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BioLogic DuoFlow Protein Purification System

Sole Source Specifications

The BioLogic DuoFlow Protein Purification System (see page 2 for catalog numbers) is solely
manufactured and distributed by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. The unique modular design allows for
customers to upgrade components (pumps, detectors, Maximizer, etc.) at any time without paying
up front for unnecessary features or purchasing an entirely new system later.


All-PEEK pump heads preserve biocompatibility of the sample.
The BioLogic DuoFlow Protein Purification System is suitable for both analytical and preparative
protein purification. This dual functionality is accomplished with two easily interchangeable
F10 pump head: 0.01-10 mL/min at 3500 psi
F40 pump head: 0.50-40 mL/min at 1000 psi

Same software platform for use with both F10 and F40 pump heads, so purchasing additional
software packages to use with optional F40 Pump Upgrade Kit is not necessary.
Software aliasing features for effortless programming.
All methods may be run in time or volume formats.
Templates are available for researchers to use or follow when developing protocols.
Scouting allows for maximum testing of protocol variables to optimize separations.
Queues set the system to perform series of runs at the touch of a button.
Edit-on-the-Fly feature to easily modify the protocol while a Run is progress.
Trace Compare, Overlays and Peak Tagging for straightforward post-run analysis.

Supports up to three low-pressure valves for buffer selection, sample selection, and fraction
Supports up to three high-pressure valves for sample injection, column selection and reverse flow
High-pressure valves are made with patented Make-Before-BreakTM (MBB) technology. The
MBB technology valves allow the system to switch valve positions under high pressure without
stopping the pumps, which causes pressure spikes that may damage columns or alter

This DuoFlow exclusive add-on feature enables the system to:
Perform buffer blending protocols for automated pH scouting
Double the flow rate of workstation pumpheads.
F10 pump heads increase to 20 mL/min to 3500 psi
F40 pump heads increase to 80 mL/min to 1000 psi
Double the number of valves that can be simultaneously in use for a total of 6 low
pressure and 6 high pressure valves.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2000 Alfred Nobel Drive, Hercules, CA 94547 • Phone (510) 741-1000
The BioLogic Mixer is a more accurate post-pump high-pressure gradient mixer.
Variable volume mixer barrel design makes changing scale of purifications much easier and can
save many weeks of optimization.

The BioLogic DuoFlow System is compatible with optional Econo-Gradient Pump (EGP-1) or
Econo-Pump (EP-1) for directed loading of both small and large sample volumes.

The BioLogic base system contains UV detection at 254 or 280 nm, conductivity and pump
The QuadTec option is Bio-Rad’s exclusive UV detector for simultaneous detection of four
The SIM module allows users to import signals from other detectors such as pH, refractive index
or fluorescence.

User may choose between either a Bio-Rad fraction collector (BioFrac or Model 2110) or a third
party fraction collector.
The BioFrac fraction collector has versatile collection schemes ranging from microplate to carboy-
size collection.
BioFrac collection protocols can be followed in numerical or grid formats.
Ice Bath Racks are available for use with the BioFrac to help maintain sample integrity.

Workstation easily fits into a single-door “deli” box and connects to the external DuoFlow
Controller via a single bus cable.
The system has been tested for use between 4 and 40 oC.


760-0047 BioLogic DuoFlow 10 System With BioFrac™ Fraction Collector
760-4047 BioLogic DuoFlow 40 System With BioFrac Fraction Collector
760-1147 BioLogic DuoFlow QuadTec™ 10 System With BioFrac Fraction Collector
760-4147 BioLogic DuoFlow QuadTec 40 System With BioFrac Fraction Collector
760-2237 BioLogic DuoFlow Maximizer™ 20 System
760-2247 BioLogic DuoFlow Maximizer 80 System
760-2257 BioLogic DuoFlow Pathfinder™ 20 System
760-2267 BioLogic DuoFlow Pathfinder 80 System

Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2000 Alfred Nobel Drive, Hercules, CA 94547 • Phone (510) 741-1000