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Synthesis of the Related Literature and Studies

The aforementioned literature and studies were found to be very useful as bases
for this study. Aside from the information value they provided, the researchers got
deeper insights in the present study. The literature and studies strengthened the
concepts and served as sources of important data needed in the formulation of
guidelines and parameters in the conduct of this study.
The present study was slightly parallel in objectives with the studies conducted
by Robinson (1970), Pogue (2000), Seif (1997). These studies identified the methods
and systematic way on how the student can have better comprehension skills while
reading and studying, and the relationship between these methods to the academic
performance of students

Parallel studies conducted by Abderisak, (2007), Zolten & Long (1997),


that one systematic way to have better way of learning is to have a good time
management and a student should know his personal responsibility over one dos and
donts during his studies, which is essential for our study to measure the consistency
and significance of managing time on the academic performance the students in
selected schools in Bulacan.
Major factors why students have a failing grades was one of the focus of Aquino
(1974), while some measures of improving the student learning by proper guidance is
the study conducted by Gregorio, (1973). On the other hand, Soriano, (2013) conducted
a study on how self-discipline correlates in good study habits.

The study conducted by Sarath A. Nonis and Gail I. Hudson on 2006 focused on
the influence of time spent in working and studying in the academic performance of
college students
The study habits of the freshmen students is the focus of the study of plata(1988)
while the relationship between the study habits and attitudes of sophomore students
and their achievement in certain subjects is the focus of the study of amano(1991).
The studies conducted by Gose (1998), Smart, Tomkovick, Jones, & Menon
(1999), General Oettingar (1999),.Singh & Ozturk, (2000), Orszigag, (2001) focuses on
the effect on academic performance of working students.
The literature and studies undertaken exhibits the methods and techniques for a

better learning, effects and relationship of study habits in academic performance of the
students. Generally, the retrieved literature and studies have influenced and enriched the
thoughts and views of the researcher concerning study habits and academic performance.
These literature and studies are different on current study as it focus on study habits and
academic performance in which the respondents and place of the study is restricted to Bachelor
of Science in Accountancy students in selected schools in Bulacan.