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Committee : International Monetary Fund, BANMUN 2014

Country : Italy
Agenda : Fiscal Challenges and Climate Change
Italys !iscal situation at current is ta"ing a turn !or the #etter as it $lans to ta"e charge at using ca$ital
!or de%elo$mental !unctions, including #ut not limited to:
1& Using !unds to e'$and solar $o(er generation, o! (hich already generates a$$ro'imately )*+, o!
total national $o(er
2& -'$anding .ydroelectric $o(er $roduction e!!icacy, (hich stands at a current 1+, o! net total
/& Minimi0e use o! gas $o(ered $lants to under 10, #y 2020&
2he current !iscal situation is !airly sta#le and tends to $rogress in such manner and $ro%ides minimal
con!lict regarding Climate3-n%ironment deterioration&
4egarding car#on ta'ation, Italy rein!orces this to the e'tent o! use o! $ri%ate motor %ehicles,
commending -U C52 regulations3standards as the #aseline !or its im$osed ta' #rac"ets $er "m o! tra%el&
6rants are a%aila#le !or the $urchase o! alternati%e !uel %ehicles 7electric, hy#rid, natural gas, #iogas, 896,
#io!uels, hydrogen: emitting ma'imum 120 g3"m& Most grants are a%aila#le only !or com$anies and
conditioned #y the scra$$ing o! a %ehicle that is at least ten years old& 2he only e'ce$tion is the $urchase o!
%ehicles (ith emissions o! ma'imum ;1 g3"m, !or (hich $ri%ate indi%iduals can also o#tain a grant (ithout
ha%ing to scra$ another %ehicle& 2he grants amount to ma'imum <1,000 7u$ to 10 g3"m:, <4,000 711 ;1
g3"m: and <2,000 7;= > 120 g3"m: res$ecti%ely&
4egarding en!orcement o! such car#on ta' la(s in other countries, s$eci!ically industrial nations (ith
a large car#on !oot$rint, there com$lications in%ol%ed (here such !iscal $olicies do not accommodate the
general 6?9 o! the $eo$le or are o! non interest to the general $u#lic& 9u#lic a$$reciation !or such ta'ation
must #e !irst esta#lished $rior to any institutionali0ation o! ta'es& @hile under -U legislature as many as 20
-U countries ha%e come to acce$t and im$lement C52 ta'ation in their !iscal $olicies& .o(e%er such course
o! im$lementation may not #e %ia#le s$eci!ically !or third (orld demo*gra$hs (here the general $eo$le
cannot a!!ord to $ay such ta'es, let alone o#tain modern eco*!riendly modes o! trans$ort& 2hus Italy #elie%es
it is #est to a$$roach countries (ith s$eciality in mind so as to cater s$eci!ically to the monetary state o! said
country to o#tain the greatest $ro#a#ility o! success!ul C52 ta' im$lementation&
2ac"ling climate change directly $ro%es to #e another issue& -ach country has a s$eci!ic
climate3en%ironment and s$eci!ic $ollution mitigating criteria, (hich again needs to #e tac"led (ith
indi%iduality in mind so as to o#tain the greatest e!!ect& But (hether or not this climate control deser%es
s$eciali0ed !unding is not entirely Austi!ied& @hile many !irst (orld countries can s$are !unding !or city
#eauti!ication and en%ironmental management, third (orld demo*gra$hs !ace lac" o! necessary !unds to
em$loy solutions& .o(e%er in most cases there is also a lac" o! necessity as $o%erty, human rights
esta#lishment, and general security !or the $o$ulace come !irst in mind&
For the issues $ortrayed a#o%e, Italy recommends the !ollo(ing $rocedures:
1& -sta#lish C52 ta'ation in countries (here $ossi#le 7 i&e& the $o$ulation agrees (ith it,
and can mange it:&
2& Utili0e C52 ta' re%enue to !und certain city clean u$s, en%ironment restoration
$roAects, at (hate%er scale $ossi#le&
/& Allo( issuing o! !unds !or $ollution mitigation and en%ironment restoration, #ut only i!
that is the criteria o! the country in%ol%ed&
4& Ascertain the necessity o! $ollution mitigation, the degree o! climate change a!!ect etc&
to esta#lish a #aseline control %ia research or other(ise to esta#lish #orderlines !or
necessity o! !unds&
1& 9rior to any actual in%ol%ement or action , ensure that the countrys !iscal sta#ility (ill
not #e ham$ered in the $rocess&
Bources cited : htt$:33en&(i"i$edia&org3(i"i34ene(a#leCenergyCinCItaly
Committee : International Monetary Fund, BANMUN 2014
Country : Italy
Agenda : Bouth Asia > -conomy and Future
2he current economy o! Bouth Asia in $articular relies u$on a mi' o! %arious sectors o! income
ranging !rom $roduced goods, tourism, to trade !acilitation& Many countries es$ecially those underde%elo$ed
ha%e managed to conser%e their natural integrity and scenery thus allo(ing the o$tion !or tourism& Buch
countries de$end hea%ily u$on outsourcing !acilitated #y @estern @orld organi0ations and com$anies in
$roduction (or"s such as garments and also rely on tourism, namely due to #eing una#le to !acilitate trade
$ro$erly, due to either $oor !acilitation or im$ro$er handling o! im$lementation& 2hus, should these countries
#e a#le to !acilitates grounds !or trade, it (ould #e a #ig #oost to their economy o%erall& 2his is (here the
IMF can ste$ in, en!orce third $arties to o%ersee and hel$ manage trade o$erations in s$eci!ic countries #ased
on im$ortance and also hel$ (estern economies in the long run, as most outsourcing cor$orations are #ased in
the (est&
Italy in $articular has com$anies that outsource $roduction to countries li"e India, Bangladesh,
9a"istan, etc& I! these countries (ere to !acilitate trade more e!!ecti%ely, the trade goods could #e sent directly
to and !ro the countries instead o! ha%ing to $ass through 2he 9ort o! Binga$ore& ?iscussions ha%e #een made
s$eci!ic to de%elo$ing a dee$ sea $ort in Bangladesh circa 2012 to (it (hich $lans (ere e!!ecti%ely cancelled
to an e'tent due to mismanagement on the de%elo$ers $art&
Further issues $resent in such Bouth Asian countries in%ol%e misconduct o! la#our rights
im$lementation, leading to (or"ers #eing $aid #elo( minimum (age and o%er(or"ing etc& @hile the human
rights issues are clearly a threat to a de%elo$ing economy, some might say it is a necessarily e%il to an e'tent,
as this discredited la#our !orce is (hat allo(s such countries to ma"e $ro!it and such is the argument
generally $resented #y third (orld nations in res$onse to !oreign inter%ention regarding la#our rights&
.o(e%er, la#our rights issues are an internal $ro#lem, and thus !ar there ha%e #een no such e!!ect created #y
!oreign inter%ention, thus it is unli"ely that the IMF could $resent actual in%ol%ement #eyond assigning
o#Aecti%es to N65s and the A?B to mitigate such mal$ractices (here%er $ossi#le&
For the issues $ortrayed a#o%e, Italy recommends the !ollo(ing $rocedures:
1& -nsure (or"er sa!ety #y either (or"ing (ith local !orces and3or #y allo(ing
inter%ention #y N65s, consider in%ol%ement (ith all BAB-C countries&
2& Allo( !unding to #e issued in regards to im$ro%ing trade $lat!orms, to allo( ease o!
trade, thus increasing e!!iciency
/& 4egarding trade route im$ro%ement, consult (ith AB-AN countries and BAB-C
countries to o#tain much more e!!icient trade routes, (hich may #e s$eci!ied to #ene!it
certain third (orld nations&
4& Allo( !unding to #e issued in regards to im$ro%ing tourism, as $art o! a de%elo$mental
sector, #ut only under s$eci!ic necessary circumstances&
1& 6i%e incenti%e to(ards cor$orations to in%ol%e #etter use o! outsourcing such as duty
ta' re#ates3cuts 7s$eci!ic to each country go%ernment and cor$oration: so as to #etter
in%ol%e in%estors into Bouth Asian economies&
Bources: htt$:33en&(i"i$edia&org3(i"i3-conomyCo!CAsia