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Rizal in Dapitan

Simple yet inspiring is the best word that can describe the life of Rizal in
Dapitan. It is simple in away that he lives like an ordinary people and inspiring because
when he was there, he was able to live his life to the fullest without regrets by living the
life while he can.
This four year interregnum in his life was tediously unexciting, but was
abundantly fruitful w/ varied achievements. He practiced medicine, pursued scientific
studies, continued his artistic and literary works widened his knowledge of languages,
established a school for boys, promoted community development projects, invented a
wooden machine for making bricks and engaged in farming and commerce.
As he was exiled ,he lived in a commandantshouse but after winning the
second prize in the Manila Lottery and also from his savings being a merchant and
farmer, he bought a land in Talisay.In this place, he built three houses made of bamboo,
wood and also nipa with different shapes. The firsthouse served as his home, the
second house is for his students and lastly, the third house is for hischickens. Rizal was
also implicated in the activities of the nascent rebellion ,because of that he was
deported to Dapitan in the province of Zamboanga. There he built a school, a hospital
and a water supply system, and taught and engaged in farming and horticulture. Abaca,
then the vital raw material for cordage and which Rizal and his students planted in the
thousands, was a memorial. Due to that event Rizal was able to make his own home a
place where he can teach young people and those who are willing to gain knowledge by
staying on his place and doing some labor by helping Rizal in his works. Im also
amazed that Rizal had also practiced medicine in Dapitan. He had many patients, but
most of them were poor so that he even game them free medicine. To his friend in Hong
Kong, Dr. Marquez, he wrote: "Here the people are so poor that I have even to give
medicine gratis." He had, however, some rich patients who paid him handsomely for his
surgical skill.
On the movie his mother and sister (Maria) arrived in Dapitan and lived with him
for one year and a half. He operated on his mother's right eye. The operation was
successful, but Doa Teodora, ignoring her son's instructions, removed the bandages
from her eyes, thereby causing the wound to be infected. Thus Rizal told Hidalgo, his
brother-in-law: "Now I understand very well why a physician should not treat the
members of his family." Fortunately, the infection was arrested so that Doa Teodora's
sight, thanks to her son's ophthalmic prowess, was fully restored.

During that time Rizal give knowledge in his school, he taught boys English and
Spanish. Though after teaching the childrens Rizal aims of inculcating resourcefulness
and self sufficiency in young men. They would later enjoy successful lives as farmers.
Since boyhood Rizal knew the value of good education. During his travels abroad he
observed the education system of modern nations. He himself planned to establish a
modern college in Hong Kong for Filipino boys so that he could train them in modern
pedagogical concepts, which were then unknown in the Philippines.

A certain event also occurred wherein Rizal Encounter with the Friar's Spy . At
that time he was living peacefully and happily at his house in Talisay, a kilometer away
from Dapitan. His mother, sisters Narcisa and Trinidad, and some nephews were then
living with him. His blissful life was then suddenly jolted by a strange incident involving a
spy of the friars. This spy with the assumed name of "Pablo Mercado" and posing as a
relative, secretly visited Rizal at his house on the night. He introduced himself as a
friend and relative, showing a photo of Rizal and a pair of buttons with the initials "P.M."
as evidences of his kinship with the Rizal family. Though Pablos intentions was already
been seen by Rizal he then ask Pablo if his true intentions thus making Pablo more
furious and tried to take Rizals life but he failed because Rizal is skilled when it comes
to close combat fight. I am so angry about Rizal at that time because he let the spy
scape because he is too kind.
At the near the end the movie Rizal in dapitan he met and courted the stepdaughter of a patient, an Irishwoman named Josephine Bracken. On the movie it was
said that Josephine simply wants to accompany his father George Taufer because of
his eyes.
At some point in the movie it was showed that Josephines Father Taufer
returned to Hongkong uncured. However after going back to hongkong Josephine
followed his wishes and returned to dapitan so that she could reunite with Rizal and be
married. The love that blossom to them was not obtain because Father Pedro Obach
did now allow a marriage because he would not return to the religion of his youth and
was not known to be clearly against revolution. He nonetheless considered Josephine
to be his wife and is the most precious person in his life.
The part of Rizal's life where he came to know Josephine is the most romantic. Their
love story was an example of unconditional love because despite of the fact that there
were no priest who was willing to marry them, the couple exchanged their vows before
God in their own way. Their love bear its fruit - Josephine was pregnant. Unfortunately,
Bracken gave birth to a one-month premature baby boy. The child was buried in

I got mad with Jose Rizal in the event of Josephines premature birth of the
supposedly son of a hero. How come Rizal who was a doctor was so unmindful of
Josephine's condition that night when his anger bursted after Maria's accusation of
Josephine being a spy? Not only physically but mentally and emotionally, Josephine
who was then pregnant was tortured of Rizal's misbehavior which caused her to
collapse and ultimately lose the baby in her womb.
I can imagine how Rizal's life would be more colorful and interesting if he had a
son who lived and continued his good doings. It is really disappointing that losing that
baby ends Rizal's direct lineage. If he was not a hero, he would have been long
forgotten because his direct ancestry ended when he was killed.

One event that take place on the movie is prior to the outbreak of the revolution,
the Katipunan leader, Andres Bonifacio, seek the advise of Jose Rizal. In a secret
meeting the group agreed to send Dr. Pio Valenzuela as a representative to Dapitan
who will inform Rizal of their plan to launch a revolution against the Spaniards. When
Dr. Pio Valenzuela appeared in dapitan he show to Rizal at night, Rizal and Valenzuela
had a talk in the former's garden. There, Valenzuela told him of the Katipunan's plan.
Regarding this, Rizal outspokenly objected Bonifacio's premature idea for two
reasons. The Filipinos were still unready for such bloody revolution and the Katipunan
lacked machinery, before plotting a revolution, there must be sufficient arms and funds
collected. Due to those reasons Rizal did not accept the offer and also he do now want
needless battle that would cause death of many people.
However , the fact Rizal has contributed a lot for our freedom remains in our hearts
eventhough he lost his precious child due to his lack of control to himself. As Rizal was
in Dapitan he was able to show the depicting of what a life a hero is. By these many
reasons, we cant deny that Rizal was truly loved by all Dapitenos.As you cansee, when
Rizal left Dapitan, all of his students, their parents and also ordinary people together
with aband said their last goodbyes
This movie illustrates how Filipinos at that time show their love for their country despite
the injustice that they were experiencing from our Spanish conquerors. Filipinos at that
time do not enjoy the same privileges as the Spaniards. In education for instance, not
everyone were allowed to enroll in universities, unless you are of Spanish blood or from
a moneyed Filipino family.
Character/ Performances
Rizal sa Dapitan was a good portrayal of Rizals life while in Dapitan. Albert Martinez
portrayed Rizal in an impressive way - a well-mannered gentleman, intelligent,
respectable and handsome. The choice of actress of Amanda Page as Josephine
Bracken was also rational - white skinned and beautiful, really American like. But
Candy Pangilinan as Rizals sister was a bit unconvincing because she is a
comedienne. That scene of her and Rizal arguing seemed like she was trying to
make us laugh.
The script was also excellent. Rizal used deep words, like a poet, like Edgar Allan
Poe, the what we call as matalinghaga, and it showed us how intelligent Rizal was.
They also used Spanish words which made me say, What? Anu raw? because there
were no subtitles.
The picture quality was not that good and the cutting of the scenes was confusing.
For example, Rizal was talking to Father Sanchez then it abruptly switched to the

scene when they were having some coffee.

The movie also lacked music to add more emotion into every scene. For example,
in the scene when Josephine Brackens baby was being miscarried, there should
have been music with an emotion of fear or fright. In the scene when Rizal was
burying the baby, there should have been sad music.
When it comes to the lessons that could be found in the movie, certainly much can
be found in Rizal sa Dapitan.
It taught me about the value of life and the beauty of children when Rizal and
Brackens baby died. It taught me about the importance of freedom, and how to
still live normally and fully if it had been denied of me. It taught me not to cease
and wither when it comes to fighting for what I think is right.
Rizal sa Dapitan is not really a must watch movie, but as a history student or as a
person who wants to discover deeper who Rizal really is, or know more about
Philippine history, theres no harm to give it a try.

Rizal sa Dapitan was good, the choice of characters was also good, but there should
be improvements in the script, cinematography and music. I think the highlights of
Rizals life was not just only when he was in Dapitan, but during the climax of
events before his execution.
If someone will ask me to recommend a good Rizal film, I will say it is Jose Rizal,
starring Cesar Montano produced by GMA Films.