's campaign has been almost painful to watch.
First was the late-breaking revelation this spring of a 911 call made in
2013 by estranged boyfriend Andrew Miller, who reached for the phone
as Wehby entered his house without permission. He accused her of
stalking him. Shortly thereafter, Oregonians learned that Wehby's exhusband had called the cops on her in 2009. According to a police report
filed two years earlier, her ex accused her of "ongoing harassment."
The incidents raise obvious questions about judgment and self-control,
but just as significant are questions about anticipation. Did Wehby and
her campaign really think these episodes wouldn't come to light? If so,
they were shockingly nave.
Oregonians dont expect such shocking and unnerving revelations from a potential
senator. They expect it from their states first lady.
A lesson: In the lazy Democrat medias template, every Republican is either dumb, evil,
or old. Because they cant portray a pediatric neurosurgeon as dumb, theyll paint her as
evil or a variant of it, crazy. Because we all know how ruthless and black-hearted those
pediatric neurosurgeons are, right?
So what should we expect in November? Recent history suggests flawed Democratic
candidates can coast along, relying on the Oregonians voting habits being set on
autopilot particularly in the states most populous counties.
Yesterday we discussed how its difficult, and perhaps impossible, for a Republican to
win statewide in Oregon when theyre getting blown out in the states largest city,
Portland. Its not that Republicans need to win the land of microbrews, mustaches, fig
and gorgonzola pastries, and a general hipster culture thats convinced its still the
counterculture no matter how widespread and popular it gets. But a winning GOP


candidate would need to keep the margin manageable so the Republican margins in the
rest of the heavily-rural state could put him or her over the top.
Four years ago, in the previous midterm of the Obama era, longtime incumbent Ron
Wyden ran for reelection. He was challenged by Jim Huffman, law professor at Lewis &
Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. While his fellow Republican Chris Dudley came
within 1.5 percent in the governors race, Huffman lost by 18 percentage points.
In 2010, Democrat John Kitzhaber won 198,157 votes here to Dudleys 76,915 in
Multnomah County, which includes Portland. That year, Wyden won 212,371 votes to
Huffmans 56,513 an even more lopsided 76 percent to 20 percent margin. (And
Huffman lived and worked in Portland!)
Look Whos Paying Minimum Wage in Kentucky!
You know, Alison Lundergan Grimes youre not necessarily a terrible person, but you
seem like one when you give an answer like this:
In her race to defeat Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Alison
Lundergan Grimes has barnstormed Kentucky, talking up her support for
raising the minimum wage and criticizing the GOP's so-called war on
But the restaurant owned by Grimes' family doesn't always practice
what she preaches, and Kentucky Republicans have been happy to point
that out.
On the campaign trail, Grimes said recently, "I'm fighting for all
Kentuckians, all working Americans across this nation. I don't believe
$7.25 an hour raises a family of four above the poverty level."
We caught up with Grimes in Kentucky and asked how she can advocate
for raising the minimum wage, when that's all her family's restaurant
pays some workers.
"Listen, my family is not in this race. I'm on the ballot. And as much as
Mitch McConnell wants to attack my family, he has from the beginning,
I'm going to stay focused on the issues," she told CNN. "And for me, it's
about making sure that hard working Kentuckians have a bright future.
And that future includes having not just a minimum wage, but a living
Of course, servers can often make more than minimum wage after tips.
And while Grimes doesn't own the restaurant, she did do legal work for
the business, signing incorporation documents and representing it in a


She could have said, I believe everyone should make a higher minimum wage, and Ive
said as much to my family, but I dont run the business. Sure, it might cause a little
heartburn around the Grimes dinner table at Thanksgiving, but its embarrassingly
disingenuous for her to claim that a CNN reporter asking about wages at her familys
restaurant and their failure to pay what she considers a living wage! constitutes
Mitch McConnell attacking her family.
But instead, Grimes non-answer illustrates what the cynics suspect Democrats dont
really care about whether someone is paid the minimum wage. They just want to
campaign on the issue and use it to make their opponents look harsh, selfish, and cruel.
As noted earlier this year:
The Nation, which pays its interns the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour,
wrote an open letter to Walmart demanding that it pay its workers at
least $12 per hour. The American Prospect, which frequently demands a
hike in the minimum wage, offers a $100 weekly stipend for a full-time
Some unions may pay you a bit more than that, namely $8.50 per hour,
to protest and chant outside worksites where contractors are not using
union labor.


Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 7:15 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XXVI
[Kurdistan, Israel, Iran, Islamism, the PA, anti-Semitism, Iraqi-WMD, BenghaziGate, Kurdish-Jewry,
While answering a question posed by a childhood friend who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the
Torah and the Middle East [and all relevant writings in-between], I stumbled upon a potential motto for
these efforts: I read all this stuffso you dont have to!
[Ebola Infected ISIS Militants Apprehended in Arizona]
The following article will be published exclusively by The Hill tomorrow *on the Congress blog at 11
a.m.]; the editor cannot accommodate the graphic [and, thus, some introductory lingo will be modified
accordingly+ so, if possible, Ill annotate it *just as was done last week with the NRO piece+ via a
hyperlink. I am personally gratified that this primary-information about the FSA will now FINALLY be
disseminated in a publication that is routinely scrutinized within the Beltway *and beyond+. The
action-item here is obvious, and it is fervently hoped that SOMEONE will be able to get to BHO so as to
amend his approach, now that the irresistible force has moved the immovable object towards
helping the Kurds, at least provisionally.
There is much work to be done, not the least of which is to nudge BHO to focus
exclusively on helping the Peshmerga aligned with the Kurdish Regional Government
andas Sherkoh has detailednot the FSA [in its entirety] and those Kurdish entities
that are beholden to contiguous countries. Sherkoh again reinforced the brainstorm
that involving NATO would institutionalize many of the ideas we have articulated.
Also note Sherkohs interview published today by the Jerusalem Post. It is vital to appreciate the
dynamics of what he has been experiencing, as he has exhaustively explained to me seriatim. Viewing
our half-dozen essays [published since 2008] as a continuum, what has emerged is sufficient detail to
allow for the reader to appreciate the mega-forces, both historically and how they affect the players
currently; although the alphabet-soup of Kurdish entities may provoke sensory-overload, the key point is
that the good guys are easily identifiable *indeed, have been so, for years, had anyone noticed].
Therefore, as people/countries have betrayed their motives, it has been exclusively the Kurds who have
steadfastly remained pro-Americanand anti-Islamistregardless of the circumstances-of-the-day.
,Below the fold, at the bottom of this Blast e-mail, are additional data dramatizing
conclusions drawn from myriad issues already covered. This includes Foreign Policy
[Israel, Iran, Islamism, the PA, anti-Semitism, Iraqi-WMD, BenghaziGate, Kurdish-Jewry]
and Domestic Policy [Midterms, primarily].}
In many respects, Sherkoh must be more diplomatic than I need be *playing the role of Aaron to his
Moses, as these essays have been composed+, if for no other reason than the fact that everything
issued under his name must be cross-ruffed overseas. Thus, the stridency that consistently emerges is
the result of my nudging him to be as forthright regarding what he knows, as is possible; for example,


the smoking-gun graphic *exposing the FSA-leader+ must go viral if people are to recognize the folly
of depending upon yearlong training of a few thousand troops in Saudi Arabia [assuming the conflict
hasnt been resolved in favor of the Islamic State by then+.

NATO Must Arm the KurdsOnly the Pro-American Kurds

By Dr. Robert Sklaroff and Dr. Sherkoh Abbas
Now that it has been (finally!) recognized that Americas vital interests are enmeshed in the current
Middle East conflagration, it is vital to recall the admonition provided to Indiana Jones *during his Last
Crusade+: America must choose wisely when determining which combatants to arm. Not only is fullthrottle advocacy for the Free Syrian Army *FSA+ suspect, but it is necessary to identify the proper
group of Kurds to assist as boots-on-the-ground; Kurds have amply demonstratedas a wholetheir
vital role and, thus, America has it doubly-wrong when diverting attention to the FSA instead of directly
arming the Peshmerga. Indeed, far from worriment that they may be part of a coalition of the
unwilling, Kurds are recognized as committed to the destruction of the Islamic State; this focus is
indubitably shared with the United States.
The first concern is with the FSA, for it is led by Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir al-Noeimi, a former Brigadier
General under Hafez Assad who has disseminated views that are unabashedly anti-Kurd, anti-Israel (and,
thus, anti-American); thus, the vetting-dilemma immediately arises, a languishing concern that was said
to have forestalled earlier support for this amalgamation, as it was formulating. The Arabic translation of
the appended posting states: PYD/YPG are terrorists; we work only with honorable Kurds. In our eyes,
we have three types of Kurds: 1)Israel and Zionist Kurds; 2)PKK/YPG terrorists, and 3)Kurds who
are first Muslim and Second Syrian who deserve no rights, period.


The second concern is with which group of Kurds to buttress, now that light-arms and nonmilitary-relief
is being air-dropped; thus, it is vital to confront the reality of alliances and allegiances that affect the
dynamics of the larger forces-at-play. Sufficient information exists to permit America to identify the
good guys who will remain pro-American following resolution of the ongoing civil-war, particularly
when its Sunni-Shiite subcontext is weighed; in short, America must supportexclusivelythe
Peshmerga aligned with the Kurdistan Regional Government *KRG+ based in Erbiland then work from
there (honoring the input of trusted allies) when discerning which other groups to buttress.
The KRG is aligned with the Syrian National Council of Syria (in Syria) and the Syrian National Assembly
of Syria (in the rest of the world, particularly in America); its leaders know which of the other non-Kurd
forces are not going to divert arms to rebels, both in Syria and in Iraq. Furthermore, its leaders know
which of the other Kurd forces are not aligned with Irans Mullahs, Syrias Assad, and Turkeys Erdoan;
each of these contiguous countries has revealed harboring agendae with components that are adverse
to American interests and, thus, must be counterbalanced. If American public opinion is to be brought
up-to-speed so that support will not be predicated on reacting to beheadings, its leadership must
channel recognition of the need to combat Islamism in its myriad manifestations; treating the underlying
disorder must supplant symptom-control.
Specifically, Irans Mullahs want to create a Shiite belt westward to the Mediterranean, the Syrians
want to gas everyone into continued submission, and the Turks want to promote regional leadership in
the Islamist effort to create a worldwide caliphate, resurrecting the Ottoman Empire. Each has said as
much, and each has demonstrated distain for the Kurds; for example, within the past fortnight, Erdoan
has equated the Kurds with the Islamic State. Without getting too much into the weeds, know that
certain Kurdish groups have been co-opted, as we detailed in an earlier essay *America Must Recognize
Kurdistan+ which we recently updated *NATO Must Help the Kurds Now+; also know that Russia has
consistently been propping-up Assad, who has provided a warm-water port at Tartus.

What can reasonably be anticipated by adopting this course is establishment of a foothold of democracy
where the people yearn for it, appreciative of the opportunities it affords; one need only recognize the
tremendous achievements of the Kurdish semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq to confirm how
welcome Kurds would find the infusion of American assistance, both military and nonmilitary. There
would be no concern with the hazards of nation-building, for the polity already exists, indeed, it has
existed for more than three millennia.

Robert Sklaroff is a physician-activist and supporter of Kurdish self-determination. Sherkoh Abbas is

the chairman of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria.

Arlene Kushner is promoting a movie Body and Soul which will be screened on December 3, 2014 @
7:00 P.M. @ Beth Tikvah B'nai Jeshurun [1001 Paper Mill Road, Erdenheim, Pennsylvania]; this is in
Springfield Township in MontCo, just west of the 309-Expressway, on the north side of the street. Postscreening discussion with producer/director Gloria Greenfield and the public is invited at no charge.
For more info, contact Valarie at or 215-836-5677.
The film presents a comprehensive examination of the broad and deep connections
between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. World-renowned commentators
[historians, archaeologists, political scientists, religious leaders, and international law
and media experts] trace the evocative evolution of the relationship between the Jewish
People and their homeland that is over 3,000 years old.
Jewish identity is born in a journey to the Land of Israel, declares Rabbi Lord Jonathan
Sacks of the United Kingdom. That journey moves through the First and Second Temple
periods and the Middle Ages, then to modernity, where the development of political
Zionism catalyzed the blossoming of a new Jewish spirit. That renewal of Jewish spirit
resulted in the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty in the Land, an event that Harvard
University Professor Ruth Wisse declares a miracle of truly Biblical proportions."
These hyperlinks from two days of Daily Alert entries, reorganized, tell a sad tale reinforcing fears:
For the umpteenth time, BHOs paradigm has been destroyed by reality
No Connection between Islamic State and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
No Link Between Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the War on the Islamic State
For the umpteenth time, the global nature of the struggle against Islamism has emerged
British Police Officers Targeted by Islamic State Terrorists
Britain to Crack Down on Muslim Brotherhood
The Parliament of Palestine
Islamist Wounds Two Canadian Soldiers in Quebec Terror Attack


Israeli Christian Arab Diplomat in Norway

For the umpteenth time, worriment that BHO will trust Tehran persists
U.S. May OK More Centrifuges in Iran Nuclear Talks
U.S. Willing to Accept 5,000 Iran Centrifuges
UN: Iran Not Cooperating with Nuclear Probe
No Agreement Seen as Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Looms
Don't Make a Bad Deal with Iran
Israel "Deeply Concerned" over Emerging Iran Nuclear Deal
Uproar after NYT reports Obama to circumvent Congress on potentially weakened Iran deal
For the umpteenth time, the insufficiency of aid to the Kurds has been exposed
U.S. Drops Weapons, Aid to Kurds Fighting Islamic State in Koban, Syria
Turkey to Let Iraqi Kurds Join Fight Against Islamic State in Koban, Syria
Who Will Help Turkey Help Koban?
Turkey Wil Let Iraqi Kurds, But Not Turkish Kurds, Fight Extremists in Syria
For the umpteenth time, the ability of Islamists to recruit has been fueled by military success
What Is the Cause for ISIS Recruitment?
ISIS Claimed It Hit U.S. Embassy In Attack On Baghdad Green Zone
Tribal Revolt in Syria Against Islamic State Fails, 700 Killed
Islamic State seizes two Yazidi villages as it advances on Mount Sinjar
For the umpteenth time, the inability to trust the PA has been sky-written in neon-lights
Abbas Suggests Ban on Jews at Jerusalem Holy Site
The New York Times and Israeli Settlements - Again
Hamas Reconstructing Damaged Gaza Attack Tunnels
Ya'alon: Israel Won't Allow Gaza Reconstruction If Hamas Rebuilds Infiltration Tunnels
Half of Palestinians Killed in Gaza War Were Terrorists - Part 6 of Examination of Names
Will Mahmoud Abbas Reject Israeli Protection?
Can the Palestinian Authority Survive Without the IDF?
Gazan Hamas leader's daughter hospitalized in Israel
Hamas Leader's Daughter Receives Medical Treatment in Israel
The Gaza Aid Conference Was a Charade
New Poll: 75 Percent of Israeli Jews Oppose a Palestinian State on the 1967 Lines, Israeli
Withdrawal from the Jordan Valley, and the Division of Jerusalem
For the umpteenth time, the need for Israel to act forthrightly has been corroborated
Israeli NGO IsraAID Helps Refugees from Islamic State in Iraq
Israel to Reduce Dependence on U.S.-Made Weapon Systems
Germany Gives Israel $382 Million Discount on Missile Boat
Israel Intensifies Ebola Screening of Airline Passengers from Africa
I was advised to circulate three hyperlinks; aggregated, they convey how to fight modern anti-Semitism.
[1]Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors promotes gun-ownership.
[2]The Guru And The Hasid is a vignette about the internal spark within Jews and presumably within
all humans, which is particularly applicable to the Kurds who now face torture/beheading/gassing.


[3]The Westin Bonaventure hotel [in downtown Los Angeles] should be pressured not to host the
annual meeting of the bigoted American Studies Association, for the ASA has banned "representatives"
from Israeli universities from participating in its academic conferences.
Congress Calls for Investigation into VOA for Pro-Iran Corruption
Karl Rove suppressed Iraqi-WMD discoveries - It is difficult to read the report this week by Eli Lake
alleging that Karl Rove suppressed any push-back on the meme that Bush lied about WMD in Iraq
without this question springing to mind: does Rove like to lose? This comes on the heels of a New York
Times report that not only were WMD found in Iraq, but several US servicemembers were injured by
them. (As an aside, some of what the Times reports on was known, Wikileaks, for instance, contained
evidence of WMD and my friend, Jim Lacey, did an extensive article at National Review on what was
known.) ,In a prior Blast e-mail, I detailed personal knowledge of these data a decade ago.}
Benghazi-Gate constitutes Blood on Obamas Hands - When conservatives consider the
casualties of Obamas national security policies, their attention is drawn quite naturally
to Benghazi. In this shameful episode, the Obama Administration sacrificed an
ambassador and three American heroes to protect a deceptive presidential campaign
message in which Obama claimed that the war against al-Qaeda was over and won
(Osama bin Laden is dead, and al-Qaeda is on the run). The facts are these:
Ambassador Chris Stevens and three American heroes were sent into an al-Qaeda
stomping ground that the British and other diplomatic consulates had already
evacuated; they were denied the security they had requested; they were then left to die
during a seven hour fire fight when their compound was attacked, and finally betrayed
in death, when Obama and his representatives lied to the world about what had taken
place and when he failed to bring their killers to justice as he had mendaciously
promised he would.
Concern for brethren in Syria marks Kurdish Jews celebration; at annual Saharana festival, ancient
community denounced the Islamic State and Turkey.
The border states is a documentary [produced by Tea Party Patriots] that debuted on
the Internet last week; it focuses on how Immigration via a porous Southern Border
affects the entire nation.
Obamas triple-punch hits America in the gut after midterms: immigration amnesty, higher health
insurance costs and putting thousands of convicts back on the streets early.
Regarding Big-Government, The government wants your data protected, except when it
doesnt; also, a Spanish Firm Under Federal Investigation Won $230 Million in DOE
Subsidies. Also, a piece on Cronyists, Fake Libertarians, and Poker Regulation noted that,
often times in politics, we assume a very simple us-vs-them battle *where theres one
side of good guys looking to shrink government, and another side of bad guys looking to
expand government+. However in the case of online poker, its a three-cornered fight,
and the two sides getting the most attention are both after big government, even the
side pretending to be libertarian.


Regarding Ebola, the White House continues to push-back on calls for Ebola travel ban, a view which, it
has been alleged, was defended by Nate Silver [of] dishonestly; quoting William F.
Buckley, he allegedly acts like a pyromaniac in a field of strawmen. In general, Samuel L. Jackson and
others are Disappointed in the Government's Ebola Response; disclaiming the charge that monies were
cut by Republicans from the NIH budget, Washington Free Beacons Elizabeth Harrington documented
the NIH has funded research, for example, focused on creating origami condoms ($2.5 million).
Controversy swirls about the new Ebola-Czar, for it's unclear what Ron Klain has been
doing in the last few days. It seems this Democracy Alliance-Linked Drug Company
Lobbyist has ties to a secret liberal dark money group and once worked as a lobbyist for
a prescription drug company that denied experimental drugs to dying cancer patients;
he vanished from the Third Way Website, a progressive think tank with ties to the
Democracy Alliance, following this Washington Free Beacon report. {Also, Vivek Murthy
was nominated for the post of Surgeon General by Obama a year ago, but the
confirmation has been stalled by Harry Reid.}
Bobby Jindal noted that the Ebola crisis entered Phase II of Obamas basic behavior-pattern. Following a
story in the New York Times reporting that Obama is said to be showing deepening frustration and
anger behind closed doors because of his administrations lackluster response to the Ebola crisis,
Jindal declared that weve reached the Im so mad stage of the Presidents crisis management plan. It
has been postulated that the Ebola policy [particularly the refusal to consider a travel ban] is being
subordinated to foreign policy goals; this technique *quarantine+ is tested and proven, having been in
use since the days of sailing ships. [When a ship entered port, it was inspected for any occurrence of an
infectious disease and, if found, had to fly a yellow flag until it was certified clear; it is why Ellis Island
was established.]
The Wolf. BHOs responses for six years have been efforts to respond to news cycles.
Policy battles have been bungled unless they could become political battles. A president
who has routinely pitted American against American to affect political change has been
lost when it comes to uniting Americans against external threats from ISIS to Ebola. His
efforts to bring about hope and change have brought about despair and dread. When
Obama came into office, many in the media thought he would be less ideologically rigid
than President Bush and his cowboy diplomacy. But Obama has been, if anything,
more prideful than President Bush. So convinced he is right, President Obama is unable
to change even when he is clearly wrong. In any case, Dems are deploying BHO to rally
the blocs where he still runs strong, despite the fact that Voters in battleground states
think BHO is worse at managing the basic functions of the federal government than
was his predecessor George W. Bush, according to a POLITICO poll.
Politico concluded that the GOP mistakenly thought education would be its winning issue, for the
plan was to focus on the GOPs support for school choice including vouchers to help parents pay for
private school to win the hearts of moms everywhere; Politico concluded otherwise without even
citing the far more gripping concern with Common Core [which has permeated both the primaries and
the general election, the latter within the context of decrying big-bad-D.C.].
In Coeur DAlene, Idaho, Christian Pastors were Ordered to Perform Gay Marriages, it
has been reported on FNC [tonight] that the government is backing-down after the


pastors registered as a religious-entity [even though they perform civil ceremonies].

{Also, the evangelical movement finds itself at a crossroads as 2016 approaches.}
Regarding the Midterms, realclearpolitics finally moved one seat held by a D-incumbent [Arkansas] to
the R-column. In New Hampshire, Scott Brown is becoming known for issuing instant responses to BHOs
speeches; Warren, who defeated him in Massachusetts, is again campaigning against him. In Alaska,
Mark Begich's last stand is reflected in how the embattled Democratic senator pulls out all the stops for
a win. No audience is too small; almost no opportunity gets turned down. One night you might find
Begich at Homer's Salty Dawg Saloon, sipping beers with the locals. The next day, he may be flying to a
far-flung village. On Tuesday night, Begich was in his hometown of Anchorage telling the tale of how he
met his wife. At the storytelling forum 'Arctic Entries,' Begich, 52, shared a blown-up photo with the
crowd of nearly 700, showing them just how heinous -- and endearing -- his hair was in his mid-20s.
In North Carolina, Hagans lead is eroding as the race goes national; Hagan had
successfully framed the campaign as a referendum on the sharp conservative turn taken
by the state legislature under the leadership of [Thom] Tillis, the House speaker but, in
the past few weeks, the conversation has pivoted amid alarming headlines about
terrorism and a virulent epidemic, further tightening what is expected to be the most
expensive Senate race in U.S. history. Hagan has found herself on the defensive,
acknowledging that she missed a classified briefing about national security threats to
attend a campaign fundraiser in New York in February. On Friday, she called on Obama
to temporarily ban the travel of non-U.S. citizens from affected countries in West Africa,
just days after saying that such a tactic 'is not going to help' unless it was part of a
broader strategy ... 'Speaker Tillis can only criticize,' Hagan told reporters after a
campaign stop in Charlotte on Sunday. 'He has not one idea on his own that he would
put forward - not one.' {Also, Hagan Put Judge Up for Federal Appointment As Judge
Ruled on Husbands Million-Dollar Lawsuit.}
Other races reflect classic R-D dynamics. Jason Carter, Jimmys Grandson, Thinks Our Rights Come From
the Government. When Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper gave a temporary reprieve to mass
murderer Nathan Dunlap, people were hurt. Overall, BHO would want people not to worry about Ebola
because everything else is working fine [focusing on worldwide disasters, such as how Eastern European
nations are now kissing-up to Putin]. Also, Kasich wants to Repeal Obamacare, but not all of it; this
position infuriated conservatives when led to his having bypassed the states legislature to expand
Medicaid last year. {Also, Conservatives catch up as super PAC fundraising explodes.}
CRUZ issued an op-ed outlining how he believes Republicans should run Congress; it's not exactly a
kumbaya guide to bipartisanship. Here's 10 things he wants the Hill to do if Republicans take over:
"Embrace a big pro-jobs, growth agenda ... Second, pursue all means possible to repeal Obamacare ...
Third, secure the border and stop illegal amnesty ... Fourth, hold government accountable and rein in
judicial activism ... Fifth, stop the culture of corruption ... Sixth, pass fundamental tax reform, making
taxes flatter, simpler, and fairer ... Seventh, audit the Federal Reserve ...Eighth, pass a strong balanced
budget amendment ...Ninth, repeal Common Core, so that local curriculum is not mandated by
Washington bureaucrats ...Tenth, deal seriously with the twin threats of ISIL and a nuclear Iran."



Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 7:15 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XXVI
[Kurdistan, Israel, Iran, Islamism, the PA, anti-Semitism, Iraqi-WMD, BenghaziGate, Kurdish-Jewry,
Thars lotsa stuff goin on, including publication of our piece on Kurdistan in The Hill; thus, Foreign
Affairs are covered as a priority, followed by topical Domestic Affairs [and an Iggles-update].
Attachments include a back-and-forth on Politics-PA that yielded a Dems admission that he merely
pontificates for its entertainment value *because he couldnt support his views, when challenged by youknow-who+. Then an essay regarding Corbetts challenge is provided *c/o a friend+ and an updated
version of the Ant and the Grasshopper saga is provided; finally, info from Rush and Jim Geraghty is
uploaded, replete with great hyperlinks and quotable-quotes.
NATO must arm the Kurds, but only the pro-American Kurds
By Robert Sklaroff, M.D. and Sherkoh Abbas

October 22, 2014, 11:00 am

Now that it has been (finally!) recognized that Americas vital interests are enmeshed in
the current Middle East conflagration, it is vital to recall the admonition provided to
Indiana Jones *during his Last Crusade+: America must choose wisely when
determining which combatants to arm.
Not only is full-throttle advocacy for the Free Syrian Army *FSA+ suspect, but it is
necessary to identify the proper group of Kurds to assist as boots-on-the-ground. Kurds
have amply demonstratedas a wholetheir vital role and, thus, America has it doubly
wrong when diverting attention to the FSA instead of directly arming the Peshmerga.
Indeed, far from concern that they may be part of a coalition of the unwilling, Kurds
are recognized as committed to the destruction of the Islamic State; this focus is
indubitably shared with the United States.
The first concern is with the FSA, for it is led by Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir al-Noeimi, a former
Brigadier General under Hafez Assad who has disseminated views that are unabashedly
anti-Kurd, anti-Israel (and, thus, anti-American); thus, the vetting-dilemma immediately
arises, a languishing concern that was said to have forestalled earlier support for this
amalgamation, as it was formulating.
The second concern is with which group of Kurds to buttress, now that light arms and
nonmilitary relief is being air-dropped. It is vital to confront the reality of alliances and
allegiances that affect the dynamics of the larger forces at play. Sufficient information
exists to permit America to identify the good guys who will remain pro-American
following resolution of the ongoing civil war, particularly when its Sunni-Shiite
subcontext is weighed. In short, America must supportexclusivelythe Peshmerga
aligned with the Kurdistan Regional Government *KRG+ based in Erbil., and then work
from there (honoring the input of trusted allies) when discerning which other groups to


The KRG is aligned with the Kurdistan National Council of Syria (in Syria) and the
Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria (in the rest of the world, particularly in America).
Its leaders know which of the other non-Kurd forces are not going to divert arms to
rebels, both in Syria and in Iraq. Furthermore, its leaders know which of the other Kurd
forces are not aligned with Irans mullahs, Syrias Assad, and Turkeys Erdoan; each of
these contiguous countries has revealed harboring agendae with components that are
adverse to American interests and, thus, must be counterbalanced. If American public
opinion is to be brought up to speed so that support will not be predicated on reacting
to beheadings, its leadership must channel recognition of the need to combat Islamism
in its myriad manifestations; treating the underlying disorder must supplant symptomcontrol.
Specifically, Irans mullahs want to create a Shiite belt westward to the Mediterranean,
the Syrians want to gas everyone into continued submission, and the Turks want to
promote regional leadership in the Islamist effort to create a worldwide caliphate,
resurrecting the Ottoman Empire. Each has said as much, and each has demonstrated
distain for the Kurds; for example, within the past fortnight, Erdoan has equated the
Kurds with the Islamic State. Without getting too much into the weeds, know that
certain Kurdish groups have been co-opted, as we detailed in an earlier essay [America
Must Recognize Kurdistan] which we recently updated [NATO Must Help the Kurds
Now]; also know that Russia has consistently been propping-up Assad, who has
provided a warm-water port at Tartus.
What can reasonably be anticipated by adopting this course is establishment of a
foothold of democracy where the people yearn for it, appreciative of the opportunities
it affords; one need only recognize the tremendous achievements of the Kurdish semiautonomous region in northern Iraq to confirm how welcome Kurds would find the
infusion of American assistance, both military and nonmilitary. There would be no
concern with the hazards of nation-building, for the polity already exists, indeed, it
has existed for more than three millennia.
{Sklaroff is a physician-activist and supporter of Kurdish self-determination. Abbas is the
chairman of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria.}
The publication of this essay led to a chat with David M. Tafuri, Esq. [Partner, Squire Patton Boggs (US)
LLP], the author of an article published in the WSJ; he works as outside legal counsel to the [SOC which is
also sometimes referred to as SNC or Etilaf+, the opposition group that has foreign mission status in
the US, granted by the State Dept. Separately, he represents the Kurdistan Regional Government
(KRG) which is the regional government in Iraq for the Kurdistan Region; he does not represent the
FSA, and he does not feel the FSA includes the Kurds.
Sherkohs response: FSA does not represent Kurds, it represent Kurds who are willing
to become Arab Islamists and willing to compromise on their rights. Overwhelmingly,
Kurdish political parties and leaders are with the ideas of federation for Syria. (16
political parties and two umbrella groups like Kurdnas and KNC support Federal
concept.The SOC is no different in this case.Most of these groups (FSA, SNC, etc.)
subscribe to the same Arab chauvinist ideology of not giving Kurds any federal or
I had requested that he check-out the claim that the FSA-leader is anti-Kurd/anti-Israel, but he wrote I
have no comment on the article you sent. Therefore, for now, these conclusions will be disseminated
aggressively, so that Americans learn how wrong-headed BHO has been when supporting the FSA


preferentially over the Kurds. [In that regard, I sent him another draft op-ed, so that his input can be
integrated, if desire.]
Good News and Bad News: On the one hand, Dutch and German Biker Gangs Arrived in
Koban to Fight the Islamic State. On the other hand, a Dutch Mayor Compared Muslims
Joining the Islamic State to Post-WWII Jews going to Israel, equating Muslims who seek
to join terrorist groups [killing innocent men, women and children in some of the most
gruesome, inhuman acts of violence imaginable] and Jews who escaped Europe after
World War II.
Sherkoh Abbas has continued to disseminate the key-message [Kurds Are One of the Only Forces to
Stop ISIS and You Can Feel The Frustration Pouring Out of a Kurdish Leader On the WHs Handling of
ISIS]; Ted Belman has continued to contribute key-observations [Have The Syrian Kurds turned Koban
into Stalingrad in the War against ISIS? and Historic Justice: A Kurdish State Now]. Lamentable are keyfacts [Two Months After First US Strikes, Islamic State Still Advancing On Mount Sinjar and Iraqi Forces
Clash with Islamic State Fighters West of Baghdad and US Weapons Meant for Kurds Dropped into the
Hands of ISIS+; meanwhile, the Dems just dont get it *Gen. Wesley Clark said ISIS is Part of a 300-Year
Struggle Over Islam's Power in the World, only off by only a millennium]. Sadly, atrocities burgeon [UN
Warns The Islamic State May Be Guilty of 'Attempt to Commit Genocide' against Yazidis], as a Yazidi Sex
Slave Begged the West to Bomb the Islamic States Brothel Where She Is Being Held [behavior consistent
with reports of suicides among these women] and a Woman was 'Honor Killed' by her Own Father and
Islamic State Militants in Syria. {The Siege of Koban continues, prolonged due to BHO.Turmoil, of course, was the norm in the region, in Iran [Iran arrested 'spies' near nuke
plant and No Arab Spring, Said Iranian Archbishop, 'This is Arab Winter' and Top Iranian
Adviser: Obama Is 'Weakest of US Presidents'], in Libya [Benghazi Mired in Chaos as
Islamists Battle Renegade General], and in Turkey [Pope Announced Trip to Turkey [Nov.
28-30] Amidst Mounting Tension Between Turkey and Cyprus over Turkish incursions in
areas of sea licensed to the Republic of Cyprus].
After a Hamas Terror Attack in Jerusalem Left 9 Wounded and Baby Dead, Hamas and Fatah Officials
Praised the Terrorist [who was subsequently shot-dead] Who Killed Israeli Baby; that the baby was also
an American Citizen was not known to Dick Morris [who is leaving Philly's WPHT, he said, to fight Hillary,
and will continue to air an hour-long show at noon on Saturdays] when he discussed what had occurred
in Canada [vide infra]. {I called-in, again, and left a suitable message, echoed by a subsequent caller.}
This Deadly Jerusalem terror attack focused attention on Palestinian leader's Hamas ties and anti-Jewish
incitement, and multiple pundits lamented itwithout offering any remedies [Dan Margalit | Israel must
not allow another intifada - Diplomatic peace efforts will only succeed if clashes are prevented before
they happen and Nadav Shragai | Open your eyes: Intifada - Decision makers are belatedly realizing this
is not some passing wave of disturbances and Arlene Kushner: Is There No End?] This phenomenon
extended to BB [Israel blamed Abbas, Hamas for Jerusalem terror attack - Hamas lauds murder of Jewish
infant in terror attack as an "act of heroism" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesman says
"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas continues to incite against Israelis instead of being a
force for peace."], as his critics expressed displeasure over the claim that Bibi keeps yielding to
international restraints [BHO/Kerry] regarding the freeze on planning and construction in Jerusalem.
Again, in my view, the stone-throwers should be exiled to Gaza.


Steven Emerson wrote An open letter to Haaretz claiming it published an attack on me

and my reporting without providing a shred of evidence to back up your assertions; he
elaborated thusly: In uncritically publishing the statement of senior U.S. officials
criticizing my article regarding the retraction of the U.S. Government's offer to help in
the search for Oron Shaul, the IDF soldier taken by Hamas, Haaretz has proven its
manifest left-wing political agenda. Two articles about Gaza *Israel Averted a Hamas
to discuss why this threat hadnt been detected prior to the latest Gazan War.
Jihad struck In Canada: Radical Islamist Kills One, Wounds another Canadian Soldier After Running Over
With Vehicle; the Gunman was shot-dead in Canadian Parliament shooting, and shots were reported at
other Ottawa sites. The 'Prime Minister was safe' and the event was broadcast on CBC, LIVE; Emerson
discussed Lone Wolf Terrorists, two days after a car was used as a battering-ram against pedestrians.
This was identical to what happened in Canada, yet the media ignored it. [BB made a connection
between the Islamic State and Hamas.] In any case, a Good Guy with a Gun Ended Terror Attack on
Canadian Parliament, again reflecting the need for gun-owner rights.
Regarding BHOs ongoing acquiescence to Putin, the US and the UK Secretly Renewed
Nuclear Treaty and Poland's Sikorski is under Fire [from the prime minister and political
opponents] over Russia Interview in a U.S. magazine in which he allegedly said Russia's
president offered Poland the opportunity to jointly carve-up Ukraine in 2008. {Also,
Tensions Grow with China over Indonesia's Natuna Islands.}
Regarding the Culture-War, California Forces Churches to Fund Abortions, as Legal Groups Push Back;
also, a Federal Judge Upheld Traditional Marriage in Puerto Rico, bucking the recent trend of federal
courts to strike down state laws enshrining traditional marriage; this opinion was based on a
conservative reading of the Constitution and legal precedent, creating the potential for a split among
the U.S. circuits that could prod the Supreme Court to take up the question in the future.
seems people are voting with their feet [and purses] when rejecting a tome by Cuomo
[945 COPIES SOLD...Paid Over $700,000 Advance], who said 'I Thought About Doing A
Book On Losing.'

Regarding Ferguson/St. Louis, reverse-racism seems to abound; multiple reports regarding the Official
Michael Brown Autopsy Support Cop's Claim of Violent Struggle [Autopsy Reveals Michael Brown Did
Not Have Hands Up When Shot; Police Chief: 'Very Unlikely' Officer Wilson Charged In Ferguson
Shooting; Autopsy and toxicology report on Michael Brown cast doubt on witness claims he was running


away; and Independent Autopsy Reveals New Details About Michael Brown Shooting, concluding that
the report filed by Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Brown on August 9, was accurate]. A
WaPo Blockbuster Report Shows Who's Really Guilty in the Ferguson Story And It's The Media; this
illustrated the inherent dangers of jumping-to-conclusions, a disease-state that also affects Jews [A
Rabbi [a Reconstructionist Rabbinical College student] Returned Home As Eyewitness to Ferguson,
having felt compelled to speak out about police brutality and the importance of civil liberties]. Yet, the
Autopsy Results may enhance the Protests; ominous predictions were issued by an AUNT ['They Will
Feel And See The Wrath Of God's Vengeance Come Upon Them In A Mighty Way'] and a Protester ['All
Hell Going To Break Loose']. Ultimately, a CNN Reporter at Ferguson Got a Rude Awakening on Crowd
Behavior after having been Chased Off Live Broadcast; the video at Ferguson [shot by Bassem Masri a
local activist] included Masri and others accusing CNN of lying about the Michael Brown case and
supporting Zionists. {Also, a NYPD Racial Profiling Video That Smeared Police for Frisking Muslims
Turned-Out to Be A *Gasp* - Hoax.}
BHOs Scandal-Sheet has two entries; the good news is that it was revealed Obama is
Asserting Fast and Furious Executive Privilege Claim for Holder's Wife, and the bad news
is that a Federal Judge Dismissed Tea Partys IRS Lawsuits (claiming the IRS had rectified
potential-harm, without detailing how that conclusion was reached). Both will probably
be pursued in the courts.
Regarding Illegals, the border remains porous [SHERIFF JOE: BORDER TENSIONS HIGH; OFFICIALS AFRAID
TO ENTER MEXICO; FEDS WARN NEW 'SURGE' OF ILLEGALS ON WAY; Six aliens caught smuggled in fuel
tank; and U.S. to Beef up Border Security -- in Ukraine], as it was leaked that Obama Admin To Brief
Goodlatte On Immigrant ID 'Surge' because no specificity emerged after MAJOR GARRETT HAMMERED
JOSH EARNEST OVER SURGE OF IMMIGRANT IDS. This may explain why the Top Lawyer At ICE Resigned.
MINORS and Ineligible DACA Beneficiaries were Discovered on NC Voting Rolls. Finally, Sen. Jeff Sessions
of Alabama argued that amnesty for illegal aliens and other immigration policies favored by Obama and
the Dems will be financially devastating, especially to African-American workers.
Regarding Ebola, the WH continued to claim a Travel Ban Will Actually Endanger People
More, even as it was learned that the Brussels Airport Did 'No Screening' of Flight From
Liberia. Underlying claims that the scare is unjustified was a report that a Doctor in NYC
Has Ebola and his Contacts were Quarantined. Undermining claims of underfunding,
retiring Sen. Coburns 'Wastebook' detailed Five Ways NIH Wasted Taxpayer Dollars.
Regarding the Media, Chuck Todds defense against criticism was to complain that Fox News Is Obsessed
With Media Bias; the justification for probing this phenomenon emerged in a Poll, which revealed that
Leftists are Intolerant of Conservatives and that Nobody Trusts BuzzFeed and that FOX DOMINATES,
LIBERALS LOVE POLITICO, and BREITBART BEATS HUFFPO. Ratings for The View are down, revealing
that a 'SMARTER, KINDER' ROSIE IS A RATINGS DUD; most recently, Rosie ODonnell opined that Bill
Clinton Should Have Been Prosecuted for Lewinsky Affair. Finally, reflecting shifting tastes against libentities, CNN WAS YANKED FROM DISH NETWORK [unnoted by 14 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS] and two
respected foreign-policy journalists [JOSH ROGIN AND ELI LAKE] FLED THE DAILY BEAST.
Regarding Klinghoffer, libs claimed it isnt an anti-Semitic opera; its a tragedy. In any
case, the Met Created a Special Website to Defend Klinghoffer #TerrorOpera, while the
inescapable conclusion that emerged was that The Mets singular contribution to the


cause of elitist anti-Semitism is the prestige its production of The Death of Klinghoffer
confers on the cause.
AGAINST LAW ENFORCEMENT IN USA and a Security Team was Ordered To Protect Congresswoman
Bachmann From Islamic State Threats
Regarding the war on women, [non-lib] Women Are Winning, and they are being
advised Just Say No To Feminism; meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren Said the Senate Is
Regarding Pennsylvania, after PA Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery was Suspended, McCaffery
was ordered to turn in court-issued equipment and McCaffery dropped suit against Inquirer. He blamed
a feud for his ouster, and the chief of court admitted he did seek to remove him, sparking negative
commentary regarding his having 'won' race to bottom [against stiff competition from the legislature].
Regarding the gubernatorial race, THE WOLF INCOME TAX PLAN remained murky, while Gov. Corbett
was dropped from NCAA suit on Penn State fine, although the NCAA is asking the PA Supreme Court to
head off trial on Penn State consent decree's validity. {Also, a bill was signed resulting in Pennsylvania
Curbing Investment in Iran.}
Regarding the GOPs platform, Ted Cruz detailed Priorities For 2015, a recitation that
contrasted with his colleague; Bold Colors vs. Pale Pastels: Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and
John Cornyn Differ on GOP Vision; a friend advocated adopting a bold posture against
Dems, assuming control is flipped, because those who want-freedom must fight for it.
Regarding the midterms, much has been written and said about the trends favoring a flip to the GOP.
Tea Party Republicans are Highly Motivated to Vote in Midterms, remaining more
engaged in this year's election process and are much more motivated than non-Tea
Party Republicans and other Americans.
Conservative Group Drops $6.5 Million Ad Buy Connecting Dems Nationwide to Obama
Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on
Wednesday refused to associate Democratic Senate candidates with President Barack
Obama's policies.
Mark Levin provides insight into Election Day 2014
"I dont know why the national Republican leaders have been so timid about
nationalizing the election and making the 2014 campaign about amnesty, national
security and Obamas abuse of power. But I do know we conservatives can and must do
something about it that's why I'm distributing 'Who Will Keep Us Safe?'" -- Richard A.
Viguerie, Chairman, Fed Up PAC
CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller criticized the White House late last
week for refusing to release documents revealing how much Obamas fundraising trips
cost the taxpayer.
As a result, individual senatorial races are being micro-analyzed.
The Democrats Path Of Last Resort Is Georgia
Senate Control Could Rest On One Of The Reddest Of Red States [Kansas] And The GOP Is
Making A Huge Comeback


Cotton Releases New Ad Featuring Pryor's Words of Support for Obama and Obamacare
Senate Update: It Could All Come Down To Iowa
Maddow Hammers Hagan for Skipping NC Senatorial Debate
As a result, the blame-game among Dems has started, focused on BHO.
DEM IN DANGER: 'The president's not relevant. He's gone in two years'
Matthews on Dems Distance from President: Its Like He Has Ebola!
Howard Dean to Dem Candidates: Show Some Backbone
White House Spins Sharpton Interview: Obama Was Talking about Middle Class - Reporters
grilled White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about President Obamas comment to
MSNBCs Al Sharpton that every Democrat on the ballot in the midterm elections had supported
him and his agenda.
As a result, BHO is trying to rally his [Black] base:
Black disappointment with Obama threatens party
Matthews: GOP Trying to 'Kill' 'Murder' 'Slaughter' Black Vote
Race-Baiting in MD
Grimes Accuses McConnell of Trying to Take the Vote Away from Blacks
Democrats Send Ferguson-Themed Pamphlets to Black Georgia Voters
As a result, BHO is worried about his female-base:
'War on women' line used -- against female candidate?
As a result, there is worriment about voter-fraud.
Democrats just can't win without voter fraud, noting that a GOP Candidate Got Quite the
Surprise When He Tried to Cast a Vote for Himself when the machine cast his vote instead for
his Democrat opponent; elections officials said this was from miscalibration.
CO VOTE FRAUD: 'If someone throws out ballot, if you want to fill it out you should do it'...
850 NYC voters over 164-years-old
Lawyer Army Ready
As a result, the impact of the media is under scrutiny.
TV Networks ignore election...159 stories in 2006 anti-Bush midterm [25 in 2014]
As a result, gubernatorial races are also hot.
Final FL debate for gov. heated and personal
Wendy Davis Tweets Pic of Her College Republican 'Supporters' - Wednesday, the official Twitter
account for Ms. Davis Tweeted a picture of college students and thanked them for their support, but the
picture originated from an account for College Republicans of Virginia.


The Iggles are neck-and-neck with the boys.*Philly Coaches Talk Prep for Cardinals;
Crucial Matchups in Matchup with Cardinals; Sproles (Knee) Returns to Practice Ahead
of Schedule; Kendricks, Kelce Return to Practice; CB Williams Thinks Chip Has Shortened
Practices; Eagles Buy into Kelly's Culture; How Eagles Spent Bye Week; and Week 8
Expert Consensus Picks for Every Game.


Sent: Friday, October 24, 2014 6:25 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XXVIII
[Kurdistan, Midterms, No-Labels, GOP's Civil-War, Illegals, Ebola, Anti-Semitism, Islamism, Israel, Gaza]
It was desirable to disseminate the earlier Blast e-mail to provide the key-info regarding the piece on
Kurdistan published in The Hill two days ago; it is noted that considerable comment was triggered last
week in the NRO, and another op-ed was authored overnight [cleared with Sherkoh] that focuses on the
smoking-gun [anti-Kurd/anti-Israel] Facebook notation of the head of the FSA [that no one knows
exists]. The other info was packaged [as is customary], although repetitive items were excluded [per the
New Years Resolution to attempt to delimit these efforts+; nevertheless, the info-flow continues,
particularly focused on foreign policy and the midterms. [Consistent with our empirical decision to
suggest invoking NATO is information that The outgoing commander of NATOs Land Command in
Izmir, Turkey, said on Wednesday that every member of the alliance is worried about thousands of
radicalized young men travelling to Syria to join the Islamic State.+ Therefore, with minimal
commentary, another meta-analysis is provided *juxtaposing info from myriad sources to send a
message that otherwise might not be readily apparent. ,Attachments relate to the limits of voter-fraud
[c/o Jim Geraghty] and a summary of Rush [who is, as usual, all-over-the-place].}
Ive been an anti-tobacco activist for 1/3-century, but two items are problematic:
Lubbock Smoking Ban Could Expand to Regulation inside Cars and Homes and Electronic
Cigarettes Banned on London Transport Network. {Also, I shmoidered a problematic
blogger, an exchange that will be cited to silence his bombast if/when he ever writes on
Wolf tours Bethlehem's Main Street
Pressed for tax plan specifics: 'It would be like me telling you how cold this winter will be. I just don't
know' [perhaps Corbett should share the database, prodding him to answer the question?]
Sen. Mike Stack: If elected lt. gov., might just keep Senate seat [greedy, unconstitutional]
An article about the fact that the NY TIMES RAN INTERFERENCE FOR ANTI-GUN
DEMOCRAT recalls why Im wary of Rep. Mike Fitzpatricks having lionized No Labels.
Documented previously is the fact that No Labels has [per the Inqy] no
accomplishments and, thus, appears to be a lib-front-group intended
to entice RINOs. That opinion [about David Walker and Jon Huntsman,
etc.] are also corroborated by having listened to the vacuousness of the
weekend radio-show they sponsor on Sirius-XM.
Contradicting the NY-Times is the NRA claim that Braley and Bloomberg attended the
same event per a link on Braley's website [which says he spoke at a "No Labels" function
on 12/13/2010 and was "joined" by Bloomberg and other left-leaning politicians].
Midterms R vs. D


Republicans are favored to control the Senate; chance as of today is WaPo [91%] and NY Times [64%].
Poll: Plurality of Midterm Voters Want GOP to Control Congress
A vote for Democrats is A Vote for President Obama. [ads]
Dem doves weather THE ISLAMIC STATE attacks [perhaps]
Narratives Are More Powerful Than Ideas
Dick Morris: Canada Shooting Will Impact Midterms
WEATHER CHANNEL Co-Founder: 'Climate change' proved to be 'nothing but lie'
Cruz: Obama Intentionally Did Not Pass Immigration to Use it as a 'Partisan Cudgel'
NYT Blasts Democrats for Running from Obama
Obama: 'This Sh*t Would Be Really Interesting if We Weren't Right in the Middle of It'
Dems Trot Out Gloria Steinem as Election Nears
Cyberbullying Org: Monica Lewinsky 'Setting Us Back Years'
The War on Women: Juanita Broaddrick and Bill Clinton - To set the stage for why the
country needs Hillary Clinton to be the next president, Dems are trying to force-feed
Americans a war on women pablum, when such a waras they present itdoes not
exist. For the real war on women, however, Democrats might turn to Hillary Clinton
herself and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.
An Affair to Remember - As Hillary gears up to run, look for attempts to rewrite 1990s
A surprise boost to Lewinskys side of the story in the 1998 Clinton inquiry - Prosecutors
threatened her with criminal charges if she didnt wear a wire against Clinton, according
to a report believed to be under a court-ordered seal and recently obtained by The Post.
Midterms Gubernatorial Races
Poll: After Wheelchair Ad Backlash, Davis Down 8 More Points [Texas]
Brown's Lead Is All from Latinos, Kashkari Leads among Whites [California]
Shocking Poll: Republican Charlie Baker up 9 MA? [Massachusetts]
Midterms Senatorial Races
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Democrats are 'Expanding the Map'
Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is certain that Barack Obama is
campaigning to help Democrats retain control of the Senate ... she's just not clear on where that may be
Kansas and Georgia Change the Equation on Senate-Majority Math
Alaska [White House: Sen. Begich 'Entitled to His Opinion' on Obama Relevance]
Arizona-Born Mark Udall 'Fifth-Generation Coloradoan'; Gardner ahead in Colorado]
Georgia [Nunn under Fire for Questionable Expenditures at Non-Profit; Michelle Nunn Fails to Denounce
Race-Baiting Ferguson Mailers in Georgia Senate Race]
Iowa [Iowa Columnist Attacks Joni Ernst without Disclosing Son Paid by Bruce Braley Campaign;
Republicans lead Dems in early votes cast in Iowa for first time, GOP says; ERNST TARGETS DC 'HOGS' IN
New Hampshire [Shaheen: I'm 'Proud' of Voting With Obama 99% Of The Time; SHAHEEN CAMPAIGN
Race Ordered to Leave Democrats Press Conference; RNC Hammers Jeanne Shaheen for Booting
Breitbart News from Open Press Event; Jeanne Shaheen: Obama Can't Campaign with Me Because 'He's


Busy in Washington'; Howie Carr, Ann Coulter: Jeanne Shaheen Killing New Hampshire Jobs with
Amnesty Support; Scarborough: Democratic Party 'Very Worried' for Jeanne Shaheen, She Looked 'a
Little Angry' During Debate; Jeanne Shaheen Flip-Flops Again: Now Opposes Ebola Travel Ban but
Supports 'Self-Quarantine' Efforts]
North Carolina [Tillis: Lack of Leadership from Obama on Ebola has 'Created a Crisis of Confidence'; Is
Obama A Strong Leader? Kay Hagan Doesn't Want To Answer ... But No; Two weeks out: Ads, Cash, and
Clinton Descend upon North Carolina]
South Dakota [Internal Poll: Mike Rounds Up By 24 in South Dakota]
Voter-Fraud [See also the attachment-essay]
The poll tax that wasn't - The number of voters getting locked out by ID laws is diminishingly small.
Dem GOTV Group Caught on Camera Endorsing Voter Fraud
White House: Ask DOJ about What's in the Fast and Furious Documents Covered By Obama's Executive
VA promotion for administrator stuns legislator
GOP pushes on lost IRS emails, trying to link the White House to the IRS melee.
Cause of Action said the Senate Ethics Committee ignored a 2013 ethics complaint about Reid
Chuck Hagel: the Army could maybe focus on coastal defense [idiocy]
GOPs Civil-War
this to Dick Morris a few days ago *relating my chat with Dan Senor in04 @ the old-EOB]; he said it was
absurdbut the most likely to be accurate. I feel Bush-43 sided with Colin/Condoleezza against Cheney
and, as a result, Cheney/Rove agreed not to spill beans [loyalists].
Brain Dead GOP Must Take Political, Cultural Fight to Democrats [by ROBERT DAVI] - The GOP lacks
vision, imagination, passion and balls. What's worse, the party's willingness to play it safe could impact
more than the 2014 midterm elections.
1964 Republican National Convention and the fall of the partys moderates *Libs forgot RINOs+
Georgia Chamber of Commerce Wants Republican Leaders to Oppose Religious Liberty [divisive]
A Denuded Victory If the polls are to be believed, the Republicans are more likely than not going to
regain control of the Senate next year. Probably, they will increase their margin of control in the House.
These are good things, I guess, in the sense that all elected Democrats are pro-abortion and removing
one from power is always a net positive. So a week from Tuesday I will go out and cast my vote for Sen.
Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and will do so without much complaint. But
thats an idiomatic reason that appeals only to me and the relatively small slice of America who thinks
like I do on that issue. With respect to the vast majority of the rest of America, Im at a loss as to what
benefit they are supposed to receive from a Republican victory on election-day.
GOP-POTUS-16 [two rejects]
Amnesty, Common Core, More Taxes? Jeb Bush Under Fire [perhaps as a result, Jeb Bush Thinks Fox
News Annoying
Trump to Romney: Dont Even Think of Running


USCIS Official: Obama 'Absolutely' Headed Towards Executive Amnesty

Obama Administration Lied about Crimes Committed by Released Illegal Immigrants
Labor Secretary: Obama Will Take 'Aggressive Exec Action' on Immigration for 'Shared Prosperity'
Labor Sec: Adding Foreign Workers Would Increase Wages
Kristol: Obama Appointed Ebola Czar to Protect Self, Not Americans
Gallup: Confidence in Government to Handle Ebola Falls from 61 to 52 Percent
Poll: Drop in faith in gov. on Ebola by 9% since Oct. 5.
Poll: Ebola Poses Risks for Democrats' Political Ambitions
Poll: More than 3 in 4 Americans Want Ebola Travel Ban
Tennessee Democrat: GOP Opposition to Obamacare Will Cause Ebola Epidemic [?]
Betsy McCaughey: CDCs Big Mistake on Ebola
Official WHO Ebola Toll near 5,000 with True Number Nearer 15,000
DC to Monitor Travelers from West Africabut Only in 6 U.S. States
Congress must move slowly on increasing NIH funding - As the administration continues
to flop about like a landed fish in its response to Ebola, the agencies that mismanaged
the US response are looking at the panic caused by their ineptitude as a fund raising
gimmick. The core of the problem is not that NIH or CDC has too little money but rather
they have too much. The Washington Free Beacon hits in an article headlined Ebola v.
Obesity: The Politicized NIH hits on the problem
MO police stock up on riot gear ahead of grand jury decision & Ferguson on edge
Holder 'Exasperated' Over 'Selective Leaks' & DOJ FURIOUS AT MIKE BROWN AUTOPSY LEAK
Autopsy Reveals Michael Brown Did Not Have Hands Up When Shot...
WASH POST: New evidence supports officer's account...Black eyewitnesses corroborate...Brown high
enough to trigger hallucinations
Protesters march inside Police Dept
Amnesty International: Ferguson Police Committed Human Rights Abuses
The Epic Chess Match of Our Time
ABC ignores midterms; the network's nightly news program hasn't given the elections a mention since
Sept. 1.
State Department Won't "Label" The Islamic State, so theyre Attacking Fox News Instead
Anti-Science Mediaite: Chuck Todd Talked to Breitbart and His Ratings Tanked - The left-wing Mediaite is
pretty good at aggregating videos but a recent column attacking NBC's Chuck Todd for sitting down for
an interview with Breitbart News is yet another example of why Mediate's media analysis remains an
industry laughingstock for its shallow self-importance.
Latest 'Meet the Press' Ratings Prove Mediaite Is Staffed with Morons - Just hours after Mediaite said
Chuck Todd was "making a bigger mess of 'Meet the Press' " than David Gregory and had hurt his


standing in the ratings (primarily by his decision to sit down with Breitbart News), we learn that just this
last Sunday, Todd posted a rare second place "Meet" win over his Sunday competition in the allimportant 25-54 demo.
CNN Tells Viewers to 'Enjoy' Audio of Woman Reporting Assault to Police
Sarah Palin Blasts Shameless CNN & Carol Costello for Laughing at Female Assault
Victim, Not Calling to Apologize - Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted CNN and
anchor Carol Costello for apologizing to Politico instead of directly to her family after
Costello told her audience to enjoy a frantic audio tape of a young woman (Bristol Palin)
telling police that an adult man assaulted her.
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted CNN and anchor Carol Costello for
apologizing to Politico instead of directly to her family after Costello told her audience
to enjoy a frantic audio tape of a young woman (Bristol Palin) telling police that an adult
man assaulted her. A statement from CNNs Carol Costello was sent to Breitbart News
from CNN in which the morning anchor apologizes for telling viewers to "enjoy" audio of
Bristol Palin reporting a physical assault to the police. "Over the past few days I have
been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family," Costello
writes. "In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize."
The Truth about the Palin Brawl The Media Reveals Its Bias against Conservative
Women Once Again
Nicolle Wallace: 'Fair' for Palin to Be Mad at Me after Couric Interview
Russian Prisoner in Afghanistan to be Tried in US for Terrorism - The Obama administration is preparing
to transfer a military detainee in Afghanistan for criminal trial in Virginia, U.S. officials said Thursday.
Spain Criticized for 'Brutal' Treatment of Illegal Immigrants
French Government to Amend Legislation to Ban Undesirables from France
The White House Gaslights America on Immigration - The evidence by this point has
become pretty overwhelming that the White House plans some sort of mass amnesty
via executive fiat immediately after the elections have concluded. Disgruntled Democrat
Hispanics have openly declared that Obama has promised them as much, and earlier
this week, Breitbart News revealed that the Administration was placing a supply order
that would enable them to issue 34 million green cards, which would represent either a
drastic and unprecedented increase in work visa issuance or (more likely) a one-time
massive order for them pursuant to an Obama executive order. In the face of this
mounting and very public evidence, the press yesterday tried to get Obama to admit to
the obvious which is that he is planning something having to do with immigration in
very short order. Rather than admit that some manner of plans in the works but denying
that the election has anything to do with the timing, the White House instead decided
to take the approach of gaslighting all of America with respect to their immigration


Three Quarters of Danes Back 'Anti-Semitic' Ban on Male Circumcision

Argentina Turned Against its Jews
Fact Check On Fact Check of Dana Loeschs New Book Hands off My Gun
Bill Whittle: Youre Second Amendment
Matthew McConaughey on the Second Amendment: 'Let's Forget That Right'
accusing "guilt by association" with an ad suggesting Senate candidate Bruce Braley (D-IA) is a gun
control supporter in line with Michael Bloomberg.
Sen. David Vitter Urges Halt to Common Core Math Curriculum but Still Supports Common Core
Student photos of paltry school lunches raise alarm
Islamism in America
Progressives Lament Terror Attack's Connection to Islam
Charlie Rangel: ISIS No Threat to US
Man Attacks Cops with Hatchet... Facebook Profile Pic 'Muslim Warrior'
Man Attacks NYPD with Ax, UPDATE: 'Recent Convert to Islam'

Kurdistan vs. Islamic State

The Syrian opposition force to be recruited by the U.S. military and its coalition partners will be trained
to defend territory, rather than to seize it back from the Islamic State, according to senior U.S. and allied
officials, some of whom are concerned that the approach is flawed.
U.S. Cooperated Secretly with Syrian Kurds in Battle Against Islamic State at Koban
After Islamic State made the Syrian city of Koban a test of its ability to defy U.S. air
power, Washington intervened more forcefully than it had initially intended to try to
stem the group's momentum. Top U.S. officials concluded that Koban had become too
symbolically important to lose and they raced to save it.
As the U.S. role rapidly evolved, U.S. and Syrian Kurdish commanders began to
coordinate air and ground operations far more closely. A Syrian Kurdish general in a
joint operations center in northern Iraq delivered daily battlefield intelligence reports to
U.S. military planners, and helped spot targets for airstrikes on Islamic State positions.
The Syrian Kurds are avowedly secular and pro-Western. They field female fighters and
are committed to combating Islamic State. Kurdish officials say several Americans,
including two ex-marines and dozens of European volunteers, have enlisted to fight
alongside the Kurds in Koban.
The Imploding U.S Strategy in the Islamic State War
Yazidi Commander Killed by the Islamic State; Massacres Feared on Mt. Sinjar
White House deeply concerned over reports of renewed THE ISLAMIC STATE advance against Yazidis
Iraqi Officials Say THE ISLAMIC STATE Jihadists Used Chlorine Gas [BHO supposedly is humanitarian]


US: THE ISLAMIC STATE Earns $1M per Day in Black Market Oil Sales
Iraqi Prime Minister Arrives in Tehran
The Islamic Republic and Islamic State [of Iran] are the same; America must cooperate with neither
Iraqi Kurds to Vote on Sending Forces to Syria
THE ISLAMIC STATE captured a military shipment dropped into the Syrian/Iraq area that
was meant for Kurds. The shipment of weapons and supplies for the Kurds was intended
for use combating THE ISLAMIC STATE. What is so horrifying about all this is why the
Department of Defense says THE ISLAMIC STATE capturing the pallet of supplies is not
significant. Here is Jim Sciutto of CNN:
Im told by pentagon officials if THE ISLAMIC STATE indeed did get it
and these things look authentic that it is not militarily significant in the
whole scheme of things there. Partly in light of the fact that THE
ISLAMIC STATE has already captured a tremendous amount of
American-supplied weapons in Iraq
It is not significant because THE ISLAMIC STATE already has so many of our military
supplies and hardware on hand. This includes HMMWVs among other things.
How many Americans are going to have to die before President Obama gets serious
about this situation?
New polling shows Americans support fighting THE ISLAMIC STATE, but less than onethird believe we have a clear mission. The Commander-in-Chief seems intent on
obfuscating clarity for the sake of his own pride.
This situation is not going to get any better any time soon. God help us.
Islamism - Global
We Must Defeat the Poisonous Ideology of Islamism
Mark Steyn: Islamic Radicalism Fills the Void Left by Multiculturalism
Krauthammer: 'Tremendous ideological appeal of THE ISLAMIC STATE' could be inspiring lone-wolf
Confiscating Jihadis' Passports 'Could Encourage Terrorism At Home' [necessary start, pre-monitoring]
Ottawa Shooter's Dad Appears to Have Been Rebel Fighter in Libya [hereditary factors also in Hamas]
Iran and Russia Join Forces against THE ISLAMIC STATE in Iraq [n.b., Chechnya as motivator]
Al-Shabaab Stones to Death a Teenager Convicted of Rape in Somalia [unnerving, even if guilty]
TORY BY-ELECTION CANDIDATE IS AN ANTI-ISRAELI ACTIVIST *thus, conservatives arent always ok+
Song Withdrawn Raises Questions Over BBC Intervention - Former DJ Mike Read has asked that the song
he wrote in support of UKIP be withdrawn after being inundated with complaints that it was racist.
Turkey Is Complicit with THE ISLAMIC STATE and Unfit to Join the EU - Turkey finally caved in to
American pressure and announced it will allow Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to cross over its territory
from Iraq to Syria to join the battle against THE ISLAMIC STATE. But anyone who imagines this grudging
concession represents a cooperative move by a NATO ally to help crush the so-called Islamic State would
be sadly deluded.


A Worrisome Amount of Support in Jordan for the Islamic State - According to a poll published last
month by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, only 62% of Jordanians consider
Islamic State - and a mere 31% the Syria-based al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al Nusra - to be terrorist
organizations. Just 44% of Jordanians surveyed say that al-Qaeda is a terrorist group.
Tribal Leaders and the Future of Afghanistan
Arab Spring: the gift that keeps on giving - When the Obama regime engineered the
overthrow of the governments of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt during the much ballyhooed
Arab Spring the administration did not have a strategic or geopolitical goal in mind,
rather it was carried out strictly in the service of domestic politics. Obama wanted to
prove that he was the anti-Bush. He wanted to demonstrate the efficacy of smart
power. And he wanted to be able to wage war on the cheap war via drones and air
strikes and proxy armies that could overthrow regimes he didnt like and replace
them with friendly (or non-malign) regimes without the monetary or political cost of the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Yemen's Houthis: "Damn the Jews, Victory to Islam" - In September, the Houthis, a Zaidi Shia revivalist
group, took over Sana'a, Yemen's capital. Nearly all of the dozens of Houthi military checkpoints in the
city display their slogan printed in green and red: "Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews,
Victory to Islam." Yet the Houthis have never attacked Western interests. In fact, in all the areas of
Yemen the Houthis control, al-Qaeda is nowhere to be found. When al-Qaeda supporters and Houthi
militias have gone head to head in provinces like Jawf and Mareb, the Houthis have come out on top.
U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to THE ISLAMIC STATE, Aid NGOs Employ THE ISLAMIC
STATE People - Truckloads of U.S. and Western aid have been flowing into territory
controlled by Islamic State jihadists. The aid, meant for displaced Syrian civilians, is
funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, European donors, and the
UN. The aid convoys have to pay off THE ISLAMIC STATE leaders in order to enter
eastern Syrian extremist strongholds.
"The convoys have to be approved by THE ISLAMIC STATE and you have to pay them:
The bribes are disguised and itemized as transportation costs," says an aid coordinator.
The kickbacks are paid by NGOs tasked with distributing the aid, or by Turkish or Syrian
transportation companies contracted to deliver it. Moreover, aid coordinators say THE
ISLAMIC STATE insists that the NGOs employ people THE ISLAMIC STATE approves on
their staffs inside Syria. "There is always at least one THE ISLAMIC STATE person on the
payroll; they force people on us," says an aid coordinator.
"A few months ago we delivered a mobile clinic for a USAID-funded NGO," says one aid
worker. "The clinic was earmarked for the treatment of civilians, but we all know that
wounded THE ISLAMIC STATE fighters could easily be treated as well. So what are we
doing here helping their fighters, who we are bombing, to be treated so they can fight
The Risks of Israeli Withdrawal from the West Bank
UN May Replace Golan Peacekeepers with Drones
Irish Senate Calls for Recognition of Palestinian State


Two IDF Soldiers Wounded by Drug Smugglers at Egyptian Border

Ya'alon: Israel Worried about Iran Deal
Defense Minister Ya'alon Blasts Turkey, Erdoan as "Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood
Axis" - Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday described Turkey as the
leader, along with Qatar, of the Middle East's "Muslim Brotherhood Axis" and its
president, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, as a "known follower" of the Islamist group. Ya'alon
also told journalist Charlie Rose on PBS that Hamas had moved its operations from Syria
to Turkey and had set up a "terror headquarters" in Istanbul alongside the one
operating in Gaza.
During a visit to Washington, Ya'alon made a point of thanking the U.S.
for its support, especially for the Iron Dome anti-missile system. "Even if
there are disagreements between the U.S. and Israel, they should not
be allowed to cloud the deep friendship and warm, intimate ties
between the two countries," he said.
Ya'alon said that he once endorsed an agreement based on an Israeli withdrawal to the
1967 borders, until he realized that the Palestinians would never make do with such an
EU Seeks Talks with Israel over "Red Lines" in West Bank - Discussions have been taking place at EU
headquarters in Brussels between the ambassadors of the 28 members states over the European
response to Israeli moves which an internal EU document describes as creating a "threat to the
possibility of the two-state solution." The document defines several of the EU's "red lines" regarding
Israeli actions in the West Bank: construction in the Givat Hamatos neighborhood in Jerusalem,
construction in the E1 area between Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem, further construction in the Har
Homa neighborhood in Jerusalem, plans to relocate 12,000 Bedouin in a new town in the Jordan Valley,
and changing the status-quo at the Temple Mount.

Did Israel Avert a Hamas Massacre?

Israeli intelligence officials agreed to share the backstory of how earlier this year they
may have narrowly averted their nation's own 9/11. The plan of attack (as pieced
together by defense and security professionals through electronic intercepts,
informants, interrogations of Hamas operatives, as well as computers and satellite
imagery obtained from Hamas compounds during the war) was chilling: a surprise
assault in which scores of heavily armed Hamas insurgents were set to emerge from
more than a dozen cross-border tunnels and proceed to kill as many Israelis as possible.
Hamas created a secret commando unit, called Nukhba, and trained its men to fight and
maneuver through the tunnels on foot and on small motorcycles. According to an
official in the Israel Security Agency, which has been interrogating Hamas members who
were captured during the fighting, the Nukhba fighters "were an elite force...[trained] to
execute strategic terrorist attacks....[They would be] heavily armed: RPGs, Kalashnikovs,
M-16s, hand grenades, and night-vision equipment." To maximize the element of
surprise, they would wear IDF uniforms.
A year ago, workers at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, which sits on the border with Gaza,
heard digging underground and called in the IDF, which discovered a massive tunnel
located 50 feet below the surface. It ran a mile and a half from the village of Abbasan


Al-Saghira, in Gaza. IDF Captain Daniel explained, "They had a specific plan: 20 to 30
terrorists would emerge from the opening of the tunnel and attack the residents of Ein
Hashlosha." After the tunnel's discovery, Israel halted the transfer of construction
materials into Gaza. Last March, another tunnel was uncovered, penetrating three
times farther into Israel.
"Hamas had a plan," says Lt.-Col. Peter Lerner, summarizing on the record what six
senior intelligence officials would describe on background. "A simultaneous,
coordinated, surprise attack within Israel. They planned to send 200 terrorists armed to
the teeth toward civilian populations. This was going to be a coordinated attack. The
concept of operations involved 14 offensive tunnels into Israel. With at least 10 men in
each tunnel, they would infiltrate and inflict mass casualties."
As a senior military intelligence official explained, the anticipated attack was designed
with two purposes: "First, get in and massacre people in a village. Pull off something
they could show on television. Second, the ability to kidnap soldiers and civilians using
the tunnels would give them a great bargaining chip."
On July 7, Israeli jets bombed a tunnel that began in Rafah, in Gaza, and exited near
Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, killing seven members of Hamas. Highly placed government
sources say they feared these operatives were the first wave. "We expected the mass
attack in July," a senior military intelligence official explains. The next day, all hell broke
loose, with Hamas firing some 150 rockets. Over the next 10 days, Hamas would send
some 1,500 more.
All told, Israeli military and intelligence sources say that they found and destroyed 32
tunnels within Gaza, 14 of which crossed into Israel, and believe that they managed to
stave off a mass terror attack. Still, Hamas fighters used the underground network to
emerge inside Israel and pull off several attacks that claimed the lives of 11 IDF soldiers.

Israel: Hamas Lets Its People Have Medical Treatment in Israel, But Not Other Gazans - Israel's
Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai, on Monday accused
Hamas of a double standard for allowing the daughter of the group's leader Ismail Haniyeh to receive
medical treatment in Israel. "When there is a personal interest, Hamas has no problem in allowing
patients to come into Israel," Mordechai told the Palestinian news agency Ma'an. He recalled that
during the recent conflict Hamas leaders prevented injured Gazans from reaching the field hospital set
up by Israel on the Gaza border.
Israel Media
Media Label Palestinian Terror Attack on 3-Month-Old Car Accident - Yesterday, a Palestinian Muslim
terrorist drove a car over a 3-month-old baby in Jerusalem. The baby was an American citizen. Hamas
promptly praised the attack as a daring operation. So did the moderate Palestinian Authority wing
Fatah, which pledged loyalty to the terrorist.
AP Headline on Arab Terror Attack: "Israeli Police Shoot Man in East Jerusalem" - After a
Palestinian terrorist drove his car into a crowd of people waiting for a train on
Wednesday, killing a three-month-old baby, the Associated Press reported the story
with the following headline: Israeli Police Shoot Man in East Jerusalem. The headline
was changed thrice.


Palestinians Downbeat on Rebuilding of Gaza - The flow of building material will largely depend on
whether the Palestinian Authority extends its writ to Gaza, now run by Hamas. Local businessmen say a
mechanism agreed by the UN, Israel and the Palestinians for construction materials to move into Gaza
remains vague and plagued by red tape.
UN Chief Says Moving Ahead with Gaza War Inquiry - After his visit to Gaza in the wake of the recent
conflict, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council on Tuesday: "I look forward to a
thorough investigation by the Israeli Defense Forces of...incidents in which UN facilities sustained hits
and many innocent people were killed. I am planning to move forward with an independent Board of
Inquiry to look into the most serious of those cases, as well as instances in which weaponry was found
on UN premises."
Russia Still Has Troops in Ukraine, NATO Says
US scrambling jets almost daily to repel Russian threats
Refugee: North Korea is 'the Same Thing as the Holocaust... and we are ignoring it'
Pentagon Believes North Korea Made Nuclear-Weapons Advance - A top U.S. commander said Friday
that North Korea likely has the capability to produce a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on a
rocket, putting its wherewithal to build a nuclear missile within closer reach.
EU Ordered Britain to Pay additional 1.7 billion because its economy is better than others in the EU;
Cameron said Britain Will Not Pay 'Completely Unacceptable' EU Bill
Taxpayers Should Pay People to Be Healthy Says NHS Boss *socialism is on both sides of the pond+
After 4 Years of Conservative Government, Borrowing Still Rising [explaining rise of UKIP, comparable to
the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Movement]
Eyeing 2015 Vote, UK's Opposition Labor Promises Immigration Curbs - Britain's opposition Labor leader
Ed Miliband promised to crack down on immigration if his party is elected next year, seeking to woo
voters tempted by the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP), which could threaten his chances of
winning power.


Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2014 5:12 PM

Subject: Thoughts - XXIX [BHO, Midterms, Reverse-Racism, Israel, Corbett, Guns]
In contrast with Blast e-mails that are replete with hyperlinks, it is desirable to take-pause and
interlace references with more extensive editorial-comments; the goal is to suggest cogent action-items
that might otherwise have been overlooked elsewhere. It is assumed that the reader has become
convinced of the destructive elitism emanating from BHO/Dems and that, sadly, all people within the
GOP must be viewed as preferable because the alternative is to provide him a gaggle of enablers; here,
noting how he has acted imperially, he really doesnt need any more empowerment than he already
corrupts [by not following the law, by composing new law, and by selecting which laws he might follow].
Noting his procrastination manipulationboth regarding his scandal-sheet [e.g., IRS] and his executive
orders [e.g., amnesty]one only can wonder what late-October Surprise may emerge next week;
surely, his strategists cannot only depend upon voter-fraud to pull-out the Senatorial races that are
continuing to trend to the GOP, noting both the enthusiasm gap between the parties and the inability to
depend upon the traditional Dem-constituencies [youth, women, Blacks, elderly] to roll-up the totals.
Middle East conflict rages-on [29 Killed as Sinai Attacks Target Security Forces] as
demagogues practice the fine art of underselling Palestinian terrorism.
People are beginning to pay attention, although voters appear to be continuing to ignore local issues;
for example, although the Philly mayoral race is already taking shape, Jim Fosters editorial-comments
are consistently recognizing the ongoing damage resulting from one-party rule [such as when the PICA
Board failed to confront the pension-bomb]. Even the spate of national-violence is ascribable both to a
kid feeling jilted by a lady-friend and to Islamism [BERNARD KERIK: NYC LONE WOLF AX ATTACK JUST
THE BEGINNING and Peter King: NYC Ax Attacker Was Radical Muslim with Terrorist Islamic Leanings];
sometimes, people just want to wish-away a sense of uncertainty, although some feel the neutralization
of the War on Women was triggered by insecurity born of myriad examples of incompetence on the
federal level. Whereas BHO would want to frame the issue as dependent upon the bipartisan need to
shore-up vague-trust in the federal bureaucracy, the Rs would want the blame for errors *encompassing
ObamaDontCare and Ebola+ to yield focused blame upon the party that has controlled federal policy;
thats why incumbent-Dems view his presence as anathema, and thats also why BHO isnt sweating for,
even if/when the Senate flips, hell still have his telephone and pen as accessories to the overall crime
of how he views himself as Americas ruler *in-between rounds of golf, in-crowd parties, and $-raisers].
[Valerie Jarrett is Key Player in 'Fast & Furious' Cover-Up After Holder Lied to Congress,
but its unclear whether sufficient documentation thereof will be extracted from BHO.]
The GOP isnt so much upset @ knowing hes living the good life as much as it sees America *per a poll
taken last week by FNC+ as going to hell in a hand-basket on his watch; the right/wrong-direction
polling has confirmed the conclusion that his policies are at-variance with the desires of the voters.
Indeed, despite murmurings to the contrary, he probably recognizes that his work could be perpetuated
'BUSINESSES CREATE JOBS']; both are Alinskyites harboring a sense of entitlement [that animates many
of their policies], and neither feels very constrained by other governmental branches or the media


[despite yelps about Citizens United, which the Dems have exploited just as much as has the GOP].
Merely peeking @ leftie-sites *Slate and Salon and Talking Points Memo and Huffington Post+
yields the inescapable conclusion thatas unreasonable as it may appear to be to a non-Demhe has a
set of strong narratives that withstand contradiction, whether it be based on rhetoric [e.g., the WH
avers there is an investigation of the use of poison-gas in Iraq by the Pentagon, after which time the
Pentagon claims no such probe exists] or on the intrusion of events [e.g., the rise of the Islamic State].
Iraqi Officials Say Islamic State Jihadists Used Chlorine Gas, but BHO is loath to claim a
humanitarian crisis has befallen the Kurds, lest he be compelled to act more forcefully.
He has corrupted every governmental department, even Anthony Fauci, M.D. [trusted for decades due
to HIV-research] has been following marching-orders that simultaneously claim its safe to ride a bus
[without worrying about the potential to be infected] and advise Ebola patients not to ride a bus [due to
the potential to infect people]. Articles can be unwaveringly critical [USA Today: CDC Lost Its Ebola
Gamble], but the media will aid/abet cover-up [NY Times Undercuts NIH Director's Claim on Page A1
but Never Mentions Him] and follow-up stories can lose topicality [NY Ebola Patient Told Airport
Screeners He Had Been Working with Ebola Patients]. Indeed, the media can be depended upon to
perpetuate anti-GOP narratives such as Carol Costellos attack *PALIN: CNN APOLOGY NOTACCEPTED],
who Avoided Harsh Punishment Administered to Black Staffers despite her having advocated
Conservatives [Levin Slams Costello for Palin Mockery], but the net-result of such tempests is drowningout of Sarahs policy-messaging [Palin: Exec Amnesty Endangers Foreign Kids, 'Makes No Sense'].
CROWD will LAUGH and CHEER, but a Republican dare not invoke such verbiage.
Illustrative of why he continues to have a spring to his step is the prospect that ILLEGAL VOTES COULD
DECIDE MIDTERMS, for Large Numbers of Non-Citizens now Participate in Elections; Dems may be
Struggling to Escape Obama and Dems may feel they are Losing, but he can continue to do whatever he
desires with abandon for the next two years *with the GOP not daring to risk a loss in 16 if it were to
entertain pursuit of impeachment+, perhaps aspiring to graduate from being POTUS to becoming the
UN Secretary General. He also knows the GOP remains divided, and Mark Levin feels Tom Donohue's
'Chamber of Horrors' [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Is Democrats' Secret Weapon to Keep Senate (by
winning Georgia and/or Louisiana). As a Republican, I fear that panoplies of gaffes wont stick:
These data emerged during-the-day, Friday: Arkansas [Tom Cotton to Air Mini-Doc as a
Campaign Ad], Colorado [Sen. Mark Udall Botched MLK Quote: 'We Judge People By The
Content Of Their Color'], Kentucky [McConnell Releases Internal Poll Showing 8 Point
Lead as Democrat Group Goes Back on Air], Louisiana [Cassidy Hits Landrieu Hard On
Immigration], New Hampshire [Sessions: Electing NH's Scott Brown 'Where We Make
Our Stand' to Obama's Executive Amnesty; Fact Check: Jeanne Shaheen Lies About
Senate Immigration Bill; and Shaheen: I'm 'Proud' of Voting With Obama 99% Of The
Time]; and Virginia [Sporadic GOP Ground Game in Virginia Not Helping Ed Gillespie
Close the Gap].
How do these forces affect Pennsylvania Politics? Corruption seems to be a constant [PornGate and SEN.
LEANNA WASHINGTON TO PLEAD GUILTY+ that the media wont pin on the Dems, and the permanent
government will presumably survive whomever is @ the top [e.g., I plugged-in with the lady who is


primarily responsible for implementation by the Dept. of Education of the Mandatory Holocaust
Education Bill]. Meanwhile, although Corbett says he's confident because internal polling shows him
closing in, the media have not vetted Wolfs income tax plan *which faces legislative & legal hurdles].
Adopting such an incurious posture would seem anathema to journalists, but no one seems to care.
A Grandpa can Shoot a Trio of Thugs Attempting to Rape His Teen Granddaughter [and
Kill One], but the ambient narrative will be to invoke Canadian experiences to justify
stricter gun-control; all events represent crises that provide opportunities, and BHO
seems not to have missed any for, even if legislation hasnt been passed, he can express
dissatisfaction *Rushs Limbaugh Theorem explaining Obamas Teflon] as a bystander.
So, whats to be done? I can legislate for Israel from 7000 miles away *such as when I aver the Arab
stone-throwers in Jerusalem should be dispatched to Gaza] and I can feed ideas to GOP leaders [via
public/private e-mail and by personal-chats], but the guiding principle is primarily that which was
uttered by Tip ONeils father *All politics is local+. I can slay-dragons while blogging but, essentially,
the GOTV effort must be maximized. I can also afford sage-advice [and handouts] to candidates planning
to debate but, noting the brisk pace of such events, its probably best that the candidate simply feel
comfortable *in his/her skin+ with whatever is said and how it is said. I can even try to disseminate
smoking-gun evidence that the head of the Free Syrian Army is anti-Kurd/anti-Israel, but any op-ed
that is composed must channel the angst that is constantly being experienced by Sherkoh and his pals.
This confessional was composed last night, and hyperlinks gleaned today serve to reinforce concerns
with BHO; even lefties appear to be rebelling against BHO [MATTHEWS: OBAMA NOT A 'REAL CHIEF
EXECUTIVE'] and his disingenuousness. Note that he was interviewed in the Oval Office following a
phone conversation with Canadian PM-Harper, during which PM-Harper said that a terrorist murdered
the soldier in cold blood. Yet, BHO merely condemned senseless violence just as he continues to
maintain the murders committed by Hasan were workplace violence.
Libs are also rebelling against his divisive agenda [MAHER: MIKE BROWN 'WASN'T A
GENTLE GIANT,' WAS 'ACTING LIKE A THUG'] which other Dems have co-adopted to stirup the Black vote [DEM AD BLAMES THOM TILLIS FOR TRAYVON MARTIN SHOOTING].
This phenomenon is compounded by the existence of divergent messaging, as illustrated
by a piece by Jim Salter published in yesterdays The Philadelphia Tribune *targeting
Phillys Blacks+, which portrayed the leaked autopsy data as ambiguous *Autopsy
doesnt show if Michael Brown went for gun+, which prompted an adverse comment
*wow, what a inaccurate story. The autopsy and the Cops testimony support Wilson's
story that Brown and he fought over the weapon, 2 shots were fired in the cruiser and
brown punched the cop twice in the face.+ as per what others reported *The hands-up
gesture may not be accurate according to a pathologist who looked at the leaked
autopsy report. She told the St. Louis Post Dispatch that the wounds appeared
consistent with someone moving forward not with someone who was standing still with
palms up.+ Since the Beer Summit, BHO/AG-Holder have created this explosive
divisiveness, and ongoing evidence thereof requires broad dissemination and critique.
Focus just on whats happening in the Middle East and with Jews. An ISRAELI MINISTER said TIES WITH
USA IN 'CRISIS' noting, for example, that Obama put an arms embargo on Israel in the midst of the


recent Gaza Operation. A food cart that hands out anti-Israel propaganda with each of its sandwiches
has received funding from a foundation run by Secretary of State John Kerrys wife; meanwhile, Kerry
keeps blaming Israel. And On the Facebook page of the US Consulate General in Jerusalem, there are
posts in English, posts in Arabic, yet nothing in Hebrew -- though Hebrew is one of three official
languages of the nation of Israel -- where Jerusalem is the capital. Finally, Fridays State Department
press briefing about the murder of three-month-old Chaya Baron [an American citizen] reflected the
compulsion to create moral equivalency [when the spokeswoman was asked about Abbas and she
interjected Netanyahu]:
Im not making any relation, but theres been some concern over the
last week or two about comments by President Abbas that believe to have incurred
incitement. And are you concerned about that? You havent really spoken out about
that. Do you in any way feel that this is inciting Palestinians to take actions into their
own hands?
Well, I think, Elise, one, I mean, we obviously believe that the act last
night warrants condemnation evidence by the statement we released last night. Im not
going to characterize the comments made or not made by President Prime Minister
Netanyahu or the response from President Abbas."
Lest we forget, the moderate Islamist AKP government of President Erdoan basically told a Danish
government delegation who had arrived in Ankara requesting extradition of Lars Hedegaards
attempted assassin, 27 year old Danish Lebanese citizen, Basil Hassan, (BH) to take a hike. One
wonders if BHO will respond to the extortion the PA is cooking-up [The Palestinian Authority should end
its security coordination with Israel if the United States vetoes a Palestinian-sponsored UN Security
Council resolution recognizing a Palestinian state, according to chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.]
Meanwhile, China wants to have closer military ties with Iran, the Chinese defense minister told the
visiting head of the Iranian navy on Thursday, state media reported, reaffirming Beijing's diplomatic links
with Tehran despite controversy over its nuclear plans. {Also, Tufts University is Hosting Islamists to
Train Students in Direct Action, welcoming a group known for anti-Semitism, violence, and connections
to Hamas.}
Faced with such dataeven invoking Jewish levityits sometimes difficult to sleep.