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Priyanka Modak

: +91-9811244058

Human Resource professional with experience of close to 3 years credited with IT industry
and extended expertise in Generalist HR, HR Operations, Performance Manaement and
!trateic initiati"es#
Professional Snapso!
$une, %&'% ( Till )ate: *or+in as Human Resource , -xecuti"e in .ricent Group#
March %&'' ( May, %&'% , *or+ed as Human Resource , -xecuti"e with $ / Technosoft 0td#
"ey #cie$emen!s
.ppreciated for e1ecti"e launch and 2randin of the re"amped PM! process 3 tool at
.ricent across lo2e
!pearheaded "arious initiati"es in formali4ation of the HR operations at $/ Technosoft,
5analore li+e employee data maintenance, new 6oinee orientation sessions, exit
inter"iews, HR client "isits, monthly employee enaement prorams etc#
Recei"ed scholarship in PG)M for 2oth academic and non,academic performance#
.cti"e participant and e"ent orani4er in the 7ultural committee and Placement
7ommittee in PG)M at $/P!#
.cti"e orani4er of cultural e"ents in school and collee# Had 2een elected as the
8ice ( 7aptain of the school for % years#
Professional %&perience
'ompany (ame) #ricen! *ro+p
,esigna!ion) -+man .eso+rce / %&ec+!i$e 0'1%2
,+ra!ion) 11
3+ne4 2012 !o !ill da!e
.oles and .esponsi5ili!ies)
-. 1pera!ions
Manain performance manaement process and system for entire orani4ation 9for
'&,&&& : employees; across lo2e#
Insurin the alinment of the performance manaement process with the re"amped
PM! tool 97ornerstone on )emand; in respect to all the processes in liaison with the
external "endor 7!O)#
7onductin the talent concla"es for ratin normali4ation#
Pae 1
Priyanka Modak
: +91-9811244058
7alculation of yearly 2onus 97IP , 7ompany Incenti"e Plan; and increment model
2ased on -mployee performance#
,oc+men!a!ion and ,a!a 6ain!enance)
!pearheaded all the documentation for the launch of the new PM! system at .ricent
li+e step 2y step process uides for each PM! process, -mployee Orientation
presentations, <.=s etc#
Re"ise the existin PM! policy to alin it to the new PM! process and the system#
Reular "alidation and liaison with IT dept# for e1ecti"e data maintenance and ensure
adherence to data pri"acy laws in certain countries li+e Germany#
7reation and periodic updatin of con>uration !OPs for the new PM! tool#
Process 7a+nc and 8randing)
<ormulation and successful execution of the process launch and communication plan
for internal 2randin of all the processes throuh posters, des+top clippers, process
loo, taline, 2randin on stationery, tip of the day widets, tool uides, orientation
presentations, <.=s etc#
Independently orani4ed and successfully concluded orani4ation wide more than
%&& orientation sessions for employee sensiti4ation in Performance Manaement as
part of the 2randin initiati"e for the implementation of the new PM! system in
.ricent# .ppreciated for 2ein the trainer for around ?& sessions#
Process 'ompliance and %mployee S+ppor!)
)ri"in compliance of all PM! processes across all locations and !5@ at .ricent#
Pro"idin employee support on Performance Manaement and other 7O- functions
throuh centrali4ed HR Helpdes+#
Ta+in the performance and compensation manaement orientation for all new
6oiners in .ricent#
'ompany (ame) 3" 9ecnosof! 7!d.4 8angalore
,esigna!ion) -+man .eso+rce / %&ec+!i$e
,+ra!ion) 14
6arc4 2011 !o 18
6ay4 2012
:nd+c!ion ; 1rien!a!ion ; 3oining <ormali!ies
$oinin formalities of the new employees li+e $oinin )ocumentation, 5an+
<ormalities, !tatutory formalities, -mail and .ccess etc#
!chedulin Induction calendar
Induction of new 6oiners ( Helpin new 6oiners to understand the orani4ation, its
2usiness, policies and practices and assimilate the orani4ation culture of J K
Technosoft and customerAs#
Ma+in and Issuance of .ppointment 0etters for the new 6oiners#
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Priyanka Modak
: +91-9811244058
%mployee Personal .ecords 6ain!enance)
7reatin and maintainin -mployee Personal Records >les#
Periodic .uditin of the >les of the existin employees to ensure the presence of all
the reBuired documents#
6ain!enance of -.:S and 6:S)
Maintainin the data2ase of employees and -mployee Master @pdatin#
Monthly HR !ummary Report#
5illa2le and Con 5illa2le Report#
Trainin Report and !+ill Matrix Report#
#!!endance and 7ea$e 6anagemen!)
7onsolidatin and 8alidatin the Time !heets#
Processin of the Time !heets for 2illin purpose#
@pdatin the .ttendance Reister with the new 6oiners, deputed and the exit employees#
%mployee .ela!ion ; =elfare)
Timely issue resolution and dispute manaement to ensure maintenance of healthy
wor+ en"ironment and to reduce attrition#
Initiatin and orani4in the monthly fun e"ent for all the employees in $/T#
%mployee Separa!ion Process)
5rie>n the resined employee on -xit formalities#
7onductin the exit inter"iews#
Preparin the <<!
Helpin the employees with statutory forms#
9raining and ,e$elopmen!)
!chedulin and orani4in out,2ound and in,house trainin sessions for 2oth
Technical and Con,Technical Trainins#
Preparin the Trainin Materials and liaisin with the "endors reardin the trainin
HR 0etters
.ppointment 0etters
)eputation 0etters
7ontract 0etters, .reement 0etters etc
Payroll 6anagemen!)
Generatin Payroll inputs and sendin it to the .ccounts )epartment with details li+e,
new 6oiners, -xit, .llowances etc#
Pae 3
Priyanka Modak
: +91-9811244058
Payments processin for direct contract, su2 contract employees and the 8endors#
#cademic 'reden!ials)
%&amina!ion ?ni$ersi!y Speciali@a!ion A
0D2 A '*P#
'# PG)M 9<ull Time;
Post Graduate
)iploma in
$#/#P#!# Institute of
Manaement 3
Human Resource
%&'' 3#DE
9out of F;
%# 5#!c# 5analore
%&&E GH#3E
3# '%
*est 5enal 5oard
of H#!# -ducation !cience %&&D ?G#3
F# '&
*est 5enal 5oard
of !econdary
.ll !u26ects %&&F GD#%?
S+mmer :n!ernsip)
. !tudy on 5rand .wareness of 7ryo2an+s and Product .wareness of !tem 7ell
5an+in in the taret mar+et with 7ryo2an+s India P"t# 0td#
.ppreciation for the pro6ect 2y the orani4ation 2y i"in pre,placement o1er#
Personal ,e!ails)
<atherAs Came : Mr !u+hendu Moda+
)ate of 5irth : %&
!eptem2er 'EHG
Gender : <emale
Present .ddress : House Co# 3?EG, !ector ( %3, Guraon ( '%%&'?,
Permanent .ddress : .H,%'H, !alt 0a+e, !ector, %, /ol+ata ( G&&&E', *est
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Priyanka Modak
: +91-9811244058
0inuistic .2ilities : -nlish, Hindi, 5enali
Mo2ile Co : :E' EH''%FF&?H
-mail I) : priyan+amoda+%Imail#com
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