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For most people, especially in Indonesia bicycle had become transportation or ve

hicle using by village community. It was long ago. Nowadays, in Indonesia bicycl
e has been a part of a new life style in urban community. Bicycle becomes symbol
and character of life style reflection who is bicycle owner. It can be understo
od because of one bicycles price can be similar with one motorcycles price. Variou
s types and styles of bicycle is rising and becoming choices for many people liv
ing in Indonesia.
Changes the image of bicycle and it become a part of Indonesians people life styl
e is necessity have to do by Polygon. Who is Polygon or what is Polygon? Polygon
is one of bicycle brand come from Indonesian. It produced by Insera Sena (IS) Com
pany; local brand with global market share. The company was build in 1989 starti
ng with original equipment manufacturer for many bicycle global brand, and the f
actory took a place in East Java- Indonesia called Sidoarjo City, a city with ho
t temperature, make everyone sweat! And then, in 1997 is the period when the com
pany experience with what I called revere point, an out of the ordinary revere poi
nt in business! Why should I say so? Its because of IS Company produce its bicycl
e brand named POLYGON. It just everyone knowing; IS (Insera Sena) is local compa
ny trusted produce bicycle with global brand such as Scoot USA, Kona, Miyata, Mu
stang, MuddyFox, Limit, Relighi, Apollo, and Kuwahara. Although IS has its brand
this company still serve and deliver for export market. Now, from 500 thousands
unit of total production in a year only 30% is selling in local market (Indones
ia), 70 % in order to export market. There are 53 destination country of IS comp
any export market namely Europe, US, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
Why does it happen? Look at the fact! The first Polygon is made by planners ridi
ng its Polygon cycle. By the reason they can understand what really need for rid
er when they are on the way with their bicycle or cycled down town. Second one P
olygon product has passed German and EU standard test. Thats why IS has ambition
in business; becoming South East Asia Player. The last one IS applies a sort ter
m strategy in order to success in South East Asia. One and the most important th
ing to do by IS is building and creating a strong & exclusive distribution netwo
rk which is most people said distribution channel when the other player apply inten
sive distribution network. Exclusive distribution channel chosen by Polygon (IS)
by the reason of Polygon price is more expensive than other. For example: in Ind
onesia Polygon price started with IRD 500 thousands while others bicycle brand p
riced IRD 200 thousands! Its really impact for peoples decision buying especially
in Indonesia society. By the reason of Polygon sells in certain bicycle store by
consideration the store selling polygon really understand the values of Polygon
product and fully-dedicated to explain to consumer.
Special chain is also created by IS in shape of small stand (in Indonesia more p
opular called GERAI). What kind of Gerai prepared by IS? A modern Polygon store desi
gned to make customer enjoy coming into store and buying is becoming customers de
cision. A very clean & full AC store with easy to talk employees inside, Polygon
bicycles put into many ways to customers attractive seeing. Customer satisfactio
n is more important and qualify product also. That IS always shows in keep a qua
lified business process with its Polygon Brand.