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Importance of karana

Saturday, 10 April 2010 21:40

Half of thitis or lunar date is called karana. A lunar date has two karana daily. They are eleven in numbers. 1 Bava,2 Balava, 3, Kaulava ,4 Taitala,5 Gara 6,Vanija 7, Visti 8, Shakuni 9, Chatushpada, 10, Naga &11, kaustuva or Kimstughna.

Of these the first seven are moveable Karanas while the last four are fixed Karanas. Effects of Karanas 1, Shakuni :- Its rulling deity is Garuda (eagle). It is fixed in nature. Shakuni Karan falling in the night in the 14 th day of the dark moon is suitable for hold-ups, commiting thift and the like crimes, driving away enemies and soldiers, taming birds, starting medication and all kind of war operations. 2, Chatushpada:- Its rulling deity is Vrishabha( Bull).This Karana also fixed in nature .This karana falling on Amavasya is suitable for Vanquishing enemies through Tantric methods . it gives success in all business related to four footed animals, particularly cattle.Shraddha, Tarpana work done in this karan also give quite good results. 3, Naga :- Its rulling deity is naga ( serpant) . This is also fixed in nature. Naga Karana falling in Amavasya is more suited for destructive and Subversive acts. 4, Kaustuva or Kimstughna:- Its rullinmg deity is Kubera( Lord of wealth). This is also fixed in nature. This karana falling on Sukla Paksha Pratipada causes Vaisvadeva Yoga ,which is held to be the best karana for doing any work. 5, Bava:- Its rulling deity is Lord Vishnu. It is moveable in nature. This karana is suited for all kinds of works, both durable or/and temporary one. The karana is also suitable for leaving a place or a house and even for entering a new place or new house. 6, Balava:- its rulling deity is Brahma. This is amoveable Karana .This Karana is said to be exclusively superior for performance marriage and other auspicious Samskaras of the Brahmanas. 7, Taitila:- Its rulling deity is indra. This is also moveable Karana It is suitable for Rajakarya ( government affairs) . 8, Kaulava :- Its rulling deity is Chandra ( The moon). It is also a moveable Karana . it is suited for Maitri( Friendship) and for all works of a permanent and durable nature. 9, Gara:- Its rulling deity is Vasudeva. This is also a moveable Karana. It is suited for animal husbandry works, cattle trade, dairy trade , fodder trade, ploughing the field, Vastu karma or construction of houses, buildings and other similar projects works. 10,Vanija :- Its rulling deity is Manibhadra . This is also a moveable is suited for sale transactions and sellers may reap good profits whereas buyers may incure losses in this karana. 11, Vishti:- Its rulling deity is Mirtyu or death. This is also moveable karana. It is held to be a very inauspicious Karana for Performnance odf any imporant work. Work stated in this karana may have little success.Vishti is also known as Bhadra.