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1. It is given that the relation between set X = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} and set Y = {0, 2, 4, 6, 8} is 'product of 2'.
a) Find the object of 2.
b) Find the image of 8. (3m)

2. Calculate the values of x, given that f(x) = |x 6| and f(x) = 2. (3m)
3. Given that g(x) =
4 x
2 , x p, find the values of p. (3m)
4. px
+ q rx = 0 is a quadratic equation with equal roots, thus express q in terms of p and r. (4m)

5. In the quadratic equation x
6px + 12 = 0, one of the roots is three times the other root. Calculate
the value of p if both roots are positive integers. (4m)

6. Express the quadratic function f(x) = 3x
4x + 1 in the form of f(x) = a(x + p)
+ q. (5m)

7. Given f(x) = 2x
8. Find the range of x so that f(x) is positive. (4m)

8. Solve the simultaneous equations, 2x = 3y + 5 and 4x 1 = 3y

9. Calculate the values of a and b if b + 4a = 1 = 12a + 2b. (4m)

10. Simplify 3
2(4x 1)
. (4m)

11. Solve the equation below:

x) = 4 (4m)

12. A straight line As equation is 3y = 2x + 1. Find the equation of a straight line B that is perpendicular
to that of A, passing through point (4, 2). (4m)

13. Find the equation of locus of the moving point P such that its distance from point G (-5, 2) is 3 units.
14. The mean of the set of data below is 6. Find the possible values of m.

3, m + 2, m
2, 3m (3m)

15. A set of positive integers consists of 1, 4 and k. Given that the variance of that set is 14, find the
value of k. (4m)

16. The mode, median and standard deviation of a set of data is 28, 25 and 3 respectively. Find the new
mode, new median and new standard deviation if all the values in that set of data is multiplied by 2
and then added 3 to it. (4m)

17. Convert the following accordingly:

a) 85 20 to radians
radians to degrees. (4m)

18. If f(x) = (x
, find f (x). (3m)

19. The diagram below shows sector OPQ with centre O and sector PXY with centre P.

Given that OQ = 20 cm, PY = 8 cm, XPY = 1.1 radians and the length of arc PQ = 14cm, calculate:

a) the value of , in radian.
b) the area, in cm
, of the shaded region. (5m)

20. The curve y = x
+ 16x 48 has a point at x = k. Determine:

a) the value of k, and the value of y at where x = k
b) whether the point is a maximum point or a minimum point. (5m)

21. The volume of water, V cm
, in a container is given by V =
+ 8h, where h cm is the height of
water in the container. Water is poured into the container at the rate of 10 cm
. Find the rate of
change of height of water, in cm s
, at the instant when its height is 2 cm. (4m)

22. The diagram below shows the straight line PQ which is perpendicular to the straight line RQ at the
point Q. The equation of QR is x y = 4.

a) Find the coordinates of Q.
b) A point S lies in between points P and R such that PS : SR = 3 : 1. (5m)

23. A triangle ABC is drawn on a piece of paper. If a = 6 cm, b = 8 cm, B = 43 and C = 72, calculate:

a) the value of a.
b) the area of the triangle ABC. (5m)

24. Prove that
cos A
+ c
2 (4m)

25. Find the range of values of k if the quadratic equation 2x
+ 20 = k(2x + 3) has two real and distinct
roots. (4m)

26. Solutions to this question by scale drawing will not accepted.

a) Find
i) the equation of the straight line AB
ii) the coordinates of B

b) The straight line AB is extended to a point D such that AB : BD =
2 : 3. Find the coordinates of D.

c) A point P moves such that its distance from point A is always 5
units. Find the equation of the locus of P.
27. Solve the equation
3 2

28. Given that log
3 = 1.585 and log
5 = 2.322. Without using scientific calculator or four-figure
mathematical tables, find:
a) log
b) log

29. The table shows the distribution of marks in a physics test taken by 120 pupils. Calculate:

a) the mean
b) the median
c) the standard deviation (9m)

30. Diagram 1 shows the sector POQ, centre O with radius 10 cm. The point R on OP is such that
OR : OP = 3 : 5

a) Calculate the value of , in rad
b) Find the area of the shaded region , in cm

31. A curve with gradient function
x has a turning point at (k, 8).
a) Find the value of k.
b) Determine whether the turning point is a maximum or minimum point.
c) Find the equation of the curve. (8m)

32. Find the range of values of x if
a) 2(3x
x) 1 x
b) 5x > 2x
3 (8m)

Marks 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79
Number of
2 14 35 50 17 2
33. The first three terms of a arithmetic progression are ab, bc and d
(b + c).
Prove that b =
1 + 2c + a
. (4m)

34. Express the recurring decimal 0.727272 as a fraction in its simplest form. (4m)

35. The sum to infinity of a GP is 16. Express r in terms of a. (3m)

36. Reduce the non-linear equation hx
+ ky
= x to the linear form, where h and k are constants. (3m)

37. A graph of log y against log x is plotted. The line passes through the origin and point A (2, 6).
Express y in terms of x. (4m)

38. Find the indefinite integral of:

a) 9(3x 5)
5(1 2x)
4 dx (4m)

39. If ()

, calculate the value of ()

[() ]


40. If f (x) = 4x + 2x
1, find the value of f(2). (5m)

41. Given a = 3i + 2j, b = 5j, and c = 9j 3i, find |a + b + c|. (4m)

42. Given that ABCD is a parallelogram,

= a + 2b and

= 3a 3b. Find:


b) the unit vector in the direction of


43. Solve the equation 2 sin
x + 2 = 5 sin x for 0 x 360. (4m)

44. Sketch the graph of y = 1 sin 2x for 0 x . (4m)

45. Prove that cos x cosec x + sin x sec x = cosec x sec x. (4m)

46. How many 3-digit even numbers can be created from the numbers 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9, without
repetition? (3m)

47. How many possible 4-letter combinations can be created, if every combination must end with a
vowel? (4m)

48. Malek fires three shots at a target. The probability that he strikes the target is 0.8. The discrete
random variable X represents the number of times Malek strikes the target.

a) List the possible elements of X.
b) Calculate the probability for the occurrence for elements that satisfy X < 2.
c) Prove that p =
49. A particle moves along a straight line. Its displacement, s m, from a fixed point O, t seconds after
passing through O is given by s = t3 12t2 + 36t.

a) Find the initial velocity of the particle.
b) The particle comes to instantaneous rest at point P and point Q. Find the distance between of PQ.
c) Find the range(s) of values of t when the particle moves to the right. [Assume the moving to the
right is positive]. (11m)

50. Sketch the graph of y = 2 cos 2x for 0 x 2 Hence, state the number of solutions with the equation
+ 0.5 = 0.

51. An ice-cream parlour sells double scoop ice-creams at RM 4.99 each. Every extra scoop costs
another RM 1.69. There are 31 flavours to choose from.

a) State the number of possible ice-creams that can be created if both scoops are of the same
b) If both scoops are of different flavours, how many possible ice-creams can be made?
c) What is the amount that needs to be paid for a total of 19 scoops of ice-cream?
d) A 20% discount is given to those who come on Mondays. What is the total amount Emma needs
to pay for 12 scoops and she comes for 15 consecutive Mondays?

11. Two experiments was carried to determine factors affecting the rate of reaction. The table below
shows the description of the experiments.

a) State the characteristics of a catalyst towards the rate of reaction. (3m)

b) How does a catalyst affect the rate of reaction? (4m)

c) Calculate the average rate of reaction, in cm s
for both experiments. (3m)

d) Experiment III is conducted alongside the above two experiments. This experiment uses reactants
such as zinc chips and 20 cm
of 0.1 mol dm
sulphuric acid. Describe the experiment and
include the:

- Apparatus set-up
- Procedure
- Observations
- Explanation of the different results between Experiment I and Experiment III
- Chemical equation (10m)

12. The table below shows the potential differences and the negative terminals when different pairs of
metals are used in a voltaic cell to construct the electrochemical series.

a) By using a simple voltaic cell and magnesium sulphate solution, describe an experiment to
determine the potential difference of magnesium-copper electrodes. Include the:

- Apparatus set-up
- Procedure
- Observations
- Half-equations (10m)

b) Determine:

- The values of x and y. Explain why.
- The positions of P, Q, R, and S according to the potential differences. (5m)

c) An electrolyte commonly used is copper (II) sulphate solution. State the formulae of the ions
found in the solution and explain the difference of discharge of ions between copper (II) sulphate
solution concentrations of 1.0 mol dm
and 0.001 mol dm
. (5m)

1. The diagram below shows two identical springs supporting two babies, P and Q, of mass, 5 kg and 8
kg respectively.

a) Define mass. (1m)
b) Compare the mass of the babies, the extension of spring y, and the spring constant. Relate the
mass of the babies to the extension of spring y. Deduce a suitable physics law. (5m)
c) Define the law stated in (b). (2m)