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We Are From the Future In the future promoting entropy is the

cardinal crime.
Entropy is the probability that everything will devolve ... into chaos. Kingdoms
will burn. Empires will collapse. Worlds will be destroyed. What was once beautiful,
vibrant, immaculately organized will be torn to shreds - turned to dust. Entropy is the
scientific term for Murphys Law. Anything that can go wrong will. What was once
believed to be an irreversible law of Physics. the Second Law of Thermodynamics...
confused the impossible with the improbable.
There is a subtle force that reverses the irreversible... brings order to chaos...
salvages the unsalvageable, overcomes impossible odds Life...
Every organism is a brief upwelling of structure against chaos, a self-assembled
wonder creating order in the face of entropy and destruction... Biological computations
can be so perfect, they run up against the very limits of mathematical efficiency; Genius
is our inheritance! Free will is our virtue. Insurmountable odds are the playthings our
The essence of Life feels like love looks like beauty - and rings like truth. Life
courses through you with miraculous ability.
In the Big Bang - three fundamental forces ripped the singularity apart - hot
plasma enveloped our entire universe - Entropy ruled this early universe like Beelzebub,
the Lord of Hell. Then gravity took hold, a lead blocker, frontline warrior, bodyguard to
the great and delicate Angel of Life...
Gravity's so much weaker than the other primary forces, scientists say it comes
from another dimension and leaks into our own... Like David to the Goliath of entropic
forces, gravity shapes our star systems and planets. Water, collected by gravity, gains
unique quantum properties at ambient temperatures opening a doorway for free will to
enter this otherwise deterministic world. Through this open doorway a transdimensional
intelligence casts indescribable order and beauty into our world - the unspeakable
designs of snowflakes... and clouds, DNA's double helix... the fiber in muscle, the grain
in wood, the incredible majesty of nature - All hail from a higher dimension - like
Platos realm of ideals.
Like gravity, life is in this world but not of it. The essence of Life shines into our
universe from its heavenly realm, shaping the world in its own image.
But the dark forces of entropy have the odds stacked in their favor. As the
saying goes the house always wins Viruses - agents of entropy - infect and hijack
bodies, minds - even societies turning what was once beautiful, creative and alive into
lifeless zombies bent on greed and destruction. Viruses break the will of their hosts,
corrupting the very essence of life. Entropy can be stopped at nothing, except your
living Spirit's WILL to thrive!
When the odds are stacked against you. When things look bleakest. When
corruption seems to be destroying everything you care about, the Angel of Life leans in
and whispers to you.. "There's one thing I want you to do for me"
Rocky: "what?"
"Come here..."
"Win." "Win!"
Mick: What are we waiting for?!
When you align your will with the will of Life There awakens in you a power in
you so unstoppable... So unassailable all the forces of the universe bow to honor It.
Impossible odds are no match - for life's clear intentions
The Angel of Life stands at the end of time... and beckons you. Goosebumps
signal her presence is near.
You are called to make this universe a living reflection of life's heavenly nature.
Whomever gives themselves entirely to the service of Life - overcomes this world Your
entire being comes alive - You become a force of nature and a growing
determination in you arises to Let there be light!"
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