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Humanitarian Efforts

In war-torn areas
Only spirituality can unite people from all religions, beyond religion." - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Humanitarian Efforts in War-Torn Areas

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, has inspired thousands of volunteers of the Art of Living Foundation to provide humanitarian aid in
areas that are torn apart by strife, war and man-made conicts. The Foundations eorts and programs help bring sustainable peace by
working from the level of the individual. The Foundation has also been working to promote friendly ties within and between several
regions and governments. Signicant work has been carried out in many conict areas.
Peace Ambassador

Work in Conflict Areas

Sri Lanka
Invited to bring peace to the country by
Wickremesinghe and President Mahinda
Rajapakse, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi
Shankar has been actively involved in
brokering peace negotiations between the
LTTE separatist guerillas, the government,
and civilians in Sri Lanka. He is the rst
spiritual leader from India to visit the
country in 22 years.

The Art of Living Foundation (AOLF) and
the International Association for Human
Values (IAHV) have brought peace and
relief to war victims, village women,
children and others traumatized by over
two decades of war and strife. The rst
courses were given to children with chronic
illnesses, serious health impairments, or
were mine victims. Afghan counselors,
doctors, nurses and administrators took the
course through the United Nations Oce
of Drugs and Crimes. UNIFEM, MoPH
and the Mental Health Dept. organized
several courses for their sta and trauma
aected villagers.

80,000 Sri Lankans Sinhalese, Tamils,

political leaders, Buddhist monks, and
diplomats convened in a single public
gathering with Sri Sri in June 2006 to seek
his advice and council. Hundreds of Tamil
youth in Jana have eschewed violence and
are working with Art of Living volunteers
to bring comfort to the people of
Northeastern Sri Lanka traumatized by
more than two decades of ethnic violence.
In 2004, H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was
invited to Pakistan by the Gharib Nawaz
Foundation and the Daily Times newspaper on a historic four-day peace mission.
He was the rst spiritual leader from India
to visit Pakistan on such a mission. During
his visit, Sri Sri held informal meetings
with political, religious and business
leaders, as well as social activists in Karachi
and Islamabad. In his discussions with
Islamic clerics, Sri Sri emphasized the need
to build mutual trust for lasting peace.

We care for the world, we care for you.

Since September 2003, volunteers of
AOLF have been working to help the Iraqi
people and have set up trauma relief camps
in various parts of Iraq, especially in Baghdad, where they have dispensed both
material and medical aid. Over 350 Iraqis
have now participated in our programs womens empowerment with workshops in
tailoring and computer skills. Participants
shared that they are sleeping better, are
more energetic and relaxed and that their
condence has grown. Two AOLF centers
are operational in Baghdad. Training has
also been given to 44 Iraqis who are now
teaching the trauma relief programs in
Baghdad, Basra and Suleimania.
Our goal is to bring peace and harmony to
Israel. Through its trauma relief programs,
the AOLF has reached 400 people in the
past three years. During the recent war
between Israel and Hezbollah, Art of
Living teachers worked on both sides of the

AOLF volunteers delivered drinking water,

and cooked meals while creating a more
joyful atmosphere. Our teachers have
worked with children, educators and
professionals. Most people suered from
PTSD and were grateful to undergo our
Relief activities during the 2006 war in
Lebanon began in Baysour. Art of Living
volunteers, all of whom were of Druze
origin, served Shia refugees and supporters
of Hezbollah. The children and women, for
whom special programs were conducted,
reported experiences such as: : I didnt
know I could become so relaxed sir! I am so
quiet and happy now! How can it be?" The
programs reached more than 500 people
within a one-month span. Two Art of
Living teachers are currently engaged in
full-time trauma relief eorts in the region.
Following the success of Art of Living
Programs in Kosovo the Ministry of Health
decided to oer the AOLF programs to all
mental health workers in every mental
health center and hospital in the country.
Programs have already been held at a
number of Mental Health Centers
including those in Peja, Prishtina, Ferizaj,
Mitrovica and Prizren. More than 600 UN
police ocers have been given the AOL
Stress Management Program. The
Foundation is also continuously working
to rehabilitate war victims in Kosovo.

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Humanitarian Programs