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Table of Content
Chapter # 1 ABOUT WATEEN

Corporate Values
Company Profile


Management Hierarchy
Product and Services
Technical Features
Human Resource
Organization’s Culture
Organization’s environment
Organizational values
Culture Transmitters
Public Service Activities
Customer Relationship


Communication in Wateen
Internal Communication in WATEEN
Wateen Oral Communication
Written Communication
Communication Structured in WATEEN
WATEEN believe on Effective Communication
Channels of Communication
Structure of Internal Communication
Downward Communication
Upward Communication
Horizontal Communications
The Means And Media Are Used For Internal Communication
External Communication Structured In Wateen


Analysis Of The Organization In Light Of The Subject Topic

Recommended Strategies For Improvement
Communication With Other Business

Integrated market communication:

In view to acknowledge the efforts and hard work dedicated to the project, supervised by
our Business communication teacher Prof. Amjad Hussain Janjua. The project was done
with the objective of “Role of Communication in Business Success” options for the given
company WATEEN.
Our project report and research covered all the parts and segment communication of origination
This report has been admired and acknowledged by the company. It is due to our teacher’s
guidance and hard work that we have been able to achieve this task. The way she applied
marketing concepts to the practical world is worth mentioning. This report is a fruit of
our concentration and interest to the subject, developed by our teacher. Working for this
project was a brilliant experience and will hopefully help us ascend in our professional
Wateen Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Group's latest venture in Pakistan. After the successful launch of Warid
Telecom in Pakistan, which has a subscriber base of over 10 million customers in 145 cities, Wateen Telecom
has been set up to become the leading "Carrier's Carrier" providing services based on quality, reliability and
affordability in the communication and media sector. Wateen is committed to bring Next Generation
services to your doorstep... today.

Wateen Telecom, Pakistan is largest communication company in the private sector has become the
detrimental catalyst that has rampantly moved forward the country into a digital revolution with its ability
to seamlessly connect and enable smarter, faster, cost-effective and flexible communication solutions to
reach its valued customers.
Wateen offers a complete range of carrier class telecom and multimedia services like fixed wireless and line
telephony, always-on broadband for data, internet and TV/multimedia along with a host of other value-
added services and applications to set the standards for a new era of communications and entertainment in
Wateen continues to build on the heritage of its parent company - The Abu Dhabi Group. We believe in
leadership through people. Our technology and service-delivery strengths stems from our valued employees
who have joined Wateen from all over the world to earn customer trust and loyalty with a continuing
commitment to the deployment of innovative products and services, reliable, high-quality service and
excellent customer care.

To launch Pakistan into the 21st century digital revolution by providing complete communication
solutions to Telecom Operators, Corporate, Consumers and to be the leading “Carriers’ Carrier” by
creating a world-class cutting-edge network to deliver a broad range of reliable, affordable and quality
customer-centric services.

 To provide affordable communication services that meets and exceeds customers' requirements
 To deliver high-quality, flexible and innovative solutions that are cost effective and conducive
 To provide complete customer satisfaction on time, every time
Corporate Values
 Simplicity : Practical and easy-to-use
 Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is foremost
 Quality: Premier services; no compromises
 Innovation: Always at par with the latest technology
 Honesty: Practice what we preach: integrity, ethics and open communication

Company Profile
Wateen Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Group’s latest communication investment in Pakistan. After the
successful launch of Warid Telecom in Pakistan which provides mobile GSM services to over 4.0
million customers, in under 1 year of launch, Wateen Telecom was set up to become the leading
“Carrier’s Carrier” in Pakistan providing quality, reliability and affordability in the communication
sector bringing the next generation services at customer’s doorstep…today!. Wateen offers total
communication solutions including domestic and international voice services, video
conferencing/video telephony, true broadband Internet and data connectivity, DVD quality TV
viewing and VAS such as Video security and surveillance and Interactive gaming, for corporate,
business and residential customers. Wateen also provides telecom infrastructure to cable, cellular,
ISPs, calling card and payphone partner companies.
Management Hierarchy


Mr Tariq Malik

GM GM Engineering GM
Corporate Solutions
Mr. Tayyab Shafi
Mr. Shahid Miah Mr. Furqan Qureshi

GM Finance GM Operation GM Marketing

Mr Aqib Zulifqar Mr Jahangir Ahmed Mr Athar Jamal

Head Of Leagal & Head Of Head Of

Company secretary
Customer Operation Startegy & Planning
Miss Naila
Mr Junaid Ashiq Mr Ali Irfan
Product and Services:
Wateen offers following products and services

 Telephony
 Fixed line WiMAX Bundled Packages
 W Cards
 Calling Cards
 Calling Accounts
 Video telephony

 True Broadband Internet

 WiMAX Broadband
 WiMAX Broadband packages
 Cable broadband
 DSL Broadband
 Dial-up internet

 Multi media & TV

 Cable TV
 Inhouse Channels
 Satellite Channels

 Entertainment
 Online Games
 Digital music

 Management Solution
Technical Features:
 Development platform: (Java Mobile application (J2ME), CLDC 1.0, MIDP 1.0.)
 Ability to easily support any new grading system.
 Building of a package to support missing floating point operations.
 Ability to support additional languages.
 Building a Record Management system.
 Full Object-Oriented application.

Wateen Telecom is the first company in the world to roll-out a WiMAX network at a country-wide scale.
WiMAX is a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as
an alternative to wired broadband like cable and DSL. With globally renowned partners such as
Motorola, Cisco, and Intel, the stage is set to revolutionize the way you use technology! With Wateen's
WiMAX network, you get access to Broadband Internet with up to 2Mbps dedicated speeds Telephony
with over 40 value added features, and Fully secure high-speed data networks Subscribers can use
advanced telephony, surf the Internet at super-fast speeds, make video calls, and watch IP-TV through
the comfort and ease afforded by a single connection.
Human Resource:
HR is another important microeconomic factor affecting the research work. R & D

require proper HR personnel who have the ability to get the required information from

the market. They should have the ability to deal with all sorts of public and situations in

order to get their work done. Proper HR is the guarantee for good research work.

Competitive Pay
Wateen’s pay and benefits programs reflect how much the employees and their families are valued.
These programs are among the most comprehensive and competitive in our industry. Wateen pay
practices are designed to attract, motivate, retain and reward employees with competitive base pay
complemented with short-term and long-term incentives. Wateen believes in compensating employees
in a manner comparable to our competitors in the industry. Wateen also fosters a pay-for-performance
culture that provides employees with opportunities to earn higher levels of compensation and receive
rewards tied to company, team and individual performance.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Wateen makes a significant investment in employee benefits, an important part of each employee's
total compensation. The benefits program is reviewed each year to ensure that the plans are cost
effective and continue to provide competitive benefits meeting the needs of our employees and their
families The bar is set competitively high. If you believe that you can make positive contribution in
Wateen’s endeavors by adding value to your discipline or area of work, we look forward to hear from
you and to welcome you into the Wateen Family.

Packages for Employees:

The wateen management is aware of the fact that only a satisfied worker can provide the required level
of services to the customers. The branch firmly believes that a highly motivated and well-trained
workforce is the key factor to success. So, staff salaries have been increased.
Organization’s Culture:
At Wateen they have a unique environment to work for since it houses a diversity of skills, backgrounds,
viewpoints and experiences from around the world. It is ensured that hiring is based on merit, skill and
ability, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental
disability, military or veteran status, marital status, or any other classification.

Wateen Telecom is building and integrating the next generation of intelligent, converged
networks with a plethora of key services and differentiators in the market. The primal objective
is to become a carrier’s carrier and provide turnkey solutions for all customer requirements and
specifications. At Wateen Telecom we are seeking innovative and intelligent people to help us
design, market, sell and support our innovative & intelligent product portfolio to a diversified
evolving market. We strive to hire only the best, create an exhilarating work
environment and above all else, respect each individual's unique contributions.

An organizational culture has following elements

Organization environment:
Organization values:
Organizational rites rituals, and customs:
Cultural transmitter:
Organization’s environment:
Nature and the environment
Wateen shall be a pioneer regarding environmental protection, by minimizing environmental
damage and by developing, promoting and utilizing environmentally friendly technology. You
shall bear in mind the environmental effects work-related activities have on nature and the
environment and shall choose environmentally friendly solutions as far as this is possible .

Working environment:
Wateen shall be a professional and positive workplace with an inclusive working environment.
Therefore, you shall behave with respect and integrity towards anyone you come into contact
with through your work. You shall help create an environment free from any discrimination, be it
due to religion, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, race or disability and
free from bullying, harassment or similar. We do not tolerate any behavior that can be perceived
as degrading or threatening
Creating a healthy and safe working environment:
Wateen is responsible for supporting a working environment characterized by high job-
satisfaction, opportunities for personal and professional development, and low rate of sick leave
and injuries.

 Health and the environment

Wateen shall be a pioneer in the field of health, safety and environment so as to promote
high levels of satisfaction and good health. You share a responsibility for achieving this
 Compensating our people:
Compensation is used to reward performance and to influence and reinforce Wateen
desired culture and values.
 Taking our people’s security seriously
We do what we can to manage external risks and threats that could cause serious injury or
death of our employees. Contingency plans and regular exercises are important elements
in ensuring our people’s security. We also offer all our employees a 24/7 hotline, serviced
by Wateen staff.
Organizational values:
Here are a few programs that demonstrate Wateen efforts to translate customer needs into better
service and Wateen commitment to making a long-term positive impact on the countries we
operate in:

Working towards diversity:

Diversity is key to our working environment. We employ people from a variety of backgrounds,
with a wide variety of skills and training.

 Ethnicity/nationality:
Diversity at Wateen must reflect the multi-cultural capacity of the societies in which the
Wateen Group operates
 Gender:
We believe that encouraging an appropriate work-life balance is key to ensure that both
men and women excel at Wateen
 Developing our people:
Wateen offers extensive opportunities for learning. In addition to on-the-job training and
transfers between different locations we offer a wide selection of external courses, e-
learning programs and leadership training programs.
Organization rites, rituals, and customs:
Loyalty, impartiality and conflict of interests
Wateen respects the individual employee's right to a private life and private interests, but demands
openness and loyalty to the group and the group's interests. You shall not take actions or have interests
that make it difficult to perform your work objectively and effectively. Service to Wateen should never
be subordinated to personal gain and advantage. Conflicts of interest should, wherever possible, be
avoided. You shall never take part in or attempt to influence a decision or settlement if there is a conflict
of interest or other circumstances exist, which could give grounds to question one's impartiality.

Confidentiality Every employee in

the group has a duty of confidentiality by law and written agreement. You shall keep confidential all
corporate and other matters that could provide third parties unauthorized access to confidential
information, and exercise caution when discussing internal affairs so as to avoid being overheard by
unauthorized persons. The duty of confidentiality also applies after the conclusion of employment or
contractual relationship with Wateen for as long as the information is considered to be of a sensitive
nature or in any other way confidential.

Equal treatment:
Wateen strictly adheres to the principle relating to equal treatment of shareholders
Culture Transmitters
Awareness-raising campaigns

Wateen recognizes the importance of empowering children, parents and teachers to use ICT
safely, and so it has been involved with awareness-raising campaigns and media literacy training
for several years. Wateen runs awareness raising campaigns in schools in cooperation with local
NGOs such as Save the Children and develops technical solutions to enable controlled access to
content by minors. In addition, Wateen has a good working relationship with law enforcement
authorities on issues related to illegal content. It was the first mobile operator to introduce, in
cooperation with the Norwegian police, a filter for mobile Internet, which blocks sites containing
images of child sexual abuse.

Customers and suppliers:

Wateen furthers its ongoing efforts to strengthen the group’s customer orientation. Wateen
believes it is essential that customers be offered solutions that fulfill their communications
requirements in a simpler and better manner. A good understanding of people’s communications
needs, combined with the ability to deliver as promised, is required to ensure that Wateen
remains the preferred choice. The company takes its reputation and market surveys seriously,
and is engaged in continuous work on improvement measures.

Public Relations

A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or an impact on an organization's ability
to achieve its goals. A variety of programs have been designed to promote and protect the company's
image and to improve its individual services. Wateen believes in developing and maintaining good public
relations and positive and honest publicity, as it helps in reaching out for prospects that prefer to avoid
sales people and advertisement.

PR Tools:

Public Relation tools include following

o Publications
o Events
o News
o Speeches
o public-service activities
o Seminars

Public Service Activities:

Ethical Council
Based on Wateen values and its Codes of Conduct, the Ethical Council helps to ensure a high
level of ethical awareness at Wateen. Issues related to ethics and the reputation of the company
are discussed in the Council

Limiting the environmental impact

Wateen is systematically working to reduce our own environmental impact.
We are committed to develop products and services with positive effects on the environment,
such as promoting products for business customers to reduce travel, such as home office
solutions and virtual meetings.

Social Contribution

In every market, Wateen will contribute to society, provide safe products and ensure responsible
business practice . Together with local partners, Wateen has built profitable businesses in
emerging economies – establishing infrastructure that enables people to build better lives.

Protection of personal data

Wateen processing of Personal Data shall be subject to the care and awareness which is required
according to law and regulations and relevant for information that might be sensitive, regardless
whether the data refer to customers, employees or others. Processing of personal data should be
limited to what is needed for operational purposes, efficient customer care, relevant commercial
activities and proper administration of human resources.
Customer Relationship

Wateen Driving Value for its Customers!

Wateen has organized a three day event starting on the 9th of May, 2008 at Mini Golf, Lahore.
The event will start at 5:00PM and will run through to 12:00AM. The three-day event will end
on the 11th of May, 2008.

The event comprises of several activities and has been planed with an aim to reach out to
customers and interact with them, registering their ideas and feedback as well as to improve the
quality of their service. Wateen has been actively interacting with its customers to enhance its
services and to give them more value.

Wateen has recently launched a new wave of packages that have been designed keeping the high
end internet user in mind, and has significantly added value for home consumers. With events
such as this, Wateen is showing its commitment to providing maximum value to its customers.
These events significantly facilitate customers and highlight their value for Wateen.

Mr. Tariq Malik commented that, “Wateen is all about maximizing customer satisfaction and
delivering the best service possible to the end consumer. Ever since our consumer launch, we
have been committed to delivering maximum value to our customers and providing the best
services in Pakistan. At Wateen we believe that consumer is the King!”

This event is a very positive step taken by Wateen for building a lasting bond with its valued customers
and keeping them satisfied.
Communication in Wateen:
In today’s turbulent environment, crisis communication is at the top of everyone’s needed-skills

WATEEN Organizational Communication:

 Focuses on getting work done and meeting organizational goals

 Focuses on change and adaptation
 Focuses on social aspects and motivation of individuals
Planning Organizing Leading Controlling


External Environment

* Customers
* Suppliers
* Stockholders
* Governments
* Communities
* Others

Internal Communication in WATEEN:

WATEEN have a very strong internal communication system.

They adopt both verbal (written or oral) or non-verbal (gestures, facial expression, voice character,)
 Wateen Oral Communication:

The oral communication is preferred by WATEEN management when message is urgent, personal, or
when immediate feedbacks so important for oral communication Wateen preferred the following

 Face to face discussion

 Presentations
 Audio tapes telephone chats
 Teleconference
 Videotape

 Written Communication:

When messages are long, technical, or formal in nature or when the message is documented
Wateen choose the written channel of communication. If the message goes to an international
audience, they consider which medium is preferred in the receiver culture.. The guideline is change
when receiver is from another country. For written communication Wateen preferred following

 Memo notes
 Reports
 Bulletins
 Notes
 Faxes
 Electronic bulletins board
Communication Structured in WATEEN

Strategic Plan Practical action

Top Management

Communication Communication

. WATEEN believe on Effective Communication:

If the communication brings the desired results i-e the ideas, information, opinion etc is transmitted
accurately to the mind of the receiver, is termed as effective communication.

WATEEN management believes that if the right information is received by a right person and he properly
performs his duty, the communication is effective.

That’s why WATEEN internal communication system is very strong

Channels of Communication:
Wateen communicate their customers and employees through,

 Trade letters

 Boucher’s

 E-mails

 Fax
 Telephone

 Advertisement

 Memos

 Notices

 Sale representatives

 Inter Net

 Written Document
Structure of Internal Communication:

As we observe in Wateen both formal and informal communication are applied.

Employees communicate with each other at equal management level and they can also
use different communication types.

Upward Communication

Downward Communication

Downward Communication

Most familiar and obvious flow of formal communication

Messages transmitted from the lower to the higher levels in the WATEEN’s hierarchy
1. Problems and exceptions
2. Suggestions for improvement
3. Performance reports
4. Grievances and disputes
5. Financial and accounting information
Upward Communication

Messages transmitted from the higher to the lower levels in the WATEEN’s hierarchy

1. Problems and exceptions

2. Suggestions for improvement
3. Performance reports
4. Grievances and disputes
5. Financial and accounting information
Horizontal Communications

Inform and request support as well as coordinate activities

 Lateral or diagonal exchange of messages among peers or coworkers

 Horizontal communications categories in WATEEN

1. Intradepartmental problem solving

2. Interdepartmental coordination
3. Change initiatives and improvement

The means and media are used for internal communication:


Inter-office notes are used to convey short instructional messages, and advice from managers to
subordinates. Inter-office notes are also used to accompany informational brochures of new


Office memoranda are also used for downward communication. This medium is basically
intended to communicate to employees, the rules, regulations, and policies of the company as
well as to explain something.


Minutes are prepared of every meeting for the purpose to implementation of the decision and
record. Formal meetings are organized at three levels, i.e. annual general meeting led by the
Chief Executive, annual meetings of the regional offices led by the concerned General Manager,
monthly review meetings of each department led by the departmental managers. The purpose
of monthly review meetings is to review the progress of each department, while the annual
meetings are meant to evaluate the overall performance of the company, its regional offices,
and individual employees during the past year.


Different types of reports are prepared on suggestions or recommendations on personnel,

activity execution time and plans for overcoming the difficulties.
External Communication Structured in

External communication of WATEEN is more effective as compared to the internal

communication. The following written communications are used for external communication:


Quotations are used to communicate to the prospective customers, prices of the

required products or services. They have a fixed pattern and format.


Delivery Challans are pre-designed forms which are filled when items are delivered to a
customer and signed by a representative of the customer.


CSO forms, or customer support order forms are filled-in when a customer support
engineer performs some hardware or software related service at a customer’s site.


Invoices are based on the delivery challans, and CSO forms. They also have a fixed
pattern, and are used to bill the customers for the products or services provided.

Service agreements or contracts are legal bonds between the WATEEN and its
customers for provision of certain specified services at a specified price for a specified


Letters are written to the customers as well as to other external agencies like suppliers,
taxation authorities, governmental regulatory bodies etc.


Different reports such as feasibility reports, annual reports and accounts are also
prepared for customers and government departments.


WATEEN does not heavily rely upon advertising. However, some advertising is used to
reach the unexplored markets.
Analysis of the Organization In Light Of The Subject Topic



Wateen main customers are government departments as well as private sector organizations,

therefore, there all external communication is mainly based on written communication. To

cope with this task they are using most sophisticated and modern techniques of word processing.


The management of Wateen has made intentional efforts to create a friendly environment which is free
from the feelings of distrust, fear and threat. Such an environment is greatly supportive to effective
communication in all manners

To counter this scenario, the idea to meet with representatives of their customers’ organization was
very helpful for me. I have studied and analyzed the complaints. The following deficiencies have been
identified in communication setup of the subject organization.


The management as well as the employees are not sufficiently trained in business

communication principles because they are using too much technical jargons usually in

their correspondence. This act is creating not only confusing situations but also made

correspondence unclear because of purchasing departments of government’s organization

as well as most of purchasing officers of private sector organization are not fully

acquainted with computer systems and their peripherals.


Engineers and the marketing people are not providing necessary details immediately

because they are themselves not fully aware of latest product. Management assumed that

personnel will get to know the new products themselves, by using it, or playing with it.

Whereas the engineers require in-depth technical know-how of the products to do their

job properly.


Many of the customers of computer related products are even unfamiliar with the name of

Wateen, because of Wateen’s inability to reach its target market through advertisements.
Some advertising has been used, but the message has not been effectively conveyed to

the prospective customers.


In some cases, Wateen’s personnel does not pay much attention on the little complaint

letters of unfamiliar customers, due to which the customers are likely to lose their interest

with the organization.


Another problem area identified is that messages are not properly expressed. In fact, ability to

use good words, and proper format for the letters varies from person to person, in Wateen. There

is no such thing as standardization of all messages.


After having analyzed the deficiencies of Wateen Data Systems, I would now recommend strategies to
overcome these weaknesses in the following lines:


Adequate knowledge of business communication tools, techniques, and strategies, needs to be

imparted on the managers as well as employees of the organization. This would give all persons
in the organization, a better understanding of the communication principles and enable them to
communicate more effectively with regard to use of jargons.


Repetition of a message, such as an advertisement, creates greater impact on the recipients.

This technique should be employed. It is important to note, however, that repetition should be
only where it is necessary.


Wateen’s customer engineers should receive more training from their principals, so that they
would not feel handicapped when faced by a problem at a customer’s site. Imparting of such
training would greatly improve the communication skills of the engineers on technical matters.


While writing letters or other any type of written communication to others specially to
executives of organizations, be sure about the accuracy of figures, facts and words of the
Communication with other Business
Management Criteria:

Management, we simply say this is a way through which we can easily obtain our organizational goals,
we can say management is ongoing activity, entails reaching important goals, and involves knowing how
to perform the major functions of management so these functions are critical to effective management.
Wateen use variety of management criteria’s in order to make its working environment excellent. These
management programs are

 Contract with Moto

 Contract With Al-falah

Moto Manages Wateen:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT - message board) today announced that it
has signed a nationwide managed services contract with Wateen Telecom-Pakistan, part of Warid
Telecom International, to drive the design and implementation of a MOTOwi4(TM) nationwide wireless
broadband voice and data network in Pakistan, with initial network deployment expected to be
completed during the second half of 2006. Enabling Wateen to focus critical resources, the Motorola
managed services contract will also empower the service provider to increase efficiencies and keep up
with rapidly advancing technologies.

Management service Contract:

Under the managed services contract, Motorola will take responsibility for the operations and
maintenance of the wi4WiMAX/IMS network according to an established set of key
performance indicators. The services included in the contract will ensure that Wateen's evolving
WiMAX infrastructure stays current and responsive to business demand.

The Wateen network is a multi-faceted project that combines a number of new technologies.
This managed services agreement with Motorola will enable the combined team to realize
Wateen's vision of 'Broadband Pakistan' quickly and efficiently,"
"This managed services agreement allows Wateen to leverage Motorola's standards-compliant
infrastructure, skilled staff, clear operational processes and demonstrated ability to manage a
network of this complexity and diverse emerging technologies,".

Wateen And Bank Al-falah:

 Bank Al-falah is providing services of Wateen bills payments

Integrated market communication:

One of the key elements in Wateen Telecom-Pakistan's decision to opt for a managed services
agreement was time to market. "Often in these wide-ranging nationwide infrastructure roll-outs, the
operator has to devote large portions of their internal team to managing the day-to-day operational
requirements of the network,".

"Wateen's management had the vision and clarity to opt for a single point of contact that
integrates the response to all service requirements, freeing the operator to focus on running its
business and serving customers across the country,".


Use of Media Effectively:

For the very first time in the telecom history a very effective campaign was lunched on
T.V, radio, reputed newspapers, journals etc. Wateen has its monogram after a long trail
of selection. Impressive slogans are developed, very modern and attractive ads are
presented to the public, above all, the services of electronic media are hired in the
prime time and the messages are repeated over and over again.

Sports Policies:

Sport also plays an important role in the marketing point of view. It is an important way to advertise on
international level to compete with their competitors.


Rate The Importance Of These Things In Your Connection?


Connectivity Coverage Call Rates Voice Clarity

62% of the people preferred connectivity as the most important factor in a

Connection, 23% preferred low call rates of which mostly were teenagers.14% preferred

coverage ,mostly belonging to business class and only 1% preferred voice clarity.


 Wol Net

 Ptcl

 Wateen

It was found that most of the people used Wateen next to which were Wol net
then Ptcl respectively.


 Connectivity coverage
 Voice quality low rates
 Value added services

Connectivity and low rates were the most important features that compelled any

user to use any specific connection. It was also found that people were least bothered

about the voice quality and value added services as when both combined were preferred

by only 1 .987% of the public.



1. _______________ 2 ______________ 3 __________________




 Excellent
 Good
 Poor

About 80% of the people rated WATEEN as the most effective brands when it

comes to providing proper call facilities



 Yes
 No
Almost all the people commented that the price of WATEEN did not match the

services it provides. People commented that the rate of ATEEN is very high