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Cloning Essay

Cloning is a very intricate process. It can take hundreds of tries before a

clone can be successful. Cloning is a way for organisms that reproduce sexually
to reproduce asexually. It creates offspring that are genetically identical to their
parent (they have the exact same genes). The DNA, genes, is the same for the
parent and the offspring. Personally, I believe that Cloning is not a good idea.
The research that scientists have done is not strong enough to perform on
Cloning should not be allowed . Since the genes are the same because of
the complicated process where you take the nucleus out of the females egg cell
and replace it with a body cells nucleus. Then put the egg cell, with the new
nucleus, in the reproductive system of the female again and let the offspring be
born. Cloning is not safe; it has produced a lot of mistakes before being
successful which include horrible abnormalities. Also, it decreases genetic
diversity because the genes are the same, which limits our abilities to adapt . This
is not good if the conditions change constantly. Furthermore, anything that
affects the parent will affect the offspring because their genetic material is the
same. In my opinion I think its dangerous worldwide as well because if a dictator
or ruler wants to make a superior race, they can do so by cloning; this can cause
chaos to others.
According to, cloning can produce psychological distress and harm
in the clone. The clone may feel that their life may already be laid out before
them and have no choices but to be like the person they were cloned from . This
may cause a lot of psychological harm to the clone . They will also face

psychological problems with what is their identity. Moreover, human cloning

might be used by for financial gain. The embryos could be bought and sold,
which would lead to financial gain. This could lead to class favoritism on the eggs
available. Only the rich could afford the best children . Poor families would have
to settle with eggs that are damaged or imperfect. This is not fair to anyone.
Others might say that cloning is helpful and useful . They might say its
good for infertile couples. So they can reproduce but they can just adopt, its the
same thing. They might also say, they want their offspring to have a specific
talent that they had and can do this by cloning . Or they can bring back dead
children. Or even cloning body part can serve as a lifesaver if an organ stops
working and that organ is vital, they can just clone another organ and replace it .
None of this is correct to do; testing on animals isnt safe or right either . Theyre
just using them to see if its possible but its not .
Cloning is wrong and should not be tested on humans or animals .
Scientists should do extensive research until they are sure it will work . Humans
will just be tested and look at as lab rats . If cloning was possible, it will just create
global tribulations and more unfairness than what there is already . Cloning
should not be done; everyone has the right of being unique .