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Tank Trucks for Petroleum Class A & B

Minimum vapour space of 3% shall be kept in each compartment of the truck. No

single compartment of the tank truck shall exceed the capacity of 5 kl and no
truck carrying petroleum in bulk shall exceed 25 kl capacity.
Tank Trucks for Petroleum Class A & B
The cabin of the vehicle shall be of fully metal construction and its rear indo! if
provided! shall be covered ith ire reinforced glass. "lternatively! the cabin and
engine shall be separated from the tank or the load! as the case may be! by a fire
resisting shield or screen hich shall fully cover the tank or the load. There shall
be a clear space of at least #5 cm. beteen the back of the cabin and the tank. The exhaust shall be located holly in front of the tank or the load! as the
case may be!and shall have ample clearance from fuel system and combustible
materials and shall not be exposed to leakage or spillage of the fuel or product or
accumulation of grease or oil. The exhaust line and the muffler shall be free from leaks and shall have
ade$uate clearance from the fuel system and combustible materials so that it
shall not be exposed to leakage or spillage of fuel or product carried or
accumulation of grease and oil. The exhaust line and the muffler should be rigidly
fixed. The exhaust system shall be fitted ith effective spark arrestor of a
design approved by the %hief %ontroller of &xplosives and the same should be
labeled in the spark arrestor. 'uel tank of the vehicle! if installed behind the cabin of the vehicle! shall
be protected against blos by stout steel guards and provided ith a lock on the
fuel tank cap. The engine air intake shall be e$uipped ith an air cleaner having
effective flame arresting characteristics to prevent emission of flame from the
intake side of the engine in the event of back firing. The voltage of the electric circuit shall not exceed 2( volts. &lectrical iring shall be provided ith suitable over current protection in
the form of automatic circuit breakers and installed so as to be protected from
physical damage and contact ith possible product spill either by location or by
being encased in metal conduit or other protective covering.
The electrical system shall preferably use to ire systems )double pole iring*
instead of earthing of negative terminal to the body of the vehicle. The +enerator! battery! sitches and circuit breakers shall be located in
the cabin of the vehicle or in the engine compartment and the battery shall be in
an easily accessible position ith an approved type heavy duty master sitch,cut
off sitch of not less than 3-- amps rating close by to the battery. +enerator! motors and sitches thereof hich are not installed ithin
the engine compartment shall be of the approved flame proof type. /rovided that
here such generators or motors or sitches thereof are installed in enclosed
space! ade$uate provision shall be made for air circulation to prevent
overheating and possible accumulation of inflammable vapors. The vehicle should have a bonding lug and a bonding cable and the
tank,vessel shall be electrically continuous ith the chassis. " portable 010 marked #- kg 2%/ extinguisher shall be provided in an
easily accessible position aay from the discharge faucets on every vehicle. 3ne
portable # kg %32 ,2%/,4alon,"pproved e$uivalent fire extinguisher shall be
kept in the cabin of the vehicle. "ll extinguishers must have marking indicating
the next due date for pressure testing. &ach compartment of tank truck shall have an emergency shut off valve
located inside the shell ith control lever provided in an accessible position and
aay from the fill openings of discharge faucets.
The ire rope connecting the shut off valve and control lever shall be provided
ith a approved type fusible section,link hich ill permit the shut off valve to
close automatically in the event of a fire. &very compartment of a tank shall be provided ith independent /5
vent so as to limit the pressure ithin the compartment to -.2# kg,s$.cm g and
the vacuum to 5 cm ater gauge. The vent shall be so designed as to prevent
loss of li$uid through the vent in the event vehicle is overturned. 0n addition to the above /5 vent an emergency venting facility of fusible
type shall be provided so as to provide minimum fire venting opening having a
net area in s$. cms e$ual to 6 plus (.3 times the gross capacity of the
compartment in kls. The fusible vent shall be actuated at a temperature not
exceeding 73 degree %. The emergency vent shall be so designed to prevent
loss of li$uid through the vent in case of vehicle upset except in case of pressure
rise hen in overturned position. The inner end of the top fill pipe shall be fitted ith splash deflector and
shall extend to 25 mm from bottom of the tank. The top end of the fill pipe should
have an oil tight locker cap. The fill pipe shall have perforations all along and
covered ith ire gauge of a mesh not less than ## to the linear centimetre and
chamfered at the bottom. "ll tank top fittings shall be provided ith dome cover so as to protect
from damage in the event of the over turning of the vehicle on hich it is
mounted. 4eight of tank not to exceed cabin height and a height barrier guard to
be provided to protect against accidental damage of top fittings. The rear of the vessel shall be protected by a robust steel bumper and
this bumber shall be8
i* "ttached so that collision stresses ill be transmitted to the frame ork of the
vehicle or in the case of an articulated vehicle! to the frame ork carrying the
heels of the tank.
ii* 1ituated at least #5 cm to the rear of the rear most part of the tank.
iii* &xtended on each side of the vessel to at least cover the maximum idth of
the tank. &very tank truck used for transportation of petroleum shall be
conspicuously marked in a contrasting colour ith the ord 9':"MM";:&< and
the common name of the flammable li$uid being transported.
!PC "tan#ar#
The vehicle shall be fitted with rollover protection device which automatically shuts
down the engine and isolates the battery. This device shall not get activated at less than
450 to the vertical
All Road tankers shall be fitted with a bumper which extends over the full width of the
tank at front rear of the vehicle. The bumper shall be structurally sound to give
protection to the front rear end of the tank. !umper to be attached only to the chassis or
sub"frame of the vehicle.
#t should be mounted in such a way that its inside surface shall be not less than $00 mm
from the tank and its fittings.
Road clearance
The clearance between any component of the Road tanker and the road shall
comply with the following requirements:
The ground clearance for tank components and protection devices
shall not be less than 250 mm within 1 m of any ale or !50 mm for
any other location" when the vehicle is un#laden$
Tank %lling and discharge connections which are rigidly attached to the
tank shall not etend lower than &0 mm below the plane through the
centerline of the ales$
The maimum height of any part on the tanker from ground level shall
not eceed !$'5 meter when the tanker is empty$
(ainting: the tanker should be painted in red and white color
combinations in accordance with )*(+ speci%cations$ ,lso" following
warning signs should be indicated :
*- smoking
.,*/0R 1 23/2 3*45,66,750 53893.:
060R/0*+; T050(2-*0 *9670R:
Re<ectors: =the required number of re<ectors should be four which are
to be %ed at rear of the vehicle 1 two pieces " one each side >one on
the top of the tank and the other below the rear bumper?$
5abel plate shall be marked in characters with following information :
Truck manufacturer
:peci%cation identi%cation
.ate of manufacture
-riginal pressure test
+erti%cate date
.esign pressure
Test pressure
2ead material
:hell material
@eld material
5ining material
*ominal tank capacity
6aimum product load
5oading A9nloading limits > <ow or pressure ?
Behicle should be provided with two nos$ stored pressure type >not
cartridge type? C kg dry chemical powder portable %re etinguishers
placed on both the sides in special holders along with one 2 )g .+( A
+-2 %re etinguisher inside driverDs cabin
To enable to meet the oil spill control requirements" the Road tanker shall be
equipped with following accessories:
0mergency communication facility >eplosion proof A intrinsically safe?
3nstruction sheet for oil spill procedure$
-il spill response kit
TraEc +ones re<ective types >minimum & numbers?$
driver shall be trained on how to handle the 0mergency situations
The shape of the cross section of the cargo tank should be double .
shape or circular shape that would give lowest center of gravity and
more stability$
The material used in the construction of the cargo tanks shall be
compatible with the chemical characteristics of the <ammable liquid to
be transported
+argo tank shall be manufactured of carbon steel with thickness of
diFerent parts not less than & mm" 2eads 5 mm G 7aHes & mm$ 3f the
cargo tank diameter is greater than 1$I m then the requirements of the
standard shall be complied$ > +onsult +orrosion G 3nspection ?